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Ebenezer Cemetery
Marshall County, Mississippi

Lat: 34° 36' 35"N, Lon: 89° 29' 30"W
T5S R3W Sec 35, NW¼ of NW¼

Contributed by Zee Porter, May 25, 2001, last edited Nov 20, 2007 [zeeporter@aol.com].  Total records = 31.

Ebenezer Cemetery is located in the woods many yards from a dirt country road in the Malone area.

This listing may not include all stones in the cemetery. It is badly run down and covered with underbrush. Some of these records are part of Marshall Co. MS. Cemetery Book, page 60. We visited the cemetery and could barely identify only a few of the stones.

I visited and read all existing and legible stones and markers in this cemetery on May 20, 2001.

- Zee Porter

Allen, Louisa F. E., b. 7 Jun 1851, d. no date, age 14yr
Anderson, M. F., b. 01 Jan 1860, d. 17 Sep 1864, dau. of J. F. and Mary A. E. Anderson
Anderson, Mary A. E., b. 26 Jan 1840, d. 02 Dec 1867, wife of Joseph F. Anderson
Anderson, R. N., b. 03 Aug 1864, d. 09 Oct 1866, son of J. F. and Mary A. E. Anderson
Bagby, Leander Little, b. 04 Aug 1824, d. 15 Aug 1856, wife of William M. Bagby, dau. of James and Esther Mooring
Bailey, Elizabeth Ann, b. 24 Mar 1834, d. 19 Aug 1878, wife of J. G. Bailey
Bailey, Susan Annes, b. 13 Mar 1856, d. 12 Aug 1867, dau. of J. C. and Elizabeth Ann Bailey
Gary, Sarah Ann, b. 07 Feb 1824, d. 03 Jul 1857
Gary, William D., b. 15 May 1818, d. 23 Aug 1856.
Graham, Willie Kate, b. 10 Jul 1850, d. 27 Jun. 1900, wife of Cornelius P. Graham, dau. of Robert H. and Lavinia Mooring Malone
Hardin, Robert Arthur, b. 15 Aug 1873, d. 14 Jul 1881, son of M.G. & Willie Rebecca Mooring Hardin
Jarrett, Thomas J., d. 1845, age: 4yr
Malone, Julia Ann, b. 27 Feb 1800, d. 9 Jan, 1855, wife of Thomas J. Malone
Malone, Lavinia B., b. 29 Jan 1829, 12 Sep 1879, wife of Robert H. Malone, dau. of James and Esther Hicks Mooring
Malone, Lily B., b. 11 Mar 1867, d. 16 Oct 1893, dau. of Robert H. and Lavinia B. Mooring Malone
Malone, Robert H., b. 18 Sep 1818, d. 16 Mar. 1900
Malone, Thomas J., b. 19 Aug 1841, d. 21 Jun 1846
Miller, E. L., b. 17 Dec 1851, d. 24 Feb 1899
Miller, Henry A., b. 30 Oct, 1853, d. 10 Sep 1889 (Mason)
Miller, Infant Son, b. 06 Jul 1876, son of E. L. and M. Miller
Miller, Infant Son, b. 17 Aug 1875, d. 11 Oct 1875, son of E. L. and M. Miller
Miller, John H., b. 22 May 1880, d. 11 Nov 1881, son of E. L. and M. Miller
Miller, Kyle Eugene, b. 10 May 1891, d. 12 Sep 1891, son of E. L. and M. Miller
Miller, Ora Ann Wilkins, b. 07 May 1857, d. 16 Aug 1893, wife of John H. Miller
Miller, Willie Mary, b. 27 Apr 1883, d. 31 Jul 1886, dau. of John M. and Ora M. Miller
Mooring, Anne E., b. 09 Sep 1842, d 18 Apr 1857, dau. of James and Esther Hicks Mooring
Mooring, Esther Hicks, b. 10 Mar 1805, d. 05 Mar 1856, wife of James Mooring
Mooring, James C. Jr., b. 12 Sep 1834, d. 25 Sep 1856, son of James and Esther Mooring
Mooring, James, b. 08 Apr. 1795, d. 01 May 1857, son of James and Susannah Lewelling Mooring
Pointer, Eliza Caroline, b. 11 Nov 1832, d. 12 Jul 1856, wife of Samuel Robinson Pointer, dau. of James and Esther Mooring
Pointer, James Mooring, b. 28 Aug 1855, d. 07 Feb 1857, son of Samuel R. and Eliza Caroline Pointer

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