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Ebenezer Memorial Cemetery
Lexington, Davidson County, North Carolina

Lat: 35° 52' 04"N, Lon: 80° 15' 10"W

Contributed by Kathy Mills, Jul 04, 2006 [ke6pxx@yahoo.com]. Total records = 458.

To reach this cemetery drive north out of Lexington on Hwy 52. It is located at the corner of Arnold Road and Leonard Road off Highway 52 north. (Arnold Road is to the left at the lights, City Lake Road to the right).

Ebenezer Memorial Cemetery is owned and maintained by the Ebenezer United Methodist Church. Cemetery surrounds the church to the north and west.

This is a very nice cemetery with very few unreadable stones and only a couple of 'broken off their bases' stones. It is still in use today and is kept nice and tidy.

I walked and read this cemetery on Jun 29, 2006 using my digital camera. I recorded all existing and legible markers and stones. Photos are available.

- Kathy Mills
Allen, Willie Hazel, b. 3/13/1921, d. 12/30/1926, Dau of William C. & Dorothy Benfield Allen (from Death Cert�unmarked grave)
Ayers, James G., b. 2/18/1899, d. 5/9/1919, Private, Sup Co 81st Div, in U.S. Military
Ayers, Mary E. Church, b. 9/4/1864, d. 6/14/1926, w/o Joseph M.
Ayers, Nancy Patricia (Pat), b. 12/16/1933, d. 2/14/1944, d/o J.M. & Annie
Bailey, Cecil Don, b. 11/2/1954, d. 9/1/1955, Son of C.B. & Clara Mae "Our Darling"
Ballinger, Willard Wilford, b. 3/26/1917, d. 8/28/1997, h/o Lois Everhart
Bates, John W., b. 5/9/1850, d. 12/23/1857, Son of A.& M.
Beasley, Jerry Wayne, Jr., b. 9/26/1959, d. 9/26/1959, Son of Jerry & Loretta Beasley, buried beside brother Robbie
Beasley, Robbie Dwayne, b. 8/16/1960, d. 8/19/1960, Son of Jerry & Loretta Beasley, buried beside brother Jerry
Bennett, Jewel E., b. 8/19/1903, d. 3/14/1979, "My First and Only Love"
Benson, William F., b. 6/23/1898, d. 6/16/1921, (shares stone w/Notie E., Mother?) she's not buried there.
Berrier, Julian Carr, b. 11/5/1893, d. 8/17/1963, "Father", h/o Ollie Brewer
Berrier, Ollie Brewer, b. 3/20/1901, d. 8/5/1979, "His Wife", w/o Julian Carr
Bishop, Lewis O., b. 12/6/1876, d. 4/1/1956, "Father", h/o Octavia H., "This truth endureth to all generations"
Bishop, Mary, b. 1870, d. 1925, "Mother", Wife of Rev. S. Bishop
Bishop, Octavia H., b. 6/18/1877, d. 12/10/1943, "His Wife" "Mother", w/o Lewis O. "This Truth endureth to all generations"
Bishop, Rassie, b. 12/22/1904, d. 3/14/1927, Son of Rev. & Mrs. S. "Gone but not forgotten"
Bishop, Rev. Sherman Alford, b. 2/27/1867, d. 10/28/1950, "Safe in the arms of Jesus"
Bishop, William H., b. 11/1/1917, d. 2/4/1918, Son of E.O. & O.H.
Bivens, Lee F., b. 10/25/1890, d. 9/5/1944, "Gone but not forgotten"
Bivens, Minerva Brookshire, b. 4/17/1894, d. 2/10/1960, "The Rose Beyond the Wall"
Boatwright, Emma R. Hall, b. 11/1/1874, d. 1/31/1935, w/o John R., "Resting in the Lord"
Boatwright, John R., b. 1879, d. 1924, h/o Emma R. Hall, "Asleep in Jesus"
Bond, Grace Edwards, b. 12/19/1896, d. 5/28/1964, w/o Wm. M., "She is not dead"
Boyd, Infant Dau's, b. 1944, d. 1944, Infant Twin Daughters of Ray & Mary
Brewer, Clara N. Knouse, b. 6/5/1872, d. 5/23/1913, "Mother", w/o John E., "What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever"
Brewer, Clara Thelma, b. 5/23/1913, d. 5/30/1913, Dau of J.E.& C.N.
Brewer, Coman Orville, b. 6/27/1897, d. 5/2/1971, "Father", h/o Essie Mae Headrick
Brewer, Edgar Ray, b. 12/4/1920, d. 4/14/1964, NC AMS1 USNR WWII, h/o Mary Brewer Brinkley
Brewer, Essie Mae Hedrick, b. 5/27/1895, d. 9/7/1966, "Mother", w/o Coman Orville
Brewer, Etta Rees, b. 5/3/1903, d. 8/30/1905, Dau of J.E.& C.N.
Brewer, Grace Marie Alley, b. 2/13/1963, d. 10/25/1986, w/o Randy, "In Loving Memory"
Brewer, Infant Son, d. 11/6/1895, Inf Son of J.E.& E.
Brewer, John E., b. 1/19/1868, d. 11/24/1959, "Father", h/o Clara N. Knouse, "What we keep in memory is ours unchaged forever"
Brewer, Mary Brinkley, b. 4/16/1923, d. 11/22/1996, w/o Edgar Ray Brewer
Brewer, Mary Elizabeth "Libby", b. 2/11/1953, d. 8/29/1973
Brinkley, Nancy L. Edwards, b. 7/31/1929, d. 12/18/1951, w/o G. L., "Asleep in Jesus"
Brinkley, Raymond Carl, b. 5/28/1903, d. 3/15/1991
Brinkley, Willie Fritts, b. 9/18/1909, d. 11/15/2001
Brookshire, Andrew H., b. 7/27/1919, d. 1/3/1945, NC PFC 551 PRCHT Inf. 82 ABN Div. WWII
Brookshire, Zack Tyre, b. 8/30/1912, d. 5/6/1951, NC Fld Ck 1 Engr BNI Marine Div, WWII
Brown, Clara Haynes, b. 8/28/1897, d. 1/23/1976, "His Wife", w/o William H.
Brown, Frank B., b. 7/25/1899, d. 4/18/1925
Brown, James H., b. 7/6/1863, d. 12/17/1934, h/o Nancy E.
