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Saint Mary Catholic Cemetery (Cone Catholic Cemetery)
Monroe County, Michigan

Lat: 42°02'23"N, Lon: 83°44'20"W

Contributed by Carol Gore, Jun 23, 2002 [lyonsden1@alltel.net]. Total records = 88.

This Cemetery was located on Welch Road west of Dennison Road, Milan Township, Section 17.

Stones were originally copied by Mrs. C.W. (Mary E.) Reinhart, Vital Statistics Chairman for the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, a part of the WPA Program in the 1930's. Helen Weightman Gay did extensive research and has submitted the following information, supplied to me by John M. Mangus:

"The St Mary's Catholic Church was the first organized church in Milan Township, Monroe County, Michigan, and its parishioners were primarily Irish by birth. It is generally referred to as the Cone Catholic Church. Many of the families belonging here spent a dozen or so years in New York State; indications are that it was near Rome in Oneida County. The congregation was organized in 1846, when Rev. Pierre Smother established a Catholic church which was attached to the Ypsilanti parish. The church building was begun in 1848 and was located on Welch Road west of Dennison Road. Portions of the Hanlon and Johnston farms were used for the church and cemetery. This general area was then called West Milan though not incorporated until 1855. The name was changed to Cone in 1880 to honor John C. Cone, postmaster. (Some data from p. 593 of Wing's History of Monroe County, Michigan.)

The church seemed to have been active at least until after the 1st World War. The church was later destroyed and there is no trace of it now. The cemetery has long been unused...the last burial appears to have been in 1925. However, in the intervening time, someone has also destroyed the cemetery. Some of the damage may be many years old. The cemetery markers have been pulled up and piled in heaps around the bigger monuments, which probably could not be moved. There are about a dozen of these collections. The trees have been burned, and in the spring of 1970, the ground was disced up at the time I was there. I , therefore, feel that a good thorough transcription should be made before it was too late.

In 1935, as a W. P. A. Project, the D. A. R. Transcribed the cemetery markers for most of the Monroe County cemeteries, but I found the job on this cemetery (and most of the others) to be woefully incomplete and inaccurate. Therefore, these are the inscriptions, as I found them, supplemented by notations from census, vital records, and probates and other sources." - by Helen (Weightman) Gay

I gathered this information and transcribed it in April, 2002.

