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Yellow Fever Cemetery
Grenada, Grenada County, Mississippi

Contributed by Christie Crouch Genola, December 1999 [cgenola@dixie-net.com]. Total records = 140.


The Yellow Fever Cemetery is located in Grenada County, in the town of Grenada, Mississippi, on 2nd street, east of the railroad tracks. The cemetery information was first copied in 1960 at which time no one was responsible for the upkeep of the area and the markers were rapidly disappearing. The Pilot Club of Grenada adopted the restoration and care of the historic cemetery as a community service. In 1986, the records copied in 1960 were rechecked. Some of the markers found in 1960 had disappeared in 1986. Both list were combined. The information was copied by Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Martin. (Date unknown, probable 1960).

The Cemetery is locally known as the Yellow Fever Cemetery, however it was used prior to the epidemic of 1878.

Abbott, Cora Johnnetta, b.25 May 1846, d.27 Dec 1861, daughter of J. C. and Elizabeth Abbott, .
Abbott, Joseph C., b.15 May 1837, d.19 Jan 1839son of J. C. and E. Abbott, .
Abbott, Sarah, b.18 Mar 1834, d.18 Jan 1856, daughter of J. C. and Elizabeth Abbott, .
Abel, Ann A., b.5 Jan 1809, d.27 Nov. 1860, wife of James Abel, .
Abel, Emily Franklin, b.21 Oct 1844, d.7 Sept 1855.
Abel, James, b.16 ----, 1837, d.19 July 1855.
Arnstead, Sarah W., b.15 July 1831, d.1 June 1858, wife of E.R. Arnstead, b.near Danville, VA., d.Grenada, Miss., (S.W.A., The
Baker, Sarah P., b.10 Apr 1803, d.11 Apr 1860, daughter of (illegible) .
Beaty, Wingean, b.14 Jan 1827, d.(illegible), consort of J. G. Beaty,
Berry, John William, b.1 May 1869, d.11 Aug 1870.
Boon, Dr. A. G., d.17 Oct 1859, aged 30 yrs, 1 month, 15 days.
Boon, Sally Ann, b.2 July 1855, d.185?, daughter of A. G. and A. E. Boon,
Boon, William Albert, d.23 Mar 1860
Butler, Jane, b.7 Feb 1848, d.Oct 1849, daughter of M. (?) D. and H. Butler,
Butler, Wesley R., b.1 Nov 1826, d.?, b.Maury County Tenn., d.Grenada, Miss. (broken stone)
Byron, Oliver, b.12 Mar 1857, d.16 May 1859, son of L.W. and ? N. Hunter,
Carl, Margaret, b.Nov 1845, d.Feb 1885, (illegible) (Mother), wife of Ruis Carl
Carl, Mary G. Beaty, b.21 April 1811, d.22 July 1853, wife of Jonathan Carl,
Chandler, Mahala, b.23 Oct 1830, d.25 Nov. 1860, wife of Pitts Chandler, aged 30 years, 1 month, 2 days.
Chandler, Permelia, d.14 Sept 1904, aged 66 years, (Our Mother)
Clark, Harriet M., b.21 Apr 1853, d.Sept 1854, daughter of Hector M. and Harriet M. Clark
Clark, Zachary T., b.24 Apr 1848, d.(illegible), son of Hector M. and Harriet M. Clark
Coe, Flora Jennet, b.8 July 184?, d.? 1856.
Coe, Norman, b.1 May 1801, d.14 Oct 1859.
Cooneran, Patrick, d.22 Feb 1863, aged 35 year, a native of Ireland
Cope, Cara E.K., b.28 June 1857, d.20 Sept 1859, daughter of W. M. and S. M. Cope
Criss, Anna May and baby, b.24 Nov. 1858, d.1 Nov. 1895, wife of Jno. J. Criss,
Dubard, Elizabeth H., b.3 July 1847, d.20 Sept 1910
Dubard, Eugene, b.4 June 1878, d.24 July 1878, son of L. C. and E. H. Dubard
Dubard, L. C., b.1 June 1841, d.25 Sept 1910
Dubard, Lunette, b.20 Aug 1870, d.11 Apr 1878, daughter of L. C. and E. H. Dubard
Dubard, Michael Wm., b.25 May 1856, d.25 May 1856.
