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Elmhurst Cemetery
Ramsey County, Minnesota

1510 N. Dale Street, Saint Paul, MN

Lat: 44° 59' 14"N, Lon: 93° 07' 28"W

Established 1858 between the Trinity & Saint John Evangelical Lutheran Church. Includes former German Lutheran Cemetery, aka Orchard Street Cemetery. A Fire in 1890 destroyed the early records, that same year the cemetery was officially renamed Elmhurst Cemetery.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Sep 02, 2005. Total records = 62.

Contributor's Index:

Anderson Frieda, b. Apr 25, 1890, d. Mar 1, 1985, age: 94yr, [KB]
Anderson Jason, d. Jun 1980, age: 25days, [KB]
Anderson, Esther A., d. Jan 1982, age: 79yr, [KB]
English, Robert Jackson, b. Jun 02, 1881 MN, d. Dec 07, 1934, [MG]
Geib, A., d. 1880, bur. L-2 B-16, [CJ]
Geib, Anna, d. 1882, bur. L-2 B-16, [CJ]
Geib, Baby, d. 1872, bur. L-2 B-16 #3, [CJ]
Geib, Charles H., b. Feb 1875 St. Paul, MN, d. 1 Aug 1942 Hennepin Co., MN, age: 66 yrs, s/o William & Laura (Charles Harold), bur. L-2 B-16 #9, [CJ]
Geib, Emma, d. 1880, bur. L-2 B-16, [CJ]
Geib, Frances, b. 1880 MN, d. 1947,, age: 67 yrs, w/o Charles, bur. L-2 B-16 #10, [CJ]
Geib, Freddie, no dates on record, bur. L-2 B16 #5, [CJ]
Geib, George, b. 18 Jul 1888 St. Paul, MN, d. 4 Dec 1966 San Diego, CA, age: 78 yrs, s/o William & Laura (George A.), bur. L-2 B-16 #11, [CJ]
Geib, Julie, d. 1884, bur. L-2 B-16 #2, [CJ]
Geib, Laura (Lipke), b. 8 Dec 1850 Copenhagen, Denmark, d. 2 Apr 1926 St. Paul, MN, age: 75 yrs, w/o William F. (Laura Kathinka Lipke), bur. L-2 B-16 #8, [CJ]
Geib, William, b. Jul 1843 Germany, d. 1906 St. Paul, MN, age: 63 yrs, h/o Laura, (William F.), bur. L-2 B-16 #6, [CJ]
Heathcote, Matilda (Lipke), b. Aug 1860 St. Paul, MN, d. 1909 St. Paul, MN, age: 48 yrs, w/o Harry Eugene, bur. L-2 B-16 #7, [CJ]
Kuhn Hazel Fern, d. Aug. 18, 1993, age: 8yr, [KB]
Kuhn William F., b. Jan 29, 1859 Friedrichshafen, Germany, d. Mar 15, 1954, [KB]
Kuhn, Alberta E, d. 1990, [KB]
Kuhn, Anna B., d. 1942, [KB]
Kuhn, Anna, d. 1891, [KB]
Kuhn, Baby Boy, d. 1940, [KB]
Kuhn, Baby, d. 1899, [KB]
Kuhn, Baby, d. 1935, [KB]
Kuhn, Caroline, d. Jun 1955, age: 82yr, [KB]
Kuhn, Carroll, d. 1933, age: 5mo, [KB]
Kuhn, Daneil D., d. 1947, age: 83yr, [KB]
Kuhn, Daniel, d. 1896, age: 1� mo, [KB]
Kuhn, Eugene W., d. Jan 4, 1991, age: 80yr, [KB]
Kuhn, Evelyn Ann, d. May 13, 1990, age: 85yr, [KB]
Kuhn, Fred Paul, d. Mar 30, 1991, age: 86yr, [KB]
Kuhn, Fririck, no dates, [KB]
Kuhn, George D., d. 1900, age: 76yr, [KB]
Kuhn, George, d. 1906, age: 37yr, [KB]
Kuhn, Henry, d. 1904, age: 72yr, [KB]
Kuhn, Karoline, d. 1894, age: 6 mo, [KB]
Kuhn, Lydia Minna, d. 1915, age: 2yr, [KB]
