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Fairview Cemetery
Linden, Genesee County, Michigan

GPS: 42.814235, -83.772614

Tickner St. & High St
Linden, MI 48451

Published: October 21, 2016
Total records: 5,992

Surnames U-Z

Records below were acquired from the City of Linden on October 21, 2016. The city did not includes any dates in these records, only names of deceased, plot locations, and plot owners. Some records includes the decedent's last known residence.

, Residence: 9701 PEET, Plot: F-SE-004-000047-06, Owner: ULNER, BETTY
UNGER, JOHN, Plot: F-SA-000-00015A-03, Owner: UNGER, JOHN
UNGER, ROSE, Plot: F-SA-000-00015A-02, Owner: UNGER, JOHN
URCH, ELLA A, Plot: F-SC-001-000092-03, Owner: NASH, J. B
USTASZEWSKI, JOHN, Residence: 211 Kathy Circle, Plot: F-RW-015-000022-04, Owner: SHARP, ROGER L
USTASZEWSKI, KATHERINE, Residence: 211 Kathy Circle, Plot: F-RW-015-000022-05, Owner: SHARP, ROGER L
UTLEY, GEORGE S, Plot: F-SA-000-000066-01, Owner: UTLEY, GEORGE
UTLEY, JEAN A, Plot: F-SA-000-000066-05, Owner: UTLEY, GEORGE
UTLEY, ORPHA J, Plot: F-SA-000-000066-02, Owner: UTLEY, GEORGE
UTLEY, RICHARD A, Plot: F-SA-000-000066-03, Owner: UTLEY, GEORGE
UTLEY, ROY A, Plot: F-SA-000-000066-04, Owner: UTLEY, GEORGE
VADASZ, DONALD R, Plot: F-WA-010-000004-01, Owner: VADASZ, RITA
VADASZ, JOSEPHINE F, Residence: 11154 S. LINDEN RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000042-02, Owner: VADASZ, JULIUS
VADASZ, JULIUS T, Residence: 25289 Potomic, Plot: F-SE-004-000042-01, Owner: VADASZ, JULIUS
VAIL, FREDDIE, Plot: F-OR-021-000128-04, Owner: VAIL, JOHN E
VAIL, JOHN E, Plot: F-OR-021-000128-08, Owner: VAIL, JOHN E
VAIL, LILLIE F, Plot: F-OR-021-000128-05, Owner: VAIL, JOHN E
VAIL, LOUISA J, Plot: F-OR-021-000128-07, Owner: VAIL, JOHN E
VAIL, OTHO E, Plot: F-OR-021-000128-06, Owner: VAIL, JOHN E
VAN ALSTINE, JOHN T, Plot: F-OR-021-000128-01, Owner: VAIL, JOHN E
VAN BUHLER, RUTH M, Residence: 7633 Parkwood Dr., Plot: F-SD-005-000064-01, Owner: VANBUHLER, HAROLD W
VAN DYKE, HARRIET J, Residence: 201 E. Elizabeth, Plot: F-WA-010-000012-01, Owner: VANDYKE, HARRIET
VAN KLEEK, DAYTA M, Plot: F-SA-000-000016-01, Owner: WHITE, HAROLD
VAN LUVEN, ELMA S, Residence: 7021 Linden Rd, Plot: F-WA-011-000162-06, Owner: VANLUVEN, ALMA
VAN, DORIS I, Residence: 407 E. ELIZABETH, Plot: F-SA-003-000163-03, Owner: MANNS, KENNETH H
VANBUHLER, HAROLD W, Residence: 502 WARBLER, Plot: F-SD-005-000064-02, Owner: VANBUHLER, HAROLD W
VANCONANT, THERESA M, Residence: 11472 Crosby Rd, Plot: F-WA-010-000032-06, Owner: VANCONANT, BRAD
VANDYKE, JOHN T, Plot: F-WA-010-000012-01, Owner: VANDYKE, HARRIET
VANHORN, CHLOE A, Plot: F-BR-017-000081-02, Owner: VANHORN, JOHN
VANHORN, ELLA A, Plot: F-RW-015-000010-02, Owner: VANHORN, HARRY
VANHORN, FREDERICK W, Plot: F-BR-017-000081-03, Owner: VANHORN, JOHN
VANHORN, HARRY, Plot: F-RW-015-000010-01, Owner: VANHORN, HARRY
VANHORN, JOHN, Plot: F-BR-017-000081-01, Owner: VANHORN, JOHN
VANKUREN, MATTHEW L, Residence: 131 Eagle Ave, Plot: F-BO-012-000020-02, Owner: VANKUREN, JASON
VANKUREN, WILLIAM MARVIN, Residence: 12373 DUFFIELD RD, Plot: F-SE-004-000031-03, Owner: WEST, RUTH
VANLUVEN, RALPH D, Residence: 7021 Linden Rd, Plot: F-WA-011-000162-05, Owner: VANLUVEN, ALMA
VANMEER, DRUCIAL E, Plot: F-CX-022-000040-08, Owner: VANMEER, DRUCIAL E
VANMEER, MILDRED, Plot: F-CX-022-000035-03, Owner: VANMEER, LENNIE
VANOCTHTEN, KATHLEEN M, Residence: 53 London Ln, Plot: F-BE-006-00000D-01, Owner: CUPPERNOLL, KARYN
VANWAGONER, CASSIUS C, Plot: F-FI-019-000105-06, Owner: STONE, W. A
VANWAGONER, ELIZABETH A, Plot: F-FI-019-000105-02, Owner: STONE, W. A
VANWAGONER, HESIKIN R, Plot: F-BR-017-000114-02, Owner: VANWAGONER, H.R.
VANWAGONER, SARAH M, Plot: F-BR-017-000114-03, Owner: VANWAGONER, H.R.
VARNER, INGRID H, Plot: F-SE-004-000010-06, Owner: VARNER, INGRID
VARNER, ROBERT L, Residence: 12120 SHARP RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000010-06, Owner: VARNER, INGRID
VARNEY, CORNELIA, Plot: F-FI-019-000138-01, Owner: STILES, W.B.
