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Fairview Cemetery
Linden, Genesee County, Michigan

GPS: 42.814235, -83.772614

Tickner St. & High St
Linden, MI 48451

Published: October 21, 2016
Total records: 5,992

Surnames A-B

Records below were acquired from the City of Linden on October 21, 2016. The city did not includes any dates in these records, only names of deceased, plot locations, and plot owners. Some records includes the decedent's last known residence.

, Plot: F-SD-005-000057-03, Owner: ABBEY, GORDON R
ABBEY, HOWARD D, Plot: F-WA-010-000009-06, Owner: ABBEY, THERESA K
ABBEY, MARGARET, Plot: F-SA-000-000021-06, Owner: ABBEY, WILLIAM
ABBEY, MARY J, Residence: 6171 Lobdell Rd, Plot: F-SD-005-000057-02, Owner: ABBEY, GORDON R
ABBEY, MAUDE L, Plot: F-SA-000-000021-04, Owner: ABBEY, WILLIAM
ABBEY, ROBERT A, Plot: F-SD-005-000057-01, Owner: ABBEY, GORDON R
ABBEY, TERESA KAY, Residence: 761 RIVER CT., Plot: F-WA-010-000009-05, Owner: ABBEY, THERESA K
ABBEY, WILLIAM M, Plot: F-SA-000-000021-05, Owner: ABBEY, WILLIAM
ABERNATHY, JERRY W, Residence: 734 GRANT CIRCLE, Plot: F-SE-004-000037-01, Owner: ABERNATHY, CAROLYN
ACHIMOV, MAX, Plot: F-BO-012-000014-05, Owner: ACHIMOV, WALDTRAUD
ACHIMOV, WALTRAUD L, Residence: 821 Westwood Dr, Plot: F-BO-012-000014-06, Owner: ACHIMOV, WALDTRAUD
ACKERSON, CATHERINE D, Plot: F-FI-019-000120-04, Owner: TRAPHAGAN
ACKERSON, DAVID, Plot: F-FI-019-000120-03, Owner: TRAPHAGAN
ACKERSON, JOHN E, Plot: F-FI-019-000120-02, Owner: TRAPHAGAN
ADAMS, FRANK, Plot: F-SA-000-00015A-01, Owner: UNGER, JOHN
ADAMS, GLORIA, Residence: 5153 DURWOOD DR., Plot: F-SE-004-000060-04, Owner: ADAMS, HOMER
ADAMS, GRETCHEN M, Residence: 16306 HAVILAND BEACH DR., Plot: F-SC-002-00137A-02, Owner: ADAMS, HOMER
ADAMS, HOMER, Residence: 5153 Durwood Dr, Plot: F-SE-004-000060-05, Owner: ADAMS, HOMER
ADAMS, HOMER P, Residence: 16306 HAVILAND BEACH DR., Plot: F-SC-002-00137A-01, Owner: ADAMS, HOMER
ADAMS, NORMA R, Plot: F-SC-002-000143-03, Owner: MCGUIRE, RAY
ADAMS, OLIVIA, Plot: F-OR-021-000115-05, Owner: MCFARLAN, ROBERT
ADAMS, RAYMOND B, Plot: F-OR-021-000115-04, Owner: MCFARLAN, ROBERT
ADAMS, ROBERT S, Plot: F-SC-002-00137A-03, Owner: ADAMS, HOMER
ADAMS, SILAS, Plot: F-OR-021-000115-06, Owner: MCFARLAN, ROBERT
ADAMS, WILLIAM, Plot: F-SA-000-000022-01, Owner: ADAMS, MRS. W
ADELSBERGER, WILHELM H, Plot: F-WA-011-000115-01, Owner: HOPSON, JOHN
AGER, ELIZABETH, Plot: F-FI-018-000017-02, Owner: JONES, WILLIAM B
AGER, IRA, Plot: F-FI-018-000017-01, Owner: JONES, WILLIAM B
AGER, NETTIE, Plot: F-OR-021-000134-03, Owner: LAMB, LORENZO
AITKENS, MARY E, Plot: F-CX-023-000175-04, Owner: CRANDALL, CORSS
AITKENS, WILLIAM B, Plot: F-CX-023-000175-03, Owner: CRANDALL, CORSS
ALBERT, LAURA E, Plot: F-WC-014-00017E-02, Owner: FOXTON, EDGAR R
ALBERTS, ARDIS G, Plot: F-CX-022-000041-02, Owner: ALBERT, HAROLD
ALBERTS, EARL L, Residence: 249 Meadow Pointe Dr, Plot: F-SA-003-000162-04, Owner: ALBERTS, EARL
ALBERTS, FLOYD G, Plot: F-SA-000-000102-06, Owner: ALBERTS, GEORGE
ALBERTS, GEORGE, Residence: 12154 TORREY RD., Plot: F-SA-000-000102-04, Owner: ALBERTS, GEORGE
ALBERTS, HAROLD, Plot: F-CX-022-000041-03, Owner: ALBERT, HAROLD
ALBERTS, HAROLD M, Plot: F-CX-022-000041-01, Owner: ALBERT, HAROLD
ALBERTS, IDA M, Residence: 12154 TORREY RD., Plot: F-SA-000-000102-05, Owner: ALBERTS, GEORGE
ALBERTS, MILDRED E, Residence: 249 Meadow Point Dr, Plot: F-SA-003-000162-05, Owner: ALBERTS, EARL
ALDEN, GALE W, Plot: F-SA-000-000094-01, Owner: ALDEN, GALE W
ALDEN, INFANT R, Plot: F-SA-000-000094-03, Owner: ALDEN, GALE W
ALDRIDGE, KATHLEEN M, Plot: F-SC-002-000125-06, Owner: GRAVLIN, DONALD
ALEXANDER, DALE W, Plot: F-SD-005-000020-03, Owner: ALEXANDER, DALE W
ALEXANDER, DARLENE R, Residence: 4288 GRANGE HALL RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000008-05, Owner: ALEXANDER, GARY W
ALEXANDER, GARY W, Residence: 4288 GRANGE HALL RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000008-06, Owner: ALEXANDER, GARY W
ALEXANDER, MARY L, Residence: 10335 ARGENTINE RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000020-02, Owner: ALEXANDER, DALE W
ALEXANDER, PETER W, Plot: F-SA-000-000082-04, Owner: ALEXANDER, PETER
ALEXANDER, VERA, Plot: F-SA-000-000082-05, Owner: ALEXANDER, PETER
ALGER, BURTON L, Plot: F-CX-022-000066-03, Owner: MEYERS, MILDRED
ALGER, RUTH S, Residence: 771 WREN CIRCLE EAST, Plot: F-SE-004-000043-03, Owner: ALGER, RUTH S
ALGER, WARDEN B, Residence: 771 WREN CIRCLE EAST, Plot: F-SE-004-000043-04, Owner: ALGER, RUTH S
ALISH, EMMA G, Plot: F-CX-022-000080-02, Owner: ALISH, JOSEPH
ALLAN, FRANK E, Residence: 16434 SHARON DR., Plot: F-SD-005-000046-03, Owner: ALLAN, PEGGY S
ALLEN, ALICE, Residence: 1069 N BALLENGER HWY, Plot: F-BR-016-000058-01, Owner: SUTHERLAND, FRANK
ALLEN, BENJAMIN H, Plot: F-SC-001-000041-01, Owner: ALLEN, LEONA
ALLEN, CECIL L, Residence: 409 Riggs St, Plot: F-WA-010-000007-03, Owner: ALLEN, CECIL
ALLEN, DOROTHY M, Plot: F-WA-010-000007-02, Owner: ALLEN, CECIL
ALLEN, JAMES, Plot: F-BR-016-000058-02, Owner: SUTHERLAND, FRANK
ALLEN, JOANNE C, Residence: 739 Elmwood, Plot: F-WA-010-000060-06, Owner: ALLEN, STEPHEN W
ALLEN, LEONA, Plot: F-SC-001-000041-02, Owner: ALLEN, LEONA
ALLEN, RUTH, Plot: F-OR-021-000122-02, Owner: HARRIS, JOSEPH
ALLEN, RUTH A, Plot: F-OR-021-000122-01, Owner: HARRIS, JOSEPH
ALLIE, JUNE P, Plot: F-RW-015-000033-08, Owner: ALLIE, ROY L
ALLIE, ROY L, Plot: F-RW-015-000033-05, Owner: ALLIE, ROY L
ALLIE, WILLIAM J, Plot: F-RW-015-000033-06, Owner: ALLIE, ROY L
ALLPORT, ANN E, Residence: 15126 ROACH DR., Plot: F-SC-001-000058-05, Owner: ALLPORT, SAMUEL
ALMASSY, ETHEL, Residence: 12078 OLD LINDEN RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000047-02, Owner: ALMASSY, ETHEL
ALMASSY, LOUIS, Residence: 12078 OLD LINDEN RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000047-01, Owner: ALMASSY, ETHEL
ALMY, ALBERT W, Plot: F-OR-020-000080-02, Owner: ALMY, ALBERT
ALMY, MSF, Plot: F-OR-020-000080-04, Owner: ALMY, ALBERT
ALMY, NELLIE A, Plot: F-OR-020-000080-01, Owner: ALMY, ALBERT
ALTER, ELBA A, Plot: F-SA-003-000107-04, Owner: ALTER, MRS. E
ALTER, LEONARD J, Plot: F-SA-003-000107-03, Owner: ALTER, MRS. E
AMERMAN, O.W., Plot: F-BR-017-000099-01, Owner: AMERMAN, O.W.
AMERMAN, T.A., Plot: F-BR-017-000099-02, Owner: AMERMAN, O.W.
