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Rose Cemetery
Bath Township, Clinton County, Michigan

rose cemetery bath township michigan

GPS: 42.802806, -84.398278

14601 Upton Road
Bath Township, MI 48823

Published April 3, 2019
Total records = 1,442

Rose Cemetery is managed by Bath Charter Township. It is located on Upton Road just north of Stoll Road and borders on the Rose Lake Wildlife Research Area.  The cemetery is active and well maintained.


Five victims of the Bath School Disaster are in Section C1 of this cemetery.

Cemetery Records

Records below were originally recorded from tombstone inscriptions during a reading in 2007. Some records were used from a previous reading in 1941.

Sections are clearly marked with signs.  From north to south the sections are AA, A1, A2, B1, B2, Alphabet, C1, and C2.  There is also a new unlabeled section to the east.  The Alphabet section is very narrow as it used to be a road before the cemetery was expanded to the south.


Can't read = used 1941 reading
flag = military flagholder
nee = maiden name
aka = also known as
WRC = Women's Relief Corps
d. = date of death
a = age at death
OES = Order of Eastern Star
GAR = Civil War Vet

??, ??, Section-Lot B1-1, Footstone with W.L.
??, ??, d. 12/24/1884, Section-Lot B1-4, Wife of ? PREDMORE?
??, ??, d. 9/29/1861, a 36, Section-Lot B1-12, Can’t read, broken;
??, ??, Section-Lot B1-13, Marker with P.V or R.V.
??, ??, Section-Lot B1-14, 1941 reading show flag on unmarked grave
??, ??, Section-Lot B2-8, Broken Can’t read
??, ??, Section-Lot B2-8, Can’t read
??, ??, Section-Lot B2-8, Can’t read
??, ??, Section-Lot B2-11, Footstone with L.M.C.
??, ??, Section-Lot C1-1, Marker; no name or dates
??, ??, Section-Lot E-2, Flag on unmarked grave
??, ??, Section-Lot B2-5, Marker with no name or date
??, Leroy A., Section-Lot B2-3, Can’t read marker
ABBEY, Gladys W., 9/24/1906-11/26/1964, Section-Lot C2-2
ABBEY, Owen B., 2/16/1906-4/27/1962, Section-Lot C2-2, MI EM1 USNR WWII; flag
ABEL, Anna D., 1844-1923, Section-Lot A1-10
ABEL, Artemus J., 1869-1942, Section-Lot C2-1
ABEL, Bertha, 4/12/1923-3/13/1958, Section-Lot C2-5, Unmarked grave
ABEL, Daniel D., 1949, Section-Lot C1-8
ABEL, Dean R., 1909-1997, Section-Lot C1-8
ABEL, Douglas D., 1944, Section-Lot C1-8
ABEL, Floyd H., 1895-1969, Section-Lot C2-5, Father
ABEL, George W., 1945, Section-Lot C1-8
ABEL, George W., 1873-1964, Section-Lot C2-6
ABEL, Glenn, 7/3/1896-12/19/1953, Section-Lot C2-2
ABEL, Hazel S., 1895-1943, Section-Lot C2-5, Mother
ABEL, John V., d. 8/3/1878, a. 45-0-5, Section-Lot B2-10, Broken - can’t read
ABEL, Mary E., 1906-1977, Section-Lot C1-8
ABEL, Mary L., 1870-1965, Section-Lot C2-1
ABEL, Maude M. CARTER, 3/1/1884-5/4/1974, Section-Lot C2-2
ABEL, Minnie D., 1875-1967, Section-Lot C2-6
ABEL, Nellie R. D., 1884-1946, Section-Lot A1-10
ABEL, Ralph H., 8/3/1929-4/20/2003, Section-Lot C2-5, m. 3/20/1948
ABEL, Sarah A., d. 10/23/1900, a. 86-9-10, Section-Lot B2-10, Broken - can’t read; wife of John V.
ABEL, Shirley E., 10/2/1930-, Section-Lot C2-5
ABEL, William H., 1844-1918, Section-Lot A1-10
ADAMS, Douglas B., 1940-1998, Section-Lot AA-9, m. 6/23/1962
ADAMS, Joyce E., 1942-, Section-Lot AA-9
ALDRICH, Donovan D., 1896-1967, Section-Lot B2-2, Father
ALDRICH, Donovan Fletcher, 1922-1978, Section-Lot C2-3
ALDRICH, Dorothy M., 1913-1973, Section-Lot C2-3
ALDRICH, Lavange E., 1890-1964, Section-Lot B2-2, Mother
ALDRICH, Leona Ann, 1922-1963, Section-Lot C2-3
ALDRICH, Marvin H., 1910-1987, Section-Lot C2-3
ALLARD, Daniel S., 10/20/1935-3/22/1889, Section-Lot A1-4, Flag
ALLARD, Mary C., 5/7/1841-11/21/1911, Section-Lot A1-4
ALLEN, Alice B., 1869-1931, Section-Lot C1-7
ALLEN, Melvin C., 2/22/1889-7/31/1967, Section-Lot C1-7, MI PVT Mil Polic Corp WWI; flag
ALLEN, William G., 1861-1939, Section-Lot C1-7
ALVERSON, Archie A., 1900-1982, Section-Lot C2-3
ALVERSON, Bernice, 1907-1988, Section-Lot C2-3
ALVERSON, Cailen Leigh, 6/13/1944, Section-Lot B2-2, Son of Archie & Bernice
ALVERSON, Charlotte, 1842-1915, Section-Lot B2-2
ALVERSON, Frank S., 1866-1912, Section-Lot B2-2
ALVERSON, Henry, 1834-1918, Section-Lot B2-2, Flag
ALVERSON, Ida Mae, 1869-1951, Section-Lot B2-2
ALVERSON, Kathleen C., 1933-, Section-Lot E-5
ALVERSON, Terry K., 1934-2002, Section-Lot E-5, Parents of Angella, Andrew, Amelia, Annette
AMES, Charles, 1870-1926, Section-Lot Alpha 4
AMES, Vina, 1892-1928, Section-Lot Alpha 4
ANDERSON, Betty A., 4/11/1937-, Section-Lot C1-11
ANDERSON, Gust M., 1892-1970, Section-Lot C1-11
ANDERSON, Hazel L., 1912-, Section-Lot C1-11
ANDERSON, Lester A, 12/13/1937-10/18/1996, Section-Lot C1-11
ANDRESS, Therral L., 11/29/1930-4/12/1990, Section-Lot AA-4, PFC US Army Korea; flag
ANDRESS, Virginia L., 1929-, Section-Lot AA-4, m. 4/16/1951
ANDREWS, Illeana C., 1921-2000, Section-Lot AA-5
ANDRUS, Clayton S., 1906-1953, Section-Lot C2-9, Father
ANGEL, Cassell J., 1939-1968, Section-Lot C2-10
ANGEL, Kathryn A., 1942-, Section-Lot C2-10
ANKNEY, David A., 1952-1996, Section-Lot AA-5, Cremains interred Wisc; son
ANKNEY, Geraldine G., 1926-2005, Section-Lot AA-5, Nee KLING; aka Gerry
ANKNEY, Robert M., 1923-2001, Section-Lot AA-5, US Army WWII
ANNIS, Chellis F., 8/1810-7/1886, Section-Lot B1-3
ANNIS, Eliza M., 3/1818-7/1889, Section-Lot B1-3
ANNIS, Frankie, 1875-1879, Section-Lot B1-4
ANNIS, Janey E., 1851-1919, Section-Lot B1-4
ANNIS, Newman, 1844-1919, Section-Lot B1-4
ARCHER, Dale L., 3/27/1910-4/9/1979, Section-Lot C2-11
ARCHER, Edna Ruth Gould, 9/13/1924-7/4/2003, Section-Lot C2-11
ARNEY, Bert A., 1877-1948, Section-Lot C1-1
ARNEY, Grace K., 1887-1958, Section-Lot C1-1
ASHER, Edward P., 1894-1953, Section-Lot C1-7, Father
ASHER, Pearl, 1895-1943, Section-Lot C1-7, Mother
AUTIN, Chance Bryant J., 7/13/1988-8/20/1988, Section-Lot AA-4
BABB, Lyla L., 1891-1947, Section-Lot Alpha 7
BACHELDER, Benny J., d. 2/25/1859, a. 3w 5d, Section-Lot B1-12, Son of S & M.C.
BACHELDER, Willie W., d. 11/23/1857, a. 3m 9d, Section-Lot B1-12, Son of S & M.C.
