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Movella Baptist Cemetery
Movella, George County, Mississippi

Lat: 30° 44' 59"N, Lon: 88° 30' 31"W
T3S R5W Sec 32

Contributed by James Trussell, Jan 11, 2008, last edited Feb 06, 2008 [carverofwood1260@wmconnect.com].  Total records = 118.

To reach cemetery from Agricola, Mississippi, from Agricola Baptist Church, take Highway 613 south for 4.8 miles south. Turn right onto Movella Church Road and continue to the cemetery and church, which will be on your left or south side of the road.

The original cemetery is located beside the church. They have a new section started across the road from the church. To date there are 116 marked graves in the old section and only 2 in the new section. I will note those buried in the new section. Both sections are surrounded by chain link fences and are in good shape.

This is a complete reading up to Dec 31, 2007, of all legible temporary grave markers and headstone inscriptions. I did not list the graves of those that did not have a recorded death date.

- James Trussell
Allen, E. Vurgel, b. 03-27-1915, d. 12-31-1986, h/o Mary
Allen, James Murdoc, b. 07-24-1886, d. 08-20-1961, h/o Ada
Allen, Mary S, b. 09-09-1920, d. 02-16-2000, w/o E. Vurgel
Bowlin, Ashley Sheree, d. 03-20-1986, 'Little Angel'
Bowling, Renee (Vise), b. 08-10-1965, d. 03-06-2002
Brewer, Holly Roxanne, b. 02-04-1986, d. 05-08-1987, 'Holly Baby'
Bridgeo, Sarah (Herbert), b. 07-02-1883, d. 12-25-1961, 'Mother'
Bridgeo, W. E. 'Bill', b. 02-14-1910, d. 04-14-1949
Burnette, Danny Charles, b. 09-13-1952, d. 06-12-2005, h/o Sandra Kay, (new section)
Butler, Lillian (Tanner), b. 06-09-1930, d. 11-06-1995, w/o Wash
Butler, Wash M. McClellon, b.03-29-1921, d.05-30-1984, Cpl., US Marine Corps.WW-2
Coats, Lauren Bruce, b. 05-15-1926, d. 08-11-1980, PFC, US Army, WW-2
Coats, Martha Emogene, b. 03-17-1930, d. 04-21-1999, 'Jean'
Cochran, Billy John (Jr.), d. 12-14-1976, 'Son'
Cooley, Curtis Monroe, b. 08-13-1889, d. 07-14-1969, h/o Doshia
Cooley, Doshia Evelyn, b. 01-17-1894, d. 10-19-1970, w/o Curtis
Cowart, Etta M, b. 05-30-1898, d. 06-19-1971, 'Sisters', (Rushia)
Cowart, Gertie Mead, b. 03-26-1918, d. 02-28-1997, w/o Louie
Cowart, Louie Middleton,, b. 11-15-1902, d. 12-02-1954, h/o Gertie
Cowart, Rushia, b. 08-13-1900, d. 06-14-1979, 'Sisters', (Etta)
Crawford, Bessie (Cooley), b. 01-17-1895, d. 09-20-1982, 'Mother'
Crawford, Bruce, b. 05-18-1890, d. 03-30-1955
Crawford, Mollie, b. 1892, d. 1947
Davis, James N, b. 10-02-1904, d. 01-06-1966
Emerson, Archie R, b. 01-06-1909, d. 01-17-1991, h/o Stella
Emerson, Edger E, b. 02-11-1918, d. 07-22-2004, h/o Irene
Emerson, Irene T, b. 06-26-1916, d. 01-23-1980, w/o Edger
Emerson, Kathleen (Tanner), b. 10-07-1917, d. 09-19-2003, w/o Russell
Emerson, Rollie (Sr.), b. 03-02-1878, d. 10-28-1964, 'Father'
