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Arlington Cemetery
Lincoln County, Mississippi

Lat: 31° 25' 07"N, Lon: 90° 33' 24"W

Submitted by Nick Denley, Aug 16, 2002 [nickdenley@earthlink.net]. Total records = 96.

Directions to Arlington Church and Cemetery- I-55 South of Brookhaven, MS, take Bogue Chitto exit West for 4.5 miles church and cemetery are on the right of Bogue Chitto Road.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by Arlington Baptist Church in Arlington.

I walked and indexed this cemetery on Feb 05, 2000.

- Nick Denley

Adams, Edna W., b. 09-13-1951, d. no date, s/w Lamar, m. 11-05-1968
Adams, Lamar, b. 02-02-1943, d. 07-17-1938, s/w Edna W, m. 11-05-1968
Alexander, Cannon L., b. 07-19-1921, d. 04-24-2002
Briggs, Ethel Sasser, b. 01-30-1889, d. 11-22-1962
Briggs, James, b. 06-12-1878, d. 08-01-1960
Britt, Hardy Mae, b. 09-27-1924, d. 07-30-2001, U.S. Army, WW II, Purple Heart, s/w Hazel M
Britt, Hazel M. Sasser, b. 11-04-1921, d. 2002, s/w Hardy Mae
Burnett, Fannie Bell Carpenter, b. 11-29-1909, d. 05-10-1988, Mother
Burnett, Rev. J. W., b. 05-18-1899, d. 08-02-1963, Father
Burt, Jimmy Lynn, d. 06-04-1956
Burt, Margie Opal, b. 12-08-1930, d. 06-28-1992, COL. U. S. Army
Burt, Myrtle Freeman, b. 04-03-1925, d. no date, s/w Thomas Julius
Burt, Thomas Julius, b. 12-09-1923, d. no date, s/w Myrtle Freeman
Case, Jeffery Glenn, b. 05-11-1962, d. 12-25-1985
Coker, Roy L., b. 05-07-1919, d. 12-09-1997, Pvt US Army, WW II
Davis, Dorothy J., b. 1932, d. 2001
Dunaway, John Curtis, b. 07-26-1983
Dunaway, Zackery, b. 06-29-1984, d. 08-23-2000
East, Leona P., b. 02-07-1899, d. 08-08-1983, s/w Louie G
East, Leroy, b. 06-23-1927, d. 01-22-2000, Age 72
East, Louie G., b. 11-02-1896, d. 08-21-1982, Pvt US Army, WW I, s/w Leona P
Foster, Daniel Christopher, b. 05-17-1986, d. 05-28-1986
Freeman, Archie, b. 06-15-1885, d. 01-16-1970, s/w Jane A
Freeman, Jane A. 'Janie', b. 05-01-1887, d. 02-09-1975, s/w Archie
Freeman, Lester Frank, b. 07-05-1919, d. 01-04-1974, s/w Letha Mae
Freeman, Letha Mae, b. 12-14-1921, d. no date, s/w Lester Frank
Grice, F. Marley, b. 1898, d. 1966, s/w Laura W
Grice, Joanne Moak, b. 11-25-1935, d. 02-05-1981
Grice, Laura W., b. 1915, d. no date, s/w F. Marley
Hancock, Mrytle, b. 07-08-1927, d. 06-13-2002
Ingle, Chuck, b. 1984, d. 2000
Jensen, Helen M., b. 12-25-1921, d. 03-19-1987
Jordan, Charlie H., b. 06-19-1931, d. 05-11-1990, s/w Mary L, m. 09-06-1969
Jordan, Charlie R., b. 1908, d. 1961, s/w Flora B
Jordan, Edward Eugene "Booty", b. 01-18-1925, d. 05-07-1995, s/w Georgia Mae, m. 03-21-1942
Jordan, Flora B., b. 1909, d. 1980, s/w Charlie r
Jordan, Georgia Mae Freeman, b. 06-03-1925, d. no date, s/w Edward Eugene, m. 03-21-1942
Jordan, Mary L., b. 08-20-1932, d. no date, s/w Charlie H, m. 09-06-1969
LeViere, Rev. Raymond Ralph, b. 06-27-1910, d. 12-09-1979, s/w Ruth Naomie
LeViere, Ruth Naomie Frick, b. 08-30-1915, d. no date, s/w Raymond Ralph
Maxwell, Billy Joe, b. 02-22-1963, d. 02-22-1963
Maxwell, Joseph Paul, b. 04-03-1931, d. 05-30-1976, PFC. U.S. Marine Corps., WW II
May, Farrel E, b. 12-27-1921, d. 05-11-1993, PFC. U. S. Army, WW II, s/w May Jo Toney, m. 04-20-1946
