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Moak & Sasser Cemetery
Lincoln County, Mississippi

Lat: 31° 25' 15"N, 90° 32' 25"W

Submitted by Nick Denley, Aug 16, 2002 [nickdenley@earthlink.net]. Total records = 63.

Directions to Moak & Sasser Cemetery- I-55 South of Brookhaven, Mississippi , exit West onto Bogue Chitto Road SW, 3 1/2 miles, Moak & Sasser is on the left of Bogue Chitto Road.

This cemetery seems to date back to the late 1800's, but still is in use. There are many unidentifiable burial spots.

I walked and indexed this cemetery on Nov 02, 2000.

- Nick Denley

Albritton, J., no dates, (Child)
Albritton, M., no dates, (Child)
Albritton, Mary, b. 1853, d. 1891, s/w Matthew
Albritton, Matthew, b. 184x, d. 1876, s/w Mary
Blunt, Jimmy, b. 12-30-1878, d. 09-15-1882, s/o J. P. & S. E. Blunt
Burton, Jimmy Prestridge, no dates
Burton, Jimmy, no dates, (Child)
Clark, Child, no dates, Child of Viola Clark
Johnson, Josephene, no dates
Johnston, Eunice Maybell, b. 07-25-1901, d. 09-26-1902
Jones, Infant, d. 07-03-1906, 3mo 4da
King, Rosaliee Moak, no dates
Kyser, Child, no dates
Moak, A. W. 'Webb', b. 02-22-1832, d. 1884, s/o Julia & T. A. Moak
Moak, Blanche Laird, b. 07-07-1878, d. 10-31-1943, s/w Joe M
Moak, Child 1, no dates, of M. Moak
Moak, Child 2, no dates, of M. Moak
Moak, Child 3, no dates, of M. Moak
Moak, Frances W. Sasser, b. 08-13-1853, d. 08-08-1925, w/o M. Moak, Jr.
Moak, Infant, b. 09-14-1890, d. 09-14-1893, child of Mr. & Mrs. Joe M. Moak
Moak, Jim 1 no dates, (Child)
Moak, Jim 2 no dates, (Child)
Moak, Joe M., b. 10-26-1869, d. 12-31-1933, s/w Blanche Laird
Moak, Julia, b. 01-28-1848, d. 06-13-1929, w/o T. A. 'Asa' Moak
Moak, Malissa Redd, b. 05-05-1879, d. 01-10-1921, w/o T. M. 'Tom' Moak
Moak, Middleton, Jr., b. 05-10-1847, d. 04-xx-1895
Moak, Ottis W., b. 04-25-1901, d. 01-18-1971
Moak, T. A. 'Asa', b. 12-09-1839, d. 12-18-1882
Moak, T. M. 'Tom' , b. 10-29-1872, d. 03-21-1926
Moak, Thomas Joseph 'Tommy', b. 06-29-1938, d. 02-25-1989, s/o Ottis W. Moak
Prestridge, D. (Child1), no dates,
Prestridge, D. (Child2), no dates
Prestridge, D. (Child3), no dates
Prestridge, D. (Child4), no dates
Prestridge, D. (Child5), no dates
Prestridge, Doak (Dock), no dates
Prestridge, Jane Sasser, no dates, w/o Doak Prestridge
Prestridge, Jeff (Child1), no dates
Prestridge, Jeff (Child2), no dates
Prestridge, Pat, no dates
Prestridge, S. P. 'Sam', 03-19-1867, d. 06-08-1919
Sasser, D. W., no dates, child of Daniel Sasser
Sasser, Daniel V., no dates, CO. B. Miss Inf C.S.A.
Sasser, Elizabeth, 12-06-1937, w/o William 'Bill' Sasser
Sasser, Harold Eben, b. 05-04-1919, d. 09-17-1968, s/w Marguerite Scott
Sasser, Ida McFadden, b. 08-15-1891, d. 01-23-1974, s/w Willard E
Sasser, James Gale Hale, b. 05-07-1810, d. 1862, J. G. H.
Sasser, Job, no dates, child of Daniel Sasser
Sasser, Lewis, no dates
Sasser, Marguerite Scott, b. 08-31-1921, s/w Harold Eben
Sasser, Martha, no dates, child of Daniel Sasser
Sasser, Mrs, no dates, Wife of James Gale Hale Sasser
Sasser, Rosa, no dates, w/o Daniel Sasser
Sasser, Stephen, b. 1780, d. 1861
Sasser, Tempie, no dates, w/o Daniel Sasser
Sasser, Traci, b. 04-03-1984, d. 08-23-2000
Sasser, Willard E., b. 06-24-1892, d. 06-07-1969, s/w Ida McFadden
Sasser, William P. 'Bill', b. no dates, CO. B. Miss. Inf C.S.A.
Woodall, Infant, b. 01-18-1893, d. 01-18-1893, d/o R.E. & M. A. Woodall
Woodall, M. Ophelia Prestridge, b. 06-12-1858, d. 10-12-1925, w/o R. E. 'Zeke' Woodall
Woodall, R. E. 'Zeke', b. 12-23-1853, d. 07-24-1927
Woodall, Sybil Ophelia, b. 11-08-1934, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Julious Woodall
Woodall, Webster, b. 02-17-1895, d. 08-04-1895, s/o R.E. & M.A. Woodall
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