Emerson, Russell Ivey, b. 03-08-1902, d. 01-14-1988, h/o Kathleen
Emerson, Stella E, b. 12-29-1918, d. 10-25-2005, w/o Archie
Fairley, Sally Joyce, b. 06-30-1936, d. 08-06-2007, w/o Cicero, (new section)
Guidry, Danny Paul, b. 06-19-1952, d. 12-26-1991, 'We Miss You'
Hartley, Claude Arthur, b. 10-09-1937, d. 04-14-2006, United States Army
Hartley, Claude Steven, b. 09-13-1962, d. 03-27-1986
Hartley, Mae G, b. 08-25-1940, d. 07-13-1988, w/o Claude
Hartley, Melton L, b. 06-07-1936, d. 05-26-2002, PFC US Army
Howard, Kristen Ann, b. 11-02-1994, d. 12-15-2007, 'Monkey', 13 years old
Hutcheson, Verrena, b. 05-21-1937, d. 04-01-2004, 66 years old
Johnston, James C, b. 12-01-1891, d. 10-19-1939
Jones, Choyce L, b. 04-30-1914, d. 12-18-2000, w/o Lloyd
Jones, Lloyd James, b. 01-04-1911, d. 04-15-1999, h/o Choyce
Kilpatrick, Emmie T, b. 06-19-1916, d. 07-29-1986, 'Mother'
Kline, Gordon I, b. 02-21-1892, d. 01-17-1951, PFC, 30th Infantry, WW-1, Mississippi
Knowles, Brooks, b. 11-07-1926, d. 06-09-1987
Lamb, Milton Earl (Sr.), b. 07-30-1916, d. 02-02-1995, h/o Ogreeta (Tanner) Lamb
Lamb, Ogreeta (Tanner), b. 11-25-1921, d. 05-08-1993, w/o Milton Earl
Lamb, Robert, b. 02-08-1946, d. 01-01-2008
Lambert, Kennith Ray, b. 01-05-1979, d. 03-09-1992
Mallett, Richard Allen, b. 03-12-1959, d. 06-13-1962, 'Ricky'
Mallett, Rivers Wixford, b. 07-13-1926, d. 02-10-1986, 'Gone Home'
McCombs, Jerrie C, b. 01-23-1944, d. 06-27-1988, 'Buck'
McDonald, Adrian Eugene, b. 06-11-1947, d. 04-30-2001, 'Precious Brother'
McDonald, Dennis Julian (Sr.), b. 07-09-1936, d. 07-01-1999, United States Navy
McDonald, Frances Ann, b. 11-30-1948, d. 10-06-1992, 'Beloved Sisters'
McDonald, Jessie C. (Jr.), b. 03-08-1925, d. 03-25-1971, Pvt., Infantry, WW-2, Miss.
McDonald, Jessie C. (Sr.), b. 01-28-1903, d. 02-24-1986, h/o Pearl
McDonald, Linda Faye, b. 08-11-1949, d. 04-03-1999, 'Beloved Sisters'
McDonald, Mackie L, b. 03-06-1929, d. 11-29-2005, h/o Patricia
McDonald, Patricia (Pullig), b. 01-15-1935, d. 05-07-1987, w/o Mackie
McDonald, Pearl L, b. 03-04-1906, d. 03-26-1988, w/o Jessie
McDonald, Von Ray, no dates, SR, US Navy, Korea
Morgan, Hubert E, b. 12-09-1915, d. 05-20-1977, h/o Myrtle
Morgan, Myrtle L, b. 02-20-1925, d. unknown, w/o Hubert
Moss, Ray, b. 05-23-1934, d. 07-13-2004
Nobles, Charles Walter, b. 12-11-1925, d. 12-13-1982, SF3, US Navy, WW-2, h/o Eva
Nobles, Eva Jewel, b. 10-25-1926, d. 03-01-1993, w/o Charles
Orrell, Keith Eugene, b. 08-16-1890, d. 09-16-1970, PFC, US Army, WW-1, Mississippi
Orrell, Odell T, b. 12-26-1901, d. 11-08-1970
Pierce, Geneva M, b. 05-11-1925, d. 03-17-1988, w/o Troy
Pierce, Helen Frances, b. 06-14-1927, d. 09-12-1993, w/o Roxie
Pierce, Roxie, b. 08-08-1924, d. 10-09-1989, h/o Helen Frances
Pierce, Troy, b. 08-01-1919, d. 03-08-1998, PFC, US Army, WW-2
