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Saint Edward Cemetery
Mendon, Saint Joseph County, Michigan

Contributed by Dawn Disbrow, Mar 9, 2000 [dizz@acninc.net] Total records = 605.

Saint Edward Cemetery is on the west side of the road across from the Catholic Church. It is well kept and has a beautiful low stone wall across the front. It is in Saint Joseph county, Mendon township, located just off M-60 in Mendon.

??, Ann, b.1830, d.1917, in row with Gaffney
??, Anna M., b.1886, d.1915, next, d.Watkins
??, Esther, b.1869, d.1917, in row with Gaffney
??, Father, b.1861, d.1912, side of M.C. Haas stone
??, Father, Nine or more stones with Father and no surname
??, Father Nicholas, b.1854, d.1916, by Stermer stone
??, James, b.1852, d.1927, in row with Gaffney
??, John, b.1828, d.1917 in row with Gaffney
??, Mother, b.1869, d.1912, side of M.C. Haas stone
??, Mother, Barbara, b.1876, d.1939, by Stermer stone
??, Mother, F.M., in Marantette family plot
??, Mother, about 9 or so listings of Mother, with no surname.
??, Rowley,1949
Androsky, Gisela A., b.1933, d.----, same stone as Robert
Androsky, Robert L., b.1933, d.1997, married June 30, 1956
Anton, ?, b.Aug. 23, 1883, d.Dec. 22, 1885, next,to Locy stones
Atkinson, Eva, b.1893, d.1976
Atkinson, Mathew, b.1889, d.1957, same stone as Eva
Axthelm, Gibson, b.1912, d.1930
Bacon, Mary A., b.1839, d.1919
Bacon, Wm. W., b.1841, d.1911
Baker, Anne L., b.1924, d.----,same stone as Ernest L.
Baker, Ernest L., b.1922, d.----, married, July 12, 1941
Baker, Samantha Brooke, b.Nov. 22, 1991
Baker, Thomas L., b.Oct. 15, 1956, d.April 15, 1958
Ballman, Christina, b.mother, died Oct. 10, 1902
Ballman, John J., b.father, 1869, d.1956
Ballman, John, b.father, died Mar. 22, 1888, same stone as Christina
Ballman, John, b.Oct. 10, 1888, d.July 19, 1889, infant son, died Dec. 14, 1889
Ballman, Lavina, b.1862, d.1939
Ballman, Mary A., b.mother, 1892, d.1980, same stone as John J.
Ballman, Matthias L., b.1918, d.1981, brother
Ballman, Matthias, b.1867, d.1956, same stone as Lavina
Ballman, Stella M., b.1921, d.1936
Banner, Alicia Lillis, b.1915, d.----, same stone as Joseph Donald
Banner, Joseph Donald, b.1915, d.1999
Banner, Mary, b.1879, d.1966
Banner, Mathias M., b.1881, d.1949
Barga, Berniece A., b.1951, d.1981
Barysewicz, Joseph, b.1889, d.1968
Beda, Marie Sanford, b.1910, d.Nov. 8, 1938
Beda, Nellie, V., b.1891, d.1989
Beda, Sopie Karvickus, b.1909, d.Oct. 2, 1935
Beda, Walter, 1888 b.to 1942
Beebe, Alycia M., b.1956, d.1999
Beebe, James M., b.1950, d.1953, son
Beebe, Melville R., b.Mar. 4, 1923, d.Jan. 27, 1996, AEM 1 US Navy WW11
Bell, Agnes L., b.July 17, 1918, d.----, same stone as Richard A.
Bell, Bernard, b.1904, d.1978
Bell, Bonnie, b.1946, d.----, same stone as Joel
Bell, Joel F. Jr., b.June 2, 1967, d.Sept. 28, 1973
Bell, Joel, b.1945, d.----
Bell, Joeseph, b.May 13, 1906, d.June 12, 1992
Bell, Leslie, b.1901, d.1975
Bell, Mary, b.1909, d.1986, same stone as Leslie
Bell, Richard A., b.March 20, 1914, d.Sept. 25, 1988
Bennett, Viola A., b.1852, d.1939
Bingaman, Clifford E., b.1912, d.1978, Father
Bingaman, Jane E., b.1911, d.1982, Mother, same stone as Clifford E.
Birr, Edward K., b.1910, d.1992, same stone as Marion L.
Birr, Helen C., b.1939, d.1998
Birr, Marion L., b.1912, d.----
Blank, Catherine, b.1855, d.1930
Blank, Christian J., b.1851, d.1922
Bodey, Frank L., b.1892, d.1957
Bodey, Marselene, b.1896, d.1959
Bodey, Patricia Marselene, Oct. 10, 1965, our daughter
Bodey, Philip J., b.1919, d.1995
Bokhart, Margaret C., b.1905, d.1992
Bokhart, Morris, b.1901, d.1958, same stone as Margaret. Bokhart
Boris, Leonard G., b.1923, d.----
Brady, Phillip M., b.Jan. 31, 1950, d.May 20, 1950
Brandys, Anne, b.1919, d.----, same stone as Henry
Brandys, Genevieve, "Jean", b.1913, d.----, same stone as Thaddeus
Brandys, Henry, b.1918, d.1991, Married June 7, 1941
Brandys, Thaddeus, "Ted", b.1916, d.1999
Brandys, Thomas, b.1888, d.1969
Brandys, Victoria, b.1889, d.1981, same stone as Thomas
Burnham, Michelle Kay, b.1960, d.1968
Cahill, Catherine, wife of Jas. Cahill, died Sept. 6, 1917 aged 74 years 6 months
Cahill, James, died Mar. 2, 1881 aged 50 years 1 day
Cahill, Johanna, died Aug. 1884 aged 85 years
Cahill, Theresa, died May 29, 1940 aged 71 years
Carkenord, Helen M., b.1852, d.1903, second stone of Helen M.
