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Allen Cemetery
Marion County, Mississippi

Located off of Robbins Road near the Marion County/Jeff Davis County Line.

Lat: 31°25'09"N, Lon: 89°45'44"W

Contributed by D. Christopher Watts, Nov 04, 2001 [cwatts@cblink.com].
Total records = 35.

I walked the cemetery on Nov 3, 2001 and transcribed from the readings on the tombstones. The landowner was present and told me that there is at least one grave that is no longer marked, There may or may not be others.
- D. Christopher Watts

Allen, Edie, b. 26 Aug 1853, d. 13 Oct 1935, "Wife of William Allen"
Allen, Eleanor Grace, b. Jan 1923, d. Jun 1923, "Daughter of Tom and Allie Allen"
Allen, Fannie E. Cole, b. 22 Jun 1848, d. 26 Jul 1900, "Wife of J.T. Allen"
Allen, Fannie Haynes, b. 24 Apr 1863, d. 12 Nov 1905, "Wife of W.W. Allen"
Allen, Infant, "Infant daughter of Tom and Allie Allen"
Allen, Infant, "Infant daughter of Tom and Allie Allen"
Allen, Infant, "Infant daughter of Tom and Allie Allen"
Allen, Infant, "Infant daughter of Tom and Allie Allen"
Allen, Infant, "Infant son of Tom and Allie Allen"
Allen, John T., b. 1847, d. 1928
Allen, Lillian, b. 30 Oct 1906, d. 27 Dec 1998
Allen, Milton Forrest, b. 24 May 1903, d. 9 Jan 1997
Allen, Thomas Grayson, b. 29 May 1891, d. 17 Feb 1981, Pvt U.S. Army, WWI
Allen, Tommie C., b. 3 Mar 1884, d. 7 Sept 1904
Allen, William, b. 17 May 1851, d. 26 Oct 1905, "Husband of Edie Allen"
Hall, Ella M., b. 1 Jan 1893, d. 28 Nov 1928
Hood, Dovie, b. 8 Oct 1892, d. 23 Nov 1902, "Daughter of S.T. and L.A. Hood"
Hood, Dyce Miller, b. Jun 1911, d. Dec 1912
Hood, Elizabeth, b. 23 Jul 1852, d. 2 May 1909, "Wife of R.W.B. Hood"
Hood, George W., b. 5 Apr 1885, d. 29 Apr 1907
Hood, Infant, 26 Apr 1916, "Infant of S.T. & N.R. Hood"
Hood, Laura A., b. 25 Mar 1866, d. 4 Feb 1905, "Wife of S.T. Hood"
Hood, Minnie Miller, b. Feb 1885, d. Nov 1916
Hood, Sarah R., b. 19 Oct 1836, d. 2 Mar 1904
Miller, (Mrs.) D.P., b. 3 Aug 1858, d. 18 Mar 1909, "Wife of R.S. Miller"
Miller, Anner Tyrone, b. 6 Mar 1866, d. 21 Jun 1912
Miller, Redmond S., b. 1852, d. 1932
Miller, Warren W., b. 10 Jul 1875, d. 3 Nov 1901
Miller, William Robert, b. 9 Sept 1862, d. 24 May 1955
Miller, Willie Mae, b. 18 May 1902, d. 12 Sept 1902
Sinclair, Annie Laura, b. 9 Oct 1908, d. 5 Mar 1909, "Infant daughter of W.J. and D.M. Sinclair"
Sinclair, H.E., b. 17 Dec 1879, d. 15 Jan 1924
Sinclair, Infant, 14 Aug 1906, "Infant daughter of H.E. and J.L. Sinclair"
Sinclair, Willie Ray, b. 19 May 1907, d. 5 Jan 1924, "Son of W.I. and D.M. Sinclair"
Stringer, Ether Miller, b. 20 Oct 1890, d. 28 Nov 1912, "Wife of I.H. Stringer"

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