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German Italian Memorial Cemetery
Fort McClellan, Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama

This listing was contributed by Aaron and Johanna Bock [Abock74@aol.com].  Total records = 29.

The information from the stones was written down in August 1998.  This cemetery has been unused since the end of World War II.  The cemetery is in good condition since it is on what is currently Fort McClellan, but since the fort is closing and the land is being returned to the city of Anniston, we cannot predict what will happen at the completion of the base closure.  All the stones in the cemetery are typical military stones (white and in straight lines).  It is a pretty but small cemetery.  At the entrance to the cemetery, there is a stone marker that has a symbol of an eagle with something in it's talons.  The symbol was not familiar to either of us.  We have a dark picture of the symbol if anyone wants/needs to see it.

- Aaron and Johanna Bock


Adler, Alfred, died 11 Nov 1944, CPL
Barthelmess, Albert Heinrich, died 04 Dec 1944, Sgt Air Force
Beck, Marcel, died 14 Nov 1943, Corporal
Bornmann, Paul, died 26 July 1944, Gefreiter
Christoph, Alfred, died 28 Sep 1944, Obergefreiter
Clemens, Fritz, Died 07 Feb 1944, Gefreiter
Elflein, Werner, died 18 Jul 1944, Gefreiter (Iron Cross)
Fischer, Willy, died 31 Jan 1945, First Lieutenant
Frank, Karl, died 21 Aug 1945, CPL
Gnau, Peter, died 11 Nov 1944, CPL
Hoever, Gunter, died 25 Aug 1943, L. CPL.
Jaeckel, Otto, died 16 Sept 1945, Soldat
Jaeckel, Richard, died 03 Nov 1945, Obergefreiter
Knopf, Kurt, died 01 May 1945, Sgt
Kohl, Josef, died 25 Jan 1944, Gefreiter (Iron Cross)
Krause, Karl, died 08 Jun 1945, Hilfszoll Assistent
Lienert, Walter, died 30 Apr 1944, CPL
Nachtigall, Erich, died 20 Feb 1946, CPL
Ott, Waldemar, died 20 Jul 1944, Ober-gefreiter
Rauschenberg, Friedrich, died 18 Aug 1943, PVT
Reinke, Heinz, died 13 Sept 1944, PVT. 1 CL.
Schneider, Rolf, died 06 Aug 1943, Sgt
Schorr, Heinrich, died 28 May 1945, PVT
Schuberth, Hans, died 04 Apr 1945, Brig General
Ulrich, Otto F., died 12 Sep 1943, L. Corp.
Waechter, Willi, died 29 Jul 1943, Obergefreiter (Iron Cross)


Iacoboni, Giuseppe, died 04 Mar 1944, Captain
Spera, Resorie, died 24 Aug 1943, PVT
Vernacchio, Vincenzo, died 17 Feb 1944, PVT

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