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Carter Cemetery
Basin, George County, Mississippi

Lat: 30° 44' 07"N, Lon: 88° 37' 01"W
T3S R6W Section 31

Contributed by James Trussell, Dec 12, 2007 [carverofwood1260@wmconnect.com].  Total records = 98.

Leaving Lucedale, Mississippi drive west on Hwy 26. You will go 2.3 miles and cross over Hwy 63 by-pass, continue on Hwy 26 west until you come to the Central School and the Shady Grove Cemetery, both will be on your left. Take the Basin-Central Road to the left, beside the cemetery, and continue south about 4 miles and turn left onto River Road. Continue on this road for about 4 miles and turn right onto Salem Camp Ground Road and continue about 2 more miles and you will come to Section Line Road. Turn right onto this road and the cemetery will be about � mile on your right.

The cemetery is surrounded by a chain link fence and is in good shape. The cemetery is a private cemetery and upkeep and maintenance is done by family members of ones buried here.

I walked this cemetery on Dec 08, 2007, and the information was gathered using all existing and legible headstone inscriptions and temporary grave markers.

- James Trussell
Adkins, Maxine G. Mildred, b. 11-30-1929, d. 08-02-2005
Allen, Denson J, b. 10-29-1943, d. 04-04-2006, h/o Jill
Allen, Joseph Russell, b. 01-04-1964, d. 09-25-1993, "Joe"
Allred, John Emmett, b. 08-25-1901, d. 07-14-1969, h/o Myrtle
Allred, Myrtle Eunice, b. 07-22-1903, d. 06-18-1975, w/o John Emmett
Bartlett, James "Hugh", b. 08-12-1966, d. 01-24-2003, h/o Patti Jo
Beasley, Mable Cristine (Steede), b. 01-09-1924, d. 06-12-2001
Bridwell, Benjamin Michael, b. 01-17-1955, d. 10-29-2001
Bridwell, Roy Ben, b. 10-08-1931, d. 11-04-1991, CW2, US Army, Korea, Vietnam
Bridwell, Sadie Ruth (Pierce), b. 09-16-1932, d. 12-22-2004
Brooks, Billie, b. 02-03-1923, d. 07-25-1972, Sgt., US Marine Corps., WW-2
Brooks, Coyt, b. 02-01-1901, d. 01-28-1973, h/o Moddie
Brooks, Hattie B, b. 01-28-1899, d. 10-03-1983
Brooks, Moddie Kelly, b. 05-10-1902, d. 11-06-1991, w/o Coyt
Brooks, P. B, b. 04-20-1899, d. 11-01-1970, "Boss"
Byrd, Gertrude (Carter), b. 1891, d. 1937
Carlson, Callie, b. 05-30-1889, d. 06-02-1978, "Sister"
Carter, Azaline, b. 1854, d. 1919
Carter, Eugenia, b. 1894, d. 1934
Carter, Eveleen, b. 1854, d. 1926
Carter, infant, no dates, Geo. & Lola Carter
Carter, Jerusha, d. 1940
Carter, Knox, b. 06-06-1892, d. 10-24-1956,Cpl., Co. "A",2nd Discharge Bn. , WW-1, Louisana
Carter, Lelia, b. 1874, d. 1899
Carter, Mary Malinda, b. 03-02-1881, d. 10-12-1961
Carter, Mary, b. 1841, d. 1900
Carter, Matthew, b. 1856, d. 1901
Carter, Minnie, b. 1877, d. 1910
Carter, Nina B, b. 12-29-1903, d. 11-19-1992, w/o Nollie
Carter, Nollie C, b. 01-09-1904, d. 06-04-1992, h/o Nina
Carter, Reuben, b. 1885, d. 1934
Carter, Susan, no dates available
Carter, Thomas Wesley, b. 09-19-1884, d. 10-20-1954
Carter, W.H, b. 1850, d. 1918
Carter, W.M, d. 02-01-1924, Pvt., 15th Mississippi Calvary, Civil War Veteran
Cerul, Susan Kay, b. 04-18-1956, d. 12-11-2001, "Wife & Mother"
Davidson, Mallory Nell, d. 12-27-1986, daughter of Rhonda & Bill Davidson
Davis, Kathy Denise (Allen), b. 09-25-1966, d. 02-06-1987
Ferrill, Florence, b. 1872, d. 1941
Ferrill, R.L, b. 1879, d. 1930
Hand, Walter L, b. 03-27-1899, d. 10-25-1980, h/o Lavonia
