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Old Petersburg Cemetery
Petersburg, Monroe County, Michigan

Contributed by Carol Lyons Gore, Oct 22, 2000 [lyonsden1@alltel.net].
Total records = 147.

The 'Old Petersburg Cemetery' is located in the town of Petersburg, Monroe County, Michigan. The cemetery is on the North side of Center Street about 2 blocks East of the center of town. Information compiled by Mrs. Marjorie J. Kite for the Doctor Manasseh Cutler Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution North Manchester, Indiana in 1968. Data transmitted to submitter by Bryan Taylor Oct 22, 2000.

??, Burtie, b. 1868, d. Dec 10, 1868, aged 7mo 15da
??, Minnie A., b. 1865, d. Feb 25, 1866, aged 6mo 20da
ALLEN, Almira, b. 1823, d. Jul 31, 1864, wife of Cor. P. Allen died at Franklin, Missouri aged 39yrs
BARTLETT, Berthe, b. no date, d. no date, (infant)daughter of H. & M.J. Bartlett
BARTLETT, Catharine, b. no date, d. Feb 18, 1836, daughter of W. & P. Bartlett
BARTLETT, Chapen C., b. 1821, d. Apr 27, 1854, son of W. & Polly Bartlett aged 32yr 10mo 3da
BARTLETT, Frances E., b. 1842, d. May 1858, daughter of W. & P. Bartlett aged 16 yr
BARTLETT, Mary Aggie, b. 1861, d. Jul 5, 1874, daughter of H. & M.J. Bartlett aged 13yr 5mo 2da
BARTLETT, Mary J., b. 1835, d. Jan 11, 1877, wife of H. Bartlett aged 37 yr 3mo 15da
BARTLETT, Polly, b. 1800, d. Jan 7, 1862, wife of Warren Bartlett 'our mother' aged 62 yr
BARTLETT, Sarah N., b. 1858, d. May 27, 1874, daughter of H. & M.J. Bartlett aged 15yr 7mo 1da
BARTLETT, Warren, b. 1791, d. Jul 18, 1854, our father' ages 63 yr
BARTLETT, Warren, b. 1827, d. Apr 20, 1851, aged 27yr 1mo 18da
BATES, Everell C., b. Nov 10, 1846, d. Oct 12, 1874, born in Pittsford, Vermont
BINGHAM, Dr. A., b. no date, d. May 13, 1851
BOARDMAN, Captain George M., b. no date, d. no date, Company H 15th Michigan Infantry
BOARDMAN, Charles B., b. Jun 8, 1811, d. Apr 9, 1862, son of Rev. George M. & L. Boardman Michigan Post 281 G.A.R. Died at Bardstown, Kentucky
BROWN, Dr. Jonas, b. no date, d. Feb 2, 1869, aged 74yr 5mo 14da
BROWN, Mary F., b. no date, d. Dec 29, 1865, wife of G. R. Brown aged 28yr 11mo 25da
BROWN, Mary Munson, b. 1809, d. 1890, wife of Dr. Jonas Brown
BUELL, Esther W., b. no date, d. Jan 17, 1875, wife of James W. Buell aged 22yr 4mo 10da
CONLOGUE, Mary A., b. 1852, d. Nov 13, 1866, daughter of J. W. & S.E. Conlogue aged 14yr 4mo 25da
CONLOGUE, Sebar E., b. no date, d. May 27, 1855, wife of J. W. Conlogue
CORNELL, Sylvia A., b. Apr 28, 1840, d. Mar 4, 1876, wife of John M. Cornell
DAVIS, Steven C., b. no date, d. Mar 10, 1855
ELLIS, Joseph D., b. 1825, d. Aug 28, 1866, aged 39yr 7mo 24da. Mason
ELLIS, M. Estella, b. Oct 20, 1866, d. Jan 4, 1871, daughter of J. & E. Ellis
ELLIS, Mary E., b. Feb 24, 1818, d. Aug 13, 1869, wife of L. Ellis
FRADENBURGH, Hattie D., b. 1865, d. Jul 27, 1866, daughter of A. & S. A. Fradenburgh aged 1yr 4mo
