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Providence Cemetery
Grenada County, Mississippi

Lat: 33°42'50"N, Lon: 89°37'04"W
T21N R6E Sec 1

Contributed by Nick Denley, Aug 22, 2002 [nickdenley@earthlink.net]. Total records = 343.

From Hwy #51 intersection with Hwy #8 east of Grenada, MS. in 9.6 miles turn right on Providence Road, 3.3 miles turn left at double arrow sign, church and cemetery is on the right.

This cemetery has very old markers, broken and some can't be read. Please let me know of any that is not indexed or read incorrectly. If some are buried without markers, please let me know of these also.

History and Memorial Marker: "Providence Cemetery, 1840, National register of Historic Places. Established by the very first settlers of Grenada County. This cemetery has played a significant role in the lives of its citizens throughout its long history."

I walked and did a complete index of this cemetery on Feb 22, 2000.

- Nick Denley
Abel, Bobby Carey, b. 1941, d. 1978, RD 3, US Navy, Vietnam
Abel, C. Hemphill, b. 1905, d. 1967
Abel, E. G. (Cotton), Jr, b. 06-21-1926, d. 01-27-1994
Abel, E. G. (Lige), b. 12-11-1900, d. 09-01-1969, s/w Nona Clark
Abel, Emma Ell, b. 1875, d. 1944, s/w John Pass
Abel, Evelyn F., b. 1917, d. 1995
Abel, Frances Leona, b. 09-06-1936, d. 06-27-1938
Abel, Infant, no dates, s/o Lige & Nona Abel
Abel, John Henry, b. 10-17-1902, d. 03-28-1987, s/w Mary Earl Shipp
Abel, John Pass, b. 1870, d. 1947, s/w Emma Ell
Abel, LouElla S., d. 05-29-1982, Mother
Abel, Louella, b. 10-18-1871, d. 10-02-1929, w/o W.E. Abel
Abel, Mary Earl Shipp, b. 11-04-1908, d. 01-19-1935, s/w John Henry
Abel, Nona Clark, b. 11-27-1901, d. 11-03-1955, s/w E.G.
Abel, Robert Maxwell, b. 08-01-1913, d. 08-24-1964
Abel, W. E., b. 04-08-1866, d. 05-03-1936
Adams, Grace P., 10-23-1908, d. no date, s/w John W
Adams, John W., Jr., b. 12-24-1928, d. 05-02-1994
Adams, John W., Sr., b. 08-24-1906, d. 02-13-1977, s/w Grace P
Adams, Ruby, b. 07-24-1931, d. 09-02-1996
Aldridge, Beatrice, b. 02-14-1850, d. 10-25-1851, d/o William & Susan Aldridge
Aldridge, James G., b. 06-11-1855, d. 10-03-1857, age: 2yr 3mo 22da, s/o William & Susan A. Aldridge
Aldridge, Temperance S., b. 10-09-1852, d. 07-28-1861, d/o William & Susan Aldridge
Aven, Elizabeth, d. 09-04-1859, 30yr of of life
Black, Emile, b. 1807, d. ??