Brown, Nancy E., b. 5/8/1869, d. 3/12/1929, "Wife", w/o James H.
Brown, William H., b. 4/6/1887, d. 3/3/1931, h/o Clara Haynes
Bryant, Robert L., b. 9/14/1864, d. 6/4/1929
Bumgarner, Nancy Virginia, b. 4/21/1931, d. 4/21/1931, Dau of Mr.&Mrs. J.I. b&d same day
Byard, Mack W., b. 4/17/1919, d. 3/28/1940, h/o Vada M. Peacock
Byars, Jack W., b. 5/30/1880, d. 10/16/1965, "Father", h/o Maude Smith "Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection"
Byars, Maude Smith, b. 2/26/1892, d. 6/30/1960, "Mother", w/o Jack W., "Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection"
Byars, Vernon Leroy, b. 6/5/1926, d. 10/31/1930, s/o J.W.& Maud
Byerly, Etta V., b. 11/15/1914, d. 12/13/1984, "Mother", w/o Grady M.
Byerly, Grady M., b. 1/10/1917, d. 10/9/1981, "Father", h/o Etta V.
Byerly, Helen Ann, b. 1/7/1934, d. 8/2/1935, Dau of J.H.& Ruby
Byrd, Reba Brewer, b. 12/1/1926, d. 9/5/1997, "Wife" "Mother"
Byrd, William Edward, b. 6/1/1924, d. 1/31/1987, "Husband", h/o Reba Brewer, CPL US Army Air Corps, WWII
Caldwell, John A., b. 1907, d. 1940, Son of Q.P.&Minnie L., "At Rest"
Caldwell, Minnie L., b. 8/11/1880, d. 3/3/1949, w/o Quint Pharr
Caldwell, Quint Pharr, b. 1879, d. 1957, h/o Minnie L.
Campbell, David J., b. 5/14/1893, d. 10/17/1918
Carlton, Colan T., b. 5/8/1922, d. 2/21/1925, Son of Mr & Mrs. M.T.
Carlton, Esther Eller, b. 7/29/1888, d. 5/11/1978, w/o Mack Theodore
Carlton, Mack Theodore, b. 9/15/1886, d. 10/19/1969, h/o Esther Eller
Charles, Frances Lee, b. 7/26/1926, d. 10/23/1940
Charles, Jacob A., b. 4/13/1887, d. 8/21/1937, "Let Our Father's Will Be Done"
Clodfelter, Jacob, b. 3/13/1834, d. 5/19/1865, Ae 31y 2m 6d
Coleman, Anice Liner, b. 5/1/1923, d. 12/23/1974
Coleman, Clifton V., b. 2/12/1935, d. 10/25/1941, "Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"
Coleman, Florence W., b. 11/20/1906, d. 8/21/2005, w/o Thomas V. "Precious Memories"
Coleman, Thomas Vaughn, b. 4/13/1906, d. 7/10/1977, Pvt US Army WWII
Comer, Henry Calvin, b. 8/18/1929, d. 6/26/1946, Son of C.T.& Lizzie
Comer, Theodore, b. 3/19/1931, d. 2/22/1935, Son of C.T.& Lizzie
Conrad, Erma L., b. 3/16/1912, d. 2/23/1999
Cook, Charles Ernest, b. 8/25/1882, d. 9/21/1967, "Father", h/o Winnie Conrad, "In my Father's house are many mansions"
Cook, Winnie Conrad, b. 4/14/1892, d. 5/8/1993, "Wife" "Mother"
Corbin, Addie May George, b. 9/23/1879, d. 11/9/1968, "Mother", "His Wife", w/o Rupert Lynn
Corbin, Frank F., b. 4/19/1902, d. 4/14/1969
Corbin, Rupert Lynn, b. 5/4/1881, d. 1/22/1938, "Father", h/o Addie May George
Cranford, Allen L., b. 2/3/1933, d. 4/9/1956
Cranford, Billy A., b. 4/22/1935, d. 6/10/1937, "out of the grief cometh Peace"
Cranford, Dallas R., b. 11/14/1903, d. 10/16/1950
Craver, Belvin G., b. 7/4/1916, d. 6/10/1940, "Yet tho thy smile be lost to sight to memory thou art dear"
Craver, Edgar Lee, b. 7/19/1918, d. 6/3/1919, Son of Mr. & Mrs. E.L.
Crotts, Basil, b. 1918, d. 1918, Infant
Cuzzen, Charles A., b. 6/28/1879, d. 6/23/1943
Dagenhart, Landon Jewel, b. 3/31/1924, d. 6/28/1927, Son of J.W.& F.M.
Davis, J. Vernon, b. 6/23/1926, d. 9/21/1929, Son of J.W.& Iola
Davis, Sarah J., b. 4/13/1890, d. 3/2/1980
Davis, Vella H., b. 1/13/1910, d. 5/22/1975
Driver, Alfred V., b. 10/28/1885, d. 12/21/1941, "Father", h/o Essie W.
Driver, Essie W., b. 1/31/1890, d. 11/11/1981, "Mother", w/o Alfred V., "Gone but not forgotten"
Dunn, Ervin Marvin, b. 6/28/1910, d. 9/29/1959, NC PFC US Army WWII
Edwards, Annie Etta, b. 4/14/1872, d. 3/24/1940
Edwards, Coy Lee, b. 1932, d. 1935
Edwards, Isaac Lee, b. 6/16/1905, d. 1/5/1967, "Father", h/o Louetta Hepler
Edwards, Jones P., Jr., b. 4/22/1924, d. 3/17/1960, "In Memory of Mother & Brother"
Edwards, Jones P., b. 9/6/1890, d. 1/17/1931
Edwards, Louetta Hepler, b. 6/18/1908, d. 1/3/2002, "Mother", w/o Isaac Lee
Edwards, Susie E. R., b. 4/18/1893, d. 12/1/1970, "In Memory of Mother & Brother", w/o Jones P. Sr.
Edwards, William Clinton, b. 11/13/1867, d. 9/6/1947
Evans, Elizabeth, b. 3/14/1832, d. 12/31/1902
Evans, Hubert Hill, b. 1910, d. 1999, h/o Laura Leonard M: 1946
Evans, Laura Leonard, b. 1915, d. 2003, w/o Hubert Hill, M: 1946
Everhart, Amanda, b. 1/16/1843, d. 5/10/1928, w/o Henry W.
