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Red Hill Church Cemetery
Coats, Harnett County, North Carolina

Contributed by Connie M. Matthews, Mar 17, 2001 [skoontz@aol.com].
Total records = 203.

Red Hill PFWB Church Road, at the HWY 55 & 27 NC junction headed to Raleigh turn right...continued until you get to Red Hill Church Road turn right about 2+ miles Church and Cemetery are on the right.

5H: Five names on headstone
DH: Double headstone
FNS: Family Namestone
FS: Footstone
MFS: Military footstone
TH: Triple headstone
?: Not sure if I have them in the right cemetery
?] Number of headstone on diagram of cemetery

Abalan, Rebecca Susan, b. 07-19-1983, d. 07-22-1983, FS: INFANT; Next to David Ray Porter stone
Anderson, A. Morgan, b. 01-02-1902, d. 12-06-1980, A precious one from us is gone ? Love is still A vacant place in our home. ?n can be filled, DH: Lizzie P.; Metal Sign-Cromartie, Miller & Lee Funeral Home: Lizzie Pollard Anderson; Photo: 4/12/1996, 2/11/2000
Anderson, Lizzie P, b. 11-22-1897, d. 11-26-1999, A precious one from us is gone ? Love is still A vacant place in our home. ?n can be filled, DH: A. Morgan; Photo: 4/12/1996, 2/11/2000
Anderson, Ruby, b. 04-08-1935, d. 06-20-1936, AT REST, Engraved lamb laying down; Photo: 4/12/1996, 2/11/2000
Bailey, A. L, b. 10-10-1830, d. 04-17-1912, DH: Mary A.; Photo: 4/12/1996
Bailey, Chas. L, b. 01-23-1875, d. 03-15-1947, Photo: 4/12/1996
Bailey, Delphia Ann, b. 03-17-1873, d. 01-18-1957, Photo: 4/12/1996
Bailey, Louise, b. 10-24-1930, d. 01-27-1932, Photo: 4/12/1996
Bailey, Mabel Coats, b. 01-24-1915, d. no date, AT REST, Photo: 4/12/1996
Bailey, Mary A, b. 04-02-1839, d. 05-16-1910, A ? mother ? ? Faithful father ? ?, DH: A. L.; Photo: 4/12/1996
Bailey, Stewart B, b. 06-16-1909, d. 11-21-1978, AT REST,
Bailey?, Belle M, b. 05-03-1902, d. 12-12-1990, DH: L. Waylon, Photo: 4/12/1996
Bailey?, Ellatare, b. 10-15-1875, d. 08-23-1952, DH: Willis T, Photo: 4/12/1996
Bailey?, L. Waylon, b. 09-07-1895, d. 10-24-1973, DH: Belle M, Photo: 4/12/1996
Bailey?, Willis T, b. 10-14-1861, d. 01-27-1932, DH: Ellatare, Photo: 4/12/1996"
Barbour, Ellie F, b. 05-10-1912, d. 05-28-1985, FS: E.F.B.
Barbour, Marvin Lovejoy, b. 11-13-1910, d. 09-24-1975, MFS: TEC 5 US ARMY, WORLD WAR II"
Barefoot, James C, b. 04-06-1919, d. 11-17-1922, Son of E. M. & Beulah Barefoot. Gone ? ? ? ? ?
Barefoot, William Edward, b. 11-15-1915, d. 05-12-1917, Son of E. M. & Beulah Barefoot. Heaven ? ? ? ?
Bass, Nellie Norris, b. 03-18-1905, d. 09-27-1979, AT REST, DH: Archie B. Norris; Photo: 2/11/2000
Brady, Ralph H, b. 07-02-1890, d. 06-25-1974,
Brady, Ruth Marie, b. 08-21-1899, d. 07-27-1936, FS: R.B.