AMES, AMELIA B, Plot: F-CX-023-000119-05, Owner: BEDAN, ARCHIE
AMES, CHARLES, Plot: F-CX-023-000119-06, Owner: BEDAN, ARCHIE
ANDERSEN, BABY W, Plot: F-SA-000-000036-03, Owner: ANDERSON, WARREN
ANDERSEN, SARAH E, Plot: F-SA-000-000036-02, Owner: ANDERSON, WARREN
ANDERSON JR, EDWIN R, Residence: 10113 NIMPHIE, Plot: F-SE-004-000023-04, Owner: ANDERSON, EDWIN S
ANDERSON, ALBERT H, Plot: F-WA-011-000121-02, Owner: ANDERSON, ALBERT
ANDERSON, BERTHA, Plot: F-SC-001-000022-03, Owner: ANDERSON, GERHARD
ANDERSON, GERALD K, Plot: F-SC-001-000099-03, Owner: ANDERSON, JAMES
ANDERSON, HESSEL, Plot: F-SA-003-000145-04, Owner: ANDERSON, VICTOR
ANDERSON, JAMES, Plot: F-SC-001-000099-05, Owner: ANDERSON, JAMES
ANDERSON, JOHN W, Residence: 6897 Pollack Bridge Rd, Plot: F-SE-004-000011-02, Owner: ANDERSON, VICTOR
ANDERSON, LESLIE D, Residence: 753 W. BROAD ST., Plot: F-SE-004-000011-04, Owner: ANDERSON, VICTOR
ANDERSON, MARY M, Plot: F-SA-003-000145-03, Owner: ANDERSON, VICTOR
ANDERSON, MAYME L, Plot: F-SC-001-000022-02, Owner: ANDERSON, GERHARD
ANDERSON, MINNA, Residence: G-3269 HERRICK AVE, Plot: F-WA-011-000121-01, Owner: ANDERSON, ALBERT
ANDERSON, SUZANNE, Residence: 753 W. BROAD ST., Plot: F-SE-004-000011-03, Owner: ANDERSON, VICTOR
ANDERSON, VIRGIL R, Plot: F-WA-011-000121-04, Owner: ANDERSON, ALBERT
ANDRESKI, JOSEPH E, Plot: F-WA-011-000094-01, Owner: ANDRESKI, JOSEPH E
ANDREWS, JENNIFER LYNN, Residence: 743 NEUBERT ST, Plot: F-BE-006-000030-06, Owner: BROWN, RICHARD
ANDREWS, PATRICIA A, Plot: F-SD-005-000049-01, Owner: SARGENT, DIANA
ANIBAL, BERT J, Plot: F-SA-003-000111-05, Owner: ANIBAL, BERT
ANIBAL, BLANCHE P, Plot: F-BR-016-000049-06, Owner: ANIBAL, JOHN
ANIBAL, ELMER L, Plot: F-CX-022-000039-03, Owner: ANIBAL, FRANK
ANIBAL, FRED H, Plot: F-CX-022-000079-01, Owner: LOYER, GEORGE
ANIBAL, HAZEL I, Plot: F-CX-022-000039-02, Owner: ANIBAL, FRANK
ANIBAL, J. F, Plot: F-CX-022-000039-01, Owner: ANIBAL, FRANK
ANIBAL, JOHN N, Plot: F-BR-016-000049-02, Owner: ANIBAL, JOHN
ANIBAL, JOSEPH F, Plot: F-CX-022-000007-03, Owner: ANIBAL, JOSEPH F
ANIBAL, MARGARET J, Plot: F-CX-022-000007-04, Owner: ANIBAL, JOSEPH F
ANIBAL, MAUD P, Plot: F-BR-016-000049-04, Owner: ANIBAL, JOHN
ANIBAL, MAUDE E, Residence: 706 N. BRIDGE ST., Plot: F-SA-003-000111-06, Owner: ANIBAL, BERT
ANIBAL, MILDRED R, Plot: F-BR-016-000049-08, Owner: ANIBAL, JOHN
ANIBAL, MILLIE R, Plot: F-BR-016-000049-03, Owner: ANIBAL, JOHN
ANIBAL, MINNIE M, Plot: F-CX-022-000079-02, Owner: LOYER, GEORGE
ANIBAL, SARAH L, Plot: F-BR-016-000049-01, Owner: ANIBAL, JOHN
ANIBAL, VERN N, Plot: F-BR-016-000049-05, Owner: ANIBAL, JOHN
ANNIS, ADELPHIA E, Plot: F-BR-016-000040-02, Owner: ANNIS, CHARLES
ANNIS, ALICE F, Plot: F-SA-000-000061-05, Owner: ANNIS, IRA
ANNIS, CHARLES E, Plot: F-BR-016-000040-01, Owner: ANNIS, CHARLES
ANNIS, DOLORES F, Residence: 4458 Cherrytree Lane, Plot: F-SA-000-000061-02, Owner: ANNIS, IRA
ANNIS, EDITH, Residence: 109 Foothills Dr, Plot: F-SA-000-000061-03, Owner: ANNIS, IRA
ANNIS, ELLA H, Plot: F-FI-018-000060-04, Owner: ANNIS, MARY
ANNIS, ERNEST, Plot: F-BR-016-000040-03, Owner: ANNIS, CHARLES
ANNIS, EVA M, Plot: F-SA-000-000055-02, Owner: ANNIS, L.E.
ANNIS, FERN E, Plot: F-WA-010-000067-01, Owner: ANNIS, ROBERT E
ANNIS, HAROLD R, Residence: 4458 Cherrytree Lane, Plot: F-SA-000-000061-01, Owner: ANNIS, IRA
ANNIS, HATTIE H, Plot: F-WC-014-00013E-02, Owner: ANNIS, WILLIAM
ANNIS, IRA B, Plot: F-SA-000-000061-06, Owner: ANNIS, IRA
ANNIS, JANE A, Plot: F-FI-018-000060-02, Owner: ANNIS, MARY
ANNIS, JOHN M, Plot: F-FI-018-000060-01, Owner: ANNIS, MARY
ANNIS, KATIE, Plot: F-BR-016-000040-04, Owner: ANNIS, CHARLES
ANNIS, LOUIS E, Plot: F-SA-000-000055-01, Owner: ANNIS, L.E.
ANNIS, MARY F, Plot: F-FI-018-000060-03, Owner: ANNIS, MARY
ANNIS, RALPH B, Plot: F-SA-000-000061-04, Owner: ANNIS, IRA
ANNIS, ROBERT, Residence: 6325 Silver Lake Rd, Plot: F-WA-010-000067-02, Owner: ANNIS, ROBERT E
ANNIS, WILLIAM H, Plot: F-WC-014-00013E-01, Owner: ANNIS, WILLIAM
ANTHONY, ALAN N, Plot: F-WA-011-000092-02, Owner: ANTHONY, ROSALEE
ANTIS, GEORGE F, Residence: 401 MAIN ST., Plot: F-SD-005-000008-03, Owner: ANTIS, GEORGE
ANTIS, PEARL, Residence: 401 MAIN ST., Plot: F-SD-005-000008-02, Owner: ANTIS, GEORGE
ARCHER, CARROLL, Plot: F-FI-019-000124-08, Owner: ARCHER, JAMES
ARCHER, DUANE L, Plot: F-FI-019-000124-07, Owner: ARCHER, JAMES
ARCHER, JAMES W, Plot: F-FI-019-000124-05, Owner: ARCHER, JAMES
ARCHER, MINNIE, Plot: F-FI-019-000124-06, Owner: ARCHER, JAMES
ARCHER, RAYMOND P, Plot: F-FI-019-000124-07, Owner: ARCHER, JAMES
ARMON, IDA, Plot: F-CX-022-000054-02, Owner: ARMON, WILLIAM
ARMON, WILLIAM G, Plot: F-CX-022-000054-01, Owner: ARMON, WILLIAM
ARMSTRONG, JAMES P, Plot: F-RW-015-000020-01, Owner: ARMSTRONG, MARY T
ARMSTRONG, LOLA W, Plot: F-FI-018-000048-04, Owner: ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM
ARTHUR, HENRY F, Plot: F-FI-019-000136-01, Owner: ARTHUR, HENRY F
ARTHUR, MARGARET F, Plot: F-FI-019-000136-02, Owner: ARTHUR, HENRY F
ASBURY, CRAIG, Residence: 2006 Arlington, Plot: F-HA-008-000009-03, Owner: ASBURY, ELSIE M
ASBURY, DICK, Residence: 2006 Arlington, Plot: F-HA-008-000009-04, Owner: ASBURY, ELSIE M
ASBURY, JOHN S, Plot: F-HA-008-000009-05, Owner: ASBURY, ELSIE M
ASHLEY, JOHN RYAN, Residence: 16379 TROTTER LN, Plot: F-HA-008-000063-06, Owner: ASHLEY, JOHN G & JOANNE E.
ASHTON, CARLA A, Plot: F-BE-006-000025-06, Owner: HAMPTON, MARIA
ATHERTON, EMMA L, Plot: F-BR-017-000114-04, Owner: VANWAGONER, H.R.
ATHERTON, MARION, Plot: F-BR-017-000114-06, Owner: VANWAGONER, H.R.
AUSTIN, B.J., Plot: F-CX-023-000113-01, Owner: AUSTIN, B.J.
AUSTIN, EDWARD W, Residence: 301 E Broad St, Plot: F-WA-010-000021-04, Owner: AUSTIN, EDWARD
AUSTIN, ELLEN M, Plot: F-CX-023-000113-02, Owner: AUSTIN, B.J.
AUSTIN, ELTON B, Plot: F-CX-023-000113-04, Owner: AUSTIN, B.J.
AUSTIN, HELEN, Plot: F-OR-021-000104-01, Owner: AUSTIN, A.A.
AUSTIN, HELEN M, Plot: F-CX-023-000113-03, Owner: AUSTIN, B.J.
AUSTIN, JANET, Residence: 301 E. Broad St, Plot: F-WA-010-000021-03, Owner: AUSTIN, EDWARD
AUSTIN, MILDRED M, Residence: 728 Webber Ct, Plot: F-SD-005-000031-02, Owner: AUSTIN, WILLARD F
AUSTIN, NAOMA, Plot: F-OR-021-000104-03, Owner: AUSTIN, A.A.
AUSTIN, TERRENCE L, Plot: F-SA-003-000176-03, Owner: KEY, LARRY D
AUSTIN, WILLARD, Residence: 15243 RESTWOOD DR., Plot: F-SD-005-000031-01, Owner: AUSTIN, WILLARD F
AUTEN, ABRAM S, Plot: F-FI-019-000142-03, Owner: JEWETT-AUTEN
AUTEN, GLEN O, Residence: 8184 WHITNEY RD., Plot: F-SC-002-00127A-01, Owner: AUTON, GLEN O
AUTEN, J.B., Plot: F-SD-005-000063-04, Owner: AUTEN, J.B.
AUTEN, JOAN M, Residence: 9511 Long Meadow, Plot: F-SD-005-000063-03, Owner: AUTEN, J.B.