Dubard, William E., b.10 Sept (?), d.22 Oct 1866, son of L. C. and E. H. Dubard,
Dunaway, Robert L., b.18 Mar 1844, d.24 Mar 1847, son of A. P. and A. Dunaway
Edger, James, b.4 Jan 1815, d.9 Aug 1841, a native of Dorchester County, MD., but for the last four years a resident of Grenada, Miss., aged 26 years, 7 months, 5 days.
Edger, Willie D., d.11 Aug 1870, infant son of C. and M. Edger
Floyd, George A., son of B. L. and Flora J. J. Floyd, aged 6 weeks, 1 day.
Gable, Mary Elizabeth, b.20 June 1873, d.3 July 1873, daughter of H. W. and M. E. Gable, b.Grenada, Miss.
Gable, Mary Ella Gunn, b.25 Feb 1811, d.31 May 1876, wife of H. W. Gable, b.in Savannah County, GA.
Garner, Albert P., b.23 Aug 1854, d.?, son of S. H. and E. A. Garner
Garner, Elizabeth A., b.30 Dec 1827, d.29 Dec 1902.
Garner, George S., b.11 July 1853, d.12 Oct 1855, son of S. H. and E. A. Garner
Garner, James L., b.13 July 1861, d.25 Sept 1863, son of S. H. and E. A. Garner
Garner, Samuel H., b.15 Nov. 1815, d.3 Jan 1873.
Garner, Wm. T., b.4 April 1848, d.5 Feb 1899.
George, Martha, consort of R. C. George (illegible).
Gibbs, John, b.14 Feb 1793, d.16 June 1879, b.in Brunswick County, N.C., d.Grenada, Miss.
Gibbs, Margaret M., b.20 Apr 1792, d.3 Aug 1865, wife of John Gibbs, b.in Wilmington, N.C., d.at Pilgrims Rest near Grenada, Miss.
Glider, Sarah, b.1857, d.9 July 1858, aged 9 months, 3 days.
Gordon, Mary Jane, b.7 July 1820, d.13 Aug 1844, wife of H. J. Gordon
Greenhow, A.B. and B.A. (twins), daughter and son of (illegible) Greenhow.
Greenhow, Margaret, d.29 Oct 1858, daughter of ? and ? Greenhow, aged 6 years, 8 months, 8 days.
Hankins, Isabelle, d.22 Oct 1856, aged 9 years 18 days.
Hankins, Margaret W, (Illegible)
Hannis, Jane Francis, b.21 July 1831, d.3 Feb 1853, wife of Charles E. Hannis
Hill, Annie T., b.16 June 1835, d.25 Oct 1857, wife of Dr. H. W. Hill
Hooper, John Wesley, b.25 May 1823, d.19 Feb 1852.
Hughes, Dr. E. W., b.15 Mar 1819, d.at his post of duty, 31 Aug 1878.
Hughes, Mary A., b.20 Apr 1824, d.1 Sept 1878.
Hughes, Mary J., b.30 Sept 18?, d.2 Jan 186?, wife of E. Hughes
Hugo, Fenner, b.in Berlin, Germany, d.of yellow fever in Grenada, MS 4 Sept 1878
Ibry, Mary J. Womble, consort of Joseph L. Irby, b.18 Jan 1828, d.6 Sept 1853, aged 25 years, 7 months, 18 days.
Irby, Aletha J., b.26 Mar 1851, d.6 June 1853, daughter of H. A. and N. S. Irby
Irby, Louisa R., b.25 Feb 1833, d.11 July 1857, consort of Joseph L. Irby, b.in Wilson County, Tenn
Irby, Pleasant ? b.15 Nov. 1796, S.C., aged 72 years, 9 months, 12 days.
Jenal, R., d.21 July 1853, aged 32 years, 5 months.
