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Mount Olivet Cemetery
Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina

0 State Farm Rd. Raleigh NC NC 27607

Lat: 35° 48' 56"N, Lon: 78° 43' 18"W

Contributed by Shirley Olson, Jun 12, 2006 [shirley32olson@yahoo.com]. Total records = 36.

From the intersection of Blue Ridge Rd., (SR 1664) and Reedy Creek Rd., (SR 2400) at the traffic light in front of the NC State Museum of Art, turn NW on Reedy Creek Rd. Go exactly 1 mile on Reedy Creek Rd. You will cross Edwards Mill Rd., (SR 2300) at .6 mi., and continue on Reedy Creek Rd. which is a gravel road after you cross Edward's Mill Rd. Take a left turn onto State Farm Rd., a dirt road no SR number, and go .1 mi. to the cemetery on your right. Behind the cemetery is state property, with a sign "Schenk Forest".

One can park on the side of the road and enter through a gate. This is a pleasant small Baptist Church cemetery, tidy and cared for. There is room for more burials.

It is located near the burgeoning growth around the RBC Center, (home to the NHL Hurricanes), it is surprisingly untouched and surrounded by green rolling fields. Originally a log cabin church stood next to the cemetery, long since moved and now, no longer a small log cabin church, Mount Olivet Church is located at 3500 Edward Mill Rd., about 5 miles away. The cemetery belongs to the church and contains about .5 acre.

My thanks to Beth Medlin and her Grandma, Ms. Louise Hicks, for their kind assistance.

I walked the cemetery and transcribed from all the readable headstones Jun 02, 2006.

- Shirley Olson

Blake, Betty Ella, b. 1 Jan 1879, d. 24 Oct 1935
Choplin, Maude S., b. 1898, d. 1971
Choplin, Nancy B. B., b. 29 Feb 1864, d. 3 May 1933, "Mother"
Choplin, Ransom, b. 8 Dec 1858, d. 8 Oct 1936, "Father"
Choplin, Zebert G., b. 1889, d. 1934
Cooper, Andrew J., b. 22 Jan 1878, d. 23 Aug 1936
Cooper, Jerusha Bishop, b. 13 Mar 1888, d. 23 Jul 1953
Cooper, Jessie Edwin, b. Sep 1929, d. Dec 1929
Cooper, William Caleb, b. Jan 1916, d. Jul 1960
Dean, David Lee, b. 1928, d. 1969, Brown-Wynne FH
Edgar, Thomas, b. 11 Feb 1876, d. 9 Mar 1970
Emory, W. F., b. 9 Aug 1846, d. 5 May 1916
Emry, Walter Jackson, 8 Jan 1903, Aged 29 yrs., 11 ms., 3 ds.
Fry, Percy A., b. 28 Sep 1913, d. 18 Jan 1914, s. o. L. H. & Reada Fry
Hicks, Charles Earl, b. 20 Sep 1947, d. 4 Jun 1981
Hicks, Charles Franklin, b. 3 Oct 1916, d. 27 Nov 1992
Hicks, Clara Collins, b. 16 Feb 1887, d. 9 Jun 1965, s. w. LeRoy Hicks
Hicks, Jesse Mae, b. 28 Jul 1925, d. ??, s. w. Charles Franklin Hicks
Hicks, LeRoy, Sr., b. 12 Mar 1872, d. 7 Jan 1943
Hicks, Selma K., b. 5 Dec 1923, d. 23 Apr 1931, dau. o. LeRoy & Clara Hicks
Jackson, Charles Henry, b. 1847, d. 1908
Jackson, Sarah A. R., b. 1876, d. 1955
Jackson, Winney Ann, b. 1844, d. 1926
Jessup, Henry W., b. 28 May 1916, d. 7 Aug 1937
Liggins, Margie Ann, b. 14 Feb 1962, d. 17 May 1985
Maynard, Alvis, b. 1905, d. 1934, Brown-Wynne FH
Maynard, Ella Foy, b. 8 Jul 1907, d. 7 Jun 1998, age 90, Apex FH
Maynard, Ida, b. 1873, d. 1950, Brown-Wynne FH
Maynard, James Carl, b. 24 Mar 1898, d. 8 May 1972, NC Sgt US Army WW1
Maynard, James David, b. 1866, d. 1930, Brown-Wynne FH
Maynard, Oscar, b. 20 Aug 1870, d. 2 Sep 1899
McMahan, Philip Ray, b. 6 Jun 1931, d. 13 Jun 1931, s. o. K. G. & Mary Hicks McMahan
Patterson, Jessie Lee, 27 Nov 1984, age 88
Truelove, Leonard P., b. 19 Mar 1881, d. 27 Nov 1948
Truelove, Lonnie Jack, b. 8 Sep 1922, d. 23 Dec 1947
Truelove, Unnie F., b. 14 Mar 1888, d. 27 Jan 1930

A grave marked with a field stone behind Betty Blake
A large plot marked out with cement blocks contains 4-5 unmarked field stones next to David Dean
Five unmarked field stones grouped
Grave marked with a field stone behind Oscar Maynard, in front of a tree
Two broken unreadable headstones
Two unmarked field stones next to Percy Fry
Unmarked grave behind Walter Jackson Emry
Unreadable FH marker next to Ella Maynard

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