Everhart, Blanche, d. 8/1/1914, Ae 11y 10m 12d, Dau of M.W.& M.J.
Everhart, Charlie Erastus, b. 2/12/1925, d. 5/14/2005, "Father", M: 4/5/1947, h/o Mary Lee Leonard
Everhart, David Lawrence, b. 9/30/1896, d. 11/7/1967, "Father", h/o Myrtle
Everhart, Ellen, d. 3/4/1916, Aged 81y 11m 19d, w/o Mathias
Everhart, Emanuel, b. 11/5/1875, d. 6/11/1917, Age 72y 7m
Everhart, Gideon Cicero, b. 2/9/1871, d. 4/8/1939, "Father" h/o Sallie V. Clark
Everhart, Henry W., b. 11/13/1839, d. 11/22/1905, h/o Amanda
Everhart, J. Murphy, b. 1/10/1900, d. 3/18/1927, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Wilborn
Everhart, J. W., d. 7/2/1904, Ae 32y 3m 3d
Everhart, James Erastus, b. 1/25/1871, d. 12/8/1955, h/o Luvina Elizabeth Latham
Everhart, James "June" E., Jr., b. 11/13/1912, d. 2/9/1976, "Father", h/o Ruth Yokley
Everhart, Joan, b. 1/13/1931, d. 12/15/1932, Ae 1y 11m 2d, Dau of Mr. & Mrs. E. L.
Everhart, Lotus Hoyle, b. 7/17/1895, d. 8/15/1973, "Father", h/o Lula Everhart, "Precious Lord Take My Hand"
Everhart, Lula, b. 5/3/1899, d. 9/21/1980, "Mother", w/o Lotus Hoyle, "Precious Lord Take My Hand"
Everhart, Luvina Elizabeth Latham, b. 2/11/1873, d. 3/26/1941, w/o James Erastus
Everhart, Martha, b. 1864, d. 1932, w/o William
Everhart, Mary C., b. 1902, d. 1904, Dau of Wilborn & Nettie
Everhart, Mathias, b. 1/26/1830, d. 3/27/1921, h/o Ellen
Everhart, Melvin C., b. 11/2/1923, d. 3/31/1965, NC SGT Co C & Infantry, WWII, BSM & OLC-PH & OLC
Everhart, Myrtle, b. 5/9/1900, d. 12/2/1995, "Mother", w/o David Lawrence
Everhart, Nettie E. Freedle, b. 5/13/1875, d. 2/13/1938, Age 62y 9m, w/o Wilborn
Everhart, Osco Franklin, b. 10/8/1898, d. 2/18/1899, Son of Wilborn & Nettie
Everhart, Pauline Beeker, b. 3/13/1899, d. 2/10/1986, "Mother", w/o Walter Howard
Everhart, Pearl, b. 10/28/1894, d. 2/26/1896, Dau of J.W.& E.M.
Everhart, Ruth Yokley, b. 12/26/1911, d. 7/26/2003, w/o James E., Jr.
Everhart, Sallie Virginia Clark, b. 1/7/1873, d. 5/26/1964, "Mother" "His Wife", w/o Gideon Cicero
Everhart, Susan, d. 9/30/1901, Ae 70y 5d, w/o David
Everhart, Ted Lawrence, b. 7/1/1941, d. 2/19/1943, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Everhart
Everhart, Thelma Maness, b. 1/22/1930, d. 8/11/2005, w/o Wm. Troy, M: 9/11/1948
Everhart, Walter Howard, b. 12/20/1894, d. 6/19/1990, "Father", h/o Pauline Beeker, "In Loving Memory"
Everhart, Wilborn M., b. 1/25/1872, d. 9/5/1907, h/o Nettie
Everhart, William Clyde, b. 7/1/1929, d. 4/8/1937, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Everhart
Everhart, William Troy, b. 7/27/1929, d. 12/30/1971, h/o Thelma Maness, M: 9/11/1948
Everhart, William, b. 1866, d. 1941, h/o Martha
Farmer, William A., b. 2/7/1840, d. 6/4/1927, "Gone but not forgotten"
Freeman, Felix M., b. 5/14/1849, d. 1/14/1923, h/o Mary A. Sinclair
Freeman, Mary A. Sinclair, b. 7/29/1859, d. 3/1/1936, w/o F. M.
Fritts, Catharine W., b. 3/3/1832, d. 8/9/1923, "Mother", ae 91y 5m 6d, "She is waiting for us"
Fritts, David T., Sr., b. 3/23/1859, d. 3/4/1953
Fritts, David Thomas, Jr., b. 1/12/1912, d. 4/7/1982, "Father", h/o Edith Conrad
Fritts, Edith Conrad, b. 4/13/1912, d. 5/6/1992, "Mother", w/o David Thomas Jr.
Fritts, Helen Lucile, b. -1908, d. 8/11/1908, Infant Dau of D.T.& N.B., aged 5m 26d
Fritts, Hollis Lloyd, b. -1893, d. 10/6/1895, Son of D.T.& J.A., ae 1y 6m 28d
Fritts, Jennie A., d. 2/10/1898, w/o D.T., ae 24y 9m 4d
Fritts, Joel Vestal, b. -1898, d. 2/26/1898, Infant Son of D.T.& J.A., ae 23days
Fritts, Lenora Davis, b. 8/19/1881, d. 9/8/1959
Fritts, Roy H., b. (Aug 1896), d. 8/31/1896, Infant Son of D.T.& J.A., ae 19days
Fults, Christine Gobble, b. 11/19/1922, d. 11/24/2000, "Wife", w/o Haskell
Fults, Haskell, b. 2/23/1906, d. 9/24/1981, "Husband", h/o Christine Gobble
Furr, George Jr., b. 2/19/1928, d. 7/12/1954, NC Pvt TC
Furr, Laura J. Almond, b. 11/18/1884, d. 5/6/1956, w/o G. C.
Furr, T. R. (Ted), b. 5/28/1919, d. 2/16/1962
Glass, Livie O. Morris, b. 3/15/1892, d. 10/24/1955, w/o Wm. Marvin
Glass, William Marvin, b. 6/25/1889, d. 6/4/1940, h/o Livie O. Morris
Gobble, Eva Dorsett, b. 4/14/1880, d. 6/11/1954, "Mother", "Wife", w/o Noah Columbus
Gobble, Lester Theodore, b. 11/20/1914, d. 3/29/1997, h/o Sarah Ruth McCarn
Gobble, Noah Columbus, b. 3/28/1876, d. 11/29/1944, "Father" "Husband", h/o Eva Dorsett
Gobble, Sarah Ruth McCarn, b. 2/17/1918, d. 10/27/2002, w/o Lester Theodore
Goodwin, Bettie J., d. 8/12/1927, Aged 71yrs
Green, Hattie, d. 5/29/1891, Ae 23y 27d, w/o Jno W.