AUTEN, LYLA L, Residence: 8184 WHITNEY RD., Plot: F-SC-002-00127A-03, Owner: AUTON, GLEN O
AUTEN, MARY A, Plot: F-FI-019-000142-04, Owner: JEWETT-AUTEN
AUTRY, BABY B, Plot: F-CX-023-000114-08, Owner: AUTRY, CHESTY
AUTRY, BABY B, Plot: F-CX-023-000114-08, Owner: AUTRY, CHESTY
AUTRY, CHESTY O, Plot: F-CX-023-000114-04, Owner: AUTRY, CHESTY
AUTRY, DAVID T, Plot: F-CX-023-000114-06, Owner: AUTRY, CHESTY
AUTRY, VINETA T, Residence: 9394 S SEYMOUR, Plot: F-CX-023-000114-05, Owner: AUTRY, CHESTY
AXEL, ERIC R, Residence: 529 S. ST. JOHNS ST., Plot: F-SE-004-000015-03, Owner: KERNEN, NILENE
BADGERO, DELOSS L, Plot: F-CX-023-000159-06, Owner: BADGERO, DELOSS
BADGERO, JEANIE M, Plot: F-CX-023-000159-07, Owner: BADGERO, DELOSS
BADGLEY, PATRICK J, Residence: 16262 Cove Dr, Plot: F-HA-009-000162-01, Owner: BADGLEY, TIMOTHY
BAHM, IVAN K, Residence: 4187 W. FOUR LAKES DR., Plot: F-SE-004-000014-01, Owner: BAHM, DORIS
BAINBRIDGE, IDA S, Plot: F-BR-017-000098-07, Owner: BAINBRIDGE, JOHN
BAINBRIDGE, JOHN W, Plot: F-BR-017-000098-08, Owner: BAINBRIDGE, JOHN
BAINBRIDGE, LEONE, Plot: F-BR-017-000098-02, Owner: BAINBRIDGE, JOHN
BAINBRIDGE, LEONE, Plot: F-BR-017-000098-02, Owner: BAINBRIDGE, JOHN
BAINBRIDGE, RALPH, Plot: F-BR-017-000098-01, Owner: BAINBRIDGE, JOHN
BAIR, DORIS J, Residence: 1205 Calhun, Plot: F-BO-012-000008-05, Owner: BAIR, JOHN H
BAIR, JOHN H, Plot: F-BO-012-000008-06, Owner: BAIR, JOHN H
BAIRD, ADA M, Plot: F-BR-016-000010-04, Owner: BAIRD, WILLIAM
BAIRD, ALEXANDER, Plot: F-BR-016-000010-01, Owner: BAIRD, WILLIAM
BAIRD, ALEXANDER M, Plot: F-BR-016-000010-02, Owner: BAIRD, WILLIAM
BAIRD, ERMINA A, Plot: F-BR-016-000010-03, Owner: BAIRD, WILLIAM
BAIRD, FRANCES M, Plot: F-CX-022-000047-02, Owner: BAIRD, HOMER
BAIRD, GEORGE H, Plot: F-CX-022-000047-01, Owner: BAIRD, HOMER
BAIRD, GLENN A, Plot: F-CX-022-000047-06, Owner: BAIRD, HOMER
BAIRD, HOMER, Plot: F-CX-022-000047-03, Owner: BAIRD, HOMER
BAIRD, NELLIE L, Plot: F-CX-022-000047-05, Owner: BAIRD, HOMER
BAIRD, WILLIAM D, Plot: F-BR-016-000010-05, Owner: BAIRD, WILLIAM
BAKER, KENNETH L, Plot: F-CX-022-000068-02, Owner: BAKER, AUGUSTA
BAKER, VIOLA, Plot: F-HA-008-000005-01, Owner: CUPPERNOLL, KARYN
BALDWIN, BABY C, Plot: F-FI-019-000131-02, Owner: BUCK, JESSE
BALDWIN, GUY C, Plot: F-CX-023-000176-01, Owner: BALDWIN, GUY
BALDWIN, JULIA E, Plot: F-CX-023-000176-02, Owner: BALDWIN, GUY
BALG, FRED, Residence: 10222 S. LINDEN RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000011-06, Owner: BALG, FRED
BALG, MARY, Plot: F-SE-004-000012-01, Owner: BALG, FRED
BALL, A.B., Plot: F-OR-021-000118-02, Owner: BALL, JAMES
BALL, BEATRICE T, Plot: F-CX-022-000086-02, Owner: BALL, BEATRICE
BALL, BLANCHE M, Residence: 738 BYRAM LAKE DR., Plot: F-SD-005-000009-06, Owner: BALL, GARLAND
BALL, GARLAND E, Residence: 738 BYRAM LAKE DR., Plot: F-SD-005-000009-05, Owner: BALL, GARLAND
BALL, IVAH A, Residence: 15431 CHAPEL ST., Plot: F-SC-002-000122-02, Owner: BALL, VERIAN
BALL, JAMES, Plot: F-OR-021-000118-01, Owner: BALL, JAMES
BALL, JOHN, Plot: F-OR-021-000118-03, Owner: BALL, JAMES
BALLARD, ARLENE, Plot: F-SE-004-000010-04, Owner: BURLINGAME, ARLENE
BALTZ, MABLE, Plot: F-RW-015-000020-03, Owner: BALTZ, MABLE
BANCROFT, BABY B, Plot: F-SA-003-000119-03, Owner: BANCROFT, DEAN
BANCROFT, JEAN L, Plot: F-SA-003-000119-04, Owner: BANCROFT, DEAN
BANCROFT, ROBERT D, Plot: F-SA-003-000119-01, Owner: BANCROFT, DEAN
BANKS JR, WILLIAM L, Plot: F-BE-007-000073-05, Owner: BANKS, WILLIAM L
BARBER, PENNY L, Plot: F-SE-004-000073-04, Owner: BARBER, KENNETH
BARGO, REED, Plot: F-BE-007-000109-06, Owner: BARGO, DONALD
BARKIEWICZ, GENE E, Residence: 7575 GLEN HATT, Plot: F-SD-005-000036-05, Owner: BARKIEWICZ, GERALDINE
BARKMAN, CATHERINE, Plot: F-FI-019-000104-02, Owner: BARKMAN, LEVI
BARKMAN, GEORGE, Plot: F-FI-019-000104-04, Owner: BARKMAN, LEVI
BARKMAN, LEVI, Plot: F-FI-019-000104-01, Owner: BARKMAN, LEVI
BARNARD, ELIZA J, Plot: F-CX-022-000002-02, Owner: BARNARD, L
BARNES, BERTHA L, Plot: F-FI-018-000021-08, Owner: BARNES, E
BARNES, ERASTUS R, Plot: F-FI-018-000021-05, Owner: BARNES, E
BARNES, J. W, Plot: F-FI-018-000021-07, Owner: BARNES, E
BARNES, LOIS, Plot: F-FI-018-000021-06, Owner: BARNES, E
BARNETT, BRADLEY, Residence: 2828 Emerald, Plot: F-BE-007-000070-05, Owner: BARNETT, DARLENE R
BARR, AGNES M, Plot: F-BR-017-000125-02, Owner: BARR, EMORY
BARR, EMORY, Plot: F-BR-017-000125-01, Owner: BARR, EMORY
BARRON, EDWARD, Plot: F-BR-017-000073-04, Owner: BARRON, JOHN
BARRON, ELVA M, Plot: F-BR-017-000073-05, Owner: BARRON, JOHN
BARRON, JOHN C, Plot: F-BR-017-000073-03, Owner: BARRON, JOHN
BARRON, JOHN E., Residence: 168 WILLOW, Plot: F-BR-017-000073-07, Owner: BARRON, JOHN
BARRON, MERTIE C, Plot: F-BR-017-000073-02, Owner: BARRON, JOHN
BARRON, NORMA J, Plot: F-BR-017-000073-08, Owner: BARRON, JOHN
BARSS, JACK A, Plot: F-SC-002-00151A-03, Owner: BARSS, JACK
BARSS, JESSIE I, Plot: F-SC-002-00151A-04, Owner: BARSS, JACK
BARTLETT, MAUDE M, Plot: F-CX-023-000113-07, Owner: AUSTIN, B.J.
BARTLETT, ORLA J, Plot: F-CX-023-000113-08, Owner: AUSTIN, B.J.
BASLOCK, JACK R, Plot: F-SA-003-000110-04, Owner: BROWER, RUSSELL
BATCHE, MARY, Plot: F-SC-002-000151-02, Owner: BATCHE, MICHAEL
BATCHE, MICHAEL M, Residence: CIRCLE DR., Plot: F-SC-002-000151-01, Owner: BATCHE, MICHAEL
BATCHE, ROBERT, Plot: F-BE-006-000040-02, Owner: BATCHE, MARIE
BATES, EOLAH M, Plot: F-SC-002-000110-02, Owner: BATES, WARNER
BATES, RICHARD A, Residence: 4261 GRANGE HALL RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000050-01, Owner: BATES, RICHARD A
BATES, WALTER J, Plot: F-SC-002-000110-03, Owner: BATES, WARNER
BATES, WARNER J, Residence: 15024 S. HOGAN RD., Plot: F-SC-002-000110-02, Owner: BATES, WARNER
BAUER, ALICE A, Residence: 14410 DUFFIELD RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000041-06, Owner: BAUER, CARL J
BAUER, CARL J, Residence: 14410 DUFFIELD RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000041-06, Owner: BAUER, CARL J
BAUER, DELORES M, Plot: F-BE-007-000072-01, Owner: BAUER, DELORES M
BAUER, ELIZABETH E, Residence: 905 Worchester, Plot: F-BE-007-000082-01, Owner: BAUER, DANIEL J
BAUSIC, BERTHA, Plot: F-WA-010-000006-02, Owner: BAUSICK, BERTHA
BAUSICK, ARTHUR C, Plot: F-SD-005-000066-01, Owner: BAUSICK, HAZEL
BAUSICK, VERDIE R, Plot: F-SD-005-000066-02, Owner: BAUSICK, HAZEL
BEACH, CHARLES B, Plot: F-OR-021-000132-03, Owner: BEACH, J
BEACH, FRED, Plot: F-OR-021-000132-05, Owner: BEACH, J
BEACH, IDA M, Plot: F-OR-021-000132-04, Owner: BEACH, J
BEACH, JOSEPH, Plot: F-OR-021-000132-01, Owner: BEACH, J
BEACH, MARTHA S, Plot: F-OR-021-000132-02, Owner: BEACH, J
BEACH, MRS. J, Plot: F-OR-021-000132-06, Owner: BEACH, J
BEADLE, ARLENE F, Plot: F-RW-015-000046-01, Owner: BEADLE, ELIZABETH
BEAMER, EVELINE A, Plot: F-FI-019-000154-01, Owner: BEAMER, JOHN
BEAMER, GEORGE, Plot: F-FI-019-000154-04, Owner: BEAMER, JOHN
BEAMER, JOHN L, Plot: F-FI-019-000154-02, Owner: BEAMER, JOHN
BEAMER, MINNIE, Plot: F-FI-019-000154-03, Owner: BEAMER, JOHN
BEAVIS, JENNIE, Plot: F-FI-019-000080-02, Owner: BEAVIS, WILLIAM
BEAVIS, WILLIAM, Plot: F-FI-019-000080-01, Owner: BEAVIS, WILLIAM
BECKER, ADA H, Residence: 4095 VIRGINIA PARK, Plot: F-SA-000-000087-05, Owner: BECKER, ADA
BECKER, CURTIS D, Plot: F-SA-000-000087-03, Owner: BECKER, ADA
BECKER, FLORENCE, Plot: F-SA-000-000087-04, Owner: BECKER, ADA
BECKER, WILBER, Plot: F-SA-000-000087-06, Owner: BECKER, ADA
BECKWITH, INEZ B, Plot: F-SA-000-000064-04, Owner: BECKWITH, BERNARD
BEDAN, ARCHIE, Plot: F-CX-023-000119-01, Owner: BEDAN, ARCHIE
BEDAN, MAUDE C, Plot: F-CX-023-000119-02, Owner: BEDAN, ARCHIE
BEDAN, OTHO D, Plot: F-BR-017-000067-01, Owner: BEDAN, ELLA
BEDAN?, ALBERT, Plot: F-BR-017-000067-03, Owner: BEDAN, ELLA
BEDELL, ALICE F, Plot: F-FI-018-000037-04, Owner: BEDELL, DAVID
BEDELL, ALVIN, Plot: F-CX-023-000098-05, Owner: BEDELL, M.F.