VAUGHAN M.D., JOHN E, Plot: F-CX-023-000133-05, Owner: MARSHALL, CHARLES G
VAUGHAN, BERTHA M, Plot: F-RW-015-000031-05, Owner: WALDER, GEORGE
VAUGHAN, JOHN G, Plot: F-CX-023-000133-05, Owner: MARSHALL, CHARLES G
VAUGHAN, WALTER C, Plot: F-RW-015-000031-04, Owner: WALDER, GEORGE
VELEZ, JUAN G, Plot: F-WA-010-000021-01, Owner: KOEPPEN, JOHN R
VERMETTE, EUGENE J, Plot: F-SC-002-000160-01, Owner: FORBES, FRANK
VERNAK, BARBARA J, Residence: 13407 Lakeshore Dr., Plot: F-BE-006-00000D-02, Owner: HOFFMAN, JANINE
VERNON, WILLIAM R, Plot: F-SC-002-000164-03, Owner: MEYERHOFER, MERVIN
VERRELL, FLORENCE E, Plot: F-CX-022-000092-03, Owner: SWITZ, ABRAHAM
VERRELL, LLOYD C, Plot: F-CX-022-000092-04, Owner: SWITZ, ABRAHAM
VERRELL, MARK L, Plot: F-CX-022-000092-05, Owner: SWITZ, BESSIE
VESELSKY SR, CHARLES J, Residence: 521 TICKNER ST., Plot: F-SE-004-000044-02, Owner: VESELSKY, BETTY
VESELSKY, CHARLES JOSEPH JR., Residence: 521 TICKNER ST, Plot: F-SE-004-000044-01, Owner: VESELSKY, BETTY
VILLIARD, CHARLES, Residence: 11040 SMITH RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000078-04, Owner: VILLIARD, DONALD
VINCENT, ALVIN, Plot: F-SC-001-000100-03, Owner: VINCENT, WILLIS
VINCENT, BASIL, Plot: F-CX-023-000144-05, Owner: VINCENT, LEO
VINCENT, BERTHA E, Plot: F-CX-022-000041-06, Owner: VINCENT, JOHN H
VINCENT, BESSIE E, Plot: F-BR-017-000078-02, Owner: VINCENT, FRED
VINCENT, CLARINDA, Plot: F-CX-022-000040-02, Owner: VINCENT, ELGIN
VINCENT, DONALD E, Residence: 5113 MCLAIN ST., Plot: F-SD-005-000001-05, Owner: VINCENT, DONALD E
VINCENT, DWIGHT W, Plot: F-RW-015-000019-01, Owner: VINCENT, DWIGHT
VINCENT, EDWARD E, Plot: F-CX-022-000029-04, Owner: VINCENT, EDWARD
VINCENT, ELGIN, Plot: F-BR-017-000074-08, Owner: VINCENT, ELGIN
VINCENT, ELINORE M, Plot: F-CX-023-000144-06, Owner: VINCENT, LEO
VINCENT, ELMER E, Residence: 8083 MILLER RD., Plot: F-CX-022-000040-04, Owner: VINCENT, ELGIN
VINCENT, ETHEL R, Plot: F-CX-023-000144-02, Owner: VINCENT, LEO
VINCENT, FRED R, Plot: F-BR-017-000078-01, Owner: VINCENT, FRED
VINCENT, HETTIE, Plot: F-BR-017-000074-07, Owner: VINCENT, ELGIN
VINCENT, ISABELLE G, Plot: F-BE-007-000091-05, Owner: VINCENT, WILLIS
VINCENT, JEAN FAY, Residence: 5113 MCLAIN ST, Plot: F-SD-005-000001-04, Owner: VINCENT, DONALD E
VINCENT, JESSIE R, Plot: F-CX-022-000029-08, Owner: VINCENT, EDWARD
VINCENT, JOHN H, Plot: F-CX-022-000040-01, Owner: VINCENT, ELGIN
VINCENT, JOHN H, Plot: F-CX-022-000041-05, Owner: VINCENT, JOHN H
VINCENT, JOYCE E, Plot: F-SC-001-000100-02, Owner: VINCENT, WILLIS
VINCENT, LAVETA I, Plot: F-SE-004-000067-04, Owner: LEGAN, IZALIA
VINCENT, LEO M, Plot: F-CX-023-000144-03, Owner: VINCENT, LEO
VINCENT, LUCRETIA, Plot: F-BR-017-000116-02, Owner: VINCENT, WILLIAM
VINCENT, MARIE M, Plot: F-RW-015-000019-04, Owner: VINCENT, DWIGHT
VINCENT, MICHAEL J, Plot: F-RW-015-000019-03, Owner: VINCENT, DWIGHT
VINCENT, OLIVE, Plot: F-CX-023-000130-02, Owner: SHAW, HAROLD
VINCENT, RANDY J, Residence: 9200 SEYMOUR RD., Plot: F-SC-001-000057-03, Owner: VINCENT, ROBERT
VINCENT, RAY D, Plot: F-CX-022-000029-08, Owner: VINCENT, EDWARD
VINCENT, ROBERT E, Residence: 9200 Seymour Rd, Plot: F-SC-001-000057-01, Owner: VINCENT, ROBERT
VINCENT, SANDRA R, Residence: 9200 SEYMOUR RD., Plot: F-SC-001-000057-04, Owner: VINCENT, ROBERT
VINCENT, VENA L, Plot: F-BR-017-000078-03, Owner: VINCENT, FRED
VINCENT, WARD B, Plot: F-RW-015-000019-05, Owner: VINCENT, DWIGHT
VINCENT, WILLIAM, Plot: F-BR-017-000116-01, Owner: VINCENT, WILLIAM
VINCENT, WILLIAM H, Plot: F-CX-022-000041-07, Owner: VINCENT, JOHN H
VINCENT, WILLIS C, Plot: F-BE-007-000091-06, Owner: VINCENT, WILLIS
VINT, CAROLINE M, Plot: F-SA-003-000166-03, Owner: VINT, CAROLINE
VINT, WALTER H, Plot: F-SA-003-000166-02, Owner: VINT, CAROLINE
VINT, WILLIAM D, Residence: 6175 RICHARD LANE, Plot: F-SA-003-000166-02, Owner: VINT, CAROLINE
VIRGIN SR, JOHN T, Residence: 5300 OWEN RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000034-05, Owner: VIRGIN, JOHN
VOORHIES JR, GROVER J, Plot: F-RW-015-000023-03, Owner: VOORHIES, GROVER
VOORHIES, EMMA, Plot: F-BR-017-000123-04, Owner: VOORHIES, GEORGE
VOORHIES, EUNICE N, Plot: F-BR-017-000123-01, Owner: VOORHIES, GEORGE
VOORHIES, GEORGE, Plot: F-BR-017-000123-02, Owner: VOORHIES, GEORGE
VOORHIES, GROVER J, Plot: F-RW-015-000023-01, Owner: VOORHIES, GROVER
VOORHIES, JANET, Plot: F-RW-015-000023-04, Owner: VOORHIES, GROVER
VOORHIES, JOHN, Plot: F-OR-021-000144-01, Owner: VOORHIES, JOHN
VOORHIES, JOHN, Plot: F-OR-021-000144-02, Owner: VOORHIES, JOHN
WADE, KATHARINE, Plot: F-BR-016-000065-01, Owner: DAVIS, RALPH
WADLEY, ALBERT, Plot: F-FI-019-000091-02, Owner: WADLEY, SAMUEL
WADLEY, EUNICE, Plot: F-FI-018-000077-04, Owner: GLOVER, HENRY
WADLEY, JONATHON, Plot: F-FI-019-000091-08, Owner: WADLEY, SAMUEL
WADLEY, MARGARET, Plot: F-FI-019-000091-01, Owner: WADLEY, SAMUEL
WADLEY, RACHEL, Plot: F-FI-019-000091-07, Owner: WADLEY, SAMUEL
WADLEY, SAMUEL N, Plot: F-FI-019-000091-05, Owner: WADLEY, SAMUEL
WAGNER, FLOYD, Plot: F-SA-000-000082-01, Owner: WAGNER, FLOYD
WAGNER, GERALDINE A, Residence: 1431 Vista, Plot: F-BO-012-000017-01, Owner: WAGNER, RONALD
WAGNER, JUNE B, Plot: F-SA-000-000082-02, Owner: WAGNER, FLOYD
WAGNER, RONALD R, Residence: 701 BEACH BUGGY, Plot: F-BO-012-000017-02, Owner: WAGNER, RONALD
WAID, LEONIA B, Plot: F-WC-014-00017W-03, Owner: RUMMELL, CHARLES
WAKEMAN, BRUCE A, Plot: F-SD-005-000039-04, Owner: WAKEMAN, BEVERLY
WAKEMAN, LESTER A, Plot: F-SE-004-000006-01, Owner: WAKEMAN, LESTER
WAKEMAN, RUTH, Residence: 15047 RESTWOOD DR., Plot: F-SE-004-000006-02, Owner: WAKEMAN, LESTER
WALDER, ERNEST J, Plot: F-RW-015-000031-06, Owner: WALDER, GEORGE
WALDER, ETHEL B, Plot: F-RW-015-000031-07, Owner: WALDER, GEORGE
WALDER, GEORGE A, Plot: F-RW-015-000031-08, Owner: WALDER, GEORGE
WALKER, CONSTANCE, Plot: F-SE-004-000014-02, Owner: BAHM, DORIS
WALKER, GLADYS T, Residence: 11618 Argentine Rd, Plot: F-BE-006-000002-02, Owner: WALKER, WALLACE
WALKER, MARTHA A, Plot: F-CX-023-000117-05, Owner: GROSE, OLIVER
WALKER, WALLACE P, Residence: silver lake rd, Plot: F-BE-006-000002-01, Owner: WALKER, WALLACE
WALL, JERRY W, Plot: F-SE-004-000070-03, Owner: HOLBROOKS, J.J.