Green, Willie C., d. 6/20/1891, Ae 2m 15d, Son of J.W. & H.
Gregg, David R., b. 3/3/1869, d. 3/5/1943
Gregg, Sarah Cranford, b. 4/15/1863, d. 9/12/1945, "Mother", "His Wife", w/o David R.
Guffey, Howard C., b. 2/18/1930, d. 2/18/1930, Son of J.H.& Lenah, b&d same day
Gusman, Andrew, b. 1/20/1914, d. 6/28/1983, "Have Faith in God", h/o Mildred Koonts
Gusman, Mildred Koonts, b. 5/12/1928, d. 6/12/1996, "Have Faith in God", w/o Andrew
Haggard, Isabell Ward (Larue), b. 5/11/1884, d. 7/8/1954, "She is not dead, but sleepeth"
Hanna, Jack Calvin, b. 1/13/1924, d. 12/23/1928, Son of W.C.& H.M.
Harb, Infant Twin Daughters, b. 11/14/1926, d. 11/14/1926, Inf. Twin Daughters of Fred & Catherine
Hardister, Lindo A., b. 7/30/1883, d. 5/29/1953
Hardister, Louise Cross, b. 1/27/1922, d. 12/8/1975, "Lived and Remembered"
Hardister, Sally Ann, b. 2/11/1892, d. 6/10/1963
Harrelson, Ada J., b. 1887, d. 1961
Harrelson, Bobbie J., b. 12/7/1932, d. 1/8/2004, w/o Donald C. (he USN Retired)
Harrelson, Carrie Elizabeth, b. 1859, d. 1939
Harrelson, David (Dave), b. 7/12/1900, d. 2/22/1935, "Father", h/o Opal, "Rest in Peace"
Harrelson, J. C., b. 1869, d. 1940
Harrelson, Jesse Branson, b. 10/18/1897, d. 4/11/1986, PFC US Army WWI
Harrelson, Mildred I., b. 8/11/1924, d. 11/11/1924, Inf Dau of J.B.& Adda
Harrelson, Opal , b. 4/14/1909, d. 1/12/1936, "Mother", w/o Dave, "Rest in Peace"
Harrelson, Sarah M., b. 8/31/1871, d. 12/10/1919, w/o J. C.
Harrelson, Thomas V., b. 4/26/1920, d. 3/13/1921, Son of J.B.& A.L.
Harris, Addie L., d. 7/4/1904, Ae 27y 4m 29d, w/o Bascom M.
Harris, Bascom M., d. 10/31/1903, Ae 23y 8m 21d, h/o Addie L.
Haynes, Maggie E. Kennedy, b. 4/26/1881, d. 1/29/1960, "His Wife", w/o Willie Dow
Haynes, Willie Dow, b. 6/4/1872, d. 5/6/1937, "Father", h/o Maggie E. Kennedy
Hayworth, Infant Dau., b. 11/26/1939, d. 11/26/1939, Inf. Dau of R.E.& Wilda, b&d same day
Hearne, Adam C., b. 6/21/1893, d. 5/6/1945, h/o Emma E.
Hearne, Emma E., b. 5/29/1898, d. 10/13/1969, w/o Adam C.
Heitman, Addie May, d. 10/31/1887, Ae 22y 4m 6d, d/o W. A.& M.C., "Weep not, she is not dead but sleeping"
Heitman, Emily V.A., b. 4/14/1857, d. 6/1/1858
Heitman, Eve, d. 6/12/1880, Aged 63y 4m 15d, w/o H.N.
Heitman, Henry N., d. 3/1/1897, Aged 82y 6m 22d
Heitman, John A., b. 11/11/1816, d. 3/2/1893
Heitman, Lurena May, b. 1/21/1864, d. 9/10/1867
Heitman, Martha C., d. 5/30/1901, Ae 62y 9m 2d, w/o W. A.
Heitman, Mary E., b. 5/3/1848, d. 5/20/1868, Dau of J.A.& A.
Heitman, Nannie Eliza, b. 11/7/1862, d. 4/17/1864, d/o A. & M., age 1y 5m 10d
Heitman, Wm. A., d. 5/30/1910, Aged 73y, Mason, h/o Martha C., "At Rest"
Hemphill, Doris E., b. 5/17/1935, d. 11/29/1936, Dau of Raymond & Margaret
Hemphill, James R., b. 1/18/1901, d. 9/27/1974, "Daddy", h/o Margaret G.
Hemphill, Margaret G., b. 9/15/1912, d. 4/12/2006, "Mother", w/o James R.
Hepler, Arthur Lindsay, b. 11/4/1915, d. 6/5/1982, "Father", h/o Laura Elizabeth Everhart, "Gone but not forgotten"
Hepler, Laura Elizabeth Everhart, b. 1/19/1921, d. 6/20/1951, "Mother", w/o Arthur L., "In after-time we will meet her"
Hiatt, Infant Dau., b. 7/22/1855, d. 7/23/1855, Inf. Dau of J.A.& M., age 1 day
Hiatt, Solomon D., b. 11/16/1856, d. 4/26/1858, Age 1y 5m 10d
Hill, Marion C., b. 1878, d. 1947, h/o Martha Alice, "Gone to Rest, but not Forgotten"
Hill, Martha Alice, b. 1881, d. 1968, w/o Marion C.
Hinkle, Charles Christian, b. 9/10/1868, d. 4/29/1902, h/o Minnie Alice Everhart
Hinkle, Minnie Alice Everhart, b. 12/12/1869, d. 9/29/1956, "His Wife", w/o Charles Christian
Hinson, Mildred Eula, b. 2/15/1919, d. 2/6/1923, (stone is now unreadable)
Holcomb, Effie L. Junkins, b. 1/18/1898, d. 10/27/1979
Hollman, Eliza J., b. 6/2/1914, d. 7/17/1987, "Mother", w/o Wm. L., M:6/30/1930
Hollman, Herman Lee, b. 7/18/1934, d. 7/6/1947, "Son"
Hollman, William L., b. 3/1/1909, d. 12/17/1986, "Father", h/o Eliza J., M: 6/30/1930
Hull, Garnet, b. 12/22/1918, d. 1/28/1919, Dau of M.L.& C.E., 'Asleep in Jesus"
Jenkins, Blanche Koonts, b. 4/11/1904, d. 12/3/1991, "Wife", w/o Vernon Gordon
Jenkins, Vernon Gordon, b. 12/18/1903, d. 3/16/1965, "Husband", h/o Blanche Koonts
Johnson, John E., b. 1/23/1854, d. 1/29/1931, "Father", h/o Mary L.