BEDELL, ANNA A, Plot: F-FI-019-000143-01, Owner: BEDELL, WESLEY
BEDELL, BERNARD, Plot: F-SE-004-000077-01, Owner: BEDELL, FLORA
BEDELL, BERTHA L, Plot: F-CX-023-000098-02, Owner: BEDELL, M.F.
BEDELL, BETTY M, Plot: F-CX-023-000098-08, Owner: BEDELL, M.F.
BEDELL, CARL K, Plot: F-CX-022-000069-04, Owner: BEDELL, LEWIS
BEDELL, CARRIE G, Plot: F-CX-023-000190-03, Owner: BEDELL, CLARA
BEDELL, CLARA, Plot: F-CX-023-000190-02, Owner: BEDELL, CLARA
BEDELL, CORA, Plot: F-FI-018-000037-01, Owner: BEDELL, DAVID
BEDELL, DAVID, Plot: F-FI-018-000037-03, Owner: BEDELL, DAVID
BEDELL, DAVID, Plot: F-BR-017-000110-01, Owner: BEDELL, S.D.
BEDELL, DOROTHY G, Plot: F-CX-023-000190-07, Owner: BEDELL, CLARA
BEDELL, EDSEL A, Residence: 731 Spenser, Plot: F-BE-006-000052-01, Owner: BEDELL, ERMA
BEDELL, EDWARD, Plot: F-CX-023-000098-06, Owner: BEDELL, M.F.
BEDELL, ELAINE, Plot: F-SE-004-000057-01, Owner: BEDELL, LAVERNE
BEDELL, ELEANOR, Plot: F-FA-024-000019-02, Owner: BEDELL, H.E.
BEDELL, EPHRIAM S, Plot: F-CX-023-000190-06, Owner: BEDELL, CLARA
BEDELL, ERMA M, Residence: 11354 Odell Rd, Plot: F-BE-006-000052-02, Owner: BEDELL, ERMA
BEDELL, ERNEST, Plot: F-CX-023-000098-01, Owner: BEDELL, M.F.
BEDELL, ESTHER V, Plot: F-RW-015-000020-02, Owner: BEDELL, G.W.
BEDELL, EVALINE, Plot: F-CX-023-000098-04, Owner: BEDELL, M.F.
BEDELL, FLORA, Plot: F-SE-004-000077-02, Owner: BEDELL, FLORA
BEDELL, FLORA A, Plot: F-CX-022-000069-06, Owner: BEDELL, LEWIS
BEDELL, FLORENCE C, Plot: F-CX-023-000190-05, Owner: BEDELL, CLARA
BEDELL, FORD, Plot: F-SC-002-000151-05, Owner: BEDELL, FORD
BEDELL, FORDIE R, Plot: F-FI-018-000037-07, Owner: BEDELL, DAVID
BEDELL, FRANK, Plot: F-SA-000-000043-01, Owner: BEDELL, MILLIE
BEDELL, GENEVIEVE, Plot: F-SE-004-000057-03, Owner: BEDELL, LAVERNE
BEDELL, GEORGE W, Plot: F-CX-023-000190-01, Owner: BEDELL, CLARA
BEDELL, HALSEY, Plot: F-FA-024-000019-01, Owner: BEDELL, H.E.
BEDELL, HAROLD LEWIS, Plot: F-CX-022-000069-01, Owner: BEDELL, RUSSELL
BEDELL, HELEN M, Plot: F-CX-022-000069-03, Owner: BEDELL, RUSSELL
BEDELL, JACK E, Plot: F-WA-010-000013-06, Owner: CUPPERNOLL, KARYN
BEDELL, KENNETH L, Plot: F-CX-022-000069-08, Owner: BEDELL, LEWIS
BEDELL, KIRK, Plot: F-SE-004-000077-03, Owner: BEDELL, FLORA
BEDELL, LAVERNE L, Residence: 573 PINE RIVER RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000057-02, Owner: BEDELL, LAVERNE
BEDELL, LEWIS, Plot: F-CX-022-000069-05, Owner: BEDELL, LEWIS
BEDELL, LIDA A, Plot: F-BR-017-000110-07, Owner: BEDELL, S.D.
BEDELL, MARGARET, Plot: F-BR-017-000110-03, Owner: BEDELL, S.D.
BEDELL, MARY, Plot: F-FI-018-000037-02, Owner: BEDELL, DAVID
BEDELL, MILLIE M, Plot: F-SA-000-000043-02, Owner: BEDELL, MILLIE
BEDELL, MORRIS F, Plot: F-CX-023-000098-03, Owner: BEDELL, M.F.
BEDELL, NORA I, Plot: F-FI-019-000143-03, Owner: BEDELL, WESLEY
BEDELL, RILLA M, Plot: F-FI-019-000143-06, Owner: BEDELL, WESLEY
BEDELL, ROBERT E, Residence: 510 RIVERSIDE DR., Plot: F-SE-004-000004-01, Owner: BEDELL, ROBERT E
BEDELL, ROBERT E, Residence: 510 RIVERSIDE DR., Plot: F-SE-004-000004-01, Owner: BEDELL, ROBERT E
BEDELL, RUSSELL, Plot: F-CX-022-000069-02, Owner: BEDELL, RUSSELL
BEDELL, RUTH B, Plot: F-SC-002-000151-06, Owner: BEDELL, FORD
BEDELL, SALLY E, Plot: F-SE-004-000004-02, Owner: BEDELL, ROBERT E
BEDELL, SAMUEL D, Plot: F-BR-017-000110-05, Owner: BEDELL, S.D.
BEDELL, SARAH J, Plot: F-FI-019-000143-04, Owner: BEDELL, WESLEY
BEDELL, STEVEN C, Plot: F-FA-024-000019-03, Owner: BEDELL, H.E.
BEDELL, VIRGIL, Plot: F-FI-019-000143-02, Owner: BEDELL, WESLEY
BEDELL, WESLEY, Plot: F-FI-019-000143-07, Owner: BEDELL, WESLEY
BEDELL, WILLIS H, Plot: F-CX-023-000190-04, Owner: BEDELL, CLARA
BEDEN, GEORGE E, Plot: F-CX-023-000119-07, Owner: BEDAN, ARCHIE
BEDGOOD, LARRY, Plot: F-SC-002-000150-02, Owner: BEDGOOD, LARRY
BEDGOOD, VICKI, Residence: 615 TICKNER ST., Plot: F-SC-002-000150-01, Owner: BEDGOOD, LARRY
BEEBE, ALFRED, Plot: F-OR-021-000130-01, Owner: BEEBE, ALFRED
BEEBE, AMOS, Plot: F-OR-021-000130-02, Owner: BEEBE, ALFRED
BEEBE, ANN L, Residence: 12544 Linden Rd, Plot: F-SE-004-000038-02, Owner: BEEBE, HAROLD D
BEEBE, BERTHA M, Plot: F-SC-001-000048-05, Owner: BEEBE, JOSEPH
BEEBE, BETSEY J, Plot: F-FI-018-000049-02, Owner: BEEBE, HOSEA
BEEBE, CHRISTOPHER D, Residence: 12544 S. LINDEN RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000038-01, Owner: BEEBE, HAROLD D
BEEBE, HAROLD D, Residence: 12544 S Linden Rd, Plot: F-SE-004-000038-03, Owner: BEEBE, HAROLD D
BEEBE, HOSEA, Plot: F-FI-018-000049-01, Owner: BEEBE, HOSEA
BEEBE, JOSEPH F, Residence: 601 2ND ST., Plot: F-SC-001-000048-06, Owner: BEEBE, JOSEPH
BEEBE, MARY M, Plot: F-SC-001-000041-05, Owner: BEEBE, WILFRED
BEEBE, MOTHER, Plot: F-FI-018-000049-03, Owner: BEEBE, HOSEA
BEEBE, SALLY, Plot: F-OR-021-000130-03, Owner: BEEBE, ALFRED
BEERS, ARAMITA, Plot: F-FI-018-000026-03, Owner: BEERS, D.O.
BEERS, BABY, Plot: F-FI-018-000026-06, Owner: BEERS, D.O.
BEERS, DAYTON O, Plot: F-FI-018-000026-01, Owner: BEERS, D.O.
BEERS, J. A, Residence: 9199 BEERS RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000006-01, Owner: BEERS, ALBERT
BEERS, JUDD W, Plot: F-FI-018-000026-04, Owner: BEERS, D.O.