- Carol Gore

Ball, Kate (St. George) Early, b. Sep 1, 1868, w/o Peter, m. 2nd George S. Ball, unknown if bur. here, s/w Peter Early
Couther, Thomas, b. Jul 25, 1825, d. Nov 5, 1894, 69y 3m 11d
Curry, Ann, d. Sep 29, 1870, 83y, w/o William, s/w William Curry
Curry, Catherine, b. 1835, d. Apr 19, 1907, w/o William, 78y 5m 29d, s/w William Curry
Curry, Louis, b. 1872, d. 1906, s/o William & Catherine, s/w William Curry
Curry, William, b. 1830, d. Dec 23, 1907, s/o William & Ann, s/w Francis Kinch
Curry, William, b. 1863, . 1884, s/o William & Catherine, s/w William Curry
Curry, William, d. Mar 10, 1858, 69y, s/w Ann Curry
Early, Father, b. 1828, d. 1901
Early, John J., d. Sep 18, 1872, b/o Peter, may be bur. at Marble Park
Early, John, b. 1854, d. 1872
Early, Mother, b. 1830, d. 1898
Early, Peter, b. 1861, d. 1891
Early, Peter, b. Sep 22, 1861, d. Apr 28, 1891, s/o Daniel & Margaret (Kearney), may be bur. at Marble Park
Ebbit, Mary F., d. Aug 29, 1866, 22m, d/o B. & M. A.
Ebbit, Mathew, d. Mar 29, 1863, 39y 1m 28d
Ebbit, Mattie, no dates, s/o M. & E., stone unreadable
Ebbitt, Mary, d. May 22, 1850, 59y, w/o William
Hanlin, Francis, d. Jun 14/5, 1871, 1y 7m 3d, s/o Hugh & Anna
Hanlin, Thomas, d. Feb 22, 1867, 7w 3d, s/o Hugh & Anna
Hanlon, Anna (Curry), b. 1844, d. Aug 10, 1912, 70y 4m 10d, s/w Hugh Hanlon
Hanlon, Hugh, b. 1843, d. Apr 29, 1911, 68y 2m 20d, s/o Peter & Susan
Hanlon, Peter, b. 1797, d. Jan 9, 1895, 98y, s/w Susan Hanlon
Hanlon, Susan (Johnson), b. 1806, d. Oct, 1895, 89y, w/o Peter, s/w Peter Hanlon
Hanlon, William, b. Mar 25, 1876, d. Aug 16, 1911, s/o Hugh & Anna, s/w Hugh Hanlon
Johnson, William, b. 1875, d. Sep 9, 1914, 39y 8m 15d, s/o John & Louise (Emmon)
Johnston, Bridget (Curry), d. Oct 26, 1869, 42y, w/o William, d/o William & Ann, s/w William Johnston
Johnston, Ellen, d. Aug 31, 1870/1, 17y 10m, d/o William & Bridget
Johnston, Mary, d. Jul 23, 1872, d/o William
Johnston, William, d. Nov 2, 1878, 64y
Johnston, William, d. Sep 17, 1871, 21y, s/o William
Kehoe, Bridget (McManus), b. 1842, d. Jul 24, 1916, 74y 9m 4d, d/o James & Mary (Curry), s/w Patrick Kehoe
Kehoe, James, b. 1869, d. Feb 22, 1914, 44y 2m 27d, s/o Patrick & Bridget, s/w Patrick Kehoe
Kehoe, John, b. 1862, d. 1904, s/o Patrick & Bridget, s/w Patrick Kehoe
Kehoe, Patrick, b. 1834, d. Nov 5, 1906, 72y 8m 11m
Kinch, Francis (Curry), b. 1855, d. Oct 13, 1907, d/o William & Catherine, s/w William Curry
Knowles, Daniel, d. Oct 8, 1854, 1y 6m 15d, s/o Patrick & Bridget (Doherty)
Knowles, James, d. Aug 20, 1856, 28y, s/o Patrick & Bridget (Doherty), 1st h/o Ann (McManus), s/w James Knowles
Knowles, James, d. Oct/Nov 9, 1889, 32y 9m 14d, s/o James & Ann (McManus), s/w James Knowles
LaFountain, ?, b. 1853, d. Feb 13, 1909, 55y 1m 19d, son, s/w Moses Fountain
LaFountain, Arrelious, b. Nov 13, 1904, d. Dec 31, 1905, Detroit, MI, s/o Frank & Belle, s/w Ruby LaFountain
LaFountain, Margaret (Heser), b. 1916, d. Jan 18, 1911, 94y 7m 8d, d/o Frank & Mary (Reshusa), s/w Moses LaFountain
LaFountain, Moses, b. 1818, d. Apr 13, 1890, 72y
LaFountain, Ruby, b. Jan 18, 1900, d. Jul 19, 1901, d/o Frank & Belle, s/w Areelious LaFountain
Martin, Ann, d. May 11, 1863, 58y, wife, s/w Thomas Martin
Martin, Thomas, d. Feb 3, 1887, 77y, s/w Ann Martin
McDonald, Peter, d. Feb 1, 1862, 22y 5m 17d
McManus, Dennie "Dannie", b. May 6, 1880, d. Jul 9, 1902, s/o James & Sarah J. (Tierney), s/w James McManus
McManus, James, d. Nov 19, 1857, 61y
McManus, Mary (Curry), d. Mar 20, 1870, 63y, d/o William & Ann, s/w James McManus
McPherson, Anna, d. Jul 22/23, 1883, 29y 4m 11d, w/o Alex McPherson
Nolan, Helen, b. 1811, d. 1907, mother, s/w Patrick Nolan
Nolan, Maria, b. 1835, d. 1916
Nolan, Oliver, b. 1849, d. 1866
Nolan, Patrick, b. 1799, d. 1878, father, s/w Helen Nolan
Nolen, Oliver, d. Feb 28, 1866, 17y 9m 5d, may be bur. at Maple Park, s/w Patrick Nolen
Nolen, Patrick, d. Nov 2/12, 1878, 79y, may be bur. at Maple Park, s/w Oliver Nolen
Oppenheimer, Rose (Riley), d. Jan 20, 1910, 43y, d/o Owen & Ann
Rectes?, Rosey, no dates, no stone, 6y
Reeves, Mary H., d. Dec 9, 1884, 8y 4/8m 8d, d/o J. & E.
Riley, ?, d. Apr 24, 1864, 46y 1m
Riley, Ann (Curry), d. Aug 10, 1891, 46y, w/o Owen, s/w Bernard Riley
Riley, Bernard, d. Dec 3, 1856, 46y
Riley, Catherine, b. 1864, d. 1881
Riley, Catherine, d. Nov 3, 1892, 83y, w/o Bernard, s/w Bernard Riley
Riley, James, d. May 6, 1858, 19y, son, s/w Bernard Riley
Riley, John C., d. Feb 24, 1901, 31y 10m 12d, s/o Owen & Ann, s/w Bernard Riley
Riley, John, no dates, h/o Etta (Cavanaugh)
Riley, Katie, d. Jul 10, 1881, 17y 3m 14d, d/o Bernard & Mary Jane (Webster)
Riley, Owen, d. Jul 26, 1870, 38y, son, s/w Bernard Riley
Riley, Rosanna, d. May 23, 1865, 23y, dau., s/w Bernard Riley
Riley, Thomas, d. Apr 10, 1902, 72y (vital states Mar 30, 1902, 80y)
St. George, Andrew J., b. 1838, d. 1925, s/o Edward
St. George, Andrew, b. Nov 20, 1871, d. Apr 19, 1901, son, s/w Andrew J. St. George
St. George, Ann (McManus) Knowles, b. 1836, d. 1911, w/o Edward, d/o James & Mary ( Curry), s/w Andrew J. St. George
St. George, Edward, d. Dec 21, 1875, 13y, son, s/w Andrew J. St. George
St. George, Edward, d. Jul 24, 1864, 68y
Tierney, ? (Cassidy), d. Nov 1, 1870, d/o James & Sarah, w/o Dennis J., s/w Dennis J. Tierney
Tierney, Dennis J., b. Mar 4, 1813, Ireland, d. Mar 20, 1890, 73y
Tierney, Dennis J., d. Dec 16, 1874, 1y 5m, s/o James D. & Mary, s/w Dennis J. Tierney
Tierney, Mary (Curry), b. Apr 5, 1847, d. Apr 3, 1897, w/o James D., s/w Dennis J. Tierney
Webster, Rosana "Rossey" (Johnson), d. Dec 15, 1881, w/o Kilburn
Welch, Ann, b. 1829, d. 1893, wife, s/w Thomas Welch
Welch, Elizabeth, b. Apr 13, 1871, d. Jan 14, 1899, d/o M. & M., s/w Mary Welch
Welch, Ellen, d. Apr 22, 1864, 5y 11m 6d, dau., s/w Thomas Welch
Welch, John, b. Apr 6, 1863, d. Aug 15, 1892, s/o M. & M., s/w Mary Welch
Welch, Mary, b. Jun 10, 1868, d. Apr 6, 1892, d/o M. & M.
Welch, Thomas, b. 1827, d. 1905

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