Black, Nancy, b. 02-14-1825, d. 06-22-1899, w/o Bailey Black
Black, Nigie J., b. 12-06-1844, d. 02-02-1862
Blakely, Angela "Net" Annette, b. 11-29-1964, d. no date, s/w James Raiford
Blakely, Ellen Lott, b. 04-30-1920, d. 02-28-1987, s/w James David Jr, m. 10-18-1936
Blakely, James David, Jr., b. 12-11-1918, d. 09-01-1994/ S Sgt., U.S. Army, WWII, s/w Ellen Lott, m. 10-18-1936
Blakely, James Raiford "Ray", b. 09-19-1960, d. 07-15-1986, s/w Angela Annette
Bowen, Alberta Roberts, b. 09-03-1874, d. 10-18-1946
Bowen, Alford M., b. 11-22-`866, d. 02-10-1926
Bowen, E. L., b. 1875, d. 1897, w/o J.E. Bowen
Bowen, Elizabeth L., b. 07-15-1902, d. 12-03-1902, d/o A.M.& W.E. Bowen
Bowen, Estella Annie, b. 04-03-1867, d. 08-28-1885
Bowen, Hattie Searcy, b. 04-02-1897, d. 11-06-1974, s/w John Willie Sr
Bowen, Hugh, b. 07-02-1903, d. 10-19-1978
Bowen, Ida Wier, b. 1870, d. 1952
Bowen, Infant, b. 01-13-1902, d. 01-13-1902, d/o J.E.& J. Bowen
Bowen, Infant, b. 02-26-1889, d. 02-26-1889, s/o A.M.& Willlie E. Bowen
Bowen, Infant, no dates, s/o A.M.& Willie E. Bowen
Bowen, J. E., b. 02-02-1874, d. 08-17-1947
Bowen, James W., b. 12-01-1915, d. 10-19-1967
Bowen, Jerome Hill, b. 03-01-1899, d. 09-01-1946, s/o T.E. Bowen
Bowen, John W., b. 1866, d. 1935, s/w Lula C
Bowen, John Willie, Sr., b. 06-06-1892, d. 11-08-1973, s/w Hattie Searcy
Bowen, Lula C., b. 1866, d. 1943, s/w John W
Bowen, Lula Etvile, b. 09-27-1886, d. 08-05-1887, d/o J.W.& L.E. Bowen
Bowen, M. A., b. 02-22-1825, d. 07-09-1906
Bowen, Margaret E., b. 08-28-1846, d. 03-01-1862
Bowen, Margaret G., d. 03-08-1862, age: 42yr
Bowen, Mary A., b. 03-17-1889, d. 10-07-1895, d/o J. W.& L.E. Bowen
Bowen, Mary A., b. 05-22-1903, d. 09-08-1908, d/o T.E.& E.A. Bowen
Bowen, Mary J., b. 04-05-1845, d. 06-27-1890, w/o T.P. Bowen
Bowen, Mary Lee, b. 10-19-1918, d. 01-28-1920
Bowen, Mrs. Willie E., b. 09-15-1865, d. 12-18-1893, w/o A.M. Bowen
Bowen, Nancy Adelle, b. 08-23-1891, d. 09-15-1892
Bowen, Ouida Isabelle, b. 08-29-1923, d. 05-xx-1928, d/o Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Bowen, Jr.
Bowen, Pearle R., b. 07-17-1896, d. 08-10-1917
Bowen, S. A., b. 10-22-1841, d. 04-03-1915, w/o M.A. Bowen
Bowen, Thomas Eugene, b. 10-17-1870, d. 04-14-1950
Bowen, Thomas, b. 10-22-1818, d. 04-10-1891
Brewer, Jane, no dates, w/o Frank Pollan
Brown, Emmer F., b. 06-18-1885, d. 03-11-1936
Brown, Tom, b. 01-06-1885, d. 01-01-1939
Burke, Dr. Milton P., b. 1833, d. 1892, s/w Harriet Newel
Burke, Harriet Newel, b. 1835, d. 1898, s/w Milton P
Caffey, Adaline S., b. 1830, d. 09-22-1906
Caffey, Addie, no dates
Caffey, Emma Edgie, no dates
Caffey, H. N., d. 02-27-1885, age: 26yr 7mo 29da
Caffey, Infant, no dates
Caffey, Jack T, b. 06-06-1882, d. 04-14-1937, s/w Julia
