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Hollenbeck Cemetery
Marathon Township, Lapeer County, Michigan

Contributed by (name withheld by request). Total records = 396.

Hollenbeck, Cemetery
Located in Marathon Township
Hollenbeck, and North Lake Rds
Lapeer, Michigan
Read in 1991

The list of names below represent an index from the records on file with the Lapeer County Genealogical Society. Please contact the Society to obtain additional information on these records:

Lapeer County Genealogical Society
Marguerite de ANGELI Library
921 W. Nepessing St.,
Lapeer, Mich 48446

ALLWARD, Emma, d.13 Dec 1897
AURAND, Andres, b.1817, d.1895
AURAND, Ann, d.23 May 1866
AURAND, Catharine, b.1820, d.1900
AURAND, Catharine, b.1856, d.1856
AURAND, Charles L., b.1857, d.1935
AURAND, Clarissa A., b.1888, d.1971
AURAND, Cyntha (sic), b.1853, d.1853
AURAND, Drewry J., b.1877, d.1950
AURAND, Elizabeth, b.1785, d.1880
AURAND, Francis, d.19 Apr 1862
AURAND, George, b.1784, d.1854
AURAND, John, b.1844, d.1844
AURAND, Katherine, b.1858, d.1928
AURAND, Lizzie M., b.1882, d.1962
AURAND, Manerva (sic), d.11 Mar 1868
AURAND, Mary C., d.10 Apr 1873
AURAND, Roland A., b.1881, d.1942
BARNEY, Benson, d.20 Nov 1876
BARTON, Sarah,
BLUE, Catharine Booth, b.1793, d.1851
BLUE, Emma J., d.23 Mar 1890
BLUE, John S., b.1795, d.1877
BLUE, John, d.05 May 1887
BOOTH, Catharine, b.1793, d.1851
BRAYMER, Emma J. Blue, d.23 Mar 1890
BRAYMER, William, d.27 May 1855
BROWN, Caroline J., d.01 Jul 1851
BROWN, Eliza, b.25 Apr 1831, d.14 Jun 1906
BROWN, James, d.11 Jun 1871
BROWN, John D, b.23 Jul 1831, d.15 Dec 1915
BROWN, Olive W., b.1825, d.1907
BROWN, William H., d.26 Oct 1856
BROWN, William W., d.07 Jan 1872
BRYDGES, Marjorie V, b.16 Feb 1919, d.04 Jul 1991
BRYDGES, Walter G., b.28 Nov 1913, d.07 Jun 1984
BURGESS, Sarah Barton, d.Nov 1873
BURRITT, Unknown,, b.25 Apr 1800, d.26 Apr 1860
BURRITT,Unknown, b.13 Apr 1798, d.06 Sep 1893
BURRITT, Abram, b.30 Jun 1833, d.04 Sep 1897
BURRITT, David, b.05 Oct 1836, d.26 Mar 1906
BURRITT, Eddie, b.05 May 1862, d.03 May 1867
BURRITT, Gideon, b.08 Jul 1827, d.04 May 1895
BURRITT, Lucia W., b.04 Mar 1843, d.18 May 1925
BURRITT, Susan A., b.11 Oct 1860, d.29 May 1922
CARPENTER, Phebe, d.15 Aug 1869
CARTER, H. Isabel, b.1893, d.1989
CHAPLIN, Mary E., d.19 Feb 1867
CLAPP, Lavina J. Harris, b.18 Feb 1856, d.18 Sep 1874
CLAPP, Willie, d.02 Oct 1874
CLUTE, Adelia, d.27 Oct 1841
CLUTE, Adelia, d.27 Mar 1839
CLUTE, Clarence L., b.1876, d.1941
