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Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Oakwood, Oakland County, Michigan

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 161.

Contributor's Index:

Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Northern Section. Located on Baldwin Road, north of Oakwood Road. Transcribed from an earlier reading printed in the Lapeer County Cemetery Book, but the cemetery is in fact in Oakland county.

Backenstose, Franklin B., d.2/22/1861, age 9 y 3 m 2 d, son of R. & M.S. Backenstose, [SH]
Backenstose, J., d.9/11/1851, age 38 y 4 m, [SH]
Backenstose, Malvina S., d.12/20/1866, age 39 y 6 m 16 d, wife of Richard, [SH]
Backenstose, Richard, no dates, CO I 10TH MICH INF, [SH]
Backenstose, unreadble, b.3/16/182_, d.7/19/1887, [SH]
Barnes, Eliot C., d.5/19/1856, age 25 y, [SH]
Barnes, Elizabeth, b.3/5/1793, d.2/15/1857, [SH]
Barnes, Ella, b.1850, d.1940, [SH]
Barnes, Esther S., wife of Harvey Barnes, [SH]
Barnes, Harvey, b.9/4/1845, d.4/22/1886, [SH]
Barnes, James, b.9/19/1812, d.6/19/1885, a pioneer of Oakland Co., MI, [SH]
Barnes, John, b.11/20/1792, d.1/1/1846, [SH]
Barnes, Philander H., d.5/28/1853, age 23 y 2 m 15 d, [SH]
Barnes, Sophia, b.10/23/1815, d.1/10/1896, wife of James Barnes, [SH]
Barnum, J.T., d.1/18/1864, age 22 y 2 m 18 d, [SH]
Bartholomew, Mary Ann, d.4/4/1890, age 53 y 7 m 8 d, wife of H.E. Bartholomew, [SH]
Brownell, Grace, b.1884, d.1958, [SH]
Brownell, Maurice R., b.1874, d.1958, [SH]
Butler, Charles, d.8/27/1876, age 22 y 7 d, [SH]
Butler, Clarinda, b.3/15/1834, d.12/19/1900, wife of Richard Pelton, [SH]
Butler, Frances A., b.1881, d.1915, [SH]
Butler, Harriet, d.7/7/1883, age50 y 1 m 24 d, [SH]
Butler, Harvey, d.12/9/1885, age 59 y 10 m 9 d, [SH]
Butler, Justin H., d.3/15/1884, age 80 y 5 m 29 d, [SH]
Butler, Justin H., d.9/30/1864, age 1 y 7 m 19 d, [SH]
Butler, May B., d.1/9/1864, age 4 m 22 d, [SH]
Butler, Olive, d.2/24/1884, age 78 y 6 m 19 d, [SH]
Carter, Calvin, b.1796, d.1871, [SH]
Carter, Juliana, b.1804, d.1860, [SH]
Carter, Oliver S., b.9/15/1836, d.9/24/1905, [SH]
Chappel, Carrie A., b.1839, d.1913, wife of Oscar Lomis, [SH]
Coats, Gainer C., b.1809, d.1869, wife, [SH]
Coats, John, b.1822, d.1890, father, [SH]
Coats, Ralph C., b.1812, d.1895, [SH]
Coats, William C., b.1772, d.1860, [SH]
Crawford, Catherine D., b.1840, d.1895, mother, [SH]
Davidson, Bert L., b.1881, d.1960, [SH]
Davidson, J.W., b.1854, d.1932, [SH]
Davidson, Lottie, b.1859, d.1888, [SH]
Decker, Alanson, unreadable date, son of John & Margaret, [SH]
Decker, Alvira, d.4/20/1850, age 38 y, wife of A. Decker, [SH]
Decker, Clara, d.5/1/1867, age 11 y, child of J. & S.L. Decker, [SH]
Decker, Jesse, b.1835, d.1930, [SH]
Decker, Johnie, mended stone, unreadable, child of J. & S.L. Decker, [SH]
Decker, Mary L., d.4/13/1850, age 2 y 6 m, dau. Of Alvira & A. Decker, [SH]
Decker, Seamet, d.12/19/1858, age 5 y, son of S.A. & A. Decker, [SH]
Decker, Seymour F., d.2/2/185_, age 1 y 7 m 15 d, son of J. & E. Decker, [SH]
Decker, Seymour, d.4/25/1878, age 66 y, [SH]