Carkenord, Helen M., b.April 16, 1852, d.Oct. 28, 1903
Carkenord, Hulda, b.1882, d.1973
Carkenord, John, b.1879, d.1957
Carkenord, Leonard B., b.1893, d.1956, Vet of WW1
Carkenord, Lucille E., b.1899, d.1985, wife of Leonard
Carkenord, N. D., Feb, 1879, CO A 11 MICH INF
Carkenord, William, b.1849, d.1940
Carl Ewing, infant, son of W.J. & J.E. English Feb.22, 1892 aged 2 months 25 days
Catherine, mother, b.1850, d.1911, by Milliman stone
Cave, Hugh W., b.Sept. 25, 1862, d.Oct. 5, 1946, same stone as Nellie
Cave, Nellie, b.Sept. 8, 1872, d.Jan. 31, 1957
Connor, Catherine, b.1827, d.1868
Connor, John, b.1850, d.1869
Connor, Margaret, b.1854, d.1932
Connor, Mary, b.1862, d.1892
Connor, Michael, b.1823, d.1906
Cotherman, Lewis, b.Jan. 26, 1836, d.April 22, 1911 ? 22 days
Cotherman, Margaret Ann, b.Nov. 8, 1841, d.April 10, 1910 aged 66 years 9 months 7 days, on same stone as Lewis Cotherman, her husband
Cowles, Irene, b.1919, d.1992
Culp, Keith, b.1926, d.1997, same stone as Lola Mae, father
Culp, Kevin M., b.May 9,, d.Aug. 13, 1982, baby
Culp, Lola Mae, b.1927, d.----, mother
Cunningham, Henry, CO C 3 MICH Cav
Cunningham, Maria, b.1840, d.----
Cvetanovich, Frances, b.May 13, 1893, d.Aug. 19, 1988, next, d.Robert Androsky stone, Grandmother
Davis, Kevin B., b.1956, d.1984, son
Delia C., b.1888, d.1924, next, d.Watkins
Dennee, Roberta, b.Sept. 15, 1893, d.April 4, 1971, MICH PFC US Army WW1
Derhammer, Ernest S., 1893
Derhammer, Teresa M., b.1891, d.1979, same stone as Ernest S, Derhammer
Dobrowolski, Michael John, b.1887, d.1959
Donovan, Richard, son of James & Harriet, died May 9, 1897 aged 12 years 7 days
Doolan, Elizabeth, b.1858, d.1933
Doolan, Ellen A., b.1862, d.1941
Doolan, John M., b.1864, d.1931
Doolan, Katherine, b.1855, d.1941
Doolan, Margaret, daughter of M. & N. Doolan, ?
Doolan, Margaret, wife of Michael Doolan, died Feb.9, 1894 aged 71 years
Doolan, Michael, d.June 22, 1899, aged 80 years
Dukette, Fannie F., b.1855, d.1919
Dukette, Louis, b.1794, d.1874
Dukette, Michael. b.1847, d.1926
Dukette, Victoria, b.1807, d.1884
Duquette, Frank F., b.1877, d.1956, next, d.Fannie F. Dukette
Eickhoff, Harry B., b.1918, d.1996 VFW
Eickhoff, Margaret G., b.1921, d.1994, same stone as Harry B.
Elizabeth M., mother, b.1851, d.1920, with Klein stone
English, Jennie M., b.1863, d.1922, same stone as William J. English
English, William J., b.1862, d.1965
Ewing, Mary E., wife of Robert Ewing, died May 20, 1892 aged 64 years
Ferguson, Catherine Locy, b.1860, d.1953
Fitzstephens, James Edward, b.1904, d.1979 CM2 US Navy WW11, VFW
Fitzstephens, Mary F., b.Jan. 4, 1912, d.Mar. 5, 1996
Fitzstephens, Patrick D., b.Jan. 9, 1946, d.June 13, 1992 SP4 US Army Vietnam, VFW
Fitzstephens, Thomas E., b.1939, d.1982, VFW
Flach, Anton, b.Oct. 18, 1818, d.July 18, 1895, same stone as Anna Haas
Flach, Carl J., b.1893, d.1971
Flach, Edward D., b.1891, d.1962
Flach, Elizabeth G., b.1888, d.1965, same stone as Edward
Flach, Hubert E., b.1921, d.1979
Flach, Kenneth E., b.1919, d.1988
Flach, Rosie, b.1893, d.1987, same stone as Carl J.
Forst, Father, b.1840, d.1907
Gorka, Josef, b.Dec. 3, 1888, d.Aug. 3, 1965, CPL CO G 86 INF WW1
Grimm, Albena R., b.1885, d.1977
Grimm, George H., b.1886, d.1944, same stone as Albena R.