CLUTE, Edwin, d.24 Jul 1839
CLUTE, Ida M., b.1882, d.1958
CLUTE, John L., d.04 Mar 1855
CLUTE, Lucretia, d.02 Feb 1851
CLUTE, Martha A., b.1858, d.1925
CLUTE, Phebe, d.04 Mar 1886
CLUTE, Phebe A., d.12 Nov 1890
CLUTE, Richard, d.11 May 1869
CLUTE, Sarah J., d.28 Sep 1868
CLUTE, Walter, d.30 Sep 1854
CLUTE, Willey A., b.1852, d.1937
COLE, Almeda E., d.07 June 1874
COLE, Chancy (sic), d.03 Jul 1868
COLLINS, Calvin T., d.04 Jul 1891
COLLINS, Emily M., d.18 Oct 1881
COLVIN, Rebecca Jane, d.24 Jun 1882
COLVIN, Stanton N, d.14 Dec 1874
CONGDON, Caroline, see Raymond, Caroline
CONGDON, Olive, d.27 Feb 1872
CONGDON, Tracy, d.22 Mar 1877
CRAWFORD, Mary A, d.16 Jan 1859
CRITTENDEN, Charles T., b.15 Feb 1879, d.15 Jan 1880
CRITTENDEN, Edward, b.15 Jun 1840, d.05 Nov 1903
CRITTENDEN, Milon L., b.20 Mar 1888, d.03 Jan 1904
CRITTENDEN, Nancy J., b.24 Mar 1872, d.15 Apr 1872
DAVIS, Henrietta E, d.15 Mar 1870
DAVIS, Melissa A., d.04 Jan 1875
DAVISON, Edna J., b.04 Mar 1876, d.20 May 1910
DAVISON, Ellen, b.07 Apr 1851, d.11 Apr 1909
DAVISON, Irvin, b.09 Apr 1884, d.07 Apr 1909
DAVISON, Joseph C., b.19 Sep 1844, d.01 Oct 1906
DAVISON, William W., b.04 Jul 1877, d.13 Apr 1902
DOTY, James, b.1825, d.1901
DOTY, Mary, b.1828, d.1892
EAVES, Ezra, d.22 May 1874
ERVIN, James W., b.1933
ERVIN, Wanda J., b.1937, d.1975
FARRELL, Andrew, d.26 Mar 1872
FARRELL, Jessie J., d.16 Mar 1868
FARRELL, Mary A., d.25 Feb 1860
FARRELL, William R., d.10 Apr 1862
FOX, Benjamin, d.22 Aug 1855
FOX, Julia J., d.1869
FOX, Mary A., d.13 Aug 1855
FULFORD, Unknown, d.Apr 1934
GALLINGER, John, d.20 Jan 1869
GARDNER, Jane, see Hollenbeck, Jane
GIFFORD, Adelia, d.27 Feb 1872
GRENIER, Pearl, b.1900, d.1960
GROOVER, Esther, d.28 Apr 1876
GROOVER, John Jr., d.21 May 1881
GROVER, Ida G., b.1871, d.1888
GROVER, John S., d.16 Aug 1877
GROVER, Mary, see Wise Mary
HALLENBECK, Abraham, d.29 Sep 1854
HALLENBECK, Caroline, d.04 Apr 1862
HALLENBECK, Edmund, b.07 Oct 1818, d.28 Aug 1896
HALLENBECK, George W., d.16 Aug 1859
HALLENBECK, Helen A., d.04 Nov 1850
HALLENBECK, Huldy H., d.28 Mar 1862
HALLENBECK, Julia A., b.19 Sep 1830, d.23 Dec 1881
HALLENBECK, Mary J., d.19 Mar 1868
HALLENBECK, Nathan B, d.11 Apr 1862
HALLENBECK, Pheby C.(sic), d.30 Oct 1853
HALLENBECK, Richard, d.22 Mar 1882
HALLENBECK, Susan L., b.19 Oct 1846, d.29 Jan 1849
HAMILTON, A., b.1813, d.1895
HARRIS, Benjain J, d.12 Apr 1880
HARRIS, Emogene, d.28 Aug 1874
HARRIS, Freddie, b.07 May 1873, d.28 Feb 1904
HARRIS, Lavina J., see Clapp, Lavina J.
