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Fairview Cemetery
Linden, Genesee County, Michigan

GPS: 42.814235, -83.772614

Tickner St. & High St
Linden, MI 48451

Published: October 21, 2016
Total records: 5,992

Surnames C-D

Records below were acquired from the City of Linden on October 21, 2016. The city did not includes any dates in these records, only names of deceased, plot locations, and plot owners. Some records includes the decedent's last known residence.

, Residence: 1316 N. BRIDGE ST, Plot: F-CX-023-000121-03, Owner: CALLAHAN, CLINTON
CALLAHAN, MARY, Residence: 1316 N. Bridge St., Plot: F-CX-023-000121-02, Owner: CALLAHAN, CLINTON
CALLARD, LAVERN C, Plot: F-SE-004-000036-06, Owner: CALLARD, LAVERN C
CALLARD, WELCOME J, Plot: F-SD-005-000017-06, Owner: CALLARD, LOIS J
CAMPBELL, ELMER, Plot: F-CX-023-000100-01, Owner: CAMPBELL, MARY E
CAMPBELL, GEORGE A, Plot: F-CX-023-000100-05, Owner: CAMPBELL, MARY E
CAMPBELL, JOHN C, Plot: F-CX-023-000100-03, Owner: CAMPBELL, MARY E
CAMPBELL, MARY E, Plot: F-CX-023-000100-02, Owner: CAMPBELL, MARY E
CAMPBELL, MAUDE C, Plot: F-CX-023-000100-04, Owner: CAMPBELL, MARY E
CAMPER, DENISE A, Residence: 3103 TORREY BEACH, Plot: F-SC-002-000170-01, Owner: CAMPER, HERBERT
CAREY, ALICE, Plot: F-BR-017-000100-02, Owner: CAREY, JAMES
CAREY, FLOYD W, Plot: F-BR-017-000100-07, Owner: CAREY, JAMES
CAREY, GRACE V, Plot: F-BR-017-000100-03, Owner: CAREY, JAMES
CAREY, JAMES, Plot: F-BR-017-000100-01, Owner: CAREY, JAMES
CAREY, LEO G, Plot: F-BR-017-000100-04, Owner: CAREY, JAMES
CARLSON, ERMA MARIE, Residence: 1369 W MAPLE RD, Plot: F-HA-008-000021-02, Owner: COLE, GARY
CARMER, EARL D, Residence: 509 S. LEMEN, Plot: F-BO-012-000026-06, Owner: CARMER, WANETTA
CARMER, JOE D, Residence: 509 S. LEMEN, Plot: F-SE-004-000032-01, Owner: CARMER, JOANN
CARMER, KENNETH, Plot: F-BO-012-000026-04, Owner: CARMER, JAYSON
CARMER, WANETTA W, Plot: F-BO-012-000026-05, Owner: CARMER, WANETTA
CARNEGIE, DONALD D, Plot: F-WC-014-00012W-01, Owner: CARNEGIE, WENDY
CARNEGIE, LUCILE, Plot: F-WC-014-00012W-02, Owner: CARNEGIE, WENDY
CARPENTER, FRANK, Plot: F-SA-000-000030-01, Owner: CARPENTER, FRANK
CARPENTER, JESSIE M, Plot: F-SA-000-000030-02, Owner: CARPENTER, FRANK
CARPENTER, LAURA M, Plot: F-SA-000-000030-03, Owner: CARPENTER, FRANK
CARUSO, TIMOTHY W, Residence: 16204 SEYMOUR RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000084-01, Owner: CARUSO, STEPHANIE
CASE, BASIL M, Plot: F-CX-022-000011-03, Owner: CASE, EDWIN O
CASE, BEATRICE M, Plot: F-CX-022-000011-02, Owner: CASE, EDWIN O
CASE, BENTON D, Plot: F-CX-022-000072-05, Owner: CASE, JAMES H
CASE, DAVID, Plot: F-FI-018-000022-03, Owner: CASE, JESSE
CASE, JAMES S, Plot: F-CX-022-000072-04, Owner: CASE, JAMES H
CASE, JESSE, Plot: F-FI-018-000022-02, Owner: CASE, JESSE
CASE, KENNETH E, Residence: 853 Beach Buggy Lane, Plot: F-WA-010-000008-03, Owner: CASE, KENNETH
CASE, LARRY D, Plot: F-CX-022-000072-06, Owner: CASE, JAMES H
CASE, LEON F, Plot: F-CX-022-000011-01, Owner: CASE, EDWIN O
CASE, MIRIAM, Plot: F-FI-018-000022-01, Owner: CASE, JESSE
CASE, WALTER G, Plot: F-OR-020-000012-01, Owner: CASE, WALTER
CASE, WILMA P, Plot: F-CX-022-000072-06, Owner: CASE, JAMES H
CASTLE, ANN E, Plot: F-FA-024-000008-02, Owner: CASTLE, JOHN
CASTLE, ARVILLA A, Plot: F-OR-020-000098-02, Owner: CASTLE, D.E.
CASTLE, B. J, Plot: F-FA-024-000008-05, Owner: CASTLE, JOHN
CASTLE, BENJAMIN B, Plot: F-FA-024-000008-01, Owner: CASTLE, JOHN
CASTLE, CATHERINE, Plot: F-OR-020-000098-08, Owner: CASTLE, D.E.
CASTLE, CYNTHIA M, Plot: F-FA-024-000008-03, Owner: CASTLE, JOHN
CASTLE, ELLA R, Plot: F-FA-024-000008-04, Owner: CASTLE, JOHN
CASTLE, JOHN, Plot: F-FA-024-000013-07, Owner: BILLINGS, ALBERT
CASTLE, JOHN J, Plot: F-OR-020-000098-07, Owner: CASTLE, D.E.
CASTLE, LYDIA, Plot: F-FA-024-000013-06, Owner: BILLINGS, ALBERT
CASTLE, MARY R, Plot: F-OR-020-000098-05, Owner: CASTLE, D.E.
CASTLE, RACHEL, Plot: F-OR-020-000098-04, Owner: CASTLE, D.E.
CASTLE, SAMUEL, Plot: F-OR-020-000098-01, Owner: CASTLE, D.E.
CASTLE, SAMUEL, Plot: F-OR-020-000098-03, Owner: CASTLE, D.E.
CASTLE, SARAH E, Plot: F-OR-020-000098-06, Owner: CASTLE, D.E.
CASTRO, RENIE J, Plot: F-SA-003-000127-04, Owner: CASTRO, ROY
CASTRO, ROBERTA, Residence: 15104 McCaslin Lake Rd, Plot: F-SA-003-000127-04, Owner: CASTRO, ROY
CASTRO, ROBERTA, Residence: 15104 McCaslin Lake Rd, Plot: F-SA-003-000127-04, Owner: CASTRO, ROY
CASTRO, ROY, Plot: F-SA-003-000127-04, Owner: CASTRO, ROY
CASTRO, RUSTIN J, Plot: F-SA-003-000127-05, Owner: CASTRO, ROY
CATON, FRANK L, Plot: F-FI-018-000029-04, Owner: COVERT, WILLIAM
CAVANAUGH, ROBERT A, Residence: 8790 E. LENNON RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000048-03, Owner: CAVANAUGH, TERRY
CECIL, GLADYS R, Plot: F-SA-003-000144-04, Owner: CECIL, JOE
CECIL, JOE R, Plot: F-SA-003-000144-03, Owner: CECIL, JOE
CEDERHOLM, DONALD W, Plot: F-WA-010-000055-01, Owner: CEDERHOLM, WILMA J
CENDROWSKI, VICKIE B, Plot: F-SE-004-000084-06, Owner: BRIDGES, VERSAL D
CHAMBERLAIN, ISAAC, Plot: F-OR-021-000103-02, Owner: BUCK, HELEN
CHANDLER, EDWARD L, Plot: F-CX-022-000091-02, Owner: CHANDLER, EDWARD
CHANDLER, FRANCES, Plot: F-CX-022-000068-06, Owner: CHANDLER, RAY
CHANDLER, RAY, Plot: F-CX-022-000068-05, Owner: CHANDLER, RAY
CHANDLER, THEODORE, Plot: F-CX-022-000068-03, Owner: CHANDLER, CLARA
CHAPELLE, DOROTHY J, Residence: 306 N. BRIDGE ST., Plot: F-SE-004-000072-06, Owner: CHAPELLE, FRED
CHAPIN, AMANDA, Plot: F-OR-021-000171-09, Owner: CHAPIN, JEREMY L
CHAPIN, CLYDE C, Plot: F-OR-021-000171-06, Owner: CHAPIN, JEREMY L
CHAPIN, GALE M, Plot: F-OR-021-000171-01, Owner: CHAPIN, JEREMY L
CHAPIN, ISABELLE E, Plot: F-OR-021-000171-07, Owner: CHAPIN, JEREMY L
CHAPIN, JEREMY L, Plot: F-OR-021-000171-01, Owner: CHAPIN, JEREMY L
CHAPIN, JERRY W, Plot: F-OR-021-000171-02, Owner: CHAPIN, JEREMY L
CHAPIN, LLOYD L, Plot: F-OR-021-000171-05, Owner: CHAPIN, JEREMY L
CHAPIN, MAY E, Plot: F-OR-021-000171-03, Owner: CHAPIN, JEREMY L
CHAPIN, NETTIE R, Plot: F-OR-021-000171-08, Owner: CHAPIN, JEREMY L
CHAPIN, ULYSSUS L, Plot: F-OR-021-000171-04, Owner: CHAPIN, JEREMY L
CHAPMAN, JOHN W, Plot: F-RW-015-000025-03, Owner: CHAPMAN-COX