BAILEY, Sarah J., 1841-1873, Section-Lot A2-2
BAILEY, William, 1837-1896, Section-Lot A2-2
BALL, Ada D., 7/26/1873-10/22/1939, Section-Lot A1-4
BARNARD, Gordon L., 1936-2007, Section-Lot AA-4, m. 9/23/1955
BARNARD, Kathleen J., 1938-1990, Section-Lot AA-4
BARNES, Archie, 12/29/1877-5/22/1966, Section-Lot C2-10
BARNES, Arvilla Jane, 1856-1926, Section-Lot B2-9
BARNES, Elijah, 1803-1889, Section-Lot B2-9
BARNES, Eva, 4/28/1881-10/7/1958, Section-Lot C2-10
BARNES, Nancy, 1815-1871, Section-Lot B2-9
BARNES, Worthy, 1953-1928, Section-Lot B2-9
BARTLETT, Harold L., 12/15/1915-, Section-Lot C2-3
BARTLETT, Helen R., 10/14/1915-9/13/2000, Section-Lot C2-3
BARTOW, Clara, 1862-1923, Section-Lot A1-7, Mother
BARTOW, Frank, 1852-1932, Section-Lot A1-7, Father
BARTOW, J. M., 1882-1942, Section-Lot A1-7
BASORE, Susan Garland, 1886-1963, Section-Lot C1-1, Mother
BATEMAN, ??, Section-Lot B2-13, Can’t read marker
BATEMAN, Thomas, d. 3/26/1872, a. 50-6-26, Section-Lot B2-13
BAUMAN, Allen, 4/9/1941, Section-Lot C1-1, MI PVT 42 Field Arty 14 DIV; flag
BECKWITH, Oma F., 1903-1993, Section-Lot AA-7, Aka Shorty
BECKWITH, R. V., 9/1/1921-6/8/1974, Section-Lot C2-9, SGT US Army; flag
BECKWITH, Ruth G., 1906-1993, Section-Lot AA-7
BELL, Lacey Mae, 11/4/1991-2/4/1992, Section-Lot AA-8
BERRY, Alfred G., d. 7/30/1858, a. 5-8-30, Section-Lot B1-10, Can’t read marker; son of Joseph & Eliza
BICKFORD, Byron L., 5/23/1845-1/2/1889, Section-Lot B2-2
BICKFORD, Israel, 5/24/1804-12/14/1896, Section-Lot B2-2, Flag
BICKFORD, Pamelia Keyes, 6/22/1811-9/5/1886, Section-Lot B2-2, Wife of Israel
BIGELOW, Harold, 1905-1977, Section-Lot C1-5
BIGELOW, Olive M., 1909-1982, Section-Lot C1-5
BLATT, Rose M., 1881-1948, Section-Lot A2-7
BOLDIZAR, Brenda Ellsworth, 4/30/1957-1/17/1997, Section-Lot AA-10, Organ donor seal
BOLDIZAR, Frank E., 1928-2002, Section-Lot E-2
BOONE, Lee M., 1910-1994, Section-Lot C2-8, m. 4/28/1937
BOONE, Margaret R., 1910-2000, Section-Lot C2-8
BOTKE, Minnie E., 7/22/1925-, Section-Lot AA-11, m. 6/28/1943
BOTKE, Robert E., Sr., 7/6/1920-3/27/1996, Section-Lot AA-11, Parents of Bob, Chuck, Larry, Barb, Debbie
BOYD, Henry, 1834-1890, Section-Lot A2-7, Can’t read marker
BOYD, James, 1866-1893, Section-Lot A2-7, Can’t read marker
BOYD, Margaret S., 1885-1913, Section-Lot A2-6
BOYD, Margaret S., 1885-1913, Section-Lot A2-7, Missing marker from 1941
BRAGDON, Norma J., 1926-, Section-Lot AA-1, Mother
BRAGDON, Richard A., 7/25/1922-10/6/1985, Section-Lot AA-1, TSGT US Army WWII; flag; father
BRASKA, Elinor L., 1929-, Section-Lot AA-1, Mother
BRASKA, Joseph M., Sr., 4/22/1949-, Section-Lot AA-4, m. 7/8/1972
BRASKA, Mary, 1917-1979, Section-Lot C2-1
BRASKA, Mary L., 4/11/1951-3/21/1996, Section-Lot AA-4, Parents of Sheila, Joe Jr., Jeff, Justin, Lisa, John, James, Jeremy
BRASKA, Stanley, 1917-1995, Section-Lot C2-1, PVT US Army WWII; flag
BRAY, Charles E, 1885-1946, Section-Lot C1-6
BRAY, George K., 1876-1943, Section-Lot C2-7, Flag
BRAY, Mabel C., 1880-1950, Section-Lot C2-7
BRAY, Pearl L., 1888-1943, Section-Lot C1-6
BRAY, Rex F., 1919-1935, Section-Lot C1-6
BREEDLOVE, Marvin, 11-11-1918-12/9/1985, Section-Lot AA-1, US Army WWII; father; flag
BREEDLOVE, Mary R., 9/29/1950-1/2/2000, Section-Lot AA-1
BREEDLOVE, Robert L., 11/11/1957-, Section-Lot AA-1, m. 6/2/1978
BREEDLOVE, Rose K., 1924-, Section-Lot AA-1
BRIGGS, Opal Lee, 1914-1985, Section-Lot B2-4
BRIGGS, Robert L., Sr., 1925-1998, Section-Lot AA-2, US Army WWII; flag
BRIGGS, Zada I., 1923-, Section-Lot AA-2
BRINDLE, Eliza R., 1827-1906, Section-Lot A2-3
BRINDLE, Ella H., 1851-1924, Section-Lot A2-3
BRINDLE, John, 1816-1891, Section-Lot A2-3
BRINDLE, William A., 1848-1921, Section-Lot A2-3
BRINDLEY, George N., 10/10/1937-3/9/1990, Section-Lot C2-8
BRINDLEY, George P., 6/20/1889-12/6/1961, Section-Lot C2-8, PVT US Army WWI; flag
BRINDLEY, Myrtle A., 1900-1953, Section-Lot C2-8
BROOK, Asael C., 2/6/1901-12/23/1966, Section-Lot Alpha 3, MI F3 US Navy WWI; flag
BROOK, Barbara I, 1926-1938, Section-Lot Alpha 3, Daughter
BROOK, Coriene M., 1896-1978, Section-Lot B2-4
BROOK, Emily L., 7/23/1926-4/7/2000, Section-Lot Alpha 5
BROOK, Glenn J., 1896-1956, Section-Lot B2-4
BROOK, LYLE, 1903-1983, Section-Lot Alpha 5
BROOK, MILDRED B., 1903-1991, Section-Lot Alpha 5
BROOK, MILDRED E., 1/12/1925, Section-Lot Alpha 5, Dau of H.L. & M.
BROOK, Vivian Ruby, 191-1972, Section-Lot Alpha 3, OES
BROOK, William L., 5/14/1926-, Section-Lot Alpha 5
BROWN, Anna, d. 6/20/1850, a. 72-2-0, Section-Lot B1-12, Can’t read
BROWN, Bessie, 1900-1927, Section-Lot Alpha 1
BROWN, Charles R., 1883-1954, Section-Lot B2-2, Father
BROWN, Charles Ramiel, 1924-1925, Section-Lot B2-2
BROWN, Emilie L., 1881-1959, Section-Lot C2-8
BROWN, Ethel M., 1889-1970, Section-Lot B2-2, Mother
BROWN, Frances L., 1923-1959, Section-Lot A2-11
BROWN, George Daniel, 1872-1947, Section-Lot Alpha 1, Pa Grandpa
BROWN, Julia A., 1843-1921, Section-Lot B1-6, Wife of Ross
BROWN, Marietta, d. 5/4/1866, a. 5y, Section-Lot B1-6, Dau of Ross & J.A.
BROWN, Nanette L., 1930-, Section-Lot AA-6, m. 4/12/1950
BROWN, Ross, d. 12/14/1884, a. 48-11-28, Section-Lot B1-6
BROWN, Russell T., 1922-2007, Section-Lot AA-6, Flag
BROWN, Susan J., 1863-1952, Section-Lot B2-4
BROWN, William A., 1862-1927, Section-Lot B2-4
BROWN?, Harold J., No dates, Section-Lot A2-11
BRUNN, Chelsea Lynn, 2/24/1987, Section-Lot AA-2
BRUNN, Wilby F., 1927-2003, Section-Lot AA-2, US Navy WWII; flag
BRYAN, Beverly Ann, 1953-1991, Section-Lot AA-1
BUCHNER, Ethel M., Section-Lot A1-8, 1888-1888
BUCHNER, Rosa M., Section-Lot A1-8, 1867-1904
BUCHNER, Wesley O., Section-Lot A1-8, 1863-1935
BUIST, George R., 1913-1983, Section-Lot C2-10, Husband, father
BUIST, Zada I., 1923-, Section-Lot C2-10
BURK, Chester, 1838-1908, Section-Lot A2-3
BURKE, Catherine, 1813-1891, Section-Lot B2-2
BURKE, Dewitt, 1832-1888, Section-Lot B2-2
BUSH, Velma R., 9/15/1910-10/6/1981, Section-Lot C2-9, Nee CARTER
CADE, Banker W., 1/12/1863-8/8/1938, Section-Lot B1-12
CADE, George, 12/26/1852-7/13/1868, Section-Lot B1-12, Son of T & S
CADE, Luches W., 5/10/1860-11/8/1860, Section-Lot B1-12, Son of T & S
CADE, Lucy A., 5/10/1860-3/1/1890, Section-Lot B1-12, Missing marker from 1941; dau of T & S
CADE, Sarah, 12/11/1827-2/7/1914, Section-Lot B1-12
CADE, Thomas, 6/21/1824-7/14/1884, Section-Lot B1-12
CALDER, Mary E., d. 9/14/1887, a. 41, Section-Lot B1-2, 1941 reading read this BALDER
CALDO, Lucille M., 1888-1986, Section-Lot C2-7, Mother
CANFIELD, Fledda O., 1921-, Section-Lot AA-11
CANFIELD, Herbert N., 1920-1995, Section-Lot AA-11
CANFIELD, Randy, 6/19/1961-12/7/1985, Section-Lot B2-4
CARL, Braman M., 3/30/1868-7/8/1888, Section-Lot A2-8, Son of JW & A
CARL, Jaspar W., 4/17/1846-3/6/1896, Section-Lot A2-8, Father
CARL, Jeremiah, 9/30/1875-4/26/1882, Section-Lot A2-8, Son of JW & A
CARL, John S., 11/27/1873-11/22/1878, Section-Lot A2-8, Son of JW & A
CARL, Joseph A., 1855-1888, Section-Lot A2-5
CARL, Maria T., d. 12/19/1857, a. 44-2-11, Section-Lot B1-13
CARL, Rosa L., 1855-1939, Section-Lot A2-5
CARL, Samuel, 1809-1904, Section-Lot B1-13, Flag
CARLETON, ??, 1954, Section-Lot B2-6, Infant
CARLETON, Daniel, 5/14/1925-4/12/2003, Section-Lot B2-6, Husband father
CARLETON, David D., 6/3/1981-10/21/1991, Section-Lot B2-6, Son
CARLETON, Doris M., 4/1/1926-7/16/2001, Section-Lot B2-6, Wife mother registered nurse
CARLETON, Walter, 1893-1963, Section-Lot B2-6, Husband
CARMONEY, Colleen Joyce, 1926-1977, Section-Lot C2-8, Mother
CARTER, Amy J., 7/18/1970-7/20/1970, Section-Lot C2-1
CARTER, Dana V., 1906-1938, Section-Lot C1-4
CARTER, Dixon Lee, d. 2/2/1926, a. 2d, Section-Lot A1-1, Son of Ray & Dana
CARTER, Dorothy M., 1914-2002, Section-Lot C2-10
CARTER, Elizabeth, 3/1/1913-12/21/2004, Section-Lot C2-2
CARTER, Ella, 1851-1934, Section-Lot A2-6
CARTER, Evelyn, 1908-1947, Section-Lot C1-1
CARTER, George M, Jr., 1933-1936, Section-Lot A1-1
CARTER, George M., Sr., 1906-1988, Section-Lot A1-1
CARTER, George W., 1847-1903, Section-Lot A1-3, Flag
CARTER, Harold F., 1921-, Section-Lot C2-4, Flag
CARTER, James Roe, 1945, Section-Lot C2-2
CARTER, Jennie, d. 4/24/1894, a. 40-11-26, Section-Lot B2-5, Dau of W & E HALLETT; wife of Levi D.
