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New Providence Cemetery
Vernal, Greene County, Mississippi

Lat: 31° 07' 34"N, Lon: 88° 30' 25"W

Contributed by James Trussell, Apr 14, 2007, last edited Oct 20, 2007 [carverofwood1260@wmconnect.com].  Total records = 65.

Traveling south on highway 63 from Leakesville, Mississippi, you will go south about 5 miles and cross under the new Highway 63 By-Pass. Just as you pass this intersection there will be a saw mill on your right and across from this saw mill is New Providence Cemetery. The cemetery is located on one of the highest points in this area, overlooking many acres of timberland.

The cemetery belongs to New Providence Church and is maintained by the members of the church as well as family members of those buried here. There is a chain link fence surrounding the cemetery and it is in good condition. There are several unmarked graves in the cemetery.

I walked this cemetery on Apr 13, 2007. All information was gathered from headstone inscriptions.

- James Trussell
Benn, Arthurine (Sowell), b. 10-26-1956, d. 06-03-1985, "MEME"
Campbell, Emma L, b. 1906, d. 2000
Campbell, Menia, b. 10-04-1980, d. unknown
Chambers, Essie, b. 01-27-1916, d. 01-18-1997
Covan, Joyce J, b. 05-10-1949, d. 08-29-1997
Covington, Reuben, b. 03-19-1918, d. 06-30-1998
English, Ella (Thomas), b. 05-30-1950, d. 02-22-1995
Grice, Floyd, b. 03-05-1924, d. 12-02-2003, US Army WW-2
Hudson, John, b. 09-28-1923, d. unknown, PVT. 65th Pioneer Inf..
Jenkens, Homer L, b. 1950, d. 2002
Johnson, Hazel W, b. 11-21-1934, d. 07-08-2006
Johnson, James M. (Sr.), b. 10-08-1939, d. 01-19-2004
Johnson, Michael, b. 1968, d. 1997
Lewis, Lula, b. 1876, d 04-23-1951
Marsh, Pearlean, b. 08-04-1899, d. 12-16-1979, "Psalm 23"
McCann, Annette, b. 05-03-1933, d. 01-30-2006
McCann, Decalos, b. 09-16-1975, d. 09-04-1994
McCann, Diana, b. 1950, d. 1996
McLemore, Christian Leon, b. Unknown, d. 12-26-1971
Montgomery, Ernest M, b. 03-17-1907, d. 08-11-1993
Montgomery, Para Lee W, b. 07-26-1912, d. 07-27-1987
Moody, Roy, b. 06-15-1912, d. 12-11-1974
Murphy, Margretta, b. 10-18-1897, d. 12-29-1979, "Beloved Mother"
Norwood, Nancy, no dates
Norwood, Pearlie, b.??-??-1896, d. 1981
Packer, Freddie L, b. 10-23-1946, d. 02-01-2003, SP4 US Army Viet Nam
Packer, Jessie, b. 09-14-1919, d. 01-10-1998, US Army WW-2
Packer, Willie Pearl, b. 09-15-1927, d. 07-18-2007
Parker, Fred, b. 09-03-1881, d. 02-12-1975
Parker, Lolar, b. 03-03-1886, d. 12-23-1980
Patton, Leroy (Jr.), b. 07-19-1918, d. 03-29-1956, PFC 924th AB SCTY BN AAF WW-2
Peters, Annie Drucilla, b. 06-14-1922, d. 02-24-2002
Peters, Rev. H.B, b. 05-27-1915, d. 07-20-2002
Peters, Willie B, b. 01-08-1944, d. 05-06-1999
Powe, Carl J, no dates
Powe, Carl W, b. 07-04-1919, d. 02-25-1989
Powe, Melinda Beatrice (Wiley), b. 01-12-1917, d. 11-04-2002
Powe, Treneice Marie, b. 12-05-1973, d. 12-12-1985
Shoemaker, Janice, b. 06-30-1954, d. 04-22-2006
Shomake, Alma L, b. 02-28-1931, d. 07-07-1980
Smith, Jack, b. 09-05-1923, d. 12-14-1998, US Army WW-2
Smith, Lillie Mae, b. 12-17-1925, d. 09-01-2005
Sowell, Farmy, b. 09-06-1902, d. 09-19-1946
Sowell, George W, b. 08-30-1873, d. 05-27-1953
Sowell, Mary, b. 09-07-1881, d. 01-23-1923
Sowell, Rev. Nolan Dwayne, b. 08-29-1955, d. 04-29-1989, "Skip"
Sowell, Savannah Miracle, b. 08-31-1999, d. 09-01-1999
Sowell, Vinarah, b. 05-14-1906, d. 01-25-1923
Taylor, Nathaniel (Sr.), b. 08-10-1922, d. 08-11-2001, PVT. US Army WW-2
Taylor, Vickie, b. 10-29-1954, d. 03-29-2006
Taylor, Viola, b. 03-11-1924, d. 02-21-2003
Thomas, Jessie, b. 1935, d. 1998
Thomas, Margie, b. 06-08-1947, d. 09-03-2006
Thomas, Maxine, b. 1941, d. unknown
Turner, Margaret W, b. 04-25-1890, d. 08-27-1960
Washington, unreadable, b. 03-15-1920, d. 06-17-1988
Washington, George, b. 06-19-1954, d. 03-04-1992
Washington, Marie, b. 05-13-????, d. 1960
Wiley, B.L, b. 09-06-1912, d. 1958
Wiley, Bertha (Hudson), b. 06-02-1893, d. 06-20-1973
Wiley, Jessie, b. 05-18-1928, d. 11-25-1967, CPL. Co. "C" 91st Engineers Korea
Wiley, Jim, b. 04-21-1913, d. unknown
Wiley, Lonnie B, b. 09-06-1936, d. 12-05-1981
Wiley, Manuel, b. 05-26-1926, d. 01-09-1998
Williams, Hazel, b. 1915, d. unknown
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