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Selph-Collins Graveyard
Benton County, Mississippi

Contributed by Mark Renick, Sep 12, 2000 [mrenick1@aol.com]. Total records = 34.

The Selph-Collins Graveyard is near Pine Grove Baptist church off highway 5 between Hickory Flat and Ashland, about a half mile off Pine Grove road, between Pine Grove Baptist Church and Bethel Methodist Church. An old logging road leads almost right to the cemetery. It now sits in a forest that is extremely overgrown with trees, grass and vines. All of the graves are sunk and one grave has been vandalized. There are only 3 tombstones in the cemetery. The other graves are marked by sandrocks. Luckily, family records in Bibles have been passed down and we know some of the names of people that are buried there but do not know which graves they are in. I have arranged to have the cemetery cleaned up fenced and have even ordered 4 new tombstones for Civil War veterans that we know are buried there. My next goal is to get a tombstone to identify all the names of people that I know are buried there.

This is an inactive cemetery with the last burial being in 1922. It originated as the Hudson Family Cemetery ca. 1820. The deed to the cemetery was transferred to the Collins Family heirs in 1905. It is one half an acre in size.

- M Renick
Identified Markers

Collins, William D., b. 1838, CSA marker
Collins, Fredrick, b. 1799
Collins, Nettie Tinney,
Collins, Sarah E., b. 1835, d. 1923

Unidentified Markers, but names were found in Bibles

Collins, James, no dates, s/o William and Margaret Collins
Collins, Margaret Noe, no dates, (w/o William Collins)
Collins, Mosouri, no dates
Collins, Nellie, no dates, d/o William and Margaret Collins, (All of the females died young before they married)
Collins, Rose, no dates, d/o William and Margaret Collins
Collins, Seabell, no dates, d/o William and Margaret Collins
Collins, Thomas M., no dates
Collins, Thomas, no dates, s/o William and Margaret Collins
Hudson, David, no dates
Hudson, Martha Collins, no dates
Hudson, Sally Maxey, no dates
Selph, Sally, no dates

Additional names from research

Boseman, Cansadia Collins, no dates
Boseman, Julian, no dates, CSA MS 45th Inf and Hardcastles 3rd Inf
Brown, Lavinia Collins, b. 1827, d. no date
Brown, Martin, no dates, CSA MS 34th Inf
Collins, Clayborn, b. 1843, d. no date
Johnson, Mary Ann Collins, b. 1824, d. no date
Johnson, Thomas, no dates, CSA MS 2nd Inf Co D
Newman, Arthelena Collins, b. 1820, d. no date
Newman, Martin, no dates, CSA MS 2nd Inf Co D
Nutt, Emma Collins Embry, no dates
Perkins, John, no date
Perkins, Nancy, b. 1826, d. no date
Raney, Sepermiah Collins, b. 1833, d. no date
Raney, Wilson, no dates

CSA Veterans for whom monuments soon to be erected.

Hudson, E., no dates, Miss 23rd Inf Co G
Hudson, Grey W., no dates, 34th Miss Inf Co F
Hudson, James M., no dates, 34th Miss Inf Co F
Hudson, Lewis J, (Memorial Marker) Miss 34th Inf Co F Killed in Battle of Manassas, Va.

We know for a fact there are more Selphs buried here but have been unsucessful in getting any information on them. This cemetery should be completely restored by Dec 01, 2000s
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