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Pine Street Cemetery
Whitefield, Coos County, New Hampshire

Lat: 44° 22' 45"N, Lon: 71° 37' 04"W

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Mar 02, 2008. Total records = 197.

Contributor's Index:

Aldrich, Charles Edwin, b. 1 Apr 1826, d. 4 Sep 1906, h/o Betsey Gove, s/o Morrill and Lydia (Ball) Aldrich, [BG]
Aldrich, David Marks, b. 2 Apr 1835, d. 3 Jan 1908, h/o Jane W. Whedon, s/o Morrill and Lydia (Ball) Aldrich, [BG]
Aldrich, Frederick A., b. 4 May 1857, d. 29 Jan 1928, h/o Mary E. Eaton, s/o Lewis Cheney and Lucinda A. (Quimby) Aldrich, [BG]
Aldrich, Harry Cheney, b. 1876, d. 19__ (illegible), h/o Grace L. Drew, h/o Jestina F. Wilson, s/o William Frank and Nellie E. (Burbank) Aldrich, [BG]
Aldrich, Ira Morrill, b. 18 Jun 1824, d. 25 Mar 1903, h/o Mary Ann Knight, s/o Morrill and Lydia (Ball) Aldrich, [BG]
Aldrich, Jestina F. (Wilson), b. 4 Sep 1891, d. 19 Mar 1942, w/o Harry Cheney Aldrich, d/o James F. and Mary (O'Donnell) Wilson, [BG]
Aldrich, Lewis Cheney, b. 30 Jun 1820, d. 21 Nov 1893, h/o Lucinda A. (Quimby) Aldrich, s/o Morrill and Lydia (Ball) Aldrich, [BG]
Aldrich, Lucinda A. (Quimby), b. 25 Jan 1828, d. 16 Apr 1883, w/o Lewis Cheney Aldrich, d/o George W. and Lydia Whitcher McMaster, [BG]
Aldrich, Mary E. (Eaton), b. 1861, d. 1938, w/o Frederick A. Aldrich, d/o Joseph C. and Evelyn (Wentworth) Eaton, [BG]
Aldrich, Myron Perkins, b. 20 Aug 1934, d. 22 Dec 1912, s/o Morrill and Lydia (Ball) Aldrich, [BG]
Aldrich, Nellie E. (Burbank), b. 23 May 1853, d. 17 Jan 1919, w/o William Frank Aldrich, d/o Ezra and Phoebe (Brooks) Burbank, [BG]
Aldrich, Roscoe, b. 19 Oct 1881, d. 2 Apr 1892, s/o Frederick A. and Mary E. (Eaton) Aldrich, [BG]
Aldrich, William Frank, b. 29 Nov 1851, d. 5 May 1916, h/o Nellie E. Burbank, s/o Lewis Cheney and Lucinda A. (Quimby) Aldrich, [BG]
Babcock, Abigail Ellen (Walker), b. 5 Oct 1853, d. 21 Nov 1929, w/o Joseph Hilton Babcock, d/o James and Sarah W. (Weare) Walker, [BG]
Babcock, Bernard Alley, b. 5 Oct 1874, d. 2 Jun 1956, h/o Addie Blanche Piper, s/o James Hilton and Abigail Ellen (Walker) Babcock, [BG]
Babcock, Hilton A., b. 19 Jun 1886, d. 30 Apr 1887, s/o Joseph Hilton and Abigail Ellen (Walker) Babcock, [BG]
Babcock, infant, b. 14 Feb 1885, d. 13 Mar 1885, child of Joseph Hilton and Abigail Ellen (Walker) Babcock, [BG]
Babcock, Joseph Hilton, b. 15 Jan 1850, d. 20 Aug 1927, h/o Abigail Ellen Walker, [BG]
Bailey, Mahetabel Ellen (Quimby), b. 30 Aug 1847, d. 16 Apr 1924, w/o William H. Bailey, d/o George W. and Lydia Whitcher (McMaster) Quimby, [BG]