Kenney, Theodore A.C., b.6 ----, 1843., (Illegible), son of Col. B. G.and V. L. Kenney, b.in Talbollon, GA, Miss. Co. B. 196 Regt. La. Volunteers, erected by his father
Kirk, Children, (2) (Illegible)
Kirk, Narcissa A., b.25 Sept 1831, d.12 Mar 1860, wife of J. W. Kirk, and daughter of D. and E. G. Cockran, aged 28 years, 5 months, 17 days.
Knox, Charlotte, b.31 Dec 1792, d.20 July 1857.
Lake, (Illegible), b.30 Oct 1843, d.1 July 1860, daughter of Tom. and M. Lake
Lake, Alice Estell, b.10 Oct 1850, d.2 July 185?, daughter of Wm. and C. Lake
Lake, Clementine, b.18 Jan 1815, d.7 Aug 1884, wife of William Lake
Lake, Francis A., d.July 1845, infant son of Wm. and C. Lake, aged 11 months, 17 days.
Lake, William, b.19 April 1811, d.19 April 1864.
Lambert, (Illegible), b.5 July 1793, d.1860.
Land, Infants of T. S. and Grizzelle Land, no dates, stone broken.
Land, John M., b.Oct 1841, d.?, son of ? and G. R. Land
Land, Maria Scurr, b.20 Aug 1806, d., 25 Feb. 1839, consort of T.S. Land, b.in N.C., d.in Miss.
Land, Mrs. Grizzell B., b.28 Aug 1813, d.31 Jan 1863, Relict of Thos. S. Land, Literary Society of Bascom Female Seminary has been permitted to inscribe this affectionate memorial to her rare worth and many virtues).
Long, Jane, b.May 1834, d.4 Oct 1878, wife of M. E. Long
Long, Thos. S., b.8 Apr 1792, d.15 Nov 1856, b.in Abbeville Dist., SC, aged 64 years, 7 months, 8 days.
Lucas, Nancy, b.26 Mar 1815, d.18 Aug 1848, wife of I. W. Lucas
Lyon, Mary (baby) M. and S. M. Lyon, d.1858
Mayhew, Annie Myra (Illegible)
McCan, John Mc., b.3 Nov 1861, d.26 Nov. 1884, son of Henry and Elizabeth McCan
McCracken, Thos., b.24 Dec 1810, d.17 Dec 1855.
McMahan, Capt. W. G., b.26 July 1829, d.17 Dec 1863, son of Rev. Wm. McMahan, D.D.
McNabb, Little Spencer Jones, son of Wm. and M. I. McNabb
Melton, John D. (illegible).
Melton, Michael H. (Illegible)
Mister, Julia A., b.4 April 1812, d.2 Aug 1872, wife of Matthew K. Mister
Mitchell, (Illegible), b.April 1817, d.Dec. 1899, wife of Curtis Mitchell
Monasco, Jane, b.22 Apr 1820, d.24 Sept 18?4.
Moody, Rachael P., b.16 Dec 1821, d.29 June 1852, consort of E. F. Moody
Moore, John Thomas, dates unknown, husband of Laura Rebecca Gooch Moore, Not on the list, but according to family records, buried in the Yellow Fever Cemetery
Moore, Laura Rebecca Gooch, b.10 Dec 1847, d.1878, daughter of William Claiborne Gooch and Julian Ann Parks, wife of John Thomas Moore. They had one son Olney Moore who was snuck out of Grenada during the Yellow Fever and lived to be an adult., Not on the list, but according to family records, buried in the Yellow Fever Cemetery
Morehouse, James G., b.28 Sept 1820, d.?.
Newton, James M., d.30 June 1842, a native of Cambridge, MD but for the last 4 years a citizen of Grenada, Miss., aged 25 years, 4 months.
Oliver, Eliza Ann, d.1847, wife of Thomas Oliver, aged 27 yrs, 20 days.
Payne, Magdalene Walker Gibbs, b.27 Dec 1817, d.23 Mar 1897, daughter of John and Margaret Gibbs, wife of Rev. William C. Payne
Payne, Rev. William C., b.29 May 1808, d. 25 Feb 1846, d.in Vicksburg, MS.,
Phillips, Dr. D. P., b.16 April 1803, d.16 June 1878 Father.