Decker, Sylvia A., b.1814, d.1906, wife of Alanson Decker, [SH]
DeLano, Jennie A., b.1874, d.1968, [SH]
DeLano, Lou J., b.1870, d.1949, [SH]
Dew, Clyde O., b.1904, [SH]
Dew, Mae M., b.1910, d.1978, married 11/24/1924, [SH]
Farrar, John L., b.2/13/1825, d.9/22/1899, father, [SH]
Farrar, Phebe C., b.8/2/1827, d.8/1/1915, mother, [SH]
Feldman, Dennis R., b.7/17/1950, married 11/23/1974, [SH]
Feldman, Trudy D., b.8/28/1950, d.12/17/1978, [SH]
Gibson, Adam, d.5/4/1839, age 43 y 4 m 4 d, father, [SH]
Gibson, Guy, no dates, [SH]
Gibson, Harriet, d.4/15/1883, age 81 y 11 m 11 d, wife of A. Gibson, [SH]
Gibson, Lee, no dates, [SH]
Gibson, Lucy Decker, b.1858, d.1930, [SH]
Gibson, Nellie, no dates, [SH]
Gibson, Orator, b.1819, d.1910, father, [SH]
Gibson, Viola, b.1861, d.1915, [SH]
Gibson, West, no dates, Mason, [SH]
Hempstead, Adam, b.1853, d.1935, [SH]
Hibbler, Adam, b.1840, d.1905, [SH]
Hibbler, Anna, b.1859, d.1939, [SH]
Hibbler, Christopher, b.1/15/1810, d.3/13/1876, father, [SH]
Hibbler, George, b.6/9/1846, d.5/30/1906, [SH]
Hibbler, Lydia, b.10/10/1818, d.4/20/1906, wife of Christopher Hibbler, mother, [SH]
Hoard, Alva H., no stone, [SH]
Hoard, Berti, d.9/24/1873, age 11 y 4 m 27 d, son of G.P. & H.H. Hoard, [SH]
Hoard, Catherine Yetter, b.1847, d.1917, [SH]
Hoard, D.J., d.4/20/1863, age 38 y 9 m 12 d, wife of O.B. Hoard, [SH]
Hoard, Delliah, b.1812, d.1871, [SH]
Hoard, Diana, no stone, [SH]
Hoard, Edward, b.1846, d.1926, [SH]
Hoard, Edward, no dates, [SH]
Hoard, Ellen A., d.11/9/1852, age 3 y 10 m, dau. Of O.B. & D.J. Hoard, [SH]
Hoard, Elvah, d.4/4/1865, age 7 y 1 m 13 d, son of O.B. & D.J. Hoard, [SH]
Hoard, Emily, no stone, [SH]
Hoard, George P., d.4/25/1887, age 5 y, [SH]
Hoard, Isaac, b.1812, d.1878, [SH]
Hoard, James, b.1837, d.1850, [SH]
Hoard, Leora, base for stone, small child, [SH]
Hoard, Marshall, b.1852, d.1930, [SH]
Hoard, no name, d.12/22/1874, age 1 d, infant, [SH]
Hoard, Roy, d.7/13/1871, age 7 m 26 d, son of G.R. & C.L. Hoard, [SH]
Hoard, Sally B., d.6/17/1870, age 83 y 9 m 20 d, an old buried stone reads Sally B., unsure of Hoard, [SH]
Hoard, Sarah Beardslee, d.6/17/1870, age 83 y 9 m 20 d, [SH]
Hoard, Ward, d.8/11/1861, age 4 y 1 m 20 d, son of G.R. & C.L. Hoard, [SH]
Hoard, Wirt, d.3/16/1873, age 19 y 3 d, son of Obidah B. & D.J. Hoard, [SH]
Hunt, Huldah, d.11/6/1883, age 82 y 6 m, wife of Joseph Hunt, [SH]
Hunt, J., d.11/14/1844, age 53 y 2 m, [SH]
Hunt, Jane McKay, b.1830, d.1860, [SH]
Leigh, Cecil R., b.1920, d.1978, [SH]
Leigh, Edna T., b.1913, [SH]
Lomis, Alice J., b.1864, d.1955, [SH]
Lomis, Alvira, b.1867, d.1951, [SH]
Lomis, Oscar O., b.1839, d.1932, father, [SH]
Lomis, Robert E., b.1866, d.1947, [SH]
Mann, Catherine M., b.1837, d.1866, [SH]
Mathieson, Ada Walton, b.1876, d.1952, [SH]
McEvers, Thyra L. Hoard, b.1902, d.1970, [SH]
McKay, Jane, b.1790, d.1859, wife of John McKay, [SH]
McKay, John, b.1783, d.1861, [SH]
McKay, John, unreadable, dedicated by sons: John, Robert, Joseph, James, Allan & Henry, [SH]
McKay, Martha, unreadable, dedicated by sons: John, Robert, Joseph, James, Allan & Henry, [SH]