CHAPMAN, LENA, Plot: F-RW-015-000025-02, Owner: CHAPMAN-COX
CHAPMAN, MARY M, Plot: F-BR-016-000060-02, Owner: CHAPMAN, MARY M
CHAPMAN, REBECCA, Plot: F-FI-018-000061-06, Owner: COLLINS, ISAAC M
CHAPMAN, ROY G, Plot: F-BR-016-000060-03, Owner: CHAPMAN, MARY M
CHAPMAN, W.H., Plot: F-BR-016-000060-01, Owner: CHAPMAN, MARY M
CHAPPELL, CHARLES H, Residence: 935 VERMILYA, Plot: F-SA-003-000157-06, Owner: CHAPPELL, ELIZABETH
CHAPPELL, ELIZABETH M, Residence: 935 VERMILYA, Plot: F-SA-003-000157-05, Owner: CHAPPELL, ELIZABETH
CHAPPELL, ELLA M, Plot: F-CX-023-000168-04, Owner: CHAPPELL, WILLIAM
CHAPPELL, INFANT, Plot: F-CX-023-000168-07, Owner: CHAPPELL, LUTHER
CHAPPELL, IVAN, Plot: F-FI-019-000087-08, Owner: CHAPPELL, LUTHER
CHAPPELL, JOHN J, Plot: F-FI-019-000152-06, Owner: CHAPPELL, JOHN J
CHAPPELL, LUTHER B, Plot: F-CX-023-000168-05, Owner: CHAPPELL, LUTHER
CHAPPELL, MABEL A, Plot: F-CX-023-000168-06, Owner: CHAPPELL, LUTHER
CHAPPELL, VELMA, Plot: F-CX-023-000168-01, Owner: CHAPPELL, WILLIAM
CHAPPELL, WALES, Plot: F-FI-019-000152-05, Owner: CHAPPELL, JOHN J
CHASE DR, HARVEY H, Plot: F-FI-018-000011-03, Owner: BROWN, C
CHASE, ALICE D, Plot: F-CX-023-000155-07, Owner: CHASE, GEORGE
CHASE, CLARK S, Plot: F-BR-016-000004-04, Owner: CHASE, CLARK
CHASE, GEORGE D, Plot: F-CX-023-000155-08, Owner: CHASE, GEORGE
CHASE, GEORGE W, Plot: F-FI-018-000013-06, Owner: CHASE, GEORGE
CHASE, HERMAN J, Plot: F-CX-023-000155-03, Owner: CHASE, HERMAN
CHASE, IDA, Plot: F-FI-018-000013-02, Owner: CHASE, GEORGE
CHASE, ITTA, Plot: F-FI-018-000013-01, Owner: CHASE, GEORGE
CHASE, JAY, Plot: F-FI-018-000013-04, Owner: CHASE, GEORGE
CHASE, JOEL, Plot: F-FI-018-000013-07, Owner: CHASE, GEORGE
CHASE, JOHN, Plot: F-CX-023-000161-01, Owner: CHASE, JOHN
CHASE, JOHN F, Plot: F-BR-016-000004-02, Owner: CHASE, CLARK
CHASE, JOHN F, Plot: F-FI-019-000089-04, Owner: CHASE, JOHN F
CHASE, LULU W, Plot: F-BR-016-000004-01, Owner: CHASE, CLARK
CHASE, MARY, Plot: F-FI-019-000089-03, Owner: CHASE, JOHN F
CHASE, MINNIE M, Plot: F-CX-023-000155-04, Owner: CHASE, HERMAN
CHASE, MINNIE M, Plot: F-CX-023-000161-02, Owner: CHASE, JOHN
CHASE, MURRAY, Plot: F-SA-000-000043-04, Owner: CHASE, MURRAY
CHASE, NEVA, Plot: F-SA-000-000043-05, Owner: CHASE, MURRAY
CHASE, ROBERT J, Plot: F-SC-001-000088-05, Owner: CHASE, ROBERT J
CHASE, SARAH E, Plot: F-FI-018-000011-04, Owner: BROWN, C
CHASE, SARAH T, Plot: F-FI-018-000013-05, Owner: CHASE, GEORGE
CHASE, THRESA M, Plot: F-BR-016-000004-05, Owner: CHASE, CLARK
CHASE, WILBUR, Plot: F-FI-018-000013-03, Owner: CHASE, GEORGE
CHILDS JR, HAROLD, Plot: F-CX-023-000095-08, Owner: CHILDS, HAROLD
CHILDS, BETTY J, Plot: F-CX-023-000095-06, Owner: CHILDS, HAROLD
CHILDS, CALVIN L, Residence: 512 HICKORY ST., Plot: F-SC-002-000178-01, Owner: CHILDS, CALVIN
CHILDS, DELORIS, Plot: F-WA-010-000018-02, Owner: CHILDS, RICHARD
CHILDS, FLORENCE M, Plot: F-CX-023-000095-02, Owner: CHILDS, HAROLD
CHILDS, HAROLD L, Plot: F-CX-023-000095-01, Owner: CHILDS, HAROLD
CHILDS, HARRY L, Plot: F-CX-023-000095-07, Owner: CHILDS, HAROLD
CHILDS, IDABELLE F, Residence: 512 HICKORY ST, Plot: F-SC-002-000178-02, Owner: CHILDS, CALVIN
CHILDS, MARGARET, Plot: F-CX-023-000095-05, Owner: CHILDS, HAROLD
CHILDS, MENZEL E, Plot: F-CX-023-000095-03, Owner: CHILDS, HAROLD
CHILDS, MILDRED, Plot: F-WA-010-000017-06, Owner: CUPPERNOLL, KARYN
CHOATE, TRACY L, Residence: 15300 Ripple Dr, Plot: F-WA-010-000040-05, Owner: CHOATE, TRACY
CHUPEK, BEATRICE, Residence: 7339 Rolston Rd, Plot: F-SE-004-000087-02, Owner: CHUPEK, BEATRICE M
CHUPEK, JOHN T, Residence: 7339 Rolston Rd, Plot: F-SE-004-000087-01, Owner: CHUPEK, BEATRICE M
CHURCH, JOHN M, Plot: F-CX-022-000066-01, Owner: CHURCH, ALLEN
CIELICZKA, VIRGINIA, Residence: 6033 Bryam Lake Dr., Plot: F-SA-003-000123-06, Owner: CIELICZICA, FRANK
CIESIELSKI, GLORIA A, Residence: 311 Hickory St., Plot: F-CX-023-000127-05, Owner: CIESIELSKI, GLORIA
CIESIELSKI, JUDY C, Residence: 311 Hickory St, Plot: F-CX-023-000127-05, Owner: CIESIELSKI, GLORIA
CLARK, ADA A, Plot: F-FI-019-000103-03, Owner: BUCK, W.C.
CLARK, ALBURTIS, Plot: F-FA-024-000017-02, Owner: CLARK, S.
CLARK, ALLEN J, Plot: F-WC-014-000032-03, Owner: CLARK, JESSE
CLARK, BABY G, Plot: F-BR-017-000096-03, Owner: BENNETT, CHARLES
CLARK, BETTY J, Plot: F-WC-014-000032-04, Owner: CLARK, JANE
CLARK, BEVERLY A, Plot: F-SC-001-000093-04, Owner: CLARK, DALE
CLARK, CHARLES A, Plot: F-BR-017-000096-04, Owner: BENNETT, CHARLES
CLARK, CHARLES C, Plot: F-SC-001-000021-01, Owner: CLARK, CHARLES
CLARK, DAISY A, Plot: F-WC-014-000032-02, Owner: CLARK, JESSE
CLARK, DARWIN EDWARD, Residence: 13358 ENID, Plot: F-SD-005-000013-03, Owner: CLARK, DARWIN E
CLARK, DONALD A, Residence: 809 W. BROAD ST., Plot: F-SD-005-000013-01, Owner: CLARK, DONALD A
CLARK, DOROTHY, Plot: F-WC-014-000032-06, Owner: CLARK, DOROTHY
CLARK, ELLEN K, Residence: 809 W. BROAD ST., Plot: F-SD-005-000013-02, Owner: CLARK, DONALD A
CLARK, ELSIE, Plot: F-SE-004-000051-04, Owner: CLARK, ELSIE
CLARK, FRANKLIN C, Plot: F-FA-024-000017-03, Owner: CLARK, S.
CLARK, HENRY C, Plot: F-FA-024-000017-04, Owner: CLARK, S.
CLARK, J D, Residence: 2700 Burcham, Plot: F-WC-014-000032-07, Owner: CLARK, J.D.
CLARK, J.B., Plot: F-BR-016-000041-01, Owner: CLARK, J.
CLARK, JESSE B, Plot: F-WC-014-000032-01, Owner: CLARK, JESSE
CLARK, JOAN J, Plot: F-SC-001-000021-02, Owner: CLARK, CHARLES
CLARK, LOLA, Plot: F-BR-017-000096-03, Owner: BENNETT, CHARLES
CLARK, LOU, Plot: F-CX-023-000185-02, Owner: CLARK, D.D.
CLARK, LUCILLE B, Plot: F-RW-015-000011-04, Owner: BUTLER, GEORGE
CLARK, MARION, Residence: 844 Lenna Keith Circle, Plot: F-WC-014-000032-08, Owner: CLARK, J.D.
CLARK, MARY L, Plot: F-OR-020-000088-01, Owner: CLARK, ENUN
CLARK, MATHIAS, Plot: F-SC-002-000116-03, Owner: CLARK, MATHIAS
CLARK, RUBY, Plot: F-SC-002-000116-02, Owner: CLARK, MATHIAS
CLARK, SADIE, Plot: F-BR-016-000041-05, Owner: CLARK, J.
CLARK, STEPHEN A, Plot: F-FA-024-000017-01, Owner: CLARK, S.
CLARK, VERN D, Plot: F-CX-023-000185-01, Owner: CLARK, D.D.
CLARK, WILSON, Plot: F-FI-019-000103-02, Owner: BUCK, W.C.
CLAXTON, FRIEDA, Plot: F-BR-016-000043-02, Owner: BLOSS, A.T.
CLAXTON, JULIAN P, Plot: F-BR-016-000043-01, Owner: BLOSS, A.T.
