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Pisgah Cemetery (Few Cemetery)
Water Valley, Yalobusha County, Mississippi

Lat: 34° 04' 03"N, Lon: 89° 42' 09"W
T25N R6E Sec 6

Contributed by Susan Adams, May 10, 2006, last edited Nov 30, 2007 [seadams@esagelink.com]. Total records = 79.

To reach Pisgah Cemetery from Water Valley, Mississippi, travel south on Hwy 7, and turn right onto CR90. Go to junction of CR 91 after Bethlehem and Mount Gilead Churches. Proceed onto CR 91, past the landfill for about 3 miles. Cemetery will be on the south/left side of road.

The cemetery is in good shape and is well maintained. There is a sign near the road and is surrounded by chain link fencing. There have been a couple of stones that have been damaged by storm, funeral home trucks, and time, and there were at least 18 unknowns, such as unmarked burial sites or field stones with no information on them.

This cemetery was built on property donated by my great grandfather, John Henry Few. At the time of its inception, there was standing here, the Pisgah Methodist Church. However, sometime before 1936 the church stopped being attended. A Methodist body from Coffeeville came in, dismantled the church and carried off all of the materials.

The cemetery remained and has been used to this day. It has been maintained by James and Sarah Few McNatt. Improvements of the sign and fencing was done by them and my father Charles Few and his sister, Ernestine Wood.

John Adams, Audra Hardaway and I did a complete survey of this cemetery on Apr 28, 2006. I completed the transcription from these notes on May 09, 2006.