Caffey, Julia, b. 03-13-1881, d. 07-27-1960, s/w Jack T
Caffey, Lerlene, no dates
Caffey, Mary Alice, b. 10-22-1863, d. 11-10-1928
Caffey, R. W., b. 12-14-1856, d. 04-20-1940
Caffey, T. J., b. 10-14-1817, d. 01-28-1891
Caffey, Valma, no dates
Caffey, Walter Lee, no dates
Campbell, Alcanza McMath, b. 09-28-1834, d. 07-23-1895, w/o C.C. Campbell
Campbell, Daniel Jewel, b. 1906, d. 1912, s/o E.R.& A.N. Campbell
Campbell, Daniel, d. 04-05-1852, age: 22yr
Campbell, Dora A., b. 01-28-1855, d. 04-17-1910, s/w Edward R
Campbell, Edward R., b. 10-01-1853, d. 09-05-1935, s/w Dora A
Campbell, Jewel V., b. 02-25-1883, d. 03-30-1900
Campbell, Sarah Elizabeth, no dates, d/o E.R.& A.N. Campbell
Carpenter, Betty W., b. 09-09-1941, d. 07-12-1999
Carpenter, Jenner Rose, b. 02-03-1920, d. 04-14-1987, s/w Robert F
Carpenter, John Ed, b. 01-06-1879, d. 04-07-1936, s/w Ruby Caffey
Carpenter, Robert F., b. 08-27-1916, d. no date, s/w Jenner Rose
Carpenter, Ruby Caffey, b. 11-06-1885, d. 01-31-1975, s/w John Ed
Castle, Burthenia E., b. 1862, d. 1880, d/o J.M. & M.A. Castle
Chamberlain, Elizabeth, b. 12-08-1834, d. 03-08-1852, age: 17yr 3mo, w/o Thomas A. Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Elizabeth, d. 07-23-1846, age: 16yr 1mo 10da, w/o W.C. Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Ella, b. 08-27-1868, d. 09-22-1875, d/o T.A.& M.T. Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Mary T., b. 01-15-1844, d. 10-05-1922, w/o T.A. Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Mollie, b. 10-21-1853, d. 08-15-1859, d/o W. G.& M.A. Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Mrs. Margaret, Departed this life in 74th year of her age
Chamberlain, Thomas A., b. 04-08-1823, d. 04-04-1884
Chamberlain, Willie "Little Willie", d. 07-12-1860, age: 8mo
Cheairs, Elma King, b. 10-02-1872, d. 02-12-1879, w/o W.W. Cheairs
Cheairs, William Winston, b. 03-04-1871, d. 08-10-1904
Clark, Granfill H. C., b. 09-17-1898, d. 06-22-1897, s/o J.W.& L.W. Clark
Cohea, Claude, b. 01-13-1907, d. 09-25-1974, Pvt US Army
Cohea, Doris McWhorter, b. 02-08-1923, d. no date, s/w Monroe Guy
Cohea, Emma, b. 07-09-1876, d. 06-17-1927, s/w Perry
Cohea, James Colin, Sr., b. 07-30-1905, d. 10-29-1976, s/w Vernice Delores
Cohea, Monroe Guy, b. 11-18-1908, d. 03-21-1984, s/w Doris McWhorter
Cohea, Perry, b. 04-06-1879, d. 09-10-1942, s/w Emma
Cohea, Vernice Delores, b. 09-22-1913, d. 01-23-1944, s/w James Colin Sr
Collins, Joseph, no dates
Collins, Moses W., d. 1840
Collins, Sarah, b. 12-11-1786, d. 06-28-1846, w/o Joseph Collins
Cooley, Georgie W. McMath, b. 06-15-1857, d. 03-21-1926, w/o J.M. Cooley
Cooley, John M., b. 04-07-1849, d. 08-13-1928
