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Harbour Cemetery
Coffeeville, Yalobusha County, Mississippi

Lat: 33° 59' 55"N, Lon: 89° 37' 15"W
T25N R6E Section 25

Contributed by Jo Ann Harbour, Dec 19, 2006, last edited Dec 23, 2006 [jumpinj1@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 95.

To reach this cemetery from Coffeeville, turn right off of Old Highway 7 North onto Kennedy Street (2nd street past school if heading north), drive 0.9 miles. Turn right onto Lane Avenue/Turkey Creek Road (County Rd 220), drive 2.8 miles, When County Road 220 turns off to the right, continue straight on County Road 129. Harbour Cemetery is on the left side of the road.

Harbour Cemetery is a family cemetery and has seven (7) family rows with 32 plots per row. Harbour Cemetery was initially designed for the seven (7) family members that remained in Coffeeville, Mississippi, one (1) row per family. Row one (1), plot one (1) starts at the southwest corner of the cemetery.

Information on these graves was passed to Michael Herbert "M.H." Harbour from James Noah "Jim" Harbour before his death in 1973.

I complted a transcription from these records on Dec 15, 2006.

- Jo Ann Harbour
Burton, John H, b. 10/30/1831, d. 12/5/1859, Son of W & JA Burton, Row 2, Plot-7
Byford, Betty Waddell, b. 4/30/1936, d. no date, w/o Charles Ray Byford, Row 3, Plot-32
Byford, Charles Ray, b. 4/2/1935, d. no date, h/o Betty Waddell Byford, Row 3, Plot-31
Byford, Cody Spencer, b. 10/7/1988, d. 10/21/2004, Row 1, Plot-32
Cofer, John, no data, Row 2, Plot-2
Cofer, Mary, no dates, h/o Thomas Cofer, Row 2, Plot-14
Cofer, Thomas Lawson, no data, Row 2, Plot-13
Cofer, Tommy, no dates, w/o Mary Cofer, Row 2, Plot-15
Conners, ??, no dates, w/o Ben Conners, Row 2, Plot-11
Conners, ??, no dates, w/o John G, Row 2, Plot-8
Conners, Ben, no data, Row 2, Plot-10
Conners, John G, b. 6/8/1802, d. 1/13/1860, Row 2, Plot-9
Dawkins, Hosea Lewis, Jr., b. 9/27/1939, d. 6/9/1990, Row 6, Plot-10
Dawkins, Hosea Lewis, Sr., b. 9/10/1898, d. 11/22/1998, h/o Mary Langham Dawkins, Row 6, Plot-12
Dawkins, Mary Langham, b. 7/1/1908, d. 12/29/2003, w/o Hosea Lewis Dawkins, Sr. Married 2/29/1936, Row 6, Plot-11
Dawkins, Michael Harmon, b. 8/31/1900, d. 6/30/1960, w/o Pearl Mae Dawkins, Row 6, Plot-15
Dawkins, Nancy Emaline Harbour, b. 1/3/1869, d. 1/15/1963, w/o Thomas Hosea Dawkins, Row 6, Plot-14
Dawkins, Pearl Mae, b. 7/13/1900, d. 12/8/1991, h/o Michael Harmon Dawkins, Row 6, Plot-16
Dawkins, Thomas Hosea "Tom", b. 5/16/1871, d. 6/1/1942, h/o Nancy Emaline Harbour, Row 6, Plot-13
Fielder, Arthur L, b. 2/2/1904, d. 6/19/1965, Row 7, Plot-13
Fielder, Louis Harmon, b. 7/2/1933, d. 5/20/1994, headstone only, Memorial, Row 7, Plot-12
Fielder, Mary D, b. 5/15/1904, d. 6/20/1997, Row 7, Plot-14
Fielder, Thomas Dawkins, b. 7/23/1940, d. 4/11/2004, Row 7, Plot-15
Gardner, infant, no dates, Child of Walter Gardner, Row 5, Plot-10
Gardner, infant, no dates, Child of Walter Gardner, Row 5, Plot-9
Harbour, ??, no dates, Child of Lewis & Emma Harbour, Row 3, Plot-17
Harbour, Alice Matilda Pate, b. ca 1870, d. ca 1944, w/o William Abner Harbour, Row 4, Plot-14