Johnson, Mary L., b. 5/3/1855, d. 3/2/1921, "Mother", w/o John E.
Johnson, Richard Henry, b. 9/19/1853, d. 1/8/1927
Jolly, Callie Fritts, b. 10/8/1902, d. 12/25/1981, "Wife"
Jolly, Hattie A., b. 1876, d. 1924, w/o W. M.
Jolly, Mary Elizabeth, b. 10/2/1926, d. 12/4/1948, "Daughter"
Jolly, William M., b. 6/5/1876, d. 4/15/1952, "Husband", h/o Hattie A.
Jordan, Alice, d. 5/7/1947
Jordan, Dorothy May, b. 4/14/1926, d. 9/23/1927, Dau of Mr & Mrs J.M.
Jordan, James Madison, b. 5/2/1886, d. 8/6/1945
Jordan, Odessa Allen, b. 9/14/1891, d. 6/17/1986, w/o James M.
Jordan, Stuart Franklin, b. 6/10/1937, d. 4/29/1938, Son of David & Etta May, " A Little Bud of Love to Bloom With God Above"
Junkins, W. Clarence, b. 3/17/1887, d. 8/21/1954
Junkins, Wm. C., Jr., b. 10/25/1926, d. 6/27/1999
Junkins-Halcomb, Effie L. Junkins, b. 1/18/1898, d. 10/27/1979, (buried with her Junkins family)
Kearns, Charlie A., b. 5/18/1883, d. 7/8/1951, h/o Hattie A. Lee
Kearns, Hattie A. Lee, b. 7/7/1887, d. 5/27/1965, "His Wife", w/o Charlie A.
Kearns, Pearl Lorraine, b. 10/30/1918, d. 8/11/2002, "A Loving Mother, Love Robert & Jerry"
Kennedy, Marcella Conrad, b. 2/7/1921, d. 1/26/2001, "A loving Mother & Friend"
Kernes, Theodore Roosevelt, b. 2/25/1920, d. 1/31/1923, Son of C.A.& H.A., ae 2yrs 11mos 6das, (should be spelled Kearns like parent's stones)
Key, Jackie Shore, b. 1/1/1937, d. 5/24/1958
Key-Brown, Thelma Myers, b. 8/5/1941, d. 1/14/1982
Kirk, Jack, b. 12/8/1919, d. 10/2/1972, NC EM 3 US Navy WWII
Kirk, Kathleen Smith, b. 7/3/1917, d. 10/2/2001, w/o Jack, "A Loving Wife & Mother"
Koonts, H. Wayne, b. 7/13/1926, d. 3/9/1987
Koonts, Mittie Alice, b. 3/3/1877, d. 11/13/1960, w/o William H.
Koonts, Nora J., b. 6/12/1900, d. 12/15/1980, "Mother", w/o W. Allen
Koonts, W. Allen, b. 12/3/1899, d. 12/30/1980, "Father", h/o Nora J.
Koonts, William H., b. 12/28/1876, d. 4/11/1951, h/o Mittie Alice
Koontz, Afton Fritts, b. 6/12/1906, d. 2/27/1994, w/o Oliver Clettis
Koontz, Oliver Clettis, b. 9/6/1901, d. 3/9/1989, h/o Afton Fritts
Lamb, J. Silas, b. 1/16/1878, d. 7/14/1950, h/o Mary L., "In God We Trust"
Lamb, Mary L., b. 2/25/1880, d. 6/16/1960, w/o J. Silas, "In God We Trust"
Leonard, Bettie Workman, b. 5/21/1862, d. 4/17/1934, "His Wife", w/o Phillip C.
Leonard, Charlie Pinkston, b. 1885, d. 1961, "Husband", h/o Minnie Sains, Husband, "Gone but not forgotten"
Leonard, Ellen, d. 3/4/1916, w/o Matthias, aged 81yrs 11ms 19ds
Leonard, Ernest S., b. 5/27/1913, d. 3/1/1982, Pvt US Army WWII
Leonard, Frank Lee, b. 3/17/1879, d. 8/7/1968
Leonard, George W., d. 10/19/1864, Aged 44y 2d, Son of Jacob
Leonard, Halie Bean, b. 4/30/1877, d. 2/11/1950
Leonard, Infants, b. 1901, d. 1916, "4 Unnamed Infants born to Frank Lee & Halie Bean Leonard 1901-1916"
Leonard, John F., b. 10/13/1889, d. 7/4/1961
Leonard, Mathias, b. 1/26/1830, d. 3/27/1921, (mathias spelled with 1 "T" here and 2 "T's" on Ellen's stone)
Leonard, Minnie Sains, b. 1887, d. 1987, Age 99y, w/o Charlie Pinkston
Leonard, Phillip C., b. 8/7/1857, d. 12/31/1937, h/o Bettie Workman
Leonard, Rafael Ernest, b. 4/18/1902, d. 5/30/1934
Leonard, Victoria Beatrice McCrary, b. 4/19/1876, d. 11/19/1932
Leonard, Victoria Beck, b. July 1878, d. 5/21/1965, "His Wife", w/o William T., "Gone but not forgotten"
Leonard, William T., b. 7/12/1880, d. 6/27/1946, h/o Victoria Beck, "Gone but not forgotten'
Liner, Mary Rixie, b. 3/4/1869, d. 12/30/1951
Liner, Nora, b. 6/24/1897, d. 7/21/1966
Lopp, B. Olin, b. 1891, d. 1932
Lopp, Bertie E., b. 1877, d. 1917
Lopp, Bruce Michael, b. 8/14/1923, d. 1/27/1987, h/o Peggy Skipper, "In Loving Memory"
Lopp, Daughter, d. 8/29/1945, Inf. Dau of Paul & Beth
Lopp, E. Lucille, b. 12/6/1918, d. 5/18/1956
Lopp, Jessie Michael, b. 11/25/1881, d. 10/24/1961, w/o T.P. Lopp
Lopp, M. Pauline, b. 10/15/1900, d. 6/17/1991
Lopp, Mary Ann, b. 1857, d. 1936
Lopp, Peggy Skipper, b. 3/21/1928, d. 2/9/1990, w/o Bruce Michael, "In Loving Memory"
Lopp, Thoyras Peter, b. 11/4/1865, d. 7/2/1941, h/o Jessie Michael
Lopp, William S., b. 1852, d. 1920
Martin, Tessie M. McNeill, b. 11/21/1906, d. 4/23/1931, w/o Charlie T. Martin
McAffrey, Patsy Diana, d. 10/26/1941, Dau of A.C.& Lois
McCarn, Dermont, b. 2/15/1923, d. 2/15/1923
McCrary, Alexander, d. 12/24/1894, Ae 64y 9m 8d, Mason
McCrary, Daisy A., d. 3/13/1889, Aged 11m 6d, Dau of H.H.& F.I.