May, May Jo Toney, b. 05-05-1927, d. no dates, s/w Farrel E, m. 04-20-1946
Miller, Bobby Joe, b. 08-23-1939, d. 07-02-1993, s/w Erma Jean, m. 10-21-1958
Miller, Erma Jean, b. 10-02-1940, d. no date, s/w Bobby Joe, m. 10-21-1958
Moak, Claude A. Sr., b. 07-02-1893, d. 10-13-1977
Moak, George Lamar, b. 09-17-1904, d. 04-24-1971, s/w Ruth Walker
Moak, Icelene B., b. 02-26-1912, d. 05-17-1989, s/w Icelene B
Moak, James Ralph, b. 03-03-1937, d. 05-03-1985
Moak, Kathleen H., b. 06-04-1909, d. 11-16-1992, s/w Lowery
Moak, Katie Joe Sasser, b. 05-13-1934, d. no date, s/w Richard Ray Jr
Moak, Katie Sue, b. 01-02-1943, d. 05-06-1995
Moak, Lowery, b. 07-01-1908, d. 08-28-1971, s/w Kathleen H
Moak, Richard Ray Jr., b. 08-31-1933, d. 09-20-1988, s/w Katie Joe Sasser
Moak, Ruth Walker, b. 06-06-1915, d. no date, s/w George Lamar
Moak, T. Ralph, b. 07-21-1913, d. 08-11-1974, s/w T. Ralph
Moak, Thomas Julius, b. 02-12-1908, d. 11-05-1989, s/w Zelma Wallace
Moak, Zelma wallace, b. 04-11-1911, d. 02-02-1958, s/w Thomas Julius
Moak-James Stevens, b. 10-09-1967, d. 07-25-1987
Montgomery, Georgia J., b. 03-23-1913, d. 12-12-1988, s/w Harold C
Montgomery, Harold C., b. 06-16-1909, d. 09-05-1981, s/w Georgia J
Moulard, Curtis, b. 12-01-1897, d. 02-26-1979, s/w Roberta Parsons
Moulard, Roberta Parsons, b. 09-16-1895, d. 06-28-1991, s/w Curtis
Murry, John Alfred, b. 03-25-1997, d. 03-25-1997
Parsons, Curtis B., b. 08-03-1910, d. 06-21-1980
Parsons, Lonnie W., b. 09-05-1909, d. 10-10-1978, s/w Lucille S
Parsons, Lonnie Wesley, b. 03-03-1930, d. 05-26-1981
Parsons, Lucille S., b. 03-20-1909, d. 11-26-1988, s/w Lonnie W
Parsons, Lucrecia L., b. 07-05-1906, d. 05-11-1962
Porter, Edna Case, b. 05-15-1919, d. 01-05-1989, s/w Harold N
Porter, Harold N., b. 08-14-1917, d. no date, s/w Edna Case
Prestridge, Beatrice Jones, b. 08-26-1938, d. no date, s/w Larry
Prestridge, Larry, b. 10-25-1934, d. 07-23-1991, s/w Beatrice Jones
Ray, Doyle Lee, b. 09-19-1930, d. 07-02-1986
Ray, Melissa Faye, b. 03-31-1983, d. 04-02-1983
Ray, Roy Lee, b. 07-12-1949, d. 06-14-1985
Rushing, Jessie James, b. 04-21-1914, d. 06-19-1978
Rushing, Velma Roberts, b. 10-23-1916, d. 02-07-1994
Sasser, Edward C., b. 1885, d. 1974
Sasser, Fred E., b. 10-25-1898, d. 11-09-1978, s/w Jessie R, m. 02-21-1930
Sasser, Jessie R., b. 07-08-1911, d. 11-14-1972, s/w Fred, m. 02-21-1930
Sasser, Joseph Wiley, b. 1902, d. 1983
Sasser, Roberta Mae, b. 1898, d. 1973
Sasser, Sabrina B., b. 12-04-1892, d. 05-29-1972
Sasser, T. Jeff, b. 05-02-1891, d. 05-24-1971
Stephens, Mary Jean, b. 03-27-1952
Vinson, Joe Douglas " Big Joe", b. 03-29-1932, d. 05-07-1993, s/w Kay Sasser
Vinson, Kay Sasser, b. 12-02-1939, d. no date, s/w Joe Douglas
Wallace, Cecil, b. 11-13-1915, d. 07-13-1988, s/w Oma L
Wallace, Clay Mitchell, b. 03-24-1980, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Don Wallace
Wallace, Oma L., b. 02-08-1917, d. no date, s/w Cecil
Woodall, Anna Lofton, b. 03-03-1900, d. 08-07-1998, s/w Odis
Woodall, Clem, b. 03-12-1889, d. 01-24-1974, s/w Ruth Smith
Woodall, Odis, b. 11-27-1897, d. 11-24-1971, s/w Anna Lofton
Woodall, Ruth Smith, b. 12-23-1894, d. 03-22-1977, s/w Clem
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