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Rounsaville Hyatt Memorial Cemetery
Rounsaville, Greene County, Mississippi

Lat: 31° 09' 35"N, Lon: 88° 27' 11"W

Contributed by James Trussell, Sep 10, 2007 [carverofwood1260@wmconnect.com]. Total records = 55.

Traveling South from Leakesville, Mississippi on Highway 63 South, you will come to an intersection with highway 594 East. Turn left on highway 594 and go approximately 2.8 miles. Here you will take a left on Deer Park road, stay on Deer park road approximately 4 miles. You will see Austin Road on your left, take this left hand turn. This road will be dirt for about 1 mile and then it will turn into a blacktop road. The cemetery will be on your left across from Rounsaville Baptist Church.

This is a community cemetery and the upkeep is done by the church and also some family members of those buried there. The cemetery is well maintained and is surrounded by a chain link fence. They have a nice metal archway over the main gate with the name of the cemetery in metal letters.

I walked this cemetery on Sep 10, 2007. All information was taken from headstone inscriptions and temporary grave markers. There were several unmarked graves.

- James Trussell
Beard, Virgie Mae, b. 05-12-1925, d. 11-05-1999
Beard, William P, b. 02-26-1933, d. 12-03-2004
Berry, David Arnold, b. 12-04-1957, d. 12-04-2006, age 49
Blake, Leaster Inetta, b. 06-28-1935, d. 12-03-2005, 70 years old
Brown, Jeffery Chadwick, b. unknown, d. 07-09-1973, son of Charlie & Carolyn Brown
Cooley, Gerald Jansen, b. 12-24-1955, d. 12-28-2003
Daughdrill, Jill Denise, b. 09-07-1970, d. 09-07-1970, "8 hours old"
Daughdrill, Roland D. (Sr.), b. 12-15-1937, d. 09-10-2005
Durham, Etta Marie, b. 11-03-1903, d. 05-17-1988
Durham, Robert Nathan, b. 01-16-1897, d. 09-07-1987
Edmond, Frank C, b. 01-08-1926, d. 12-27-1988, S1 US Navy WW-2
Gibson, Carrie (Helveston), b. 05-30-1896, d. 04-01-1979, MAMA
Gibson, John Calvin, b. 04-18-1893, d. 04-14-1974, PAPA
Gibson, Philip Stephen, b. 04-06-1922, d. 06-12-1999, Pvt. US Army WW-2 Bronze Star Medal & Purple Heart
Goins, Henrietta, b. 06-17-1881, d. 08-06-1959
Goins, infant, b. 08-??-1927, d. 08-??-1927, inf. Son of B.E. & Clara Goins
Goins, S. Mintor, b. 07-07-1874, d. 03-18-1958
Hooper, Doris (Rounsaville), B. 01-04-1914, D. 09-02-1958
Huggins, Melborne D, b. 01-22-1916, d. 12-02-1976
Huggins, Theda Yvette, b. 05-30-1955, d. 07-06-2003, "Loving Sister"
Hyatt, Agusta D, b. 1890, d. 1955
Hyatt, Charlie, b. 11-27-1899, d. 10-26-1966
Hyatt, Dan (Jr.), b. 1892, d. 1940
Hyatt, Dan (Sr.), b. 1855, d. 1929
Hyatt, John Walter, b. 12-04-1902, d. 03-05-1954
Hyatt, Margret D, b. 1874, d. 1944
Hyott, Rubye M, b. 06-17-1908, d. 01-12-1921
Montford, Marie, b. 03-13-1937, d. 03-30-1975
Perkins, Bernice M, b. 06-26-1919, d. 01-13-1990
Perkins, Emma Lucile, b. 07-07-1908, d. 10-21-1914
Perkins, George Edward, b. 12-06-1877, d. 10-14-1918, Woodman of the World Memorial
Perkins, Hazelee, b. 02-23-1913, d. 11-27-1915
Perkins, John Russell, b. 11-29-1905, d. 05-05-1981
Perkins, Susie, b. 04-17-1887, d. 03-21-1973, "Loving Mother"
Prude, Mabel H, b. 07-07-1905, d. 02-23-2001
Rounsaville, Bernard E, b. 05-29-1911, d. 04-21-1991, Daddy
Rounsaville, Clauselle, b. 12-22-1916, d. 10-06-1946
Rounsaville, Ilaween P, b. 06-29-1917, d. 02-07-1992, Mama
Rounsaville, infant, b. 08-05-1912, d. 08-13-1912, son of W.P. & Lucile Rounsaville
Rounsaville, Katie, b. 06-08-1888, d. 08-27-1968
Rounsaville, L.V. (Jr.), b. 01-05-1912, d. 03-23-1961
Rounsaville, Lee V, b. 01-29-1874, d. 03-23-1925
Rounsaville, Marcille S, b. 05-18-1916, d. 03-05-1991
Rounsaville, Vivian, b. unknown, d. 10-07-1919, 2 years, 2 months and 17 days old, inf. Daughter of L.V. & Katie Rounsaville
Shepherd, Ida G, b. 08-25-1916, d. 06-09-1995
Shepherd, John W, b. 03-02-1906, d. 05-01-1983
Shepherd, Luther Charles, b. 11-13-1941, d. 02-25-1978, Father
Stephens, Taylor, b. 06-02-2001, d. 08-03-2001
Welford, Alaray, b. 01-16-1915, d. 01-14-1917
Welford, Cecil, b. 10-30-1913, d. 12-22-1913
Welford, Mamie C, b. 02-12-1884, d. 03-02-1934, Mother
Welford, Mavis V, b. 10-29-1924, d. 11-10-1997, Mama
Welford, Robert H, b. 07-24-1887, d. 11-14-1934, Father
Welford, Van Owen, b. 04-03-1924, d. 11-02-2002, Daddy
Welford, Woodie, b. 09-27-1919, d. 03-20-1921
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