Baker, Albion P., b. 2 Dec 1845, d. 16 Aug 1925, s/o Amos and Priscilla (Turner) Baker, [BG]
Baker, Ellen Nellie, b. 24 Jun 1854, d. 21 Jun 1944, d/o Isaac J. and Mary Jane (Fisher) Baker, [BG]
Baker, Esther (Hamm), b. 13 Jan 1847, d. 12 Feb 1907, w/o Albion P. Baker, [BG]
Baker, Harriet "Hattie", b. 6 Dec 1863, d. 31 Oct 1934, w/o James Edward Baker, d/o. John McMaster and Sophia P. (Webb) Hutchins, [BG]
Baker, James Edward, b. 17 Jul 1861, d. 27 Jun 1944, s/o Isaac J. and Mary Jane (Fisher) Baker, [BG]
Baker, Martha, b. 5 Feb 1843, d. 14 Aug 1916, d/o Amos Baker, [BG]
Baker, Maude L. (Chickering) Bugbee Goodwin, b. 21 Jan 1844, d. 6 Nov 1934, d/o of David and Algenios Blanchard Chickering, w/o Chester Morrill Goodwin and Albion C. Baker, [BG]
Baker, Sarah A., b. 10 Feb 1848, d. 14 Nov 1928, d/o George P. and Betsey (Glidden) Baker, [BG]
Beard, Mary Etta (Colby), b. 5 Feb 1850, d. 9 Aug 1893, w/o Melzer Everett Beard, d/o Amos Clark and Mary G. (Sanborn) Colby, [BG]
Bickford, Sally, d. 23 Nov 1898, [GV]
Blood, Leonard, b. 1810, d. 8 Oct 1889, h/o Mary Jesseman, s/o Josiah S. and Rhoda (Currier) Blood, [BG]
Blood, Mary Ann (Jesseman), b. 31 Jul 1808, d. 11 Mar 1880, d/o Solomon and Patience Colby Jesseman, w/o Leonard Blood, [BG]
Bolles, Hannah (Rix), d. 29 May 1939, w/o William Crane Bolles, [BG]
Bolles, William Crane, b. 14 Sep 1858, d. 1926, h/o Hannah Rix, s/o Arnold and Phoebe T. (Fisher) Bolles, [BG]
Bray, Samuel Legro, b. 10 May 1827, d. 2 Jun 1900, h/o Mary Morse, s/o Nicholas and Abigail (Bucknell) Bray, [BG]
Brooks, George Clark, b. 5 Apr 1909, d. 15 May 1984, h/o Dorothy "Dot" Ruth Whittum, [BG]
Brooks, Herbert "Bert" Eugene, b. 1877, d. 10 Nov 1952, h/o Mabel L. Thomas, s/o John H. and Amerett C. (Bell) Brooks, [BG]
Brooks, Mabel L. (Thomas), b. 22 Mar 1889, d. 27 Feb 1955, w/o Herbert Eugene Brooks, d/o Clark L. and Ida H. (Winslow) Thomas, [BG]
Brown, Benjamin Frank, b. 15 Sep 1834, d. 2 Jun 1920, h/o Mary Jane Dodge, s/o Benjamin and Jannette (McMaster) Brown, [BG]
Brown, Clara H. (Dexter), b. 25 Mar 1863, d. 26 May 1900, w/o George Edward Brown, d/o Zenas and Lucinda (Quimby) Dexter, [BG]
Brown, Fred Charles, b. 7 Aug 1858, d. 4 Oct 1924, s/o Benjamin Frank and Mary Jane (Dodge) Brown, [BG]
Brown, George Edward, b. 10 Jul 1859, d. 14 Aug 1928, h/o Clara H. Dexter, s/o Benjamin Frank and Mary Jane (Dodge) Brown, [BG]
Brown, Kathie, b. 23 Mar 1872, d. 7 Jan 1874, d/o Benjamin Frank and Mary Jane (Dodge) Brown, [BG]
Brown, Mary Jane (Dodge), b. 14 Feb 1840, d. 14 Mar 1905, w/o Benjamin Frank Brown, d/o Baker and Sophronia (Abbott) Dodge, [BG]