BEERS, NINA S, Residence: 9199 BEERS RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000006-02, Owner: BEERS, ALBERT
BEERS, OSCAR F, Plot: F-FI-018-000026-07, Owner: BEERS, D.O.
BEERS, THEODORE, Plot: F-FI-018-000026-08, Owner: BEERS, D.O.
BEERS, WALTER B, Plot: F-FI-018-000026-02, Owner: BEERS, D.O.
BEHM, STEVE, Residence: 5708 Pontiac Rd, Plot: F-WA-010-000055-02, Owner: BEHM, CINDY
BEHRENS, RUTH O, Residence: 7164 ALPIINE DR., Plot: F-SE-004-000061-04, Owner: BEHRENS, RUTH O
BEHRENS, WARREN L, Residence: 7164 ALPINE DR., Plot: F-SE-004-000061-03, Owner: BEHRENS, RUTH O
BELDEN, CHARLES D, Plot: F-FI-018-000036-03, Owner: BENTLEY, NELLIE
BELDEN, REBECCA, Plot: F-FI-018-000036-02, Owner: BENTLEY, NELLIE
BENEDICT, ARTHUR I, Plot: F-FA-024-000003-05, Owner: BENEDICT, FRANK
BENEDICT, BLANCHE S, Plot: F-FA-024-000003-07, Owner: BENEDICT, FRANK
BENEDICT, CALVIN M, Plot: F-FA-024-000003-08, Owner: BENEDICT, FRANK
BENEDICT, FRANK, Plot: F-FA-024-000003-02, Owner: BENEDICT, FRANK
BENEDICT, IDA M, Plot: F-FA-024-000003-06, Owner: BENEDICT, FRANK
BENEDICT, MINA, Plot: F-FA-024-000003-03, Owner: BENEDICT, FRANK
BENNETT, CHARLES, Plot: F-BR-017-000096-01, Owner: BENNETT, CHARLES
BENNETT, GORDON C, Plot: F-SA-000-000104-02, Owner: BENNETT, GORDON
BENNETT, HELEN, Plot: F-BR-017-000096-02, Owner: BENNETT, CHARLES
BENNETT, SARAH, Plot: F-SA-000-000104-01, Owner: BENNETT, GORDON
BENTLEY, ALICE M, Plot: F-BR-017-000087-03, Owner: BENTLEY, C.W.
BENTLEY, CALEB W, Plot: F-BR-017-000087-08, Owner: BENTLEY, C.W.
BENTLEY, CLIFTON, Plot: F-BR-017-000087-02, Owner: BENTLEY, C.W.
BENTLEY, ELTON, Plot: F-BR-017-000087-04, Owner: BENTLEY, C.W.
BENTLEY, GEORGE H, Plot: F-BR-017-000087-01, Owner: BENTLEY, C.W.
BENTLEY, MAGGIE, Plot: F-BR-017-000087-07, Owner: BENTLEY, C.W.
BENTLEY, NELLIE I, Plot: F-FI-018-000036-01, Owner: BENTLEY, NELLIE
BENTON, GEORGE D, Plot: F-OR-021-000123-01, Owner: BENTON, YOUNGES E
BENTON, JOSEPH A, Plot: F-OR-021-000123-03, Owner: BENTON, YOUNGES E
BENTON, LYDIA G, Plot: F-OR-021-000123-04, Owner: BENTON, YOUNGES E
BENTON, MARY A, Plot: F-OR-021-000123-05, Owner: BENTON, YOUNGES E
BENTON, YOUNGES E, Plot: F-OR-021-000123-06, Owner: BENTON, YOUNGES E
BERARD, FRANCIS, Plot: F-SC-002-000141-01, Owner: BERAND, FRANCIS
BERARD, LENA P, Plot: F-SC-002-000141-02, Owner: BERAND, FRANCIS
BERGH, A. H, Plot: F-SC-001-000022-05, Owner: BERGH, ANNA M
BERGH, ANNA M, Plot: F-SC-001-000022-04, Owner: BERGH, ANNA M
BERRY, AVERILL R, Residence: 9158 W. SILVER LAKE RD., Plot: F-SC-002-000184-01, Owner: BERRY, AVERIL
BERRY, CHARLES, Residence: 8049 Haviland Beach, Plot: F-SE-004-000053-06, Owner: BERRY, CHARLES G
BERRY, CLEATUS, Plot: F-SC-002-000176-06, Owner: BERRY, CLEATUS
BERRY, JOANN, Residence: 6127 Byram Lake Dr, Plot: F-WA-010-000005-04, Owner: BERRY, HAROLD E
BERRY, JOHN J, Plot: F-SC-001-00038B-03, Owner: BERRY, RAY F
BERRY, KEVIN, Plot: F-BE-006-000001-02, Owner: BERRY, ARLO
BERRY, LILLIAN L, Plot: F-SC-001-00038B-02, Owner: BERRY, RAY F
BERRY, MARJORIE V, Plot: F-SC-002-000184-02, Owner: BERRY, AVERIL
BERRY, MELBALENE, Plot: F-SE-004-000053-05, Owner: BERRY, CHARLES G
BERRY, NELLIE, Residence: 6123 Byram Lake Dr., Plot: F-SC-002-000176-05, Owner: BERRY, CLEATUS
BERRY, RAY F, Plot: F-SC-001-00038B-01, Owner: BERRY, RAY F
BIANCHI, RICHARD W, Residence: 15470 DUFFIELD RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000034-06, Owner: BIANCHI, MARGARET
BIGELOW, CARRIE, Plot: F-BR-017-000092-03, Owner: BIGELOW, MAYNARD R
BIGELOW, MAYNARD R, Plot: F-BR-017-000092-04, Owner: BIGELOW, MAYNARD R
BIGELOW, ROBERT G, Plot: F-BR-016-000007-05, Owner: BIGELOW, ROBERT
BIGNALL, LYLA E, Residence: 7041 W. Silver Lake Rd, Plot: F-SE-004-000078-01, Owner: BIGNALL, BOB
BIGNALL, RAYMOND, Residence: 701 ALDRICH ST., Plot: F-SE-004-000069-05, Owner: BIGNALL, RAYMOND W
BIGNALL, ROBERT W, Plot: F-SE-004-000078-01, Owner: BIGNALL, BOB
BIGNALL, VERA D, Residence: 701 ALDRICH ST., Plot: F-SE-004-000069-06, Owner: BIGNALL, RAYMOND W
BILICKI, ZIGMOND W, Residence: 809 Spencer Lane, Plot: F-WA-010-000030-05, Owner: BILICKI, MATILDA
BILLBROUGH, BABY L, Plot: F-BR-017-000116-08, Owner: BILLBROUGH, EDWIN
BILLINGS, ALBERT, Plot: F-FA-024-000013-04, Owner: BILLINGS, ALBERT
BILLINGS, INA, Plot: F-FA-024-000013-05, Owner: BILLINGS, ALBERT
BILLINGS, MARY E, Plot: F-FA-024-000013-08, Owner: BILLINGS, ALBERT
BIRD, CHARLES, Plot: F-SC-001-000098-01, Owner: BIRD, EDWARD
BIRD, CORNELIA E, Plot: F-SC-001-000098-02, Owner: BIRD, EDWARD
BIRD, EDWARD H, Plot: F-SC-001-000098-06, Owner: BIRD, EDWARD
BIRD, LENORA L, Plot: F-SC-001-000098-05, Owner: BIRD, EDWARD
BIRDWELL, JAMES L, Residence: 535 E. GRAND BLVD., Plot: F-SC-002-000154-05, Owner: BIRDWELL, JAMES
BIRDWELL, NANCY E, Residence: 535 E. GRAND BLVD., Plot: F-SC-002-000154-06, Owner: BIRDWELL, JAMES
BISHOP, CLARA E, Plot: F-FI-019-000109-02, Owner: BISHOP
BISHOP, LUMAN, Plot: F-FI-019-000109-03, Owner: BISHOP
BISHOP, SAMANTHY, Plot: F-FI-019-000109-04, Owner: BISHOP
BITTNER, JAMIE R, Residence: 2885 E Braden, Plot: F-BO-013-000110-04, Owner: BITTNER, JENNIFER
BLACK, D.A., Plot: F-CX-023-000107-08, Owner: BLACK, JOHN
BLACK, ELIZABETH M, Plot: F-CX-023-000107-07, Owner: BLACK, JOHN
BLACK, FRANCIS W, Plot: F-CX-023-000107-05, Owner: BLACK, JOHN
BLACK, JOHN C, Plot: F-CX-023-000107-06, Owner: BLACK, JOHN
BLACKBURN, ALBERT, Residence: 902 N. OAK ST., Plot: F-SE-004-000046-01, Owner: BLACKBURN, MADELINE
BLACKBURN, CHARLES E, Residence: 245 Armstrong, Plot: F-WA-010-000041-04, Owner: BLACKBURN, RUTH
BLACKBURN, CHESTER, Residence: 241 BLYTHE STREET, Plot: F-WA-010-000041-05, Owner: BLACKBURN, GLADYS
BLACKMER, BEATRICE M, Plot: F-SC-002-000175-02, Owner: BLACKMER, L.D.
BLACKMER, LAVERN M, Residence: 525 South Street, Plot: F-SD-005-000023-06, Owner: BLACKMER, L.D.
BLACKMER, LEWIS D, Residence: 16429 BELFAST DR., Plot: F-SA-003-000164-05, Owner: BLACKMER, BARBARA
BLACKMER, LEWIS D, Plot: F-SC-002-000175-03, Owner: BLACKMER, L.D.
BLAIR, AVERY E, Plot: F-CX-022-000055-02, Owner: BLAIR, A.E.
BLAIR, GEORGE W, Plot: F-CX-022-000055-01, Owner: BLAIR, A.E.
BLAIR, LIZZIE, Plot: F-CX-022-000055-08, Owner: BLAIR, A.E.
BLAIR, MINNIE, Plot: F-CX-022-000055-03, Owner: BLAIR, A.E.
BLAIR, RIVINIA, Residence: 5123 W. Maple, Plot: F-CX-022-000055-07, Owner: BLAIR, A.E.
BLANCHARD, BASIL BERNARD, Residence: 10113 LIBERTY, Plot: F-WA-011-000124-02, Owner: BLANCHARD, BASIL
BLANCHARD, CHARLES C, Plot: F-FI-019-000114-01, Owner: BLANCHARD, C.
