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East Whitefield Cemetery (Colby Cemetery)
Coos County, New Hampshire

Brayhill Rd at Hwy 16
East Whitefield NH

Lat: 44° 24' 06"N, Lon: 71° 33' 02"W

Contributed by Bob Glidden, Nov 18, 2002 [jbgliden@scican.net]. Total records = 58.

From Whitefield, NH, take Rte 16 northeast toward Jefferson, NH, to Bray Hill Road, turn left onto Bray Hill Road less than 1/10th mile, cemetery on the right.

This cemetery supported the small community of East Whitefield and has been full since the 1940's. It is also known as Bray Hill Cemetery.

There are no sexton files to be found, and can find no other records locally of this cemetery. Most gravesites are without surviving markers, as wooden markers were common here.

These are personal tombstone readings supported by newspaper obituary records, which I have done between 1990 and 2002.

- Bob Glidden

Baker, Amos Franklin, b. 1849, d. 18 Oct 1899, s/o Amos and Christiana (Bray) Baker
Baker, Amos, b. 23 Jul 1794, d. 23 Aug 1870, h/o Priscilla Turner, h/o Christiana Bray, s/o George and Dinah (Parmenter) Baker
Baker, Betsey E. Glidden, b. 8 Aug 1818, d. 1 Apr 1910, d/o Nicholas and Eliza A. (Colby) Glidden, w/o George P. Baker
Baker, Christiana (Bray), d. 10 Mar 1889, age: 78y, w/o Amos Baker
Baker, Christiana (Bray), no dates, w/o Amos Baker, d/o Nicholas and Abigail (Bucknell) Bray
Baker, Frank, d. 18 Oct 1899, age: 50y
Baker, George P., b. 14 Jan 1820, d. 30 Mar 1909, h/o Betsey Glidden, s/o Amos and Priscilla (Turner) Baker
Baker, Isaac J., b. 28 Nov 1824, d. 27 Feb 1866, h/o Mary J. Fisher, s/o Amos and Priscilla (Turner) Baker
Baker, Lucy Royce (Hildreth), b. 1847, d. 17 Oct 1894, w/o Albion P. Baker, d/o Daniel and Abigail (Bray) Hildreth
Bean, Delia C.(Baker), b. 4 Oct 1834, d. 7 Jul 1886, w/o Martin D. Bean, d/o Amos and Priscilla (Turner) Baker
Bean, Irving S., 4 Aug 1895, age: 27y 4m 4d, s/o Martin D. Bean
Bray, Martha L., d. 24 Nov 1837, age: 16y, d/o Nicholas and Abigail Bray
Buswell, Elizabeth S., d. 25 Sep 1865, age: 80y, w/o John F. Buswell
Buswell, John, d. 30 Nov 1825, age: 52y
Buswell, Paul S., d. 26 Aug 1845, age: 72y
Buswell, Polly Ferrin, d. 7 Sep 1829, age: 40, w/o Paul S. Buswell
Cabot, William S., b. 27 Jul 1847, d. 7 Aug 1938, GAR 1861-1865 star marker, 1 BOY US Navy
Clough, Miss Ann, d. 2 Jan 1827, in the 25th year of her age
Clough, Mr. Benjamin, d. 26 Jun 1832, in the 59th year of his age
Colby, Amey, b. 20 Jan 1889, d. 13 Jul 1889, d/o Amos Clark and Ella H. (Eastman) Colby
Colby, Amos Clark, b. 29 Jun 1815, d. 30 Dec 1882, h/o Mary G. Sanborn, s/o Enoch and Mary Polly (Couch) Colby
Colby, Anna May, b. Jul 1881, d. 24 Nov 1882, d/o Hale C. and Harriet M. (Dailey) Colby
Colby, Blanche A., d. 13 Jul 1889, age: 5m 24d, d/o A.C. and E.A. Colby
Colby, Charles L., b. 1836, d. 2 May 1873, h/o Cyrintha Rogers, h/o Laura L. Cooley, s/o Enoch and Nancy (Wells) Colby