CARTER, John Philip, 9/30/1940-1/18/2004, Section-Lot C2-2
CARTER, Josephine L., 1886-1963, Section-Lot Alpha 2
CARTER, Leota L., d. 1/29/1880, a. 18-1-5, Section-Lot B2-5, Dau of A & M HARRIS; wife of Levi D.
CARTER, Levi D., 1851-1916, Section-Lot B2-5
CARTER, Margaret C., 1850-1942, Section-Lot A1-3
CARTER, Mary Kathryn, 9/26/1920-12/24/1998, Section-Lot C2-4, SPQRP2 US Navy WWII; flag
CARTER, Murray, 1877-1917, Section-Lot A1-1
CARTER, Phebe J., d. 8/8/1882, a. 0-4-4, Section-Lot B2-5, Dau or L.D. & J.P.
CARTER, Rex, 11/4/1901-5/22/2004, Section-Lot C2-2
CARTER, Richard W., 1936-1991, Section-Lot C2-10
CARTER, Robert, 2/2/1939-2/23/1939, Section-Lot Alpha 2
CARTER, W. Virginia, 1919-1984, Section-Lot Alpha 2
CARTER, Wayne H., 1914-1988, Section-Lot C2-10
CARTER, William G., 1884-1974, Section-Lot Alpha 2
CARTER, William Roe, 1915-1996, Section-Lot Alpha 2
CARTER, , Section-Lot A1-1, Family marker with flag
CHAMPLIN, Elva, 1953, Section-Lot C1-2
CHAMPLIN, Seymour, 1941, Section-Lot C1-2
CHANEY, Lenora Viola, 1866-1945, Section-Lot B2-2, Mother
CHASE, Calvin, 5/17/1808-9/29/1875, Section-Lot B2-7
CHASE, Chloe C., 1/26/1812-3/6/1899, Section-Lot B2-7
CHRISTMAS, Jourdan L., 2/8/1993, Section-Lot AA-7
CHRISTY, C. Edward, 11/6/1944-10/14/1999, Section-Lot E-1, Flag
CHRISTY, Joan C., 8/19/1939-, Section-Lot E-1
CHRISTY, Victoria L., 12/11/1970-8/5/2005, Section-Lot E-1
CHURCH, Alton S., 1876-1950, Section-Lot C1-7
CHURCH, Amy, d. 2/2/1876, a. 69-6-0, Section-Lot B1-4, Wife of Jehiel
CHURCH, Chester B., Section-Lot C1-7, Corpl Co G 5th MI Cav; flag
CHURCH, Chester B., 1841-1926, Section-Lot C1-7
CHURCH, Douglas J., 12/29/1963-1/30/1999, Section-Lot AA-10, Father
CHURCH, Grant Douglas, 8/16/1994-3/5/1996, Section-Lot AA-10, Son
CHURCH, Jehiel, d. 2/10/1849, a. 49-10-4, Section-Lot B1-4
CHURCH, Leo, 9/21/1908-10/4/1968, Section-Lot C2-1, MI TEC4 468 Engr Maint Co WWII; flag
CHURCH, Mary E., 1850-1943, Section-Lot C1-7
CHURCH, Menzer E., 1871-1957, Section-Lot C1-7, Flag
CLARK, Aaron J., 1871-1945, Section-Lot B2-4
CLARK, Aaron J., 1871-1945, Section-Lot C1-4
CLARK, Almeda J., 1918-, Section-Lot C2-11
CLARK, Ann M., 1857-1943, Section-Lot B1-3
CLARK, Arthur J., 1877-1967, Section-Lot B1-5
CLARK, Arthur L., 4/11/1908-5/30/1997, Section-Lot C2-4, CPT US Army WWII; flag
CLARK, Charley, 1875-1935, Section-Lot B1-3
CLARK, Earl J., 1905-1997, Section-Lot B1-5, Masons
CLARK, Edward, 1867-1952, Section-Lot A1-4
CLARK, Edward S., 1841-1927, Section-Lot B1-2, Father; flag
CLARK, Elmer W., 1858-1929, Section-Lot C1-3
CLARK, Emma E., 1859-1944, Section-Lot B1-2, Mother
CLARK, Frank L., 8/23/1898-5/28/1973, Section-Lot C2-5
CLARK, Goldie, 1887-1922, Section-Lot B1-5
CLARK, Henry W., 1849-1904, Section-Lot B1-3
CLARK, Josephine V., 1907-1996, Section-Lot B1-5, OES
CLARK, June M., 8/18/1928-3/15/1994, Section-Lot AA-10
CLARK, Laughton E., 5/5/1895-12/25/1959, Section-Lot C2-5, Flag
CLARK, Lawrence G., 12/18/1893-6/5/1968, Section-Lot C2-5, Flag
CLARK, Leland, 1919, Section-Lot C1-3
CLARK, Lenard D., 2/20/1894-4/30/1918, Section-Lot C1-2
CLARK, Leonard D., 2/20/1894-4/30/1918, Section-Lot B1-3, Missing marker from 1941 reading
CLARK, Linda L., 1943-2000, Section-Lot E-3
CLARK, Mary E., 1841-1887, Section-Lot B1-2, mother
CLARK, Pearl F., 1889-1970, Section-Lot C1-3
CLARK, Ruth M., 7/9/1909-4/2/1948, Section-Lot C2-4
CLARK, Sarah E., 1869-1945, Section-Lot B2-4
CLARK, Sarah E., 1869-1945, Section-Lot C1-4
CLARK, Vernon F., 1961-2000, Section-Lot E-3, Son, father, husband
CLARK, Vernon L., 1940-, Section-Lot E-3
CLARK, Walter J., 1912-1970, Section-Lot C2-11
CLARK, , d. 2/4/1880, a. 2w, Section-Lot B1-3, Dau of H.W. & A.M.
CLARK, , 1940, Section-Lot B1-5, Infant son
CLAWSON, Floy E., 1903-1906, Section-Lot A2-5, Daughter
CLAWSON, James E., 1865-1955, Section-Lot A2-5, Father
CLAWSON, Minnie P., 1870-1955, Section-Lot A2-5, Mother
CLEVER, Elsie A., 1917-2004, Section-Lot C2-1, m. 4/10/1937
CLEVER, Wayne R., 1917-1978, Section-Lot C2-1
CLINGERMAN, John D., 1859-1918, Section-Lot B2-2
CLINGERMAN, Ramiel E., 2/28/1941, Section-Lot B2-2, MI SGT 338 Inf 85 Div; Flag
COBB, Jerome S., d. 11/3/1860, a. 3-2-18, Section-Lot B2-14, Son of Norman C & P.
COCHRAN, Ann M., 1848-1913, Section-Lot B2-3
COCHRAN, Bert, 1874-1944, Section-Lot B2-15
COCHRAN, Edward L, 1864-1928, Section-Lot B1-1
COCHRAN, Ella V., 1866-1939, Section-Lot B1-1
COCHRAN, Fred, 1879-1939, Section-Lot C1-2
COCHRAN, Lena CUSHMAN, 1870-1953, Section-Lot B2-10
COCHRAN, LeVern, 1895-1956, Section-Lot B1-1
COCHRAN, Max W., 1912-1972, Section-Lot C1-2
COCHRAN, Mollie, 1889-1980, Section-Lot B1-1
COCHRAN, Nettie E., 1883-1940, Section-Lot C1-2
COCHRAN, Rachel S., 1877-1956, Section-Lot B2-15
COCHRAN, T. Susan, 1907-1997, Section-Lot C1-2
COCHRAN, William, 1869-1943, Section-Lot A2-6
COCHRAN, William H., 1837-1905, Section-Lot B2-3
COCHRANE, Eliza C., d. 2/25/1896, a. 62-6-27, Section-Lot A2-6, Wife of Enos
COCHRANE, Enos, 11/4/1836-12/7/1902, Section-Lot A2-6
COLBY, Louise BOYD, 1843-1923, Section-Lot A2-7
COLE, Libbie E., d. 10/19/1881, a. 40-8-25, Section-Lot B2-3, Wife of B.R.
COLE, Robert D., d. 6/30/1867, a. 89-10-26, Section-Lot B2-11, Missing marker from 1941 reading
COLE, Samuel, d. 9/25/1866, a. 58-4-6, Section-Lot B2-11, Missing marker from 1941 reading
COLE, Sarah A., d. 4/26/1864, a. 51-10-0, Section-Lot B2-11, Missing marker from 1941 reading; wife of Samuel
COLEMAN, Charles, 1890-1979, Section-Lot C1-3
COLEMAN, Emma, 1891-1981, Section-Lot C1-3
COLEMAN, Hattie I., 1866-1951, Section-Lot C1-3
COLEMAN, Mary Louise, 1887-1971, Section-Lot C1-3
COLEMAN, Wilmer, 1860-1940, Section-Lot C1-3
COLISTER, Anna E., 1870-, Section-Lot A1-10
COLISTER, Annie E., 1865-1925, Section-Lot A1-6
COLISTER, Asahel, d. 7/21/1841, a. 10-1-22, Section-Lot B1-14, Son of R & P
COLISTER, Edgar L., 1862-1932, Section-Lot A1-6
COLISTER, Frank, 1886-1918, Section-Lot A1-6, Oddfellows; Killed in action ; Co H 357th Inf; flag
COLISTER, Frank, d. 3/11/1856, a. 8m 2d, Section-Lot B1-14, Son of R & Lois
COLISTER, Herbert, 12/16/1857-1/8/1937, Section-Lot A1-6
COLISTER, Hiram H., 1868-1939, Section-Lot A1-10
COLISTER, John, d. 187?, a. 62-3-3, Section-Lot B1-15, Father; top half missing; name assumed
COLISTER, Lois C., 8/10/1827-11/19/1906, Section-Lot A1-6
COLISTER, Melvina, d. 9/9/1867, a. 2-9-20, Section-Lot B1-14, Missing marker from 1941; dau of R & L
COLISTER, Oscar, d. 7/4/1862, a. 2-2-25, Section-Lot B1-14, Son of R & Lois C.