Miller, Helen Lucretia Hoard, b.1867, d.1957, Helen Cole, [SH]
Nique, Arnold L., b.1890, d.1969, husband, [SH]
Nique, Zoa L., b.1892, d.1978, married 12/27/1911, [SH]
Parker, Elizabeth, d.11/2/1864, age 62 y 7 m 26 d, wife of Lyman Parker, [SH]
Parker, Lyman, d.11/13/1880, age 84 y 7 m, [SH]
Payne, Susan A., d.7/2/1857, age 1 y 1 m 27 d, dau. Of R. & R. Payne, [SH]
Payne, William, d.8/3/1861, age 15 y 7 m 19 d, son of R. & R. Payne, [SH]
Pelton, Ella J., b.7/30/1859, d.1/15/1860, [SH]
Pelton, Homer, b.10/1/1793, d.3/16/1868, [SH]
Pelton, Joseph W., b.3/12/1897, age 79 y 11 m, [SH]
Pelton, Julia E., b.5/13/1865, age 22 y 10 m, dau of J.W. & M.E. Pelton, [SH]
Pelton, Lettie J., b.12/20/1860, d.1/21/1862, [SH]
Pelton, Mary E., d.2/14/1871, age 57 y 3 m 18 d, wife of J.W. Pelton, [SH]
Pelton, Mary, b.9/28/1791, d.10/31/1858, [SH]
Pelton, Nettie, d.2/18/1871, age 13 y 7 m 18 d, dau of J.W. & M.E. Pelton, [SH]
Pelton, no name, b.10/12/1856, d.10/23/1856, baby boy, [SH]
Pelton, no name, b.9/24/1865, d.10/16/1886, grandmother, [SH]
Pelton, Richard D.W., b.11/23/1829, d.12/10/1887, [SH]
Porter, Bernice, d.9/14/1861, age 60 y, wife of N.A. Porter, [SH]
Porter, Gilbert, d.2/4/1854, age 3 m 21 d, son of J.A. & M.J. Porter, [SH]
Porter, Gilford, d.2/2/1854, age 3 m 19 d, son of J.A. & M.J. Porter, [SH]
Porter, Lucinda, d.4/9/1846, age 49 y, wife of N.A. Porter, [SH]
Proal, Harry C., b.11/19/1893, d.12/24/1966, MICH SGT US ARMY WWI, [SH]
Proal, Leora E., b.7/2/1897, d.4/25/1988, wife, [SH]
Reuse, Richard F., b.1926, d.1947, [SH]
Reuse, Ward C., b.1904, d.1968, [SH]
Rugenstein, Alice A., b.11/9/1878, d.3/11/1919, [SH]
Rugenstein, Ida K., b.5/23/1896, d.8/15/1970, [SH]
Rugenstein, William C., b.9/20/1880, d.5/15/1957, [SH]
Sage, Betsey E., d.5/4/1891, age 79 y 17 d, wife of Nathan Sage, [SH]
Sparhalk, Hannah, b.1806, d.1863, [SH]
Torry, Hannah H., b.1828, d.1899, mother, [SH]
VanWonnep, Mary, b.12/4/1852, d.5/17/1881, wife of Adalbert VanWonnep, [SH]
Walton, Charlie, d.2/23/1871, age 3 m 15 d, son of J.C. & S.E. Walton, [SH]
Walton, Frank E., b.1856, d.1944, [SH]
Walton, George H., b.1813, d.1884, father, mason, [SH]
Walton, Glenn, b.1889, d.1962, [SH]
Walton, Jerome C., b.1/5/1845, d.1/16/1916, G.A.R., [SH]
Walton, Lucinda M., b.1842, d.1852, [SH]
Walton, Melissa M., b.1854, d.1929, wife of Frank E. Walton, [SH]
Walton, Myra, b.1889, d.1987, [SH]
Walton, Orator G., b.1847, d.1878, [SH]
Walton, Sarah E., b.1/16/1845, d.5/10/1923, [SH]
Walton, Sophia C., b.1819, d.1904, [SH]
Webster, Eliza, d.12/1/1848, age 33 y 9 m, wife of Price B. Webster, d.at Metamora, Lapeer Co., MI, [SH]
Wells, C. Estelle, d.3/24/1861, age 8 y 8 m 21 d, dau of J.R. & J. Wells, [SH]
Wells, Juliettet A., b.1826, d.1904, [SH]
Wells, Richard F., b.1818, d.1861, [SH]
Wells?, A.L., small stone with only initals A.L., [SH]
Wells?, J.L., small stone with only initals J.L., [SH]
Young, Donald J., b.1913, father, [SH]
Young, Joan I., b.1917, d.1970, wife, [SH]

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