Buffkin, Alda N.(Nordan), b. 02-25-1915, d. no date, Precious Lord take my hand, DH: Wm. Troy; (Alda Nordan Buffkin); Photo: 4/12/1996, 2/11/2000"
Buffkin, Charles E, b. 08-24-1941, d. 02-14-1973, DH: Francene; FS: BELOVED FATHER AND HUSBAND
Buffkin, Francene, b. 10-04-1946, d. no date, In my Father's house are many Mansions, DH: Charles E.; Photo: 4/12/1996
Buffkin, William Troy, Jr., b. 04-09-1937, d. 05-17-1938, Photo: 2/11/2000
Buffkin, Wm. Troy, b. 05-29-1913, d. 11-21-1979, Precious Lord take my hand, DH: Alda N.; Photo: 4/12/1996, 2/11/2000"
Byrd, Alex, b. 02-18-1923, d. 07-07-1978, LOVED ONE, Photo: 4/12/1996
Byrd, Aquilla, b. ??-17-1876, d. 03-07-1912, Gone but not forgotten, Photo: 4/12/1996
Byrd, Carl Graham, b. 1926, d. 1979, MFS: AS US NAVY, WORLD WAR II; Photo: 4/12/1996"
Byrd, Elizabeth, b. 03-04-1831, d. 08-12-1899, They died as they lived, trusting in God.", DH: Jacob E.; Photo: 4/112/1996
Byrd, Flonnie E, b. 05-19-1901, d. 10-29-1987, GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTON
Byrd, Irene Tart, b. 10-02-1901, d. 12-29-1993, HONOR THY FATHER AND MOTHER THAT THY DAYS MAY BE LONG UPON THE LAND... EXODUS 20:12, DH: John Elbert; Photo: 4/12/1996
Byrd, Jacob E, b. 03-27-1828, d. 09-07-1916, They died as they lived, trusting in God", DH: Elizabeth; Photo: 4/12/1996
Byrd, Jarvis, b. 01-27-1920, d. 08-15-1998, Photo: 2/11/2000
Byrd, Jennie Felerence, b. 05-17-1884, d. 01-28-1960, Gone but not forgotten, DH: John William, Photo: 4/12/1996"
Byrd, Joe, b. 05-08-1908, d. 08-11-1944, OUR LOVED ONES, Photo: 4/12/1996
Byrd, John Clarence, b. 02-18-1924, d. 11-22-1960, DH: Mary Lee Johnson; FS: J.C.B.; Photo: 4/12/1996
Byrd, John Elbert, b. 06-14-1898, d. 09-07-1977, HONOR THY FATHER AND MOTHER THAT THY DAYS MAY BE LONG UPON THE LAND... EXODUS 20:12, DH: Irene Tart; Photo: 4/12/1996
Byrd, John William, b. 08-07-1880, d. 04-15-1928, Gone but not forgotten, DH: Jennie Flerence
Byrd, Lalon, b. 05-22-1896, d. 06-10-1928, Wife of A. Q. Bryd; In Jesus arms we laid her down. A lovely ? on His crown, Photo: 4/12/1996
Byrd, Lillie, b. 11-22-1880, d. ??-18-1907, Wife of A. Q. Byrd; Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal, Photo: 4/12/1996
Byrd, Mary Lee Johnson, b. 03-09-1930, d. no date, His wife (John Clarence Byrd); Our Loved Ones, Photo: 4/12/1996
Byrd, Richard, b. 10-11-1851, d. 05-21-1923, They who knew him best will bless his name
Byrd, Sammie C, b. 05-21-1901, d. 03-08-1978, GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN
Byrd, Watis, b. 10-27-1917, d. 05-06-1942, Photo: 4/12/1996
Capps, Alma, b. No Dates, d. No Dates, Small cement headstone with large rocks inserted.
Capps, Linis, b. No Dates, d. No Dates, Small cement headstone with large rocks inserted.
