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Refuge Cemetery
Basin, George County, Mississippi

Lat: 30° 49' 19"N, Lon: 88° 37' 27"W
T3S R6W Section 6

Contributed by James Trussell, Dec 17, 2007 [carverofwood1260@wmconnect.com].  Total records = 184.

Leave Lucedale on Old Highway 63 South, you will come to an intersection with the Highway 63 by-pass. Take a left onto the by-pass and go 2.0 miles. This will be Basin-Refuge road on your right. Go approximately 1� miles and Refuge church and cemetery will be on your left.

The cemetery is owned and maintained by Refuge United Methodist Church. There is a chain link fence surrounding the cemetery and I found it in good shape. Judging from the stones it was established in the 1920s and is still in use today.

I walked this cemetery on Dec 10, 2007, and the information was gathered using all existing and legible headstone inscriptions and temporary grave markers.

- James Trussell
Archer, Clarence, b. 02-23-1894, d. 04-30-1953
Bates, Alan Reed, b. 01-07-1963, d. 02-09-1971, "Grandson"
Bates, Reed, b. 12-04-1911, d. 03-31-1938, "Grandfather"
Baxter, Will Ray, b. 07-31-1951, d. 07-04-1976
Baxter, William Bill, b. 09-16-1920, d. 10-09-1972
Blair, Charles E, b. 08-30-1933, d. 12-23-1985
Bond, Vardaman, b. 01-01-1905, d. 04-06-1974, h/o Geanie
Brown, C. F, b. (only one date available), 06-12-1943, adult size concrete slab
Buckhalter, Henry, b. 11-02-1914, d. 10-08-1966, PFC, Co. "B", 321st Infantry, WW-2, Bronze Star Medal
Buckhalter, Robin, b. 09-28-1957, d. 06-03-1989
Buckhalter, Ruth (Logan), b. 05-06-1906, d. 02-22-1966, w/o Warren
Buckhalter, Sarah F, b. 11-30-1872, d. 11-17-1961, "Mother"
Buckhalter, Truman Edward (Jr.), d. 12-19-1978
Buckhalter, Warren D, b. 04-15-1898, d. 01-30-1985, h/o Ruth
Byrd, Carlie, b. 06-08-1906, d. 03-30-1985, h/o Carrie, "Father"
Byrd, Carrie (Dickerson), b. 11-07-1906, d. 05-21-1985, w/o Carlie, "Mother"
Byrd, Charlie, b. 08-16-1900, d. 10-21-1941, h/o Sarah
Byrd, Dave, b. 03-05-1881, d. 06-15-1968, h/o Milisa, "Father"
Byrd, Edward Bruce, b. 01-04-1941, d. 10-31-1942, inf. son of Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Byrd
Byrd, Edward, b. 10-25-1883, d. 01-20-1947, h/o Mary
Byrd, J.B, b. 04-23-1916, d. 11-15-1965
Byrd, Mary E. (Miller), b. 10-19-1888, d. 07-14-1940
Byrd, Milisa, b. 10-10-1882, d. 12-09-1957, w/o Dave, "Mother"
Byrd, Sarah, b. 08-24-1908, d. 02-02-1991, w/o Charlie
Clark, Dena, b. 12-20-1912, d. 05-04-2002, w/o Ransom
Clark, Elijah, b. 09-26-1898, d. 01-20-1980
Clark, Emma, b. 10-04-1878, d. 03-27-1963, "Mother"
Clark, James Elijah, b. 05-31-1941, d. 12-24-1983, SN, US Navy, Vietnam
Clark, Pearlie V, b. 02-17-1909, d. 09-11-1982, w/o Elijah
Clark, Ransom, b. 03-05-1910, d. 05-24-1997, h/o Dena
Cochran, Harrold Orville (Sr.), b. 10-12-1938, d. 03-20-2005, h/o Carolyn Sue