BLANCHARD, EARLEEN ANNA, Residence: 6307 KINGS KNOLL, Plot: F-WA-011-000124-03, Owner: BLANCHARD, BASIL
BLAZIER, IDA A, Residence: 320 OAK ST., Plot: F-SA-003-000130-02, Owner: BLAZIER, ED
BLAZIER, LUTHER E, Residence: 320 OAK ST., Plot: F-SA-003-000130-01, Owner: BLAZIER, ED
BLOSS, ATWOOD, Plot: F-BR-016-000043-04, Owner: BLOSS, A.T.
BLOSS, FORD A, Plot: F-BR-016-000043-07, Owner: BLOSS, A.T.
BLOSS, LOLA E, Plot: F-BR-016-000043-03, Owner: BLOSS, A.T.
BLOSS, SELINA C, Residence: 5014 FORD STREET, Plot: F-BR-016-000043-05, Owner: BLOSS, A.T.
BLY, ELIZABETH M, Plot: F-SC-001-000017-03, Owner: BLY, JOHN
BLY, JOHN T, Plot: F-SC-001-000017-02, Owner: BLY, JOHN
BOBIER, MARJORIE O, Residence: 3307 Timberview, Plot: F-SE-004-000003-05, Owner: BOBIER, MILTON S
BOBIER, MILTON S, Residence: 900-2100 US 41 N, Plot: F-SE-004-000003-06, Owner: BOBIER, MILTON S
BONNER, MARILYN L, Residence: 14527 BLUE HERON DR, Plot: F-BO-012-000074-02, Owner: BONNER, MARILYN
BONNER, WILLIAM H, Plot: F-BO-012-000074-01, Owner: BONNER, MARILYN
BORDEN, FRANK H, Plot: F-FI-018-000042-01, Owner: BORDEN, J.
BORROW, GLADYS E, Plot: F-SC-001-000070-04, Owner: BORROW, MARVIN
BORROW, MARVIN, Plot: F-SC-001-000070-03, Owner: BORROW, MARVIN
BORST, CHARITY, Plot: F-FA-024-000007-02, Owner: BORST, HENRY
BORST, CHARLES, Plot: F-FA-024-000006-04, Owner: BORST, CHARLES
BORST, CLARA J, Plot: F-FA-024-000006-06, Owner: BORST, CHARLES
BORST, HENRY, Plot: F-FA-024-000006-03, Owner: BORST, CHARLES
BORST, HENRY, Plot: F-FA-024-000007-07, Owner: BORST, HENRY
BORST, HUGH, Plot: F-FA-024-000007-03, Owner: BORST, HENRY
BORST, HULDAH, Plot: F-FA-024-000006-05, Owner: BORST, CHARLES
BORST, LAFAYETTE, Plot: F-FA-024-000007-01, Owner: BORST, HENRY
BORST, LIBERTY, Plot: F-FA-024-000007-04, Owner: BORST, HENRY
BORST, SARAH, Plot: F-FA-024-000007-06, Owner: BORST, HENRY
BORTLE, ANGELINE, Plot: F-CX-022-000035-05, Owner: BORTLE, ANGELINE
BORTON, CONNIE D, Plot: F-SC-002-000152-04, Owner: BORTON, CONNIE D
BOSTWICK, LEWIS M, Plot: F-SC-002-000162-05, Owner: BOSTWICK, THELMA L
BOTTIANI, ALBERT A, Plot: F-SC-002-000154-04, Owner: BOTTIANI, ALBERT
BOURASSA, VERN A, Residence: 1918 Lynbrook Dr., Plot: F-WA-010-000023-03, Owner: BOURASSA, MAUDE
BOURNE SR, WILLIAM H, Residence: 6406 SILVER LAKE RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000036-01, Owner: BOURNE, WILLIAM H
BOURNE, MAE, Residence: 6406 SILVER LAKE RD., Plot: F-SD-005-000036-02, Owner: BOURNE, WILLIAM H
BOWEN, ANNA B, Plot: F-BR-017-000088-04, Owner: BOWEN, JAMES
BOWEN, ARTHUR J, Plot: F-BR-017-000088-05, Owner: BOWEN, JAMES
BOWEN, CHARLES T, Plot: F-BR-017-000088-07, Owner: BOWEN, JAMES
BOWEN, DORA M, Plot: F-BR-017-000088-01, Owner: BOWEN, JAMES
BOWEN, FANNIE E, Plot: F-BR-017-000088-02, Owner: BOWEN, JAMES
BOWEN, JAMES A, Plot: F-BR-017-000088-03, Owner: BOWEN, JAMES
BOWEN, TWO B, Plot: F-BR-017-000088-08, Owner: BOWEN, JAMES
BOWLES, ALICE, Plot: F-BR-017-000075-02, Owner: BOWLES, AUSTIN
BOWLES, AUSTIN, Plot: F-BR-017-000075-01, Owner: BOWLES, AUSTIN
BOWLES, BRYAN B, Plot: F-SA-000-000022-06, Owner: BOWLES, BRYAN
BOWLES, DELLA, Plot: F-BR-017-000075-04, Owner: BOWLES, AUSTIN
BOWLES, DONALD R, Plot: F-SA-003-000153-03, Owner: BOWLES, DONALD R
BOWLES, EDNA F, Plot: F-SA-000-000022-05, Owner: BOWLES, BRYAN
BOWLES, ELDRED M, Residence: 304 TICKNER ST., Plot: F-SC-001-000011-03, Owner: BOWLES, ELDRED M
BOWLES, ELIJAH A, Plot: F-OR-020-000072-01, Owner: BOWLES, THOMAS
BOWLES, GERALD B, Residence: 507 Tickner, Plot: F-SA-003-000153-01, Owner: BOWLES, GERALD
BOWLES, JANET M, Residence: 314 Oak St, Plot: F-BO-013-000090-06, Owner: BOWLES, ROBERT G
BOWLES, JANETTE C, Residence: 507 TICKNER ST., Plot: F-SA-003-000153-02, Owner: BOWLES, GERALD
BOWLES, JOANNE, Plot: F-SA-003-000153-04, Owner: BOWLES, DONALD R
BOWLES, LAURA C, Plot: F-SC-001-000002-03, Owner: BOWLES, RODERICK J
BOWLES, LOUISA, Plot: F-OR-020-000072-03, Owner: BOWLES, THOMAS
BOWLES, MARGUERITE, Plot: F-SA-000-000022-04, Owner: BOWLES, BRYAN
BOWLES, MICHELLE M, Plot: F-SC-001-000027-05, Owner: BOWLES, THOMAS J
BOWLES, R. S, Plot: F-BR-017-000075-03, Owner: BOWLES, AUSTIN
BOWLES, RODERICK J, Plot: F-SC-001-000002-01, Owner: BOWLES, RODERICK J
BOWLES, SARAH, Plot: F-OR-020-000072-04, Owner: BOWLES, THOMAS
BOWLES, THELMA, Plot: F-SC-001-000011-04, Owner: BOWLES, ELDRED M
BOWLES, THOMAS, Plot: F-OR-020-000072-02, Owner: BOWLES, THOMAS
BOWLES, TRENT, Plot: F-BR-017-000075-05, Owner: BOWLES, AUSTIN
BOWLES, TRENT G, Plot: F-SA-000-000022-03, Owner: ADAMS, MRS. W
BOWRON, CORD B, Plot: F-SA-000-000044-01, Owner: BOWRON, THOMAS
BOWRON, ORA F, Residence: 5353 AMANDA ST., Plot: F-SA-000-000044-01, Owner: BOWRON, THOMAS
BOWRON, THOMAS L, Plot: F-SA-000-000044-06, Owner: BOWRON, THOMAS
BOWSHER, LOREEN E, Plot: F-SD-005-000022-05, Owner: BOWSHER, LOREEN E
BOYD, ALLEN M, Plot: F-FI-018-000058-05, Owner: BOYD, MATTIE
BOYD, MARY E, Plot: F-FI-018-000058-04, Owner: BOYD, MATTIE
BOYD, MATTIE M, Plot: F-FI-018-000058-03, Owner: BOYD, MATTIE
BRADFORD, BERNICE L, Plot: F-WC-014-00014W-01, Owner: BRADFORD, DON
BRADFORD, DONALD, Plot: F-WC-014-00014W-02, Owner: BRADFORD, DON
BRADLEY, ANNA E, Plot: F-BR-016-000020-04, Owner: BRADLEY, ROBERT
BRADLEY, CORA M, Plot: F-BR-016-000020-06, Owner: BRADLEY, ROBERT
BRADLEY, DR. P, Plot: F-SC-001-000069-01, Owner: BRADLEY, PRESTON
BRADLEY, GRACE T, Plot: F-SC-001-000069-02, Owner: BRADLEY, PRESTON
BRADLEY, HOLIS L, Plot: F-SE-004-000047-01, Owner: BRADLEY, LESLIE
BRADLEY, JAMES G, Plot: F-SC-001-000069-03, Owner: BRADLEY, PRESTON
BRADLEY, LESLIE C, Plot: F-SE-004-000047-01, Owner: BRADLEY, LESLIE
BRADLEY, RICK W, Residence: 8136 BARKLEY ST, Plot: F-SE-004-000041-01, Owner: BRADLEY, RICK W
BRADLEY, ROBERT M, Plot: F-BR-016-000020-05, Owner: BRADLEY, ROBERT
BREESE, ARTHUR R, Plot: F-SA-000-000052-04, Owner: BREESE, ARTHUR R
BREESE, ELEANOR, Residence: N. BRIDGE ST., Plot: F-SA-000-000052-03, Owner: BREESE, GEORGE N
BREESE, GEORGE, Plot: F-SA-000-000052-02, Owner: BREESE, GEORGE N
BREESE, HELEN E, Plot: F-SA-000-000052-05, Owner: BREESE, ARTHUR R
BREGE, ARNOLD E, Residence: 2424 CRANWOOD DR., Plot: F-SD-005-000044-01, Owner: BREGE, ARNOLD
BREGE, MILDRED M, Plot: F-SD-005-000044-02, Owner: BREGE, ARNOLD
BRENING, MABEL C, Plot: F-SC-001-000099-04, Owner: ANDERSON, JAMES
BREWER, CLEVELAND, Plot: F-BR-017-000106-03, Owner: BREWER, ISAAC
BREWER, EDWARD, Plot: F-SA-000-000023-01, Owner: BREWER, EDWARD W
BREWER, FANNY J, Plot: F-FI-018-000071-04, Owner: BREWER, HENRY
BREWER, GOLDIE, Plot: F-SA-000-000023-02, Owner: BREWER, EDWARD W
BREWER, HENRY, Plot: F-FI-018-000071-01, Owner: BREWER, HENRY
BREWER, ISAAC, Plot: F-BR-017-000106-01, Owner: BREWER, ISAAC
BREWER, LYDIA C, Plot: F-FI-018-000071-02, Owner: BREWER, HENRY
BREWER, MARY, Plot: F-BR-017-000106-02, Owner: BREWER, ISAAC
BRIDGES, MILDRED I, Plot: F-SE-004-000084-06, Owner: BRIDGES, VERSAL D
BRIDGES, VERSAL D, Residence: 4005 FOUR LAKES DR., Plot: F-SE-004-000084-06, Owner: BRIDGES, VERSAL D
BRION, GEORGE M, Plot: F-SC-002-000146-02, Owner: BRION, GEORGE
BRION, HENRY C, Plot: F-SC-002-000146-03, Owner: BRION, GEORGE
BRION, IRENE, Plot: F-SC-002-000146-01, Owner: BRION, GEORGE
BRITTEN, ALTHA C, Plot: F-FI-018-000008-04, Owner: BRITTEN, E
BRITTEN, EDWARD J, Plot: F-FI-018-000008-04, Owner: BRITTEN, E
BRITTEN, EDWARD W, Plot: F-FI-018-000008-03, Owner: BRITTEN, E
BRITTEN, FATHER, Plot: F-FI-018-000008-02, Owner: BRITTEN, E
BRITTEN, LIBBIE J, Plot: F-FI-018-000008-05, Owner: BRITTEN, E
BRITTEN, MOTHER, Plot: F-FI-018-000008-01, Owner: BRITTEN, E
BROCKER, RUSSELL J, Plot: F-RW-015-000028-03, Owner: BROCKER, RUSSELL
BRONSON, ISABELLA, Residence: 116 WEST ST., Plot: F-SC-001-000020-05, Owner: BRONSON, ISABELLE
BRONSON, WALLACE, Residence: 116 WEST ST., Plot: F-SC-001-000020-06, Owner: BRONSON, ISABELLE
BROOKS, ABIGALE, Plot: F-OR-021-000167-02, Owner: BROOKS, DAVID
BROOKS, ALICE I, Plot: F-BR-016-000045-02, Owner: BROOKS, WILLIAM
BROOKS, CHARLOTTE A, Plot: F-OR-020-000089-03, Owner: BROOKS, S.N.