Caudle, Eva Pearl Smith, b. 1905, d. 1999, Metal Sign: Cromartie, Miller & Lee Funeral Home, Dunn, NC; Photo: 2/11/2000"
Caudle, Joseph D, b. 01-09-1928, d. 12-07-1929, At Rest, FS: J.D.C.; Photo: 2/11/2000
Caudle, Louise, b. 12-27-1929, d. 03-09-1930, At Rest, FS: L.C.; Photo: 2/11/2000
Coats?, Alva Rena, b. 10-10-1882, d. 02-13-1948, Photo: 4/12/1996
Coats?, Jeptha M, b. 05-27-1911, d. 02-08-1968, Photo: 4/12/1996
Coats?, Millie Mae, b. 07-23-1892, d. 06-10-1927, Photo: 4/12/1996
Coats?, Myatt Alonzo, b. 02-13-1892, d. 06-08-1970, Photo: 4/12/1996
Coats?, W. Maynard, b. 10-04-1916, d. 11-27-1972, Photo: 4/12/1996
Cook, James E, b. 06-04-1936, d. 10-06-1936,
Cook, Jimmy Greene, b. 07-23-1937, d. no date,
Ennis, Annie Lee, b. 08-02-1912, d. 11-10-1986, In Memory Of...; Thy Trials Ended Thy Rest Is Won,
Ennis, Delmer, b. 07-06-1912, d. 10-02-1959, DH: Geneva S.; Photo: 4/12/1996
Ennis, Earl, b. 03-18-1913, d. 05-10-1914, Son of Walter & Stella Ennis; ? ? ? bloom ? God, Photo: 2/11/2000
Ennis, Geneva S, b. 12-16-1918, d. no date, DH: Delmer; Photo: 4/12/1996
Ennis, Irene, b. 03-18-1913, d. 03-29-1934, Dau. of Walter & Stella Ennis; She is not dead, but sleepeth.", Photo: 2/11/2000
Ennis, Walter Dalton, b. 10-25-1922, d. 06-28-1950, GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, Photo: 2/11/2000
Faircloth, Jessie A.(Allen), b. 08-25-1873, d. 04-08-1945, DH: Lissie P.(Pollard); Photo: 2/11/2000
Faircloth, Lissie P.(Pollard), b. 04-15-1883, d. 05-23-1967, DH: Jessie A.(Allen); Photo: 2/11/2000
Faircloth, Major D, b. 04-22-1933, d. no date, Wed Oct 4, 1952", DH: Patricia N.; Photo: 4/12/1996
Faircloth, Patricia N, b. 04-18-1938, d. no date, Wed Oct 4, 1952", DH: Major D.; Photo: 4/12/1996
Faircloth, Willie, b. 02-20-1913, d. 10-23-1915,
Gregory, Julia B. Moore, b. 11-14-1876, d. 12-30-1952,
Hall, Edith Norris, b. 10-13-1921, d. 09-30-1963/8, Gone But Not Forgotten, Homemade Red Brick with cement inlay.; Photo: 2/11/2000
Hall, Peggy Sue, b. 07-03-1974, d. no date, Infant Daughter of Johnny & Emilean Hall, (Ingraved Baby Shoes); Photo: 2/11/2000
Hardee, John C, b. 07-28-1908, d. 01-24-1951, GONE IN LOVING MEMORY, DH: Viola K.; Photo: 4/12/1996
Hardee, Viola K, b. 01-31-1917, d. 02-03-1981, GONE IN LOVING MEMORY, DH: John C.; Photo: 4/12/1996
Horton, Cellie H, b. 02-05-1930, d. no date, 5H: Jimmie E, Jr.; Patricia A.; Jimmie Earl; Stacey G."
Horton, Jimmie E, Jr., b. 11-20-1948, d. 11-20-1948, 5H: Patricia A.; Jimmie Earl; Cellie H.; Stacey G.
Horton, Jimmie Earl, b. 02-07-1924, d. 01-03-1974, 5H: MFS: NORTH CAROLINA, TEC 5 US ARMY, WW II; Photo: 2/11/2000"
Horton, Patricia A, b. 12-30-1946, d. 10-10-1950, 5H: Jimmie E, Jr.; Jimmie Earl; Cellie H.; Stacey G."
Horton, Stacey G, b. 07-12-1966, d. 05-03-1983, 5H: Jimmie E, Jr.; Patricia A.; Jimmie Earl; Cellie H."
House, Infant Son, b. 02-14-1910, d. no date, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd House, FS: H.