CLEMENT, ARTHUR, Plot: F-SA-003-000133-01, Owner: CLEMENT, ERMA
CLEMENT, ERMA B, Plot: F-SA-003-000133-02, Owner: CLEMENT, ERMA
CLEMENT, THELMA, Plot: F-SA-003-000133-03, Owner: CLEMENT, ERMA
CLOSE, ALBERTA J, Plot: F-SA-003-000155-04, Owner: CLOSE, WILLIAM F
CLOSE, WILLIAM, Residence: 6530 HARTWOOD, Plot: F-SA-003-000155-03, Owner: CLOSE, WILLIAM F
CLUTE, CLIFFORD L, Plot: F-SE-004-000090-01, Owner: CLUTE, CLIFFORD
CLUTE, JULIA M, Residence: 4367 Ashlawn, Plot: F-SE-004-000090-02, Owner: CLUTE, CLIFFORD
CLUTE, MARGARET ANN, Residence: 5066 W REID RD, Plot: F-SE-004-000090-05, Owner: CLUTE, DON
CLYMER, FLORENCE H, Plot: F-BR-017-000117-04, Owner: CLYMER, FLORENCE
COATES, HATTIE I, Plot: F-SA-000-000076-03, Owner: COATES, ORLO J
COATES, MAURICE W, Plot: F-SA-000-000076-05, Owner: COATES, ORLO J
COATES, ORLO J, Plot: F-SA-000-000076-04, Owner: COATES, ORLO J
COBB, HAWLEY C, Plot: F-SA-000-000027-04, Owner: COBB, VIVIAN B
COBB, VIVID, Residence: BOX 6142 5 POINTS STATION, Plot: F-SA-000-000027-05, Owner: COBB, VIVIAN B
COCHRAN, GEORGE, Plot: F-OR-021-000160-01, Owner: COCHRAN, JOHN B
COCHRAN, JANE A, Plot: F-OR-021-000141-02, Owner: COCHRAN, NATHANIEL
COCHRAN, JOHN B, Plot: F-OR-021-000160-02, Owner: COCHRAN, JOHN B
COCHRAN, MARY E, Plot: F-OR-021-000160-03, Owner: COCHRAN, JOHN B
COFFEY, LOUIS A, Plot: F-SD-005-000024-06, Owner: COFFEY, LOIS A
COFFIN, NEIL E, Residence: 8183 SMITH RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000073-02, Owner: COFFIN, ROSE
COFFIN, ROSE, Residence: 12640 Holly Rd, Plot: F-SD-005-000073-01, Owner: COFFIN, ROSE
COKELEY, SAMUEL, Plot: F-SC-002-000144-02, Owner: COKELEY, SAMUEL
COLE, ABRAM B, Plot: F-FI-018-000007-05, Owner: COLE, DEDERICK
COLE, BESSIE E, Plot: F-CX-023-000125-02, Owner: COLE, FRED
COLE, CAROLINE, Plot: F-FI-019-000088-02, Owner: COLE, WILLIAM B
COLE, CHARLOTTE, Plot: F-BR-017-000085-02, Owner: COLE, JAMES M
COLE, FREDERICK I, Plot: F-CX-023-000125-01, Owner: COLE, FRED
COLE, GEORGE, Plot: F-CX-022-000035-02, Owner: COLE, GEORGE
COLE, HARRIET M, Plot: F-CX-023-000125-04, Owner: COLE, FRED
COLE, HARVEY A, Plot: F-CX-023-000125-03, Owner: COLE, FRED
COLE, JAMES M, Plot: F-BR-017-000085-01, Owner: COLE, JAMES M
COLE, JEMIMA, Plot: F-FI-018-000007-06, Owner: COLE, DEDERICK
COLE, JOSEPH, Plot: F-CX-023-000125-07, Owner: COLE, FRED
COLE, LEONARD H, Plot: F-SC-001-000105-01, Owner: COLE, LEONARD
COLE, MABLE, Plot: F-FI-018-000007-07, Owner: COLE, DEDERICK
COLE, MARGUERITE, Plot: F-SC-001-000105-03, Owner: COLE, LEONARD
COLE, MURIEL M, Plot: F-SC-001-000071-03, Owner: COLE, ROBERT J
COLE, ROBERT J, Plot: F-SC-001-000071-02, Owner: COLE, ROBERT J
COLE, VIVA I., Residence: 11224 S. SEYMOUR RD, Plot: F-SC-001-000071-01, Owner: COLE, ROBERT J
COLE, WILLIAM B, Plot: F-FI-019-000088-01, Owner: COLE, WILLIAM B
COLE, WILLIAM B, Plot: F-FI-019-000088-03, Owner: COLE, WILLIAM B
COLEMAN, GERTRUDE, Plot: F-CX-023-000188-01, Owner: COLEMAN, HARRIET
COLEMAN, HARRIET M, Residence: 16317 RAWLEY RD., Plot: F-SC-002-000138-02, Owner: COLEMAN, HARRIET
COLEMAN, MYRTIE, Residence: 14055 Torrey Rd., Plot: F-WA-010-000031-05, Owner: COLEMAN, THEODORE
COLEMAN, RAYMOND N, Residence: 16317 RAWLEY RD., Plot: F-SC-002-000138-01, Owner: COLEMAN, HARRIET
COLLIER, FLORENCE, Plot: F-SC-001-000090-02, Owner: COLLIER, SANFORD
COLLIER, SANFORD, Residence: 300 S. BRIDGE ST., Plot: F-SC-001-000090-01, Owner: COLLIER, SANFORD
COLLINS, ADELAIDE L, Residence: 6450 Lahring Rd, Plot: F-SD-005-000006-05, Owner: COLLINS, EMMET
COLLINS, BRUCE G, Residence: 710 Oak Park Dr., Plot: F-BO-012-000060-06, Owner: COLLINS, BRUCE
COLLINS, CHARLES M, Plot: F-FI-018-000061-08, Owner: COLLINS, ISAAC M
COLLINS, ELLA S, Plot: F-FI-018-000009-08, Owner: COLLINS-DAVIS
COLLINS, ELSIE M, Plot: F-FI-019-000135-03, Owner: COLLINS, FRED D
COLLINS, EMMET L, Residence: 1106 N. OAK ST., Plot: F-SD-005-000006-06, Owner: COLLINS, EMMET
COLLINS, ERNEST, Plot: F-CX-022-000013-03, Owner: COLLINS, FRANK
COLLINS, FATHER, Plot: F-FI-018-000061-01, Owner: COLLINS, ISAAC M
COLLINS, FRANK F, Plot: F-CX-022-000013-01, Owner: COLLINS, FRANK
COLLINS, FRED D, Plot: F-FI-019-000135-01, Owner: COLLINS, FRED D
COLLINS, GEORGE, Plot: F-FI-018-000009-05, Owner: COLLINS-DAVIS
COLLINS, GLADYS, Residence: 337 E Huron, Plot: F-SC-002-000177-04, Owner: COLLINS, LOUIS
COLLINS, ISAAC M, Plot: F-FI-018-000061-03, Owner: COLLINS, ISAAC M
COLLINS, JANET B, Residence: 710 OAK PARK DRIVE, Plot: F-BO-012-000060-06, Owner: COLLINS, BRUCE
COLLINS, JENNIEEVE, Plot: F-FI-019-000135-02, Owner: COLLINS, FRED D
COLLINS, JOHN D, Plot: F-CX-022-000004-02, Owner: COLLINS, BELLE
COLLINS, LANSON, Plot: F-FI-018-000061-04, Owner: COLLINS, ISAAC M
COLLINS, LOTTIE J, Plot: F-FI-018-000061-02, Owner: COLLINS, ISAAC M
COLLINS, LOUIS M, Residence: 337 E. HURON, Plot: F-SC-002-000177-03, Owner: COLLINS, LOUIS
COLLINS, LUCINDA A, Plot: F-FI-018-000061-01, Owner: COLLINS, ISAAC M
COLLINS, MARY J, Plot: F-FI-018-000009-06, Owner: COLLINS-DAVIS
COLLINS, MARY J, Plot: F-FI-018-000009-07, Owner: COLLINS-DAVIS
COLLINS, MOTHER P, Plot: F-FI-018-000061-01, Owner: COLLINS, ISAAC M
COLLINS, NANCY B, Plot: F-FI-018-000061-07, Owner: COLLINS, ISAAC M
COLLINS, NOREEN, Plot: F-CX-022-000023-02, Owner: COLLINS, GLENWOOD
COLLINS, SARAH B, Plot: F-CX-022-000004-03, Owner: COLLINS, BELLE
COLLINS, SYLVESTER, Plot: F-FI-018-000061-05, Owner: COLLINS, ISAAC M
COLLINS, WILLIAM, Plot: F-OR-020-000010-01, Owner: COLLINS, WILLIAM
COLLINS, WILLIAM H, Residence: 11310 O'DELL RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000049-03, Owner: COLLINS, WILLIAM
COLOMBO, ANITA T, Residence: 15100 Bishop, Plot: F-BE-006-00000D-03, Owner: COLOMBO, DONALD
COLOMBO, DONALD J, Residence: 15100 Bishop, Plot: F-BE-006-00000D-03, Owner: COLOMBO, DONALD
COLVIN, BARNARD P, Residence: 502 COVLIN, Plot: F-SC-001-000029-01, Owner: COLVIN, BARNARD P
COLVIN, LORNA MAE, Residence: 207 MCFARLAND ST, Plot: F-SD-005-000059-03, Owner: COLVIN, LYNN B
COLVIN, LYNN B, Plot: F-SD-005-000059-01, Owner: COLVIN, LYNN B
COLVIN, REBA A, Residence: G-7380 TORREY RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000059-02, Owner: COLVIN, LYNN B
COLVIN, SARAH E, Residence: 502 COVLIN, Plot: F-SC-001-000029-02, Owner: COLVIN, BARNARD P
COMBS, ADDIE B, Residence: 7006 LAHRING RD., Plot: F-SA-003-000168-01, Owner: COMBS, JOHN W
COMBS, DANIEL L, Plot: F-CX-023-000112-02, Owner: COMBS, DANIEL L
COMBS, DANIEL L, Residence: 614 HILLCLIFF DR., Plot: F-SE-004-000076-03, Owner: COMBS, DANIEL L
COMBS, EVA, Residence: 11640 S. MORRICE, Plot: F-SE-004-000086-01, Owner: COMBS, CLARENCE A
COMBS, EVA M, Plot: F-RW-015-000029-01, Owner: COMBS, IRVIN
COMBS, HELEN M, Residence: 4190 BERYL, Plot: F-SE-004-000020-02, Owner: COMBS, IRVIN
COMBS, HOWARD L, Plot: F-CX-023-000112-05, Owner: COMBS, DANIEL L
COMBS, HOWARD L, Plot: F-RW-015-000029-03, Owner: COMBS, IRVIN
COMBS, INFANT, Plot: F-RW-015-000029-04, Owner: COMBS, IRVIN
COMBS, IRVIN W, Residence: 4190 BERYL, Plot: F-SE-004-000020-01, Owner: COMBS, IRVIN
COMBS, JOHN B, Plot: F-CX-023-000112-04, Owner: COMBS, DANIEL L
COMBS, JOHN W, Plot: F-SA-003-000168-02, Owner: COMBS, JOHN W
COMBS, JOSEPPHINE, Plot: F-CX-023-000112-01, Owner: COMBS, DANIEL L
COMBS, LETHA, Plot: F-SE-004-000076-04, Owner: COMBS, DANIEL L
COMBS, OPAL M, Plot: F-SE-004-000049-04, Owner: COLLINS, WILLIAM
COMBS, WILLIAM I, Plot: F-RW-015-000029-02, Owner: COMBS, IRVIN
CONFER, LUIE M, Plot: F-CX-023-000197-01, Owner: CONFER, LUIE
CONFER, MINNIE, Plot: F-CX-023-000197-02, Owner: CONFER, LUIE
COOK, ALICE C, Plot: F-BR-016-000060-07, Owner: CHAPMAN, MARY M
COOK, CAROLINE S, Plot: F-OR-021-000139-08, Owner: COOK, W.H.
COOK, EDWIN M, Plot: F-OR-021-000139-05, Owner: COOK, W.H.
COOK, FREDERICK A, Plot: F-BR-016-000060-06, Owner: CHAPMAN, MARY M
COOK, GEORGE W, Plot: F-OR-021-000139-03, Owner: COOK, W.H.
COOK, GLORIAN, Plot: F-OR-021-000139-01, Owner: COOK, W.H.
COOK, HANNAH E, Plot: F-BR-016-000051-02, Owner: COOK, SILAS A
COOK, HAROLD E, Plot: F-SA-000-00011A-03, Owner: COOK, JOHN
COOK, JENNIE, Residence: 1119 W. PARK, Plot: F-SA-000-00011A-02, Owner: COOK, JOHN
COOK, JOHN, Plot: F-SA-000-00011A-01, Owner: COOK, JOHN
COOK, JOSEPHINE, Plot: F-CX-023-000106-05, Owner: COOK, JOHN
COOK, KATIE, Plot: F-OR-021-000139-06, Owner: COOK, W.H.
COOK, LAWRENCE, Plot: F-CX-023-000106-07, Owner: COOK, JOHN
COOK, LEO R, Residence: 224 Park St, Plot: F-SC-002-000134-02, Owner: COOK, LEO
COOK, PHOEBE, Plot: F-OR-021-000139-04, Owner: COOK, W.H.
