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New Antioch Cemetery
Lucedale, George County, Mississippi

Lat: 30° 52' 57"N, Lon: 88° 36' 22"W
T2S R6W Section 8

Contributed by James Trussell, Nov 24, 2007, last edited Nov 26, 2007 [carverofwood1260@wmconnect.com].  Total records = 69.

Travel south out of Lucedale, Mississippi on Old. Highway 63 South, you will come to the New Antioch Church on your left. Across the street will be Camelia Road, take this right hand turn and go to the four way stop sign. Again turn right at the four way stop sign onto Twin Creek Road and the cemetery will be the second driveway on your right.

New Antioch Cemetery is surrounded by a chain link fence and is well kept. This cemetery belongs to New Antioch Church and is maintained by members from the church as well as some family members of those buried here. This cemetery is still being used for burials.

I was given permission to walk the cemetery by Mr. Joe Havard and the walk was completed on the 24th of November 2007. The information was taken from all existing and legible headstone and temporary grave markers inscriptions. There were several unmarked graves in this cemetery.

- James Trussell
Anderson, Clifton H, b. 09-05-1892, d. 11-23-1991
Anderson, Delphie M, b. 08-31-1911, d. 03-19-1999
Anderson, Vinson E, b. 11-08-1907, d. 03-23-1983
Baxter, Charles Leonard, b. 09-15-1947, d. 03-30-2000
Brooks, Helen Grace, b. 03-29-1927, d. 08-21-2004
Brooks, James Cornelius, b. 09-27-1926, d. 09-20-2006
Bullock, Christopher, b. 11-14-1976, d. 08-20-2001
Bullock, Oree, b. 04-30-1931, d. 08-23-2000
Bullock, Wiley Junior, b. 01-05-1937, d. 09-05-1981
Burnett, Charles A, b. 1943, d. 2004
Burnett, Flora V, b. 07-15-1918, d. 04-06-1985, "Mother"
Burnett, Riley E, b. 08-29-1907, d. 05-23-1985, "Father"
Cochran, William Henry III, b. 02-24-1982, d. 10-23-1989, "Safe in the arms of Jesus"
Coxwell, Edward Austin, b. 07-12-1916, d. 11-22-1998, Pfc., US Army, WW-2
Coxwell, Emmett O, b. 11-18-1912, d. 01-15-1991, Pfc., US Army, WW-2
Coxwell, Gracie Joe, b. 08-12-1931, d. 03-12-2003
Davis, Heathie Vernise, b. 04-06-1921, d. 01-11-12006, 84 years old
Davis, Mary Ellen, b. 10-10-1937, d. 05-26-1998, "Forever in our Hearts"
Davis, Melissa Charlene (McRae), b. 02-29-1976, d. 06-19-2005, 29 years old
Dearman, Helen Louise, b. 08-12-1929, d. 03-05-1999, 69 years old
Dearman, Joann (Taylor), b. 02-16-1943, d. 01-14-1984
Dearman, Rushie Irene, b. 04-29-1933, d. 11-09-1995
Dearmon, Albert D, b. 07-31-1921, d. 06-16-1989, Tec5, US Army, WW-2
Dearmon, Elmer, b. 03-01-1928, d. 09-29-2000
Delancy, Billy Ray, b. 12-17-1945, d. 08-10-2004, 58 years old
Easley, Tina Marie, b. 10-28-1979, d. 06-14-2003
Hamilton, Linda Gail H, b. 01-03-1956, d. 11-21-1995
Havard, Fred A, b. 12-28-1921, d. 07-23-1998
Havard, Louise R, b. 04-07-1926, d. 03-27-1988
Henderson, Daniel Albert (Jr.), b. 10-24-1994, d. 09-15-1996, "Bless my D.J."
Hood, Michael L, b. 08-02-1956, d. 10-25-2003, SSG, US Army, Vietnam
Hood, Teddy R, b. 07-13-1921, d. 11-19-1970, "Father"
Jones, Gerald W, b. 01-03-1942, d. 12-03-1977, "Beloved Husband"
Konecny, Don E, b. 01-02-1946, d. 01-17-2004
Lee, Bernadette (Crain), b. 05-08-1947, d. 07-16-1995
Livingston, Frederick S, b. 03-09-1942, d. 10-30-1989
Mathis, Alma D, b. 11-15-1926, d. 10-26-1983
Mathis, Wesley E, b. 11-07-1931, d. 09-06-1983
Mathis, Wesley R, b. 06-27-1959, d. 09-01-1993
McRae, A.D, b. 04-09-1926, d. 01-24-2004, "Father"
McRae, Adolphus D, b. 07-30-1893, d. 12-29-1967
McRae, Clar Bell, b. 01-07-1893, d. 07-20-1968
McRae, L.D, b. 09-14-1933, d. 10-08-1983
McRae, Michael Ray, b. 08-03-1958, d. 03-19-1988, "Beloved Son & Brother"
McWilliams, Curtis S, b. 12-01-1946, d. 09-10-1985
Merritt, Becky Ann, b. 08-24-1965, d. 11-07-2003, "Loving Mother"
Neel, Grace B, b. 09-14-1904, d. 04-01-1992
Neel, Walter T, b. 04-28-1904, d. 11-05-1968
Patterson, Lena, b. 04-05-1924, d. 11-10-1992
Pearson, Mary Beatrice, b. 09-28-1928, d. 08-26-1999
Pearson, Thomas Franklin, b. 01-23-1933, d. 05-06-2004
Pitts, Clara Bell, b. 11-21-1908, d. 12-05-1995, "Mother"
Purdy, Richard, b. 11-14-1923, d. 02-08-1984
Randall, Grace Gwyndel, b. 07-21-1936, d. 06-17-1990
Reeves, Edna (Smith), b. 09-06-1915, d. 08-10-1991
Reeves, Hub, b. 10-12-1906, d. 06-15-1984, Tec5, US Army, WW-2
Reynolds, Patricia Louise, b. 06-14-1947, d. 11-29-1980
Rogers, Shirley Dianne, b. 11-04-1944, d. 11-08-1995
Rogers, Shon Glen, b. 08-31-1976, d. 09-05-2000, "Son"
Sanderson, Robert Scott (Sr.), b. 01-14-1966, d. 01-29-1991, h/o Cheryl Delisa
Sims, Autumn Faith, b. 10-26-1995, d. 10-26-1995
Stringer, Harold Dees, b. 08-03-1922, d. 03-01-1989, BM2, US Navy, WW-2
Stringer, Lula Christine, b. 10-06-1933, d. 05-09-2000
Wachter, Jean Tammy, b. 01-27-1958, d. 05-25-2004, 45 years old
Wachter, Peter George, b. 09-01-1953, d. 10-17-2006, 53 years old
Wells, Susie B. (Anderson), b. 09-18-1925, d. 10-13-2002
Williams, Margaret (Danzey), b. 02-27-1905, d. 01-12-1972
Wilson, Robert H, b. 10-09-1922, d. 02-07-1990, MSgt., US Army, WW-2
Woodard, Sherrie Suzanne, b. 07-11-1974, d. 08-11-2001, "Beloved"
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