COLISTER, Ray, 1894-1896, Section-Lot A1-6, Son
COLISTER, Robert, 8/12/1817-1/20/1891, Section-Lot A1-6
COLISTER, Robert, d. 11/23/1857, a. 80-5-25, Section-Lot B1-14
COLISTER, Sarah A., d. 7/27/1838, a. 14-6-22, Section-Lot B1-14, Dau of Robert & Phebe
COLISTER, , 8/19/1907, Section-Lot A1-6, Infant dau. of E.L. & A.E.
COLISTER, , d. 2/11/1838, a 49-5-19, Section-Lot B1-14, Missing marker from 1941; wife of Robert
COLLISTER, Charlotte P., d. 9/19/1854, a. 39-0-11, Section-Lot B1-15, Wife of John; broken marker
COLLISTER, Mary Jane, d. 5/14/1888, a. 67-7-1, Section-Lot B1-15, Wife of John
COLLY, Luella M., d. 2-21-1876, a. 11-0-19, Section-Lot B1-1, Missing from 1941 reading; Ch. of L&M
COLLY, Perley, d. 10/20/1876, a. 2m 9d, Section-Lot B1-1, Missing from 1941 reading; Ch. of L&M
COMSTOCK, R. B., d. 5/9/1860, a. 3-0-27, Section-Lot B1-12, Son of R.B. & L.C.
COMSTOCK, Ransford B., d. 7/14/1858, a. 76-2-20, Section-Lot B1-12, Missing marker from 1941
CONKLIN, Charlotte, 1838-1908, Section-Lot B1-2, Wife
CONKLIN, Jacob, d. 11/12/1866, a. 70-9-19, Section-Lot B1-9, Broken on ground
CONKLIN, John, d. 3/14/1877, a. 57-2-3, Section-Lot B1-2
CONKLIN, Melissie L., d. 12/6/1886, a. 12-1-25, Section-Lot B1-2, Daughter
COOK, Charles C., 1863-1930, Section-Lot C1-9
COOK, Martha J., 1931-1998, Section-Lot C2-9, Aka Jean; m. 5/28/1948
COOK, Martin E., 1927-1981, Section-Lot C2-9, Aka Mike
COOK, Martin Edward, Jr., 6/12/1949-12/8/1999, Section-Lot E-1, CM3 US Navy Vietnam; Seabees; flag
COOK, Otis L., 9/10/1934-7/31/1998, Section-Lot E-1
COOK, Peggy A., 1949-, Section-Lot E-1, m. 4/27/1973
COOK, Sarah Ann, 1865-1952, Section-Lot C1-9
COOLEY, Esther R., 1/3/1920, Section-Lot AA-2
COOLEY, Marvin E., 4/21/1918-, Section-Lot AA-2
COOPER, Ann, 1926-1996, Section-Lot A1-11
COOPER, J.D., 3/31/1923-5/27/1978, Section-Lot A1-11, EM2 US Navy WWII; flag
COOPER, Mark A., 1/20/1969-1/28/2002, Section-Lot A1-11
CORBIN, Gary W., 1940-2000, Section-Lot AA-7, Son; flag
CORBIN, Norma I., 1920-1999, Section-Lot AA-7
CORBIN, Robert J., 1917-1996, Section-Lot AA-7
CORNWELL, John, Section-Lot B1-5, Co G 5th MI Cav; flag
COSS, Ellie, 1864-1944, Section-Lot A1-10
COSS, Harvey, 1860-1939, Section-Lot A1-10
COSS, Lena H., 1890-, Section-Lot A1-6
COSS, Mary, d. 11/11/1864, a. 56-2-11, Section-Lot B2-12, Wife of William
COSS, Minnie May, d. 6/20/1877, a. 8-21-12, Section-Lot B2-12, Dau of Wm H. & G.A.
COSS, Rebeca, 1833-1912, Section-Lot A1-10
COSS, Rollo, Section-Lot A1-6, Infant son of W.
COSS, Walter, 1881-1962, Section-Lot A1-6
COSS, Walter, 1828-1912, Section-Lot A1-10, Flag on marker with all 4 names
COSS, William, d. 8/18/1848, a. 41-7-18, Section-Lot B2-12
COSTIGAN, Althea G., 1868-1924, Section-Lot C1-4, Mother
COSTIGAN, James H., 1864-1922, Section-Lot C1-4, Father
COSTIGAN, Lenora J., 1895-1983, Section-Lot C1-4
COSTIGAN, Wesley S., 1890-1949, Section-Lot C1-4
COSTON, Alma, 1822-1911, Section-Lot B2-13, Wife of Nelson
COSTON, Nelson, 1809-1870, Section-Lot B2-13
COSTON, Peter, 1844-1864, Section-Lot B2-13, Son of N & A
COUNSELLER, Dwinell D., 10/18/1927-, Section-Lot AA-4, m. 9/4/1953
COUONSELLER, Amy L., 7/26/1922-1/19/2000, Section-Lot AA-4, Wife, mom, nana
COURTER, William, 1902-1941, Section-Lot C1-9
COWDRY, Burton H., 1919-1981, Section-Lot C2-10, CPL US Army WWII; flag; fireman
COWDRY, Yvonne J., 1925-, Section-Lot C2-10
COX, Bill W., 2/13/1950-8/18/1974, Section-Lot C2-1, US Marine Corps; flag
CROCKER, Lemuel, d. 3/17/1868, a. 73-9-0, Section-Lot B1-15, Missing marker from 1941
CROFTS, Ida V., 1914-1977, Section-Lot C2-10
CROFTS, William G., 1912-2003, Section-Lot C2-10
CROSE, Ace E., 192-1957, Section-Lot Alpha 10, Brother
CROSS, Elmer E., 1872-1949, Section-Lot C1-4
CROSS, Sylvia Ann, 1877-1936, Section-Lot C1-4
CROWE, Anna L., 1881-1947, Section-Lot Alpha 10, Mother
CROWE, Dan L., 8/17/1950-6/17/1991, Section-Lot C1-10
CROWE, Kenneth W., 1920-1983, Section-Lot C1-10, Husband, father
CROWE, Ruby L., 1927-, Section-Lot C1-10, Wife, mother
CULVER, Celia F., 2/15/1831-3/26/1901, Section-Lot A1-5
CULVER, Edward, 1850-1885, Section-Lot B1-11
CULVER, Elizabeth, 1862-1882, Section-Lot B1-11
CULVER, Elizabeth J., 12/13/1914-5/4/1994, Section-Lot C1-10, Nee TANK; aka Betty
CULVER, George, d. 12/17/1883, a. 89-2-0, Section-Lot B2-3, Flag in 1941
CULVER, George S., 12/16/1827-12/15/1911, Section-Lot A1-5
CULVER, Lemuel, 1879-1881, Section-Lot B1-11
CULVER, Olive, d. 1/15/1881, a. 76-0-21, Section-Lot B2-3, Wife of George
CULVER, Richard L., 10/16/1941-, Section-Lot C1-10
CULVER, Sarah, d. 8/10/1866, a. 32-4-12, Section-Lot B1-11, Dau of Barnard & M. BRAY; wife of James L.
CULVER, Sharon A., 2/7/1944-1/21/2003, Section-Lot C1-10
CUMMINGS, Areta E., 2/10/1916-12/8/1990, Section-Lot AA-3, OES
CUMMINGS, Harold W., 9/11/1912-, Section-Lot AA-3, Masons
CUNNINGHAM, Reva M., 1918-2001, Section-Lot C2-5
CUNNINGHAM, Thomas J., 8/28/1918-11/26/1967, Section-Lot C2-5, MI Cox USNR WWII; flag
CURTIS, Alice J., 1858-1929, Section-Lot B2-4
CURTIS, Bertie D., 1878-1885, Section-Lot B2-4
CURTIS, Charles H., 1856-1918, Section-Lot B2-4
CUSHMAN, Amanda H., 1841-1878, Section-Lot B2-11, Mother
CUSHMAN, Belinda, 1811-1896, Section-Lot A1-3, Grandma
CUSHMAN, Bertha, Section-Lot B2-11, Sister
CUSHMAN, Charles R., 1838-1896, Section-Lot A1-3
CUSHMAN, Edith, Section-Lot B2-11, Sister
CUSHMAN, I. J., 1869-1894, Section-Lot B2-11, Brother
CUSHMAN, Lois C. CHURCH, 4/23/1882-9/22/1965, Section-Lot C2-1
CUSHMAN, Warren, 1874-1953, Section-Lot A1-3
DAMER, Edward E., 1/11/1911-10/9/1992, Section-Lot AA-4, Seabees flag
DAMER, Elizabeth, 3/5/1907-10/14/1995, Section-Lot AA-4
DANIEL, Joseph, 7/16/1893-7/17/1962, Section-Lot C2-1, MI PVT Co B 213 Engineers WWI; flag
DANIEL, Reeta M., 1902-1977, Section-Lot C2-1
DANIEL, Urie Richard, 1/25/1920-1/7/1944, Section-Lot C2-1, MI CPL 760 Tank BN WWI PH; flag
DANIELS, John E., 10/31/1920-11/17/1979, Section-Lot C2-4, MSGT US Army WWII; flag
DANIELS, Mary Ann, 1920-, Section-Lot C2-4
DASE, Alan L., 3/10/1954-, Section-Lot AA-4, m. 6/11/1976
DASE, Peggy A., 11/12/1955-3/9/1996, Section-Lot AA-4
DAVENPORT, Ada B., 1853-1942, Section-Lot A2-2
DAVIS, Addie E. SMITH, 1872-1901, Section-Lot B2-8, Wife of Frank E.
DAVIS, Martha, 3/5/1825-1/31/1904, Section-Lot B1-5, Wife of Oney
DAVIS, Oney, d. 1/24/1886, a. 62-11-24, Section-Lot B1-5
DeBAR, Elizabeth, d. 8/31/1856, a. 14m 15d, Section-Lot B1-12, Dau of Jered & Eliza M.
DeBAR, Louisa, d. 9/12/1861, a. 2-0-11, Section-Lot B1-12, Dau of Jered & Eliza M.