HARRIS, Sophia, b.29 Aug 1825, d.18 Dec 1904
HARRIS, Wilson D., b.21 Oct 1847, d.12 Feb 1890
HASKILL, David, b.14 Jun 1806, d.22 Nov 1883
HASKILL, John, d.05 Aug 1862
HASKILL, Samuel, b.17 Apr 1837, d.12 Jan 1853
HASKILL, William, b.11 Jan 1839, d.09 Feb 1849
HAWKE, Ernest C., b.10 Mar 1864, d.26 Feb 1926
HAWKE, Laura, b.20 Jun 1866, d.05 Jan 1955
HAZELTON, Electa, d.21 Feb 1875
HEMINGWAY, Ada M., b.01 Sep 1864, d.28 Dec 1876
HEMINGWAY, Bruce W., b.18 Apr 1868, d.29 Apr 1941
HEMINGWAY, Eugene, b.19 May 1853, d.18 Mar 1877
HEMINGWAY, Everett J., b.26 Oct 1900, d.04 May 1961
HEMINGWAY, Florence V., b.1898, d.1923
HEMINGWAY, Frank S., b.25 Sep 1894, d.25 Jul 1965
HEMINGWAY, George N., d.11 Mar 1862
HEMINGWAY, Henry, b.06 May 1823, d.10 Apr 1903
HEMINGWAY, Ida L., b.27 Jun 1859, d.29 Feb 1860
HEMINGWAY, Isaac L., b.1836, d.1922
HEMINGWAY, Jennie E, b.03 Sep 1869, d.19 Sep 1916
HEMINGWAY, Lydia A., b.24 Apr 1823, d.02 Apr 1876
HEMINGWAY, Mary A., b.1840, d.1918
HEMINGWAY, May, b.09 Feb 1904, d.27 Jan 1915
HEMINGWAY, Merrillia, d.11 Jan 1868
HEMINGWAY, Myrtie E., b.1873, d.1963
HEMINGWAY, Needham, d.30 Oct 1878
HEMINGWAY, Susan Tower, b.17 Mar 1831
HEMINGWAY, Vina L., b.19 Dec 1882, d.11 Sep 1961
HILLS, Ellen A., b.1857, d.1881
HOLLENBECK, Abraham, d.16 Sep 1843
HOLLENBECK, Christina, see Mayfield Christina
HOLLENBECK, Franklin, d.10 May 1841
HOLLENBECK, Franklin, b.08 Sep 1845, d.06 Jun 1862
HOLLENBECK, Harriet, b.08 Jun 1819, d.03 Sep 1860
HOLLENBECK, Harry A., b.1874, d.1951
HOLLENBECK, Jacob, b.08 Dec 1821, d.24 Oct 1896
HOLLENBECK, June, d.06 Sep 1868
HOLLENBECK, Lieucretia, (sic) see Maxfield, Lieucretia
HOLLENBECK, Manley, b.29 Aug 1849, d.28 Oct 1874
HOLLENBECK, Martha A., b.22 Jun 1842, d.087 Sep 1897
HOLLENBECK, Mary A., d.25 Apr 1878
HOLLENBECK, Mary A., b.1879, d.1952
HOLLENBECK, Silas W., b.10 May 1842, d.25 Nov 1913
HOLLENBECK, Sophia, see Harris, Sophia
HOLLENBECK, Veva, b.17 May 1874, d.02 Feb 1875
HOLLENBECK, William, d.02 Nov 1889
HOOVER, Ben F., b.1818, d.1878
HOOVER, Mary A., b.1824, d.1881
HOWELL, Alice E., b.1861, d.19--
HOWELL, Carrie M., d.09 Jun 1898
HOWELL, Louisa, d.28 Jun 1872
HOWELL, Ronald, d.1901
HOWELL, Victor E., b.1861, d.1940
HOWELL, William E., b.1884, d.1942
HUBBLE, Emry, d.10 May 1875
HUNT, Eveline, see Parker, Eveline
JEROME, Betsey L., b.26 Dec 1818, d.29 Sep 1898
JEROME, Hannah J., b.10 Aug 1856, d.28 Feb 1893
