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White Plains Cemetery
Sebastopol, Newton County, Mississippi

Compiled and contributed by Robin Chambless [uriah1927@yahoo.com].  Total records = 25.

Partial listing of the White Plains Cemetery at the Church of God in Sebastopol, Newton County, Mississippi.

Gardner, Martha Underwood, b. 4/11/1860, d. 10/24/1939
Parker, Joe Eligah, b. 7/27/1887, d. 12/28/1974
Underwood, Ada, b. 9/20/1883, d. 2/14/1910
Underwood, Della Estells Shealy, b. 9/9/1891, d. 12/11/1953
Underwood, Elbert, b. 9/22/1878, d. 10/30/1933
Underwood, Evon Ansley, b. 4/5/1912, d. 9/16/1982
Underwood, Horace, b. 7/4/1877, d. 3/10/1939
Underwood, Infant
Underwood, James A., b. 4/4/1910, d. 2/23/1913
Underwood, John J., b. 3/31/1884, d. 10/13/1918
Underwood, Martha Ann, b. 3/23/1856, d. 6/4/1937
Underwood, Marvin, b. 2/5/1883, b. 7/20/1963
Underwood, Mary, b. 3/23/1888, d. 11/20/1966
Underwood, Mary A., b. 7/4/1877, d. 3/10/1939
Underwood, Mary Frances, b. 1916, d. 1919
Underwood, Mattie Lee Everett, b. 11/20/1885, d. 2/17/1955
Underwood, Mattie Lucille, b. 12/30/1917, d. 3/18/1920
Underwood, Maude D., b. 11/18/1886, d. 7/7/1978
Underwood, Ninnie Wall, b. 5/23/1877, d. 3/9/1947
Underwood, Oscar, b. 5/13/1912, d. 12/17/1956
Underwood, Oscar Jr.
Underwood, Paschel Herman, b. 6/17/1854, d. 3/20/1928
Underwood, Ruby Graham, b. 9/8/1885, d. 11/24/1962
Underwood, Rufus, b. 12/17/1879, d. 2/25/1969
Underwood, Thomas Jefferson, b. 1849, d. 1943

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