DeBAR, William H., d. 3/12/1862, a. 8m 2d, Section-Lot B1-12, Son of Jered & Eliza M.
DEMOND, Kenneth J., 7/5/1961-10/13/1979, Section-Lot C2-1, Son, brother
DENNIS, Gloria F., 1943-, Section-Lot C2-10
DENNIS, Thomas L., 1933-1982, Section-Lot C2-10, m. 1/27/1973
DeSANDER, Barbara J., 1935-, Section-Lot AA-8
DeSANDER, Emiel A., 1935-2004, Section-Lot AA-8, Aka Bud; m. 9/29/1956
DeZESS, Arden E., 1937-, Section-Lot Alpha 9
DeZESS, June C., 1938-1979, Section-Lot Alpha 9
DINGMAN, Angeline R., d. 12/7/1862, a. 24-7-1, Section-Lot B1-13, Wife of Eber; Missing marker from 1941 reading
DINGMAN, Archer S., d. 7/12/1883, a. 11-11-13, Section-Lot B1-13, Son of E & F
DINGMAN, Lydia, d. 1/12/1857, a. 1w 1d, Section-Lot B1-13, Dau of Eber & Angeline
DINGWELL, Juanita LANE, 1920-2004, Section-Lot C2-5
DIRCKS, H. Fern, 1911-1981, Section-Lot C2-3
DIRCKS, Lester J., 1914-1999, Section-Lot C2-3
DONAHUE, Carolyn L., 1936-, Section-Lot AA-4, m. 11/22/1972
DONAHUE, John R., 7/8/1925-3/15/1991, Section-Lot AA-4, CM US Navy WWII
DOWERS, John D., d. 3/1/1866, a. 79-8-0, Section-Lot B2-5, Missing marker from 1941
DOWERS, Rebecca, d. 11/27/1871, a. 84yrs, Section-Lot B2-5, Missing marker from 1941
DRUMHELLER, Andrew, 1877-1965, Section-Lot C1-11
DRUMHELLER, Carrie Smith, 1884-1904, Section-Lot A1-1
DRUMHELLER, Henry, 1877-1956, Section-Lot A1-8, flag
DRUMHELLER, Henry, d. 5/12/1869, a. 26-2-0, Section-Lot B2-15, Or DRUMHILLER; son of J&C; broken on ground
DRUMHELLER, Maude, 1882-1978, Section-Lot A1-8
DRUMHELLER, , 1913, Section-Lot A1-8, Infant son of H & M
DRUMHELLER, , 1907, Section-Lot A1-8, Infant son of H & M
DRUMHELLER, , Section-Lot A1-8, No name or dates
DRYER, David P., 1807-1897, Section-Lot B1-10, Can’t read marker
DRYER, Delia, 1797-1895, Section-Lot B1-10, Can’t read marker; aunt
DRYER, Emily, d. 11/30/1852, a. 41-6-0, Section-Lot B1-10, Can’t read marker; wife of David P.
DUGAN, Daniel, 3/24/1942-, Section-Lot C2-5, m. 8/19/1961
DUGAN, Dustilin, 4/20/1959-, Section-Lot AA-9
DUGAN, John F., 1918-, Section-Lot C1-10
DUGAN, Kathryn, 5/2/1943-12/29/2003, Section-Lot C2-5
DUGAN, Mark W., 4/17/1956-, Section-Lot AA-9
DUGAN, Nora M., 1920-, Section-Lot C1-10, Flag; m. 11/15/1938
DUGAN, Sam, Section-Lot AA-9, Infant
DUGAT, Violet V., 1913-1981, Section-Lot C2-2
DUHENEY, M. J., 1948-1993, Section-Lot C2-5
DUHENEY?, Brandy Lee, 1973, Section-Lot C2-5, No last name; infant
DUNHAM, Freida E., 3/18/1928-, Section-Lot E-1, m. 6/4/1947
DUNHAM, Leroy F., 8/26/1925-11/19/2001, Section-Lot E-1, Aka Roy; flag
EASTMAN, Donald L., 5/6/1932-, Section-Lot E-2, PFC US Army
EASTMAN, Ruth J., 5/7/1934-2/7/2007, Section-Lot E-2, m. 9/30/1952
EASTON, Abbie B., 1844-1924, Section-Lot B1-9
EASTON, Cynthia, d. 4/18/1871, a. 76-5-12, Section-Lot B1-9
EASTON, John M., 1818-1898, Section-Lot B1-9
EASTON, Willie, d. 11/18/1864, a. 10-10-25, Section-Lot B1-9, Adopted son of J.M & E
EBERLY, Aaron G., 10/21/1999, Section-Lot C2-1
EBERLY, Larry G., 8/7/1856-5/2/2000, Section-Lot C2-1, Son, brother, soulmate
EDWARDS, Barbara Bickenbach, 4/22/1957-1/13/2001, Section-Lot E-5
ELBERTH, Olive May, 1908-1998, Section-Lot C1-9
ELBERTH, Richard F., 1887-1972, Section-Lot C1-9
ELKINS, Margaret Burlingame, 6/25/1890-10/14/1968, Section-Lot C1-11
ELSON, Lloyd F., 9/27/1900-8/9/2000, Section-Lot AA-7
EVERETT, Ishmell E., 1877-1958, Section-Lot A1-8
EVERETT, James, Section-Lot A1-8, No dates
EVERETT, Sadie M., 1883-1956, Section-Lot A1-8
EVERETT, Sarah, Section-Lot A1-8, No dates
FERGUSON, Donald R., 1931-1991, Section-Lot AA-5
FERGUSON, Marie, 1932-, Section-Lot AA-5
FITCH, Marjorie J., 1945-1996, Section-Lot E-3
FLETCHER, Arvilla V., 1844-1926, Section-Lot A2-2
FLETCHER, Charles M., 1860-1860, Section-Lot B1-13
FLETCHER, Clark E., 1889, Section-Lot A1-4, 1941 reading says d. 9/18/1889, a. 11m 21d; son of O.L. & H.A.
FLETCHER, Emeline, 1832-1918, Section-Lot B1-13
FLETCHER, Esther B., d. 2/4/1885, a. 81-4-23, Section-Lot B1-14, Hard to read dates could be wrong; wife
FLETCHER, Ethel E., 1891-1949, Section-Lot B2-2
FLETCHER, George W., 1841-1920, Section-Lot A2-2
FLETCHER, H. Aletta, 1866-1959, Section-Lot A1-4
FLETCHER, Isaac, 1825-1894, Section-Lot B1-13
FLETCHER, Isaac, d. 2/20/1859, a. 21-8-15, Section-Lot B1-14, Hard to read - age could be wrong
FLETCHER, James L., 1848-1925, Section-Lot B2-1
FLETCHER, Josina, 1854-1887, Section-Lot B2-1
FLETCHER, Mary Margaret, 1854-1922, Section-Lot B2-1
FLETCHER, Oscar L., 1862-1938, Section-Lot A1-4
FLETCHER, Ralph R., 1869-1892, Section-Lot B1-13
FLETCHER, Rosa E., 1865-1943, Section-Lot A2-2
FLETCHER, Roy J., 1894-1970, Section-Lot B2-2
FLOWERS, Alice E., 1910-2004, Section-Lot AA-3
FORSYTH, Dylan Tyler, 4/22/2003-5/14/2003, Section-Lot E-2
FORSYTH, Frances G., 1/18/1918-4/5/2006, Section-Lot E-3, Mother; flag
FOUTS, Kimberly A., 7/12/1961-, Section-Lot E-3
FOUTS, Will A., 10/1/1950-, Section-Lot E-3, m. 8/27/1983
FREDERICK, Deborah, 1843-1932, Section-Lot C1-6
FREDERICK, Frank J., 1891-1969, Section-Lot C1-6
FREDERICK, Lucy Ann, 1868-1947, Section-Lot C1-6
FREDERICK, N. Blanche, 1895-1973, Section-Lot C1-6
FREDERICK, William H., 1862-1951, Section-Lot C1-6
GALLUP, P. N., d. 12/21/1893, a. 64-5/7, Section-Lot A1-6
GALLUP, Ruth Ann, d. 4/23/1898, a. 64-8-25, Section-Lot A1-6
GARDNER, Addison, b. 10/15/1832, Section-Lot A2-7
GARDNER, Amasa C., 1866-1907, Section-Lot A2-10
GARDNER, Clara, 1870-1922, Section-Lot A2-10
GARDNER, Delia Z., 6/4/1832-5/7/1893, Section-Lot A2-7, Wife of Addison
GARDNER, Eliza L., 1858-1933, Section-Lot A2-11
GARDNER, Silas D., d. 8/23/1871, a. 50-7-9, Section-Lot B2-10
GARDNER, Silas W., 1856-1933, Section-Lot A2-11, Masons
GARDNER, , Section-Lot A2-7, Can’t read marker
GASS, Charles H., 10/7/1922-3/21/2001, Section-Lot AA-8, 1934SGT US Army WWII; flag
GIBSON, John Clinton, Rev., 1870-1940, Section-Lot C1-9
GIBSON, Martha D. YOURY, 1872-1955, Section-Lot C1-9
GILLETT, Ruth R., d. 1/12/1863, a. 23-7-12, Section-Lot B1-8, Broken; can’t read marker; wife of Albert
GOETZ, Pearl, 1921-1967, Section-Lot C1-1
GOFF, Arliss M., 1925-2006, Section-Lot C2-8
GOFF, Robert A., 2/8/1919-10/21/1998, Section-Lot C2-8, US Army Air Forces; purple heart, Air medal; flag; WWII
GOODHUE, Harriet, 1828-1904, Section-Lot B1-5
GOODHUE, Lenorah E., 1850-1926, Section-Lot A2-2
GOODHUE, Millard F., 1847-1898, Section-Lot A2-2, Flag
GOODHUE, Owen C., d. 6/1/1880, a. 30-7-14, Section-Lot B1-5, Son of G.W. & H.S.