Burke, Mabel Beatrice, b. 03 Jul 1898, d. 06 Sep 1981, w/o Charles Austin, [DT]
Burns, Nella Eva, b. 28 Aug 1879, d. 1980, w/o Eugene David Burns, d/o. of Damon Frank and Lorinda Jane Gordon, [BG]
Clark, Ethel M., b. 1892, d. 1968, His Wife, w/o Clifford A. Smith, [GV]
Colby, Albert B., b. 8 Sep 1849, d. 24 Mat 1928, h/o Elizabeth P. Summers, s/o Enoch and Nancy (Wells) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Carl E., b. 1887, d. 1968, h/o Alice Dorothy Hunt, s/o Cyrus J. and Julia E. (Sawyer) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Charles Henry Howard, b. 2 Feb 1908, d. 17 Nov 1924, s/o Leon A. and Grace L. (Howard) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Charles, b. 13 Apr 1842, d. 18 Feb 1913, h/o Hattie Harriett Bowles, s/o Joseph and Sally (King) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Col. Joseph, b. 21 Jan 1798, d. 1 May 1887, h/o Sally King, h/o Eunice (Newell) Dodge, s/o John and Mary (Quinby) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Cyrus J., b. 2 Aug 1850, d. 2 Feb 1935, h/o Nellie Abby Colby, h/o Julia E. Sawyer, s/o Joseph C. and Mindwell (Blood) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Elizabeth "Lizzie" P. (Summers), b. Dec 1852, d. 23 Sep 1931, w/o Albert B. Colby, d/o William Henry and Lovina D. (Holmes) Summers, [BG]
Colby, Ella Ellen (Grant), b. 22 Feb 1856, d. 10 Aug 1912, w/o Frederick Sanford Colby, d/o James and Jane (Noyes) Grant, [BG]
Colby, Grace L. (Howard), b. 1880, d. 1969, w/o Leon A. Colby, d/o Reuben F. and Melvina (Burnham) Howard, [BG]
Colby, Hale C., b. 3 Nov 1838, d. 14 Nov 1926, h/o Harriet E. Dailey, s/o Enoch and Nancy (Wells) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Hale Carl, b. 15 Sep 1895, d. 29 Feb 1952, h/o Margaret E. Herron, s/o Woodbury T. and Sarah H. (Hurrell) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Harriet M. (Dailey), b. 29 Mar 1841, d. 5 Apr 1907, w/o Hale C. Colby, d/o Sanford and Almira Dailey, [BG]
Colby, Hattie Harriett (Bowles), b. 6 Mar 1844, d. 10 Apr 1922, w/o Charles Colby, [BG]
Colby, Ira M., b. 31 Jan 1831, d. 6 Apr 1912, s/o Joseph and Sally (King) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Ivah S., b. 22 Nov 1884, d. 1 Sep 1930, s/o Cyrus J. and Julia E. (Sawyer) Colby, [BG]
Colby, James, b. 13 Sep 1823, d. 22 Feb 1908, h/o Laura B. Bowles, s/o Joseph and Sally (King) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Julia E. (Sawyer), b. 25 Jun 1864, d. 10 Nov 1920, w/o Cyrus J. Colby, d/o Everett W. and Martha L. (Kimball) Sawyer, [BG]
Colby, Laura B. (Bowles), b. 16 Jan 1826, d. 28 Jun 1901, w/o James Colby, d/o Ira and Abigail Bowles, [BG]