WALLACE, BRONSON, Plot: F-SC-001-000020-04, Owner: BRONSON, ISABELLE
WALLACE, BYREL G, Plot: F-CX-022-000071-07, Owner: WALLACE, GEORGE
WALLACE, DORIS I, Plot: F-SA-000-000045-06, Owner: SMITH, ROSEMARY A
WALLACE, ESTHER, Residence: 108 OAK ST., Plot: F-SC-001-000063-02, Owner: CRANE, GLENN
WALLACE, FORD G, Plot: F-CX-022-000071-03, Owner: WALLACE, GEORGE
WALLACE, GEORGE E, Plot: F-CX-022-000071-05, Owner: WALLACE, GEORGE
WALLACE, GRACE, Plot: F-CX-022-000071-04, Owner: WALLACE, GEORGE
WALLACE, LYLE F, Plot: F-CX-022-000071-06, Owner: WALLACE, GEORGE
WALLACE, MARY M, Residence: 1024 NORTH RD APT 4, Plot: F-RW-015-000022-01, Owner: CAUCHI, JOHN
WALLACE, MARY R, Plot: F-CX-022-000071-02, Owner: WALLACE, GEORGE
WALLACE, RALPH T, Plot: F-SA-000-000045-05, Owner: SMITH, ROSEMARY A
WALLER, BABY, Plot: F-OR-021-000168-07, Owner: POTTERSFIELD
WALSH, GLADYS I, Plot: F-WA-011-000109-02, Owner: WALSH, JOHN C
WALSH, JOHN, Plot: F-WA-011-000109-01, Owner: WALSH, JOHN C
WALSH, JOHN R, Plot: F-WA-011-000108-06, Owner: WALSH, JOHN C
WALTER, HARRY A, Plot: F-SC-001-000047-01, Owner: WALTER, MINNIE A
WALTER, MINNIE A, Plot: F-SC-001-000047-02, Owner: WALTER, MINNIE A
WALTS, ANNA, Plot: F-CX-023-000153-02, Owner: WALTS, WILLIAM
WALTS, BABY J, Residence: 3806 SHAWNEE, Plot: F-SA-003-000133-06, Owner: WALTS, ROBERT
WALTS, BERTHA, Plot: F-CX-023-000153-07, Owner: WALTS, WILLIAM
WALTS, GEORGE E, Plot: F-CX-023-000153-03, Owner: WALTS, WILLIAM
WALTS, LESLIE J, Plot: F-CX-023-000153-08, Owner: WALTS, WILLIAM
WALTS, VIRGINIA, Plot: F-CX-023-000153-04, Owner: WALTS, WILLIAM
WALTS, WILLIAM H, Plot: F-CX-023-000153-01, Owner: WALTS, WILLIAM
WANEK SR, JOHN, Residence: 8020 HAVILAND BEACH DR, Plot: F-SC-002-000130-03, Owner: WANEK, JOHN
WANEK, MARIE, Residence: 8020 HAVILAND BEACH DR., Plot: F-SC-002-000130-04, Owner: WANEK, JOHN
WANTE, JAY A, Residence: 921 Byram Lake Dr, Plot: F-BE-007-000122-01, Owner: WANTE, AMY
WARD, ALVIN M, Plot: F-BE-006-000021-01, Owner: WARD, LOIS I
WARD, CLINTON F, Plot: F-SA-000-000098-05, Owner: WARD, CLINTON
WARD, EDWIN C, Plot: F-SC-002-000133-01, Owner: WARD, EDWIN C
WARD, FLORENCE A, Plot: F-BR-017-000100-08, Owner: CAREY, JAMES
WARD, HARRY W, Plot: F-SA-000-000098-06, Owner: WARD, CLINTON
WARD, ISABELLA ROSE, Residence: 15586 S. LINDEN RD, Plot: F-HA-008-000023-02, Owner: WARD, SCOTT
WARD, LILLY M, Plot: F-SA-000-000098-02, Owner: WARD, LYLE
WARD, LYLE C, Residence: 1950 32nd St., Plot: F-SA-000-000098-01, Owner: WARD, LYLE
WARD, RUTH A, Residence: 6551 W. ROLSTON RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000055-05, Owner: WARD, GERALD L
WARD, VIOLET, Plot: F-SA-000-000098-04, Owner: WARD, CLINTON
WARDEN, MINNIE M, Plot: F-CX-022-000091-01, Owner: CHANDLER, EDWARD
WARDIE, CALLINE K, Plot: F-SC-002-00132A-02, Owner: WARDIE, CALVIN
WARDIE, CRAIG M, Plot: F-SC-002-00132A-03, Owner: WARDIE, CALVIN
WARDIE, GRACE L, Plot: F-SA-000-000089-04, Owner: LOBB, WILFRED S
WARDIE, JOSEPH D, Residence: 406 George, Plot: F-SA-000-000089-05, Owner: LOBB, WILFRED S
WARDIE, RICHIE D, Plot: F-SA-000-000089-06, Owner: OSTRANDER, ULYSSES
WARE, LORELLA, Plot: F-OR-020-000045-01, Owner: WARE, GEORGE
WARNER, ADAH C, Plot: F-OR-021-000114-06, Owner: WARNER, SILAS
WARNER, ANNIE M, Plot: F-OR-021-000114-04, Owner: WARNER, SILAS
WARNER, CELIA S, Plot: F-OR-021-000114-03, Owner: WARNER, SILAS
WARNER, EVA M, Plot: F-BR-016-000025-06, Owner: WARNER, S.K.
WARNER, FRED R, Plot: F-BR-016-000056-01, Owner: WARNER, CELIA
WARNER, HELEN M, Residence: 1001 S. BRIDGE ST APT 21, Plot: F-BE-007-000100-06, Owner: WARNER, JESSE
WARNER, JAMES K, Plot: F-BR-016-000056-07, Owner: WARNER, CELIA
WARNER, JESSE F, Plot: F-BE-007-000100-05, Owner: WARNER, JESSE
WARNER, JOB, Plot: F-OR-021-000114-09, Owner: WARNER, SILAS
WARNER, JOSIE E, Plot: F-FI-019-000142-08, Owner: JEWETT-AUTEN
WARNER, LEVI P, Plot: F-OR-021-000114-08, Owner: WARNER, SILAS
WARNER, MARGUERITE E, Plot: F-BR-016-000025-04, Owner: WARNER, S.K.
WARNER, NELLIE G, Plot: F-BR-016-000025-03, Owner: WARNER, S.K.
WARNER, PARLEY, Plot: F-OR-021-000114-01, Owner: WARNER, SILAS
WARNER, PAUL D, Plot: F-OR-021-000114-10, Owner: WARNER, SILAS
WARNER, PHILA K, Plot: F-OR-021-000114-02, Owner: WARNER, SILAS
WARNER, RACHEL M, Plot: F-OR-021-000114-07, Owner: WARNER, SILAS
WARNER, ROSE, Plot: F-BR-016-000025-02, Owner: WARNER, S.K.
WARNER, SAGE K, Plot: F-BR-016-000025-01, Owner: WARNER, S.K.
WARNER, SILAS K, Plot: F-OR-021-000114-05, Owner: WARNER, SILAS
WARREN, BABY D, Plot: F-BR-016-000016-08, Owner: STONE, MOODY
WARREN, FANNIE, Plot: F-FI-019-000146-01, Owner: WARREN, J.P.
WARREN, HERBERT M, Residence: 811 E. SILVER LAKE RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000026-04, Owner: WARREN, HERBERT M
WARREN, JULIUS P, Plot: F-FI-019-000146-02, Owner: WARREN, J.P.
WARREN, RUTH L, Plot: F-CX-022-000069-07, Owner: BEDELL, LEWIS
WARREN, RUTH L, Plot: F-SD-005-000026-05, Owner: WARREN, HERBERT M
WARSAW, WALTRAUDT, Residence: 10345 FOLEY RD, Plot: F-SE-004-000073-03, Owner: WARSAW, WALTRAUDT
WASHBURN, THOMAS I, Residence: 6419 HARTWOOD DR., Plot: F-SA-003-000137-04, Owner: WASHBURN, THOMAS
WATERS, EDITH, Plot: F-WC-014-00013W-02, Owner: WATERS, E.C.
WATERS, EDWIN C, Plot: F-WC-014-00013W-01, Owner: WATERS, E.C.