Grimm, Victoria, b.1849, d.1906
Groat, Fred H., b.1874, d.1962, same stone as Gertrude Groat
Groat, Gertrude, b.1879, d.1926
Groat, Herman D., b.March 11, 1911, d.Dec. 18, 1972
Groat, John F., b.1904, d.1918, son
Gwin, Anna L., b.1893, d.1969
Haas, ?, died Nov. 25, 1889
Haas, Anna, b.Sept. 29, 1851, d.Nov. 5, 1897, wife of Thomas
Haas, Bernard C., b.1889, d.1966
Haas, Cecilia Ann., 1984
Haas, Dora Mary, b.1884, d.1957
Haas, Eugene F., 67 CO5 REG US Marines, In memory of Eugene killed in Belleau Wood June 7 1918 age 18, buried in Belleau
Haas, Francis M., b.1878, d.1928
Haas, Genevieve M., b.1923, d.1961
Haas, Gertrude, b.Mar. 14, 1820, d.April 29, 1891, same stone as Michael, wife of, Michael
Haas, Helen B., b.1891, d.1922, wife of Joseph
Haas, Infant, born and died Feb.18, 1895
Haas, John, b.1856, d.1921
Haas, Joseph E., b.1889, d.1967
Haas, Leonard J., b.1885, d.1947
Haas, Maria, b.1863, d.1916
Haas, Mary, b.1859, d.1943, same stone as John
Haas, Mathias, b.1854, d.1915
Haas, Michael, b.Mar. 3, 1823, d.Mar. 15, 1901
Haas, Mildred M., b.1893, d.1984, same stone with Bernard C. Haas
Haas, Paul C., b.1898, d.1980
Haas, Thomas Martin, 1948
Haas, Vivian L., b.1896, d.1981, same stone as Paul C. Haas
Hammer, Rev. Louis M., b.May 9, 1877, d.Nov. 5, 1938
Hampton, Karl P., our son, Jan. 11, 1960, d.Aug. 16, 1961
Happel, Anthony E., b.April 21, 1917, d.January 2, 1988, married May 7, 1949
Happel, Bessie Laird, b.1884, d.1920 next, d.Philip Happel
Happel, Celeste, b.1921, d.----, Daughter, same stone as Leon and Gladys
Happel, Emma J., b.1865, d.1944
Happel, Gladys, b.1893, d.1991, Mother, same stone as Leon and Celeste
Happel, Irene P., b.1923, d.----, same stone as Anthony E.
Happel, Jessie, daughter of W.H.& E. Happel, died Jan. 25, 1891 aged 4 months 15 days
Happel, Leon, b.1892, d.1979, Father
Happel, Lewis, son of W.H. & E. Happel
Happel, Philip, b.1884, d.1919, next, d.Bessie
Happel, William H.., b.1860, d.1931
Harmon, baby, April 1927
Harmon, Carl Perry, b.1907, d.1989, same stone as Vera Lucille
Harmon, Phyllis, b.1931, d.1932
Harmon, Vera Lucille, b.1907, d.1987
Hass, Cora M., b.1897, d.1960, same stone as Ralph M.
Hass, Ralph M., b.1895, d.1978
Hedrick, babies, 1929
Hedrick, Clara R., b.1889, d.1981, same stone as Earl W.
Hedrick, Earl W., b.1889, d.1963
Helena, mother, b.1867, d.1927, by Ballman stone and with Peter
Helwig, Myrl Joy, b.1928, d.----, same stone as Roland A.
Helwig, Roland A., b.1922, d.----
Hempel, Brittany Lyn, b.June 22, 1988, d.Mar. 14, 1998, same stone as Sarah Francis
Hempel, Eileen, b.1953, d.1956, next, d.Thomas Steven
Hempel, Robert L. Sr., b.1921, d.----
Hempel, Sally, b.1922, d.----, same stone as Robert L. Sr.
Hempel, Sarah Francis, b.Dec. 5, 1990, d.Mar. 14, 1998
Hempel, Thomas Steven, b.July 4 1951, d.Jan. 3, 1996, SP4 US Army
Heydenberk, Lucille K., b.1918, d.----, same stone as Robert C.
Robert C. Heydenberk b.Oct. 30, 1914, d.Sept. 10, 1994
Heydenberk, Robert C., b.October 30, 1914, d.September 10, 1994, LT US NAVY WWII
Hickmott, Helen M., b.1893, d.1990, same stone as William Arthur
Hickmott, Michael A., b.1961, d.1992
Hickmott, William Arthur, b.1898, d.1981
Hill, Albert B., b.1912, d.1922
Hill, Charles S., b.1873, d.1954, same stone as Fern D. Hill
Hill, Fern D., b.1879, d.1970
Hill, Horace C., b.Sept. 16, 1839, d.Oct. 11, 1899, Aged 60 years 25 days
Hill, Mary J., b.1845, d.1932, same stone as Horace C. Hill, wife of H. C. Hill
Hinkle, Harry J., b.1891, d.1941
Hinkle, Margaret E., b.1918, d.1942
Hochstetler, Mary C., b.1917, d.1972, same stone as Sylvanus
Hochstetler, Sylvanus, 1924
Hoes, Dell, b.1848, d.1918
Hoes, Francis N., b.1859, d.1908, Brother
Hoes, Nellie E., b.1859, d.1918, Mother
Hoffman, John C., b.1898, d.1964
Hoffman, Lucille, b.1905, d.1973, same stone as John C.