Colby, Leon "Lee" A., b. 18 Dec 1870, d. 8 Jul 1945, h/o Grace L. Howard, s/o Charles and Hattie Harriet (Bowles) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Leon A., b. 1870, d. 8 Jul 1945, h/o Grace L. Howard, s/o Charles and Hattie Harriett (Bowles) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Leona Augusta, b. 22 Oct 1911, d. 8 Jul 1950, d/o Leon A. and Grace L. (Howard) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Moses, b. 1 Feb 1824, d. Nov 1901, h/o Mary Jane Stalbird, s/o Bagley and Abigail (Couch) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Nellie Abby (Colby), b. 1856, d. 28 Mar 1882, w/o Cyrus J. Colby, d/o James and Laura B. (Bowles) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Richard Walter, b. 11 Oct 1909, d. 1999, s/o Leon A. and Grace L. (Howard) Colby, [BG]
Colby, Sally (King), b. 22 Oct 1801, d. 8 Oct 1842, h/o Col. Joseph Colby, d/o Asa and Polly (Cheney) King, [BG]
Colby, Stella Burnham (Howard), b. 22 Oct 1870, d. 12 Apr 1942, w/o Walter Urban Colby, d/o Reuben and Melvina (Burnham) Howard, [BG]
Colby, Walter Urban, b. Jul 1868, d. Jun 1956, h/o Stella Burnham Howard, s/o Charles and Hattie Harriett (Bowles) Colby, [BG]
Dansforth, Luminda A., b. 03 May 1850, d. 29 Apr 1914, w/o Harvlin Thayer, [DT]
Derby, Alfred B., b. 14 Feb 1843, d. 3 Apr 1906, h/o Louisa J. Blood, [BG]
Derby, Louisa J. (Blood), b. 5 Jan 1846, d. 5 Jan 1923, w/o Alfred B. Derby, d/o Leonard and Mary (Jesseman) Blood, [BG]
Donahue, Margaret Ann, b. 1841, d. 1883, w/o Asa Lillin Thayer, [DT]
Eastman, Asa, b. 27 Nov 1817, d. 20 Jan 1901, h/o Mary Colby, h/o Belinda Colby, s/o Caleb and Tabitha (Aldrich) Eastman, [BG]
Eastman, Belinda (Colby), b. 28 Oct 1821, d. 30 May 1900, w/o Abraham Melvin, w/o Asa Eastman, d/o Bagley and Abigail (Couch) Colby, [BG]
Eastman, Mary (Colby), b. 3 Aug 1819, d. 4 Sep 1854, w/o Asa Eastman, d/o Bagley and Abigail (Couch) Colby, [BG]
Eastman, Richard, b. 20 Apr 1844, d. 18 Apr 1848, s/o Asa and Mary (Colby) Eastman, [BG]
Eaton, Effie M., b. 1859, d. 3 Sep 1954, w/o Walter L. Eaton, d/o Isaac J. and Mary Jane (Fisher) Baker, [BG]
Eaton, Walter L., b. 1853, d. 1936, h/o Effie M. Baker, [BG]
Elliott, Amy Ann, b. 13 Nov 1871, d. 1 Aug 1878, Children of A.B. & H.S. Elliott, [GV]
Elliott, Andrew B., b. 26 Nov 1838, d. 29 Nov 1914, [GV]
Elliott, Charles, d. 5 Nov 1901, age: 76yrs 1 mos, [GV]
Elliott, Daniel, d. 16 Aug 1886, age: 77yrs 8mos, [GV]
Elliott, Edwin, d. 28 Aug 1905, age: 65yrs, [GV]
Elliott, Elsie, b. 24 Jul 1840, d. 22 Jul 1918, w/o Lewis F. Smith, [GV]
Elliott, Eugene P., b. 1873, d. 1957, [GV]