GOODHUE, Ramao, d. 6/1/1885, a. 28-6-13, Section-Lot B2-5, Wife of Frank G; broken can’t read
GOODRICH, Henry, d. 3/17/1863, a. 55-2-9, Section-Lot B1-15, Missing marker
GOODRICH, Nancy M., d. 6/30/1882, a. 69-8-1, Section-Lot B1-15, Broken marker; can’t read
GOODWIN, Donna J., 1930-1996, Section-Lot AA-10
GOODWIN, Robert M., 1925-, Section-Lot AA-10
GRAFIUS, Helen Marie, 1917-2005, Section-Lot C2-11
GRAFIUS, John Edward, 1916-1980, Section-Lot C2-11
GRAFIUS, Kristin Joy, 1/9/1980-5/26/1980, Section-Lot C2-11
GREEN, Daniel Howard, 8/19/1963-7/13/1978, Section-Lot C2-7
GREENE, Sarah H., d. 4/26/1864, a. 51-10-0, Section-Lot B2-11, Wife of Noble K.; flag
GREGORY, Alvin D., 12/8/1928-5/21/1997, Section-Lot AA-4
GREGORY, Howard, 6/9/1898-4/7/1918, Section-Lot A1-2
GREGORY, Julia A., 3/9/1882-4/21/1918, Section-Lot A1-2
GREGORY, Marjorie A., 10/31/1940-, Section-Lot AA-4
GREGORY, William M., 10/2/1850-2/22/1905, Section-Lot A1-2
GREGORY, , 3/23/1915, Section-Lot A1-2, Infant daughter of Bert & Mable
GRIFFITH, Douglas W., 1931-2005, Section-Lot C2-4, Father; m. 9/1/1955
GRIFFITH, Molita M., 1907-1995, Section-Lot C2-4, Mother
GRIFFITH, Phyllis L., 1933-, Section-Lot C2-4
GRIFFITH, Wilfred J., 1903-1981, Section-Lot C2-4, Father; m. 9/1/1927
GROVE, Frieda M., 8/1/1915-8/18/1993, Section-Lot AA-9, m. 5/4/1940
GROVE, Graydon H., 9/10/1982-2/11/1984, Section-Lot AA-1
GROVE, Harold E., 12/23/1912-3/9/2003, Section-Lot AA-9
GUERNSEY, Alton W., 1899-1977, Section-Lot C2-3
GUERNSEY, Vesta V., 1908-1997, Section-Lot C2-3
GUERNSEY, Victor James, 7/6/1934-12/31/1986, Section-Lot C1-11, PVT US Army Korea; flag
HAGY, Betty J., 12/7/1931-3/4/1994, Section-Lot AA-11
HAGY, Fielden D., 1900-1981, Section-Lot C2-8
HAGY, George F., 7/31/1931-, Section-Lot AA-11
HAGY, Ruth M., 1906-1989, Section-Lot C2-8
HAISMA, Henry, 1916-1995, Section-Lot E-1
HAISMA, Marie Shepard, 1914-2001, Section-Lot E-1
HALL, James B., 1915-1984, Section-Lot C2-9, Husband
HALL, Mary P., 1875-1941, Section-Lot A2-4
HALL, Maxine M., 1929-, Section-Lot C2-9, Wife
HALL, Sherman D., 1950-1982, Section-Lot C2-11, Father
HAMLIN, Marion B, 1906-1926, Section-Lot A1-1
HANKS, Nancy K., 1958-, Section-Lot E-1, Nee ANDRESS; m. 12/18/1997
HANKS, Randy L., 5/27/1955-5/12/2006, Section-Lot E-1, LCPL US Marie Corps; flag
HARBENSKI, Debra D., 1954-, Section-Lot E-5
HARBENSKI, Timothy T., 1953-2003, Section-Lot E-5
HARPER, Ellen L., 6/19/1851-9/19/1898, Section-Lot B1-8, Wife of S.D.
HARPER, Gertrude, 1878-1966, Section-Lot C2-7
HARPER, Gordon M., 4/7/1914-3/8/1994, Section-Lot C2-7, Perry, Michigan
HARPER, Louise K., 1881-1952, Section-Lot C2-7
HARPER, Lucille J., 7/9/1914-, Section-Lot C2-7, Juneau, Alaska
HARPER, Robert M., 1874-1938, Section-Lot C2-7
HARPER, Roy L., 1877-1962, Section-Lot C2-7
HARPER, Salem D., 11/23/1848-7/18/1912, Section-Lot B1-8
HARRIS, Cecil H., 1908-1974, Section-Lot C1-8
HARRIS, Elva M., 1912-2002, Section-Lot C1-8
HARRIS, Ethel, 1886-1916, Section-Lot A2-2
HARRIS, Ida M., 1867-1932, Section-Lot A2-2
HARRIS, Lowell, 1883-1932, Section-Lot A2-2
HARRIS, William D., 1867-1935, Section-Lot A2-2
HART, Arlene M., 1918-1998, Section-Lot B1-7, Flag
HART, Brian Lynn, 12/9/1943-1/16/2007, Section-Lot B1-12
HART, Cora M., 1884-1969, Section-Lot A2-3
HART, Donovan E., 1940-1995, Section-Lot B1-7
HART, Eugene S., 1888-1962, Section-Lot C1-7, Father
HART, Eva Belle, 1876-1900, Section-Lot A2-9
HART, Harley A., 5/4/1904-4/9/1949, Section-Lot C2-5
HART, Harry H., 5/5/1904-7/14/1954, Section-Lot C1-9
HART, Hazen W., 1902-1988, Section-Lot AA-2
HART, Helen, 1932, Section-Lot C1-9, Infant
HART, Hittle, 1873-1929, Section-Lot C1-6
HART, Irene E., 1888-1959, Section-Lot C1-7, Mother
HART, James D., 1935-2000, Section-Lot Alpha 11
HART, Jesse M., 1881-1969, Section-Lot A2-3
HART, John, 1878-1970, Section-Lot C1-6, Second marker says 1880-1970
HART, Kaye H., 1943-, Section-Lot Alpha 11
HART, Kendra Ann, 4/9/1977, Section-Lot B1-12
HART, Kenneth L., 2/8/1936-1/24/2000, Section-Lot AA-8, Aka O Man
HART, Kenneth L., 4/19/1916-4/11/1950, Section-Lot B1-7, MI PFC 869 Field Arty BN WWII; flag
HART, Linn, 1902-1919, Section-Lot A2-1
HART, Lola J., 1914-1927, Section-Lot C1-7, d. Bath School Disaster
HART, Lyle Merle, 6/27/1920-6/20/1952, Section-Lot B1-12, MI ARM3 USNR WWII; flag
HART, M. Lucille, 1905-1993, Section-Lot B2-16, m. 12/10/1926
HART, Margery V., 2/11/1905-4/12/1967, Section-Lot C1-9
HART, Marguerite H., 1899-1995, Section-Lot AA-2
HART, Mary L., 11/6/1938-5/24/2001, Section-Lot AA-8, Aka Wilma
HART, Nancy, 1842-1913, Section-Lot A2-3
HART, Nettie J., 1858-1919, Section-Lot A2-1
HART, Otto D., 1903-1993, Section-Lot B2-16
HART, Percy E., 1916-1927, Section-Lot C1-7, d. Bath School Disaster
HART, Richard A., 1942-2005, Section-Lot B1-7, Dad, grandpa
HART, Ryan A., 1/8/1987-6/16/1993, Section-Lot AA-8, Son
HART, Seth A., 1853-1929, Section-Lot A2-1
HART, Vivian O., 1918-1927, Section-Lot C1-7, d. Bath School Disaster
HART, Watie, 1876-1900, Section-Lot A2-9, Can’t read
HART, , Section-Lot A2-9, Can’t read
HARTER, Cherry, 1900-1996, Section-Lot C2-8
HARTER, Harry, 9/16/1901-1/10/1995, Section-Lot C2-8, PVT US Army; flag
HASFORD, Emma E., 1864-1914, Section-Lot A2-5
HAVENS, Edgar, 1848-1898, Section-Lot A2-9
HAVENS, Harry E., 1910-, Section-Lot C2-7
HAVENS, Jean M., 1913-1981, Section-Lot C2-7
HAVILAND, Clarabelle E., 1907, Section-Lot A1-10
HAVILAND, Cornelius E., 1877-1938, Section-Lot A1-10, 1941 reading says d. 3/27/1938, a. 60-11-11
HAVILAND, Dustin L., 1909, Section-Lot A1-10
HAVILAND, Helen M., 1900-1984, Section-Lot A2-11
HAVILAND, Maurice A., 1897-1971, Section-Lot A2-11
HAVILAND, Minnie A., 1876-1949, Section-Lot A1-10
HAWK, Joyce A., 1937-1993, Section-Lot AA-9
HAWLEY, Albert R., d. 11/21/1861, a. 5-11-0, Section-Lot B1-11, Son of E.M. & U; 1841 says Nov. 24, 1861
HAWLEY, E. M., 1830-1906, Section-Lot B1-11, Father
HAWLEY, Fred V., 1862-1927, Section-Lot A2-7
HAWLEY, George L., d. 12/5/1861, a. 3-4-3, Section-Lot B1-11, Son of E.M. & U; hard to read
HAWLEY, Hanford H., 11/3/1833-3/15/1917, Section-Lot A2-7, Co D 14th MI Inf; flag
HAWLEY, Hannah, d. 5/21/1869, a. 70-1-13, Section-Lot B2-11, Missing marker from 1941 reading; wife of Nathan
HAWLEY, Jane A., d. 11/29/1861 or 3, Section-Lot B1-11, Daughter of E.M & U; hard to read
HAWLEY, Levi N., 1860-1943, Section-Lot B2-8
HAWLEY, Mahala J., 1839-1923, Section-Lot A2-7, WRC No. 67; wife of H.H.