Hogan, Edna M., b.1884, d.1912
Hogan, Thomas M., b.1883, d.1944
Holl, May R., b.1904, d.1985, same stone as William B.
Holl, William B., b.1897, d.1964
Holland, Daniel, b.1856, d.1934, same stone as Mary
Holland, Mary, b.1856, d.1939
Hopkins, Howard A., b.1879, d.1949
Hopkins, Howard T., b.1908, d.1962
Hopkins, Marie G., b.1881, d.1926, wife of Howard A. Hopkins
Hopkins, Mollie L., b.1868, d.1925, next, d.Charles Locy
Hughes, Ann M., b.1921, d.1988, same stone as Marion B.
Hughes, Frances M., b.Oct. 23, 1905, d.Nov. 3, 1993
Hughes, George W., b.Dec. 8, 1899, d.June 3, 1981
Hughes, Marion B., b.1911, d.1998, Married Nov. 27, 1941
Hughes, Richard P., b.1944, d.1959
Hughey, John Westley, b.1863, d.1944, same stone as Mary Josephine
Hughey, Mary Josephine, b.1864, d.1941
Huseman, Ira, b.1920, d.1996
Huseman, Mary, b.1925, d.1995, same stone as Ira.
Jacobs, Marie A., b.1892, d.1993
Jannisse, Anthony, b.1844, d.1912
Johns, James A. b.1914, d.1994
Johnson, Veronica Y., b.Dec. 28, 1929, d.Oct. 22, 1999
Jones, Bob, b.1924, d.----
Jones, Gerry, b.1928, d.1999, same stone as Bob
Jones, Rose F., b.1906, d.1982, mother
Kaczynski, Sophie, b.1896, d.1978
Kazanecki, Louis, b.1893, d.1959
Kazanecki, Stella, b.1899, d.1957
Kelly, Lori, Aug. 29, 1961
Kelly, Mary Jane, April 14, 1956
Kelly, Ruie, b.1904, d.1962, same stone as Thomas E.
Kelly, Thomas E., b.1906, d.1974
King, Michael Morris, our baby, July 13, 1959, with Bokharts, Margaret and Morris
Klawinski, Renee, infant daughter, May 30, 1960
Klechak, John P., b.1956, d.1966, our son
Klein, Charles E., b.1918, d.1971
Klein, Clotilda, b.June 3, 1893, d.Nov. 20, 1986, same stone as Walter
Klein, Elizabeth, b.1890, d.1988, same stone as John J.
Klein, George B., no dates
Klein, Henrietta G., b.April 15, 1925, d.----, same stone as Vincent E.
Klein, John J., b.1882, d.1963
Klein, Katharine, his wife, 1850, d.1902
Klein, Louis, baby, 1915, same stone as Mary E. and Martin
Klein, Louis, b.Nov. 6, 1885, d.May 4, 1897
Klein, Margaret E., b.1885, d.1972
Klein, Martin, b.1882, d.1958, same stone as Mary E., and Louis
Klein, Mary E., b.1881, d.1961
Klein, Mary, b.1879, d.1954, same stone as Mathias Klein
Klein, Mary, wife of ?, died ? 15, 188?
Klein, Mathias, b.1844, d.1900
Klein, Mathias, b.1878, d.1961
Klein, Vincent E., b.Jan. 16, 1926, d.----
Klein, Walter, b.Feb.9, 1897, d.Dec. 18, 1982
Klein, William J., b.1880, d.1948, same stone as Margaret E.
Klessner, Luetta, d.Aug. 10, 1874 aged 1 Year 2 months 15 days
Kochwalter, Frank, b.1877, d.1955
Kochwalter, Julia, b.1877, d.1962
Koenig, Caroline, b.1880, d.1958, same stone as Rudolph
Koenig, Rudolph, b.1877, d.1937
Korzeniecki, Fr. Casimir, b.April 26, 1900, d.July 23, 1965, Ordained at Orchard Grove Mi. Feb 15, 1925
Kowal, Andrew, b.1873, d.1943
Kowal, John, b.1903, d.1973
Kowal, Mary, b.1906, d.1958, same stone as John
Kowal, Mary, b.1907, d.19--, same stone as Michael
Kowal, Michael, b.1900, d.1973
Kowal, Theresa, b.1877, d.1943, same stone as Andrew
Krakker, Steven Matthew, b.1956, d.1988, son, brother
Krakker, Thomas P., b.1915, d.1995
Krakker, Valeria F., b.1917, d.1967, same stone as Thomas P.
Kratky, Juliana, b.1859, d.1937
Labencki, Julian, b.1879, d.1952, same stone as Mary
Labencki, Mary, b.1889, d.1952
Lang, Keith Leroy, b.1965, d.1967
Large, Monica A., b.1927, d.1964
Lee, Allen E., b.May 18, 1901, d.Dec. 1949
Lee, Cecily M., b.1867, d.1953
Lee, Lorena C., b.May 24, 1909, d.April 4, 1992
Lee, Peter, b.1859, d.1923
Lefebvre, Leo, b.March 6, 1907, d.Feb.1, 1974
Lewis Charles, b.1887, d.1973
Lewis, Nellie, b.1894, d.1953
Locey, Carl P., b.1894, d.1968, same stone as Winifred
Locey, Cornelius, b.1856, d.1947, same stone as Elizabeth
Locey, Elizabeth, b.1861, d.1947
Locey, Winifred, b.1886, d.1971
Locy, Andrew, son of C. & J Locy, died Jan. 4, 1888, aged 28 years 8 months 24 days
Locy, Charles, b.1870, d.1926
Locy, John, d.Jan. 18, 1902
Locy, Michael, son of J. & C. Locy, died April 28, 1884 aged 20 years 7 months 14 days
Lowe, Agnes E., b.1882, d.1955, in Marantette family plot
Mahar, John C., son of W. & C. Mahar
Mahar, William, b.1815, d.1839
Maher, Abigail K., b.1903, d.1982, same stone as Charles H.
