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Cummings Cemetery
Hazelton Township, Shiawassee County, Michigan

cummings cemetery
Official name on record is actually "Cummings Cemetery"

GPS: 43.055221, -83.968012
Hazelton Twp, Section 34

N. New Lothrop Rd
Lennon, MI 48449

by Len Thomas, [len40tho@comcast.net]
Published: Mar 19, 2008, last updated Oct 10, 2016
Total records = 58

Cummings Cemetery is owned by the Township of Hazelton.


Section 34, Hazelton Township; located on New Lothrop Road, between Juddville and Cronk Roads.

Many graves still on property which is somewhat overgrown after several restoration attempts. A wooden plaque at the entrance lists some of the following burials, but there are many errors on the plaque. Other names have been added/corrected by family members.

The cemetery has been abandoned for many years, and has been restored by many groups over recent years. It is owned by the township; deeded to them from the Cummings family in March 9,1865, even though some burials were made in the 1850's when it was a Cummings family plot. The official record of transfer was discovered at the Corunna Courthouse, by Len Thomas, of Swartz Creek, in January, 2011. The Almond Cummings headstone affirms the Cummings, not Cummins, name.

To reach this cemetery from Juddville starting at N. Durand Road for one mile, turn right onto New Lothrop Road. The cemetery will be on the right or west side of the road in about 1/4 mile.