Hartley, Louise (Oliver), b. 07-04-1921, d. 08-25-1989
Holifield, Curtis A, b. 07-05-1909, d. 06-05-1981, h/o Melissa
Holifield, George T, b. 10-17-1918, d. 10-17-1991, PFC, US Army, WW-2
Holifield, Melissa M, b. 08-19-1908, d. 01-09-1987, w/o Curtis
Lambert, David Onie, b. 05-16-1955, d. 11-09-1973
Lambert, infant, d. 01-17-1958, infant son of Mr. & Mrs J. Lambert
Lambert, infants, d. 06-05-1959, twin sons of Mr. & Mrs. J. Lambert
Lambert, Ola Lolete, b. 10-14-1934, d. 04-15-1997
Lambert, Wm. James, b. 05-28-1927, d. 12-06-1985
Lancashire, Vernia Lou, b. 1901, d. 1940
May, Phillip F, b. 09-04-1919, d. 12-19-1995, TM3, US Navy, WW-2
Oliver, Vurta Mae, b. 01-16-1910, d. 10-09-1978
Parker, Annie, b. 1871, d. 1904
Parker, Charles E, b. 10-02-1884, d. 08-24-1973, h/o Velma
Parker, Cora Lee, b. 08-28-1909, d. 01-06-1999
Parker, Ellen (Carter), b. 10-26-1876, d. 04-10-1916
Parker, infant, d. 11-17-1924, son of Bob & Betty Parker
Parker, infant, no dates, Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Parker
Parker, J. W, b. 1866, d. 1906
Parker, James Robert, b. 09-11-1872, d. 03-26-1945
Parker, Larry & Harry, b. 08-12-1938, d. 08-13-1938, "In Memory of our Babies"
Parker, Robert James, b. 12-28-1966, d. 06-04-2007
Parker, Robert Rex, b. 12-19-1984, d. 09-11-1982
Parker, Susan Olive (Carter), b. 1878, d. 1934
Parker, Velma Ruth v, b. 03-29-1907, d. 11-04-1989
Parker, Velma S, b. 06-05-1899, d. 02-17-1976, w/o Charles
Parker, W. Grady, b. 10-15-1902, d. 12-06-1979, h/o Velma Ruth
Parker, William Wallace, b. 1877, d. 1934
Pierce, Louise (White), b. 05-26-1909, d. 08-14-1985
Pierce, Onie Leroy, b. 06-17-1904, d. 07-11-1975
Poole, Henry Clayton, b. 05-05-1919, d. 03-19-2004, SFC., US Army, WW-2, Korea
Poole, Margaret L, b. 08-17-1918, d. 05-09-2000, w/o Henry Clayton
Poole, Tommie (Jr.), b. 07-08-1926, d. 03-10-2006, h/o Estelle
Scott, Juanelle Lanier, b. 06-08-1965, d. 06-25-2005
Smith Ella V, b. 11-??-1893, d. 03-??-1983, w/o Asa
Smith, Asa Eli, b. 07-??-1891, d. 11-??1975, h/o Ella
Smith, John Joseph, b. 05-31-1914, d. 06-02-1987, h/o Minnie Elaine
Smith, Minnie Elaine, b. 04-02-1918, d. 05-05-1996, w/o John Joseph
Steede, A.T. (Jr.), b. 09-02-1925, d. 09-15-2001, h/o Lenora
Steede, Abner Toler (Sr.), b. 10-21-1894, d. 01-01-1987, h/o Iness Myrtle
Steede, Alberta C, b. 03-03-1874, d. 03-02-1934, w/o Charles
Steede, Charles G, b. 01-13-1862, d. 02-06-1931, h/o Alberta
Steede, Ernie Felicia, b. 09-07-1971, d. 12-28-1987, "Loved By All"
Steede, Grady Lee, b. 09-14-1978, d. 01-07-1980
Steede, Lessie Odell (Parker), b. 02-17-1910, d. 12-27-1956
Steede, Thomas H, b. 05-25-1857, d. 10-27-1938
Steede, William Edward (Jr.), b. 04-20-1895, d. 08-11-1978
Steede, William Nolan, b. 02-28-1932, d. 07-05-1994
Steede, Willie Myrtlye (Parker), b. 11-14-1902, d. 05-24-1945
Turner, Lena H, b. 01-18-1909, d. 12-26-1989, "In Loving Memory"
Vaughn, Archie C, b. 03-29-1897, d. 11-27-1975
Vaughn, Clayton P, b. 08-04-1926, d. 01-25-1983, US Army. Korea
Waltman, Shannon E, b. 06-25-1975, d. 09-11-1995, "Sha-Bo"
Wozencraft, Anna Lene (Brooks), b. 10-07-1925, d. 01-03-1980, "Beyond the Sunset"
Wozencraft, Eddie Lee, b. 12-29-1908, d. 06-25-1970
Wozencraft, Ethel J, b. 10-21-1902, d. 10-05-1993
Wozencraft, Hugh E, b. 02-22-1900, d. 08-22-1966, h/o Ethel
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