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Crossroads Free Pentacostal Cemetery
Lucedale, George County, Mississippi

Lat: 30° 53' 32"N, Lon: 88° 39' 08"W

Contributed by James Trussell, Apr 16, 2008, last edited May 08, 2008 [carverofwood1260@wmconnect.com].  Total records = 54.

Leaving southwest out of Lucedale, Mississippi on Highway 26 West. You will go 3.5 miles, where you will see a large water tower on the right. Just as you reach the water tower there is a road (Central Fire Tower Road), leading off to your right. Take this right hand turn and now you will go .5 tenths of a mile. This will bring you to the intersection with Bill Holland Drive on the right, take this right hand turn. Now you will go another .2 tenths of a mile where you will see the cemetery on your left. Turn left on the small gravel road that leads to the main cemetery gates.

The cemetery is owned and maintained by the Cross Roads Free Pentacostal Church and its members. The cemetery is surrounded by a chain link fence and was very well maintained.

I walked this cemetery on Mar 04, 2008, taking information from all legible temporary grave markers and headstone inscriptions.

- James Trussell
Bang, Albert Alton, b. 10-24-1938, d. 07-21-2004, h/o Patricia (Pope) Bang
Barnosky, Mary Alice, b. 07-20-1947, d. 08-11-1996
Beasley, Byron E, b. 11-20-1955, d. 12-07-1996, "Chucky"
Bishop, Claiborne H. (Jr.), b. 09-22-1952, d. 10-10-1986, "Lighter Knot"
Bishop, Edna Diane, b. 07-08-1956, d. 12-22-2007, 51 years old
Byrd, Marissa Anne, b. 01-29-1999, d. 04-25-2001, "Hebrews 13 vs. 2"
Cochran, Bobbie Jean (Loper), b. 06-24-1943, d. 12-01-2006, w/o Julian Darden
Cochran, Zachary Chance, b. 11-22-1999, d. 11-22-1999, i/s/o Zack & Jeana Cochran
Cubbage, Charles David, b. 07-11-1945, d. 08-29-2007, h/o Willie Mae
Davis, Dustin Wayne, b. 11-15-1980, d. 07-15-2007
Davis, Mitchell Eleck, b. 01-26-1978, d. 04-07-2006
Faggard, Scotty D, b. 09-24-1981, d. 09-26-1997, "Son"
Fairley, Ilene (Mills), b. 02-16-1951, d. 01-15-2000, w/o Geral, "Maw Maw"
Farmer, James Harvey, b. 10-17-1928, d. 07-09-2007, 78 years old
Havard, April L, b. 12-09-1982, d. 03-11-1996
Hill, Chassie M, b. 11-16-1910, d. 11-27-1996
Hill, Clayton N, b. 08-24-1927, d. 01-11-1991, US Navy, WW-2
Hodges, Ruby Henretta, b. 02-27-1908, d. 03-13-1993, "Mama", w/o William
Hodges, William Harvey, b. 08-30-1904, d. 01-14-1992, "Daddy", h/o Ruby
Hood, Bertie Lou, b. 10-21-1946, d. 03-16-1997, "Beloved Wife & Mother"
Howell, Clara Anita, b. 01-28-1964, d. 10-01-1995, "In Loving Memory"
Howell, Donell J, b. 12-30-1930, d. 06-11-2007, h/o Willa
Howell, Emily Taylor, b. 01-31-1997, d. 01-31-1997, d/o Christy
Howell, Johnnie T, b. 10-28-1923, d. 11-25-2000, S1, US Navy, WW-2
Howell, Judy Carolyn (Salter), b. 07-30-1944, d. 10-19-1987
Howell, Jullian Rebecca, b. 09-15-1983, d. 01-27-2007, 23 years old
Howell, Kaylie Tenielle, d. 08-21-1990, i/d/o Lonnie & Donna Howell
Howell, Larry William (Sr.), b. 09-15-1941, d. 05-28-2004, 62 years old
Howell, Laurentine M, b. 10-23-1925, d. 05-12-1999, "Singin' in my Soul"
Howell, Mitchell Edward, b. 06-12-1970, d. 01-24-1994, "Earth's loss, Heaven's Gain"
Johnson, Cheryl Lisa (King), b. 07-10-1960, d. 07-01-2004
King, Bobbye (Moody), b. 06-15-1931, d. 10-22-2003, w/o David Martin
Kornegay, Martha J, b. 05-25-1934, d. 10-08-1992
Maples, Eunice Ray, b. 05-14-1943, d. 12-15-1995, w/o John Oliver
McLure, Q.P. (Jr.), b. 10-15-1919, d. 09-27-1999, US Merchant Marine, WW-2
Parker, Lester R, b. 04-28-1938, d. 11-23-1988
Parks, Jason Daniel, b. 03-08-1972, d. 04-09-2006, h/o Dawn Olivia
Parks, Richard Winston, b. 03-27-1941, d. 05-15-1997, h/o Judy Ann
Pipkins, Daniel G, b. 05-18-1989, d. 05-25-1989
Pipkins, James Curtis, b. 03-24-1934, d. 02-21-2008, 73 years old
Pipkins, James William, b. 12-05-1963, d. 05-08-2004, "Jimmy", "Beloved Daddy"
Reeves, Ada Esther, b. 08-20-1922, d. 03-19-1993, "In Loving Memory"
Reeves, Betty Jane (Howell), b. 03-28-1930, d. 11-13-1991
Reeves, John Mearl, b. 08-31-1945, d. 09-19-2005, "We called him Dad"
Reeves, Tom Henry, b. 09-07-1965, d. 01-17-2006, "Tom"
Sellers, James W, b. 04-09-1931, d. 09-13-1994, "W H"
Smith, Gladys S, b. 07-20-1925, d. 05-17-1999, w/o Jerry W. Smith
Stevens, Clemon Hardee, b. 04-03-1933, d. 05-25-2004, "P-Joe", h/o Kathleen
Ward, Eva Belle (Moody), b. 06-21-1918, d. 04-26-2005, w/o William Wesley
Ward, William Wesley, b. 09-27-1910, d. 08-31-1993, h/o Eva Belle
Watters, Christopher, d. 04-14-1990
Watters, Mancil L, b. 12-01-1959, d. 12-27-1988
Watters, William A, b. 06-09-1931, d. 02-21-1987, Cpl., US Marine Corps., Korea
Watters, William Alfred (Jr.), b. 10-15-1958, d. 06-13-2005, 46 years old
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