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Finch Cemetery
Agricola, George County, Mississippi

Lat: 30° 47' 22"N, Lon: 88° 31' 16"W

Contributed by James Trussell, May 03, 2007 [carverofwood1260@wmconnect.com].  Total records = 56.

Traveling South out of Lucedale, Mississippi on Highway 613, you will go 9.5 miles. This will be the intersection with Barton/Agricola Road, take a right hand turn heading west. Go .1 of a mile and take the left hand turn onto Harmon Pope road, you will go straight on this road 1.3 miles, and the Finch Cemetery will be on your left.

This road started as the Harmon Pope Road and somewhere along the way it's name changed to the Willie Finch Road. The cemetery is directly across from Dragonfly Lane.

We were well represented by our veterans here, we have two World War Two, one Korean and one Vietnam era veteran. The graves in this cemetery are surrounded by lots and lots of flowers and shrubs.

I walked this cemetery on May 03, 2007, and the information was gathered using all existing and legible headstone inscriptions and temporary grave markers. There were several unmarked graves. I was given permission to walk this cemetery by Mrs. Glenda Profit

- James Trussell
Acheson, William W "Buddy", b. 03-07-1965, d. 06-29-2000
Armond, Arthur Ray, b. 09-15-1945, d. 09-22-1999
Baria, John Leslie, b. 03-01-1939, d. 08-28-1940
Bishop, Bernice (Finch), b. 10-15-1927, d. 02-27-2002
Bishop, Ervin E (Sr.), b. 08-29-1923, d. 05-02-1998
Bryan, Clarsey (Gibson), b. 06-09-1889, d. 11-22-1967
Cook, Maude L. (Richardson), b. 1941, d. 1970
Dickerson, Lucille (Finch), b. 10-11-1922, d. 03-01-1989
Finch, Alfred, b. 07-19-1917, d. 02-21-2003, "Father"
Finch, Alma L.(Catrett), b. 1915, d. 1990
Finch, Amy Marie, b. 09-30-1977, d. 09-30-1977
Finch, Clair, b. 1902, d. 1910
Finch, Clifton E, b. 1906, d. 1959
Finch, Eula R, b. 03-26-1908, d. 09-18-1993
Finch, H. Ganies, b. 03-18-1908, d. 09-25-1981
Finch, Harce A, b. 04-26-1913, d. 12-02-1988
Finch, Iona L, b. 03-12-1920, d. 08-15-1972, "Mother"
Finch, Joseph, b. 09-15-1931, d. 09-03-1996, Cpl. US Army Korea
Finch, Kennie, b. 04-04-1910, d. 07-14-1982
Finch, Larenza Dale, b. 05-24-1967, d. 10-16-1988
Finch, Lura M, b. 11-11-1933, d. 09-11-1989
Finch, Mary L, b. 07-07-1881, d. 02-05-1957
Finch, Milton W, b. 02-17-1957, d. 08-02-1993
Finch, Milton W. "Buddy", b. 03-09-1937, d. 02-08-1998
Finch, N. Jasper, b. 05-22-1879, d. 11-21-1943
Finch, Polly Ann, b. 12-04-1964, d. 01-11-1965
Finch, Ralph J, b. 06-09-1913, d. 12-30-1965
Finch, Robert L, b. 02-12-1935, d. 06-29-2001
Finch, Sampson W, b. 01-23-1920, d. 07-30-1994
Finch, Shirley L, b. 01-07-1936, d. 04-07-2004
Finch, Steve R (Sr.), b. 10-26-1913, d. 04-24-1959
Finch, Virginia Lee, b. 04-27-1928, d. 08-30-1999
Finch, William Earl, b. 09-20-1941, d. 09-12-1990
Finch, William Taft, b. 05-12-1909, d. 05-02-1984
Finch, Willie, b. 01-17-1906, d. 02-??-1967
Gattis, Helen Elizabeth, b. 1941, d. 2002, "My Loving Wife"
Hammock, Katelyn Nicole, b.04-04-2003, d. 08-15-2003, "Mommy's & Daddy's Angel"
Hinton, Augustine, b. 08-18-1907, d. 05-08-1931
Hinton, Britnee Lacole, b. 09-13-1990, d. 09-13-1990,"Asleep In Jesus Arms"
Hinton, Jennie Derotha, b. 08-09-1883, d. 01-10-1956
Hinton, Murdock, b. 02-02-1904, d. 02-02-1951
Hinton, Sammy, b. 12-17-1917, d. 05-02-1940
Hinton, Will Haas, b. 07-15-1911, d. 08-30-1996
McDougal, Voncile, b. 08-07-1913, d. 06-09-1994
Peterson, Mamie, b. 09-26-1905, d. 09-03-1990, daughter of Jennie F. Hinton
Richardson, Howard, b. 1918, d. 1980
Richardson, Isabell F, b. 1923, d. 1986
Richardson, Norton E, b. 02-02-1913, d. 07-21-1982, PVT. US Army WW-2
Richardson, Zudy Mae (Hinton), b. 03-23-1913, d. 12-19-1981
Smith, Tommy L, b. 12-07-1950, d. 11-30-1994, Sgt. US Army Viet Nam
Starling, Fred Randall, b. 12-30-1959, d. 09-17-1989
Sullivan, Mac Arthur, b. 02-06-1942, d. 10-08-1977
Thomas, Allen, b. 06-17-1954, d. 02-29-1976
Thomas, William Howard, b. 01-06-1929, d. 12-17-1992, PFC. US Army WW-2
Thompson, Marilyn B, b. 04-11-1946, d. 09-19-1986
Walters, Betty Rose, b. 07-30-1958, d. 05-25-2004
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