BROOKS, DAVID, Plot: F-OR-020-000089-05, Owner: BROOKS, S.N.
BROOKS, DAVID B, Plot: F-OR-021-000167-01, Owner: BROOKS, DAVID
BROOKS, FRANCES A, Plot: F-OR-021-000167-04, Owner: BROOKS, DAVID
BROOKS, JENNIE, Plot: F-OR-020-000089-01, Owner: BROOKS, S.N.
BROOKS, MARY, Plot: F-OR-021-000167-03, Owner: BROOKS, DAVID
BROOKS, MARY N, Plot: F-OR-020-000089-04, Owner: BROOKS, S.N.
BROOKS, SAMUEL N, Plot: F-OR-020-000089-02, Owner: BROOKS, S.N.
BROOKS, WILLIAM, Plot: F-BR-016-000045-01, Owner: BROOKS, WILLIAM
BROOKS, WILLIAM M, Residence: 7515 HAVILAND BEACH DR., Plot: F-SE-004-000079-06, Owner: BROOKS, ERNEST
BROOKS, WILLIE, Plot: F-BR-016-000045-05, Owner: BROOKS, WILLIAM
BROWER, CLAYTON E, Plot: F-SE-004-000013-01, Owner: BROWER, CLAYTON
BROWER, EMMA C, Plot: F-SA-000-00004A-02, Owner: BROWER, EMMA
BROWER, FRED, Plot: F-SA-000-00004A-01, Owner: BROWER, EMMA
BROWER, MARTHA, Plot: F-SE-004-000013-02, Owner: BROWER, CLAYTON
BROWER, MILDRED, Residence: 272 MEADOW LANE, Plot: F-SA-003-000110-06, Owner: BROWER, RUSSELL
BROWER, OLLICE, Plot: F-SA-000-00004A-03, Owner: BROWER, EMMA
BROWER, RUSSELL L, Residence: 1725 N EAST ST, Plot: F-SA-003-000110-05, Owner: BROWER, RUSSELL
BROWN, AGNES M, Plot: F-SC-002-000153-02, Owner: BROWN, AGNES
BROWN, CHARLES, Plot: F-FI-018-000011-01, Owner: BROWN, C
BROWN, ELAINE M, Residence: 1424 Par Ct, Plot: F-SA-003-000171-01, Owner: BROWN, WILLIAM
BROWN, EMILY, Plot: F-FI-018-000011-02, Owner: BROWN, C
BROWN, FRONA W, Residence: 708 FITZGERALD ST., Plot: F-CX-022-000054-03, Owner: BROWN, LOU
BROWN, HARRY D, Residence: 5477 DOOLEY DR., Plot: F-SC-001-000095-04, Owner: BROWN, HARRY
BROWN, JAMES G, Plot: F-SC-002-000153-01, Owner: BROWN, AGNES
BROWN, LANCELOT, Plot: F-CX-022-000054-06, Owner: BROWN, LOU
BROWN, LELAND R, Plot: F-HA-008-000002-03, Owner: BROWN, LELAND
BROWN, LEWIE E, Plot: F-CX-022-000054-04, Owner: BROWN, LOU
BROWN, MAE A, Plot: F-SC-001-000095-05, Owner: BROWN, HARRY
BROWN, MARGARET E, Plot: F-FI-018-000016-01, Owner: BROWN, J
BROWN, MARY H, Plot: F-FI-018-000016-02, Owner: BROWN, J
BROWN, MARYANNE, Residence: 6401 HARTWOOD, Plot: F-SD-005-000034-03, Owner: BROWN, RICHARD G
BROWN, MURIEL A, Plot: F-HA-008-000002-04, Owner: BROWN, LELAND
BROWN, NETTIE, Plot: F-CX-022-000033-04, Owner: BROWN, NETTIE
BROWN, RICHARD G, Plot: F-SD-005-000034-04, Owner: BROWN, RICHARD G
BROWN, SARAH A, Plot: F-CX-022-000054-05, Owner: BROWN, LOU
BROWN, WILLIAM R, Residence: 1424 PAR COURT, Plot: F-SA-003-000171-02, Owner: BROWN, WILLIAM
BRUECHERT, RUTH E, Residence: 6497 HARTWOOD DR, Plot: F-SD-005-000016-02, Owner: BRUECHERT, WILLIAM A
BRUECHERT, WILLIAM A, Residence: 6497 HARTWOOD DR., Plot: F-SD-005-000016-02, Owner: BRUECHERT, WILLIAM A
BRUGGER, CHARLES, Residence: 718 Middlesworth, Plot: F-WA-010-000080-06, Owner: BRUGGER, RICHARD
BRUGGER, MARTHA E, Residence: 718 Middlesworth, Plot: F-WA-010-000080-05, Owner: BRUGGER, RICHARD
BRUNETTE, MARGARET J, Residence: 5901 EDWARD AVE, Plot: F-SA-003-000171-03, Owner: BRUNETTE, MARGARET
BRUNETTE, MARTIN P, Residence: 5901 EDWARD AVE, Plot: F-SA-003-000171-04, Owner: BRUNETTE, MARGARET
BRUNSON, FRED, Plot: F-SA-000-000051-01, Owner: BRUNSON, FRED
BRYCE, JAMES F, Plot: F-CX-023-000129-03, Owner: BRYCE, J.F.
BRYCE, M. E, Plot: F-CX-023-000129-01, Owner: BRYCE, J.F.
BRYCE, MARY E, Plot: F-CX-023-000129-02, Owner: BRYCE, J.F.
BRYL, TANYA R, Residence: 16352 WHITEHEAD DR., Plot: F-SE-004-000067-06, Owner: BRYL, PATRICK
BUCHANAN, CLAUDE, Plot: F-SA-003-000143-06, Owner: BUCHANAN, CLAUDE
BUCHANAN, DORIS L, Plot: F-SA-000-00083A-05, Owner: MITCHELL, ORVILE
BUCHANAN, ELEANOR, Plot: F-FI-019-000153-06, Owner: DUMANOIS, ARTHUR
BUCHANAN, GEORGE A, Plot: F-BR-017-000082-06, Owner: BUCHANAN, JAMES
BUCHANAN, GEORGIA G, Plot: F-SA-003-000143-06, Owner: BUCHANAN, CLAUDE
BUCHANAN, JAMES A, Plot: F-BR-017-000082-03, Owner: BUCHANAN, JAMES
BUCHANAN, LELAND A, Plot: F-BR-017-000082-07, Owner: BUCHANAN, JAMES
BUCHANAN, LENNOX S, Plot: F-SC-001-000040-06, Owner: RAPER, FREDERICK
BUCHANAN, MILDRED A, Plot: F-BR-017-000082-05, Owner: BUCHANAN, JAMES
BUCHANAN, MRS. A, Plot: F-BR-017-000082-02, Owner: BUCHANAN, JAMES
BUCHELE, ELSIE M, Plot: F-BR-017-000120-07, Owner: DONNER, FRED
BUCK, AARON, Plot: F-CX-022-000008-01, Owner: BUCK, A
BUCK, ADA E, Plot: F-RW-015-000038-08, Owner: BUCK, ADA
BUCK, ALBERT H, Plot: F-OR-021-000137-01, Owner: BUCK, ALBERT
BUCK, ALVIN, Plot: F-OR-021-000137-03, Owner: BUCK, ALBERT
BUCK, ALVIN, Plot: F-CX-023-000148-01, Owner: BUCK, ALVIN
BUCK, BLANCHE E, Plot: F-BR-017-000084-04, Owner: BUCK, FRED
BUCK, CHARLES E, Plot: F-CX-023-000169-01, Owner: BUCK, C.E.
BUCK, CHARLES E, Plot: F-WC-014-00015W-01, Owner: BUCK, NEWMAN
BUCK, CLARA, Plot: F-FI-019-000131-08, Owner: BUCK, JESSE
BUCK, CLARA J, Plot: F-FI-019-000103-07, Owner: BUCK, W.C.
