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Clinton Grove Cemetery
Clinton Twp, Macomb County, Michigan

Cass Ave
Mount Clemens MI 48036

Lat: 42° 36' 11"N, Lon: 82° 54' 13"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 20.

Contributor's Index:

Bloss, Rosa, b. 02/11/1878 Roseville, Mi, d. 10/10/1955, age: 77yr, Sec L, Lot 201 #5, [LG]
Eppler, Clara M., b. 11/19/1891, d. 07/17/1960, age: 68yr, Sec K, lot 59, [LG]
Eppler, George Carl August, b. 05/10/1890, d. 06/13/1951, age: 61yr, Sec K, Lot 59, [LG]
Eppler, Matilda Catharine Caroline Kollmorgen, b. 02/22/1893, d. 12/08/1929, age: 36yr, Sec K, Lot 59, [LG]
Eppler, Royal William, b. 12/4/1901, d. 01/03/1972, age: 70yr, Sec K, Lot 59, [LG]
Eppler, William, b. 04/19/1894, d. 04/13/1935, age: 70yr, Sec K, Lot 59, [LG]
Graumann, Christena Wellhausen, b. 07/20/1833 Hohenbollentin, Germany, d. 10/22/1929, age: 96yr, Sec C, Lot 40 #12, [LG]
Gutschow, Arthur Charles, b. 04/02/1882 Detroit Mi, d. 09/09/1945, age: 63yr, Sec C, Lot 40, [LG]
Gutschow, Charles (Carl), b. 07/17/1856 Zolkendorf, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany, d. 02/12/1900, age: 43yr, Sec C, Lot 40, [LG]
Klein, Arthur Godwald, b. 01/26/1885, d. 11/04/1988, age: 93yr, [LG]
Maas, Marvin M., b. 31 Mar 1929, d. 18 May 1996, bur. 22 May 1996, age 67yr, [MN]
Schumaker, Heinrich (Henry), b. 03/17/1877, d. 01/29/1958, d. 03/27/1945, age: 66yr, [LG]
Wellhausen, Anna A Eppler, b. 10/24/1867, d. 06/08/1945, age: 77yr, Sec K, Lot 59, [LG]
Wellhausen, Arthur George Philip, b. 12/31/1898, d. 06/06/1983, age: 84yr, [LG]
Wellhausen, Augusta Christine Dorothea Gutschow Klagge, b. 11/19/1862 Alt Kentzlin, Germany, d. 08/09/1934, age: 71yr, Sec C, Lot 40, [LG]
Wellhausen, Charles Ernst, b. 07/24/1833 Alt Kentzlin Germany, d. 04/13/1909, age: 75yr, Sec C, Lot 40 #11, [LG]
Wellhausen, Edward, b. 12/20/1872 Detroit Mi, d. 05/23/1935, age: 62yr, Sec L, Lot 201 #4, [LG]
Wellhausen, Edwin August Arthur, b. 04/05/1902, d. 05/23/1949, age: 47yr, Sec L, Lot 227 #4, [LG]
Wellhausen, Lydia Marie Klein,, b. 12/31/1896, d. 11/29/1980, age: 83yr, [LG]
Wellhausen, Walter Adolf George, b. 06/13/1912, d. 09/17/1945, age: 33yr, Sec L, Lot 201 #6, [LG]

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