GRADOLPH, Christian Frederick, b. Oct 17, 1833, d. Apr 29, 1874
GRADOLPH, Sarah L., b. Oct 10, 1842, d. Jan 8, 1898, wife of C. Gradolph
GUNSOLUS, Charles, b. 1818, d. Feb 19, 1893, aged 74yr 9mo 3da
GUNSOLUS, Frank, b. 1861, d. Jul 29, 1874, son of C. & M. Gunsolus aged 13yr 6mo 29da
GUNSOLUS, Mary, b. 1827, d. Jun 22, 1891, wife of C. Gunsolus aged 64yr 4mo 4da
GUNSOLUS, Wiley K., b. 1854, d. 1904
HANKS, Willie E., b. 1861, d. Jun 23, 1863, son of L.A. & H. Hanks aged 2yr 6mo 22da
HARRIS, William, b. no date, d. no date, Company K 11th Michigan Infantry
HARVEY, Carrie, b. 1863, d. Mar 22, 1870, daughter of A. & H.S. Harvey aged 7yr 3mo 22da
HAWKINS, Fayett, b. no date, d. Dec 30, 1851, aged 25 yr
HEATH, Ansel V., b. 1837, d. 1914
HEATH, Charity C., b. Jan 16, 1834, d. Feb 27, 188+
HEATH, Charles H., b. Nov 7, 1874, d. Oct 18, 1885
HEATH, Emma Ettie, b. Jan 16, 1865, d. Jan 17, 1865
HEATH, Minerval, b. 1843, d. Jun 23, 1862, aged 18yr 9mo 19da
HEATH, Myrtle Fances, b. May 2, 1873, d. Jul 25, 1873
HEATH, Willie H., b. Feb 18, 1861, d. Aug 18, 1861, son of A.V. Heath
HEMENWAY, Charles T., b. no date, d. Jul 30, 1838, son of Charlotte & Jason Hemenway aged 6yr 7mo
HEMENWAY, Charlotte, b. no date, d. Oct 8, 1840, wife of Jason Hemenway aged 26yr 11da
HILL, Amelia, b. no date, d. Apr 24, 1839, wife of Horace Hill
HILL, Horace, b. no date, d. Sep 22, 1875, aged 70 yr 3mo 5da. 'Our Father'
HILL, Julia Ann, b. no date, d. Sep 28, 1873, wife of Horace Hill aged 56yr 28da, 'Our Mother'
HILL, Rachel V., b. 1827, d. May 15, 1860, wife of Caleb E. Hill aged 33yr 1mo 23da
HOLMES, Albert, b. 1817, d. Jul 6, 1893, aged 76yr 3mo 12da
HOLMES, Calpurnia, b. 1816, d. Dec 16, 1875, wife of Albert Holmes aged 59yr 3mo 10da
MILLER, John, b. no date, d. no date, Company K 18th Michigan Infantry
MILLS, James, b. 1874, d. 1910
MONTGOMERY, John L., b. 1840, d. Dec 25, 1862, son of William & Sarah W. Montgomery aged 21yr 7mo
MONTGOMERY, Willie, b. no date, d. Jul 4, 1860, son of William & Sarah W. Montgomery
MOORE, Jane, b. no date, d. Oct 22, 1874, wife of Robert Moore aged 16yr 11mo 10da
MOORE, Robert, b. no date, d. Feb 11, 1876, aged 53yr
NILES, Charles A., b. 1850, d. Nov 15, 1851, son of S.R. & L.M. Niles aged 1yr 6mo 21da
NILES, Lydia M., b. 1825, d. May 9, 1851, wife of Solomon R. Niles aged 26yr 1mo
OETJENS, Dorothea, b. 1874, d. Mar 16, 1874, aged 22da
OETJENS, Dorothy M., b. Oct 3, 1835, d. Mar 16, 1883, wife of Henry Oetjens aged 47yr 3mo 13da
OHARE, Ann, b. 1796, d. Oct 16, 1861, aged 65yr 3mo 16da
OLDS, Orpha, b. no date, d. Apr 25, 1860, wife of J.R. Olds aged 36yr 2mo
OLDS, Stephen P., b. no date, d. Mar 24, 1860, son of J.R. & Orpha Olds aged 4yrs
PARKER, Emily C., b. 1847, d. Jan 11, 1873, wife of Dr. Dayton Parker aged 25yr 7mo 14da
PARKER, Grace, b. 1878, d. Aug 31, 1878, daughter of Dr. Dayton & Ida E. Parker aged 2mo 1da.