JEROME, Harry H., d.23 Oct 1870
JEROME, Mark M., b.16 Jun 1814, d.19 May 1857
JEROME, Smith L., b.10 Feb 1850, d.22 Dec 1878
JEROME, Stephen F., b.16 Aug 1852, d.20 Sep 1869
JEROME, Valiant A., d.27 Sep 1870
KENT, Eliza A., d.02 Nov 1877
KEYS, Jennie E. Rook, b.27 Jan 1841, d.30 Mar 1872
KILBURN, Lucinda, d.30 Oct 1869
LANE, John F., b.1839, d.1875
LARKIN, Elton E., b.1886, d.1921
LARKIN, Emma R., b.1869, d.1931
LARKIN, Grace, b.1897, d. 1906
LARKIN, Henry W., b.16 Apr 1866, d.11 Nov 1906
LARKIN, Jessie, b.24 Mar 1875, d.11 Sep 1875
LARKIN, Louise, b.15 Mar 1898, d.09 Feb 1912
LARKIN, Maria, b.1841, d.1921
LARKIN, Ralph, b.1903, d.1918
LARKIN, Sarah E., b.29 Nov 1845, d.10 Oct 1890
LARKIN, W.H., b.1845, d.1918
LARKIN, W.C., b.1866, d.1938
LARKIN, Warren W., d.22 Jan 1873
LAWRENCE, Charity, b.1801, d.1866
LAWRENCE, Charles, b.1867, d.1867
LAWRENCE, David E., b.1851, d.1869
LAWRENCE, Dennis G., b.09 Dec 1819, d.13 Jun 1912
LAWRENCE, Dennis G., b.1884, d.1884
LAWRENCE, Dora G., d.21 Feb 1880
LAWRENCE, Eddie C., d.31 Jan 1880
LAWRENCE, Louisa A., b.1843, d.1863
LAWRENCE, Lourinda, b.22 Feb 1821, d.04 Jun 1886
LAWRENCE, Martha J., b.1841, d.1841
LEACH, Naham (sic), b.1822, d.30 Nov 1874
LEACH, Sarah C., b.1838, d.10 Mar 1876
LEVALLEY, Bertie, d.26 Aug 1873
LEVALLEY Chester S., d.28 Feb 1872
LEVALLEY, F. M., d.11 Apr 1873
LEVALLEY, John C., d.24 Dec 1868
LEVALLEY, Nancy A., d.25 Sep 1857
MARSH, Samuel W., d.25 Feb 1854
MASON, Unknown, d.09 Feb 1874 (possibly Henry)
MASON, Hellen M.G., d.09 Deb 1873
MAXFIELD, Anna M., b.1839, d.17 Mar 1904
MAXFIELD, Chancy, b.11 May 1820, d.09 Jul 1904
MAXFIELD, Christina, b.08 Jun 1828, d.28 Dec 1854
MAXFIELD, Emily A., d.09 Oct 1854
MAXFIELD, Lieucretia, d.01 Apr 1852
MAXFIELD, Lieucretia J., d.05 Nov 1852
MAXFIELD, Maria, d.25 Mar 1881
MCARTHUR, Abigal (sic), b.1830, d.1915
MCARTHUR, Andrew, d.25 Mar 1881
MCARTHUR, Arthur Jr., d.1859
MCARTHUR, Charles,
MCARTHUR, David, d.21 May 1851
MCARTHUR, Emma C, see Merrill, Emma C.
MCARTHUR, Hannah Orinda, d.21 Nov 1874
MCARTHUR, John, d.28 Aug 1875
MCARTHUR, Phebe, d.14 Mar 1875
MCARTHUR, Rebecca P., d.25 Apr 1848
MCARTHUR, Reuben, d.05 Aug 1880
MCDERMID, Peter, b.1844, d.1874
MCDOWELL, Frankie, d.19 May 1868
MCDOWELL, Jennie, d.10 Aug 1868
MCKENZIE, Isabelle, b.05 Sep 1828, d.19 Apr 1908
MCKENZIE, John, b.11 Jun 1829, d.23 Oct 1906
MCKINSTRY, Maria, d.22 May 1871
MCLEAN, Sarah C., see Leach, Sarah C.