WATKINS, JANET L, Residence: 515 ALDRICH ST., Plot: F-SD-005-000070-02, Owner: WATKINS, ROBERT
WATKINS, ROBERT, Residence: 515 ALDRICH ST, Plot: F-SD-005-000070-01, Owner: WATKINS, ROBERT
WATSON, ABIGAIL, Plot: F-FI-019-000135-05, Owner: WATSON, WILLIAM H
WATSON, DENNIS, Plot: F-SC-002-000151-04, Owner: WATSON, DENNIS
WATSON, EDWARD S, Plot: F-HA-008-000028-03, Owner: WATSON, DEREK
WATSON, ROBERTA, Plot: F-HA-008-000028-04, Owner: WATSON, DEREK
WATSON, WILLIAM H, Plot: F-FI-019-000135-06, Owner: WATSON, WILLIAM H
WATTERS, DELLA A, Plot: F-SA-000-000093-04, Owner: WATTERS, FRANK
WATTERS, DONALD L, Residence: 14443 Augusta, Plot: F-SA-000-000093-03, Owner: WATTERS, DONALD
WATTERS, LEROY D, Plot: F-SA-000-000093-03, Owner: WATTERS, DONALD
WATTERS, RALPH H, Plot: F-SA-000-000093-05, Owner: WATTERS, FRANK
WATTERS, WILLIAM F, Plot: F-SA-000-000093-06, Owner: WATTERS, FRANK
WATTS, EVA A, Plot: F-CX-022-000045-02, Owner: WATTS, GEORGE
WATTS, GEORGE, Plot: F-CX-022-000045-01, Owner: WATTS, GEORGE
WATTS, GOODWIN N, Plot: F-CX-022-000045-03, Owner: WATTS, GEORGE
WEBBER, BERTHA S, Plot: F-OR-020-000076-05, Owner: WEBBER, CHARLES
WEBBER, BURNS, Plot: F-OR-020-000076-06, Owner: WEBBER, CHARLES
WEBBER, CHARLES, Plot: F-OR-020-000076-03, Owner: WEBBER, CHARLES
WEBBER, DOT, Plot: F-FI-018-000058-02, Owner: BOYD, MATTIE
WEBBER, ETTA A, Plot: F-BR-016-000019-03, Owner: WEBBER, GUY
WEBBER, EUGENE D, Plot: F-OR-020-000076-01, Owner: WEBBER, CHARLES
WEBBER, GEORGE C, Plot: F-OR-020-000051-02, Owner: WEBBER, JEANETTE
WEBBER, GUY H, Plot: F-BR-016-000019-01, Owner: WEBBER, GUY
WEBBER, HELEN, Plot: F-BR-016-000019-02, Owner: WEBBER, GUY
WEBBER, HENRIETTA, Plot: F-OR-020-000076-04, Owner: WEBBER, CHARLES
WEBBER, IDA C, Plot: F-OR-021-000112-02, Owner: FAIRBANKS, JEROME Z
WEBBER, JEANETTE E, Plot: F-OR-020-000051-01, Owner: WEBBER, JEANETTE
WEBBER, LOIVA M, Plot: F-CX-023-000201-01, Owner: WEBBER, LOIVA
WEBBER, REV. J, Plot: F-OR-021-000112-01, Owner: FAIRBANKS, JEROME Z
WEBBER, ROSA B, Plot: F-OR-020-000076-02, Owner: WEBBER, CHARLES
WEBBER, ROY, Plot: F-FI-018-000058-01, Owner: BOYD, MATTIE
WEBBER, ROYAL G, Plot: F-FI-018-000058-03, Owner: BOYD, MATTIE
WEBBER, VIVIAN E, Plot: F-SA-000-000052-06, Owner: BREESE, ARTHUR R
WEBER, MARY L, Residence: 871 Beach Buggy, Plot: F-BO-012-000006-02, Owner: WEBER, CLIFFORD
WEBSTER, CHARLES C, Plot: F-SC-001-000011-01, Owner: WEBSTER, CHARLES
WEBSTER, GORDON L, Plot: F-WA-010-000015-04, Owner: GILCHRIST, GARY
WEBSTER, JUANITA M, Plot: F-WA-010-000015-03, Owner: GILCHRIST, GARY
WEBSTER, NETTIE, Plot: F-SC-001-000011-02, Owner: WEBSTER, CHARLES
WEEKLEY, ROLLAND W, Plot: F-SD-005-000043-03, Owner: CRAMER, MARVIN
WEGENER, MABLE E, Residence: 1105 SIMCORE, Plot: F-SA-000-000071-02, Owner: WEGENER, MABLE
WEGENER, WALTER J, Residence: 1105 SIMCORE, Plot: F-SA-000-000071-01, Owner: WEGENER, MABLE
WEGNER, WILLIAM R, Residence: 9180 GOULD RD., Plot: F-SC-002-000178-04, Owner: WEGNER, MARTHA A
WEIDMAN, ELSIE M, Plot: F-SA-003-000175-01, Owner: MARBRY, LORENZA
WEIR, JACK, Plot: F-SA-000-000028-06, Owner: WEIR, JACK
WEIR, MARIE, Residence: RIVERSIDE DR., Plot: F-SA-000-000028-04, Owner: WEIR, WALLACE
WEIR, NONA K, Plot: F-SA-000-000017-02, Owner: WEIR, ROBERT L
WEIR, ROBERT L, Plot: F-SA-000-000017-01, Owner: WEIR, ROBERT L
WEIR, SHERRI A, Residence: 15243 Restwood Dr, Plot: F-WA-010-000044-02, Owner: HOCHKINS, EDWIN
WEIR, WALLACE, Plot: F-SA-000-000028-05, Owner: WEIR, WALLACE
WEITKE, EDITH J, Plot: F-WC-014-00018E-03, Owner: WEITKE, GEORGE
WEITKE, GEORGE H, Plot: F-WC-014-00018E-04, Owner: WEITKE, GEORGE
WELCH, EDMOND L, Plot: F-FI-018-000028-04, Owner: WELCH, JOHN
WELCH, ELLEN A, Plot: F-FI-018-000028-03, Owner: WELCH, JOHN
WELCH, JOHN E, Plot: F-FI-018-000028-01, Owner: WELCH, JOHN
WELCH, NANCY A, Plot: F-FI-018-000028-02, Owner: WELCH, JOHN
WELCH, ROY, Plot: F-CX-023-000143-03, Owner: WELCH, ELLA W
WELCHER, JANET H, Plot: F-SA-003-000147-03, Owner: HINE, ROY
WELDER, CLARK N, Residence: 115 S. PINE ST., Plot: F-BE-006-000021-05, Owner: WELDER, MYRTLE
WELDER, CRAIG A, Residence: 806 MURPHY COURT, Plot: F-SD-005-000025-03, Owner: BORGNE, MARIETTA
WELDER, MYRTLE, Residence: 400 Dauner Haus #163, Plot: F-BE-006-000021-06, Owner: WELDER, MYRTLE
WELDER, WENDY A, Residence: 806 MURPHY COURT, Plot: F-SD-005-000025-02, Owner: BORGNE, MARIETTA
WELDING, CLARE D, Plot: F-SC-001-000028-03, Owner: WELDING, MINA B
WELDING, MINA B, Plot: F-SC-001-000028-02, Owner: WELDING, MINA B
WELLS, BEVERLY J, Residence: 1345 Reid Rd, Plot: F-HA-009-000081-01, Owner: WELLS, HASKELL
WELLS, ETHEL, Plot: F-OR-021-00135A-04, Owner: JAMESON, CECIL H
WELLS, JOHN J, Plot: F-OR-021-00135A-03, Owner: JAMESON, CECIL H
WENDT JR, JOHN F, Plot: F-FI-019-000082-02, Owner: WENDT, RACHAEL
WENDT, CHARLES L, Plot: F-FI-019-000082-05, Owner: WENDT, RACHAEL
WENDT, FATHER J, Plot: F-FI-019-000082-01, Owner: WENDT, RACHAEL
WENDT, MERLE C, Plot: F-FI-019-000082-06, Owner: WENDT, RACHAEL
WENDT, MOTHER F, Plot: F-FI-019-000082-03, Owner: WENDT, RACHAEL
WENZ, BETSY A, Plot: F-HA-008-000019-05, Owner: WENZ, JOHN D
WERBE, LAVONA, Residence: 700 S. Adelaide, Plot: F-HA-008-000009-02, Owner: CUPPERNOLL, KARYN
WERNER, HUGO F, Plot: F-SC-001-000061-01, Owner: WERNER, RUTH G
WERTMAN, ALICE, Plot: F-CX-023-000135-05, Owner: DAVIS, JAMES
