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Wise McGehee Cemetery
Henley Field, Pearl River County, Mississippi

Lat: 30° 38' 26"N, Lon: 89° 47' 51"W

Contributed by Jeff Grantham, Aug 23, 2004, last edited May 05, 2010 [jgrantham@gmail.com].  Total records = 22.

This cemetery is on the west side of Dumas Wise Rd. 2.1 Miles North of Pine Grove Road. Located in the National Wildlife Refuge.

This small cemetery was owned by the Wise McGehee Family, but it does not seem to be getting much care at this time. There were cans and debris strewn all over the area.

This is a complete list of all visible and legible markers. I read it using a digital camera on Mar 20, 2004.

- Jeff Grantham

Flynn, Ella J., b. 2 Sep 1904, d. no date, stone #3
Flynn, James Shorty, b. 2 Feb 1914, d. 14 Jun 1973, age: 59yr, Veteran of World War II Missed by Wife, stone #2
McGehee, Elizabeth W., b. 3 Nov 1904, d. ?, age: ?yr, stone #7
McGehee, Maggie, b. 2 Aug 1872, d. 5 Nov 1878, age: 6yr, In Memory of Maggie Daughter of Sam and Mary E. MeGehee, stone #16
McGehee, Mary E., b. 9 Oct 1853, d. 24 Jan 1926, age: 72yr, Mary E. Wife of Samuel McGehee, Her spirit smiles from that bright shore and softly whispers weep no more, stone #14
McGehee, Rebecca Caroline, b. 3 Apr 1875, d. 12 Aug 1955, age: 80yr, stone #17
McGehee, Samuel, b. 20 Sep 1849, d. 9 Dec 1915, age: 66yr, Thou art gone from a world of care the bliss of heaven to share, stone #15
MeGehee, Corp. Wood, b. 6 Mar 1837, d. 30 Mar 1898, age: 61yr, Co D 17 Miss Cav Co B 9 Miss Cav CSA, stone #4
MeGehee, Ir, d. 20 Jan 1853, Hand Poured concrete, handwritten, partially broken, stone #13b
MeGehee, James Wood, b. 17 Sep 1802, d. 4 Apr 1880, age: 77yr, stone #6
MeGehee, Jesse, b. 30 Oct 1904, d. 20 Jan 1905, age: 81yr, stone #7
MeGehee, Wood, b. 6 Mar 1837, d. 30 Mar 1898, age: 61yr, In Memory of Wood Megehee. Behold ye Strangers as you can pass by As you are now so once was I AS I am now soon you will be Prepare for death and follow me, stone #5
Perry, Rebecca, b. 2 Jan 1802, d. 28 Dec 1881, age: 79yr, stone #6
Wise, Cynthis Caroline Calhoun, b. 19 Jan 1832, d. 24 Oct 1870, age: 38yr, stone #19
Wise, Jerom, b. 5 Dec 1901, d. 28 Jan 1902, age: 0yr, In memorian, Broken stone, stone #12
Wise, John Clyde, b. 12 Jan 1911, d. 17 Jan 1911, age: 0yr, Asleep in Jesus, stone #13
Wise, Joseph, Sr., b. 22 Jan 1830, d. 14 Jan 1910, age: 79yr, stone #"8,9"
Wise, Joseph, b. 22 Jun 1873, d. 27 Mar 1940, age: 66yr, stone #10
Wise, Lenora, b. 30 Oct 1876, d. 15 Sep 1956, age: 79yr, stone #11
Wise, Luther B., b. 13 Dec 1859, d. 12 Apr 1915, age: 55yr, stone #20
Wise, Margaret, b. 29 May 1861, d. 21 Feb 1920, age: 58yr, Mother thou hast from us flown to the regions far above. We to thee do cast this stone consecrated by our love, stone #21
Wise, Ruth McGehee, b. 16 Dec 1834, d. 2 Aug 1897, age: 62yr, Wife of Jos Wise, stone #18

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