Cooley, Thomas Walter, b. 02-28-1876, d. 05-25-1927
Daniel, Americus F., b. 1846, d. 1904, s/w Sallie Ann
Daniel, Cathern, b. 07-30-1822, d. 11-17-1905
Daniel, Edwin T., b. 10-14-1893, d. 10-30-1975
Daniel, Elizabeth A., b. 12-12-1863, d. 02-13-1952, s/w William D
Daniel, Elizabeth Ayers, b. 03-29-1898, d. 09-24-1977, s/w Lillie Margaret
Daniel, Erastus, b. 05-30-1854, d. 01-23-1896, s/o E.T.& M.C. DAniel
Daniel, Lillie Margaret, b. 03-18-1897, d. 04-02-1973, s/w Elizabeth Ayers
Daniel, Martha C. Johnson, b. 07-30-1822, d. 11-17-1905
Daniel, Sallie Ann, b. 1856, d. 1900, s/w Americus F
Daniel, William D., b. 06-16-1852, d. 05-27-1922, s/w Elizabeth A
Farewell, Edward T., b. 04-15-1810, d. 11-17-18?9
Farewell, Elizabeth, b. 1802, d. 03-09-1871
Field, Connie, b. 1886, d. 1936
Field. Ben, b. 1884, d. 1966
Ford, George H., b. 04-12-1813, d. 07-23-1859, s/o Frederick & Martha Ford
Geddings, Tommie, b. 01-28-1884, d. 02-08-1888, d/o J.D.& M.R. Geddings
Gillon, Mary, b. 11-13-1876, d. 09-06-1893
Greer, Thomas J., b. 09-01-1849, d. 09-16-1874, s/o Dr. T.J.& H.A. Greer
Haile, Alfonzo, b. 03-02-1872, d. 08-30-1874, s/o D.L.& N.A. Haile
Hearn, George, d. 01-27-1873, age: 14yr 8mo 27da
Hearn, James M., b. 11-22-1859, d. 01-13-1882, s/o C.M.& I. Hearn
Hooker, Beulah I., b. 10-21-1883, d. 12-05-1899, d/o J.H.& S.V. Hooker
Hooker, J. H., b. 04-06-1852, d. 03-02-1922
Hooker, S. V., this marker is next to J.H. Hooker and is believed to be his wife, S.V. Hooker
Hooker, Thomas Eugene, b. 01-18-1894, d. 01-13-1956
Horton, Elizabeth Chamberlain, b. 02-06-1852, d. 03-21-1933
Hosey, John, d. 09-30-1945
James, Belle Ross, b. 04-30-1884, d. 12-28-1969, w/o James Clarence James
Johnson, Alex W., b. 07-25-1847, d. 03-12-1854
Johnson, B. Franklin, b. 10-04-1823, d. 03-30-1870
Johnson, Daniel E., b. 1861, d. 1862, s/o B.F.& Mary E. Johnson
Johnson, Edwin, b. 02-25-1856, d. 08-19-1857, s/o J.W. & M.M. Johnson
Johnson, Hiram B., b. 09-20-1849, d. 12-30-1875
Johnson, Lena E., b. 1866, d. 1879
Johnson, M. L., 1853?
Johnson, Margaret M., b. 02-07-1834, d. 01-11-1858, w/o Jas. W. Johnson
Johnson, Mary E., b. 1830, d. 09-15-1868, Consort of B.F. Johnson
Johnson, Mary Franklin, b. 09-12-1868, d. 07-30-1869, s/o B.F.& Mary E. Johnson
Johnson, Sarah, b. 04-11-1795, d. 06-30-1871
Johnson, Walter Edwin, b. 1859, d. 1862
Johnson, William F., b. 12-28-1845, d. 02-13-1854
Johnson, William F., b. 1863, d. 1884
Johnson, William S., b. 03-26-1818, d. 01-13-1845
Jones, Infant, no dates
Jones, Jennie, b. 07-13-1861, d. 08-16-1863
Keeton, Benton Tillman, b. 11-17-1924, d. 03-17-1978, 2nd Lt, US Army, WWII
King, J. S., b. 01-31-1843, d. 12-29-1905
King, John S., b. 03-11-1816, d. 11-02-1842
King, Lula, b. 05-02-1871, d. 09-16-1903