COOK, SILAS A, Plot: F-BR-016-000051-01, Owner: COOK, SILAS A
COOK, W.H., Plot: F-OR-021-000139-07, Owner: COOK, W.H.
COON SR, DONALD F, Residence: 8499 E. M-71, LOT 198, Plot: F-SD-005-000027-05, Owner: COON, DONALD F
COON, ARTHUR C, Plot: F-BR-017-000079-03, Owner: COON, EDWARD
COON, EDNA, Plot: F-CX-023-000209-02, Owner: COON, BURTON
COON, EDWARD, Plot: F-BR-017-000079-01, Owner: COON, EDWARD
COON, ELIZABETH, Plot: F-BR-017-000079-02, Owner: COON, EDWARD
COON, ERNEST H, Plot: F-CX-023-000209-01, Owner: COON, BURTON
COON, ERNEST W, Plot: F-CX-023-000209-03, Owner: COON, BURTON
COON, FOREST, Plot: F-SA-000-000099-03, Owner: COON, FOREST
COON, GEORGE, Plot: F-BR-017-000079-05, Owner: COON, EDWARD
COON, HAZEL L, Plot: F-BR-017-000079-04, Owner: COON, EDWARD
COON, ILLEEN J, Residence: 570 GAMBER LN, Plot: F-CX-023-000209-05, Owner: COON, BURTON
COON, SANDA S, Residence: 8499 E M-71, Lot 198, Plot: F-SD-005-000027-04, Owner: COON, DONALD F
COON, SUZANNE, Plot: F-SA-000-000099-04, Owner: COON, FOREST
COON, SYLVIA, Plot: F-BR-017-000079-06, Owner: COON, EDWARD
COONEY, CLARENCE J, Residence: 625 ALDRICH ST., Plot: F-SD-005-000042-03, Owner: COONEY, IDA R
COONEY, IDA R, Plot: F-SD-005-000042-04, Owner: COONEY, IDA R
COONEY, LARRY ALLEN, Residence: 411 ALDRICH ST, Plot: F-BE-007-000062-03, Owner: MARY, LARRY A
COONEY, MARY A, Residence: 411 Aldrich St., Plot: F-BE-007-000062-04, Owner: MARY, LARRY A
COONRADT, INFANT, Plot: F-CX-022-000068-08, Owner: COONRADT, L.J.
COOPER JR, GEORGE M, Plot: F-WA-010-000002-01, Owner: COOPER, MADELINE
COOPER SR, HENRY, Plot: F-BR-016-000017-01, Owner: COOPER, HENNY
COOPER, ABIGAIL, Plot: F-OR-020-000093-08, Owner: COOPER, CHARLES
COOPER, ABNER, Plot: F-FI-019-000128-05, Owner: COOPER, ABNER
COOPER, ABNER J, Plot: F-RW-015-000050-01, Owner: COOPER, A.J.
COOPER, ABNER J, Plot: F-FI-019-000128-01, Owner: COOPER, ABNER
COOPER, ALBERT, Plot: F-OR-020-000050-03, Owner: COOPER, HENRY W
COOPER, ALFRED, Plot: F-BR-016-000030-01, Owner: COOPER, ALFRED
COOPER, AMANDA A, Plot: F-FI-019-000128-02, Owner: COOPER, ABNER
COOPER, BEATRICE E, Plot: F-SA-000-000097-03, Owner: COOPER, NATHAN
COOPER, BEN G, Plot: F-FI-019-000128-08, Owner: COOPER, ABNER
COOPER, BRADLEY, Plot: F-OR-020-000050-01, Owner: COOPER, HENRY W
COOPER, CAROLINE R, Residence: 4514 Dye Rd, Plot: F-WA-010-000046-04, Owner: COOPER, CAROLINE
COOPER, CHARLES, Plot: F-FI-019-000128-04, Owner: COOPER, ABNER
COOPER, CHARLES, Plot: F-OR-020-000093-03, Owner: COOPER, CHARLES
COOPER, CHARLES, Plot: F-OR-020-000093-09, Owner: COOPER, CHARLES
COOPER, DOROTHY, Plot: F-RW-015-000033-02, Owner: COOPER, GEORGE M
COOPER, EARL L, Residence: 4514 S. DYE RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000064-03, Owner: COOPER, CAROLINE
COOPER, EARL L, Residence: 4514 S Dye Rd, Plot: F-WA-010-000046-03, Owner: COOPER, CAROLINE
COOPER, EDGAR, Plot: F-FI-019-000081-02, Owner: COOPER, EDGAR
COOPER, ELEANOR, Plot: F-OR-020-000093-04, Owner: COOPER, CHARLES
COOPER, ELLEN, Plot: F-FI-018-000062-04, Owner: COOPER, G.
COOPER, GEORGE, Plot: F-FI-018-000062-03, Owner: COOPER, G.
COOPER, GEORGE, Plot: F-FI-018-000062-05, Owner: COOPER, G.
COOPER, GEORGE M, Plot: F-RW-015-000033-01, Owner: COOPER, GEORGE M
COOPER, GERALD A, Plot: F-RW-015-000033-03, Owner: COOPER, GEORGE M
COOPER, GLADYS S, Plot: F-FI-019-000081-03, Owner: COOPER, EDGAR
COOPER, GLORIA H, Plot: F-RW-015-000031-01, Owner: COOPER, JAMES E
COOPER, HATTIE E, Plot: F-SC-002-000107-05, Owner: COOPER, WILLIAM B
COOPER, HELEN M, Plot: F-OR-020-000093-05, Owner: COOPER, CHARLES
COOPER, HENRY W, Plot: F-BR-016-000017-08, Owner: COOPER, HENNY
COOPER, HENRY W, Plot: F-OR-020-000050-02, Owner: COOPER, HENRY W
COOPER, HULDAH E, Plot: F-BR-016-000017-06, Owner: COOPER, SAMUEL
COOPER, IDABELLE J, Plot: F-BR-016-000017-07, Owner: COOPER, SAMUEL
COOPER, JAMES R, Plot: F-BR-016-000039-01, Owner: COOPER, J.R.
COOPER, JAMES R, Plot: F-BR-016-000017-04, Owner: COOPER, SAMUEL
COOPER, JANE A, Plot: F-OR-020-000050-04, Owner: COOPER, HENRY W
COOPER, JENNIE M, Plot: F-BR-017-000084-01, Owner: BUCK, FRED
COOPER, JOHN J, Plot: F-BR-017-000084-08, Owner: BUCK, FRED
COOPER, JULIA A, Plot: F-OR-020-000093-07, Owner: COOPER, CHARLES
COOPER, JUNE B, Plot: F-CX-022-000064-01, Owner: COOPER, LEONARD H
COOPER, LENA E, Plot: F-BR-016-000039-06, Owner: COOPER, J.R.
COOPER, LEONARD H, Plot: F-CX-022-000064-02, Owner: COOPER, LEONARD H
COOPER, LOREN A, Plot: F-CX-022-000021-01, Owner: COOPER, PHOEBE
COOPER, MADELINE M, Plot: F-WA-010-000002-02, Owner: COOPER, MADELINE
COOPER, MARILLA, Plot: F-RW-015-000050-02, Owner: COOPER, A.J.
COOPER, MARY E, Plot: F-OR-020-000093-10, Owner: COOPER, CHARLES
COOPER, MARY E, Plot: F-BR-016-000039-02, Owner: COOPER, J.R.
COOPER, MARY S, Plot: F-BR-016-000017-02, Owner: COOPER, HENNY
COOPER, METTA E, Plot: F-BR-017-000084-07, Owner: BUCK, FRED
COOPER, NATHAN I, Plot: F-SA-000-000097-05, Owner: COOPER, NATHAN
COOPER, NETTIE E, Plot: F-FI-019-000128-06, Owner: COOPER, ABNER
COOPER, PHOEBE J, Plot: F-CX-022-000021-02, Owner: COOPER, PHOEBE
COOPER, ROSAMOND, Plot: F-BR-016-000030-02, Owner: COOPER, ALFRED
COOPER, SAMUEL, Plot: F-BR-016-000017-03, Owner: COOPER, SAMUEL
COOPER, SAMUEL C, Plot: F-OR-020-000093-06, Owner: COOPER, CHARLES
COOPER, WALDO B, Plot: F-FI-018-000062-02, Owner: COOPER, G.