Elliott, Fannie E., d. 31 Jan 1887, age: 33yrs 6mos, w/o Charles Elliott, [GV]
Elliott, Francis, d. 21 Mar 1887, age: 78yrs 1mo 16ds, [GV]
Elliott, Lettie May, b. 8 Aug 1875, d. 11 Aug 1878, Children of A.B. & H.S. Elliott, [GV]
Elliott, Mary F., b. 1882, d. 1965, [GV]
Elliott, Mindwell, d. 10 Sep 1861, age: 54yrs, His Wife, w/o Daniel Elliott, [GV]
Elliott, Orinda, d. 24 May 1878, age: 72yrs, w/o Daniel Elliott, [GV]
Fisk, Catherine M. (Chase), b. 6 Mar 1825, d. 4 Oct 1897, w/o William Fisk, Jr., d/o Eli and Catherine (McFallows) Moulton, [BG]
Fisk, William, b. 15 Feb 1824, d. (no date), h/o Jane E. Gage, h/o Caherine M. Chase, s/o William and Betsey (Taylor) Fisk, [BG]
Fowler, Andres F., b. 17 Dec 1834, d. 30 Dec 1913, h/o Lydia Annette Lang, [BG]
Fowler, Lydia Annette (Lang), b. 26 Nov 1842, d. 9 May 1907, w/o Andres J. Fowler, d/o David G. and Mary Burns (McMaster) Lang, [BG]
Garland, Adelbert "Del" E., b. 4 Nov 1876, d. 25 Nov 1931, h/o Mary Hattie Glidden, s/o Ephraim and Ellen (Meserve) Garland, [BG]
Garland, Frank Glidden McDonald, b. 30 Oct 1909, d. 11 Dec 1938,(wooden marker), h/o Virginia Clark, s/o (adopted) Adelbert and Mary Hattie (Glidden) Garland, [BG]
Garland, Infant, d. 4 Apr 1905, d/o Adelbert E. and Mary Hattie (Glidden) Garland, [BG]
Garland, Mary Hattie (Glidden), b. 27 Apr 1880, d. 19 May 1952, d/o of George and Viola Glidden, w/o Adelbert Garland, [BG]
Glidden, Amasa Hazen, b. 18 Nov 1875, d. 2 Jan 1916, s/o George Henry and Viola Clementine (Lindsey) Glidden, Spanish-American War Co. A, 1st NH Vols, [BG]
Glidden, Beulah Harriet, b. 13 Oct 1901, d. 12 Sep 1977, w/o Woodbury Levi Glidden, d/o. of Harry Frank and Alberta Jennie (Whitcomb) Goodwin, [BG]
Glidden, Ermina I. (Newton), b. 15 Jan 1883, d. 26 Jul 1939, d/o Alonzo Helon and Flora Jane Estes Newton, [BG]
Glidden, Fannie C., b. 2 Aug 1902, d. 6 Nov 1917, 15y 03m, d/o. of Amaza and Ermina Glidden, [BG]
Glidden, Frank Levi, b. 13 Oct 1876, d. 16 Jun 1906, s/o George and Viola Glidden, [BG]
Glidden, George Henry, b. 20 Mar 1843, d. 19 Nov 1921, s/o Nicholas and Eliza A. (Colby) Glidden, Civil War Co. I, 1st NH Vols. Heavy Artillery, [BG]
Glidden, Joseph Albert, b. 14 Feb 1870, d. 15 Sep 1941, s/o George Henry and Viola Clementine Glidden, grave marker no longer present, [BG]
Glidden, Seldon Harry, b. 23 Oct 1927, d. 25 Oct 1949, 22y 02d, s/o Woodbury Levi and Beulah Harriet (Goodwin) Glidden, [BG]
Glidden, Viola Clementine (Lindsay), b. 18 Apr 1850, d. 18 Feb 1915, d/o Albert B. and Matilda Reed Holmes Lindsay, [BG]
Glidden, Woodbury Levi, b. 14 Feb 1882, d. 8 Aug 1949, s/o George Henry and Viola Clementine (Lindsey) Glidden, [BG]
