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Walker House Baptist Church Cemetery
Itawamba County, Mississippi

Lat: 34° 24' 49"N, Lon: 88° 15' 35"W

Contributed by Gene Thorn, May 27, 2002 [thorns@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 48.

The cemetery is located by the Walker House Church on Walker Church Road one and half miles off of highway 25, north of Fulton Mississippi.

Information was written down May 23, 2002 by Joseph Jones.

Brown, Charley, b. 28 Jan 1922, d. 28 Mar 1963, s/o Grover Cleveland and Louise Brown
Brown, Dawell Wayne, b. 2 Mar 1953, d. 12 Jan 1979
Brown, Dossie Mae, b. 30 Dec 1923, d. 11 Nov 1975, w/o Charley Brown
Brown, Earl Hubert, broken marker
Brown, Grady C., b. 4 May 1912, d. 14 Oct 1996, h/o Pairlee Letson Brown, s/o Grober Cleveland and Louise Brown
Brown, Grover Cleveland, b. 4 Jan 1885, d. 2 Feb. 1969, h/o Louise Brown
Brown, Grover Riley, b. 12 Feb. 1952, d. 17 Feb. 1952, s/o Monroe J. and Levena Pearl Frost Brown
Brown, Horace, b. 9 Jun 1930, h/o Mary Ellen Brown, s/o Grover Cleveland and Louise Brown
Brown, Jackie Lee, b. 17 Jun 1970, d. 18 Jun 1970, s/o Arlin Lee and Mary Nell Ewing Brown
Brown, James M., b. 21 Sep 1949, d. 14 May 1998, s/o Monroe J. and Levena Pearl Frost Brown
Brown, Jason Lee, b. 26 Jul 1979, d. 23 May 1997, s/o Jerry and Kay Brown
Brown, Joseph Wayne, b. 19 Apr 1970, d. 19 Apr 1970
Brown, Levena Pearl, b. 5 Jun 1927, d. 13 Jan 1976, w/o Monroe J. Brown, d/o Riley and Flarra P. Frost
Brown, Louise, b. 7 Apr 1891, d. 18 Sep 1969, w/o Grover Cleveland Brown
Brown, Mary E., b. 6 Jun 1930, d. 29 Sep 1996, w/o Horance Brown
Brown, Monroe J., b. 19 Jan 1927, d. 7 Feb. 1990, h/o Levena Pearl Frost, s/o Grover Cleveland and Louise Brown
Brown, Pairlee, b. 16 Feb. 1913, d. 12 Nov 1974, w/o Grady Cleveland Brown
Brown, Pauline H., b. 12 May 1952, d/o Grady Cleveland and Pairlee Letson Brown
Brown, Pearly Mae, b. 22 Sep 1950, d. 3 Dec 1952, d/o Monroe J. and Levena Pearl Frost Brown
Brown, Rhoda Sue, b. 23 Mar 1955, w/o Dawell Wayne Brown
Brown, Roy Martin, d. 1 Aug 1967, 16 days
Brown, Zelon Joe, b. 18 Apr 1971, d. 19 Apr 1971
Burns, Charlie A., b. 7 Jul 1961, d. 17 Apr 1962, s/o Gene and Peggy Brown Burns
Burns, Teddy W., b. 31 Dec 1962, d. 22 Jul 1991, s/o Gene and Peggy Brown Burns
Cromeans, Floyd Ellis, b. 1948, d. 2002, h/o Ethel Brown Cromeans
Dines, Scott Brian, b. 31 May 1964, d. 3 Nov 1994, s/o Jerald and Dorothy Fae Dulaney Dines
Earnest, Michael Dee Lane, b. 14 Jun 1966, d. 19 Oct 1987, s/o Dee Lane and Kathleen Ewing Earnest
Earnest, Timmy Matthew, b. 8 Dec 1987, d. 19 Dec 1987, s/o Sanford and Vicki Spencer Earnest
Frost, Flarra P., b. 1907, d. 1982, w/o Riley Frost
Frost, Riley, b. 8 Apr 1894, d. 18 Mar 1969, h/o Flarra P. Frost
Hammock, Joseph Orbon, b. 8 Jan 1924, d. 13 Apr 1996
Hammock, Reetha Mae, b. 23 Sep 1924, d. no date
Mayhall, Allice Brown, b. 15 Mar 1918 d/o Grover Cleveland and Louise Brown.
McDaniel, Dorothy Fae, b. 7 Sep 1943, d. 13 Dec 1995, w/o Norman Johnny McDaniel, d/o Ralvis Quitman and Bessie Williams McDaniel
Orrick, Christopher Wade, b. 20 Apr 1978, d. 21 Apr 1979, s/o Ronnie and Brenda Orrick
Pickle, Cody Lee, b. & d. 23 Apr 1995, s/o Jody and Cherrie Shawn Mayhall Pickle
Torrence, Minnie Lou, b. 13 Apr 1938, w/o William Elmer Torrence, d/o Grady Cleveland and Pairlee Letson Brown
Torrence, William Elmer, b. 30 Sep 1922, d. 18 Sep 1982, PFC US Army, WWII, h/o Minnie Lou Brown Torrence
Tucker, Dora B., b. 23 Jun 1915, d. 2 Dec 1994, w/o Elbert Tucker, d/o Grover Cleveland and Louise Brown
Tucker, Elbert, b. 18 Apr 1913, d. 7 May 1982, h/o Dora Matilda Brown Tucker
Tucker, Louis Elbert, b. 20 May 1944, d. 28 Dec. 2001, h/o Rebecca Jackson, s/o Elbert and Dora Martilda Brown Tucker
Tucker, Matthew D., b. 2 Nov 1974, d. 3 Nov 1996, s/o Dalton and Deborah Williams Tucker
Tucker, Rebecca J. "Beck", b. 8 Jan 1967, w/o Louis Elbert Tucker
Underwood, Delephair Hall, b. 6 Oct 1878, d. 19 Apr 1952, w/o Floyd Dayton Underwood, d/o James S. and Mary Emeline Bohannan Hall
Underwood, Floyd D., b. 22 Jul 1891, d. 9 Dec 1967, h/o Delephair Hall Underwood, s/o Benny and Willie Kent Underwood
Williams, Charles E., b. 19 Feb. 1947, d. no date
Williams, Charles Michael, b. 12 Dec 1968, d. 12 Dec 1968, s/o Charles E. and Geneva Frances Hammock Williams
Williams, Geneva F., b. 19 Jul 1947, d. no date, d/o Joseph Orbon and Reeth Mae Singleton Hammock

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