Harbour, Anna Williams, b. 4/11/1893, d. 9/25/1968, w/o Marven Braxton Harbour, Row 4, Plot-21
Harbour, Caldonia E. Newman, b. 12/24/1886, d. 6/12/1915, James Noah Harbour, Row 3, Plot-22
Harbour, Chilion Columbus, b. 1/12/1871, d. 1/12/1871, Row 2, Plot-17
Harbour, Clinton Pate, b. ca 1902, d. ca 1914, Row 4, Plot-18
Harbour, Elizabeth "Betty", no data, Row 2, Plot-19
Harbour, Emma Hendrix, no dates, 1st w/o Lewis C. Harbour, Row 3, Plot-16
Harbour, Emma Parlee Covington, b. 7/19/1882, d. 7/30/1928, Michael Hemeter Harbour, Jr., Row 5, Plot-14
Harbour, Evelyn Rosalee, b. 9/28/1919, d. 2/22/2003, 2nd w/o John Lawson Harbour, Sr., Row 5, Plot-23
Harbour, Goldie H, b. 2/1/1905, d. 10/12/1992, w/o William Hubert Harbour, Row 4, Plot-23
Harbour, Harold, b. 1/14/1901, d. 6/27/1902, Son of MH & Emma Harbour, Row 5, Plot-16
Harbour, Infant, d. 10/17/1927, Son of Jess Isaiah & Greta Harbour, Row 4, Plot-19
Harbour, Infant, d. ca 1890, Son of WA & Alice Harbour, Row 4, Plot-15
Harbour, Infant, d. ca 1894, Son of WA & Alice Harbour, Row 4, Plot-16
Harbour, James "Jim" Noah, b. 2/25/1878, d. 3/18/1973, Caldonia Harbour, Row 3, Plot-21
Harbour, James Curtis, b. 12/12/1932, d. 2/17/1995, Row 3, Plot-15
Harbour, John Lawson Harbour, Sr., b. 7/26/1920, d. Mar 28 2006, h/o Mary Ramey Davis Harbour-Son of MH & Emma Harbour, Row 5, Plot-11
Harbour, Johnny Mike, b. 4/29/1953, d. 12/12/2006, h/o Laura Jo Harbour-Son of MH & Christine Harbour, Row 5, Plot-18
Harbour, Laura Jo, b. 3/3/1963, d. 3/10/1992, w/o Johnny Mike Harbour, Row 5, Plot-19
Harbour, Margaret Francis "Mag", no data, Row 2, Plot-22
Harbour, Marven Braxton, b. 10/22/1891, d. 11/18/1962, h/o Anna Williams Harbour, Row 4, Plot-20
Harbour, Mary Elizabeth Cofer, b. 11/12/1834, d. 12/6/1898, w/o Michael Hemeter Harbour, Sr., Row 2, Plot-21
Harbour, Mary Ramey Davis, b. 10/9/1921, d. 2/5/1991, John Lawson Harbour, Sr., Row 5, Plot-12
Harbour, Michael Hemeter, Jr, b. 1/19/1873, d. 8/4/1933, Emma Parlee Harbour, Row 5, Plot-13
Harbour, Michael Hemeter, Sr, b. 1/18/1819, d. 11/13/1880, h/o Mary E Cofer Harbour, Row 2, Plot-20
Harbour, Michael Herbert, b. 2/5/1919, d. 8/26/2004, Row 1, Plot-18
Harbour, Michael Holmes, d. 1/18/1951, Son of MH & Christine Harbour, Row 5, Plot-17
Harbour, Mollie S, b. 10/12/1912, d. no date, Row 3, Plot-19
Harbour, Rosa Lue, b. 7/13/1875, d. ca 1877, Row 2, Plot-16
Harbour, Ruth Christine Thornton, b. 10/17/1919, d. no date, Row 1, Plot-19
Harbour, Sarah "Sallie", b. 10/3/1866, d. ca 1873, Row 2, Plot-18
Harbour, Sebron Abner, b. ca 1894, d. ca 1908, Row 4, Plot-17
Harbour, Vernon O, b. 1/12/1907, d. 6/1/1977, Row 3, Plot-20
Harbour, Virgie, b. 9/4/1898, d. 6/7/1900, Daughter of MH & Emma Harbour, Row 5, Plot-15
Harbour, William Abner, b. ca 1863, d. ca 1935, h/o Alice Matilda Pate Harbour, Row 4, Plot-13
Harbour, William Hubert, b. 10/10/1896, d. 2/11/1964, h/o Goldie H. Harbour, Row 4, Plot-22
Harbour, William Wesley, b. 1/29/1938, d. 7/6/1991, Row 3, Plot-18
Hartley, Jody, no dates, Row 4, Plot-9
Hartley, Sister, no dates, Row 4, Plot-10