WERTMAN, FRED A, Plot: F-CX-023-000135-06, Owner: DAVIS, JAMES
WERTMAN, JESSE, Plot: F-BR-016-000002-04, Owner: WERTMAN, JESSIE
WERTMAN, LINDA &, Plot: F-SA-000-000096-03, Owner: WERTMAN, MARION
WERTMAN, LLOYD A, Plot: F-SA-000-000096-06, Owner: WERTMAN, MARION
WERTMAN, PEARL, Plot: F-CX-023-000135-04, Owner: DAVIS, JAMES
WERTMAN, RILLA, Plot: F-FI-019-000129-06, Owner: O'DELL, DEWITT
WERTMAN, ROY L, Plot: F-BR-016-000002-06, Owner: WERTMAN, JESSIE
WERTMAN, TILLIE, Plot: F-BR-016-000002-05, Owner: WERTMAN, JESSIE
WEST, CHARLES E, Plot: F-BR-017-000127-01, Owner: SHOTWELL, ANSON
WEST, EDWIN E, Plot: F-BO-012-000019-03, Owner: WEST, EVELYN
WEST, ERWIN, Plot: F-SA-000-000051-05, Owner: WEST, ERWIN
WEST, EVELYN M, Residence: 9349 White Pine, Plot: F-BO-012-000019-02, Owner: WEST, EVELYN
WEST, FLORENCE, Residence: 312 N. CHURCH ST., Plot: F-SE-004-000021-01, Owner: WEST, RALPH E
WEST, FLORENCE A, Plot: F-SE-004-000031-01, Owner: WEST, RALPH E
WEST, FLOSSIE, Plot: F-SA-000-000051-06, Owner: WEST, ERWIN
WEST, GEORGE, Plot: F-BR-017-000099-05, Owner: WEST, GEORGE
WEST, JANE C, Plot: F-BR-017-000099-06, Owner: WEST, GEORGE
WEST, PHEBE M, Plot: F-BR-017-000127-02, Owner: SHOTWELL, ANSON
WEST, RALPH E, Plot: F-SE-004-000031-02, Owner: WEST, RALPH E
WEST, RUTH E, Plot: F-SE-004-000031-03, Owner: WEST, RUTH
WEST, WESLEY, Plot: F-SE-004-000031-04, Owner: WEST, RUTH
WESTLAKE, JOHN, Plot: F-FI-018-000054-02, Owner: WESTLAKE, ABRAM
WESTON, DANIEL J, Residence: 1428 PAR COURT, Plot: F-SD-005-000064-03, Owner: WESTON, DANIEL J
WESTON, DANIEL J, Residence: 1428 Par Court, Plot: F-SD-005-000069-03, Owner: WESTON, DANIEL J
WESTON, JOAN B, Residence: 1393 CARMEN, Plot: F-SD-005-000005-01, Owner: NEELEY, KENNETH
WESTPHAL, EMORY A, Plot: F-SC-002-000171-04, Owner: WESTPHAL, SADIE
WESTPHAL, SADIE R, Plot: F-SC-002-000171-03, Owner: WESTPHAL, SADIE
WETHERS, CATHERINE L, Residence: 5222 LAKEWOOD DR., Plot: F-SA-003-000116-06, Owner: WETHER, JAIMEE K
WHEATLEY, BABY B, Plot: F-BR-017-000083-07, Owner: MANCOUR, FRED
WHEATLEY, BILLY G, Residence: 12190 FAIRBANKS RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000031-06, Owner: WHEATLEY, BILLY
WHEELER, MARK A, Residence: 12111 Coldwater, Plot: F-BO-012-000060-01, Owner: WHEELER, DINAH
WHITE, ALPHEUS, Plot: F-FI-019-000149-01, Owner: WHITE, ALPHEUS
WHITE, ANNA E, Plot: F-FI-019-000149-04, Owner: WHITE, ALPHEUS
WHITE, ANNIE H, Residence: 3325 Grange Hall Rd Apt 120, Plot: F-SD-005-000055-03, Owner: SELDEN, MARVIN G
WHITE, BABY E, Plot: F-CX-022-000062-03, Owner: WHITE, LEO
WHITE, CHARLES A, Plot: F-OR-020-000044-02, Owner: WHITE, CHARLES
WHITE, CLYDE L, Plot: F-SD-005-000055-02, Owner: SELDEN, MARVIN G
WHITE, DAVID J, Plot: F-RW-015-000008-03, Owner: SMITH, ELIZA
WHITE, DON C, Plot: F-CX-023-000143-04, Owner: WELCH, ELLA W
WHITE, ELLA W, Plot: F-CX-023-000143-02, Owner: WELCH, ELLA W
WHITE, ELLEN, Residence: 858 BEACH BUGGY LN, Plot: F-SE-004-000071-04, Owner: WHITE, ORAL
WHITE, ELTON W, Plot: F-CX-023-000143-06, Owner: WELCH, ELLA W
WHITE, ELVA, Residence: 890 N. LEROY ST., Plot: F-SA-000-000016-05, Owner: WHITE, HAROLD
WHITE, ETTA M, Plot: F-CX-023-000143-06, Owner: WELCH, ELLA W
WHITE, GEORGE W, Plot: F-OR-020-000010-04, Owner: COLLINS, WILLIAM
WHITE, HAROLD B, Plot: F-SA-000-000016-04, Owner: WHITE, HAROLD
WHITE, HELEN G, Plot: F-CX-023-000143-05, Owner: WELCH, ELLA W
WHITE, INFANT G, Plot: F-CX-023-000143-06, Owner: WELCH, ELLA W
WHITE, JAMES C, Plot: F-RW-015-000008-01, Owner: SMITH, ELIZA
WHITE, JANE, Plot: F-FI-018-000055-03, Owner: WHITE, WILLIAM
WHITE, LARRY E, Residence: 179 Osprey Lane, Plot: F-SA-003-000177-04, Owner: MEER, FRANK C
WHITE, LAURA F, Plot: F-OR-020-000010-03, Owner: COLLINS, WILLIAM
WHITE, LESTER B, Plot: F-CX-023-000143-01, Owner: WELCH, ELLA W
WHITE, MARION E, Plot: F-RW-015-000008-02, Owner: SMITH, ELIZA
WHITE, NATHAN, Plot: F-FI-019-000149-03, Owner: WHITE, ALPHEUS
WHITE, ORAL M, Residence: 858 Beach Buggy Lane, Plot: F-SE-004-000071-03, Owner: WHITE, ORAL
WHITE, PRUDENCE, Plot: F-FI-018-000055-02, Owner: WHITE, WILLIAM
WHITE, REV W, Plot: F-FI-018-000055-01, Owner: WHITE, WILLIAM
WHITE, REV. J, Plot: F-FI-019-000149-08, Owner: WHITE, ALPHEUS
WHITE, SAMANTHA, Plot: F-FI-019-000149-02, Owner: WHITE, ALPHEUS
WHITE, SARAH, Plot: F-OR-020-000044-03, Owner: WHITE, CHARLES
WHITESIDE, KERWIN L, Plot: F-WA-010-000014-01, Owner: RUZZIN, KIM
WHITMAN, ELTA A, Residence: 7238 SWITZLER DR, Plot: F-SA-003-000114-02, Owner: WHITMAN, LEWIS
WHITMAN, LEWIS G, Residence: 7238 SWITZLER DR, Plot: F-SA-003-000114-01, Owner: WHITMAN, LEWIS
WHITMORE, ALMA, Plot: F-FI-019-000139-03, Owner: WHITMORE, MILTON
WHITMORE, BABY F, Plot: F-FI-019-000139-06, Owner: WHITMORE, MILTON
WHITMORE, IRENE, Plot: F-FI-019-000139-05, Owner: WHITMORE, MILTON
WHITMORE, MILTON, Plot: F-FI-019-000139-01, Owner: WHITMORE, MILTON
WHITNEY, ABIGAL, Plot: F-CX-023-000099-02, Owner: WHITNEY, ABBIE
WHITNEY, ADA S, Plot: F-FI-018-000052-03, Owner: WHITNEY, D.G.
WHITNEY, BEACH G, Plot: F-FI-018-000052-01, Owner: WHITNEY, D.G.
WHITNEY, BERNARD, Plot: F-SE-004-000015-06, Owner: WHITNEY, FAYE
WHITNEY, BETHANEY S, Plot: F-BR-017-000090-02, Owner: WHITNEY, R.B.
WHITNEY, BETSEY E, Plot: F-FI-018-000052-02, Owner: WHITNEY, D.G.
WHITNEY, EDWIN B, Plot: F-BR-017-000090-07, Owner: WHITNEY, R.B.
