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Keeton Cemetery
Bates County, Missouri

Section 31, Elkhart Twp.
Bates Co MO,
Location: From Passaic go 7 1/2 miles west, then 1/2 mile south in field.

Total records = 38.

Contributor's Index:

(ssw = same stone with)

Adams, Sarah, b. Aug 2, 1852, d. Jan. 28, 1944, [VF]
Adams, Albert, b. Oct. 16, d. Jan. 16, 1925, son of Sarah
Bell, Infant, no dates, son of J.B. and Jennie, [VF]
Dixon, Johnnie D., no dates, [VF]
Foutty, Melissa J, no dates, [VF]
Gregory, Alexander, b. 1827, d. Nov,1887 m. Diadama Mar 21, 1847, no headstone, [VF]
Gregory, Mary Diadama Arnett, b. 1828, d. Feb 23, 1903, w/o Alexander, no headstone, [VF]
Henderson, Ivan, no dates, son, no headstone, [VF]
Henderson, Turner, no dates, no headstone, last burial in this cemetery, [VF]
Journey, John, no dates, [VF]
Keeton, Albert, no dates, [VF]
Keeton, Alice, no dates, no headstone, [VF]
Keeton, Cora, no dates, no headstone, [VF]
Keeton, E. V., no dates, [VF]
Keeton, Jim, no dates, no headstone, [VF]
Keeton, J. M., b. 26 Sep 1849, d. 20 Jul 1894, [RJ]
Keeton, July A., d. Mar 27 1853, 4mo 5da, d/o Mary and Williamson, [VF]
Keeton, Mary A, d. Mar 31, 1880, wife of J.M., [VF]
Keeton, Mary A. (Zinn), wife of J.M. Keeton, b. 24 May 1880, age 27 y, 10 m, 12 da, [RJ]
Keeton, Mary Buttram, b. 1824, d. Mar 8, 1880, w/o Williamson, [VF]
Keeton, W. A., no dates, [VF]
Keeton, Williamson, b. Dec 25, 1819 d. Dec 27,1899 m. Feb 4, 1841, [VF]
Keeton, Willie, b. Jun 6, 1880, d. Mar 4, 1881, s/o Mary & Williamson, [VF]
Keeton, W. Asbury, d. Jun 3, 1879, 33 years 4 mo. 27 days, [VF]
Landreth, Lee, no dates, [VF]
Landreth, Nevada, no dates, [VF]
Stephens, Mary Jane, no dates, [Mrs. Will], [VF]
Stephens, Will, no dates, [VF]
Stephens, Willie, no dates, Baby, [VF]
Westover, Charles E., no dates, [VF]
Westover, George D., no dates, [VF]
Westover, John R, no dates, son, [VF]
Westover, R., no dates, [VF]
Williams, Hattie J., no dates, [VF]
Williams, John R., no dates, [VF]
Zinn, John R., b. 04 Apr 1839, d. 17 Mar 1909, ssw/Martha Zinn, [RJ]
Zinn, Lucinda C., b. 07 Jul 1844, d. 16 Feb 1874, [RJ]
Zinn, Martha (Wood), his wife, b. 04 Nov 1849, ssw/John R. Zinn, [RJ]
Zinn, Robert, son of John & L.C. Zinn, b. 28 Jun 1867, [RJ]

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