- Len Thomas

Cemetery Records

AUSTIN, Lee G.; d. 19 Jul 1876, 17yrs
BOMAN, Alice; b. 25 May 1865, d. 9 Jul 1865; d/o John and Jane (JUDD) BOMAN
BOMAN. Louisa M.; b. Sep 1862, d. 26 Oct 1862; d/o John and Jane (JUDD) BOMAN
BURGER, Ada; d. 1851
BURGER, Agnes Ada "Cynthia" (HARRINGTON); d. ~1799, d. 1871; w/o Hosea
BURGER, Harvey G.; d. 22 Feb 1865
BURGER, Hosea; d. 3 Nov 1881
BURGER, Hosea B., d. 9 Nov 1875, 76yrs
CARR, Arthur; d. 27 Jan 1871
CARR, Edith (UNKNOWN); d. 9 Apr 1876; wife of Arthur
CARR, Elizabeth, (child)
CARR, Martha; d. 22 Feb 1898, 66yrs; wife of John CARR
CUMMINGS, Abel; b. 25 May 1874, d. 1853-1860
CUMMINGS, Alfred Alon; b. 6 Aug 1824, d. 7 Nov 1873
CUMMINGS, Almond Gibson; b. 21 Jul 1851, d. ~1865; s/o Ezra & Mary (BAIN) CUMMINGS
*CUMMINGS, Diana; 1855-18 Nov 1886, (moved to Elmwood Cemetery)
CUMMINGS, Ezra F.; b. 23 Sep 1813, d. 1870
CUMMINGS, Lydia (FISKE); b. 21 Nov 1782, d.1860-1870; w/o Abel
CUMMINGS, Nancy Marria (STONE); b. 1 Feb 1827, d. 2 May 1855 w/o Alfred Alon
CUMMINGS, Sarah; b. 1858, d. 1863 d/o Alfred Alon & Nancy CUMMINGS
DOWEN, Ann Laura; b. 8 Sep 1864, d. 11 Dec 1881 d/o Henry & Mary DOWEN
DOWEN, Burnet D.; d. 21 Sep 1871; s/o John & Rachel DOWEN
DOWEN, Cyrus; b. 1854, 24 Jul 1869
DOWEN, Frank; b. 1874, d. Sep 1874 s/oJohn & Rachel DOWEN
DOWEN, Henry; b. 4 Apr 1817, d. 4 Jun 1903 s/o Francis C. & Catherine DOWEN
DOWEN, John; b. 1824
DOWEN, Laura; d. 1878
DOWEN, Mary K. (RICH); b. 1825, d. 1898 w/o Henry DOWEN
DOWEN, Norman; b. ~1867, d. 1878 s/o Henry & Mary DOWEN
DOWEN, Rachel Janet (WRIGHT); b. 1838, d. 29 Jun 1898; w/o John
DUNHAM, Dan S.; d. 16 Mar 1883, 7yrs. s/o ?????
FOWLES, Clalaad; d. 22 May 186
FOWLES, Martha (UNKNOWN); wife of Eli FOWLES; no dates
FULLER, Dorlisca (RATHBUN); b. 1 Jan 1831, d. 10 Dec 1869; wife of Hiram (Dorlisona on plaque)
FULLER, Hiram; b. 1829, d. 20 Jun 1875 (on plaque it is Hiram WALWORTH)
FULLER, Ruth; b. 1870, d. 19 Feb 1879; d/o Hiram & Dorlisca FULLER
HAUN, Andrew C.; 11 Aug 1879-12 Apr1881; s/o Carl & Iola Arena (ARNOLD) HAUN
HAUN, Carl; 1848-13 Feb 1884; h/o Iola Arena ARNOLD; mar. 1 Dec 1875
JOHNSON, Child; b. 1873, d. 1878 c/o ??????
JOHNSON, Flora; b. 1878, d. 1897 d/o ??????
JUDD, Charles Henry, b. 26 Aug 1866, d. ~1884, s/o John & Lydia (LAWTON) Judd, III
JUDD, II, John; b. 15 Jun 1809, d. 21 Jan 1899
JUDD, Matilda (LEACH); b. 5 Jun 1813, d. 18 Apr 1869, wife of John JUDD, II
LAWTON, Flora V. (UNKNOWN); b. 19 Apr 1858, d. 9 Mar 1876 (Lora in some records); d/o Thomas & Martha
LAWTON, Martha (CUMMINGS); b. 26 Mar 1818, d. 13 Apr 1873; w/o Thomas LAWTON
LAWTON, Thomas; b. 22 Mar 1810, d. 4 Apr 1896
MORDAN, Joseph; d. 18 Aug 1870
RHOADES, Delia; d. 12 Jun 1881
RHODES, Desire' (EWING); b. ~1820, d. 26 Jul 1879 w/o Jesse RHODES
RHODES, Jesse; b. ~1820, d. 6 Jan 1869
RHODES, Julia; b. 1879, d. 1 Jan 1880, d/o Allen & Nancy (Thomas) RHODES
SHERMAN, Harrison; b. 6 Mar 1813, d. 31 Dec 1872
SHERMAN, Mary (JOHNSON); b. 7 Aug 1814, d. 16 Oct 1899; w/o Harrison
SNYDER, Mary; b./d. 1868; d/o John & Sarah
WALWORTH, Dorlisca (RATHBUN); b. 1 Jan 1831, d. 10 Dec 1969; w/o Azel WALWORTH, JR.
*WALWORTH, Infant; no dates; child of Myron & Mary
*WALWORTH, Mary (UNKNOWN); d. 13 Sep 1880; wife of Myron
*WALWORTH, Myron; b. 1849, d. 20 Apr 1884

* Records indicate that Myron, Mary & Infant Walworth bodies were removed to Elmwood Cemetery, but the headstones remain at the Cummin Cemetery. Records indicate that Diana Cummings (child of ???????) was also moved to Elmwood Cemetery.

The Michigan Death Certificate for Rachel Janet (Wright) Dowen lists her burial in Hazelton Cemetery in New Lothrop area near a settlement called Hazelton. There was such a cemetery located in the southwest corner of Section 24, and adjacent to an old log school. By the 1940's the headstones had been removed prior to the new owner moving onto the property. Could Rachel's body been moved to Cummings Cemetery at that time?

On a visit to Cummings Cemetery on October 2, 2013, the wooden plaque was falling apart and will not last much longer. The Andrew Haun headstone had been placed upright after many years - and the name had not appeared on earlier cemetery transcriptions.

Len Thomas
Swartz Creek, MI
8 October 2013

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