WHITNEY, FATHER, Plot: F-BR-017-000090-04, Owner: WHITNEY, R.B.
WHITNEY, FATHER, Plot: F-BR-017-000090-05, Owner: WHITNEY, R.B.
WHITNEY, FAYE E, Plot: F-SE-004-000015-06, Owner: WHITNEY, FAYE
WHITNEY, GEORGE C, Plot: F-CX-023-000099-03, Owner: WHITNEY, ABBIE
WHITNEY, HENRY E, Plot: F-CX-023-000099-01, Owner: WHITNEY, ABBIE
WHITNEY, JOHN E, Plot: F-BR-017-000090-03, Owner: WHITNEY, R.B.
WHITNEY, ROSWELL B, Plot: F-BR-017-000090-01, Owner: WHITNEY, R.B.
WICKENHISER, LEE C, Residence: 13627 south Byron Rd, Plot: F-WA-010-000016-02, Owner: WICKENHISER, LEE C
WICKWIRE, NELLA A, Plot: F-SA-003-000144-06, Owner: WICKWIRE, ALBURTUS
WIGGINS, JOHN C, Plot: F-FI-019-000118-01, Owner: WIGGINS, JOHN C
WIGGINS, LUCY S, Plot: F-FI-019-000118-03, Owner: WIGGINS, JOHN C
WILCOX, BETTY A, Residence: 14443 MCCASLIN LAKE RD, Plot: F-WA-010-000007-04, Owner: WILCOX, DOUGLAS
WILCOX, CATHERINE, Plot: F-OR-020-000031-02, Owner: GAMBER-BEACH
WILCOX, DOUGLAS W, Residence: 14443 MCCASLIN LAKE RD, Plot: F-WA-010-000007-04, Owner: WILCOX, DOUGLAS
WILCOX, IRVING G, Plot: F-SA-003-000165-01, Owner: WILCOX, IRVING
WILCOX, LAURA, Plot: F-OR-020-000031-01, Owner: GAMBER-BEACH
WILES, CARRIE O, Residence: 13200 RIPLEY RD, Plot: F-WA-011-000111-05, Owner: WILES, LESLIE
WILES, ESTHER M, Residence: 12394 Jennings Rd, Plot: F-CX-022-000043-04, Owner: WILES, WILLIAM
WILES, ETHEL, Plot: F-RW-015-000037-02, Owner: WILES, GEORGE
WILES, GEORGE S, Plot: F-RW-015-000037-01, Owner: WILES, GEORGE
WILES, KENNETH S, Plot: F-CX-022-000043-03, Owner: WILES, WILLIAM
WILES, LESLIE, Plot: F-WA-011-000111-06, Owner: WILES, LESLIE
WILES, MARGARET, Plot: F-CX-022-000043-02, Owner: WILES, WILLIAM
WILES, THOMAS P, Plot: F-RW-015-000037-04, Owner: WILES, GEORGE
WILES, WILLIAM J, Plot: F-CX-022-000043-01, Owner: WILES, WILLIAM
WILEY, GEORGE A, Plot: F-FI-019-000145-01, Owner: WILEY, E.E.
WILKE, D. J, Plot: F-BR-017-000092-02, Owner: WILKE, WILLIAM
WILKE, MARJORIE, Plot: F-CX-023-000103-03, Owner: WILKE, ROBERT
WILKE, ROBERT C, Plot: F-CX-023-000103-01, Owner: WILKE, ROBERT
WILKE, WILLIAM A, Plot: F-BR-017-000092-01, Owner: WILKE, WILLIAM
WILKINS, AMY M, Plot: F-RW-015-000043-07, Owner: WILKINS, AMY M
WILKINS, CHARLES M, Plot: F-RW-015-000043-01, Owner: WILKINS, AMY M
WILKINS, CHARLES M, Plot: F-RW-015-000043-08, Owner: WILKINS, AMY M
WILKINS, MURIEL E, Plot: F-RW-015-000043-05, Owner: WILKINS, AMY M
WILKINSON, DAVID S, Plot: F-CX-023-000151-05, Owner: MCCANN, FRED
WILKINSON, EVELINE, Plot: F-CX-023-000116-01, Owner: KELLER, GEORGE L
WILKINSON, LIDA, Plot: F-CX-023-000151-04, Owner: MCCANN, FRED
WILL, GEORGE T, Plot: F-CX-023-000165-06, Owner: WILL, GEORGE T
WILL, NELLIE B, Plot: F-CX-023-000165-07, Owner: WILL, GEORGE T
WILLARD, EDITH, Plot: F-FI-019-000095-02, Owner: BUCKBEE, N.N.
WILLARD, JOHN O, Plot: F-FI-019-000095-01, Owner: BUCKBEE, N.N.
WILLET, GLADY V, Residence: 923 CHEVROLET AVE, Plot: F-SA-003-000123-04, Owner: WILLETT, HERSCHEL
WILLET, HERSCHEL A, Plot: F-SA-003-000123-05, Owner: WILLETT, HERSCHEL
WILLIAMS, CORA E, Plot: F-SC-001-000082-02, Owner: MACKAY, CHARLES
WILLIAMS, DANIEL O, Residence: 8145 Miller Rd, Plot: F-BO-013-000081-01, Owner: WILLIAMS, ANN
WILLIAMS, DANIEL S, Plot: F-RW-015-000040-01, Owner: WILLIAMS, DANIEL
WILLIAMS, ELEANOR L, Plot: F-RW-015-000040-04, Owner: WILLIAMS, DANIEL
WILLIAMS, ETTA, Plot: F-RW-015-000040-02, Owner: WILLIAMS, DANIEL
WILLIAMS, GRACE, Plot: F-SA-000-000004-04, Owner: WILLIAMS, ALBERT L
WILLIAMS, GRACE, Plot: F-CX-023-000182-03, Owner: WILLIAMS, TOM E
WILLIAMS, LURINDA, Plot: F-OR-020-000075-01, Owner: WILLIAMS, R.
WILLIAMS, MINNIE E, Plot: F-RW-015-000033-07, Owner: ALLIE, ROY L
WILLIAMS, MUSA, Plot: F-CX-023-000182-02, Owner: WILLIAMS, TOM E
WILLIAMS, NINA, Residence: 238 Meadow Point Dr., Plot: F-BE-006-000034-01, Owner: POLZIN, LISA
WILLIAMS, OTIS, Plot: F-RW-015-000040-03, Owner: WILLIAMS, DANIEL
WILLIAMS, THADDEUS E, Plot: F-CX-023-000182-01, Owner: WILLIAMS, TOM E
WILLIAMS, THOMAS F, Plot: F-CX-023-000182-04, Owner: WILLIAMS, TOM E
WILLOUGHBY, PAMELA K, Residence: 12344 FAIRBANKS RD, Plot: F-BO-012-000056-01, Owner: WILLOUGHBY, CHARLES R
WILLOVER, A.E., Plot: F-CX-022-000009-01, Owner: WILLOVER, ALWARD E
WILLS, KATE J, Plot: F-SC-002-000124-02, Owner: WILLS, LLOYD
WILLS, WILLIAM L, Plot: F-SC-002-000124-01, Owner: WILLS, LLOYD
WILMARTH, ALMON J, Plot: F-CX-022-000057-07, Owner: LOVEJOY, WILLIAM
WILSON, ANDREW E, Plot: F-FI-019-000147-05, Owner: WILSON, LENA
WILSON, ARCHIBALD R, Residence: 144 NATAL WAY, Plot: F-SD-005-000016-01, Owner: WILSON, ARCHIE R
WILSON, ARLENE, Plot: F-FI-019-000147-01, Owner: WILSON, LENA
WILSON, CARRIE M, Plot: F-OR-020-000072-08, Owner: WILSON, THOMAS
WILSON, CHARLES R, Plot: F-OR-020-000072-07, Owner: WILSON, THOMAS
WILSON, DAWN M, Plot: F-SA-000-000013-05, Owner: MUCHLER, IVA M
WILSON, DORIS R, Residence: 16446 Sharon Dr, Plot: F-WA-010-000024-05, Owner: WILSON, MAURICE E
WILSON, ELIZABETH, Plot: F-OR-020-000066-02, Owner: WILSON, D.H.
WILSON, GERTRUDE M, Plot: F-FI-019-000147-06, Owner: WILSON, LENA
WILSON, GEVAH, Plot: F-CX-023-000098-07, Owner: BEDELL, M.F.