Cowart, Annie G, b. 09-11-1901, d. 02-26-1991
Cowart, Aubrey, b. 02-25-1921, d. 07-22-1983, SSgt., US Army, "Retired"
Cowart, Edna Rae, b. 11-05-1916, d. 10-14-1988
Cowart, Edward Victor, b. 08-22-1886, d. 11-20-1950
Davis, Charles Randall (Jr.), b. 1979, d. 1979
Deaux, Howard M, (only one date available), 09-10-1971, adult size concrete slab
Dixon, Alfred, b. 06-10-1923, d. 09-05-2003, "Pete", h/o Thellis
Dixon, Amanda, b. 02-20-1883, d. 12-12-1943, "A Tender Mother and a Faithful Friend"
Dixon, Charlie, b. 10-14-1920, d. 11-22-1982, h/o Mary
Dixon, Chris C, b. 08-02-1883, d. 01-18-1967
Dixon, Jimmy Charles, b. 01-10-1947, d. 04-04-2003
Dixon, Julia, b. 10-20-1921, d. 02-02-1973, "PUG"
Dixon, Kate, b. 03-04-1884, d. 12-06-1943
Dixon, Mary L, b. 07-23-1928, d. 08-07-1995, w/o Charlie
Dixon, Thellis L, b. 02-17-1924, d. 09-24-1983, w/o Alfred
DuBose, Kenneth Wayne, b. 05-01-1963, d. 02-05-1985, "John 3 vs. 16"
Eubanks, Opal M, b. 04-22-1928, d. 01-26-1999
Forehand, Mary Eva, b. 08-02-1905, d. 02-20-1968, "Mother"
Foster, Clarence C, b. 10-14-1912, d. 03-23-1984, h/o Emily
Foster, Emily (Walley), b. 01-20-1918, d. 10-22-1984, w/o Clarence
Foster, John S, no dates available, Co. "H", 17th Ala. Inf., Civil War Veteran
Foster, Lucy E, b. 01-12-1878, d. 01-29-1940, w/o William
Foster, William J, b. 01-14-1871, d. 04-30-1954, h/o Lucy
Gibson, Frances Lee, b. 03-07-1935, d. 03-23-1944
Gibson, Frank, b. 06-17-1914, d. 07-03-1988, h/o Peasie
Gibson, Iva S, b. 04-15-1913, d. 08-28-1965, w/o John Wesley
Gibson, Jessie M, b. 11-30-1906, d. 07-14-1932, "Jess"
Gibson, John Wesley, b. 09-08-1909, d. 05-16-1989, US Army, WW-2, h/o Iva
Gibson, Nancy (Byrd), b. 09-15-1881, d. 08-09-1970, "Mama", w/o Willis
Gibson, Thomas Lamar, b. 05-17-1937, d. 06-07-1987, SP4, US Army
Gibson, Willis M, b. 08-31-1867, d. 10-26-1941, h/o Nancy
Godwin, Mary Ann, b. 01-07-1873, d. 07-06-1957
Harris, John C, b. 10-18-1894, d. 05-14-1964, Pvt US Army, WW-1
Havard, Iona E. (Howell), b. 07-06-1924, d. 08-05-1995, w/o Marion, "Mike"
Havard, Mary Elizabeth, b. 11-20-1950, d. 12-15-2004
Howell, Annie O, b. 04-15-1896, d. 03-05-1944, w/o Rev. Lorenzo Howell
Howell, Austin Kerney, b. 02-03-1938, d. 07-21-1938, "Our Baby"
Howell, Charles Trueman, b. 05-15-1922, d. 12-24-2004, "Buster", h/o Grace
Howell, Daniel, b. 04-16-1916, d. 07-27-1945, PFC, US Army, 155th Inf., WW-2, Mississippi
Howell, Donald Ray, d. 06-12-1944, "Son"
Howell, Ellis Clifton, b. 10-17-1910, d. 09-27-1974
Howell, Ethel (Dixon), b. 07-12-1908, d. 07-26-1990, w/o Ellis Clifton
Howell, G. Eugene, b. 11-09-1892, d. 06-01-1967, h/o Jeanette
Howell, Henry E, b.09-06-1954, d.09-09-1954, inf. son of Rev. & Mrs. Elder Howell Sr.
Howell, Hillard Hubert, b. 06-26-1901, d. 09-12-1989, h/o Mary Kate (Keel) Howell
Howell, infant, b. 08-16-1950, d. 08-16-1950, inf. son of Rev. & Mrs. Elder Howell Sr.