Phillips, Jane E., b.19 Nov. 1808, d.15 Jan 1847, Mother.
Phillips, Samuel C., b.19 Dec. 1847, d.4 Dec 1850, son of Septimus and Mary A. Phillips
Phillips, Septimus Caldwell, b.17 Dec 1826, d.16 Mar 1853.
Price, W.M.H., b.15 Jan 1829, d.9 April 18??
Ratcliff, Nancy Irene, b.8 June 1841, d.3 Mar 1856, daughter of S. N. and N. Ratcliff
Reneau, Elisa Darwin, d.19 Jan 1841, consort of N. S. Reneau, aged 20 years.
Richardson, Albert Edward, b.21 Oct 1860, d.9 June 1862, son of Geo. P. and M. F. Richardson
Rosser, Aurelia, b.11 Nov. 1831, d.7 May 1846, daughter of Daniel Rosser and Polly Rosser
Rosser, Chappel Gee, b.26 Dec 1835, d.28 May 1846, son of Daniel Rosser and Polly his wife
Rosser, Polly Jane, b.22 Feb 1828, d.16 Mar 1846, daughter of Daniel Rosser and Polly is wife, aged 18 yrs, 22 days.
Rosser, Wm. Henry Harrison, b.27 Sept 1839, d.7 May 1846.
Sageley, Jane, b.1796, d.3 Sept 1858, son of Daniel Rosser and Polly his wife
Signaigo, Alice Walters, b.1852, d.1878
Signaigo, Augustine, b.in --- 18 Jan 1835, d.(illegible)
Signaigo, Johnnie B., b.30 Aug 1870, d.24 June 1871, son of J. A. and A. W. Signaigo
Snider, Celia Hart, b.8 Oct 1797, d.1 Dec 1873, wife of Jacob Snider
Snider, Cordelia Lake, b.15 Sept 1831, d.8 Nov. 1859, wife of J.A. Snider, b.in Dorchester County, MD, married 4 Aug 1855
Snider, Dr. Jacob, b.14 May 1794, d.28 Sept 1851.
Snider, Ruhanan H., b.23 June 1840, d.23 Mar 1847.
Stokes, Anna Mary, b.2 Jan 1859, d.26 Apr 1875, daughter of J. C. and C. E. Stokes
Stokes, C. E., b.21 July 1830, d.28 Aug 1878, wife of J. C. Stokes
Stokes, J. C., b.10 June 1811, d.13 Apr 1885
Stokes, J. C. Jr., b.21 Sept 1861, d.19 Aug 1878, son of J. C. and C. E. Stokes
Stokes, James G., b.2 May 1866, d.28 Aug 1878, son of J. C. and C. E. Stokes
Tucker, M.C., b.1839, d.22 Oct 1862.
Vinson, Elizabeth E. b.05 July 1820, d.23 Aug 1878
Webb, Adelaide A. Wheeler, b.22 Mar 1829, d.18 June 1855, consort of Rev. W. W. S. Webb, b.in Canandaigua, N.Y., d.in Grenada, Miss.
Wile, Abraham, d.16 July 1865, aged 50 years.
Williams, Nannie S., b.22 Oct 1847, d.15 Feb 1868, daughter of J.J.V. and J. Williams
Williamson, Frusan, b.9 Oct 1855, d.10 Oct 1855, daughter of Isaac and A. A.
Williamson, Mary R. b.10 Aug 1853, d.11 Aug 1853.
Winter, Ada, b.05 Mar 1883, d.5 Mar 1883, daughter of R. H. and I. L. Winter
Winter, Emma Clementine, b.8 Feb 1885, d.23 April 1885, daughter of R. H. and I. L. Winter
Winter, Louise Austin, b.19 Sept 1889, d.16 May 1890, daughter of R. H. and I. L. Winter
Witte, Benjamin, d.23 July 1857, infant son of A. and A. Witte
Wood, Emily, dau of Wm. E. and Sophia M. Wood, aged 10 months.
Wood, Mrs. Ann, b.April 1781, d.Jan 1846, aged 64 years 9 months.
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