Kuhn, Mina Ida, b. Apr 1 1867, d. Jan 3 1940, [KB]
Kuhn, Minnie, d. 1908, age: 34yr, [KB]
Kuhn, Philpp, d. 1916, age: 85yr, [KB]
Kuhn, Sorina, d. 1909, age: 3yr, [KB]
Kuhn, Theodore B., d. 1940, age: 72yr, [KB]
Kuhn, Theodore Gottliebb, b. Mar 31, 1868, s/o Gottlieb Kuhn, [KB]
Kuhn, Walter G., d. May 1973, age: 76yr, [KB]
Kuhn, William F, b. Jan 29, 1859, s/o Gottlick Kuhn, h/o Minnie Ida Seeger, [KB]
Lipke, Agnes (Peterson), b. 19 Jan 1891 MN, d. 15 Feb 1965 Stearns Co., MN, age: 73 yrs, w/o Carl (Agnes Victoria Peterson), bur. L-21 B-32 #8, [CJ]
Lipke, Anna (Munson-Northenscold), b. 3 Dec 1875 Blekings, Sweden, d. 1972 Washington Co., MN, age: 97 yrs, w/o Frederick, nickname "Annie", bur. L-21 B-32 #9, [CJ]
Lipke, Augusta (Streger), b. 20 Feb 1848 Bosterardt, Germany, d. 19 Feb 1942 St. Paul, MN, age: 43 yrs, w/o Julius (Augusta Katerina Streger), bur. L-21 B-32 #6, [CJ]
Lipke, Charles F., b. 15 Oct 1821 Copenhagen, Denmark, d. 19 Feb 1892 St. Paul, MN, age: 71 yrs, h/o Marie (Carl Frederick Liebe), bur. L-2 B-16 #4, [CJ]
Lipke, Charles, b. 22 Jun 1879 St. Paul, MN, d. 22 Jan 1964 Princeton, MN, age: 84 yrs, h/o Agnes (Carl Henry Herman), bur. L-21 B-32 #7, [CJ]
Lipke, Charles, b. 9 Aug 1911 St. Paul, MN, d. 1913 St. Paul, MN, age: 2 yrs, s/o Charles & Agnes (Charles Henry Jr.), bur. L-21 B-32 #3, [CJ]
Lipke, Fred, b. 23 Jul 1872 St. Paul, MN, d. 14 Nov 1923 St. Paul, MN, age: 51 yrs, h/o Anna (Frederick Christof Herman), bur. L-21 B-32 #5, [CJ]
Lipke, John, b. 11 Oct 1847 Denmark, d. Jun 1847 St. Paul, MN, age: 61 yrs, h/o Augusta (Julius Jean Baptiste), bur. L-21 B-32 #4, [CJ]
Lipke, Maria Catherine (Wuff), b. 28 Oct 1821 Germany, d. 11 Oct 1875 St. Paul, MN, age: 48 yrs, w/o Carl Frederick "Charles", bur. L-2 B-16 #1, [CJ]
Mathias, Emma (Lipke), b. 31 May 1884 St. Paul, MN, d. 10 Sep 1913 Coteau, ND, age: 29 yrs, d/o Julius & Augusta (Emma Mable Lipke), bur. L-21 B-32 #2, [CJ]
Mathias, Irene J., b. 20 Feb 1907 ND, d. 21 Oct 1913 Burke Co., ND, age: 5 yrs, d/o Otto & Emma, bur. L-21 B-32 #1, [CJ]
Witte, Albert, b. 29 Jun 1895, d. Sep 1967, s/o Gustave and Theresa Witte, h/o Frances, [DP]
Witte, Arthur, b. 22 Jun 1897, d. Dec 1966, s/o Gustave and Theresa Witte, h/o Marie, [DP]
Witte, Gustave, b. 9 May 1860, d. 23 Apr 1939, s/o Henry F. and Augusta (Degen) Witte, [DP]
Witte, Marie, b. 17 Dec 1897, d. Feb 1990, w/o Arthur Witte, [DP]
Witte, Theresa, b. 21 Oct. 1870, d. 4 Dec 1936, d/o Carl and Johanna Selchow, w/o Gustave Witte, [DP]
Woodbury, Marie (Lipke), b. 1855 NY, d. 17 Jun 1893 Rochester, MN, age: 38 yrs, d/o Carl & Marie (Wilhelmena Catherine Lipke), bur. L-26 B-25 #6, [CJ]

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