WILSON, GLENWOOD, Residence: 5269 W. RAY RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000061-02, Owner: WILSON, HELEN
WILSON, HELEN I, Plot: F-SE-004-000061-01, Owner: WILSON, HELEN
WILSON, ISABELLE S, Plot: F-OR-020-000035-01, Owner: WILSON, NELSON
WILSON, LENA, Plot: F-FI-019-000147-08, Owner: WILSON, LENA
WILSON, LLOYD G, Plot: F-FI-019-000147-07, Owner: WILSON, LENA
WILSON, MABEL K, Residence: 144 NATAL WAY, Plot: F-SD-005-000016-01, Owner: WILSON, ARCHIE R
WILSON, MARGARET A, Plot: F-OR-020-000066-01, Owner: WILSON, D.H.
WILSON, MARY, Plot: F-FI-019-000147-03, Owner: WILSON, LENA
WILSON, MARY, Plot: F-OR-020-000072-09, Owner: WILSON, THOMAS
WILSON, MINNIE, Plot: F-OR-020-000086-01, Owner: WILSON, WEBSTER
WILSON, MINNIE C, Plot: F-CX-023-000212-04, Owner: MCGREGOR, ROBERT
WILSON, NELSON, Plot: F-OR-020-000035-02, Owner: WILSON, NELSON
WILSON, PAULINE M, Plot: F-CX-023-000171-04, Owner: RIPLEY, REUBEN S
WILSON, RACHEL, Plot: F-OR-020-000072-06, Owner: WILSON, THOMAS
WILSON, SHARON L, Plot: F-WA-010-000004-06, Owner: CIPPONERI, KATHRYN
WILSON, THOMAS, Plot: F-OR-020-000072-06, Owner: WILSON, THOMAS
WILSON, WEBSTER, Plot: F-OR-020-000086-02, Owner: WILSON, WEBSTER
WILSON, WOODROW, Plot: F-FI-019-000147-04, Owner: WILSON, LENA
WINGET, CALEB B, Plot: F-FI-018-000003-02, Owner: WINGET, T.J.
WINGET, INFANT R, Plot: F-CX-023-000128-06, Owner: WINGET, MABLON
WINGET, JESSIE, Plot: F-CX-023-000128-07, Owner: WINGET, MABLON
WINGET, LIDDIA A, Plot: F-BR-017-000066-05, Owner: RUBEY, FLOYD
WINGET, M.B.D., Plot: F-FI-018-000003-01, Owner: WINGET, T.J.
WINGET, MABLON H, Plot: F-CX-023-000128-08, Owner: WINGET, MABLON
WINGET, MARGARET, Plot: F-FI-018-000003-03, Owner: WINGET, T.J.
WINGET, THOMAS J, Plot: F-BR-017-000066-04, Owner: RUBEY, FLOYD
WINGET, THOMAS J, Plot: F-CX-023-000128-05, Owner: WINGET, MABLON
WINGET, WALLACE J, Plot: F-FI-018-000003-04, Owner: WINGET, T.J.
WINSLOW, CLIFFORD, Plot: F-CX-023-000140-01, Owner: WINSLOW, FRANK A
WINSLOW, ELIZABETH G, Plot: F-BR-016-000012-06, Owner: WINSLOW, F.J.
WINSLOW, FRANCIS L, Residence: 510 MCCREERY STREET, Plot: F-SC-001-000059-05, Owner: WINSLOW, FRANCIS L
WINSLOW, FRANK J, Residence: N. BRIDGE ST., Plot: F-BR-016-000012-04, Owner: WINSLOW, F.J.
WINSLOW, FRANKLIN A, Plot: F-BR-016-000012-05, Owner: WINSLOW, F.J.
WINSLOW, GLADYS M, Residence: 510 MCCREERY STREET, Plot: F-SC-001-000059-04, Owner: WINSLOW, FRANCIS L
WINSLOW, HILDA A, Plot: F-CX-023-000140-06, Owner: WINSLOW, FRANK A
WINSLOW, ISABEL M, Plot: F-BR-016-000012-07, Owner: WINSLOW, F.J.
WINSLOW, MARY J, Plot: F-BR-016-000012-02, Owner: WINSLOW, F.J.
WINSLOW, MINNIE A, Plot: F-BR-016-000012-03, Owner: WINSLOW, F.J.
WINSLOW, NINA E, Plot: F-BR-016-000012-01, Owner: WINSLOW, F.J.
WISE, BEN, Plot: F-FI-018-000009-01, Owner: DAVIS-COLLINS
WISE, EVA F, Plot: F-FI-018-000009-02, Owner: COLLINS-DAVIS
WISE, LEO T, Plot: F-SA-003-000128-06, Owner: WISE, LEO T
WISE, LOTTIE B, Plot: F-CX-022-000028-02, Owner: SPARKS, THOMAS
WISE, MAHLON W, Plot: F-BR-016-000001-04, Owner: WISE, WILLIAM
WISE, MAUDE C, Plot: F-BR-016-000001-03, Owner: WISE, WILLIAM
WISE, PERRY B, Plot: F-BR-016-000001-01, Owner: WISE, WILLIAM
WISE, SHIRLEY E, Residence: 512 Beach St., Plot: F-SA-003-000128-05, Owner: WISE, LEO T
WISE, WILLIAM, Plot: F-BR-016-000001-02, Owner: WISE, WILLIAM
WISNER, AGNESS N, Plot: F-OR-021-000155-02, Owner: WISNER, HENRY
WISNER, ELLA, Plot: F-BR-017-000067-02, Owner: BEDAN, ELLA
WISNER, HENRY, Plot: F-OR-021-000155-04, Owner: WISNER, HENRY
WISNER, JENNIE E, Plot: F-CX-022-000030-05, Owner: WISNER, JOHN
WISNER, JOHN E, Plot: F-CX-022-000030-04, Owner: WISNER, JOHN
WISNER, WILLIAM W, Plot: F-CX-022-000030-06, Owner: WISNER, JOHN
WISNER, WILLIS E, Plot: F-CX-022-000030-01, Owner: WISNER, JOHN
WITTHUHN, BETTY L, Residence: 13431 RIPLEY RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000072-01, Owner: WITTHUHN, ROBERT L
WITTHUHN, MARION M, Residence: 12423 O'DELL RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000066-01, Owner: WITTHUHN, MARION M
WITTHUHN, SANDRA, Plot: F-SE-004-000072-04, Owner: WITTHUHN JR, ROBERT
WOLF, CHAD HARLAN, Residence: 344 CENTER ST, Plot: F-BE-007-000099-05, Owner: WOLF, ERIN
WOLFE, BABY E, Plot: F-FI-018-000058-08, Owner: WOLFE, SAMUEL
WOLFE, ELIZABETH, Plot: F-FI-018-000058-08, Owner: WOLFE, SAMUEL
WOLFE, SAMUEL, Plot: F-FI-018-000058-07, Owner: WOLFE, SAMUEL
WOLVERTON, IRENE A, Residence: 8483 DUFFIELD RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000026-03, Owner: WOLVERTON, RAYMOND A
WOLVERTON, MAUDE M, Plot: F-SC-002-000159-02, Owner: WOLVERTON, ALBERT
WOLVERTON, RAYMOND A, Residence: 8483 DUFFIELD RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000026-02, Owner: WOLVERTON, RAYMOND A
WOLVERTON, RENA, Plot: F-RW-015-000043-02, Owner: WOLVERTON, JOHN
WOOD, ALLEN F, Plot: F-SC-001-000059-01, Owner: WOOD, ALLEN
WOOD, ARVILLA, Plot: F-OR-021-000172-01, Owner: ROBINSON, JOHN
WOOD, DOROTHY A, Plot: F-SC-001-000059-03, Owner: WOOD, ALLEN
WOOD, JOHN W, Residence: 837 Beach Buggy Lane, Plot: F-HA-008-000011-04, Owner: WOOD, JOHN
WOOD, OLIVE T, Plot: F-SC-001-000059-02, Owner: WOOD, ALLEN
WOODCOCK, MARY, Plot: F-FI-019-000134-08, Owner: BARBER
