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Stringer Cemetery (aka Old Morris or Morris-Stringer Cemetery)
Improve Community, Marion County, Mississippi

Hwy 44, Northeast of Columbia in the
Improve Community, Columbia, MS

Lat: 31° 18' 39"N, Lon: 89° 43' 47"W
T31N R17W Sec 17

Contributed by D. Christopher Watts, Sep 25, 2001 [cwatts@cblink.com].
Total records = 40.

Northeast of Columbia in the Improve Community of Columbia, MS

This is an inactive cemetery and is on property owned by Ms Voncille Stringer. It was originally the Morris Cemetery, on Morris land in 1862 with Winston Morris. One of his daughters married a Stringer and they now have there own community there. It was called Morris-Stringer for years and now shortened to Stringer, not because of the occupants, but because of location.

This cemetery does contain unmarked graves. Also, at some point two of the markers were stolen from the cemetery, leaving only the bases behind.

This listing was made, Sep 24, 2001, when I visited the "Old Stringer Cemetery" and copied all the headstones, then transcribed from those readings.

- D. Christopher Watts

Burt, Infant, b. 14 Feb 1905, d. 14 Feb 1905, Infant son of Dudley T. and Bettie Burt.
Gates, Byron, infant son of Lewis and Cloteal (Morris) Gates.
Housley, Adaline, b. 1860, d. 1939.
King, Ancybell (Morris), b. 14 Mar 1867, d. 12 Apr 1911, Spouse Dr R.B. King.
King, Baby, d. 1914, Mother Ancybell (Morris) King
King, Baby, d. 1915, Mother Ancybell (Morris) King
King, Baby, d. 1922, Mother Ancybell (Morris) King
King, Baby, d. 3 Nov 1901, Mother Eliza King.
King, Baby, d. 6 Feb 1906, Mother Ancybell (Morris) King.
King, Eliza, b. 8 Nov 1870, d. 5 Apr 1902, Spouse of Dr R.B. King
King, Mary Etta, b. 18 Apr 1910, d. 30 Aug 1910, Mother Ancybell (Morris) King.
Landrum, H.V., b. 9 Mar 1882, d. 13 Dec 1918.
Lang, Elizabeth, b. 21 Nov 1837, d. 6 May 1885.
Morris, Celia (Lott), b. 1 Apr 1830, d. 24 Sep 1902, Spouse William Talran Morris.
Morris, Edmond, b. 31 Dec 1865, d. 6 Jun 1900, Spouse Mandy Morris.
Morris, Mandy, b. Jan 1867, d. 2 Jul 1897, Spouse of Edmond Morris.
Morris, Margaret, b. 12 Mar 1853, d. 3 Jun 1900, Spouse N.L. Morris.
Morris, Mary, b. 12 Jul 1819, d. 24 Sep 1903, Spouse Winston Morris.
Morris, Nathan L., b. 13 Feb 1850, d. 23 Dec 1938, Spouse Margaret Morris.
Morris, Seaborn, b. 3 Apr 1855, d. 2 Jan 1922.
Morris, Teola Amanda, b. 15 Aug 1908, d. 20 Oct 1908.
Morris, William Talran, b. 13 May 1827, d. 22 Aug 1875, Spouse Celia (Lott) Morris.
Morris, William, b. 1 Oct 1851, d. 22 Nov 1876, "He died for his father."
Morris, Winston, b. 19 Sep 1822, d. 23 Aug 1862, Spouse Mary Morris
Stringer, Clarissa, b. 7 Aug 1852, d. 11 Jun 1923, Spouse L.A. Stringer.
Stringer, Dicy, b. 17 Jun 1853, d. 5 Sep 1895.
Stringer, L.A., b. 9 Feb 1849, d. 25 Oct 1919, Spouse Clarrisa Stringer.
Stringer, Lessie May Belle, b. 19 Feb 1894, d. 29 Jul 1917, Spouse P.W. Ward.
Stringer, Mattie, b. 17 Jul 1895, 8 Sep 1895, Daughter of L.A. and Dicy Stringer.
Sylvest, Annette, b. 8 Nov 1881, d. 7 Feb 1904, Spouse W.L. Sylvest.
Ward, Baby, b. 25 May 1917, d. 1 Jun 1917.
Watts, Ellis, Co B, 46th Miss Inf, C.S.A, Spouse Mary A. Watts
Watts, Elvin, b. 4 Aug 1880, d. 28 Jan 1881, Son of Mr and Mrs J.L. Watts Sr.
Watts, James A.P. (Aultman Pickering), b. 10 Mar 1840, d. 26 Mar 18??
Watts, Judith Lott,
b. 30 May 1812, d. 17 Apr 1879, Spouse Willis Watts.
Watts, Mary A., b. 1 Mar 1833, d. 23 Oct 1903, Spouse Ellis Watts
Watts, Morris, b. 16 Aug 1883, d. 30 Aug 1883, Son of Mr and Mrs J.L. Watts Sr.
Williams, Ada Estelle, b. 6 Jul 1905, d. 4 Dec 1910.
Williams, Lela, b. 25 Jun 1894, d. 29 Apr 1947.
Williams, Willard, b. 4 Sep 1894, d. 24 Jul 1924.
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