Glines, Matilda Cole (Bartlett), b. 6 Aug 1929, d. 6 Dec 1905, w/o Otis H. Glines, d/o Alpha Shaw and Zelinda J. (Cole) Bartlett, [BG]
Goodwin, Flora A., b. 8 Apr 1873, d. 25 Jan 1910, w/o Dr. Bert H. Goodwin, d/o. William H. and Mehetibel Ellen (Quimby) Bailey, [BG]
Gordon, Damon Frank, b. 1830, d. 1882, [BG]
Gordon, Hattie May, b. May 1867, d. 2 Jul 1887, 20y 01m, d/o. Damon Frank and Lorinda Gordon, [BG]
Gordon, Lorinda Jane, b. 28 Jan 1840, d. 20 Feb 1927, w/o Damon Frank Gordon, d/o. of George W. and Lydia Whitcher (McMaster) Quimby, [BG]
Gordon, William L., b. 13 Jul 1864, d. 15 May 1889, 24y 11m, s/o Damon Frank and Lorinda Gordon, [BG]
Grant, Mertie B., b. 6 Jun 1872, d. 25 Jul 1907, w/o Nelson P. Grant, d/o. Hale C. and Harriet M. (Dailey) Colby, [BG]
Grant, Nelson P., b. 1867, d. 1934, s/o James H. and Jane (Noyes) Grant, [BG]
Hildreth, Eva A., b. 11 Apr 1877, d. 3 Jun 1900, 23y 01m 15d, d/o. of Sevitas M. and Lydia Anna (Baker) Hildreth, [BG]
Hildreth, Jacob Stickney, b. 30 Apr 1854, d. 19 May 1929, h/o Lettie F. Fletcher, s/o Daniel and Abigail (Bray) Hildreth, [BG]
Hildreth, Lydia Anna, b. 19 Mar 1850, d. 2 Jun 1928, w/o Sevitas M. Hildreth, d/o. George P. and Betsey (Glidden) Baker, [BG]
Hildreth, Sevitas M., b. 22 Apr 1851, d. 20 May 1918, h/o Lydia Anna Baker, s/o Daniel and Abigail (Bray) Hildreth, [BG]
Holmes, Arthur Ned, b. 28 Jun 1885, d. Mar 1980, s/o Freeman Howe and Abigail J. (Knight) Holmes, [BG]
Holmes, Carroll Ernest, b. 15 Dec 1912, d. 1977, s/o Samuel and Geneva Clara (Stickney) Holmes, [BG]
Holmes, Elizabeth May, b. 30 May 1889, d. 1966, w/o Arthur Ned Holmes, d/o. Bartholomew and Margaret (Sullivan) Sheehe, [BG]
Holmes, Geneva Clara, b. 9 Jul 1882, d. 16 Sep 1955, w/o Samuel Holmes, d/o. of Marshall and Alice A. (Cowing) Stickney, [BG]
Holmes, Samuel, b. 9 Feb 1878, d. 17 May 1958, h/o Geneva Clara Stickney, s/o Freeman Howe and Abigail J. (Knight) Holmes, [BG]
Holmes, Winston Eugene, b. 14 Nov 1916, d. 15 Aug 1935, s/o Arthur Ned and Elizabeth May (Sheehe) Holmes, [BG]
Howland, Florence (Twombly), b. 1893, d. 1978, d/o Samuel and Addie Hicks, [BG]
Howland, Stanley V., b. 1892, d. 1967, s/o Orie C. and Minnie J. Jones Howland, h/o Florence Twombly, [BG]
Huntoon, Nathan, b. Sep 1872, d. 14 Mar 1874, 1y 06m, s/o Greenleaf N. and Phebe Huntoon, [BG]
Huntoon, Phebe, b. 1839, d. 11 Dec 1873, w/o Greenleaf N. Huntoon, [BG]
Hutchins, John McMaster, b. 18 Nov 1819, d. 13 May 1906, s/o Nathaniel E. and Sally (McMaster) Hutchins, [BG]
Hutchins, Josephus P., b. 24 Jan 1871, d. 9 Nov 1910, s/o Mitchell Whitcher and Laura Jane (Danforth) Hutchins, [BG]