Hughes, Alma, b. 11-29-1919, d. 07-04-1921, Plot#13 Row#4
Hughes, Berllan, b. 04-01-1921, d. 05-13-1921, Plot#14 Row#4
Hughes, Bettie, b. 06-22-1892, d. 04-29-1918, She hath faded awary to shine brightly in heaven, Plot#18 Row#4
Hughes, Daisy, b. 03-13-1910, d. 11-16-1992, In Loving Memory, Photo: 2/11/2000,Plot#,22 Row#4
Hughes, Edward, b. 12-28-1919, d. 01-09-1920, Son of R.M. & Grizella Hughes; We can solely leave thy darling in they trust, Plot#17 Row#4
Hughes, Grizella, b. 11-30-1892, d. 11-17-1932, Wife of Ransom Hughes; Gone but not forgotten, Plot#20 Row#4
Hughes, Infant, b., d. 02-16-1908, Dau. of Ransom & Bettie Hughes; Gone to be an angel, Plot#16 Row#4
Hughes, Lovie O, b. 11-02-1895, d. 03-18-1967, In thy Father's house are many mansion, DH: Nathan B.; Photo: 2/11/2000
Hughes, Mary A. Messer, b. 01-06-1894, d. 05-23-1969, Wife of W. N. Hughes, DH: Willie N,Plot#,7b Row#2
Hughes, Melson, b. 12-17-1907, d. 05-09-1972, Homemade Red Brick headstone with cement name inlay; Photo: 2/11/2000,Plot#,21 Row#4
Hughes, Minnie, b. 06-27-1880, d. 02-27-1902, To The Memory Of; Daughter of Ed Hughes; Asleep in Jesus blessed, sleep from which none ever wake to weep.", Plot#15 Row#4
Hughes, Nathan B, b. 12-25-1887, d. 04-04-1962, In thy Father's house are many mansions, DH: Lovie O.; Photo: 2/11/2000
Hughes, Ransom, b. 03-00-1879, d. 11-18-1935, Gone but not forgotten, Plot#19 Row#4
Hughes, Thomas Edson, b. 05-23-1926, d. 05-07-1992, Unusual shaped stone looks like a three-quarter diamond set in a base; Photo: 2/11/2000
Hughes, Willie N, b. 04-01-1890, d. 10-04-1933, DH: Mary A. Messer,Plot#,7a Row#2
Jernigan, Fannie E, b. 09-10-1872, d. 07-01-1942, I Cared, Photo: 2/11/2000
Johnson, Della M, b. 12-06-1902, d. 11-23-1974, Photo: 2/11/2000
Johnson, Eveline, b. 10-02-1924, d. 01-14-1929, Dau. of M. M. & Della; She was the sunshine of ?(unreadable), Photo: 2/11/2000
Johnson, Moses M, b. 02-11-1901, d. 05-17-1970, Photo: 2/11/2000
Johnson, Roy M, b. 07-09-1926, d. 07-26-1928?, Our loved one, Photo: 2/11/2000
Lockamy, Callie N, b. 05-12-1904, d. 12-13-1937, TH: Deoffie L, Mittie H.; FS: C.N.L."
Lockamy, ettie Pearl, b. 09-12-1907, d. 12-05-1985, Asleep In Jesus, Plot#23 Row#5
Lockamy, J. W, b. 04-06-1928, d. 09-26-1928, Son of Deoffie & Callie Lockamy; A little of love, To Whom wil God above
Lockamy, Mittie H, b. 01-31-1912, d. 11-28-1988, TH: Callie N, Deoffie L.; FS: M.H.L."
Messer, Lewis, b., d. 12-27-1917, ACE 75 YRS; He died as he lived, trusting in God.", Plot#6 Row#2
Messer, Mary E, b., d. 10?-13-1921, Wife of Lewis Messer; ADE 79 YR'S; She died as she lived, trusting in God.", Plot#5 Row#2
Messer, Vennie Hudson, b. 06-01-1917, d. 10-24-1969, Although they sleep their memory lives, DH: Wilbert, FS: V. H. M.",Plot#,2b Row#1
Messer, Wilbert, b. 11-05-1909, d. 03-10-1949, Although they sleep their memory lives, DH: Vennie Hudson; FS: W. M,Plot#,2a Row#1
Messer, Willie Albert, b. 08-10-1931, d. 01-01-1968, To know him was to love him., FS: W. A. M.