HAWLEY, Nathan, d. 5/12/1876, Section-Lot B2-11, Missing marker from 1941 reading
HAWLEY, Sarah E., 1898-, Section-Lot B2-8
HAWLEY, Ursula, 1829-1894, Section-Lot B1-11, Mother
HAYNES, Norma Bray, 7/11/1912-8/14/1971, Section-Lot C2-8
HAYNES, Russell W., 3/31/1911-6/28/1981, Section-Lot C2-8
HEMPLE, Fred E., 8/12/1893-6/14/1971, Section-Lot C1-11, MI PVT 22 Spruce Sq. WWI Flag
HENDERSHOT, Beulah Fern, 1896-1985, Section-Lot C2-10
HENDERSHOT, Harry Alfred, 1898-1967, Section-Lot C2-10
HENNESSY, Hazlett, 1884-1955, Section-Lot A2-11
HESS, Janet B., 7/26/1940-, Section-Lot E-1, m. 9/3/1966
HESS, Roland M., 2/15/1929-, Section-Lot E-1
HICKS, William Vernon, 5/15/1915-5/1/1975, Section-Lot C2-9
HILLMAN, Harry J., 10/28/1965-10/21/1970, Section-Lot C2-7, Son
HILLMAN, Nancy K., 7/5/1939-, Section-Lot C2-7, Mother
HINTZ, Adolph M., 1910-1992, Section-Lot C2-8, Flag
HINTZ, Blanche B., 194-1987, Section-Lot C2-8
HINTZ, Clara E., 1905-1965, Section-Lot C2-8
HINTZ, Gustav A., 192-1987, Section-Lot C2-8, m. 6/22/1935
HINTZ, Henry, 1901-1971, Section-Lot C2-8
HINTZ, Lillian P., 1912-1984, Section-Lot C2-8, m. 12/31/1938
HOAR, Bendy Lee, 1956-1993, Section-Lot AA-7, Son
HODGES, Clarence F., 1915-1992, Section-Lot C2-4, US Army WWII; m. 9/1/1945
HODGES, Donna, 1925-1990, Section-Lot C2-4
HOMER, Alton E., 1914-, Section-Lot C2-6, Dad
HOMER, Florence M., 1911-1993, Section-Lot C2-6, Mom; m. 2/10/1934
HOUGHTON, Edith E., 1917-, Section-Lot C2-11
HOUGHTON, Melvin L., 1913-1982, Section-Lot C2-11, m. 10/14/1939
HOUSE, Earl L., 1928-1998, Section-Lot E-5
HOWARD, Ora N. HART, 195-1984, Section-Lot A2-3
HUNT, Bernice F., 1903-1995, Section-Lot B2-1
HUNT, C. Herbert, 1885-1932, Section-Lot C1-4
HUNT, Fannie M., 1868-1962, Section-Lot C1-4
HUNT, Frank W., 1864-1944, Section-Lot B2-1
HUNT, Harold F., 1900-1976, Section-Lot B2-1
HUNT, Hattie L., 1868-1923, Section-Lot B2-1
HUNT, Hazel E., 1902-1989, Section-Lot B2-1
HUNT, Henry Lester, 1857-1926, Section-Lot B2-7
HUNT, John R., 3/14/1827-2/7/1892, Section-Lot A1-7
HUNT, Kitty Chase, 1863-, Section-Lot B2-7
HUNT, Martha A., 1832-1903, Section-Lot A1-7
HUNT, , Section-Lot A1-7, Can’t read
HUOT, Ellen L., 1926-1990, Section-Lot C1-5
HUOT, Francis H., 1902-1964, Section-Lot C1-5, Masons
HUOT, Francis H., 1928-1988, Section-Lot C1-5
HUOT, Georgia M., 1903-2000, Section-Lot C1-5, OES
HUOT, Lucy M., 1873-1941, Section-Lot C1-5
HUTSON, Ila Fay, 1904-1973, Section-Lot C1-2
IRVING, George W., 12/25/1908-12/12/1960, Section-Lot C2-2, Flag
IRVING, Virgie C., 11/13/1908-11/23/2003, Section-Lot C2-2
JAGER, Garret F., 12/24/1950-8/26/2002, Section-Lot E-5
JAGER, Judy E., 7/31/1952-, Section-Lot E-5
JENSEN, Barb, 1938-, Section-Lot AA-9, m. 4/9/1954
JENSEN, Fred, 1935-, Section-Lot AA-9
JOHNSON, Charles L., 3/31/1922-12/28/1944, Section-Lot C2-2, MI PFC 54 Armd Inf DN 10 Armd Div WWII; flag; Mil. marker
JOHNSON, Gloria Jean, 1945-1951, Section-Lot C2-2
JOHNSON, Marguerite, 1895-1962, Section-Lot C2-2
JOHNSON, Thornton Ray, 8/6/1956-4/27/1959, Section-Lot C2-4
JOHNSON, Walter, 1887-1957, Section-Lot C2-2
JOHNSTON, Annie A., 12/23/1920-3/6/2004, Section-Lot E-2
JONES, Ira Glenn, 1930-1977, Section-Lot C2-2, Papa; m. 10/26/1968; aka Shooter
JONES, Joan Ann, 1939-, Section-Lot C2-2, Mom
JONES, Rickey N., 9/6/1951-8/31/1965, Section-Lot C1-11
JONES, Sharon L., 1939-2006, Section-Lot E-1, Mother, wife
JONES, William, Section-Lot A1-8, No dates
JORDAN, Mary M., 1892-1985, Section-Lot A2-5
JUBB, C. Bernadine, 1933-, Section-Lot C2-1
JUBB, Debra Sue, 11/29/1974, Section-Lot C2-1
JUBB, Roy C., 1930-1981, Section-Lot C2-1
KEENEY, Eber D., 1893-1983, Section-Lot C2-7, Father
KEENEY, Vesta D., 1893-1995, Section-Lot C2-7, Mother
KENNDEY, Ambrosia C., 1851-1920, Section-Lot B2-3
KENNEDY, Charles H., 1843-1919, Section-Lot B2-3
KENNEDY, Mary J. JOHNSON, 1891-1964, Section-Lot B2-8
KESSLER, John J., 1962-, Section-Lot AA-3
KESSLER, Julius J., 1916-1988, Section-Lot AA-3
KESSLER, Martha, 1921-, Section-Lot AA-3
KIDD, Aree V., 1924-1986, Section-Lot Alpha 11, Mother of Kay H. Hart
KIDDER, Claire R., 1909-1981, Section-Lot Alpha 9
KIDDER, Thelma M., 1912-1986, Section-Lot Alpha 9
KINDY, Kay J., 1937-1993, Section-Lot AA-7
KINDY, Roger R., 1935-1996, Section-Lot AA-7
KINNEY, Esther May, 1881-1918, Section-Lot B2-1
KIRTLEY, Edward J., 1869-1951, Section-Lot C1-10
KIRTLEY, Jan R., 1935-1997, Section-Lot C1-10
KIRTLEY, John C., 1900-1968, Section-Lot C1-10
KIRTLEY, Myrtle CHURCH, 1901-1953, Section-Lot C1-10
KIRTLEY, Yolanda J., 1956-, Section-Lot C1-10
KITSON, Sarah, d. 3/24/1894, a. 65-8-0, Section-Lot A2-4
KITSON, , Section-Lot A2-4, Can’t read; flag
KNAPP, Alla Metta, 1872-1880, Section-Lot B2-5
KNAPP, D. Wellington, 1841-1926, Section-Lot B2-5
KNAPP, Louisa, 1819-1899, Section-Lot A2-6, Wife of Philip
KNAPP, Mary A., 1843-1922, Section-Lot B2-5
KNAPP, Philip, 1812-1896, Section-Lot A2-6
KNYETT, Eunice, 1844-1919, Section-Lot B1-11
KNYETT, Phila, d. 5/20/1879, a. 6-3-20, Section-Lot B1-11
KRUEGAR, Olive F., 2/6/1927-6/8/2006, Section-Lot E-2, Ladies Aux.
LaCLEAR, Hessel H., 2/21/194-5/20/1973, Section-Lot C2-9
LaCLEAR, James P., 11/14/1946-5/12/1966, Section-Lot C2-9, MI PFC US Marine Corps Vietnam PH; flag
LaCLEAR, Robert R., 12/28/1924-9/26/1983, Section-Lot B1-15, PFC US Army WWII; flag
LaDU, Nellie, 1879-1964, Section-Lot B1-4
LaDU, Ray, 1874-1937, Section-Lot B1-4
LaDU, Romilda M., 1904-1994, Section-Lot B1-3
LaDU, Roy A., 1900-1979, Section-Lot B1-3, Father
LAKE, Bertha E., 1883-1970, Section-Lot A2-6, Mother
LAKE, Harry M., 1878-1920, Section-Lot A2-6
LAKE, Kendrick N., 11/13/1914-10/4/1949, Section-Lot A2-6, MI TEC5 2002 Ord Maint Co WWII; flag
LAMB, Sara Anne, 10/1/1980-6/10/1989, Section-Lot AA-1
LAMBERT, Lavern, 1932-, Section-Lot AA-10
LAMBERT, Lilli E., 1932-1996, Section-Lot AA-10
LANE, Carl H., 1889-1956, Section-Lot C2-5
LANE, Eva G., 1893-1961, Section-Lot C2-5
LANE, Gerald S., 1918-1951, Section-Lot C2-5, Aka Bunny
LEACH, Charles L., 1821-1899, Section-Lot A2-2, Father
LEACH, Lizzie, 1862-1893, Section-Lot A2-2, Dau of C & M; d. 7/23/1893, a. 30-8-0
LEACH, Martha, 1831-1909, Section-Lot A2-2, Mother
LEACH, Martha, d. 12/31/1908, a. 76-1-19, Section-Lot A2-2, Same as above?
LEATHERS, Charlotte P., 1912-1996, Section-Lot C2-6
LEATHERS, Edwin S., 1931-2005, Section-Lot AA-2
LEATHERS, Shirl E., 1909-1980, Section-Lot C2-6, m. 5/9/1930
LEATHERS, Stacey S., 1970-1987, Section-Lot AA-2
LEE, Ezra L., d. 10/301862, a. 19-2-18, Section-Lot B1-8, Son of Rev. A.C. & E.
LEONARD, Iva ANDRUS, 1919-1966, Section-Lot C2-9, Mother
LOOMIS, Annette N., d. 7/9/1862, a. 19-9-1, Section-Lot B1-9, Dau of W & E
LOOMIS, Elizabeth, d. 4/28/1877, a. 70-9-8, Section-Lot B1-9, Wife of William
LOOMIS, W. E., d. 2/24/1895, a. 61-9-24, Section-Lot B1-9
LOOMIS, William, d. 1/11/1859, a. 76-9-0, Section-Lot B1-9, War of 1812
LOVE, Charles Barclay, 1952-1991, Section-Lot AA-2
LUOMA, Garnette U., 7/6/1938-, Section-Lot C2-6
LUOMA, Martha E., 1914-1981, Section-Lot C2-5
LUOMA, William B., 7/6/1936-11/14/2005, Section-Lot C2-6, SP4 US Army; flag
LUOMA, William V., 1912-1978, Section-Lot C2-5
LUTZ, Adeline, d. 5/8/1924, a. 79-0-10, Section-Lot A2-9, Wife of John N.