COOPER, WILLIAM B, Plot: F-SC-002-000107-04, Owner: COOPER, WILLIAM B
COPELAND, GEORGE, Plot: F-OR-020-000073-03, Owner: COPELAND, GEORGE
COPELAND, MARTHA, Plot: F-WC-014-000039-03, Owner: COPELAND, WILLIAM
COPPLER, RICHARD E, Residence: 16001 Moran, Plot: F-BO-012-000004-05, Owner: COPPLER, GERALDINE
COQUIGNE, EMMA J, Plot: F-SA-003-000115-02, Owner: COQUIGNE, SILAS
COQUIGNE, JOHN, Plot: F-SA-003-000115-01, Owner: COQUIGNE, SILAS
COQUIGNE, LILLIAN E, Plot: F-SA-003-000115-03, Owner: COQUIGNE, SILAS
COQUIGNE, LUCY O, Residence: 6325 Grand Blanc Rd, Plot: F-SA-003-000115-06, Owner: COQUIGNE, SILAS
COQUIGNE, SILAS E, Plot: F-SA-003-000115-05, Owner: COQUIGNE, SILAS
CORBETT, NETTIE P, Plot: F-CX-022-000065-02, Owner: CORBETT, WILLIAM
CORBETT, WILLIAM, Plot: F-CX-022-000065-01, Owner: CORBETT, WILLIAM
CORBY JR, JOHN, Plot: F-OR-021-000176-03, Owner: CORBY, JOHN
CORBY, HARRY, Plot: F-OR-021-000176-05, Owner: CORBY, JOHN
CORBY, INFANT S, Plot: F-OR-021-000176-04, Owner: CORBY, JOHN
CORBY, INFANT S, Plot: F-OR-021-000176-06, Owner: CORBY, JOHN
CORBY, JOHN, Plot: F-OR-021-000176-02, Owner: CORBY, JOHN
CORBY, LOIS A, Plot: F-OR-021-000176-01, Owner: CORBY, JOHN
CORBY, SARAH J, Plot: F-OR-021-000176-07, Owner: CORBY, JOHN
COREY, DUANE, Plot: F-SC-001-000001-03, Owner: COREY, LOWELL
COREY, GERALD L, Residence: 5299 Cohoctah Rd, Plot: F-SC-001-000001-06, Owner: COREY, LOWELL
COREY, LOWELL B, Plot: F-SC-001-000001-01, Owner: COREY, LOWELL
COREY, LUELLA M, Plot: F-SC-001-000001-02, Owner: COREY, LOWELL
CORVEN, GERTRUDE A, Plot: F-SC-002-000141-05, Owner: CORVEN, HOMER A
CORVEN, HOMER A, Plot: F-SC-002-000141-04, Owner: CORVEN, HOMER A
CORVEN, THOMAS J, Plot: F-CX-022-000036-03, Owner: CORVEN, HOMER A
COTTERMAN, JOHN A, Plot: F-WA-011-000119-05, Owner: COTTERMAN, SHIRLEY
COTTERMAN, SHIRLEY M, Residence: 7366 Lawrence, Plot: F-WA-011-000119-04, Owner: COTTERMAN, SHIRLEY
COUNTRYMAN, NEVA M, Plot: F-SC-001-000009-05, Owner: COUNTRYMAN, GRACE
COVERT, LUCY, Plot: F-FI-019-000129-01, Owner: COVERT, ROBERT C
COVERT, MARY L, Plot: F-FI-018-000029-02, Owner: COVERT, WILLIAM
COVERT, ROBERT C, Plot: F-FI-019-000129-03, Owner: COVERT, ROBERT C
COVERT, SALLY M, Plot: F-FI-019-000129-02, Owner: COVERT, ROBERT C
COVERT, WILLIAM L, Plot: F-FI-018-000029-01, Owner: COVERT, WILLIAM
COVEY, GLEN M, Residence: 11192 FENTON RD, Plot: F-SC-001-000023-03, Owner: COVEY, GLEN
COVEY, GLENN M, Residence: 17293 KEYSTONE, Plot: F-SC-001-000023-01, Owner: COVEY, GLENN M
COVEY, JUDITH A, Residence: 11192 Fenton Rd, Plot: F-SC-001-000023-04, Owner: COVEY, GLEN
COVEY, WENONA I, Residence: 201 E. SOUTH HOLLY ROAD, Plot: F-SC-001-000023-02, Owner: COVEY, GLENN M
COWAN II, HOWARD J, Plot: F-SA-003-000154-02, Owner: COWAN, HOWARD
COX, ANNA, Plot: F-CX-023-000167-02, Owner: COX, TOM
COX, ANNIE, Plot: F-BR-017-000085-06, Owner: COX, WILLIAM
COX, BABY G, Plot: F-RW-015-000025-04, Owner: CHAPMAN-COX
COX, BLANCHE A, Plot: F-CX-023-000167-06, Owner: COX, TOM
COX, CLIFFORD L, Plot: F-SC-001-000030-04, Owner: COX, CLIFFORD
COX, DONALD G, Residence: 504 N. BRIDGE ST., Plot: F-CX-023-000167-05, Owner: COX, TOM
COX, ELMER, Plot: F-CX-023-000167-07, Owner: COX, TOM
COX, FRED H, Plot: F-SA-000-000062-03, Owner: COX, FRED H
COX, GEORGE, Plot: F-OR-020-000079-01, Owner: COX, GEORGE
COX, GLADYS M, Plot: F-SC-001-000030-05, Owner: COX, CLIFFORD
COX, GRACE M, Plot: F-FI-018-000041-06, Owner: COX, JOHN
COX, HATTIE R, Plot: F-CX-023-000167-08, Owner: COX, TOM
COX, HERMAN R, Plot: F-SA-003-000155-01, Owner: COX, HERMAN R
COX, JOHN, Plot: F-FI-018-000041-03, Owner: COX, JOHN
COX, JOHN H, Plot: F-FI-018-000041-02, Owner: COX, JOHN
COX, MARGARET C, Plot: F-RW-015-000025-05, Owner: CHAPMAN-COX
COX, MARTHA, Plot: F-FI-018-000041-04, Owner: COX, JOHN
COX, MARY, Plot: F-FI-018-000041-01, Owner: COX, JOHN
COX, MINNIE, Plot: F-FI-018-000041-07, Owner: COX, JOHN
COX, THOMAS, Plot: F-CX-023-000167-01, Owner: COX, TOM
COX, THOMAS J, Plot: F-RW-015-000025-01, Owner: CHAPMAN-COX
COX, WILLIAM, Plot: F-RW-015-000032-05, Owner: COX, STELLA
COX, WILLIAM, Plot: F-BR-017-000085-05, Owner: COX, WILLIAM
CRAM, ALICE D, Plot: F-CX-023-000154-07, Owner: CRAM, E.
CRAM, EDWARD E, Plot: F-CX-023-000154-06, Owner: CRAM, E.
CRAM, EMILY A, Plot: F-CX-023-000154-01, Owner: CRAM, E.
CRAM, EUGENE, Plot: F-CX-023-000154-08, Owner: CRAM, E.
CRAM, HELEN, Residence: 7226 Silver Lake Rd, Plot: F-BE-007-000067-02, Owner: CRAM, HELEN
CRAM, JAMES H, Plot: F-BE-007-000067-03, Owner: CRAM, HELEN
CRAM, JULIUS G, Plot: F-CX-023-000154-02, Owner: CRAM, E.
CRAMER, BETTY J, Residence: 7217 Hillcrest Dr., Plot: F-SD-005-000048-02, Owner: CRAMER, LAVERN
CRAMER, HOWARD F, Plot: F-SD-005-000043-01, Owner: CRAMER, MARVIN
CRAMER, KENNETH W, Residence: 5299 Worchester, Plot: F-SD-005-000043-06, Owner: CRAMER, KENNETH W
CRAMER, LAVERN C, Residence: 622 Gamber Lane, Plot: F-SD-005-000048-01, Owner: CRAMER, LAVERN
CRAMER, MABEL M, Plot: F-SD-005-000043-02, Owner: CRAMER, MARVIN
CRAMER, MARVIN L, Residence: 7303 LAHRING ROAD, Plot: F-SD-005-000043-04, Owner: CRAMER, MARVIN
CRAMER, MARVIN L, Plot: F-SD-005-000043-04, Owner: CRAMER, MARVIN
CRANDALL, CARRIE B, Plot: F-FI-019-000106-05, Owner: CRANDALL, GEORGE W
CRANDALL, CLEMMIE, Plot: F-CX-023-000175-02, Owner: CRANDALL, CORSS
CRANDALL, CORSS L, Plot: F-CX-023-000175-01, Owner: CRANDALL, CORSS
CRANDALL, CYNTHIA R, Plot: F-FI-019-000106-08, Owner: CRANDALL, GEORGE W
CRANDALL, DR. G, Plot: F-CX-023-000174-01, Owner: CRANDALL, NELLIE M
CRANDALL, GEORGE W, Plot: F-FI-019-000106-04, Owner: CRANDALL, GEORGE W
CRANDALL, JESSE M, Plot: F-WC-014-00007W-01, Owner: CRANDALL, JESSE M
CRANDALL, JOSEPH, Plot: F-FI-019-000106-01, Owner: CRANDALL, GEORGE W
CRANDALL, KENNETH C, Plot: F-CX-023-000175-07, Owner: CRANDALL, CORSS
CRANDALL, NANCY L, Plot: F-CX-023-000174-05, Owner: CRANDALL, CLARE
CRANDALL, NELLIE M, Plot: F-CX-023-000174-02, Owner: CRANDALL, NELLIE M
CRANDALL, PATRICK K, Plot: F-CX-023-000175-08, Owner: CRANDALL, CORSS
CRANDALL, SALLY, Plot: F-FI-019-000106-02, Owner: CRANDALL, GEORGE W
CRANDALL, SUSAN M, Plot: F-WC-014-00007W-02, Owner: CRANDALL, JESSE M
CRANDALL, VINNIE P, Plot: F-CX-023-000175-06, Owner: CRANDALL, CORSS
CRANE, ADALINE S, Plot: F-BR-016-000046-02, Owner: CRANE, FRANKLIN D
CRANE, AIDA, Plot: F-SA-000-000038-05, Owner: CRANE, CLIFFORD
CRANE, CARROLL M, Plot: F-SC-002-000167-04, Owner: CRANE, C.M.
CRANE, CLIFFORD, Plot: F-SA-000-000038-04, Owner: CRANE, CLIFFORD
CRANE, ELAM W, Plot: F-OR-020-000062-01, Owner: CRANE, ELAINE
CRANE, FLOYD D, Plot: F-BR-016-000046-04, Owner: CRANE, FRANKLIN D
CRANE, FRANKLIN D, Plot: F-BR-016-000046-01, Owner: CRANE, FRANKLIN D
CRANE, GENEVIEVA, Plot: F-BR-016-000046-07, Owner: CRANE, FRANKLIN D
CRANE, GLEN, Plot: F-SC-001-000063-01, Owner: CRANE, GLENN
CRANE, LULU E, Plot: F-BR-016-000046-03, Owner: CRANE, FRANKLIN D
CRANE, MARGARET, Plot: F-OR-020-000062-02, Owner: CRANE, ELAINE
CRANE, ORREN R, Plot: F-OR-020-000062-03, Owner: CRANE, ELAINE
CRANE, RUTH M, Plot: F-BR-016-000046-08, Owner: CRANE, FRANKLIN D
CRANSTON, WILMA A, Plot: F-SA-000-000076-06, Owner: COATES, ORLO J
CRULL, LAURA B, Plot: F-FA-024-000006-02, Owner: BORST, CHARLES
CRULL, THOMAS B, Plot: F-FA-024-000006-01, Owner: BORST, CHARLES
CUDD, RICKY, Plot: F-HA-009-000135-05, Owner: CUDD, JOANNE
CULINSKI, LUDWIG C, Residence: 3510 Loon Lake Ct., Plot: F-SA-003-000133-04, Owner: CULINSKI, JOANN
CULVER, HUNTER T, Plot: F-BO-12A-000002-1G, Owner: LINDEN, CITY O
CUMMIN, JUNE L, Plot: F-SA-003-000135-02, Owner: MURPHY, JUNE
CUPIT, CLARA, Plot: F-FA-024-000023-02, Owner: CUPIT, JAMES
CUPIT, ERNA, Residence: 5282 W. GRAND BLANC RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000019-03, Owner: CUPIT, JOHN
CUPIT, JAMES, Plot: F-FA-024-000023-01, Owner: CUPIT, JAMES
CUPITA, GRACE, Residence: 821 Beach Buggy, Plot: F-SA-003-000170-02, Owner: FARNHAM, ROBERT D
CUPPERNOLL, MARVIN R, Residence: 315 Oak St, Plot: F-WA-010-000037-06, Owner: CUPPERNOLL, MARVIN
CUPPERNOLL, TIMOTHY JAMES, Residence: 2333 CALVIN CT, Plot: F-WA-010-000038-01, Owner: CUPPERNOLL, KARYN
CURDY, JENNIE, Plot: F-FI-018-000074-05, Owner: LANGWORTHY, AZOR
CURRIER, FREDERICK J, Plot: F-SA-000-000077-02, Owner: CURRIER, FRED
CURTIS, ALFRED C, Plot: F-FI-018-000076-02, Owner: CURTIS, ALICE
CURTIS, ALICE, Plot: F-FI-018-000076-01, Owner: CURTIS, ALICE
CURTIS, BABY C, Plot: F-BR-017-000070-08, Owner: CURTIS, MILTON C
CURTIS, BERTHA G, Plot: F-BR-017-000070-02, Owner: CURTIS, MILTON C
CURTIS, CHARLES, Plot: F-BR-017-000071-04, Owner: CURTIS, D.