Poore, William A, b. 03-28-1929, d. 11-10-1995, T/Sgt. US Air Force, Korea, Vietnam
Robertson, Dale W, b. 11-17-1919, d. 10-23-1996, US Army, WW-2
Rogers, Dorothy (Herbert), b. 09-19-1920, d. 02-17-1978, w/o Samuel
Rogers, George Blake, b. 09-14-1952, d. 10-08-1997, s/o Ousburn & Dorothy
Rogers, Samuel Ousburn, b. 06-25-1915, d. 11-12-1971, h/o Dorothy
Rutland, Roger Dale, b. 03-11-1955, d. unknown, 'Son'
Ryan, Marion Virginia (Tompkins), b. 01-07-1935, d. 07-14-1997
Shotts, David Micheal, b. 10-24-1967, d. 11-18-1967
Shotts, Jo Ann, b. 08-29-1940, d. 07-05-2000, w/o N.T. 'Buddy' Shotts
Slay, Evelyn E, d. 04-17-1948
Stewart, Terri Ann (Tanner), b. 07-04-1957, d. 05-19-1997
Tanner, Ada L, b. 02-08-1888, d. 05-18-1973, w/o James
Tanner, Arthur R, b. 10-21-1901, d. 11-06-1958, h/o Elizabell
Tanner, David Elwood, b. 07-06-1942, d. 01-10-1944, i/s/o S. & M.L. Tanner
Tanner, Elizabell P, b. 11-23-1905, d. 02-15-1970, w/o Arthur
Tanner, Elizabeth M, b. 11-15-1905, d. 05-11-1999, w/o Elliott
Tanner, Elliott K, b. 10-29-1905, d. 08-17-1983, h/o Elizabeth
Tanner, Elmer C, b. 12-22-1919, d. 06-14-1977, h/o Melbaline
Tanner, Erna Lee, b. 08-14-1920, d. 12-13-2006, 86 years old
Tanner, Florence P, b. 02-28-1900, d. 02-17-1989, w/o Grover
Tanner, Grover C, b. 02-15-1894, d. 09-13-1968, h/o Florence
Tanner, Homer Denson, b. 04-20-1922, d. 10-19-1986, PFC, US Army, WW-2
Tanner, Hurley L, b. 07-29-1908, d. 09-12-1992, h/o Marguerite
Tanner, Larry R, b. 06-20-1942, d. 06-23-1951
Tanner, Leon Craig, b. 10-17-1953, d. 06-29-2002, 'Daddy'
Tanner, Marguerite (Tilley), b. 09-22-1910, d. 10-11-2006, w/o Hurley
Tanner, Marshall Jerome, b. 03-31-1896, d. 12-27-1979, h/o Mydia
Tanner, Melbaline P, b. 10-15-1922, d. 04-06-2000, w/o Elmer
Tanner, Mydia (Pearson), b. 07-30-1895, d. 05-29-1977, w/o Marshall
Tanner, Porter R, b. 11-15-1896, d. 12-29-1967, h/o Tempie
Tanner, Raymond H, b. 06-24-1922, d. 06-29-1968, h/o Cora Belle
Tanner, Rhonda Candance, b. 03-15-1955, d. 08-20-1972, 'Candy'
Tanner, Russey Dean, b. 07-22-1947, d. 11-29-1968, SP5, US Army, Vietnam
Tanner, Tempie G, b. 04-23-1901, d. 05-06-1981, w/o Porter
Tanner, Worthy A, b. 04-15-1890, d. 01-13-1974, 'Brother'
Tedrow, Effie A, b. 12-21-1902, d. 11-07-1987
Tompkins, Burie, b. 10-24-1906, d. 07-06-1983, h/o Daisy
Tompkins, Daisy T, b. 10-15-1905, d. 12-23-2002, w/o Burie
Tompkins, Ernest W, b. 03-15-1926, d. 11-05-1991, Cox., US Navy, WW-2
Tompkins, Orba Darvin (Jr.), b. 07-24-1967, d. 02-11-1986, 'The Alaskan Rebel'
Wallace, Rosalie T, b. 10-08-1929, d. 11-05-2006
Wallace, William O, b. 01-15-1922, d. 04-21-2002, PFC, US Army, WW-2, B.S.M.
Waters, Baby, no dates
Waters, Luevenia, b. 05-19-1914, d. 10-04-1971
Woodard, Mary Lois, b. 06-30-1940, d. 07-16-2003, w/o Rev. Marion Woodard
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