Hughes, ??, no dates, first wife of John Hughes, Row 5, Plot-1
Hughes, Cephus E, b. 10/5/1898, d. 11/7/1919, Row 5, Plot-1
Hughes, John F, b. 11/6/1858, d. 8/16/1954, Row 5, Plot-7
Hughes, Leona F, b. 8/5/1875, d. 7/13/1951, Row 5, Plot-8
Hughes, Louis A, b. 4/2/1858, d. 11/10/1893, Row 5, Plot-6
Irvine, Sudie Harbour, b. 11/27/1916, d. 5/31/2003, w/o Walter E. Irvine, buried June 4, 2003, Row 5, Plot-21
Irvine, Walter E, b. 1/29/1913, d. 2/8/1988, h/o Sudie H. Irvine, Row 5, Plot-20
Lancaster, David Zan, no dates, Grandson of Betty Byford, Row 2, Plot-32
McCormick, Andrew Boyd, b. 6/24/1893, d. 2/8/1870, h/o Lois Harbour McCormick, Cpl CoK 38th Inf WWI MS, Row 4, Plot-11
McCormick, Lois Harbour, b. 2/24/1900, d. 6/8/1987, w/o Andrew Boyd McCormick, Row 4, Plot-12
McKibben, Randolf, no dates, Row 3, Plot-9
Pate, Andrew Gladden, b. 9/1854, d. 7/00/1925, w/o Mary Jaincy Harbour Pate, Row 2, Plot-23
Pate, Mary Jaincy Harbour, b. 6/1854, d. 2/00/1942, h/o Andrew Gladden Pate, Row 2, Plot-24
Rottenberry, Bennie Mae Waddell, b. 3/20/1940, d. 2/13/2005, w/o Norman Dale, Daughter of Ben & Helon Waddell, Row 3, Plot-28
Rottenberry, Norman Dale, b. 4/24/1936, d. 7/7/1998, h/o Bennie Mae Waddell, Row 3, Plot-27
Shaw, Diane Adele, b. 4/2/1968, d. 8/5/1976, Daughter of Guy Dale Shaw, Row 7, Plot-19
Smith, Alice Henry Hendrix , no dates, Row 3, Plot-13
Tate, Alice E, b. 1/2/1870, d. 5/3/1878, Daughter of JM & MA Tate, Row 3, Plot-5
Tate, James H, b. 11/14/1874, d. 8/2/1879, Son of JM & MA Tate, Row 3, Plot-7
Waddell, Benford Morrah, b. 12/8/1909, d. 2/3/1987, Helon Harbour, Row 3, Plot-25
Waddell, Charles M, b. 5/2/1931, d. 11/18/1940, Son of BM & Helon Waddell, Row 3, Plot-23
Waddell, Helon Harbour, b. 12/8/1912, d. 2/21/1987, w/o Benford Waddell, married 7/27/1929, Row 3, Plot-26
Waddell, Jimmy Dean, b. 5/22/1932, d. no date, h/o Mildred Waddell, Row 3, Plot-29
Waddell, Mildred M, b. 12/1/1932, d. 3/5/1999, w/o Jimmy Dean Waddell, Row 3, Plot-30
Waddell, Vadie Joyce, b. 5/21/1934, d. 11/18/1940, Daughter of Ben & Helon Waddell, Row 3, Plot-24
Walters, ??, no dates, 2nd w/o WH Walters, Row 4, Plot-3
Walters, Emily E. Langham, b. 10/22/1868, d. 5/27/1940, 1st w/o WH Walters, Row 4, Plot-1
Walters, Maude Hughes, b. ca 1898, d. ca 1994, w/o William John Walters, Row 1, Plot-2
Walters, William Henry, b. 5/24/1854, d. 8/11/1934, h/o Emily E. Langham Walters, Woodman of the World, Row 4, Plot-2
Walters, William John, b. 11/15/1891, d. 12/17/1962, h/o Maude Hughes Walters Pvt Btry E138 Field Arty WWI, Row 1, Plot-1

??, ??, no data, Row 2, Plot-12
Cofer, ??, no data, Row 2, Plot-3
Cofer, ??, no data, Row 2, Plot-4
Cofer, ??, no data, Row 2, Plot-5
Cofer, ??, no data, Row 2, Plot-6
Tate, Mother, no dates, Row 4, Plot-6
Unknown, ??, no dates, Row 3, Plot-2
Unknown, ??, no dates, Row 3, Plot-3
Unknown, ??, no dates, Row 3, Plot-4
Unknown, ??, no dates, Row 3, Plot-5
Unknown, ??, no dates, Row 4, Plot-4
Unknown, ??, no dates, Row 5, Plot-3
Unknown, ??, no dates, Row 5, Plot-4
Unknown, ??, no dates, Row 5, Plot-5
Waddell, ??, no dates, Row 2, Plot-25
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