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Oakwood Cemetery
Concord, Cabarrus County, North Carolina

471 Church St,
Concord, NC 28025
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Lat: 35°25.20N, Lon: 080°35.44W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 37.

Contributor's Index:

This is a large, mid-city, fenced cemetery. Most grave sites I've listed seem to be singular, not part of a family plot. Some of the engravings were difficult to read, broken, or moss darkened. Notations may not be 100% accurate. I was just passing through.

- Darleen Yourzek
Blue, Henry J., b. 10 Mar 1847, d. 18 Jan 1928, [DY]
Close, Mattie C., b. 1843, d. 20 Sep 1891, [DY]
Coleman, Arcade, b. 20 Mar 1895, d. 17 Nov 1922, s/w E.E. Coleman and A.I. Furr, [DY]
Coleman, Eva E., b. 7 Apr 1859, d. 17 Nov 1934, s/w A. Coleman and A.I. Furr, [DY]
Colemen, William A., no date, "Co. B, 7 NC Inf, CSA", [DY]
Eller, Gennith E., b. 16 Sep 1852, d. 1 Jun 1901, 44y 9m 14d, w/o N.M. Eller, [DY]
Fisher, Josiah Stanhude, b. 15 Apr 1836, d. 23 Apr 1903, "Sgt. Co. G, 2 NC Jr Res CSA", [DY]
Fisher, Laura (Plunket), b. 12 Aug 1847, d. 16 Sep 1852, w/o J.S. Fisher, [DY]
Furr, Alma I., b. 31 May 1916, d. 20 Jun 1958, s/w E.E. and A. Coleman, [DY]
Honeycutt, Ethel, b. 13 Feb 1894, d. 22 Feb 1896, 2 rows/6 sites from E. Honeycutt, [DY]
Honeycutt, J.W. Jr., b. 23 Mar 1933, d. 26 Mar 1933, 2 rows/6 sites from J.W. Honeycutt , [DY]
Hopkins, J. Lee, b. Apr 20,1920, d. May 26,1985, son of John & Maggie Hopkins, [DK]
Hopkins, John H, b. Jul 30,1890, d. Nov 5,1967, [DK]
Hopkins, Maggie Moose, b. Jul 20,1895, d. Jan 10,1977, wife of John H Hopkins, [DK]
Kizziah, Charles E., b. 27 Mar 1883, d. 9 Sep 1940, [DY]
Lamb, Mary, b. 10 Aug 1829, d. 3 Feb 1890, , [DY]
Littleton, W. L., b. 25 Jun 1866, d. 27 Aug 1926, [DY]
Long, Mary (Holbrooks), 15 Apr 1906, w/o Charlie W. Long, [DY]
Moose, Adam S., b. May 28,1900, d.May 20,1959, [DK]
Moose, Annie, b. Jun 14,1900, d. Aug 1,1998, wife of Adam Moose, [DK]
Moose, Bob F, b. Feb 8,1929, d. Mar 2,1965, [DK]
Moose, Danny G., b. Jul 9,1952, d. Jul 10,1952, [DK]
Moose, Elsie Culp, b. Jun 8,1899, d. Jun 25,1990, [DK]
Moose, Frank H, b. Apr 3,1900, d. Aug 28,1976, [DK]
Moose, James Arthur, b. Jul 10,1891, d. Apr 10,1962, [DK]
Moose, James Thomas, b. Dec 25,1924, d. Sep 16,1991, son of Adam & Annie, [DK]
Moose, Mattie J., b. Aug 13,1897, d. May 29,1994, [DK]
Moose, Nell Lindsay, b. Aug 6,1899, d. Nov 24,1977, [DK]
Moose, Wyatt H Sr., b. Jul 13,1897, d. Mar 19,1940, [DK]
Morrison, Sara Ann (Hockady), b. 18 Aug 1854, d. 8 Jun 1926, w/o Evander Morrison , [DY]
Murray, Annie Mae (Hinson), b. 8 May 1897, d.19 Jul 1930, w/o R.L. Murray, [DY]
McSwain, Rebecca Louisa F., b. 29 May 1874, d. 28 Aug 1893, w/o W.S. McSwain, , [DY]
Robbins, Eugene A Jr., b. Jan 29,1920, d. Oct 26,1975, [DK]
Ross, Galvine, b. 25 May 1892, d. 13 Jan 1903, s/o J.R. and S.C. Ross, [DY]
Verble, Sarah Louisse, b. 14 Apr 1907, d. 10 Aug 1907, d/o J.R. and E.C. Verble, [DY]
Walters, Esther M., b. 19 May 1898, d. 20 Oct 1918, w/o Jas. W. Walters, [DY]
Whitlock, Homer F., b. 30 Oct 1875, d. 5 Nov 1898, s/o W.E. and J. E. Whitlock, [DY]
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