BUCK, CLARINDA, Plot: F-FI-019-000131-04, Owner: BUCK, JESSE
BUCK, CURTIS E, Plot: F-WC-014-00015W-04, Owner: BUCK, NEWMAN
BUCK, DOUGLAS J, Residence: 15291 LOBDELL RD., Plot: F-SE-004-000067-05, Owner: BUCK, BARBARA A
BUCK, FANNIE M, Plot: F-CX-023-000148-02, Owner: BUCK, ALVIN
BUCK, FRED J, Plot: F-BR-017-000084-03, Owner: BUCK, FRED
BUCK, FRED M, Plot: F-WC-014-00004W-04, Owner: BUCK, NEWMAN
BUCK, HELEN L, Plot: F-OR-021-000103-01, Owner: BUCK, HELEN
BUCK, HERMAN A, Plot: F-RW-015-000038-01, Owner: BUCK, ADA
BUCK, J.H., Plot: F-FI-019-000131-05, Owner: BUCK, JESSE
BUCK, JENNIE, Plot: F-WC-014-00004W-03, Owner: BUCK, NEWMAN
BUCK, JESSE, Plot: F-FI-019-000131-07, Owner: BUCK, JESSE
BUCK, JOANNE, Plot: F-FI-019-000103-06, Owner: BUCK, W.C.
BUCK, KINGSLEY, Plot: F-FI-019-000131-03, Owner: BUCK, JESSE
BUCK, LESLIE G, Plot: F-WC-014-00015W-03, Owner: BUCK, NEWMAN
BUCK, LYDIA A, Plot: F-OR-021-000137-02, Owner: BUCK, ALBERT
BUCK, MATTIE E, Plot: F-WC-014-00015W-02, Owner: BUCK, NEWMAN
BUCK, MINA A, Plot: F-RW-015-000038-02, Owner: BUCK, ADA
BUCK, MRS. A, Plot: F-CX-022-000008-03, Owner: BUCK, A
BUCK, MRS. E, Plot: F-CX-022-000003-01, Owner: BUCK, E.
BUCK, NEWMAN S, Plot: F-WC-014-00004W-02, Owner: BUCK, NEWMAN
BUCK, OLIVER, Plot: F-RW-015-000038-05, Owner: BUCK, ADA
BUCK, ORSON P, Plot: F-CX-023-000148-03, Owner: BUCK, ALVIN
BUCK, ROSE B, Plot: F-CX-023-000169-02, Owner: BUCK, C.E.
BUCK, WALTER C, Plot: F-FI-019-000103-08, Owner: BUCK, W.C.
BUCKANAN, DERWIN A, Plot: F-OR-021-000174-01, Owner: BUCHANAN, DERWIN
BUCKBEE, ALICE L, Plot: F-CX-023-000150-02, Owner: BUCKBEE, CHARLES
BUCKBEE, CHARLES, Plot: F-CX-023-000150-01, Owner: BUCKBEE, CHARLES
BUCKBEE, MARY M, Plot: F-FI-019-000095-04, Owner: BUCKBEE, N.N.
BUCKBEE, WESLEY N, Plot: F-FI-019-000095-03, Owner: BUCKBEE, N.N.
BUCKINGHAM, ADA, Plot: F-FI-019-000144-06, Owner: KELSEY, N.G.
BUCKNAM, SANDRA, Residence: 7363 Driftwood Dr, Plot: F-BO-012-000029-01, Owner: BUCKNAM, CHALES
BUHHOLZ, PETER, Residence: 122 E. BROAD ST., Plot: F-SE-004-000022-06, Owner: CHANDLER, JOEY
BULL, ARIETTA P, Plot: F-BR-017-000080-06, Owner: BULL, E
BULL, CORNELIA, Plot: F-BR-017-000080-05, Owner: BULL, E
BULL, KATIE S, Plot: F-BR-017-000080-04, Owner: BULL, E
BULL, MARY E, Plot: F-BR-017-000080-03, Owner: BULL, E
BULL, NELLIE R, Plot: F-BR-017-000080-01, Owner: BULL, E
BUNCE, LYDIA, Plot: F-OR-020-000025-01, Owner: BUNCE, LYDIA
BUREWELL, GRACE M, Plot: F-FI-019-000120-05, Owner: MCCANN, WILLIAM
BURK, HUGH, Plot: F-SA-003-000109-02, Owner: BURK, HUGH
BURLINGAME SR, CARL F, Plot: F-SA-003-000108-01, Owner: BURLINGAME, CARL
BURLINGAME, MYRTLE I, Residence: 16313 WHITEHEAD DR., Plot: F-SA-003-000108-02, Owner: BURLINGAME, CARL
BURNETT, RUBY L, Residence: 11095 Hogan Rd, Plot: F-WA-011-000135-02, Owner: BURNETT, VIRGIL
BURNETT, VERNICE, Residence: 11095 Hogan, Plot: F-WA-011-000135-01, Owner: BURNETT, VIRGIL
BURNS, MILDRED I, Plot: F-WC-014-00008W-01, Owner: BURNS, FREDERICK J
BURNS, ROBERT P, Plot: F-WC-014-00008W-02, Owner: BURNS, FREDERICK J
BURR II, HARRY B, Residence: 4 CARDINAL RD, Plot: F-SA-000-000005-05, Owner: BURR, HARRY B
BURR JR, CLIFFORD J, Plot: F-CX-023-000212-06, Owner: BURR, CLIFFORD J
BURR SR, CLIFFORD J, Plot: F-CX-023-000212-08, Owner: BURR, CLIFFORD J
BURR, AMANDA B, Plot: F-BR-016-000018-06, Owner: BURR, FRED
BURR, EVANGELINE, Plot: F-CX-023-000212-07, Owner: BURR, CLIFFORD J
BURR, FLORA A, Plot: F-BR-016-000018-02, Owner: BURR, FRED
BURR, GEORGE T, Plot: F-SA-003-000143-01, Owner: BURR, GEORGE
BURR, HARRY B, Plot: F-SA-000-000005-01, Owner: BURR, HARRY B
BURR, HELEN L, Residence: 2630 FAIRGREEN DR., Plot: F-SA-000-000005-06, Owner: BURR, HARRY B
BURR, JAMES K, Plot: F-BR-016-000018-03, Owner: BURR, FRED
BURR, LILY D, Plot: F-BR-016-000018-04, Owner: BURR, FRED
BURR, MABEL L, Plot: F-SA-000-000005-02, Owner: BURR, HARRY B
BURROUGHS, BETTY JEAN, Residence: 1229 S WEST BAY SHORE DR, Plot: F-HA-008-000022-03, Owner: STARRS, PAT & SUZANNE
BURT, ARTHUR W, Plot: F-FI-018-000057-01, Owner: BURT, E.
BURT, EDWIN M, Plot: F-FI-018-000057-02, Owner: BURT, E.
BURT, EVALINE M, Plot: F-FI-018-000057-03, Owner: BURT, E.
BURT, IDA M, Plot: F-OR-021-000177-03, Owner: BURT, J.A.
BURT, JOHN G, Plot: F-OR-021-000177-01, Owner: BURT, J.A.
BURT, MARION E, Plot: F-FI-018-000057-04, Owner: BURT, E.
BURT, SARAH J, Plot: F-OR-021-000177-02, Owner: BURT, J.A.
BURTON, ANNIE MAE, Residence: 1910 PARK FORREST, Plot: F-BO-012-000011-04, Owner: BURTON, ROY
BURTON, BILLY J, Plot: F-BO-012-000021-05, Owner: GREENWOOD, KAREN E
BURTON, DONNA P, Residence: 1340 GRAM ST., Plot: F-SE-004-000018-03, Owner: BURTON, GEORGE F
BURTON, GEORGE, Residence: 125 MONROE ST, Plot: F-SE-004-000018-01, Owner: BURTON, GEORGE F
BURTON, HAROLD L, Plot: F-CX-022-000038-10, Owner: BURTON, HAROLD
BURTON, KATHARINE G, Plot: F-BR-016-000056-03, Owner: WARNER, CELIA
BURTON, MAXINE P, Plot: F-SE-004-000018-02, Owner: BURTON, GEORGE F
BURTON, PAULINE A, Plot: F-CX-022-000038-09, Owner: BURTON, HAROLD
BURTON, ROY, Plot: F-BO-012-000011-05, Owner: BURTON, ROY
BUSCH, EDWARD, Plot: F-SC-001-000017-06, Owner: BUSCH, EDWARD
BUSCH, GWENOLA M, Plot: F-SC-001-000017-05, Owner: BUSCH, EDWARD
BUSH, ALBERT, Plot: F-BR-016-000061-06, Owner: BUSH, ALBERT
BUSH, EMILY, Plot: F-BR-016-000061-05, Owner: BUSH, ALBERT
BUSSY, WILLIAM P, Plot: F-CX-023-000195-01, Owner: REED, BUSSY
BUTLER JR, CLINTON A, Plot: F-SC-002-00161A-01, Owner: BUTLER, CLINTON
BUTLER, BYRON O, Plot: F-RW-015-000011-03, Owner: BUTLER, GEORGE
BUTLER, CHARLOTTE, Plot: F-BR-017-000102-02, Owner: BUTLER, HENRY
BUTLER, CLIFFORD H, Plot: F-BR-017-000102-05, Owner: BUTLER, HENRY
BUTLER, ERNEST E, Plot: F-BR-017-000102-01, Owner: BUTLER, HENRY
BUTLER, GEORGE E, Plot: F-RW-015-000011-01, Owner: BUTLER, GEORGE
BUTLER, HENRY, Plot: F-BR-017-000102-03, Owner: BUTLER, HENRY
BUTLER, HENRY, Plot: F-BR-017-000102-07, Owner: BUTLER, HENRY
BUTLER, JESSE, Plot: F-SA-000-000009-05, Owner: BUTLER, JESSE
BUTLER, KITTY M, Residence: 400 N. SAVANNAH, Plot: F-SA-000-000009-06, Owner: BUTLER, JESSE
BUTLER, MADELINE, Plot: F-BR-017-000102-06, Owner: BUTLER, HENRY
BUTLER, MAE, Plot: F-RW-015-000011-02, Owner: BUTLER, GEORGE
BUTLER, MARY, Plot: F-BR-017-000102-04, Owner: BUTLER, HENRY
BUTLER, PEARL F, Plot: F-SA-000-000056-06, Owner: PRATT, BRYAN
BYE, WILLIAM W, Plot: F-SD-005-000059-04, Owner: COLVIN, LYNN B
BYRD, JEFFERY C, Plot: F-SC-002-000114-02, Owner: BYRD, LELAND

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