Hutchins, Mariella M. (Houghton), b. 26 Apr 1856, d. 22 Nov 1906, w/o Nathaniel Frink Hutchins, [BG]
Hutchins, Myrtle M. (Libbey), b. 1871, d. 1 Jan 1905, d/o Albert M. and Maria Libbey, w/o Josephus P. Hutchins, [BG]
Hutchins, Nathaniel Frink, b. 16 Jun 1855, d. 18 Mar 1923, s/o John McMaster and Sophia P. (Webb) Hutchins, [BG]
Hutchins, Rachael E. (Wheeden), d. 28 May 1859, w/o William B. Hutchins, [BG]
Hutchins, Sophia P., b. 26 Mar 1822, d. 21 Mar 1909, 86y 11m 26d, w/o John McMaster and Sophia P. Webb, d/o. of Thomas Frink and Sally (Duncan) Webb, [BG]
Hutchins, William B., b. 8 Aug 1823, d. 1 Dec 1896, h/o Rachael E. Wheeden, s/o Nathaniel E. and Sally (McMaster) Hutchins, [BG]
Jenney, Miranda Jane (King), b. 1820, d. 20 Jul 1870, w/o Stillman Jenney, dau. Asa and Sarah Smith King, [BG]
Kimball, Kate Rebecca, b. 31 Jul 1879, d. 6 Jan 1912, w/o Albert Harold Kimball, d/o. Mitchell Whitcher and Juliette Maria (Parcher) Hutchins, [BG]
King, Charles Edwin, b. 15 Jun 1834, d. 12 Mar 1909, s/o Nathaniel Cheney and Johanna B. (Johnson) King, h/o Olive G. Goodwin, [BG]
King, Frederick Ashby, b. 21 Nov 1859, d. 4 Mar 1931, h/o Ina M. Leonard, s/o Charles Edwin and Olive (Goodwin) King, [BG]
King, Ina M. (Leonard), b. 31 Jan 1870, d. 17 May 1920, w/o Frederick Ashby King, d/o Henry M. and Carrie (Page) Leonard, [BG]
King, Olive G. (Goodwin), b. 2 Apr 1832, d. 21 Feb 1921, d/o Samuel and Martha Nurse Goodwin, w/o Charles Edwin King, [BG]
King, Sarah (Burns), b. 28 Jun 1790, d. 31 Dec 1876, w/o Asa King, d/o Major John Burns and Sarah Smith McMaster, [BG]
Lane, Hannah (King), b. 16 Jan 1815, d. 15 Apr 1896, w/o Richard Lane, d/o Asa and Sarah Smith Burns, [BG]
Lavasser, John Vender, b. 27 May 1884, d. 17 Apr 1955, h/o Ida Ines Thayer, [DT]
Libby, Phpebe Parker (Aldrich, b. 5 July 1822, d. 1880, w/o Charles Libby, d/o Morrill and Lydia (Ball) Aldrich, [BG]
Marden, Lucretia G., b. 28 Apr 1844, d. 17 Mar 1902, w/o John Marden, d/o. of John McMaster and Sophia P. (Webb) Hutchins.
Marden, Martha E., b. 12 May 1846, d. 9 Jun 1911, w/o Elijah F. Marden, d/o. of John McMaster and Sophia P. (Webb) Hutchins, [BG]
McKee, Alice, b. 30 Jul 1859, d. 28 Sep 1909, His Wife, [GV]
Newton, Eva J., b. 1870, d. 20 Aug 1932, w/o Frederick George Thayer, [DT]
Parker, Harriet S., b. 29 Apr 1834, d. 24 Nov 1920, His Wife, w/o Andrew B. Elliott, [GV]
Pillsbury, Marietta (Aldrich), b. 9 Mar 1843, d. 15 Sep 1902, w/o Daniel J. Pillsbury, d/o Morrill and Lydia (Ball) Aldrich, [BG]
Robinson, George, b. 1842, d. 1940, Co F 2nd Regt N.H. VOL, [GV]
Robinson, Mary Etta, d. 1 Jul 1871, dau of G & A Robinson, [GV]