MERRILL, Emma C., b.11 Sep 1844, d.10 Apr 1882
MIDDLETON, Rachel, d.04 Apr 1859
MILLER, John, b.1849, d.1923
MILLER, Mary, b.1852, d.1941
MOGGAY, Unknown, b.1826, d.1882
MOGGAY, Unknown, b.1827, d.1908
MOORE, Andy A., b.1857, d.1939
MOORE, Grace M., b.1863, d.1933
MOORE, Margaret, d.11 Feb 1892
NILES, George R., d.15 Nov 1870
OLIVER, Sarah A., b.13 Aug 1850, d.29 Jan 1883
OLNEY, Mary J., d.14 Mar 1856
OSBORNE, Unknown, b.15 Dec 1886, d.26 Dec 1886
OSBORNE, Arthur E., b.23 Jul 1859, d.06 Oct 1936
OSBORNE, George B,, b.28 Mar 1851, d.06 Oct 1906
OSBORNE, Martha, b.02 Dec 1865, d.13 Mar 1902
OSBORNE, Mary Jane, b.04 Apr 1853, d.14 Jan 1901
OSBORNE, Sophia, b.17 May 1889, d.09 Oct 1904
PARKER, Eveline Hunt, d.28 Jul 1862
PARKER, Martha A., d.11 Mar 1846
PARKER, Sarah J., d.07 Mar 1846
PERKINS, Clarissa A., d.23 Oct 186-
PETERSON, Elsie P., d.31 Dec 1877
PETRIE, Margaret, see Vermilya, Margaret
PETTEYS, James A., d.11 Jul 1865
PHELPS, Deborah, b.27 May 1861, d.17 Jul 1891
PHILLIPS, Adelia, see Clute, Adelia
PHILLIPS, Maria, b.01 Jun 1819, d.21 May 1904
PHILLIPS, Martha, d.18 Sep 1861
PIERSON, David L., b.16 Dec 1843, d.15 Apr 1895
PIERSON, Dwight, b.1866, d.1957
PIERSON, Margaret, b.1870, d.1926
PURDEY, Henry E., d.01 Oct 1866
PURDY, Unknown, b.1934, d.1934
PURDY, Abram, b.22 Dec 1818
PURDY, Albert E., b.1850, d.1930
PURDY, Arlene K., d.1926
PURDY, Bert, b.1876, d.1944
PURDY, Elen E (sic), b.1852, d.1917
PURDY, Elizabeth, b.26 Nov 1819, d.29 Apr 1882
PURDY, Lee, b.1910; d/1910
PURDY, Lillian, b.1874, d.1940
PURDY, Maude E., b.1876, d.1939
PURDY, Willard Carl, b.1906, d.1914
PURDY, William, b.1872, d.1959
RAYMOND, Arthie, b.1844, d.1926
RAYMOND, Caroline, b.17 Jan 1836, d.02 Aug 1862
RAYMOND, Cyrene, b.1814, d.1926
RAYMOND, Elizabeth, b.1847, d.1925
RAYMOND, Emma, b.01 Jan 1851, d.08 Jan. 1873
RAYMOND, James, b.05 Apr 1857, d.14 May 1857
RAYMOND, Mary, b.09 Jan 1869, d.16 Jan 1869
RAYMOND, Roswell, d.15 Jan 1868
RAYMOND, Roswell, b.1768, d.1868
RAYMOND, Willina (sic), b.1855, d.1877
RICHARDS, A. J., b.10 Jul 1824, d.02 Sep 1909
RICHARDS, Asaph W. (sic), d.09 Apr 1872
RICHARDS, Sarah Jane, d.11 Apr 1883
RICHARDS, William H., d.18 Sep 1859
RICHMOND, Edward, d.27 Apr 1861
RICHMOND, Mary E., d.09 Aug 1847
RICHMOND, Susan, d.03 Sep 1848
ROOD, Phoebe A., b.1879, d.1955
ROOK, Unknown, d.Jan 1915
ROOK, Unknown, d.Nov 1915
ROOK, Alice, b.1886, d.1973
ROOK, Cornelus (sic), b.25 Apr 1793, d.05 Sep 1854
ROOK, Elizabeth, d.24 Dec 1895
ROOK, George C., b.1884, d.1966
ROOK, Jennie E., see Keys, Jennie E.