Maher, Agnes K., b.1902, d.1947
Maher, Almyra, b.1872, d.1951, same stone as William F.
Maher, Ann, wife of Michael Maher, died April 24, ?
Maher, Arthur, son of M. & E., Maher, died Feb.?
Maher, Barbara, daughter, 1930, same stone as Helen G., Pauline, and Robert
Maher, Beatrice, b.1872, d.1915, wife of J. F. Maher
Maher, Catherine, b.1859, d.1908, same stone as Margaret and James
Maher, Catherine, b.1822, d.1902, his wife, same stone as Peter
Maher, Charles H., b.1902, d.1971
Maher, Elizabeth C. daughter of Michael and Elizabeth, died Sept. 1, 1884 aged 9 months 11 days 5 days
Maher, Elizabeth, daughter of M. & E. Maher died ?
Maher, Elizabeth, b.1836, d.1908, same stone as Michael, his wife
Maher, Helen G, b.1901, d.1986, mother
Maher, J.F., b.1898, d.1958
Maher, James F., b.1870, d.1928
Maher, James, b.1813, d.1891, same stone as Margaret and Catherine
Maher, Margaret, b.1818, d.1900, wife of J. Maher
Maher, Mary Riley, b.Oct. 22, 1873, d.Dec. 29, 1937
Maher, Michael, b.1834, d.1900
Maher, Pauline, 1928, daughter, same stone as Helen G., Barbara, and Robert
Maher, Peter, b.1821, d.1901
Maher, Robert W., b.1898, d.1945, same stone as Helen G. Pauline and Barbara, father
Maher, Sarah C., b.1870, d.1942
Maher, W. P., b.1867, d.1916
Maher, William F., b.1866, d.1948
Maher, Wm. H., b.1895, d.1913
Marantette, Adelaide Catherine, d.Mar. 30, 1866 aged 15 years 2 months 24 days, same stone as Partick, Frances, and Frances Maryann, Children of P & F
Marantette, Annette S., b.1860, d.1951
Marantette, Clarence E., b.April 21, 1881, d.Sept. 6
Marantette, Florence A., b.1895, d.1967,
Marantette, Frances Maryann,d.Aug. 26, 1852 aged 1 year 8 months 5 days, same stone as Patrick, Frances and Adelaide, Children of P & Frances
Marantette, Frances, b.1813, d.1904, his wife, same stone as Patrick, and Adelaide and Frances Maryann
Marantette, Franklin C., b.May 20, 1842, d.Aug. 14, 1908
Marantette, John C. b.1890, d.1981, same stone as Florence A.
Marantette, John C., b.Sept. 27, 1967, d.July 12, 1987, same stone as Maurice and Phyllis
Marantette, Loretta C., b.Sept. 15, 1886, d.Aug. 4, 1956
Marantette, Louie E., b.1860, d.1927
Marantette, M. Adelaide, b.July 25, 1884, d.Mar. 10, 1908, wife of Grant L Fisher
Marantette, Mary Ann, b.Dec. 28, 1858, d.Nov. 11, 1947, Mother
Marantette, Maurice M, (Bud), b.Nov. 3, 1928, d.July 12, 1987, married June 21, 1958, SP3 US Army Korea
Marantette, Patrick H., b.1853, d.1929
Marantette, Patrick, b.1807, d.1872, same stone as Franses Maryann and Adelaide and Frances
Marantette, Phyllis, b.July 23, 1932, d.Oct. 16, 1988, same stone as Maurice and John C.
Marantette, Robert "Robbie" Clare, b.May 4, 1890, d.Feb.8, 1892, son of F.D. and Mary Marantette
Marantette, Ruth B., b.Aug. 4, 1899, d.May 10, 1979
Marantette, Sarah E., b.1856, d.1928
Marantette, Sarah E., b.1856, d.1928
Marantette, William Wallace, b.1844, d.1914
Martin, Ella Lynch, wife of John W. Martin, June 16, 1887, aged 24 years 11 months
Martin, Catherine, wife of D.G. Martin, died Nov. 26, 1892 aged 66 years 3 months 25 days
Martin, Daniel G., b.1817, d.1908
Mason, Winnifred R., b.1892, d.1920
Mathews, Michael, b.1905, d.1972, Dad
Mathews, Pauline, b.1912, d.----, same stone as Michael, Mom
McCarthy, James, b.1852, d.1904
McCaslin, Hazel G., b.1896, d.1941, mother, in memory of her son Robert
McCaslin, Robert J., b.1924, d.1944, European Theatre
McClish, Christine, b.1888, d.1965
McConnell, Suzanne M., b.1947, d.1999, same stone with Fred J., Juliane M., and Debra M. Rumz
McDermont, Mary Ann, b.1852, d.1924
Mckinney, Mary Ellen, b.1920, d.1984, same stone as Norman Wm.
