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Northside Baptist Cemetery
Lucedale, George County, Mississippi

Lat: 30° 56' 23"N, Lon: 88° 35' 08"W
T1S R6W Sec 21

Contributed by James Trussell, Feb 20, 2007, last edited May 07, 2007 [carverofwood1260@wmconnect.com].  Total records = 47.

To reach cemetery drive north on Beaver Dam Road out of Lucedale, Ms. When you cross the railroad tracks, continue north approximately 1 mile. Take a right onto Northside Church Road. You will be heading east and the church will be located in about .05 tenths of a mile on your left.

The cemetery is located behind the Northside Baptist Church building. The cemetery is surrounded by a chain link fence and is well maintained.

This should not be confused with the other cemetery in Lucedale, also named the Northside Cemetery, which southwest of this cemetery, on West Pine Street.

Judging from the stones, this cemetery was established in the late 1900s. The first burial listed was in 1963.

This is a complete reading of all existing stones and records for this cemetery up to Feb 20, 2007.

- James Trussell
Amodeo, James "Spanky", b. 04-04-1952, d. 07-31-2004
Bexley, Alice M. Don, b. 04-05-1934, d. 04-25-2007
Bexley, Mary Ann, d.04-15-1993, (daughter of Charles Earl Bexley)
Bexley, Mary R, b. 10-26-1932, d. 10-10-1999
Bexley, Murdock, b. 10-01-1939, d. 08-10-1991, "Pookie"
Bexley, Vernon, b. 09-03-1939, d. 09-01-2001
Bowles, Loyd L, b. 11-16-1930, d. 12-28-2005
Bowman, Essie B, b. 03-04-1914, d. 03-02-1992
Bowman, John W, b. 12-22-1901, d. 09-16-1975
Bruce, Chad Michael (Sr.), b. 11-15-1970, d. 01-10-2001
Colburn, Armetha G, b. 01-05-1927, d. 07-02-1991
Colburn, Glandon L, b. 10-29-1922, d. 11-13-1993
Colburn, Lorraine H, b. 12-16-1927, d. 09-25-1998
Dearman, Alton, b. 03,23,1924, d. 06-05-1973
DiBennedetto, Anthony S "Tony", b. 10-31-1929, d. 12-03-2001, Cpl US Army Korea
Fortner, Mary A, b. 04-04-1948, d. 04-22-1997
Harms, Gladys, b. 03-12-1916, d. 12-15-2004
Holland, John W, b. 05-13-1926, d. 05-24-2004, Tec5 US Army WW-2
Holland, Leatha Juanita, b. 07-26-1934, d. 10-25-2005
Holland, Will S, b. 02-17-1895, d. 05-16-1973
Jones, Thomas Eugene (Sr.), b. 06-19-1953, d. 06-23-2003
Kelly, Jerry Wayne, b. 03-14-1947, d. 05-21-1998, MSgt US Air Force Viet Nam
Lawrence, Charles E, b. 01-02-1945, d. 09-25-2000
Madden, Richard D, b. 03-11-1928, d. 10-05-1989
Mecham, Nola Gwendola, b. 07-21-1933, d. 01-07-2003
Miller, Vondell B, b. 05-04-1929, d. 04-15-1992
Morgan, Patricia Ann, b. 07-21-1947, d. 03-12-2005
Newburn, Amber Ruth, d.04-18-1996
Newburn, Destin Terrell, d.09-28-1994
Newburn, Destiny Brianne, d.08-11-1998
Parker, Hazel, b. 01-15-1932, d. 08-07-1986
Parker, James, b. 05-11-1926, d. 04-17-2004
Prescott, Frances D, b. 07-04-1932, d. 06-07-2004
Roberts, Ira Ernest, b. 11-11-1920, d. 06-16-1991, Pvt US Army WW-2
Roberts, John L, b. 10-08-1914, d. 07-29-1996, Pvt US Army WW-2
Roberts, Rebecca (Holland), b. 04-21-1930, d. 04-28-1996
Rouse, C, b. 1922, d. 1990
Shepherd, Annie Lee, b. 07-20-1912, d. 02-12-1963
Shepherd, Boss F, b. 10-21-1931, d. 08-03-1988
Shepherd, Claude A, b. 09-19-1905, d. 11-12-1993
Shepherd, Herbert T, b. 01-17-1929, d. 01-18-1990
Shepherd,Kelly Michelle, b. 11-17-1978, d. 06-13-2004
Stevens, Hanna Jane, d. 11-27-2004, s/w Heather Marie
Stevens, Heather Marie, d. 11-27-2004, s/w Hanna Jane
Stevens, James, b. 08-31-1928, d. 02-02-1995, Pvt US Army WW-2
Strahan, Larry Alton, b. 11-23-1940, d. 06-25-2004
Taylor, William James, b. 06-08-1975, d. 03-16-2000, "Little Nasty"
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