- Susan Adams
Blair, Ada, b. 18 Oct 1881, d. 07 Sep 1902, Wife of Ed Blair, "there is no parting in heaven", Row 8
Few, Charles Marion, b. 19 Aug 1917, d. 21 Nov 2004, Master Sgt. U S Air Force WWII, 1961, "Home", Son of Marion and Eva, Father of Susan,Charles,Melinda, David", Row 3
Few, Dora E., b. 27 Aug 1881, d. 16 Aug 1891, Daughter of J. H. and NV. Few, Row 2
Few, Estelle, b. 08 Oct 1905, d. 15 Feb 1909, Daughter of J. M. and Bettie Few, "Asleep in Jesus", Row 3
Few, Eva Hunter, b. 03 Apr 1894, d. 19 Dec 1987, s/w John M. Few, Dau of P.C. and Dollie Hunter", Row 3
Few, Jewel, b. 22 Jan 1919, d. 22 Jan 1919, Daughter of Marion and Eva Few "another little angel", Row 3
Few, John Henry, b. 12 Aug 1857, d. 29 Dec 1943, Son of Madison and Sarah Downs Few, Row 2
Few, John Marion, b. 18 Jul 1883, d. 19 Dec 1967, Married 29 Dec 1912, s/w Eva Hunter, son of J. H. and Nannie Moore Few", Row 3
Few, Joseph M., 1846, d. 01 Mar 1864, Son of Madison and Sarah Downs Few, Pvt. 42nd MS Vol Infantry, Gaston's Rifles, POW at Gettysburg 03 Jul 1863, CSA in Memorium
Few, Mabry Leo, b. 23 Mar 1923, d. 05 Mar 1950, Mabry L. Few, Mississippi, Sgt. 304 Sig Operation BN WWII, "None knew thee but to love thee".", Son of Marion and Eva, Died in Japan", Row 3
Few, Mary Elizabeth "Bettie", b. 16 Feb 1884, d. 25 Sep 1910, Wife of Marion Few "She is not dead but sleepeth", First wife of John Marion Few, Row 3
Few, Mattie Ross, b. 1884, d. 1963, Dau. Of John C. and Mollie, 2nd wife of J.H. Few", Row 1
Few, Nannie V. Moore, b. 14 Feb 1850, d. 29 Jul 1911, Wife of J. H. Few, First wife of J. H. Few, Nancy Virginia Moore", Row 2
Few, Oscar Clifton, b. 11 Nov 1906, d. 20 Apr 1920, Son of Marion and Bettie Few "Last tribute of love", Row 3
Few, Thomas Hunter, b. 17 Nov 1931, d. 18 Feb 1973, Mississippi A B US Air Force, Korea, son of Marion and Eva, Father of Cindy ", Row 3
Few, William Calvin, b. 09 Feb 1915, d. 07 Feb 2002, Msgt U S Army, Son of Marion and Eva, Father of Sarah, Donna, Jane and Thomas", Row 3
Goad, Lucius E. L., b. 14 Jun 1888, d. 08 Oct 1897, Son of W.M. and N.C. Goad "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord", Row 4
Goad, Mamie Lynn, b. 13 Dec 1898, d. 13 Dec 1898, Daughter of J. M. and J. L. Goad, Row 7
Goad, Nancy C., b. 27 Sep 1844, d. 16 Jan 1916, Mother "Come ye blessed", Row 4
Goad, Willie L, b. 13 Oct 1881, d. 15 Mar 1898, Daughter of W. M. and N. C. Goad, s/w Lucius E. L. Goad, Row 4
Goldman, Ella, b. 01 Oct 1859, d. 19 Mar 1900, Wife of H. F. Goldman, Row 2
Goldman, Henry F., b. 22 Oct 1856, d. 12 Jun 1932, Row 2
Goldman, Infant, b., d., Infant of H. F. and Ella Goldman, Row 2
Kirkland, Ilene Few, b. 13 Sep 1920, d. May 1979, Dora I Few, Dtr of J.H. and Mattie Ross Few, Row 1
Lester, Harriet, b., d. 30 Jan 1894, Wife of P. C. Lester, aged 55 years, Row 2
Lester, Susan D., b. 27 Mar 1851, d. 01 Feb 1897, Wife of P. C. Lester, Row 2
McCullar, Adalena, b. 16 Sep 1892, d. 18 Oct 1892, Daughter of W. L. and L. M. McCullar "Beautiful, lovely she was but given a ? Bad to? To blossom in heaven", Row 8
McCullar, Alfred D., b. 03 Mar 1871, d. 25 Jan 1889, Son of A. L. McCullar, Row 8
McCullar, Cpl. A., b. 21 May 1843, d. 14 Jan 1915, Co. I, 18 Miss Cav. CSA, Row 8
McCullar, Curtis M., b. 11 May 1846, d. 31 May 1920, "Though lost to sight to memory dear", Row 6 Under the Magnolia Tree
McCullar, Hughlett L., b. 14 Apr 1869, d. 04 Jun 1907, "Another link is broken in our household band, but a chain is forming in a better land.", Row 8
McCullar, Lynnie M., b. 18 Apr 1868, d. 01 Apr 1894, Wife of W. L. McCullar, "A light from our household is gone, a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our hearts that never can be filled", Row 8
McCullar, Margaret, b. 22 Mar 1816, d. 18 Jun 1902, Wife of Rankin McCullar, "She is not dead, but sleepeth, she died as she lived trusting in God.", Row 8
McCullar, Nannie L., b. 16 Apr 1849, d. 25 Oct 1905, Wife of Anderson McCullar, "Gone but not forgotten", Row 8
McCullar, Virgie Green, b. 06 July 1844, d. 04 May 1919, "She died as she lived trusting in God", Row 6 Under the Magnolia Tree
Moore, A. L., b. 21 Oct 1839, d. 24 Oct 1913, s/w Sarah E. Moore, Row 4