Moore, Charles L, b. 01-13-1940, d. 09-25-1941, Asleep our darling
Moore, Eugene, b. 10-25-1930, d. no date,
Moore, Gertrude Norris, b. 09-16-1922, d. no date, Photo: 2/11/2000
Moore, Infant, b. 04-03-????, d. 04-03-????, Infant of A. L. & Alma Moore - Born & Died; Another ? ? ? before ? ?
Moore, J. Larry, b. 06-22-1945, d. 08-30-1960, FS: J.L.M.
Moore, John Daniel (J.D.), b. 08-05-1923, d. 04-01-1998, DH: Gertrude Norris; Photo: 2/11/2000
Moore, John E, b., d. no date, Plot#26a Row#5
Moore, John Thurmon, b. 09-10-1926, d. 11-12-1959, North Carolina, S2 USNR, World War II",
Moore, Junious E, b. 11-12-1902, d. 02-17-1992, DH: Neva B.
Moore, Lettie F, b. 05-16-1897, d. 06-18-1970, Asleep In Jesus, FS: L.F.M,Plot#,24 Row#5
Moore, Lonnie Mack, b. 08-12-1891, d. 09-16-1957, Together Forever, DH: Mamie Norris; FS: FATHER
Moore, Mamie Norris, b. 06-18-1902, d. 10-14-1986, Together Forever, DH: Lonnie Mack; FS: MOTHER
Moore, Mary E, b., d. no date, Plot#26b Row#5
Moore, Milton, b. 05-17-1911, d. 04-19-1913, Son of J. E. & Mary E. Moore; Born by angel hand ? ? home of ? and love, Plot#25 Row#5
Moore, Miss Na, b. 05-24-1938, d. 05-24-1938,
Moore, Neva B, b. 09-19-1902, d. 07-16-1992, DH: Junious E.
Moore, Riley W, b. 1899, d. 1959, To Live In Hearts Left Behind Is Not To Die, DH: Vertie A.; FS: R.W.M.
Moore, Vertie A, b. 1904, d. 1980, To Live In Hearts Left Behind Is Not To Die, DH: Riley W.; FS: V.A.M.
Moran, Katie Weaver, b. 11-01-1914, d. 06-10-1981, Help us O Lord, our God, for we rest on thee. 2 Chronicles 14:11?", Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Alice Merlene, b. 09-28-1944, d. 01-24-1960, Dau. of Jarvis & Grace Norris, Photo: 2/11/2000,Plot#,31 Row#5
Norris, AlmDeoffie L, b. 01-23-1906, d. 03-10-1978, TH: Callie N, Mittie H.; FS: D.L.L."
Norris, Archie B, b. 10-05-1901, d. 05-11-1973, AT REST, DH: Nellie Norris Bass; Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Arthur B, b. 07-12-1914, d. 07-31-1986,
Norris, Bertha Caudle, b. 09-05-1909, d. 01-15-1975, ? THE SUNSET, DH: Larkin Bill; Engraved picture of a lane: MEMORY LANE; Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Betty B, b. 07-06-1940, d. 01-05-1942,
Norris, Callie Florence, b. 01-01-1918, d. 03-09-1919, A little time on earth he spent. Till God for him his angel sent
Norris, Carl L, b. 10-07-1928, d. 11-26-1952, NOT MY WILL, BUT THINE BE DONE", TH: SON; Carl & Eunice; Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Carl, b. 10-23-1908, d. 11-12-1991, NOT MY WILL, BUT THINE BE DONE", TH: FATHER; Eunice & Carl L.; Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Claude L, b. 01-02-1865, d. no date, In our memories they shall live, Homemade Red Brick painted white (fading) paint with rocks on top with Marble inlay.
