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Free Church Cemetery
Washtenaw County, Michigan

Ford Rd & Gotfredson Rd
Ypsilanti, Michigan

Lat: 42°19'10"N, Lon: 83°34'02"W
Superior Twp, Sec 14

Submitted by Georgina Gaddis, May 09, 2003, last updated May 24, 2003 [soozieq033@cs.com]. Total records = 102.

Directions: Take 275N to exit #25 (Westland/Dearborn Hgts), turn left onto Ford Rd. Stay straight on Ford Rd, you will cross over the following major cross overs: Haggerty, Canton Center, Beck and Ridge Rd. The cemetery is on your left side on top of a hill.

There is a handmade painted wood sign naming the cemetery. It is no longer being used, but well kept by Mrs. Betty Meyer and her husband.

This cemetery is owned by the Free Church and Mrs. Meyer is the president of the association which oversees the maintenance of the cemetery. She is well versed on the history of the cemetery and the church connected to it, as her forefathers helped established the area.

The cemetery began in 1825 and is no longer active. There are many burials which cannot be identified unless an older record is found. At present I am unable to find one.

I walked and transcribed this cemetery on May 06, 2003. This includes all existing headstones which are legible. A few at the bottom are unidentifiable.

* no headstone, transcribed from the list found at the Ann Arbor LDS Center

- Georgina Gaddis

Addison,, d. 22 May 1961, age: 19yr, s/o ?.T., left hand index finger pointing upwards
Bagley, George A., d. May 12, 1851, age: 33yr
Bagley, Phebe, d. Sep 16, 1860, age: 62yr 11mo, w/o J.C.
Bennett, Hannah, d. Oct 15, 1849, age: 27yrs, 9mo, w/o Stephen *
Bentley, John E., d. Mar 11, 1849, age: 55yr
Birdsall, Cora, d. Apr 2, 1868, age: 4yrs, 2mos, d/o G & M Birdsall *
Blakesler, Frank, d. Aug 14, 1819, age: 1mo 6days, s/o J.W. & A. Blakesler
Bramble, Charles, d. Mar 18, 1872, age: 43yrs *
Brewer, Abraham, no dates, age: 24yrs *
Brewer, Charity, d. Sep 17, 1849, age: 76yr 29dys, unreadable passage on bottom of stone
Brewer, Elias, d. Jan 11, 1870, age: 89yrs *
Brewer, John G., d. Jun 2, 1870, age: 70yr 19dys, Both old & young, o death must yield to thee and ? By day may (the rest is buried in the ground)
Brewer, Phebe, b. May 15, 1832, d. Nov 8, 1885, w/o Allen Bagley
Brewer, Susan, d. Nov 2, 1863, age: 64yr 11 mo, w/o John Brewer, hands shaking; tombstone broken in half
Britten, Richard, d. Jan 24, 18?9, age: 84yr, weeping willow tree; cannot read passage
Cheesman, Jane, b. Mar 6, 1818, d. Aug 95, 1899
Cheesman, Jesse, b. Jul 22, 1821, d. Jan 16, 1897
Clark, Dorothy, b. 1914, d. 1920
Cole, James H., b. Oct 22, 1853, d. blank, Next to this t.stone is another with the following written on it: Farewell Dear Mother Sweet Thy Rest **There is also another t.stone next to this one that is blank
Cole, Nancy B., d. Oct 01, 1853, age: 49yr, w/o Peter M. Cole, palm branch
Collins, A. Hamilton, b. 1829, d. 1908
Collins, Elizabeth J., b. 1832, d. 1915
Collins, Elizabeth, b. Oct 13, 1791, d. Aug 17, 1865, Blessed are they that die in the Lord Father Mother
Collins, James H., b. Apr 17, 1790, d. Mar 27, 1874, Blessed are they that die in the Lord Father Mother
