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Finch Cemetery
Wake County, North Carolina

0 Duraleigh Rd, Raleigh NC

Lat: 35° 49' 51"N, 78° 42' 38"W
Meredith Twp

Contributed by Ann Brosnahan, Mar 04, 2006, last edited Apr 05, 2010 [brozymom@aol.com]. Total records = 30.

This cemetery is located on Duraleigh Rd. (SR 1664) at the intersection of Burwell Rollins Circle, which is the entrance to Olde Raleigh Subdivision, about 1/2 mile north of the intersection of Duraleigh Rd. and Edward's Mill Rd. (SR 3009).

Finch Cemetery is barely visible from the road, with a fine brick wall shielding it from view. You can park in the small courtyard in front of the guard house. It contains .09 acre and is no longer in use.

I am a direct descendant of the interred, and have gained ownership of this cemetery. I am currently busy in the process of restoring it. Permission to enter the cemetery is required.

Surnames that we know of buried in this cemetery are Beasley, Christenbury, Finch, Jones, Pleasants, Pollard, Maynard, Spikes and Watkins.

A large fallen tree has been removed and headstones cleaned, making it possible to add names, dates, and correct any prior errors. I walked through the cemetery and recorded from the headstones. Additional information from Family Bibles, Census, and NC Newspapers and Family Members.

This is a complete transcription of all known records up to Mar 03, 2006.

- Ann Brosnahan

b. = born
d. = died
d/o = daughter of
s/o = son of
s/w = stone with
w/o = wife of

Beasley, Carrie Pollard, b. 11 May 1890, d. 2 Aug 1974, d/o W. H. & Martha Pollard
Christenbury, Maude Finch, b. 17 May 1881, d. 18 May 1977, d/o Charles & Sarah Holder Finch
Finch, Carrie Keith, b. 11 Dec 1844, d. 8 Mar 1928, w/o Thomas Finch
Finch, Charles E., b. 28 Jul 1820, d. 3 Aug 1854, age 34 years, bro. of Wm. G. Finch
Finch, Charles, b. 23 Oct 1849, d. 20 Apr 1931, s/o William G. & Sophronia Hayes Finch
Finch, Hattie, b. 9 Oct 1882, d. 6 Aug 1899, d/o Thomas & Lucy Maynard Finch
Finch, James A., b. abt. 1876, d. 14 Jul 1916, s/o Chas. & Sarah H. Finch, (obit N & O, 15 Jul 1916, suicide) headstone not inscribed
Finch, James William, b. 1840, d. 5 Nov 1857, s/o Charles E. & Pennina Hayes Finch
Finch, Mamie C. Oliver, b. 2 Nov 1893, d. 7 Aug 1927, w/o Leon Finch
Finch, Sarah Holder, b. 4 Sep 1854, d. 10 Sep 1946, w/o Charles Finch
Finch, Thomas Ethelbert, b. 26 Dec 1846, d. 24 Apr 1920, s/w Carrie Finch, s/o Wm. & Sophronia Hayes Finch,CSA Co D 1st NC Jr Reserves
Finch, William G., b. 12 Feb 1818, d. 4 Sep 1856, s/o Ethelbert & Harriot Johnson Finch
Jones, Clyde, b. 22 Feb 1885, d. 11 Dec 1906, s/o William Henry & Valerie Harper Jones, (obit. Farmer & Mechanic newspaper, 11 Dec 1906, died at Rex Hosp., Raleigh, NC, from a pistol wound and buried beside his parents at the Charles Finch place outside of Raleigh.) headstone not inscribed
Jones, Valerie Harper, b. 27 Oct 1841, d. 2 Jun 1888, w/o Wm. Henry Jones
Jones, William Henry, b. 14 Apr 1836, d. 28 Mar 1889, s/o Ransom & Sarah Richardson Jones, headstone not inscribed
Maynard, Addie P., b. 3 May 1877, d. 13 Jun 1943, w/o Elmer J. Maynard, d/o T. H. & Pennie Finch Pleasants
Maynard, Elmer J., b. 11 Apr 1878, d. 16 Sep 1955
Maynard, Harvey J., b. 7 Nov 1903, d. 22 Dec 1949, s/o Elmer & Addie P. Maynard
Pleasants, Bettie Royster, b. 27 Mar 1882, d. 7 May 1883, d/o T. H. & Pennie Finch Pleasants
Pleasants, Pennie (Pennina) Finch, b. 21 Sep 1855, d. 18 Feb 1917, w/o T. H. Pleasants, d/o Wm. G. & Sophronia Hayes Finch
Pleasants, Thaddeus Henry, b. 10 Mar 1853, d. 1 Apr 1924, s/w Pennie Pleasants
Pollard, Bettie L., b. 7 Nov 1873, d. 11 Mar 1940, w/o James W. Pollard
Pollard, James W., b. 2 Nov 1873, d. 9 Jul 1938, s/w Bettie Pollard, s/o W. H. & Martha Pollard
Pollard, Martha, b. Sep 1845, d. 26 Jan 1923, "Mother", w/o (1.) J. H. Watkins, (2.) W. H. Pollard, d/o Wm. G. & Sophronia Hayes Finch
Pollard, Moses, b. 15 Apr 1886, d. 1 Jul 1966, s/o W. H. & Martha Pollard
Pollard, William Henry, b. 15 Apr 1840, d. 18 Jun 1919, "Father", s/w Martha Pollard, CSA Co C 47 NC Infantry
Spikes, Pennina Hayes, b. 28 Jul 1828, d. 13 Nov 1857, w/o (1) Charles E. Finch, (2) Addison Spikes, d/o Dr. Hayes
Watkins, Adelaide Blake, b. 14 Feb 1869, d. 1 Jun 1941, w/o Willie Watkins
Watkins, Leon H., b. 5 Mar 1901, d. 12 Nov 1929, s/o Willie & Adelaide Watkins
Watkins, Willie, b. 24 Mar 1867, d. 2 Nov 1907

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