Norris, Eunice, b. 11-17-1910, d. 04-03-1974, NOT MY WILL, BUT THINE BE DONE", TH: MOTHER; Carl & Carl L.; Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Grace Lee, b. 03-12-1925, d. 12-09-1990, DH: Jarvis E.; Photo: 2/11/2000,Plot#,33b Row#5
Norris, Henry, b. 01-30-1863, d. 08-21-1956, DH: Winnie E,Plot#,9a Row#3
Norris, Hubert C, b. 1909, d. 1964, Cromartie-Miller & Lee Name Sign
Norris, Jarvis E, b. 07-29-1920, d. 07-04-1998, DH: Grace Lee; Photo: 2/11/2000,Plot#,33a Row#5
Norris, Jessie Laverne, b. 04-01-1956, d. 03-21-1972, Son of Jarvis & Grace Norris, Photo: 2/11/2000,Plot#,32 Row#5
Norris, John, b. 1888, d. 1952, Gone but not forgotten, DH: Neva M,Plot#,29a Row#5
Norris, Larkin Bill, b. 12-21-1906, d. 12-13-1993, ? THE SUNSET, DH: Bertha Caudle; Engraved picture of a lane: MEMORY LANE; Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Larkin Bill, b. 12-21-1906, d. 12-13-1993, ? THE SUNSET, DH: Bertha Caudle; Engraved picture of a lane: MEMORY LANE; Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Lester F, b. 1905, d. 1974, In God we trust, DH: Nealie N.; Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Lucian, b. 11-12-1866, d. 10-28-1950, GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Mary M, b. 1916, d. 1998, Cromartie-Miller & Lee Name Sign
Norris, Mattie Irene, b. 10-16-1915, d. 02-28-1917, Dau. of John & Neva Norris; Borne by angels hands way, To a home of peace and love.", Plot#27 Row#5
Norris, Nealie N, b. 02-23-1907, d. ??-11-1998, In God we trust, DH: Lester F.; Metal Rose & Graham Funeral Home Sign - Age 98; Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Nellie?, b., d. 07-??-1909, Dau. of Henry & W. L. Norris, Now is Died; Age 11? mnths; Gone but not forgotten", Plot#10 Row#3
Norris, Neva M, b. 1893, d. 1961, Gone but not forgotten, DH: John,Plot#,29b Row#5
Norris, Nilton L, b. 04-06-1910, d. 01-22-1983, GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, DH: Trudy N.; Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Richie Dare, b. ??-??-1950, d. ??-??-1951, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Jarvis Norris, Plot#30 Row#5
Norris, Ruby Lee, b. 09-15-1938, d. 02-27-1940, GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, Plot#8 Row#2
Norris, Sarah E, b. 07-26-1829, d. 10-02-1941, In our memories they shall live, Homemade Red Brick painted white (fading) paint with rocks on top with Marble inlay
Norris, Trudy N, b. 10-31-1912, d. 01-03-1998, GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, DH: Milton L.; Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Vada, b. 11-07-1898, d. 01-31-1980, Wife of Neal Norris, Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Wilma G, b. 12-09-1937, d. 06-23-1972, Photo: 2/11/2000
Norris, Winnie E, b. 01-07-1870, d. 04-12-1964, DH: Henry,Plot#,9b Row#3
Pleasant, Ettie Mae, b. 05-31-1912, d. 01-21-1996, DH: James Talton; FS: MOTHER; Photo: 2/11/2000
Pleasant, Grace Lee, b. 04-18-1938, d. 03-01-1940, 'Darling' Dau. of R. V. & Monnie Pleasant; Gone but not forgotten, Photo: 2/11/2000
Pleasant, James Talton, b. 05-15-1903, d. 09-20-1979, DH: Ettie Mae; FS: FATHER; Photo: 2/11/2000
Pleasant, Monnie M, b. 09-25-1909, d. 07-28-1964, DH: R. Velton
Pleasant, R. Velton, b. 09-01-1905, d. 11-03-1974, DH: Monnie M.
Porter, David Ray, b. 02-22-1952, d. 04-21-1996, Loving Son; Next to the `RYALS' Family-stone
Ryals, George, b. 09-14-1914, d. 09-24-1971, DH: Mabel Ryals; FS: G.R.R.
Ryals, Mabel (*Norris), b. 02-22-1917, d. 01-21-1995, DH: George; *Metal Sign; FS: M.R.