CURTIS, CHARLOTTE, Plot: F-BR-017-000069-06, Owner: CURTIS, GEORGE W
CURTIS, CLINTON, Plot: F-SA-000-000101-01, Owner: CURTIS, LOTTIE
CURTIS, CORA E, Plot: F-BR-017-000070-04, Owner: CURTIS, MILTON C
CURTIS, CORA L, Plot: F-BR-017-000071-07, Owner: CURTIS, D.
CURTIS, DANIEL, Plot: F-BR-017-000072-01, Owner: CURTIS, D.
CURTIS, DOUGLAS A, Residence: 4252 E. Vienna Rd, Plot: F-WA-010-000006-03, Owner: SHAW, GINA
CURTIS, EDGAR J, Plot: F-BR-017-000071-05, Owner: CURTIS, D.
CURTIS, FRED R, Plot: F-BR-017-000069-03, Owner: CURTIS, GEORGE W
CURTIS, GEORGE W, Plot: F-BR-017-000069-01, Owner: CURTIS, GEORGE W
CURTIS, HEBER D, Plot: F-BR-017-000072-07, Owner: CURTIS, D.
CURTIS, HOWARD F, Plot: F-BR-017-000070-03, Owner: CURTIS, MILTON C
CURTIS, LEAL, Plot: F-BR-017-000071-06, Owner: CURTIS, D.
CURTIS, LOTTIE E, Plot: F-SA-000-000101-02, Owner: CURTIS, LOTTIE
CURTIS, MAISIE K, Residence: 9130 Silver Lake Rd, Plot: F-BE-006-000031-06, Owner: BERRY, ARNOLD E
CURTIS, MARIE, Plot: F-BR-017-000072-02, Owner: CURTIS, D.
CURTIS, MARY J, Plot: F-FI-018-000076-03, Owner: CURTIS, ALICE
CURTIS, MARY S, Plot: F-BR-017-000069-02, Owner: CURTIS, GEORGE W
CURTIS, MATTIE, Plot: F-BR-017-000072-08, Owner: CURTIS, D.
CURTIS, MERVIN W, Residence: 6180 GRAND BLANC RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000010-01, Owner: CURTIS, MAXINE
CURTIS, MILTON C, Plot: F-BR-017-000070-01, Owner: CURTIS, MILTON C
CURTIS, STELLA, Plot: F-BR-017-000071-03, Owner: CURTIS, D.
CURTIS, WARD R, Plot: F-BR-017-000069-04, Owner: CURTIS, GEORGE W
CURTIS-MISHLER, MARGARET M, Residence: 6115 E. Lake Rd, Plot: F-SE-004-000010-02, Owner: CURTIS, MAXINE
CUTCHER, JULIA L, Residence: 40227 DIANE DR., Plot: F-SD-005-000008-01, Owner: HART, JEAN
CUTHBERTSON, BRYAN, Residence: 4083 MINNATONKA DR., Plot: F-SC-002-000108-01, Owner: CUTHBERTSON, MILDRED
CUTLER, MARY, Plot: F-OR-020-000070-01, Owner: CUTLER, L.
DAENZER, PATRICK J., Residence: 2260 CHESANING RD, Plot: F-BE-006-000060-04, Owner: CHITTICK, KATHYRN
DAGGETT, DOROTHY D, Residence: 9407 EVERGREEN, Plot: F-SE-004-000086-06, Owner: DENYER, EVA
DAHN, VALORIE A, Plot: F-SE-004-000032-02, Owner: HANSEN, MARIE
DALY, BERTHA L, Residence: 6625 HOGAN RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000007-01, Owner: DALY, JOSEPH C
DALY, JOSEPH C, Residence: 6625 HOGAN RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000007-02, Owner: DALY, JOSEPH C
DANFORTH, EMMA L, Plot: F-SA-000-000046-05, Owner: DANFORTH, ROBERT
DANFORTH, ROBERT, Plot: F-SA-000-000046-06, Owner: DANFORTH, ROBERT
DANIEL, MAMIE M, Residence: 4425 THOMPSON RD., Plot: F-SC-001-000033-06, Owner: DANIELS, ROBERT S
DANIEL, ROBERT S, Residence: 4425 THOMPSON RD, Plot: F-SC-001-000033-05, Owner: DANIELS, ROBERT S
DANIELS, JOE, Plot: F-SC-001-000085-01, Owner: DANIELS, JOE
DANIELS, STELLA, Plot: F-SC-001-000085-02, Owner: DANIELS, JOE
DARLING, BETTY L, Plot: F-WA-010-000061-01, Owner: TOWNSEND, THOMAS
DARLING, CAROLYN B, Plot: F-CX-023-000174-03, Owner: CRANDALL, CLARE
DART, OTIS, Plot: F-SC-001-000049-01, Owner: DART, SUSIE
DART, SUSIE, Plot: F-SC-001-000049-02, Owner: DART, SUSIE
DART, TOBIAS E, Plot: F-SC-001-000049-04, Owner: DART, SUSIE
DART, TRESSA M, Plot: F-SC-001-000049-03, Owner: DART, SUSIE
DAVENPORT, H.C., Plot: F-OR-021-000138-02, Owner: DAVENPORT, WALTER
DAVENPORT, ISIAH, Plot: F-OR-021-000142-01, Owner: DAVENPORT, WALTER
DAVENPORT, JULIA, Plot: F-OR-021-000142-03, Owner: DAVENPORT, WALTER
DAVENPORT, LYDIA M, Plot: F-OR-021-000142-02, Owner: DAVENPORT, WALTER
DAVIDSON, JOHN F, Plot: F-SA-003-000141-05, Owner: BOUGHTON, MARTHA L
DAVIDSON, ROGER D, Plot: F-SA-003-000142-02, Owner: BOUGHTON, MARTHA L
DAVIS SR, GEORGE G, Plot: F-SC-001-000051-04, Owner: EATON, STANLEY
DAVIS SR, RALPH O, Plot: F-BR-016-000065-08, Owner: DAVIS, RALPH
DAVIS, ALBERT A, Plot: F-FI-018-000005-03, Owner: HALL, O.E.
DAVIS, ALICE M, Plot: F-SC-002-000117-02, Owner: COLOMBO, DONALD
DAVIS, BETTY J, Residence: 16061 Knob Hill Dr, Plot: F-SE-004-000064-05, Owner: DAVIS, LEO R
DAVIS, BRUCE L, Plot: F-BR-016-000065-07, Owner: DAVIS, BRUCE L
DAVIS, CHARLES, Plot: F-SA-000-000086-03, Owner: DAVIS, MABLE
DAVIS, DAVID E, Residence: 818 State St., Plot: F-SA-000-000068-05, Owner: DAVIS, DAVID E
DAVIS, EDWARD, Plot: F-CX-022-000036-04, Owner: DAVIS, EDWARD
DAVIS, EILEEN M, Residence: G-1502 DORELLEN AVE, Plot: F-SE-004-000056-05, Owner: DAVIS, ROBERT
DAVIS, EMMA R, Plot: F-CX-023-000135-02, Owner: DAVIS, JAMES
DAVIS, ESTHER B, Plot: F-CX-022-000031-03, Owner: DAVIS, FRED
DAVIS, ETHEL M, Residence: 818 STATE ST., Plot: F-SA-000-000068-06, Owner: DAVIS, DAVID E
DAVIS, EUGENE, Plot: F-FI-018-000073-01, Owner: DAVIS, HELEN
DAVIS, HARPER H, Plot: F-FI-018-000005-08, Owner: HALL, O.E.
DAVIS, IDA, Plot: F-CX-022-000070-06, Owner: KELSEY, GEORGE
DAVIS, INA M, Plot: F-FI-018-000005-04, Owner: HALL, O.E.
DAVIS, JAMES B, Plot: F-FI-018-000005-07, Owner: HALL, O.E.
DAVIS, JAMES C, Plot: F-CX-023-000135-01, Owner: DAVIS, JAMES
DAVIS, JAMES C, Residence: STAR ROUTE #1 BOX 243C, Plot: F-SE-004-000012-04, Owner: DAVIS, JAMES C
DAVIS, JAMES W, Plot: F-SC-002-000117-01, Owner: COLOMBO, DONALD
DAVIS, JOHN M, Plot: F-FI-018-000073-02, Owner: DAVIS, HELEN
DAVIS, JOHN M, Plot: F-SA-003-000160-03, Owner: HARDEN, DOROTHY
DAVIS, JOSEPHINE B, Plot: F-SE-004-000012-03, Owner: DAVIS, JAMES C
DAVIS, JR, RALPH O, Plot: F-BR-016-000065-07, Owner: DAVIS, BRUCE L
DAVIS, JUNE E, Plot: F-SC-001-000051-03, Owner: EATON, STANLEY
DAVIS, LEO R, Residence: 16061 KNOBHILL DR., Plot: F-SE-004-000064-06, Owner: DAVIS, LEO R
DAVIS, LUCINDA A, Plot: F-BR-016-000065-02, Owner: DAVIS, RALPH
DAVIS, LYNMAN, Plot: F-FI-019-000100-01, Owner: DAVIS, E.
DAVIS, MABEL, Plot: F-SA-000-000086-04, Owner: DAVIS, MABLE
DAVIS, MABEL E, Plot: F-FI-019-000100-05, Owner: DAVIS, E.
DAVIS, MARGARET, Plot: F-FI-018-000044-02, Owner: DAVIS, WILLIAM
DAVIS, MARIAN A, Plot: F-BR-016-000065-05, Owner: DAVIS, RALPH
DAVIS, MARTIN V, Residence: 582 GAMBER LANE, Plot: F-SE-004-000057-06, Owner: DAVIS, MARGARET
DAVIS, ORSON G, Plot: F-CX-023-000135-03, Owner: DAVIS, JAMES
DAVIS, ROBERT E, Residence: 12640 E Holly Rd, Plot: F-SE-004-000056-06, Owner: DAVIS, ROBERT
DAVIS, SARAH A, Plot: F-FI-018-000005-08, Owner: HALL, O.E.
DAVIS, WILLIAM H, Plot: F-FI-018-000044-01, Owner: DAVIS, WILLIAM
DAWSON, GARY D, Residence: 4433 HARP DR., Plot: F-SC-002-000165-01, Owner: DAWSON, DONALD
DAWSON, MATTHEW D, Residence: 4433 HARP DR, Plot: F-SC-002-000165-02, Owner: DAWSON, DONALD
DAY, ANNA, Plot: F-FI-018-000042-02, Owner: DAY, SAMUEL
DAY, EDGAR P, Plot: F-OR-020-000021-04, Owner: DAY, J.S.
DAY, ELLEN M, Plot: F-FI-019-000111-02, Owner: DAY, FRANK
DAY, FRANCES, Plot: F-OR-020-000021-02, Owner: DAY, J.S.