Moore, Dixie M., b. 16 Sep 1870, d. 01 May 1904, Wife of J. M. Moore, "My burried loved one can we forget or must the grave eternal sever. You linger in our memory yet and in our hearts you live forever", Row 6 Under the Magnolia Tree
Moore, J. M., b. 1870, d. 1950, "At rest", Row 6 Under the Magnolia Tree
Moore, Sarah E., b. Mar 1843, d. 22 Jun 1918, s/w A. L. Moore, Row 4
Perkins, Drake H., b. 1850, d. 1930, Father, Row 5
Perkins, E. P., b. 15 Nov 1853, d. 03 Jan 1898, Wife of D. H. Perkins, Row 5
Perkins, Harvey A., b. 11 Jun 1876, d. 22 Jun 1884, Son of D. H. and E. P. Perkins, Row 5
Porter, Tommy, b. 1850, d. 1925, Row 2
Quarles, Elizabeth E. McCullar, b. 09 Sep 1872, d. 29 Nov 1898, "Asleep in Jesus", Row 6 Under the Magnolia Tree
Ross, John C., b. 1847, d. 1937, Row 1
Ross, Mollie Morris, b. 1850, d. 1947, Row 1
Smith, Ammierillis, b. 15 Aug 1899, d. 31 May 1906, Daughter of E. S. and S. M. Smith, Row 8
Smith, Annie Green, b. 1859, d. 1939, "Faithful to her trust even unto death", Row 4
Smith, Bertha, b. 10 Oct 1884, d. 03 Dec 1884, Daughter of F. F. and M. A. Smith, Row 4
Smith, Bessie Corinne, b. 10 May 1898, d. 31 May 1906, Daughter of E. S. and S. M. Smith, Row 8
Smith, Deletha, b. 18 Jan 1828, d. 12 Feb 1906, Wife of John E. Smith, Row 4
Smith, Dr. Anderson Bean, b. 23 Nov 1851, d. 13 Dec 1933, "He was a living example now at rest", Row 4
Smith, Edward S., b. 03 Nov 1861, d. 01 Mar 1935, Row 8
Smith, Everett Clyde, b. 1857, d. 1857, Infant son of P. A. and J. E. Smith, Row 7
Smith, Harvey Anderson, b. Apr 1881, d. 10 Jul 1885, Son of P. A. and L. E. Smith, Row 7
Smith, Infant, d. 18 May 1888, son of J. P. and Ada Smith, Row 4
Smith, Infant, d. 20 Oct 1896, son of W. A. and R. B. Smith, Row 9
Smith, Infant, d. 26 Jun 1886, son of J. P. and Ada Smith, Row 4
Smith, John E., b. 18 Jul 1824, d. 28 Jun 1887, age: 62y 11m 10d, Row 4
Smith, Kenneth Godwin, b. 06 Dec 1903, d. 06 Dec 1933, Son of E. S. and S. M. Smith "We want to meet our boy with Jesus", Row 8
Smith, May Godwin, b. 1878, d. 1950, Row 8
Smith, P. S., b. 12 Sep 1822, d. 14 Mar 1907, Masonic Symbol, Husband of P. J. Smith, "Meet me in heaven", Row 3
Smith, Priscilla J., b. 23 Nov 1826, d. 25 Nov 1907, Wife of P. S. Smith, Row 3
Smith, Sid L., b. 04 Jun 1854, d. 18 Feb 1925, Can't read inscription, Row 4
Snellings, Infant, b. 02 May 1903, d. 03 May 1903, Son of H. S. and I. L. Snellings, "Asleep in Jesus", Row 3
Snellings, Infant, b. 22 Jan 1901, d. 22 Jan 1901, Daughter of H. S. and I. L. Snellings. "Asleep in Jesus", Row 3
Snellings, S. F., b. 04 Feb 1849, d. 12 Jul 1890, "Mother from us thou has flown to the regions far above. To thee we errect this stone consecrated by our love", Row 3
Vaughn, Ora, b. 12 Mar 1895, d. 02 Jun 1896, Daughter of J. H. and M. A. Vaughn, "Sleep on sweet Oran take ?", Row 5
Wilborn, Johnie, b. 23 Nov 1891, d. 10 Oct 1898, Daughter of J. W. and A. E. Wilborn, Row 2
Wood, A. M., b. 22 Jun 1885, d., age: 24y 8m 5d, Son of G and S. Wood, Beneath this sod now lies the form that to us was dear and lovely whose sparkling eyes increased our joy. But now they are gone and we are lonely.", Row 3
Wood, Jasper Green, b. 26 Dec 1885, d. 17 Mar 1888, Son of Green and S. F. Wood, stone broken but fixed upright., Row 3
Wood, John W., b. 28 Nov 1883, d., age: 3y 1m 28d, Son of G & S.F. Wood, "Dearest child thou has left us and here thy loss we deeply feel. Tis the Lord that has hurt us. He can all our sorrows heal.", Row 3
Wood, S. F., b. 14 Sep 1860, d. 22 Feb 1901, age: 40y 5m 8d, Wife of Green Wood, "A precious one from us is gone, a voice we love is stilled, a place is vacant in my home that never can be filled.", Row 3
Wood, Serena, b. 29 Jul 1823, d. 16 Oct 1904, Wife of Green Wood, Row 3
Woods, Harriet M., b., d. 29 Mar 1885, age: 45y 2d, Wife of W. L. Woods, Row 4
Woods, Margus L., b. 15 Nov 1850, d. 05 Sep 1886, "To live in hearts, we leave behind is not to die", Row 6 Under the Magnolia Tree
Woods, Mary A. G., b. 20 May 1828, d. 13 Jun 1869, Wife of W. L. Woods, Row 4
Woods, W. L., b. 01 May 1825, d. 01 Jul 1895, age: 70y 2 mos, Row 4
Worsham, Mattie Lou, b. 09 Mar 1900, d. 08 Oct 1902, Daughter of A. S. and M. A. Worsham, Row 10
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