PARKER, Jennie E., b. 1866, d. Feb 3, 1867, daughter of B. & F. Parker aged 2mo 14da
PARKER, John Morgan, b. 1872, d. Jan 13, 1873, son of D. & E.C. Parker aged 1yr 8da
PARKER, infant son, b. Nov 7, 1875, d. Nov 17, 1875, son of B. & F. Parker
PETERS, Ellen M., b. no date, d. Aug 6, 1876, wife of John Peters aged 33yr 7mo 20da
PETERS, Frances, b. no date, d. Jul 5, 1882, daughter of John & E.M. Peters aged 17yr 5mo 27da
PETERS, John, b. no date, d. Oct 2, 1920, aged 96yrs.9mo 16da
PETERS, Mary, b. 1832, d. Jan 29, 1849, daughter of Richard Peters aged 16yr 11mo 14da
PETERS, Polly, b. 1798, d. Jan 26, 1831, wife of Richard Peters aged 36 yr
PETERS, Richard, b. 1798, d. Mar 5, 1862, aged 63yr 11mo 18da
PETERS, Richard, b. 1830, d. Mar 7, 1840, son of Richard Peters aged 10yr 2mo 17da
PETERS, Susan, b. 1828, d. Mar 17, 1829, daughter of Richard Peters aged 1yr 1mo
RANGER, Bethuel, b. no date, d. no date
RANGER, Caroline, b. no date, d. no date, his daughter
RANGER, William, b. no date, d. no date
RANGER, infant son, b. no date, d. no date
REYNOLDS, Adaline L., b. 1824, d. Feb 20, 1853, wife of Edmund W. Reynolds aged 29yr 2mo 20da
REYNOLDS, Auga Moon, b. 1821, d. 1886
REYNOLDS, Madison, b. 1817, d. 1898
REYNOLDS, Martha M., b. 1851, d. 1864
RUSSELL, Alonzo C., b. no date, d. Sep 17, 1849
RUSSELL, Alonzo E., b. 1841, d. Sep 17, 1849, son of J.I. & H.M. Russell aged 7yr 10mo
RUSSELL, Alvin C., b. 1839, d. Sep 19, 1868, aged 29yr 2mo 19da
RUSSELL, David, b. 1794, d. Jan 30, 1853, aged 58yr 8mo 12da
RUSSELL, Hester M., b. Mar 17, 1819, d. Dec 2, 1893, wife of James I. Russell
RUSSELL, James I., b. Jun 24, 1812, d. Feb 1, 1882
RUSSELL, James Otis, b. no date, d. Nov 24, 1864, son of J.I. & H.M. Russell. 6th Michigan Heavy Artillary. Died in New Orleans aged 22yr 9mo 8da
RUSSELL, James R., b. no date, d. Jul 14, 1862, son of William & E. A. Russell
RUSSELL, Mary W., b. 1854, d. Oct 5, 1854, daughter of J.I. & H.M. Russell aged 5mo 22da
RUSSELL, Richard P., b. 1849, d. Jun 11, 1864, son of William & E. A. Russell. Michigan 6th Heavy Artillary. Died at Morganza, La. aged 15yr 4mo 10da
RUSSELL, infant son, b. no date, d. Jun 9, 1846
RUSSELL, infant, b. Jun 1, 1846, d. Jun 9, 1846, son of J.I. & H.M. Russell aged 9 da
SCHRYVER, Christania P., b. 1790, d. Nov 21, 1847, wife of Joshua Schryver aged 57yr 9mo 21da
SCHRYVER, Joshua, b. 1785, d. Jan 1, 1853, aged 67yr 8mo 5da
SCRANTON, Israel, b. Apr 4, 1813, d. Mar 23, 1881
SCRANTON, Lucy A., b. Apr 19, 1825, d. Aug 29, 1870, wife of I. Scranton
SCRANTON, Orpha, b. Jan 30, 1846, d. May 22, 1875, wife of A. McFaul
SHELDON, Milo, b. 1836, d. Dec 15, 1854, aged 18 yrs
SHELDON, Newton I., b. 1848, d. Jan 2. 1871, aged 23yr 16da
SMITH, Elizabeth, b. Jul 18, 1812, d. Aug 17, 1854, Mother
SMITH, Thomas, b. May 5, 1812, d. Aug 19, 1854, Father
SNELL, Edwin, b. no date, d. Jun 6, 1864
SNELL, Susan P., b. 1812, d. Dec 8, 1893, wife of Abram Snell aged 81yr