King, Martha, b. 08-20-1849, d. 06-02-1978
King, Mary S., b. 06-08-1847, d. 09-06-1866, w/o J.S. King
King, Sallie L., b. 09-17-1862, d. 07-10-1883, w/o J.S. King
Latham, Thomas R. "Toby", b. 05-25-1963, d. 08-23-1986
Leverette, Addie Caffey, b. 1863, d. 1950
Leverette, Annie C., b. 08-12-1875, d. 02-23-1965, s/w John W
Leverette, Fred Milton, b. 06-25-1909, d. 04-04-1944
Leverette, James E., b. 02-16-1891, d. 12-25-1928
Leverette, James Edward, b. 01-12-1859, d. 03-12-1937
Leverette, John W., b. 10-13-1858, d. 03-24-1952, s/w Annie C
Lewis, Dr. James A., b. 1824, d. 1871
Liverett, Clifford, b. 07-08-1889, d. 12-05-1890, s/o J.T.& M.E. Liverett
Maybin, E. R. J., b. 1847, d. 1876
McMath, Elijah, b. 06-18-1818, d. 12-07-1859
McMath, Sara, b. 08-05-1861, d. 09-08-1861, d/o J.& S.A. McMath
McMath, Sarah Jane, b. 04-27-1854, d. 06-08-1857, d/o E.& Emily J. McMath
McMath, William G., b. 06-19-1865, d. 07-08-1867, s/o J.& S.A. McMath
McNulty, Jenifer Lee, b. 06-18-1971, d. 09-12-1999, d/o Betty Carpenter
McRee, Jack Sanderson, b. 09-26-1943, d. no date, s/w Judy Williams
McRee, Judy Williams, b. 08-04-1948, d. no date, s/w Jack Sanderson
Moore, B. E., b. 09-16-1899, d. 07-08-1905
Moore, E. E., b. 07-09-1894, d. 08-19-1895
Moore, Francis M., b. 07-27-1855, d. 02-09-1915
Moore, W. G., b. 1889, d. 1891, s/o F.M.& Jennie Moore
Neal, Annie Mae, b. 12-24-1906, d. 06-06-1998
Neal, Dora Chapman, b. 1869, d. 1954, Mother
Neal, Silas Andrue, b. 1856, d. 1942/ Father
Nettles, Oscar Wilson, b. 09-21-1917, d. 01-14-1963, Tec 5, U.S. Army, WWII, PH
Peets, Cheryl Lynn, b. 08-05-1956, d/o Charles & Jean Peets
Phillips, Eddie, b. 02-01-1865, d. 05-29-1949
Pollan, Emma, b. 1877, d. 1932, s/w G. Lee
Pollan, Frank, no dates, Confederate Veteran
Pollan, Franklin S., b. 06-23-1918, d. 12-09-1921
Pollan, G. Lee, b. 1870, d. 1935, s/w Emma
Pollan, Infant, no dates, s/o G. L. & E. L. Pollan
Powell, Bannister Franklin, b. 03-16-1857, d. 10-11-1931
Powell, Katie Williams, b. 01-xx-1870, d. 01-20-1936
Pyron, Hattie P., b. 12-01-1912, d. no date, s/w Jim Allen
Pyron, Jim Allen, b. 11-23-1904, d. 12-04-1974, Pvt US Army, s/w Hattie P
Ringo, Mary, b. 07-17-1796, d. 04-01-1856, w/o R.M. Ringo, Jr.
Ringo, Robert M., Jr., b. 02-12-1832, d. 03-22-1856
Roberts, Frank, b. 02-11-1859, d. 09-26-1860, s/o F.M.& M.R. Roberts
Ross, Fannie S., b. 1888, d. 1971, s/w H.L. and W. L.
Ross, H. L., b. 1889, d. 1934, s/w W. L. and Fannie S
Ross, L. E., b. 09-16-1861, d. 10-29-1894, w/o W.L.Ross
Ross, Leola, b. 03-09-1887, d. 08-22-1894, d/o L.E.& W.L. Ross
Ross, M. E., b. 02-12-1872, d. 10-26-1898, w/o W.L. Ross
Ross, W. L., b. 1915, d. 1931, s/w H.L. and Fannie S
Ross, Zachariah P., no dates, CO. C. 30 Miss. Inf. C.S.A.