Rowell, Bertha E., b. 15 Jun 1869, d. 31 Mar 1937, w/o Charles Henry Thayer, [DT]
Severance, Lizzy Ellen, b. 29 Aug 1873, d. 16 Nov 1959, w/o George Harvey Thayer, [DT]
Smith, Almira, b. 1846, d. 1911, His Wife, w/o George Robinson, [GV]
Smith, Clifford A., b. 1878, d. 1947, [GV]
Smith, Fred W., b. 1871, d. 1946, [GV]
Smith, Harold T., b. 9 Oct 1903, d. 30 Jan 1981, [GV]
Smith, Harriet "Hattie", b. Mar 1855, d. Mar 1937, 82y, w/o John Rolfe and Frank K. Smith, d/o. Lorenzo and Gaffelia H. (Holmes) Gray, [BG]
Smith, Helen, b. 13 May 1901, d., [GV]
Smith, John H., d. 24 May 1839, [GV]
Smith, Joseph P., d. 4 Nov 1894, [GV]
Smith, Lewis F., b. 6 Aug 1836, d. 7 Oct 1901, [GV]
Smith, Lewis W., d. 8 Dec 1889, age: 2yr 7ms, s/o W.E & A. Smith, [GV]
Smith, Maryetta, d. 16 Apr 1853, age: 13yrs 2mos 19ds, d/o Joseph P. & Sally Smith, [GV]
Smith, William E., b. 28 Sep 1860, d. 1 Jun 1916, [GV]
Snow, Sally Ann, b. 18 Apr 1848, d. 11 Jul 1881, w/o Edwin Monroe Snow, d/o. of John McMaster and Sophia P. (Webb) Hutchins, [BG]
Snow, Stella K. (King), b. 21 Dec 1869, d. 1944, w/o Willard C. Snow, d/o Charles Edwin and Olive (Goodwin) King, [BG]
Staples, Anna "Annie", b. 20 May 1865, d. 22 Feb 1886, w/o E. John Staples, d/o Lewis Cheney and Lucinda A. (Quimby) Aldrich, [BG]
Thayer, Asa Lillin, b. 18 Dec 1837, d. 08 May 1891, [DT]
Thayer, Charles Austin, b. 16 May 1892, d. 17 Sep 1935, [DT]
Thayer, Charles Henry, b. 27 Aug 1865, d. 08 Jul 1930, [DT]
Thayer, Clara Ann, b. 1872, d. 1919, [DT]
Thayer, Eva Jane, b. 14 May 1870, d. 20 Aug 1932, d/o Asa & Margaret Thayer, [DT]
Thayer, Frederick George, b. 18 Sep 1864, d. 09 Oct 1934, [DT]
Thayer, George Harvey, b. 06 Feb 1874, d. 1957, [DT]
Thayer, Harvlin Asa, b. 07 Sep 1848, d. 19 Feb 1933, [DT]
Thayer, Henry Asa, b. 16 Jan 1894, d. 14 May 1968, [DT]
Thayer, Henry E., b. 26 Oct 1873, d. 05 May 1890, s/o of Harvlin & Luminda Thayer, [DT]
Thayer, Ida Ines, b. 27 Mar 1890, d. 28 Oct 1968, [DT]
Thayer, Myrtle Annie, b. 15 Oct 1895, d. 30 Mar 1896, d/o George & Lizzy Thayer, [DT]
Thayer, Nora, b. 20 Oct 1879, d. 17 Dec 1978, d/o of Harvlin & Luminda Thayer, [DT]
Towne, Eva Jennie, b. 02 Nov 1894, d. 08 Aug 1988, 2nd w/o Henry Asa Thayer, [DT]
Twombly, Jennie, b. 1873, d. 1969, His Wife, w/o Fred W. Smith, [GV]
White, Carson N., b. 1858, d. 1938, h/o Clara Ann Thayer, [DT]
White, Mary Jane (Fisher) Baker, b. 30 Dec 1821, d. 27 Aug 1895, w/o Nelson White, w/o Isaac J. Baker, d/o James and Julia Fisher, [BG]
York, Nancy, d. 1 Oct 1889, age: 74yrs 8mo 25ds, His Wife, w/o Francis Elliott, [GV]

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