Mckinney, Norman Wm., b.1917, d.1987, married Oct. 23, 1937
McLoughlin, Urban, b.with Marantettes in plot
Metty, Columbus L., b.1880, d.1953
Metty, Aloys Charles b., May 7, 1918, d.Nov. 16, 1995
Metty, Florence L., b.1891, d.1960, married Mar. 17, 1910
Metty, James B., aged 1 year 1 month, next, d.Sarah Metty
Metty, Lamoine Belle, b.Dec. 25 1918, d.----, same stone as Aloys C.
Metty, Louis R., b.1891, d.1948, same stone as Florence L.
Metty, Ruth L., b.1884, d.1965
Metty, Sam'l, Sergt. CO K 9 MICH Cav
Metty, Samuel, b.1826, d.1901, James aged 1 year, same stone as Sarah
Metty, Sarah, b.1852, d.1897
Meyers, Charles W., b.1941, d.1977
Meyers, Sandra M., b.1942, d.1995
Millard, Catherine M., b.1915, d.1954, same stone as Clarence L.
Millard, Clarence L., b.1917, d.----
Millard, Helen V., b.May 6, 1931, d.July 24, 1999
Moutaw, Catherine, b.1842, d.1922, his wife, same stone as Gilbert
Moutaw, Eveline, d.Sept. 20, 1874
Moutaw, Gilbert, b.1818, d.1901
Moutaw, Oliver,no dates
Mullen, Charles, b.1874, d.1961, same stone as Mary
Mullen, Mary, b.1872, d.1947
Mumby, George B., b.1875, d.1960, same stone as Margaret M., Mumby
Mumby, Margaret M., b.1873, d.1956
Neharon, Charley, b.April 14, 1861, d.Mar. 1, 1920
Neharon, Mary, d.Feb.23, 1881, aged 56 years 11 months 19 days, wife of M. Neharon
Neharon, Mathias, d.May 10, 1881 aged 63 years 8 months 16 day
Nichols, Anita, b.July 17, 1911, d.July 10, 1979
Nichols, Walter Bolton, b.Sept. 9, 1918, d.May 6, 1976, EM1 US Navy WW11
Noga, Frances K., b.1911, d.----, same stone as Stanley G.
Noga, Frank J., b.1946, d.1998
Noga, Marjorie J., b.1947, d.----, same stone as Frank J.
Noga, Stanley G., b.1908, d.1969
O'Brian, Victor J., b.1893, d.1970, same stone as Martha E.
O'Brien, Araminta D. Kimble, b.1862, d.1895
O'Brien, Lawrence J., b.1890, d.1942, husband, same stone as Marie B.
O'Brien, Marie B., wife, ----
O'Brien, Martha E., b.1962, d.1985
Ochs, Christina, b.1893, d.1978
Olk, Rev. Father Alphonsus John, b.Oct. 11, 1894, d.Mar. 17, 1957, MICH Lieutenant CHC USNR WW11
Olszewski, Genie, b.Mar.13, 1920, d.Oct. 25, 1998, same stone as John.
Olszewski, John, b.Aug. 12, 1925, d.Aug. 9, 1996
Paffe, Edward A., b.1883, d.1946
Paffe, Grace A., b.1880, d.1941
Peter, father, b.1849, d.1933, with Klein stone
Peter, father, b.1863, d.1921, by Ballman stone, and with Helena
Pinkerton, Mary J., b.May 24, 1928, d.June 22, 1998, children of Mary are Paul, David, Catherine, Melissa, & Little Mary
Poetz, Henry J., b.1901, d.1985, same stone as Marie R.
Poetz, Marie R., b.1899, d.1969
Porter, Sarah A., b.Feb.25, 1848, d.Mar. 20, 1915
Potvin, Frederick C., b.1880, d.1953, same stone as Grace
Potvin, Grace V., b.1887, d.1963
Pyshko, Anna, b.1883, d.1946
Pyshko, John, b.1876, d.1930
Pyshko, Minnie M., b.Sept. 29, 1915, d.Jan. 23, 1996
Pyshko, Olga, b.Sept. 29, 1915, d.Mar. 3, 1991, SGT US Army WW11
Pyshko, Walter, b.May 24, 1928, d.Sept. 12, 1972
Quinn, Kathleen, b.May 23, 1957, d.April 11, 1964
Rancic, Joseph, b.Mar. 10, 1899, d.April 8, 1956, husband and father
Rancic, Julia, b.Feb.14, 1908, d.July 22, 1940, wife and mother
Reilly, Baby Mary, Dec. 26, 1940
Reilly, Gerald P., b.1909, d.1971
Reilly, June R., on same stone as Gerald P.
Reilly, Richard, b.June 26, 1932, d.Aug. 24, 1955, MICH CPL CO B 15 INF DIV Korea BSM-PH
Riley, Anna Maria, b.Nov. 25, 1846, d.Jan. 2, 1905, beloved wife of John Riley
Riley, Catherine, b.1852, d.1917
Riley, Charlotte A., b.1891, d.1969, same stone as John A.