Schiele, Artie Gilbert, b. 08-11-1909, d. 08-15-1998
Schiele, Clyde Kirkman, b. 05-15-1928, d. no date, s/w Jean Grantham, m. 09-13-1947
Schiele, Jean Grantham, b. 09-13-1930, d. no date, s/w Clyde Kirkman, m. 09-13-1947
Schiele, Lillie M., b. 10-14-1888, d. 06-23-1979, s/w Victor H
Schiele, Victor H., b. 09-17-1881, d. 12-02-1948, s/w Lilliem M
Searcy, B. W., b. 03-03-1827, d. 01-12-1883
Searcy, Bennie Rosamond, b. 03-03-1897, d. 01-05-1981, s/w Willie David
Searcy, Henry C., b. 11-26-1892, d. 05-25-1969
Searcy, Jane S., b. 1869, d. 1887
Searcy, P. M., b. 10-12-1864, d. 02-18-1911
Searcy, Willie David, b. 01-23-1891, d. 09-04-1938, s/w Bennie Rosamond
Searcy, Willie James, b. 11-24-1863, d. 02-19-1961
Searcy, Z. C., b. 04-10-1836, d. 07-09-1900
Shelton, Mrs. A. C., b. 09-10-1842, d. 06-25-1932
Simpson, Baby, b. 10-08-1904, d. 08-30-1905, s/o S.S. & M.B. Simpson
Simpson, Infant, b. 10-08-1904, d. 08-30-1905, s/o S.S.& M.B. Simpson
Sledge, A., b. 12-08-1792, d. 05-09-1859/ Born in VA.
Smith, Allie James, b. 11-06-1861, d. 05-01-1951
Smith, Carry R., b. 06-13-1885, d. 01-01-1900, d/o J.R.& D.H. Smith
Smith, Charles L., b. 12-18xx, d. 08-28-`906
Smith, J. R., b. 06-16-1855, d. 01-16-1904
Smith, Jasper N., b. 04-29-1859, d. 11-25-1943
Smith, Mary, b. 04-10-1888, d. 10-25-1888, d/o J.R.& D.H. Smith
Smith, Mrs. J. R., b. 1849, d. 1942
Smith, William J., b. 1875, d. 1936
Stevens, Belle Bowen, b. 1860, d. 1951, w/o I. R. Stevens
Stevens, James Thomas, b. 01-17-1880, d. 06-26-1905, s/o I.R. & B.B. Stevens
Stevens, Telbu, b. 1897, d. 1903, s/o I.R. & B.Z. Stevens
Stevens, Tillman, b. 03-04-1897, d. 07-07-1897, s/o I.R. & B.B. Stevens
Sultan, Auriol D. Ackroyd, b. 01-11-1924, d. no date, s/w Robert Gaston
Sultan, Bessie H., b. 07-18-1910, d. no date, s/w Fred D
Sultan, Bob Talbert, b. 02-22-1917, d. 03-24-1971, ME 2, US Navy, s/w S.L. Mitchell
Sultan, Donald, b. 06-05-1939
Sultan, Dora Shelton, b. 03-06-1872, d. 03-12-1958
Sultan, Fred D., b. 03-28-1909, d. 11-03-1977, s/w Bessie H
Sultan, Guy, b. 10-17-1892, d. 04-22-1975, s/w Mary Ellie
Sultan, John Willis, Sr., b. 05-18-1921, d. 08-06-1990, s/w Roger Dale Father, Cpl. U.S. Army, WWII
Sultan, Luvenia Whelan, b. 11-11-1904, d. 06-20-1987, s/w Mae Alois, Mother
Sultan, Mae Alois, b. 01-21-1929, d. no date, s/w Luvenia Whelan, Mother
Sultan, Mary Ellie, b. 12-19-1900, d. 12-08-1974, s/w Guy
Sultan, Robert Gaston, b. 06-08-1918, d. 06-14-1996, SSgt US Army, WWII, s/w Auriol D
Sultan, Roger Dale, b. 01-06-1954, d. 09-30-1973, s/w John Willis Sr, Son
Sultan, S. J., b. 12-13-1872, d. 11-10-1923
Sultan, S. L. Mitchell, b. 11-26-1915, s/w Bob Talbert