McCrary, Eliza J., d. 5/1/1865, Ae 7y 8m 20d, Dau of Levi & Susan
McCrary, Elizabeth, d. 6/10/1882, Aged 67y "McCrary Sisters"
McCrary, Genette H., b. 4/29/1856, d. 12/13/1857, Age 1y 8m 14d
McCrary, John H., d. 7/15/1862, Civil War , Co H 48th Reg, "Died in hospital in Petersburg, aged 24y 6m 8d. He was in the Battle at Richmond. He was a faithful soldier, obedient son, affectionate brother and a kind friend"
McCrary, John S., b. 1/24/1868, d. 11/9/1884, Ae 36y 9m 15d
McCrary, John W., b. 6/17/1869, d. 7/4/1869
McCrary, John W., d. 12/6/1862, Ae 2y4m 15d, Son of Levi & Susan
McCrary, John, d. 10/26/1843, Aged 48yrs, "In Memory of our Father and Mother", h/o Sarah
McCrary, Larinda J., b. 6/25/1854, d. 6/4/1858, Age 3y 11m 10d
McCrary, Levi, d. 6/12/1892, Ae 69y 9m 23d, h/o Susan "Oh for a touch of the vanished hand, and the sound of the water that is stilled"
McCrary, Mary A., d. 7/27/1903, Aged 73y 6m "McCrary Sisters"
McCrary, Mary Elizabeth, d. 7/22/1906, Ae 73y 6m, w/o Alex.
McCrary, Nancy L., b. 7/9/1844, d. 11/23/1913, Age 69y 4m 14d, w/o William
McCrary, Polly D., d. 4/11/1862, Aged 41y 9m 4d
McCrary, Sarah, d. 7/9/1848, Aged 52yrs "In Memory of our Father and Mother", w/o John
McCrary, Susan, d. 2/15/1908, Ae 73y 6m 28d, w/o Levi
McCrary, Susan, d. Aug 1889, Aged 63y "McCrary Sisters"
McCrary, William L., d. 5/21/1862, Aged 1m 18d
McCrary, William, b. 8/11/1822, d. 11/28/1891, Ae 69y 3m 14d
McDonald, J. T., b. 10/5/1861, d. 2/23/1931, "Weep not, he is at rest"
McIntyre, Grover C., b. 10/26/1911, d. 4/17/1978, "Husband", h/o Zula C., M: 12/26/1931
McIntyre, Herman Franklin, b. 7/20/1932, d. 11/24/1933, Son of Mr.& Mrs. G.C.
McIntyre, Robert, b. 9/15/1915, d. 2/4/1972
McIntyre, Zula C., b. 8/4/1909, d. 10/4/1989, "Wife", w/o Grover C., M: 12/26/1931
Meachum, David Lee, b. 3/23/1920, d. 7/23/1920
Meachum, Minnie Campbell, b. 6/10/1898, d. 2/13/1936, w/o Oscar, "At Rest"
Meachum, Oscar J., Jr., b. 4/26/1926, d. 5/18/1970, NC CPL US Army WWII
Meachum, Pauline, b. 4/16/1915, d. 7/6/1929
Michael, Barba Cobb, b. 11/12/1817, d. 1/10/1901, w/o Barnie
Michael, Charles Bruce, b. 3/16/1922, d. 12/20/1935, Son of Mr.& Mrs. R.G.
Michael, Ethel Lopp, b. 10/15/1904, d. 2/16/1986, "Wife", w/o Harvey Foil
Michael, Harvey Foil, b. 10/4/1902, d. 6/17/1989, "Husband", h/o Ethel Mae Lopp
Michael, Infant Dau., d. 8/1/1892
Michael, Infant Son, b. 11/26/1885, d. 11/26/1885, Inf. Son of D.M.& C.F., B&D same day
Michael, John D., d. 3/28/1895, Ae 23y 1m 22d, Son of D.M.& C.F.
Michael, Mamie B., d. 12/2/1894, Ae 29y 8m 16d, w/o J.L.
Michael, Nena Koontz, b. 2/16/1890, d. 7/11/1975, "Mother", w/o Richmond Glenn
Michael, Richmond Glenn, b. 10/27/1886, d. 12/25/1973, "Father", h/o Nena Koontz
Michael, W. H., b. 7/30/1879, d. 8/5/1902
Mickle, Maxwell Hurst, b. 1/27/1923, d. 8/9/1926?, Son of J.C.& Ola P.
Miller, Ila Foster, b. 3/30/1890, d. 12/30/1930, d/o R.P.& Mary L. Foster, "Tho lost to sight, to memory dear"
Minkle, Maxwell Hurst, b. 1/27/1923, d. 8/9/1926, Son of J.C.& Ola P.