DAY, FRANK, Plot: F-FI-019-000111-01, Owner: DAY, FRANK
DAY, GEORGE, Plot: F-FI-018-000042-05, Owner: DAY, SAMUEL
DAY, HARRIET R, Plot: F-OR-020-000021-03, Owner: DAY, J.S.
DAY, HAZEL M, Residence: 4075 MINNETONKA DR., Plot: F-SC-002-000182-05, Owner: DAY, HOWARD C
DAY, HOWARD C, Residence: 4075 MINNETONKA DR., Plot: F-SC-002-000182-06, Owner: DAY, HOWARD C
DAY, JAMES S, Plot: F-OR-020-000021-01, Owner: DAY, J.S.
DAY, PRATT, Plot: F-FI-018-000042-07, Owner: DAY, SAMUEL
DAY, SAMUEL, Plot: F-FI-018-000042-03, Owner: DAY, SAMUEL
DAY, SARAH R, Plot: F-FI-018-000042-04, Owner: DAY, SAMUEL
DAY, SETH, Plot: F-FI-018-000042-06, Owner: DAY, SAMUEL
DEAN II, WILLIAM H, Residence: 611 TICKNER ST., Plot: F-SE-004-000068-03, Owner: DEAN, WILLIAM H
DEAN SR, WILLIAM H, Residence: 611 TICKNER ST., Plot: F-SE-004-000068-05, Owner: DEAN, WILLIAM H
DEAN, BEATRICE, Residence: 1231 WESTVIEW AVE, Plot: F-SE-004-000062-05, Owner: DEAN, WILLIAM H
DEAN, EVANGELIN, Residence: 611 TICKNER ST, Plot: F-SE-004-000068-04, Owner: DEAN, WILLIAM H
DEAN, HAROLD E, Plot: F-SE-004-000062-04, Owner: DEAN, WILLIAM H
DEAN, MARGARET L, Plot: F-BO-013-000150-06, Owner: DEAN, WAYNE
DEAN, MINA E, Plot: F-SE-004-000062-03, Owner: DEAN, WILLIAM H
DEAN, ROBERT J, Plot: F-SE-004-000062-06, Owner: DEAN, WILLIAM H
DEAN, WILLIAM H, Plot: F-RW-015-000028-08, Owner: DEAN, HAROLD
DEDRICK, ALETHIA E, Plot: F-CX-023-000191-04, Owner: HETCHLER, HENRY
DEDRICK, ALTON L, Plot: F-CX-023-000191-03, Owner: HETCHLER, HENRY
DEDRICK, CLINTON C, Plot: F-BR-016-000052-01, Owner: DEDERICK, C.D.
DEDRICK, EDITH A, Plot: F-CX-023-000191-02, Owner: HETCHLER, HENRY
DEDRICK, EVAH, Plot: F-FI-018-000007-03, Owner: DEDRICK, EVAH
DEDRICK, MARY L, Plot: F-FI-018-000007-01, Owner: DEDRICK, EVAH
DEDRICK, S. D, Plot: F-FI-018-000007-04, Owner: DEDRICK, EVAH
DEDRICK, SARAH D, Plot: F-FI-018-000007-02, Owner: DEDRICK, EVAH
DEDRICK, SARAH E, Plot: F-BR-016-000052-02, Owner: DEDERICK, C.D.
DEFOE, MICHAEL, Residence: 616 Second St., Plot: F-WA-010-000056-03, Owner: DEFOE, ROBERT
DEGRAFF, BERYL H, Plot: F-WC-014-00002W-04, Owner: DEGRAFF, M.M.
DEGRAFF, LEWIS, Plot: F-WC-014-00002W-02, Owner: DEGRAFF, M.M.
DEGRAFF, MARTIN M, Plot: F-WC-014-00002W-01, Owner: DEGRAFF, M.M.
DEGRAFF, WALTER S, Plot: F-WC-014-00002W-03, Owner: DEGRAFF, M.M.
DEL PROPOSTO, REBECCA, Residence: 8635 SOMERSET BLVD. APT 130, Plot: F-SE-004-000057-04, Owner: DEL PROPOSTO, ROBERT
DELASHMIT, MATTHEW, Plot: F-BE-006-000001-03, Owner: CHAPMAN, RHONDA
DELASHMIT, MATTHEW, Plot: F-BE-006-000001-04, Owner: CHAPMAN, RHONDA
DELASHMIT, MICHAEL P, Plot: F-SD-005-000022-04, Owner: BOWSHER, LOREEN E
DELAURIER, JOHN G, Residence: 200 BLYTHE AVE, Plot: F-SC-002-000181-03, Owner: DELAURIER, JOHN
DEMEMBER, MARY LOUISE, Residence: 6017 BYRAM LAKE DR, Plot: F-HA-009-000168-05, Owner: DEMEMBER, MARY
DENISON, HAROLD R, Plot: F-SC-002-000181-06, Owner: DENISON, HAROLD
DENISON, JENNY M, Plot: F-BE-007-000114-03, Owner: CHAPPELL, MARSHALL C
DENNERT, HENRY P, Residence: 205 TREALOUT DR. APT. 24B, Plot: F-SE-004-000010-05, Owner: DENNERT, HENRY
DENNERT, MARIE F, Residence: 205 TREALOUT DR. APT. 24B, Plot: F-SE-004-000010-05, Owner: DENNERT, HENRY
DENNIS, CATHERINE T, Plot: F-CX-023-000121-07, Owner: TAMLYN, ARTHUR
DENNIS, SAMUEL W, Plot: F-CX-022-000087-01, Owner: DENNIS, SAMUEL
DENNIS, ZADA, Plot: F-CX-022-000087-02, Owner: DENNIS, SAMUEL
DENNISON, WILLIE M, Plot: F-CX-022-000066-02, Owner: DENNISON, MAUDIE
DENT, BABY D, Plot: F-SC-001-000084-01, Owner: NICKLE, RICHARD
DENT, SHANTEL C, Plot: F-SC-001-000084-01, Owner: NICKLE, RICHARD
DERY, YVETTE E, Residence: 13305 Seymour Rd, Plot: F-WA-011-000158-03, Owner: DERY, ILDEGE
DETROYER, CHARLES H, Residence: 7238 SWITZER DR., Plot: F-SA-003-000113-03, Owner: DETROYER, ETHEL
DETROYER, S. E, Residence: 7238 SWITZER DR., Plot: F-SA-003-000113-02, Owner: DETROYER, ETHEL
DI NUZZO, DOMINIQUE S, Residence: 13540 Seymour Rd, Plot: F-WA-010-000036-02, Owner: DI NUZZO, DOMENICO
DICKINSON, MARY B, Plot: F-FA-024-000011-01, Owner: DICKINSON, LUTHER
DIGGS, MARY S, Plot: F-SA-003-000149-06, Owner: DIGGS, NANNIE
DIGGS, WILLIAM F, Plot: F-SA-003-000149-05, Owner: DIGGS, NANNIE
DILLEREE, CHARLES, Plot: F-CX-022-000050-06, Owner: FOUST, JEFF
DILLEREE, OAKLE A, Plot: F-CX-022-000050-07, Owner: FOUST, JEFF
DILLEREE, PHYLLIS, Plot: F-CX-022-000050-08, Owner: FOUST, JEFF
DILLINGHAM, EVELYN G, Residence: 622 beach Buggy Ln, Plot: F-SA-003-000123-01, Owner: DILLINGHAM, FRED
DILLINGHAM, REUBEN E, Residence: 913 e hemphill, Plot: F-SA-003-000123-02, Owner: DILLINGHAM, FRED
DILLINGHAM, RUBY I, Residence: 1118 LELAND ST, Plot: F-SA-003-000123-03, Owner: DILLINGHAM, FRED
DITTMAR, AUGUST F, Plot: F-CX-022-000081-01, Owner: DITTMAR, FRED
DITTMAR, BERNICE D, Plot: F-CX-022-000081-05, Owner: DITTMAR, FRED
DITTMAR, FRANK, Plot: F-CX-022-000081-04, Owner: DITTMAR, FRED
DITTMAR, JENNIE, Plot: F-CX-022-000081-02, Owner: DITTMAR, FRED
DITTMAR, JENNIE L, Plot: F-CX-022-000081-07, Owner: DITTMAR, FRED
DITTMAR, LEON A, Plot: F-CX-022-000081-06, Owner: DITTMAR, FRED
DITTMAR, MARY J, Plot: F-CX-022-000081-08, Owner: DITTMAR, FRED
DOBBIE, JAMES K, Residence: 36261 Grand River Rd, Plot: F-WA-010-000051-02, Owner: FAGERMAN, JAN
DOBBIE, RUSSELL, Plot: F-WA-010-000041-02, Owner: CUPPERNOLL, KARYN
DOBBS, DENNIE D, Plot: F-CX-022-000061-08, Owner: SHANE, HAROLD
DOBSON, SAMANTHA D, Residence: 15492 Riverside, Plot: F-SD-005-000019-03, Owner: KRIST, MONICA
DODDER, ARNOLD, Plot: F-FI-019-000098-07, Owner: DODDER, J.E.
DODDER, DONALD E, Plot: F-CX-022-000080-06, Owner: DODDER, WILLIAM A
DODDER, ELIZA E, Plot: F-OR-020-000038-03, Owner: DODDER, RUTHFORD
DODDER, ELVIRA, Plot: F-FI-019-000098-02, Owner: DODDER, J.E.
DODDER, GEORGE E, Plot: F-FI-019-000098-05, Owner: DODDER, J.E.
DODDER, GEORGE M, Plot: F-FI-019-000098-01, Owner: DODDER, J.E.
DODDER, GROVER C, Plot: F-BR-017-000129-06, Owner: SHOUP, RAY
DODDER, HATTIE B, Plot: F-OR-020-000038-02, Owner: DODDER, RUTHFORD
DODDER, JACOB S, Plot: F-FI-019-000098-03, Owner: DODDER, J.E.
DODDER, MABLE D, Plot: F-BR-017-000129-05, Owner: SHOUP, RAY
DODDER, MARY A, Plot: F-BR-017-000129-02, Owner: SHOUP, RAY
DODDER, MORGAN, Plot: F-BR-017-000129-01, Owner: SHOUP, RAY
DODDER, ROBERT J, Plot: F-CX-022-000080-05, Owner: DODDER, WILLIAM A
DODDER, RUTHFORD B, Plot: F-OR-020-000038-01, Owner: DODDER, RUTHFORD
DODDER, SARAH, Plot: F-FI-019-000098-04, Owner: DODDER, J.E.
DODDER, SARAH, Plot: F-FI-019-000098-06, Owner: DODDER, J.E.