Sultan, Samuel Jeptha, b. 11-30-1931, d. 07-30-1932
Sultan, Thomas Pindall, b. 06-18-1911, d. 05-28-1938
Sykes, G. Virginia B. Morrison "Genny Mama", b. 1-16-1916, d. 06-18-1993
Taylor, Estelle Williams, d. 10-11-1924, d. no date, s/w Houston M
Taylor, H. C. W., d. 10-24-1874, age: 74yr 6mo 9da
Taylor, Houston M., b. 08-04-1918, d. 10-29-1985, Cpl US Army, WWII, s/w Estelle Williams
Taylor, John S., b. 08-27-1822, d. 08-22-1838, s/o H.G.& Nancy Taylor
Taylor, Laura, d. 03-22-1877, 22yr. of her age
Taylor, Laura, d. 03-22-1877, age: 22yr, w/o G.W. Taylor
Taylor, Mrs. I., b. 01-23-1843, d. 09-08-1911, w/o George W.Taylor
Taylor, Nancy, d. 09-10-1866, age: 47yr 10mo 16da, w/o H. Taylor
Thompson, Martha, d. 09-10-1860, age: 20yr 8mo 25da, w/o W. G. Thompson & Dau. of H.G. Taylor
Tillman, Berry G., b. 04-06-1795, d. 05-13-1853
Tindall, Angie A. Caffey, b. 02-04-1855, d. 10-15-1936, w/o G. W. Tindall
Tindall, G. W., b. 02-19-1849, d. 02-22-1903, h/o Angie Tindall
Tindall, Homer, b. 12-19-1878, d. 02-03-1907
Tribble, Richard L., b. no dates, CO.D., 1BN, Miss., Sharp Shooters, C.S.A.
Trussell, Bobby R. L., b. 04-19-1953, d. 01-30-1959
Trussell, Charles Medric, b. 11-14-1955, d. 08-15-1959
Trussell, Donald E., Sr., b. 09-25-1928, d. 07-01-1986, s/w Faye H, m. 09-16-1950
Trussell, Ellene G., b. 04-05-1927, d. no date, s/w Robert S
Trussell, Faye H.-, b. 07-26-1931, d. no date, s/w Donald E Sr, m. 09-16-1950
Trussell, Georgia Anna, b. 10-06-1858, d. 09-20-1923
Trussell, Infant, b. 07-10-1906, d. 07-10-1906, s/o W.C.& G.L. Trussell
Trussell, Infant, no dates, s/o Mr.& Mrs. T.E. Trussell
Trussell, James, b. 1905, d. 1907, s/o T.E. & K. B. Trussell
Trussell, Katie Belle, b. 10-02-1890, d. 01-23-1963, s/w Thomas Edger
Trussell, Nancy, b. 03-22-1822, d. 10-06-1916, age: 95yr
Trussell, Robert S., b. 03-16-1924, d. 05-21-1998, s/w Ellene G
Trussell, Thomas Edger, b. 02-11-1883, d. 02-17-1952, s/w Katie Belle
Trussell, W. M., b. 10-17-1852, d. 01-22-1910
Wall, B. B., b. 04-17-1858, d. 12-04-1891
Wall, Columbus M., d. 06-06-1864, age: 3yr, s/o Dr. J.N.& E.A. Wall
Wall, Dr. Jasper N., b. 09-11-1817, d. 06-04-1871
Wall, Elizabeth A., b. 09-06-1834, d. 06-24-1888, m. J.N. Wall, 02-16-1851, after his death, married W.E. Holmes-11-30-1875
Wall, Henry N., b. 01-05-1854, d. 09-27-1855, s/o J.N. & E.A. Wall
White, Elizabeth, b. 1856, d. 1931, Mother
White, Eva Goodwin, b. 10-20-1891, d. 08-20-1977, s/w James
White, James (Jack), b. 10-28-1882, d. 12-21-1960, s/w Eva Goodwin
White, James V., b. 12-31-1911, d. 07-29-1978, Maj US Army
Wiggins, A. G., no dates
Williams, Annie Mae James, b. 05-15-1899, d. 01-11-1996, s/w John Monroe