Collins, Susie E., b. 1869, d. 19?1, daughter
Cook, Sarah A., d. Nov 19, 1879, age: 6yr 11ms 17dys, d/o D & R Cook, bloomed rose
Culver, Lattee S., d. Jul 5, 1869, age: 1yr, 2mo, 2days *
Denike, MaryAnn, d. May 2?, 1877, age: 35yr 2ms,?ds, Relict of I. Whitney & w/o LL Denike
Filkins, Deliphene, d. Aug 5, 1857, age: 2mos, 19days, d/o A & M Filkins *
Filkins, Westley E., d. Sep 7, 1857, age: 9yrs, 6mo, 9dys, s/o A & M Filkins *
Freman, Gideon, d. Oct 18, 1835, age: 48yr, stone broken at the top
Gale, Henry, d. Mar 27, 1873, age: 76yr
Gale, Peacy, d. Jun 17, 1858, cannot read, his wife
Hoff, Emeline, d. Oct 27, 1865, age: 31yr, 2 ms, w/o Warren Hoff, hands shaking
Kercher, George, b. ? 1876, d. Sep 05, 1885
Kercher, Gottlob, b. June 24, 1843, d. Apr ?7, 18?9, there are 2 t.stones next to this grave w/o any markings
Kercher, Martha, no dates, (beside the Kercher stone) *
Kercher, Sarah, b. Feb 5, 1844, d. Feb 23, 1899, w/o Gottlob F. Kercher
Kimmel, Cora Bell, d. Aug 25, 1856, d/o L.L. & J. Kimmel *
Kimmel, Edgar, d. Feb 26, 1827, age: 10yr, s/o H & S Kimmel, weeping willow tree
Kimmel, Henry H., d. Feb 17, 1850, age: 23yr, 7ms, s/o H & S Kimmel, weeping willow tree
Kimmel, Henry, d. Aug 03, 1860, age: 81 yrs *
Kimmel, Jane, b. Jul 1827, d. Feb 1899, new stone with the letter 'K' encircled by ivy design
Kimmel, Leasure, b. Apr 1820, d. Mar 1894, new stone with the letter 'K' encircled by ivy design
Kimmel, Lelia O., b. June 28, 1876, d. Dec 5, 1888, d/o A.M. & M. Kimmel
Kimmel, Susanna, d. Jun 02, 1871, age: 83yrs, 1mo *
Mann, Lydia, d. Mar 26, 1885, age: 78 yr, w/o Noah V. Mann Mother
Mann, Noah V., d. Mar 20, 1884, age: 82yr
Mann, Ross, b. 1888, d. 1912, large monument shaped as a scroll
Markham, Abigail, b. 1841, d. 1913, Gone But Not Forgotten
Markham, George, b. 1910, d. 1911
Markham, Oliver, b. Jan 6, 1837, d. 1903 Jan 26
McKim, Catherine, no dates, Erected by Mrs Thos. Phillips to the memory of her father Geo McKim her mother Catherine McKim and her uncle Thomas McKim
McKim, Geo, no dates, Erected by Mrs Thos. Phillips to the memory of her father Geo McKim her mother Catherine McKim and her uncle Thomas McKim
McKim, James, b. no dates given
McKim, Rebecca, b. no dates given, there are 5 t.stones directly behind the McKim monument - yet no writing on them
McKim, Thomas, no dates, Erected by Mrs Thos. Phillips to the memory of her father Geo McKim her mother Catherine McKim and her uncle Thomas McKim
McKnight, Hanna, d. Aug 28, 1847, age: 80yrs, 8mos, w/o Jas. McKnight *
McMath, Julia Etta, b. 1 Mar 1838, d. no date *
O'Malley, Jane L., d. Dec 02, 1881, w/o B.F. O'Malley, stone broken at the base
Oakley, Jane L., d. Jan 21, 1882, age: 49yrs, w/o B.F. Oakley *
Oakley, Olivena B.J., d. Dec 21, 1881, age: 14yrs, 11mo, 21da, d/o B.F. & J.L. Oakley *
Parkhurst, Abel, d. Jun 23, 1855, age: 50yr, Masonic symbol
Parkhurst, Alexis, d. Sep 3, 188?, stone broken in half at base
Parkhurst, Julianette, b. Mar 1, 1838, d. Nov 9, 1886, d/o Abel & Lydia Parkhurst Married 1st William Row and 2nd Robert McMath
Parkhurst, Lydia, d. Feb 21, 1865, age: 64yr, 6mo, w/o Abel Parkhurst
Parkhurst, Olive Ann, d. Aug 13, 187?, age: 5 days, d/o A. & L.
Phelps, Hannah, d. Sep 24, 1863, age: 79yr, 9ms,12ds, w/o J. Phelps