DODDER, WILLIAM A, Plot: F-CX-022-000080-08, Owner: DODDER, WILLIAM A
DODDER, WINONA E, Plot: F-CX-022-000080-07, Owner: DODDER, WILLIAM A
DOEFER, RUTH E, Plot: F-CX-023-000123-06, Owner: DOEFER, WILLIAM
DOEFER, WILLIAM J, Plot: F-CX-023-000123-05, Owner: DOEFER, WILLIAM
DOLE, GLENDA F, Plot: F-SA-003-000129-04, Owner: DOLE, HAROLD
DOLE, HAROLD I, Plot: F-SA-003-000129-01, Owner: DOLE, HAROLD
DOLE, JAMES HAROLD, Residence: 424 NORTH TOWN COMMONS, Plot: F-SA-003-000129-03, Owner: DOLE, HAROLD
DOLE, LORA F, Residence: 2625 WHITE CREEK RD., Plot: F-SA-003-000129-02, Owner: DOLE, HAROLD
DOLLIVER, NOLAN J, Residence: 12494 S. LINDEN RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000025-04, Owner: DOLLIVER, DOROTHY
DONAVEN, CLIFFORD J, Plot: F-CX-023-000169-04, Owner: BUCK, C.E.
DONAVEN, LULA M, Plot: F-CX-023-000169-03, Owner: BUCK, C.E.
DONNER, FREDERICK, Plot: F-BR-017-000120-01, Owner: DONNER, FRED
DONNER, HENRIETTA, Plot: F-FI-019-000079-05, Owner: DONNER, JOHN
DONNER, JOHN, Plot: F-FI-019-000079-04, Owner: DONNER, JOHN
DONNER, JOSEPHINE, Plot: F-BR-017-000120-02, Owner: DONNER, FRED
DONNER, ROY, Plot: F-BR-017-000120-08, Owner: DONNER, FRED
DONOVAN, GRETCHEN M, Residence: 5300 OWEN RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000034-05, Owner: VIRGIN, JOHN
DOOLEY, JENNIE L, Plot: F-CX-023-000201-02, Owner: WEBBER, LOIVA
DOUGLAS, ELIZA, Plot: F-FI-018-000004-02, Owner: LOCK, J.
DOWER, SELINA M, Plot: F-SE-004-000035-01, Owner: DONOVAN, GRETCHEN
DOWER, THOMAS, Plot: F-SE-004-000034-06, Owner: VIRGIN, JOHN
DOWNER, ADIAL, Plot: F-OR-021-000120-10, Owner: DOWNER, ANDREW E
DOWNER, ANDREW D, Plot: F-OR-021-000120-07, Owner: DOWNER, ANDREW E
DOWNER, ANDREW E, Plot: F-OR-021-000120-06, Owner: DOWNER, ANDREW E
DOWNER, EDMOND, Plot: F-OR-021-000120-01, Owner: DOWNER, ANDREW E
DOWNER, EDMOND, Plot: F-OR-021-000120-04, Owner: DOWNER, ANDREW E
DOWNER, EDMUND C, Plot: F-SA-000-000103-01, Owner: TAYLOR, WILLIAM G
DOWNER, ELISHABY, Plot: F-OR-021-000120-05, Owner: DOWNER, ANDREW E
DOWNER, F.W., Plot: F-OR-021-000110-07, Owner: DOWNER, F.W.
DOWNER, HELEN D, Plot: F-OR-021-000120-08, Owner: DOWNER, ANDREW E
DOWNER, J.H., Plot: F-OR-021-000110-02, Owner: DOWNER, F.W.
DOWNER, JENIMA, Plot: F-OR-021-000110-01, Owner: DOWNER, F.W.
DOWNER, JOHN E, Plot: F-OR-021-000120-09, Owner: DOWNER, ANDREW E
DOWNER, JULIA E, Plot: F-OR-021-000110-06, Owner: DOWNER, F.W.
DOWNER, LAVINA, Plot: F-OR-021-000110-05, Owner: DOWNER, F.W.
DOWNER, MARY J, Plot: F-OR-021-000120-03, Owner: DOWNER, ANDREW E
DOWNER, MCACHSA J, Plot: F-OR-021-000110-03, Owner: DOWNER, F.W.
DOWNER, SALLY A, Plot: F-OR-021-000120-02, Owner: DOWNER, ANDREW E
DOWNER, VIVA M, Plot: F-SA-000-000103-02, Owner: TAYLOR, WILLIAM G
DOWNER, WINNABELL, Plot: F-OR-021-000110-04, Owner: DOWNER, F.W.
DRAGOY, ALVIN R, Plot: F-SC-001-000083-03, Owner: DRAGOY, JOHN
DRAGOY, GRACE, Plot: F-SC-001-000083-02, Owner: DRAGOY, JOHN
DRAGOY, JOHN, Residence: 324 W. CAROLINE, Plot: F-SC-001-000083-01, Owner: DRAGOY, JOHN
DRAKE, HERBERT E, Plot: F-SC-002-000129-01, Owner: DRAKE, HERBERT
DRAKE, MARY M, Plot: F-SC-002-000129-02, Owner: DRAKE, HERBERT
DRAPER JR, ARTHUR F, Residence: 12514 S. LINDEN RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000057-06, Owner: DRAPER, ARTHUR F
DRENNAN, ASHLEY, Plot: F-SC-002-000167-06, Owner: DRENNAN, ASHLEY
DRENNAN, KATHERINE S, Plot: F-SC-002-000167-05, Owner: DRENNAN, ASHLEY
DRESDEN, JOSEPH B, Residence: 834 N. LEROY ST., Plot: F-SE-004-000067-01, Owner: DRESDEN, KATIE E
DRURY, ALICE C, Plot: F-BR-016-000005-06, Owner: DRURY, H.
DRURY, SELBY, Plot: F-BR-016-000005-05, Owner: DRURY, H.
DRYER, JEFFREY A, Plot: F-FA-024-000021-05, Owner: HILLMAN, HOWARD
DUBOIS, DEBBIE I, Residence: 11396 Sharp Rd, Plot: F-BO-012-000014-04, Owner: ACHIMOV, WALDTRAUD
DUBY SR, AIMEE J, Plot: F-SC-002-000152-05, Owner: DUBY, AIME
DUBY, ALMENA C, Plot: F-SC-002-000152-06, Owner: DUBY, AIME
DUBY, JOSEPH A, Residence: 24690 RIDGEDALE, Plot: F-SD-005-000003-02, Owner: DUBY, NAOMI E
DUBY, NAOMI E, Residence: 24690 RIDGEDALE, Plot: F-SD-005-000003-01, Owner: DUBY, NAOMI E
DUDECK, HENRY A, Plot: F-CX-022-000065-05, Owner: DUDECK, HENRY
DUER, CLARA A, Plot: F-CX-022-000085-06, Owner: GAMBER, WILLIAM
DUFFY, DIANNE C, Plot: F-SE-004-000056-04, Owner: RODD, CATHY
DUKE, HOLLIS I, Plot: F-FI-019-000149-05, Owner: WHITE, ALPHEUS
DUKE, RUTH E, Plot: F-FI-019-000149-06, Owner: WHITE, ALPHEUS
DUMANOIS, ARTHUR E, Plot: F-FI-019-000153-04, Owner: DUMANOIS, ARTHUR
DUMANOIS, ELLA M, Plot: F-FI-019-000153-02, Owner: DUMANOIS, ARTHUR
DUMANOIS, JEROME, Residence: WHITE HEAD DR, Plot: F-FI-019-000153-05, Owner: DUMANOIS, ARTHUR
DUMANOIS, JEROME R, Plot: F-FI-019-000153-06, Owner: DUMANOIS, ARTHUR
DUMANOIS, PEARL, Plot: F-SA-000-00036A-02, Owner: DUMANOIS, ARTHUR
DUNAVENT, JOHN H, Plot: F-CX-022-000035-07, Owner: DUNAVENT, J.H.
DUNK, ERNEST W, Plot: F-SE-004-000025-06, Owner: DOLLIVER, DOROTHY
DUNLAP, ALENA, Residence: 107 BROADWAY, Plot: F-BR-016-000027-05, Owner: DUNLAP, RACHAEL
DUNLAP, JOHN H, Plot: F-BR-016-000027-01, Owner: DUNLAP, RACHAEL
DUNLAP, RACHEL A, Plot: F-BR-016-000027-02, Owner: DUNLAP, RACHAEL
DUNLAP, ROBERT, Plot: F-BR-016-000027-07, Owner: DUNLAP, RACHAEL
DUNLAP, ROBERT A, Plot: F-BR-016-000027-03, Owner: DUNLAP, RACHAEL
DUNLAP, WIFE O, Plot: F-BR-016-000027-04, Owner: DUNLAP, RACHAEL
DUNN, HELEN M, Plot: F-WA-010-000003-03, Owner: DUNN, HELEN
DUNN, WARREN B, Plot: F-WA-010-000003-02, Owner: DUNN, HELEN
DUNNEBECK, GARNETT, Residence: 13115 JENNINGS RD., Plot: F-SC-002-000111-05, Owner: DUNNEBECK, JOSEPH W
DUNNEBECK, JAMES R, Plot: F-SC-002-000111-06, Owner: DUNNEBECK, JOSEPH W
DUNNING, BARBARA JEAN, Residence: 4713 MAPLE CITY HWY, Plot: F-BE-006-00000D-05, Owner: DUNNING, WAYNE
DUNNING, BARKER C, Plot: F-FI-018-000031-05, Owner: DUNNING, BARKER C
DUNNING, BASKA G, Plot: F-FI-018-000031-07, Owner: DUNNING, BARKER C
DUNNING, DONALD L, Plot: F-BE-007-000062-01, Owner: BAUER, GERALD J
DUNNING, JAMES B, Residence: 1095 Mandeville St., Plot: F-WA-010-000062-01, Owner: DUNNING, MARILYN J
DUNNING, JOHN L, Plot: F-SC-002-000147-03, Owner: DUNNING, VIOLA B
DUNNING, MARY E, Plot: F-FI-018-000031-06, Owner: DUNNING, BARKER C
DUNNING, RANDOLPH, Plot: F-SA-000-000033-06, Owner: MORTON, EARLY
DUNNING, VIOLA B, Plot: F-SC-002-000147-02, Owner: DUNNING, VIOLA B
DUNNING, WAYNE L, Plot: F-SC-002-000147-01, Owner: DUNNING, VIOLA B
DUNTON, FRANKIE, Plot: F-OR-020-000096-02, Owner: MOYER, AARON
DURFEE, MYRON W, Plot: F-OR-021-000131-01, Owner: DURKEE, S.A.
DURKEE, CONSTANCE M, Plot: F-CX-022-000068-07, Owner: DURKEE, RIAD
DURKEE, EDWINE C, Plot: F-SA-000-00055A-03, Owner: DURKEE, SYLVIA
DURKEE, LEON L, Plot: F-SA-000-00055A-01, Owner: DURKEE, SYLVIA
DURKEE, SYLVIA P, Plot: F-SA-000-00055A-01, Owner: DURKEE, SYLVIA
DUROCHER, ROBERT L, Plot: F-BO-012-000023-06, Owner: DUROCHER, BETTY
DYE, DOUGLAS K, Plot: F-BR-017-000096-05, Owner: BENNETT, CHARLES
DYE, JOHN, Plot: F-BO-013-000085-01, Owner: DYE, JOHN
DYMOWSKI, DEBORAH ANN, Residence: 13292 GOLDEN CIRCLE, Plot: F-BE-007-000125-01, Owner: CUPPERNOLL, KARYN

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