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Horton/Mackley Cemetery
Sainte Genevieve County, Missouri

Union Twp, Sec 36
Lat: 37° 51' 54"N, Lon: 90° 19' 31"W

Contributed by Valerie Holifield, Nov 20, 2002 [theholifields@sbcglobal.net]. Total records = 17.

This cemetery is at the corner of Hwy EE and Sprott Rd - you'll miss it if you're not looking for it.

Mostly it's rocks. There are the few stones listed in the file, but a ton of rocks just laying around. it's neat though. There are also 35-38 rocks that are markers with no writing, one with PE

This was transcribed by myself and my sister-in-law Sheila Holifield on Nov 08, 2002.

- Valerie Holifield

Babb, Mary Ellin, b. 29 Oct 1851, d. 3 Aug 1886, w/o Robert T. Babb
Babb, Robert, b. 1845, d. 1938, a newer stone, but doesn't seem to be a replacement
Chandler, Paulina (Mackley), b. 31 Aug 1846, d. 12 Feb 1912, s/s Chandler, William Jordan, newer stone, probably a replacement
Chandler, William Jordan, b. 7 Feb 1848, d. 12 May 1885, s/s Chandler, Paulina (Mackley), newer stone, probably a replacement
Gatenbayey(?), , d. 1879, can't read rest
Horton, Iserena Pitt, b. 1817, d. 28 Jul 1878, s/s Horton, Robert S., this is a newer stone, obviously a replacement
Horton, Mollie (Molly), b. 20 Nov 1863, d. 26 Jun 1910, s/s Horton, Robert*, a newer stone, a replacement, looks to have had an older stone of which only the base remains
Horton, Robert Sr., b. 1814, d. 2 Mar 1889, s/s Horton, Iserena Pitt, this is a newer stone, obviously a replacement
Horton, Robert, b. 24 Jun 1855, d. 20 Apr 1900, has 2 stones, one seems to be a replacement, one being older, s/s Horton, Mollie (Molly), a newer stone, a replacement
Hughes, Rachel J., d. Aug 1859, w/o Hudson Hughes
Mackley, Andrew, b. 2 Nov 1812, d. 11 Feb 1890
Mackley, Harold, d. 20 Feb 1887, s/o Owen & Carrie Mackley
Mackley, Isabel, b. 15 Mar 1846, d. 1 Sep 1892
Mackley, John H., b. 11 Nov 1812, d. 8 May 1874
Mackley, Lewis, b. 1818, d. (1863-70), Father of Paulina M. Chandler
Mackley, Nancy, b. 18 Apr 1838, d. 5 Oct 1885, d/o And. W. & Anna Mackley
Mackley, Rebecca, b. 4 Mar 1822, d. 11 Sep 1883, age: 61y 6m 7d, w/o Andrew W. Mackley

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