Phelps, J., d. May 1831, age: 16yr
Phelps, Malinda, d. Feb 1835, age: 22yr, d/o J. & H. Phelps
Phelps, Sally Ann, d. May 18, 1867, age: 48 yr, w/o J. Phelps
Rooke, Almas, b. 1833, d. 1909
Rooke, Cassey Ann, d. Aug 9, 1817, age: 1yr, 8 da, d/o R & C.A. Rooke *
Rooke, John G., b. 1832, d. blank
Rooke, Mattie E., b. 1856, d. blank
Rooke, Milliam S., b. 1861, d. blank
Rooke, Nettie J., b. 1874, d. 1950, mother
Rooke, Oassie Ann, b. May 18??, d. Jan 18, 1894, At Rest w/o Robert Rooke
Rooke, Robert T., d. Feb 23, 1863, age: 18yr, 1mo,13ds, s/o R & C.A. Rooke, civil war veteran; US Flag on gravesite
Rooke, Robert, d. Oct 18, 1869, age: 65yr, 2ms,3ds, open book
Rooke, William S., b. 1861, d. 1952, father
Russell, Jonathan, d. Jan 25, 1862, age: 60yr
Russell, Julia J., d. Dec 27, 1852, age: 5ys, 5mo, 25da, d/o L & P Russell *
Russell, Lester, d. Mar 13, 1872, age: 66yrs *
Russell, Phebe, d. Sep 30, 1888, age: 79yrs *
Russell, Warren, b. 1841, d. 1884, unreadable/weatherbeaten
Shay, Phebe Ann, d. Jun 12, 1870, age: 24yrs, 4mo, 12da, w/o Orselus Shay *
Smith, Mary, d. Apr 22, 1861, age: 23yr 2mo, w/o Alexis Parkhurst
Stacy, Ebnezer, b. Jan 18, 1794, d. Feb 6, 1827, left index finger pointing upwards
Strang, Abby J., b. 1835, d. 1919, located under a large bush
Strang, Jacob, b. 1831, d. 1901, located under a large bush
Strang, Mary E., b. Oct 16, 1868, d. Dec 05, 1898, w/o Olin T. Strang
Thumm, Adam, d. Oct 10, 1878, age: 57yrs, 1mo *
Thumm, Christian A., d. Jan 09, 1883, age: 15yrs, 6mos, s/o A.D. & F.J. *
Voorhies, Geo. Oscar, d. Mar 19, 1869, age: 22yr, Erected by his wife to the memory of, stone broken in half
Wheeler, James W., d. 1832 *
Whitbeck, ?, d. Sep 20, 1874, age: 35yr 10ms 17ds, Sacred to the memory of
Whitbeck, Charles, d. Sep 20, 1874, age: 65yrs, 10mo, 17da *
Whitbeck, Jane, d. ? ?2, 1885, age: 76yr 9ms 3ds, Now thy days on earth hath past, Christ hath cuddle thee home, His redeeming love to praise who hath strength all my day.
Whitney, Lyman, d. ? 187?, age: 55yr, hand holding an open book
Wilbur, Henry, d. Jun 28, 1872, stone broken in half, gave is located between 2 pine trees
Wilbur, Lydia, d. May 22, 1865, w/o Wilbur

??, ?usanna, stone broken in half and weather beaten
??, Benny, stone broken in half and weather beaten
??, Gabbey Ann, d. Jan 21, 1882, stone broken in half and buried in the ground
??, Hank, d. Aug 28, 1817, Jas. McK?
??, Julia J., d. May 27, 1852
??, K?, tombstone unreadable
??, Russ? (buried in ground), stone broken at the base
??, Sara?, stone broken in half at base
??, Susan E., no dates, (rest of stone buried)
??, tombstone, unreadable next to this one
??, tombstone broken in half, next to the Leasure & Jane Kimmel
??, unreadable, d. Mar 13, 1872, age: 66yr, stone broken at the base
Br?, ??es, d. Mar 18, 1872, t.stone broken at base, holy bible
Br?, Hannah, d. Oct 15, 1840, w/o Stephen Br?
G?, ?ter M., age: 45yr, 2mos, t.stone broken in half and buried in ground
L. W., No other names given nor dates
father, no dates
mother, no dates
tombstone, unreadable,about 16 stones like this
tombstone,, next to Geo. Bagley, is missing 3/4 of the stone

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