SPALDING, Susan L., b. no date, d. Jul 30, 1870, daughter of D.P. & S.C. Spalding aged 9yr 1mo 13da
STEPHENSON, Isaac, b. 1803, d. Aug 28, 1874, aged 71yr
STONE, Harvey, b. no date, d. May 20, 1874, son of J.H. & S. Stone aged 5yr 10mo
STONE, Susan, b. Mar 13, 1870, d. May 9, 1885, only daughter of James H. & Susan Stone aged 15yr 1mo 26da
SWICK, Andrew, b. no date, d. no date
SWICK, Elizabeth Travis, b. no date, d. no date
SWICK, John, b. no date, d. no date
SWICK, Louise, b. no date, d. no date
TEAL, Frank E., b. 1866, d. Sep 21, 1866, son of G. & S.E. Teal aged 7 weeks 2hours
TRACY, Susan S., b. 1802, d. 1878, wife of William F. Tracy
TRACY, William F., b. 1803, d. 1886
TROMBLEY, Adda, b. 1866, d. May 20, 1871, daughter of M. & A. Trombley aged 4yr 8mo
TROMBLEY, Edith, b. 1841, d. Mar 23, 1895, wife of moes Trombley aged 53yr 4mo 29da
TROMBLEY, Lewis, b. Mar 24, 1805, d. Feb 18, 1880, aged 74yr 10mo 25da
TROMBLEY, Rosilyn E., b. 1851, d. Aug 21, 1871, aged 20yr
TROMBLEY, Sophia, b. Mar 7, 1811, d. Feb 16, 1874, wife of L. Trombley aged 62yr 11mo 9da
TURNER, John D., b. no date , d. Jun 11, 1873, Mason aged 48yr 3mo 26da
TURNER, Mary L., b. no date, d. Aug 30, 1896, wife of J.D. Turner aged 72 yrs.7mo
ULMER, Eddie, b. 1863, d. 1869
ULMER, Ella, b. 1865, d. 1869
VANNOCKER, David D., b. Jul 11, 1811, d. Jun 5, 1874
VANNOCKER, Isaiah, b. no date, d. Jan 15, 1865, (Marker only) son of D.D. & L. VanNocker (Mich. Post 281 G.A.R.) Enlisted in the 8th Mich. Can. U.S.V. Aug. 31, 1864 was taken prisoner at Henrysville, Tenn. Nov. 24, retaken Dec. 22 and died in the Institue Hospital of Columbia, Tenn. & buried in Rosehil
VANNOCKER, Lois, b. 1814, d. Oct 17, 1887, wife of David D. VanNocker aged 73yr 2mo 3da
VANNOCKER, Mary L., b. 1849, d. Oct 3, 1865, daughter of D.D. & L. VanNocker aged 16yr 9mo 1da
VANPELT, David, b. no date, d. no date, U.S. Soldier War of 1812 (stone low in brush)
VANZANDT, David, b. 1856, d. Mar 5, 1869, son of P. & L. VanZandt aged 13yr 14da
VANZANDT, John A., b. 1860, d. Aug 12, 1881, aged 21yr 5mo 2da
VANZANDT, Lemuel, b. no date, d. no date, Company B48th Battalion Ohio Veteran Infantry
VANZANDT, Peter J., b. 1868, d. Oct 11, 1871, son of P. & L. VanZandt aged 3yr 9mo 11da
VANZANDT, Winant, b. 1801, d. Sep 28, 1875, aged 74yr 2mo 2da
WARD, Addison E., b. no date, d. Oct 7, 1857, son of H. & E. Ward aged 11mo 23da
WEISINGER, Caroline G., b. 1868, d. Apr 23, 1878, daughter of W. & E. Weisinger aged 10yr 2mo 12da
WEISINGER, William, b. 1835, d. Feb 23, 1883, Born in Wirtemberg, Germany died at Petersburg aged 48yr 3da
WELLS, Euretta, b. 1818, d. May 15, 1851, aged 32yr 8mo 9da wife of Stephen W. Wells
WING, Harriet M., b. 1843, d. Jun 28, 1869, wife of Elijah J. Wing aged 25yr 9mo 17da
ZIBBELL, Harriet, b. 1823, d. Sep 4, 1874, wife of H. Zibbell aged 49 yr 5mo 9da

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