ROOK, Richard W., b.04 Feb 1846, d.01 Mar 1864
ROOKE, George M., b.1848; d 1927
ROOKE, Sophronia, b.1856, d.1952
SMITH, Cecil, b.29 Sep 1892, d.24 Oct 1903
SMITH, Charley, d.20 Aug 1880
SMITH, Etta M., d.05 Apr 1878
SMITH, Martha A., d.24 Feb 1857
SMITH, Maude, d.13 Oct 1902
SMITH, Sarah M., d.28 May 1871
SMITH, Warren, d., b.1845, d.1927
SMITH, Willie, d.07 Aug 1870
SMITHERS, Mary, d.02 Nov 1872
SMITHERS, Norma C., d.13 Oct 1874
SNYDER, Asher B, d.11 May 1881
SNYDER, David V., d.22 Oct 1854
STOCKTON, Charles L., b.30 Nov 1953, d.06 Nov 1989
STROHM, Gilbert, d.26 Nov 1887
STROHN, (sic) Magdalene, d.01 Dec 1879
SUTHERLAND, Unknown, b.15 Aug 1825, d.01 Jun 1904
SUTHERLAND, Unknown, b.24 Feb 1829, d.24 Feb 1872
SUTHERLAND, Edward, b.18 Oct 1870, d.05 Oct 1892
TIBBITS, George L., d.12 Dec 1874
TIBBITS, Sarah C., d.30 Jul 1876
TOMPKINS, Unknown, no dates
TOWER, Andrew J., b.27 Nov 1829, d.20 Mar 1867
TOWER, Charles C., b.1836, d.1876
TOWER, Charles W., b.10 Jun 1859, d.15 Sep 1902
TOWER, George R., d.18 May 1888
TOWER, James R., b.1871, d.1871
TOWER, Mary J., b.1830, d.1914
TOWER, Olive, d.02 Jul 1869
TOWER, Susan, see Hemingway, Susan
TRAVER, Catharine, see Willey, Catherine
TRAVER, Emaline, b.1819, d.1895
VANTASEL, I., d.09 Feb 1877
VANTASSELL, Charles H., b.16 Sep 1906, d.28 Sep 1906
VANTASSELL, Henry M., b.30 Oct 1873, d.08 Nov 1932
VANTASSELL, Jessie M., b.19 Jan 1877, d.10 Sep 1956
VANTASSELL, Myrtle E., d.19 Sep 1900
VERMILYA, Andrew J., d.09 Feb 1875
VERMILYA, Etta M, d.22 Jan 1875
VERMILYA, Eugene A., d.24 Jan 1875
VERMILYA, John, d.09 Dec 1881
VERMILYA, Jonathan, d.24 Aug 1870
VERMILYA, Margaret (Petrie), d.03 Aug 1881
VERMILYA, Tacy (sic), b.05 Dec 1846, d.04 Mar 1908
VERMILYA, Willie, b., d.02 Feb 1875
VOLENTINE, Edy, b.29 Mar 1870, d.19 Jan 1872
VOLENTINE, Laura Jane, d.10 Feb 1856
VOLENTINE, Mary E., d.29 Aug 1869
VOLENTINE, Phebe L., d.02 Sep 1861
WAGENER, Sarah E., d.04 Oct 1846
WAGENER, W. W., d.07 Oct 1846
WARNER, Jesse,
WARNER, Sarah E., d.27 May 1891
WELCH, Lydia E., d.Aug 1855
WHIPPLE, Adelbert, d.11 Oct 1877
WHIPPLE, Allie L., d.19 Jun 1875
WHIPPLE, George, d.18 Feb 1863
WHIPPLE, Harriett, d.09 May 1882
WHIPPLE, Hiram F., d.08 Dec 1885
WHIPPLE, Polly, b.14 May 1804, d.20 Jul 1892
WILLEY, Ahijah (sic), d.20 Mar 1871
WILLEY, Catharie (sic), d.12 Sep 1871
WILLEY, Harriet, d.05 Oct 1854
WILLEY, Harriet A., d.15 Sep 1861
WILLIAMS, Geo, d.25 Jul 1880
WISE, Mary, b.1832, d.1885
WISMER, M. J., b.1836, d.1884
WOOD, A., d.18 Aug 1849
WOOD, Wallace W., d.10 Aug 1904
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