Riley, David T., b.1875, d.1954
Riley, David T., b.1875, d.1954
Riley, Donald E., b.1914, d.1995
Riley, Donna M., b.1885, d.1964
Riley, Edward F., b.1876, d.1956
Riley, Edward G., b.Oct. 13, 1907, d.Nov. 5
Riley, Edward, b.1851, d.1910
Riley, Florence M., b.1921, d.1990, same stone as Donald E.
Riley, John A., b.1880, d.1972
Riley, John L., b.1946, d.1991, same stone as Donald E. and Florence M.
Riley, John, b.Aug. 15, 1844, d.Dec. 20, 1924
Riley, Joseph G., b.1920, d.1967
Riley, Lola M., b.1880, d.1973
Riley, Marie L., b.1880, d.1966
Riley, Marie, b.Jan. 10, 1904
Riley, Ronald Eugene, b.Dec. 16, 1945, d.Sept. 28, 1990, Navion N91665, back of stone has: dates plus, SP5 US Army, Co Founder of Riley Aviation 1982, Riley Construction 1969
Riley, Wilfred S., b.1961, d.1998, Sheriff of Mich., "Uncle Bill"
Robertson, Katherine, b.1858, d.1938
Rockelein, Anna V., b.1891, d.1974
Rockelein, George, b.1897, d.1954, same stone as Luella Rockelein
Rockelein, Infant, children of N. & Ann Rockelein, Oct. 3, 1899
Rockelein, John P., b.1890, d.1963, same stone as Anna V.
Rockelein, Luella, b.1902, d.1986
Rockelein, Mary A., b.1859, d.1905
Rockelein, Robert R., b.1920, d.1950
Rogge, Charles H., b.1886, d.1964
Rogge, Evelyn I., b.1921, d.1974, on same stone as Robert M.
Rogge, Frances M., b.1886, d.1964, same stone as Charles H.
Rogge, Robert M., b.1922, d.1975
Ruh, Celine Mary, b.Oct. 4, 1930, d.June 18, 1987, same stone as William John.
Ruh, William John, b.June 24, 1915, d.May 31, 1984, TEC 5 US Army WW11
Rumps, Sophia, b.1887, d.1947, same stone as Xavier
Rumps, Xavier, b.1867, d.1937
Rumsey, John, b.1816, d.1865, father, CO E ? MICH VOL INF
Rumsey, Margaret, b.1820, d.1897, wife of J. Rumsey, same stone as John Rumsey
Rumsey, Monica Joy, b.Jan. 14-15, 1960
Rumz, Debra M., b.1952, d.1998, same stone with Fred J. Juliane M., and Suzanne M. McConnell
Rumz, Fred J., b.1911, d.1973, same stone with Juliane M., Debra M., and Suzanne M. McConnell
Rumz, Juliane M., b.1914, d.1996, same stone with Fred J., Debra M., and Suzanne M. McConnell
Sabin, Earla, b.1917, d.1958
Sabin, Edna M., b.1915, d.----, same stone as Earla
Sand, Bridie T., b.1906, d.1994, same stone as John W.
Sand, John W., b.1904, d.1970
Schabes, Joan M., b.Sept. 11, 1934, d.June 1, 1972
Scheffner, Dolores M., b.1913, d.1993 same stone as Leroy G.
Scheffner, Leroy G., b.1914, d.1979
Schmitt, Clair, b.1909, d.1985, same stone as Joyce and Doris
Schmitt, Clara C., b.1891, d.1936, same stone as Peter J.
Schmitt, Clement C., b.Jan. 4, 1922, d.July 10, 1983, TEC4 US Army WW11
Schmitt, Doris, b.1910, d.1994, same stone as Clair and Joyce
Schmitt, Herbert R., b.March 7, 1893, d.Dec. 31, 1961, MICH SGT CO A 414 SVC BN OMC WW1 Korean
Schmitt, John, b.1852, d.1916
Schmitt, Joyce, b.1931, d.1935, same stone as Clair and Doris
Schmitt, Leo J., b.1884, d.1971
Schmitt, Magdalena, b.1855, d.1930
Schmitt, Mary A., b.1896, d.1986, same stone as Herbert R.
Schmitt, Peter J., b.1880, d.1942
Schmitt, Selina M., b.1891, d.1982, same stone as Leo J. Schmitt
Schultz, Elizabeth, b.Jan. 16, 1908, d.May 11, 1984
Selzer, Anna M., b.1889, d.1940
Selzer, Magdalene M, b.1929, d.----
Selzer, William B., b.1880, d.1964, same stone with Anna M. Selzer
Semenczuk, Cecelia E., b.1922, d.----, same stone as Joseph M.
Semenczuk, Joseph M., b.1918, d.1990
Shafer, David F., b.1884, d.1960, same stone as Josephine
Shafer, Donald, 1912
Shafer, Frank, b.1857, d.1928
Shafer, Josephine, b.1884, d.1962
Shafer, Laura B., b.1896, d.1913
Shook, Baby boy, d.June 19, 1949
Singleton, Mrs. Helen, b.1831, d.1909
Siscoe, Rose, b.1897, d.1973
Smith, Charles I., b.1926, d.1988
Smith, Dolores T., b.1926, d.----, same stone as Charles I.