Minter, Evelyn R., b. 5/10/1921, d. 4/2/1925, Dau of J.H.& Etta
Mize, Floyd Eugene, b. 6/23/1934, d. 12/26/2005, "Beloved Husband & Father", h/o Noreen Byerly, wed: 7/6/1962
Mokcus, Gid Franklin, b. 4/16/1854, d. 2/20/1943
Moncus, Annie Chattin, b. 5/15/1901, d. 9/14/1961, "Mother", w/o James Levi
Moncus, James Levi, b. 6/17/1901, d. 1/28/1989, h/o Annie Chattin
Moore, Herman Louis, b. 7/1/1929, d. 8/21/2002, CPL US Army Korea, h/o Emma Coleman, m: 2/16/1953 "Precious Memories"
Morrison, Gilmer Richard, b. 4/23/1938, d. 1/15/1951, "Our Loving Son"
Nobles, Angielene, b. 4/14/1960, d. 9/1/1988
Overcash, Mary, b. 10/27/1846, d. 9/13/1927
Painter, E. H., b. 9/6/1877, d. 3/8/1930, "He is not dead but sleepeth"
Painter, Minnie C., b. 8/12/1886, d. 5/8/1960
Painter, Ruby, b. 5/4/1915, d. 9/3/1933, "She was the sunshine of our home"
Parks, Beulah Freeman, b. 6/10/1893, d. 3/13/1978, "Mother" "His Wife", w/o J.T. Earlie, Gone but not forgotten
Parks, Fred Harris, b. 9/3/1934, d. 1/29/1982, "Father"
Parks, Grady Ray, b. 9/11/1906, d. 7/25/1989, "Father", h/o Mary Leonard
Parks, J. T. Earlie, b. 9/1/1888, d. 3/27/1938, "Father", h/o Beulah Freeman, Gone but not forgotten
Parks, James T., b. 10/20/1918, d. 6/18/1944, NC PFC 175 Inf, WWII
Parks, Leonard Allen, b. 6/2/1939, d. 2/2/1986
Parks, Mary Leonard, b. 11/22/1914, d. 6/19/1972, "Mother", w/o Grady Ray
Peters, Franklin Eugene, b. 10/20/1950, d. 2/20/1951, Son of Mr. & Mrs. M.E.
Peters, Marcus Eugene, b. 10/26/1926, d. 4/25/1986
Poston, Daniel M., b. 10/19/1867, d. 6/21/1931, "Father", h/o Julia Bailey
Poston, Ira G., b. 10/1/1896, d. 10/11/1918, PVT, "Our Dear Soldier Boy"
Poston, Julia Bailey, b. 4/27/1873, d. 12/24/1949, "Mother", w/o Daniel M.
Poston, Marian, b. 4/3/1923, d. 5/9/1923
Preston, Frank Archie, b. 3/31/1887, d. 3/15/1961
Ragan, Isom J., b. 10/1/1921, d. 1/6/1962, Georgia Pvt US Army WWII
Ray, W. S., no dates show, just the name
Richard, Bessie, b. 1/28/1886, d. 4/8/1924, w/o T. H.
Richard, Catherine, b. 3/19/1920, d. 5/31/1929
Richard, Thomas H., b. 3/1/1877, d. 4/20/1929, 'Gone but not forgotten'
Robinett, Novem, b. 9/18/1914, d. 10/29/1918, d/o C.R.& M.C.
Royals, C. G., b. 11/1/1907, d. 12/14/1941
Royals, G. T., b. 6/19/1903, d. 9/24/1933
Royals, T. A., b. 1/1/1870, d. 11/27/1934, "Father"
Rummage, J. Willard, b. 6/28/1915, d. 1/3/1978, "Husband", h/o Mary F., "Only Sleeping"
Rummage, Mary F., b. 6/24/1922, d. , "Wife", w/o J. Willard
Russell, Sareptie Yow, b. 12/13/1887, d. 8/1/1948, "A Loved One at Rest"
Russell, Victor E., b. 2/5/1880, d. 8/2/1961
Shaw, Billy Wayne, b. 12/2/1940, d. 4/24/1941, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Will, "Our Darling"
Shaw, James, b. 6/2/1891, d. 12/27/1973, NC Pvt 2 Co 53 Pioneer Inf WWI
Shaw, Nonnie Gregory, b. 5/24/1891, d. 12/29/1945, w/o James
Shaw, Richard, d. 8/5/1941, (only 1 date, b or d?) NC Pvt 120 Inf 30 Div.
Shoaf, John Adam, b. 4/23/1911, d. 8/7/1983, "Daddy", h/o Josie Hill
Shoaf, Mary D. Berrier, b. 9/3/1869, d. 2/19/1941, w/o Charlie M., d/o Wm. A.& Elizabeth Lopp Berrier (Death Cert�unmarked grave)
Shoe, Annie Bell, b. 2/9/1915, d. 3/1/1932
Shoe, John H., b. 12/13/1867, d. 2/22/1945
Shytle, John H., b. 1885, d. 1975
Shytle, Mary Belle Combs, b. 7/27/1900, d. 3/24/1936, w/o J.H.
Shytle, Ruth F., b. 12/15/1913, d. 8//22/1921
Sidden, John William, b. 7/18/1986, d. 10/25/2003, "Beloved Son and Brother"
Smith, Bonnie S., b. 2/22/1908, d. 3/31/2003, "Mother"
Smith, Carolyn Foster, b. 3/11/1931, d. 11/27/1976, "Mother", w/o Jack Edwin
Smith, Fred J., b. 10/17/1902, d. 7/29/1948, "Father"
Smith, Jack Edwin, b. 12/24/1931, d. , "Father", h/o Carolyn Foster
Solomon, W. T., b. 6/3/1879, d. 12/20/1928, "Our Loved One'
Solomon, Winford Thomas, b. 10/21/1928, d. 10/13/1936, Son of W.T.& Jane
Spears, Bessie Stukes, b. 7/28/1906, d. 1/4/1965, "Mother", w/o Edgar A.
Spears, Edgar A., b. 7/18/1895, d. 7/6/1969, NC F2 US Navy WWI
Spears, Marion Lee, b. 7/29/1927, d. 10/13/1989, US Navy
Sprouse, Wilma V. Hull, b. 10/17/1911, d. 6/14/1934, w/o E. L., "She was the sunshine of our home"
Stamey, Hollis Eugene, b. 4/23/1926, d. 11/3/1926, Son of C.M.& Flora
Stewart, John W., b. 7/8/1810, d. 12/19/1814, Age 4y 5m 11d
Stogner, Daniel M., b. 10/19/1867, d. 6/21/1931, h/o Julia Bailey
Stogner, John, b. 1920, d. 2004, Davidson FHM
Stuart, Infant Son, b. 7/28/1818, d. , Inf. Son of G.& I., bottom of stone buried in concrete/repaired
Surratt, Dora, b. 4/14/1888, d. 11/17/1930, w/o J. C.