WOODHULL, SANFORD, Plot: F-FI-018-000020-01, Owner: WOODHUL, SANFORD
WOODLOCK, ZELLA, Plot: F-BR-017-000094-04, Owner: PARRISH, LEWIS
WOODRUFF, BURTON L, Plot: F-SA-003-000140-03, Owner: WOODRUFF, DOROTHY
WOODRUFF, CHARLOTTE A, Plot: F-SE-004-000064-01, Owner: HILL, WILLIAM
WOODRUFF, DAVID L, Plot: F-OR-020-000041-01, Owner: WOODRUFF
WOODRUFF, GEORGE D, Plot: F-OR-020-000041-02, Owner: WOODRUFF
WOODRUFF, JOHN, Plot: F-OR-020-000041-03, Owner: WOODRUFF
WOODRUFF, LLOYD, Plot: F-SA-000-000006-06, Owner: ROSSETTER, RALPH
WOOKCOCK, SILAS, Plot: F-FI-019-000134-07, Owner: BARBER
WORTMAN, LESLIE, Plot: F-SC-001-000065-04, Owner: WORTMAN, CLIFFORD
WORTMAN, VIOLA E, Plot: F-SC-001-000065-03, Owner: WORTMAN, CLIFFORD
WORVIE, PAMELA M, Residence: 1017 CRYSTALWOOD, Plot: F-BO-012-000032-04, Owner: ALLIE, CAROL
WREGE, LOUISA, Plot: F-WC-014-00003E-03, Owner: WREGE, JACK
WRIGHT, ADAH E, Plot: F-CX-023-000131-02, Owner: WRIGHT, WALLACE
WRIGHT, ALICE M, Plot: F-CX-023-000199-04, Owner: WRIGHT, ARTHUR
WRIGHT, ARTHUR L, Plot: F-CX-023-000199-01, Owner: WRIGHT, ARTHUR
WRIGHT, DENNIS CARL, Plot: F-BE-007-000106-06, Owner: WRIGHT, DONNA
WRIGHT, ETTA M, Residence: 7171 SWITZER DR, Plot: F-SD-005-000003-04, Owner: WRIGHT, ETTA
WRIGHT, EUGENE, Plot: F-CX-022-000084-04, Owner: WRIGHT, GARDA
WRIGHT, GERALD G, Plot: F-SC-002-000173-06, Owner: WRIGHT, GERALD
WRIGHT, JEAN, Plot: F-HA-009-000151-04, Owner: WRIGHT, JEAN
WRIGHT, KATHARINE E, Plot: F-CX-023-000131-03, Owner: WRIGHT, WALLACE
WRIGHT, LESLIE, Plot: F-CX-023-000199-03, Owner: WRIGHT, ARTHUR
WRIGHT, MARTHA E, Plot: F-BR-016-000044-04, Owner: LOUCKS, WALTER
WRIGHT, MARY J, Plot: F-BR-017-000107-02, Owner: PENNY, WILLIAM
WRIGHT, MARY P, Plot: F-SC-002-000173-06, Owner: WRIGHT, GERALD
WRIGHT, MERLYN W, Residence: 7171 SWITZER DR, Plot: F-SD-005-000003-03, Owner: WRIGHT, ETTA
WRIGHT, MYRTIE T, Plot: F-CX-023-000199-02, Owner: WRIGHT, ARTHUR
WRIGHT, ROBERT D, Residence: 206 S LEMEN, Plot: F-HA-009-000151-03, Owner: WRIGHT, JEAN
WRIGHT, ROBERT W, Plot: F-BR-016-000044-03, Owner: LOUCKS, WALTER
WRIGHT, WALLACE G, Plot: F-CX-023-000131-01, Owner: WRIGHT, WALLACE
WRIGHT, WENDALL, Residence: 7163 Switzer Dr., Plot: F-CX-022-000084-07, Owner: WRIGHT, GARDA
WYATT, KATIE D, Residence: 13372 LAKESHORE DR, Plot: F-BE-007-000092-06, Owner: SPENCER, CARL S
WYKES, ADDIE, Plot: F-CX-022-000093-05, Owner: WYKES, L.E
WYKES, ELLA A, Plot: F-CX-023-000203-06, Owner: WYKES, JOHN
WYKES, ELLA I, Plot: F-CX-023-000203-03, Owner: WYKES, JOHN
WYKES, FLORENCE L, Plot: F-CX-023-000204-08, Owner: WYKES, JOHN
WYKES, GEORGE E, Plot: F-CX-023-000203-04, Owner: WYKES, JOHN
WYKES, HARRY S, Plot: F-CX-023-000204-06, Owner: WYKES, JOHN
WYKES, JANE A, Plot: F-CX-023-000203-07, Owner: WYKES, JOHN
WYKES, JOHN, Plot: F-CX-023-000203-08, Owner: WYKES, JOHN
WYKES, JOHN M, Plot: F-CX-023-000203-02, Owner: WYKES, JOHN
WYKES, LESTER E, Plot: F-CX-022-000093-06, Owner: WYKES, L.E
WYKES, REVA A, Plot: F-CX-023-000203-05, Owner: WYKES, JOHN
WYKES, ROBERT S, Plot: F-CX-023-000204-07, Owner: WYKES, JOHN
WYKES, ROSELLA R, Plot: F-CX-022-000093-07, Owner: WYKES, L.E
WYKES, ROSEMARY, Plot: F-CX-022-000093-08, Owner: WYKES, L.E
WYKES, STEWART A, Plot: F-SE-004-000033-03, Owner: WYKES, MARJORIE
YALE, CRYSTAL, Plot: F-SA-003-000135-05, Owner: MEIER, RALPH
YALE, GEORGE W, Plot: F-SA-003-000135-04, Owner: MEIER, RALPH
YATES, GEORGE W, Plot: F-OR-020-000001-01, Owner: YATES, L.W.
YATES, SEAN M, Residence: 15207 McCaslin Lake Rd, Plot: F-HA-009-000169-06, Owner: YATES, WAYNE
YERKES, CHARLES H, Plot: F-FI-018-000047-04, Owner: YERKES
YERKES, JOSEPH, Plot: F-FI-018-000047-02, Owner: YERKES
YERKES, SAMUEL, Plot: F-FI-018-000047-03, Owner: YERKES
YERKES, SARAH, Plot: F-FI-018-000047-01, Owner: YERKES
YOUD, EDNA, Plot: F-SA-000-000047-02, Owner: YOUD, THOMAS F
YOUD, THOMAS F, Plot: F-SA-000-000047-01, Owner: YOUD, THOMAS F
YOUNG JR, DONALD R, Plot: F-OR-021-000133-08, Owner: POTTERSFIELD
YOUNG SR, HARLEY E, Plot: F-WA-010-000020-05, Owner: YOUNG, JEANETTE
YOUNG, CHRISTOPHER, Plot: F-SD-005-000074-04, Owner: SARGENT, BERTIE
YOUNG, CHRISTOPHER G, Residence: 524 SOUTH STREET, Plot: F-BE-006-000011-01, Owner: YOUNG, RICHARD
YOUNG, DEETTA M, Plot: F-CX-022-000075-06, Owner: YOUNG, LAWNY
YOUNG, GENEVA B, Plot: F-SE-004-000082-06, Owner: ROCKWOOD, DOUGLAS
YOUNG, INFANT S, Plot: F-CX-022-000075-08, Owner: YOUNG, LAWNY
YOUNG, JERAMI N, Residence: 910 Norway, Plot: F-SD-005-000074-04, Owner: SARGENT, BERTIE
YOUNG, LAWNY B, Plot: F-CX-022-000075-07, Owner: YOUNG, LAWNY
ZAIDINSKI, BEN L, Plot: F-WA-010-000002-06, Owner: ZAIDINSKI, RUTH J
ZAIDINSKI, RUTH J, Residence: 4183 Four Lakes Dr., Plot: F-WA-010-000002-05, Owner: ZAIDINSKI, RUTH J
ZAMOSKI, STEVE, Residence: 224 RIPLEY RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000046-06, Owner: ZAMOSKY, STEVE
ZANKL, WILLIAM, Plot: F-SA-000-000035-06, Owner: ZANKL, WILLIAM
ZEPP, ERICH K, Residence: 12018 O'DELL RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000037-06, Owner: ZEPP, HEINZ
ZIMMERMAN, CHARLES, Plot: F-RW-015-000037-03, Owner: WILES, GEORGE
ZIVKO, JUNE, Plot: F-SC-001-000016-06, Owner: O'MORROW, DOROTHY S

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