Smith, Ester A., b.Feb 27, 1919, d.March 18, 1987, Mother
Smith, Winifred L., b.1916, d.1998
Sparrow, Adelbert, b.1926, d.1979, Gramps
Sparrow, Mary Lou, b.1931, d.----, Gram, same stone with Adelbert
Spealman, Donald Lee, b.1929, d.1951
Steffen, Anna Gertrude, b.1864, d.1952
Steffen, Eva Mary, b.1855, d.1952
Steffen, John W., b.1857, d.1927
Steffen, Mathias, d.Jan. 16, 1881 aged ?1 years 3 months
Stemaly, Agnes B., b.Feb.11, 1905, d.May 4, 1989, same stone as Leonard T.
Stemaly, Leonard T., b.Dec. 5, 1905, d.Nov. 18, 1985
Stermer, Bertha M., b.1902, d.1994, same stone as Joseph P.
Stermer, David Leo, b.Nov. 14, 1934, d.June 16, 1983, son and brother
Stermer, Joseph P., b.1897, d.1977
Sterwart, Victor, b.May 16 1892, d.Nov. 29, 1953, Louisianna CPL CO I 805 Pioneer INF WW1
Stiteler, M. Maxine, b.1926, d.1986, same stone as R. Eugene
Stiteler, R. Eugene, b.1925, d.----
Summerdyke, Anthony H., b.1874, d.1940, same stone as Ethel May
Summerdyke, Ethel, b.May, 1878, d.1948
Swonk, Casper L., b.1907, d.1986
Swonk, Ethel M., b.1909, d.1985, same stone as Casper
Swonk, Georgia, b.1884, d.1961
Swonk, Martin J., b.1881, d.1957
Tatroe, David, 1856, b.d.1915
Thiele, Frederic W., b.1953, d.1978, 1st LT US Army
Thiele, Frederic W., b.April 2, 1919, d.April 19, 1975, COL US Army WW11 Korea
Thoresdale, Gertrude J.,, b.1896, d.1985
Thoresdale, Lars S.,, b.1892, d.1959
Tobey, Charles H.,, b.1914, d.1998
Tobey, Margaret J.,, b.1911, d.----, same stone as Charles H.
Tosseng, Helen,, b.1902, d.1964, same stone as Nicholas
Tosseng, Nicholas,, b.1899, d.1968
Travis, Margaret C.,, b.1904, d.1996, same stone as Raymond W.
Travis, Raymond W.,, b.1887, d.1985
Truckey, Claire,, b.Nov. 13, 1929, d.June 5, 1999
Truckey, Eva,, b.1912- ----, same stone as Joseph Truckey
Truckey, Genevieve H.,, b.1904, d.1991
Truckey, Ida M.,, b.1878, d.1946, same stone as William and Ida
Truckey, James D. Jr., b.Aug. 5, 1955, d.Mar. 16, 1977, husband
Truckey, Jeannette F., b.1899, d.1995, same stone as Genevieve H. Truckey
Truckey, John C., b.Jan. 12, 1922, d.Nov. 7, 1991, PFC US Army WW11
Truckey, Joseph, b.1909, d.1992
Truckey, Loretta, b.1906, d.1928, same stone as Ida and William
Truckey, William A., b.1935, d.1953
Truckey, William, b.1875, d.1948
Tuomala, Albert N. b.1910, d.1982, same stone as Stella
Tuomala, Stella, b.1910, d.1988, Married Jan. 12, 1947
Turek, Stanley, b.Feb.2, 1892, d.May 22, 1926, husband
Turner, Alfred A., b.May 13, 1904, d.Mar. 27, 1988
Turner, Emmy C., b.Sept. 28, 1901, d.Jan. 27, 1993, same stone as Alfred
Tuttle, Catherine F., b.1835, d.1923
Unwin, Benjamin Vincent, b.1885, d.1965, same stone as Ethel Constance Unwin
Unwin, Ethel Constance, b.1879, d.1954
Visaggio, John, b.1890, d.1964
Vonloffer, Anna, b.1864, d.1937
Vonloffer, John, b.Mar. 30, 1860, d.Mar. 23, 1904
Wagner, James A., b.1932, d.----, same stone as Joe P. and Lillian E.
Wagner, Joe P., b.1890, d.1973
Wagner, Lillian E., b.1901, d.1971, same stone as Joe P.
Waltner, Kenneth D., b.1897, d.1956
Waltner, Mildred M., b.1903, d.1966
Welch, Patrick E., b.1848, d.1915
White, M. Anne, b.1906, d.1997, same stone as Peter N.
White, Peter N., b.1905, d.1968
Wilson, Anna H., b.1884, d.1970, same stone as Bert P.
Wilson, Bert P., b.1889, d.1970
Wood, Agnes L., b.1887, d.1913
Wood, Ernest S., b.1887, d.1980
Woods, Joseph John, b.Oct. 2, 1977, d.April 9, 1997
Yeager, Elizabeth, b.1867, d.1917
Yeager, John B., b.1833, d.1904, father
Yeager, Joseph H., b.1883, d.1916
Yeager, Rosamund, b.1845, d.1928, mother
Zerby, Catherine, b.1864, d.1919, wife of G. B. Zerby
Zerby, George B., b.1894, d.1909, same stone as Catherine
Ziegler, Henry, b.Oct 1875, d.Dec. 1949
Zimney, Marta Visaggio, b.1923, d.1976
Zinsmaster, Albert, b.1883, d.1965
Zinsmaster, Ella K., b.1887, d.1974, same stone as Albert

There are a few stones that are broken or unreadable, and a few other stones that say mother/father that are not near any other stones.

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