Howell, Iver Janell, b. 01-30-1950, d. 06-27-1982, w/o John William
Howell, Jeanette G, b. 06-09-1904, d. 03-22-1992, w/o G. Eugene
Howell, John William, b. 04-21-1950, d. 11-25-1989, h/o Iver Janell
Howell, Julia Ann (Childress), b. 12-20-1862, d. 07-25-1938, w/o William Wiley
Howell, Mary Ann (Byrd), b. 09-21-1888, d. 01-21-1957, w/o Rev. Marcus N. Howell
Howell, Rev. James Edward (Sr.), b. 03-16-1921, d. 09-13-1994, United Methodist Clergy, h/o Katherine
Howell, Rev. Lorenzo, b. 07-29-1891, d. 12-08-1966, h/o Annie
Howell, Rev. Marcus N, b. 05-24-1895, d. 04-21-1980, "United Methodist Minister'
Howell, Reverend Elder (Sr.), b.06-25-1924, d.11-06-2007, "United Methodist Minister"
Howell, Ronald Ellis, b. 05-23-1947, d. 05-23-1947
Howell, William Ray, b. 09-05-1925, d. 12-28-2004, US Navy, WW-2, "Ray Ray"
Howell, William Wiley, b. 11-19-1855, d. 10-31-1936, h/o Julia Ann
Hudson, Clarence, b. 02-07-1910, d. 03-29-1980, "Penny"
Hudson, Earl, b. 09-07-1908, d. 11-16-1994, h/o Mary
Hudson, Frances R, b. 03-14-1877, d. 04-30-1964, w/o Joseph
Hudson, Joseph E, b. 10-03-1871, d. 09-14-1950, h/o Frances
Hudson, Mary (Gibson), b. 03-26-1920, d. 11-02-2003, w/o Earl
Hudson, Mary Frances, b. 09-12-1945, d. 09-13-1945, "Lived 8 Hours"
Hudson, Nancy G, b. 01-24-1917, d. 02-24-2004
Hudson, Thomas Marion, b. 07-31-1943, d. 07-31-1943, "Lived 4 Hours"
Ivey, Adrien Earl (Sr.), b. 03-01-1898, d. 09-28-1956, "Father", h/o Mattie
Ivey, Lena Lavon, b. 08-06-1940, d. 03-06-1944
Ivey, Mattie D, b. 08-04-1912, d. 12-17-1995, "Mother", w/o Adrien Earl
Johnson, Bernice, b. 01-31-1914, d. 06-07-1969
Johnson, Dr, H. B, b. 01-06-1890, d. 09-02-1968
Lewis, W. Archie, b. 10-03-1886, d. 03-11-1952
Lewis, Woodie Mack, b. 12-28-1918, d. 03-23-1980, PFC, US Army, WW-2
Livingston, Vernia (Byrd), b. 09-01-1922, d. 01-09-1985
Love, Alex, b. 07-11-1896, d. 12-31-1981, h/o Virgie
Love, Virgie (Clark), b. 03-13-1904, d. 08-26-1992, w/o Alex
Magg, John, (only one date available), 03-07-1934, adult size concrete slab
Mayfield, Lloyd James, b. 11-18-1906, d. 07-18-1989, h/o Mamie
Mayfield, Mamie (Miller), b. 02-25-1911, d. 06-05-2001, w/o Lloyd James
McDonald, Frances G, b.02-13-1897, d.02-26-1979, "Nurse", Army Nurse Corps.,WW-1
McDonald, John N, b. 1896, d. 1987, US Army, WW-1
McDuffie, Eva S, b. 04-15-1913, d. 12-21-2003
McDuffie, Gordon D, b. 09-22-1903, d. 01-03-1971
Miller, Brenda K, b. 04-18-1956, d. 09-07-1956
Miller, Esther H, b. 04-18-1924, d. 07-07-1995, w/o "Coyt" William
Miller, Janie, b. 03-28-1909, d. 03-31-1993, w/o Owen
Miller, Orine M, b. 10-27-1915, d. 06-06-1992, "Psalms 23", w/o Walter B. (Sr.)
Miller, Owen, b. 02-01-1913, d. 05-21-2006, h/o Janie
Miller, Walter B. (Sr.), b. 06-12-1916, d. 09-14-2004, "John 3 vs.16", h/o Orine
Miller, Warren, b. 03-11-1921, d. 12-31-1970, PFC Co. "K", 354th Inf., WW-2
Miller, William C, b. 03-06-1923, d. 10-18-1991, "Coyt", h/o Esther
Miller, William C. (Jr.), b. 10-19-1944, d. 12-17-1946
Mitchell, C.D, b. 03-01-1904, d. 04-09-1989, h/o Lois
Mitchell, Gilbert Steele, b. 02-17-1929, d. 02-04-1997, PFC, US Army, Korea
Mitchell, Lois, b. 03-23-1906, d. 06-20-1970, w/o "C-D"
Moore, Clara A, b. 08-31-1895, d. 05-24-1981, w/o James
Moore, James Archer, b. 05-14-1917, d. 01-02-1944, PFC, US Marine Corps.