Colby, Enoch, b. 28 Aug 1778, d. 8 Oct 1845, h/o Mary Polly Couch, s/o John and Mary (Quimby) Colby
Colby, Enoch, b. 29 Mar 1808, d. 22 Dec 1884, h/o Nancy Wells, s/o Enoch and Mary Polly (Couch) Colby
Colby, George Edward, b. 23 Jul 1868, d. 25 Jan 1874, age: 5y 6m 2d, s/o Dr. George Leonard and Mary Jane (Hildreth) Colby
Colby, Hattie, b. 7 Sep 1848, d. 1849, age: 1yr 2mos, d/o Enoch and Nancy (Wells) Colby
Colby, James Henry B., b. 7 Feb 1844, d. 25 Oct 1844, s/o Amos Clark and Mary G. (Sanborn) Colby
Colby, James Henry, b. 11 Oct 1847, d. 8 Mar 1870, h/o Ella H. Eastman, s/o Amos Clark and Mary G. (Sanborn) Colby
Colby, Mary Polly (Couch), b. May 1782, d. 5 Jan 1871, w/o Enoch Colby, d/o John and Polly (Gordon) Couch
Colby, Nancy (Wells), b. 3 Mar 1816, d. 18 Aug 1872, w/o Enoch Colby
Colby, twins, b. 1 Aug 1841, d. Aug, 1841, age 3 weeks, children of Enoch and Nancy (Wells) Colby
Glidden, Amasa, b. 1873, d. 1874, s/0 George Henry and Viola Clementine (Lindsay) Glidden
Glidden, Lena J., b. 22 Jul 1881, d. 12 Apr 1897, d/o Levi Woodbury and Abbie (Grant) Glidden
Glines, Almedia A. (Colby), b. 21 Aug 1839, d. 11 Jan 1876, w/o Freeman F. Glines, d/o Amos Clark and Mary G. (Sanborn) Colby
Hildreth, Abigail (Bray), b. 9 May 1815, d. 31 Dec 1884, w/o Daniel Hildreth, d/o Nicholas and Abigail (Bucknell) Bray
Hildreth, Daniel, b. 28 Nov 1821, d. 10 Mar 1879, h/o Abigail Bray, s/o Jonathan and Lucy (Royce) Hildreth
Hildreth, Ernest H., d. 10 Apr 1874, age: 4y 2m 14d, s/o George W. and Elvira A. Hildreth
Hildreth, Eveline "Eva" B., b. 12 Sep 1855, d. 19 Mar 1874, d/o Daniel and Abigail (Bray) Hildreth
Hildreth, Jonathan, d. 26 Jun 1879, age: 54y
Hildreth, Jonathan, d. 26 Oct 1953, age: 69y
Hildreth, Lucy, d. 31 July1838, age: 56, w/o Jonathan Hildreth
Hutchins, Mollie M., b. 1844, d. 1895
James, Dorathy (sic), d. 9 Aug 1885, 91y 7m 5d, w/o Ephraim James
James, Ephraim, d. 9 Apr 1856, age: 74
James, Sarah E., d. 9 Aug 1850, age: 33y, w/o Orlando M. James
Keyes, Catherine, d. 14 Sep 1857, age: 84y, w/o Amasa Keyes
Keyes, Corona, d. 18 Mar 1860, age: 26y, d/o Harlon and Mary F. Keyes
Keyes, Harlon, d. 22 Sep 1882, age: 83y
Keyes, Mary B., d. 12 Dec 1859, age: 22y, d/o Harlon and Mary F. Keyes
Keyes, Mary F., d. 2 Jun 1839, age: 39y, w/o Harlon Keyes
Keyes, Sally, no dates, d/o Amasa and Catherine (Keyes), stone broken and sunken
Keyes, Sara W., d. 30 Aug 1881, age: 75y, w/o Harlon Keyes
Legro, Mary H., d. 6 Jul 1826, age: 15m, d/o David and Sarah Legro
Merrill, Susan C., d. 8 Sep 1840, age: 4y 7m 3d, d/o Dudley and Eunice Merrill
Morrill, EN. Nathan, Jr., d. 17 Jun 1822, in the 31st year of his age (new stone)
Towle, Bertie (Albert Louis), b. 1 Jul 1881, d. 10 Sep 1881, s/o Albert Louis and Jane Danforth (Glidden) Towle

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