Surratt, James Clayton, b. 8/9/1891, d. 12/18/1963, h/o Dora
Surratt, Mary Ellen, b. 9/27/1911, d. 11/27/1964
Taylor, Lillie M., b. 1902, d. 1940, w/o Chester, "Gone but not forgotten"
Thomason, Adaline L., b. 9/3/1812, d. 12/31/1886, Age 74y 3m 28d, w/o Geo W.
Thomason, George W., b. 8/18/1805, d. 7/26/1865, Age 59y 11m 8d, h/o Adaline L.
Thomason, Richmond D., b. 11/30/1834, d. 6/24/1908, Ae 73y 6m 24d
Tysinger, Estelle Weaver, b. 8/9/1883, d. 1/27/1972, w/o Frank L.
Tysinger, Frank L., b. 3/1/1876, d. 5/14/1954, h/o Estelle Weaver
Vucannon, Hattie Addline, b. 8/10/1862, d. 12/29/1921, 'At Rest'
Walker, Denis, b. 1905, d. 1905, Son of W.A. & M.J.
Walker, Dorthy, b. 1917, d. 1918, Dau of W.A. & M. J.
Walker, Edith B., b. 1863, d. 1922, "Asleep in Jesus"
Walte(r), Lourance, b. 5/4/1908, d. 3/29/1910, Son of W. & Eliza Hill, age 1y 10m 25d
Ward, J. E., b. 8/12/1909, d. 2/7/1928
Warner, Brady Holton, b. 11/4/1919, d. 5/24/1998, "Father", M: 2/28/1942, h/o Norene Berrier
Warner, Norene Berrier, b. 8/4/1924, d. 9/27/1989, "Mother", M: 2/28/1942, w/o Brady Holton
Watkins, Richard C., b. 9/18/1941, d. 9/18/1941, Son of F.C.& Vaudie, b&d same day
Watkins, Vaudie E., b. 5/25/1923, d. 9/25/1945, w/o F. C., "Asleep in Jesus"
Watson, Nancy L., b. 5/2/1864, d. 10/19/1955, (same headstone as Virgil)
Watson, Virgil W., b. 2/11/1873, d. 3/14/1958, (same headstone as Nancy)
Weathers, Della Roberts, b. 2/3/1872, d. 1/16/1954
Weaver, Augustus A., b. 6/12/1850, d. 9/16/1901, h/o Susan C.
Weaver, Cora Craver, b. 5/4/1880, d. 4/29/1971, "Mother", w/o Rufus Alexander
Weaver, Elizabeth Evans, b. 3/14/1832, d. 12/31/1902
Weaver, Rufus A., Jr., b. 3/3/1917, d. 10/22/1977, CPL US Army WWII
Weaver, Rufus Alexander, b. 1/19/1881, d. 7/25/1965, "Father", h/o Cora Craver
Weaver, Susan C., b. 3/29/1850, d. 2/9/1927, w/o Augustus A.
Weisner, Mattie Leonard, b. 1/24/1873, d. 9/4/1954, "Mother", w/o Robert E.
Weisner, Robert E., b. 4/15/1877, d. 1/21/1942, "Father", h/o Mattie Leonard
White, Bessie E., b. 10/30/1906, d. 10/24/1987
White, George L., b. 3/20/1902, d. 4/16/1939, "Father", "love is love for evermore"
White, William H., b. 9/21/1896, d. 11/10/1971, NC Pvt US Army WWI
Wiggs, Lucy Ann F., b. 4/23/1871, d. 8/29/1932, 'At Rest'
Willard, Harold, d. , Flat cement, no dates
Williams, Adoniram A., d. 7/5/1858, Son of A. & C, ae 1y 7m 8d
Williams, Azariah, b. 7/9/1806, d. 11/7/1865, (grave unmarked-info gotten from cemetery records)
Williams, Beulah E. Carlton, b. 10/6/1916, d. 9/25/1990, "Wife", w/o Hoyte C., "Father, let thy grace be given that we may meet in Heaven"
Williams, Claude L., b. 1886, d. 1951, "Father", h/o Sallie G.
Williams, Columbus Lummie, b. 4/9/1901, d. 9/21/1982, h/o Nell Everhart, "In God's Care"
Williams, Hoyte C., b. 10/10/1911, d. 12/1/1941, "Husband", h/o Beulah E. Carlton, "Father, let thy grace be given that we may meet in Heaven"
Williams, Mary, d. 12/30/1845, Aged 69yrs, "She was an exemplary member of the Baptist Church for many years"
Williams, Nell Everhart, b. 4/14/1911, d. 9/6/1992, w/o Columbus, 'In God's Care"
Williams, Sallie G., b. 1883, d. 1942, "Mother", w/o Claude L.
Wilson, Carolina V. Heitman, b. 8/29/1863, d. 2/13/1929, w/o Wesley Calvin
Wilson, Fred A., b. 12/11/1885, d. 4/18/1952, "Husband", h/o Lessie Everhart, "Gone but not forgotten"
Wilson, Frederick Calvin, b. 10/17/1918, d. 9/5/1988, "Forever Loved"
Wilson, George W., b. 5/24/1893, d. 8/20/1953
Wilson, Gladys Fritts, b. 5/7/1892, d. 12/14/1992
Wilson, Lessie Everhart, b. 12/28/1885, d. 8/28/1971, "Wife", w/o Fred A., "Gone but not forgotten"
Wilson, Wesley Calvin, b. 3/16/1857, d. 7/27/1943, h/o Carolina V.
Wilson, William Shelly, b. 12/1/1883, d. 2/20/1948
Wilson, Willie Ed, b. 3/20/1907, d. 9/9/1941, "At Rest"
Wise, Jean M., b. 9/10/1901, d. 4/29/1996
Wise, Willie F., b. 1/17/1892, d. 8/7/1965, NC Pvt Co B 167 Inf, 42 Div, WWI
Wofford, Raymond B., b. 2/5/1914, d. 10/28/1927, "Weep not father & mother for me, for I am waiting in Glory for thee"
Younts, Shirley B., b. 2/16/1938, d. 9/10/1998, w/o John P., Jr.
Yow, Fletcher W., b. 1/2/1906, d. 8/6/1932, 'At Rest'
Yow, Wade Donald, b. 9/18/1926, d. 3/24/2004, SGT US Air Force WWII
Zimmerman, Martha Joan "Jo", b. 2/7/1931, d. 12/22/2003, "Beloved Mother of Belinda and Tracy"
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