Williams, Betty Ligon, 10-10-1926
Williams, Birl, b. 12-30-1910, d. 01-31-1979, s/w Ruby G
Williams, Bobby Birl, b. 03-03-1938, d. 05-15-1983
Williams, Christeen, b. 02-07-1923, d. no date, s/w John Edd
Williams, Christine Slaton, d. 10-01-2000, age: 77yr
Williams, Dora L. Hooker, b. 11-06-1878, d. 11-19-1966
Williams, Edward Lee, b. 07-01-1919, d. 04-27-1987, Cpl, US Army, WWII
Williams, Eva J. Burt, b. 08-13-1922, d. 11-14-1998, s/w James Farrow
Williams, George R., b. 12-15-1908, d. 01-08-1994, s/w Grace W
Williams, Grace W., b. 01-23-1914, d. 05-30-1986, s/w George R
Williams, Henry G., b. 01-10-1895, d. 12-30-1969, Miss Mech CO. D. 323 Inf., WWII, s/w Rubye James
Williams, Ida T., b. 09-15-1875, d. 04-10-1945, s/w J.T.
Williams, Infant, b. 12-13-1899, d. 12-13-1899, d/o J.T.& E.T. Williams
Williams, Infant, b. 12-16-1944, d/o Shaw & Sheila Williams
Williams, J. M., b. 03-28-1829, d. 09-28-1910, h/o M. J. Williams
Williams, J. T., b. 05-02-1872, d. 04-05-1954, s/w Ida T
Williams, James Farrow, b. 04-10-1922, d. 04-05-1976, Sgt US Army, WWII, s/w Eva J Burt
Williams, James H., b. 05-22-1870, d. 11-18-1915
Williams, Jim Shaw, b. 08-26-1903, d. 01-16-2000
Williams, Jimmie Ray, b. 1931, d. 1938
Williams, John Edd, b. 04-12-1920, d. 11-17-1986, SSgt US Army, WWII, s/w Christeen
Williams, John Monroe, b. 09-02-1897, d. 07-30-1985, s/w Annie Mae
Williams, M. J., b. 08-28-1838, d. 11-30-1916, w/o J. M. Williams
Williams, Mary, d. 03-28-1854
Williams, Paul Gaines, 07-06-1924
Williams, Rena M., b. 10-15-1929, d. no date, s/w Thomas L, m. 01-18-1947, Our children: Danny, Sandra, Randy, Ann, Patsy and Deborah
Williams, Ruby G., b. 09-21-1914, d. 07-13-1970, s/w Birl
Williams, Rubye James, b. 08-21-1898, d. 03-20-1990, s/w Henry G
Williams, Thomas L., b. 09-06-1926, d. no date, s/w Rena M, m. 01-18-1947
Wilson, Arianah J., b. 04-17-1832, d. 07-20-1853
Worsham, Ben Marshall, b. 03-15-1917, d. 10-28-1997
Worsham, Ben P., b. 1870, d. 1951, s/w Fannie S
Worsham, Ben Phifer, b. 09-07-1918, d. 07-30-1931
Worsham, Fannie S., b. 1876, d. 1952, s/w Ben P
Worsham, Ivy Mae, b. 05-08-1906, d. 02-09-1997, s/w william Talford
Worsham, Lee T., Sr., b. 02-15-1916, d. 01-18-1975, TSgt US Air Forces
Worsham, Lula B., b. 09-23-1881, d. 02-05-1947, s/w Walter L
Worsham, Walter L., b. 10-26-1865, d. 09-09-1940, s/w Lula B
Worsham, Walter Lee, Jr., b. 02-01-1919, d. 03-25-1975, s/w Willie Paul
Worsham, William Talford, b. 06-05-1907, d. 03-04-1981, s/w Ivy Mae
Worsham, Willie Paul, b. 10-08-1924, d. 10-13-1997, s/w Walter Lee Jr
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