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Peebles Cemetery
Webster County, Mississippi

Contributed by James Wiley Bailey Jr, Dec 07, 2000 [neworleans59@hotmail.com].
Total records = 29.

Directions to Peebles Cemetery, located in Webster County, Mississippi, from Stewart, located in Montgomery County, Mississippi. At Stewart, from the Stewart-Lodi Road, travel west 3.9 miles on Hwy 82. Turn right onto Milligan Springs Road (this gravel road is not marked due to Hwy 82 construction, but it is just east of Burt's Truck/Trailer Equipment). Travel north 1.5 miles on Milligan Springs Road to the 'Y' (fork) in the road. At the 'Y', turn left onto Dacus Road. (There is a sign.) Travel northwest 1.3 miles to the One Lane Bridge. (There is a sign.) Travel another .5 miles to the 'T' in the road. (There is no stop sign.) At the 'T', take a left heading toward Piney Forest Church. (There is a small arrow with "Piney Forest Church" written on it.) Travel .5 miles and cross over another One Lane Bridge (identified as such). Travel an additional .8 miles from the bridge. Then turn left onto the dirt road that leads down to Peebles Cemetery. (There is a light pole directly across from the turn on the right, d. hand side of the road.) Come through the gate and immediately bear to the left at the fork. Descend down the hill along the dirt road to a clearing at the bottom of the hill. Peebles Cemetery is located to the right of the clearing in the wooded area. There is a large cedar tree (only one) visible at the edge of the woods. If you enter here and walk northwest approximately 50 yards, you will come upon the grave of Alpha Peebles, Sr. Directions prepared by Deborah Castle Zaperach on 3 Jun 2000.

Dedicated to the memory of William Waylon Jacks and his enduring belief that even the smallest town in America can have the biggest hidden history imaginable. And that to know this history, somebody must discover it, learn it, write it down, and share it with all who are interested. Thanks for being that somebody, Mr. Jacks. Thank you for teaching me, through your book, about my earliest Bailey family ancestors who settled in the great state of Mississippi.

"This history here in this account, may not be a true one, if not, then maybe someone will come up with one. We the people who lived in Stewart made its history! I love its history! I love its people!"

"Peebles Cemetery was originally located in Choctaw County, Mississippi. Today it is located in Webster County, Mississippi. The legal description of the cemetery as obtained from land records is as follows: W � of NW � of Section 19, Township 19, Range 8, East. More specific: "...commencint at a point fifty yards southeast of the grave of Alpha Peebles and running west one hundred and twenty yards, thence north seventy yards, thence east one hundred and twenty yards, thence south seventy yards to the beginning point." This deed is on file at the Webster County courthouse in the Chancery Clerk's office. 'From Stewart: A Town to Remember by William Waylon Jacks.'"

The roster does not include numerous other stones that have been placed on unmarked graves throughout the cemetery. All of the names are spelled as they appear on the headstones. Information that could not be read and verified was not recorded.

I, James Wiley Bailey, Jr., personally visited the Peebles Cemetery on 3 Jun 2000 and recorded and photographed all information on every inscribed headstone that was visible. There are many unrecorded graves that have unmarked sandstones placed over the gravesite. I certify that this Peebles Cemetery roster is a true and accurate account of all identified markers as of this date, 3 Jun 2000. Cemetery Roster Prepared By: James Wiley Bailey, Jr., Mildred Earline Wood Bailey, Deborah Castle Zaperach, 6 Jun 2000

AMOS, Mary F., b. 22 Sep 1847, d. 30 Aug 1925, (Wife of W. D. Amos)
BAILEY, Celia L. E. C., b. 28 May 1821, d. 1 Feb 1891, (Wife of W. R. Bailey)
BAILEY, William R. b. 20 Sep 1810, d. 5 May 1876
FOREST, Minnie G., b. 25 Sep 1875, d., 2 Jan 1879, (Daughter of J. D. & S. E. Forrest)
FORREST, A. O., b. 15 Sep 1827, d. 26 Feb 1887, (Wife of D. F. Forrest)
FORREST, Charles, b. no date, d. 21 Dec 1863, (Son of D. F. & A. O. Forrest)
FORREST, D. F., b. 13 Jan 1822, d. 7 Dec 1881
FORREST, John, b. 3 Jul 1851, d. 29 Mar 1876
GORDON, Thomas Y., b. 1843, d. 1855
HARRISON, Nora, b. 22 Mar 1876, d. 8 Aug 1888, (Daughter of Anderson and Charity)
HUDSON, Baby Girl, b. 1930, d. 1930, (Of Luther & Modena Hudson)
HUDSON, Chapel Y., b. 1805, d. 1869
HUDSON, George Washington, b. 1854, d. 1929
HUDSON, John Hamilton, b. 15 Sep 1852, d. 25 Feb 1936
HUDSON, John W., b. 29 Jan 1880, d. 8 Sep 1886
HUDSON, Lucinda Hamilton, b. 1820, d. 1901
HUDSON, Susan (Sue) Johnson, b. 30 Mar 1853, d. 5 Sep 1929
JONES, Barnett, b. no dates
PEEBLES, Alpha, b. 22 Oct 1794, d. 23 Jul 1867
PEEBLES, Amanda, b. 1 Jan 1812, d. 21 Oct 1876, (Wife of Alpha)
PEEBLES, B. Y., b. 10 Nov 1852, d. 30 Jan 1892
PEEBLES, Caroline, b. 23 Jun 1838, d. 23 Aug 1855, (Consort of R. B. Loggins, Daughter of Alpha and Amanda Peebles)
PEEBLES, Hubbard J., b. 18 Nov 1810, d. 16 Jul 1875
PEEBLES, L. D, b. 6 Jun 1854, d. 6 Mar 1900, (Wife of B. Y.)
PEEPLES, A. D., b. 12 Jun 1813, d. 24 Sep 1897, (Father)
PEEPLES, Col. Anderson, b. 10 Aug 1830, d. 20 Sep 1902
PEEPLES, L. J., b. 6 Jun 1819, d. 1 Feb 1903, (Mother)
WAITS, Anderson F., b. 10 Jan 1829, d. 14 Mar 1916
WAITS, Virginia M., b. 22 Jun 1844, d. 1 Mar 1884, (Wife of A. F.)

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