Sloan, Burl T, b. 02-13-1877, d. 03-07-1953, DH: Ida Norris; Photo: 2/11/2000
Sloan, Ida Norris, b. 08-14-1882, d. 10-23-1956, DH: Burl T.; Photo: 2/11/2000
Sloan, Infant Dau, b. 06-29-1929, d. 06-29-1929, Infant Dau. of Talmage and Lila Sloan; Budded on earth to bloom in heaven, Engraved Lamb laying down; Photo: 2/11/2000
Sloan, J. D, b. 06-16-1905, d. 07-08-1930, AT REST; Gone to a b??? home. ??? ??? o??? cannot come, Photo: 2/11/2000
Sloan, Lonnie Talmadge, b. 07-25-1908, d. 09-12-1985, Metal sign: Price Funeral Home, Erwin, NC - Lonnie T. Sloan, Sr. - 1908 - 1985; Photo: 2/11/2000 "
Stephenson, Izola M, b. 09-30-1907, d. no date, DH: Lloyd W.; Photo: 4/12/1996
Stephenson, Lloyd W, b. 06-08-1911, d. 10-05-1972, DH: Izola M.; Photo: 4/12/1996
Stephenson, Shelton Ray, b. 01-31-1936, d. 01-11-1999, FNS: Stephenson; (Rose & Graham: Age 62)
Stephenson, Shelton Wade, b. 10-03-1912, d. 12-12-1967, FNS: Stephenson; Photo: 4/12/1996, 2/11/2000"
Stewart, Woodrow ""Rock"", b. 12-07-1933, d. 01-01-2001,
Suggs, Ben, b. 10-24-1896, d. 07-08-1958, Our Loved One,
Suggs, Edie Ann, b. 01-15-1867, d. 04-09-1936, In our memories they still live, DH: James W.; Photo: 2/11/2000
Suggs, James W, b. 10-18-1869, d. 07-27-1935, Edie Ann His Wife; In our memories they still live, DH: Edie Ann; Photo: 2/11/2000
Tart, Alma Byrd, b. 03-03-1909, d. 08-11-1997, Photo: 2/11/2000
Tart, Eules Alton, b. 04-18-1907, d. 02-04-1970, Photo: 2/11/2000
Tart, William Charles, b. 07-18-1930, d. 12-07-1961, Photo: 2/11/2000
Thornton, Pharoah, b. 04-06-1866, d. 05-06-1939, Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord, DH: S. Anna
Thornton, S. Anna, b. 11-29-1876, d. 01-13-1969, Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord, DH: Pharoah; FS: S.A.T.
Turlington, Gertie Ennis, b. 03-16-1911, d. 07-12-1955, Wife of W. W. Turlington; A devoted wife and mother, Photo: 2/11/2000
W??????, Inez, b. 08-09-1914, d. 08-20-1916, Dau. of J. L. & ?????, Plot#4 Row#2
Weaver, David, b. 11-14-1919, d. 09-26-1988, PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II,
Weaver, Emma Lucas, b. 02-03-1895, d. 03-25-1975, Photo: 2/11/2000
Weaver, Vester, b. 01-26-1897, d. 11-13-1946, Photo: 2/11/2000
Whitmon, Norma Grey, b. 01-24-1934, d. 08-10-1938, Daughter of J. L. & Dora Whitmon; Weep not Father & Mother for me. For I am waiting in glory for thee, Plot#1 Row#1
Whittenton, Julius Andrew, b. 05-12-1885, d. 12-09-1947, Christ loved him and took him home, FS: FATHER; Photo: 4/12/1996
Whittenton, Zettie Avery, b. 08-01-1886, d. 12-16-1977, Christ loved her and took her home, FS: MOTHER; Photo: 4/12/1996
Whittington, Clarence Albert, b. 01-15-1962, d. no date, Son of Sam & Delsie Whittington, FS: C.A.W.
Whittington, Delsie S, b. 03-20-1928, d. 02-23-1988, FS: MOTHER (Wife of Samuel J. Whittington)
Whittington, Infant Son, b. 02-01-1935, d. no date, Infant Son of C. A. & L. M. Whittington; At Rest,
Whittington, Samuel J, b. 10-04-1924, d. 09-11-1997, FS: DADDY
Whittington, Sherrill J, b. 09-22-1924, d. no date, At Rest,
Wilkins, Willis A, b. 07-08-1929, d. 03-07-1997, Gone Home, FS: WILKINS; Photo: 2/11/2000
Williamson, Lillian Ennis, b. 09-29-1919, d. 02-05-1992, Photo: 2/11/2000
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