Moore, James P, b. 07-25-1886, d. 04-05-1964, h/o Clara
Moore, William Grady, b. 11-05-1923, d. 09-27-1944, PFC, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Div., WW-2
Moss, Andrew, b. 08-29-1883, d. 02-12-1962, h/o Matilda
Moss, Charles Bernice, d. 11-04-2003, 61 years old
Moss, Matilda, b. 04-14-1885, d. 03-28-1959, w/o Andrew
Moss, Myrtle (Dixon), b. 03-14-1915, d. 01-17-2000
Parker, Allen S, b. 01-14-1901, d. 10-16-1978, h/o Viola
Parker, Eugene, b. 04-23-1913, d. 06-05-1984, h/o Lillie
Parker, Geneaver, b. 03-09-1907, d. 03-21-1942
Parker, Lillie, b. 09-10-1916, d. 10-27-1979, w/o Eugene
Parker, Martha, b. 08-19-1884, d. 06-29-1955, "Mother"
Parker, Matthew, (only one date available), 04-29-1952, adult size concrete slab
Parker, Plumer, b. 10-06-1869, d. 09-14-1944
Parker, Viola H, b. 09-16-1901, d. 10-26-1979, w/o Allen
Pence, Omer Sea, b. 03-20-1901, d. 04-18-1989, h/o Ruby
Pence, Ruby (Collins), b. 12-01-1898, d. 07-15-1997, w/o Omer Sea
Rainey, J. L, (only one date available), 01-09-1947, adult size concrete slab
Reynolds, Houston (Sr.), b. 09-02-1902, d. 11-20-1941
Rouse, Fletcher F, b. 08-22-1916, d. 11-23-2000, h/o Mae (Dixon) Rouse
Rouse, Mae (Dixon), b. 06-15-1918, d. 11-16-2003, w/o Fletcher
Rouse, Merlene (Pence), b. 08-12-1937, d. 07-30-2001, w/o George Edward
Scarborough, George, b. 01-06-1874, d. 12-21-1928, h/o Martha
Scarborough, infant, b. 1942, d. 1942, "infant son"
Scarborough, James D, b. 05-22-1911, d. 11-01-1978
Scarborough, Lenoard, b. 06-22-1918, d. 12-06-1936, "At Rest"
Scarborough, Margie Nell, b. 1934, d. 1934
Scarborough, Martha, b. 09-14-1881, d. 08-09-1964, w/o George
Scarborough, Mary Ethel, b. 03-27-1916, d. 05-04-1971
Scarborough, Wanda Fay, b. 12-03-1940, d. 11-22-1942
Scott, Alice (Williamson), b. 02-07-1894, d. 02-05-1972, w/o Floyd
Scott, Daniel Alan, d. 05-27-2003, inf. son of Brian & Charity Scott
Scott, Edward Everett, b. 02-08-1921, d. 08-25-1992, Pvt. US Marine Corps., WW-2
Scott, Floyd Earl (Sr.), b. 01-17-1895, d. 01-02-1967, US Navy WW-1, h/o Alice
Scott, Hattie Ruth, b. 01-06-1922, d. 05-24-1986, w/o Edward Everett
Seals, baby, b. 01-11-1940, d. 01-11-1940
Seals, Elbert Emery, b. 10-09-1941, d. 10-31-1941
Seals, J. B., b. 10-30-1914, d.12-12-1980, "Jake", h/o M. Grace
Seals, M. Grace H, b. 05-16-1907, d. 04-16-1987, w/o "J-B"
Skipworth, A. M, (only one date available), 01-27-1940, adult size concrete slab
Slay, Bernise, b. 09-20-1897, d. 04-03-1969, Pvt., US Army, WW-1
Slay, James O, b. 10-26-1924, d. 07-13-1944, Pvt., US Army, WW-2
Slay, Mary Evelyn, b. 05-06-1901, d. 10-01-1979, w/o Bernise
Smith, Birtie Lee, b. 03-15-1914, d. 02-23-1999, w/o Earnest
Smith, Earnest W, b. 10-16-1911, d. 04-26-1995, h/o Bertie Lee
Smith, Maggie Lucile, b. 05-01-1946, d. 10-10-1948
Thurston, Steven Dewain, b. 01-16-1970, d. 01-24-1970
Tucker, James C, b. 06-08-1915, d. 07-17-1991, h/o Mary Etta
Tucker, Linda M, b. 11-19-1970, d. 06-19-1971
Wells, Laura, b. 08-12-1881, d. 10-23-1968
Wells, Leroy, b. 12-20-1943, d. 04-25-2005, SP4, US Army, Vietnam
Wells, Penny, b. 06-03-1921, d. 11-27-2007, 86 years old
Wells, Troy, b. 09-22-1938, d. 09-17-1994
Whyte, Frank Cantrell, b. 05-03-1892, d. 01-26-1971, h/o Vashti
Whyte, Vashti (Williamson), b. 04-12-1898, d. 07-29-1989, w/o Frank
Williams, Curtis E, b. 08-10-1921, d. 12-27-1981, h/o Geraldine
Yarbarough, Matilda (Howell), b. 04-25-1888, d. 09-12-1971
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