LUTZ, John N., d. 3/28/1895, a. 49-9-7, Section-Lot A2-9, 3/28/1895, a. 49-9-
MAKIN, Louise, 1913-1993, Section-Lot AA-8, Aka Mickey
MANLEY, Glenn H., 6/29/1899-7/11/1966, Section-Lot C1-9, PFC Btry C 119 Field Arty WWI PH; flag
MANLEY, Hannah M., 1857-1946, Section-Lot C1-9
MANLEY, Solomon, 1856-1932, Section-Lot C1-9
MARKHAM, Marilyn J., 1934-2003, Section-Lot E-5, m. 12/8/1951
MARKHAM, Maynard K., 1934-, Section-Lot E-5
MARSH, Deborah, 1833-1909, Section-Lot B2-1
MARSHALL, Gary Grant, 1938-1990, Section-Lot AA-6, US Navy; flag
MARTELL, Jean W., 5/20/1923-, Section-Lot C2-2
MARTELL, Richard Dewey, 7/24/1922-4/11/1977, Section-Lot C2-2, SSGT US Army WWII
MARTENIES, Charles H., 1894-1940, Section-Lot C1-2, Flag
MARTENIES, Maude J., 1892-1948, Section-Lot C1-2
MAST, J. Frederick, 1860-1926, Section-Lot A2-5
MAST, Jacob A., 1885-1965, Section-Lot C2-9
MAST, Lillie E., 1890-1987, Section-Lot C2-9
MAST, Lydia C., 1862-1953, Section-Lot A2-5, Wife of F.
MAST, Mary M., 1861-1899, Section-Lot A2-5
McCREEDY, Barbara J., 3/30/1918-7/22/1986, Section-Lot AA-1, m. 12/31/1952
McCREEDY, Kenneth L., 5/12/1910-4/6/1990, Section-Lot AA-1, Flag
McFADDEN, Frances M., 1926-, Section-Lot E-5
McFADDEN, Gaylord L., 9/29/1918-3/17/2004, Section-Lot E-5, 2nd Lt US Army Air Forces WWII; flag
McFADDEN, Jessie L., 1926-1994, Section-Lot AA-11
McFADDEN, Lester C., 1928-, Section-Lot AA-11
McFARREN, Caroline, 1815-1890, Section-Lot B2-2
McFARREN, John, 1811-1888, Section-Lot B2-2
McILWAIN, Burwell, 1853-1925, Section-Lot A1-2
McILWAIN, Daisy M., 1880-1979, Section-Lot C2-3
McILWAIN, Frank B., 1880-1910, Section-Lot A1-2, Flag in 1941
McILWAIN, Hugh M., 1875-1968, Section-Lot C2-3
McILWAIN, Mary I., 1854-1922, Section-Lot A1-2
McKEEN, Richard V., 1846-1924, Section-Lot Alpha 6
McKIBBIN, John, 1830-1911, Section-Lot B1-6, Brother; flag
McKIBBIN, , 1840-1862, Section-Lot B1-6, Brother
McKIBBIN, , 1806-1899, Section-Lot B1-6, Mother
McKIBBIN, , 1784-1859, Section-Lot B1-6, Father
McNALLEY, John A., 1945-1988, Section-Lot AA-3
McNALLEY, Norma J., 1945-, Section-Lot AA-3
MEARS, Christopher Allen, 12/17/1987-3/6/1988, Section-Lot AA-3
MEARS, Erma Alma, 1923-1998, Section-Lot AA-6
MERRITT, ??, 1818-1888, Section-Lot A2-4, Husband
MERRITT, ??, 1819-1907, Section-Lot A2-4, Wife
MERRITT, Andrew, d. 3/10/1861, a. 55, Section-Lot B1-10
MIDDLEDITCH, Blanch M., 1880-1880, Section-Lot B2-6
MIDDLEDITCH, Charles, 1840-1927, Section-Lot B2-6
MIDDLEDITCH, Elizabeth, 1839-1883, Section-Lot B2-6, Mother
MIDDLEDITCH, Mary E., 1867-1869, Section-Lot B2-6
MILLER, Charles A., 1856-1931, Section-Lot C1-4
MILLER, Claude H., 1908-1973, Section-Lot C2-2
MILLER, Della E., 1865-blank, Section-Lot C1-4
MILLER, Earl F., 9/17/1944-4/22/2005, Section-Lot C2-8, SP4 US Army Vietnam; flag
MILLER, Earl G., 1890-1968, Section-Lot C1-1, Flag
MILLER, Howard R., 1889-1972, Section-Lot B1-1, Flag
MILLER, James, 1840-1923, Section-Lot A2-2, 50 NY Vol; GAR flag
MILLER, Jay N., 1884-1965, Section-Lot A2-2
MILLER, Julia E., 1847-1920, Section-Lot A2-2
MILLER, Lena S., 1886-1929, Section-Lot B1-1
MILLER, Marion A., 1900-1983, Section-Lot C1-1
MILLER, Mary Ann, 3/16/1929-12/22/1992, Section-Lot C2-8, Mother
MILLER, Mary B., 1881-1961, Section-Lot A2-2
MILLER, Ronald E., 1932-1946, Section-Lot C1-1
MILLER, Valerie C., 1913-1992, Section-Lot C2-2
MINICK, Mary, d. 8/2/1881, a. 81-6-21, Section-Lot B2-4, Wife of David
MOON, John, d. 4/13/1864, a. 45-6-27, Section-Lot B1-4
MOORE, Harry C., d. 12/12/1899, a. 19-10-5, Section-Lot A2-9, A soldier in Co. D 123 ?? Brig 1st Div 8 A.C.
MORLAN, Catherine J., 1910-1991, Section-Lot AA-6
MORRIS, George, 1875-1963, Section-Lot C1-6, Flag
MORRIS, Grace, 1883-1936, Section-Lot C1-6
MORRIS, Rosamond, 1910-1993, Section-Lot C1-6, Flag
MORRISON, Melvin R., 1927-2004, Section-Lot C2-3, m. 7/4/1948, flag; father
MORRISON, Ruth G., 1929-1998, Section-Lot C2-3, Mother
MOSHER, Charles, 1893-1972, Section-Lot A1-8
MOSHER, Irene, 1893-1966, Section-Lot A1-8
MOSLEY, Mary Marguerite, 1949-1972, Section-Lot C2-5
MUNSON, Kenneth D., 6/22/1927-11/21/2000, Section-Lot E-5, S1 US Navy WWII
MURRAY, Andrew J., 1827-1903, Section-Lot A1-3, Father
MURRAY, Charles R., 1854-1901, Section-Lot A2-7
MURRAY, Eliza M., 1828-1903, Section-Lot A1-3, Mother
MURRAY, Esther, 1854-1936, Section-Lot A2-7
MURRAY, Jake H., 1857-1934, Section-Lot C1-5
MURRAY, Mary V., 1862-1932, Section-Lot C1-5
MYER, Alice E., 1/13/1938-10/30/2005, Section-Lot E-5
MYER, Charles E., 7/15/1932-, Section-Lot E-5, Aka Doc
MYERS, Verna May, 5/10/1922-11/26/1973, Section-Lot C2-11, Daughter of Elgin & Gladys Stevenson
NEWMAN, Ellen, 1850-1934, Section-Lot A1-8, Flag
NEWMAN, Louisa, d. 11/8/1857, a. 30-4-21, Section-Lot B1-14, Wife of M. W.
NEWMAN, Miles W., 1818-1895, Section-Lot B1-14, Flag
NEWMAN, Silas W., 1847-1926, Section-Lot A1-8, GWA flag
NICKERSON, Carol L., 1948-1996, Section-Lot AA-11
NIELSEN, Leroy James, 1921-2000, Section-Lot C1-10
NIELSEN, Viola Grace, 1927-, Section-Lot C1-10
NIETHAMMER, Carl D., 194-1998, Section-Lot C2-9, Father
NIETHAMMER, Florence E., 1906-1979, Section-Lot C2-9, Mother
NITSCHKE, Adolph R., 1900-1970, Section-Lot C2-7
NITSCHKE, Lylia L., 1903-1989, Section-Lot C2-7
NORTH, Julia A., 1936-1987, Section-Lot C2-11, Daughter
NORTON, Alvin R., 1940-1991, Section-Lot AA-5
NORTON, Loren M., d. 12/15/1877, a. 28-2-6, Section-Lot B2-9, Flag
NORTON, Phebe A., 2/16/1834-, Section-Lot B2-7, Wife of William R.
NORTON, Sarah A. VALLEAU, d. 10/15/1878, a. 22-2-20, Section-Lot B2-7, Broken marker - can’t read; daughter; wife of W.A.
NORTON, Virgie A., 1944-, Section-Lot AA-5
NORTON, Walter E., d. 3/6/1876, a. 29-7-13, Section-Lot B2-9, Husband
NORTON, William R., Rev., 2/12/1822-2/17/1902, Section-Lot B2-7
OBERST, Suzanne E., 1941-1995, Section-Lot E-5
OTTO, Carl Frederick, 10/25/1919-1/22/1983, Section-Lot C2-11
OTTO, Ewan Denis, 10/11/1951-8/13/1962, Section-Lot C2-11
OTTO, Virginia Louise, 8/12/1919-1/13/2000, Section-Lot C2-11, m. 11/27/1947
PALMATIER, J. Elaine, 1926-, Section-Lot C2-10
PALMATIER, Samuel J., 1925-1989, Section-Lot C2-10, Flag
PALMER, David, 1833-1910, Section-Lot A1-9, flag in 1941; father
PALMER, Maria, 1841-1909, Section-Lot A1-9, Mother
PALMER, William, 1866-1952, Section-Lot A1-9, Son
PARGE, Caroline, 5/16/1842-9/7/1900, Section-Lot A1-4, Mother
PARGE, Lucius H., 1848-1900, Section-Lot A1-4
PARKS, Clarence Z., 1865-1948, Section-Lot C1-5
PARKS, Clifford E., 1885-1927, Section-Lot C1-5
PARKS, Edward L., d. 7/14/1891, a. 69-11-0, Section-Lot B2-12
PARKS, Emily R., d. 5/19/1871, a. 43-7-18, Section-Lot B2-12, Wife of E. L.
PARKS, Flossie B., 1886-1927, Section-Lot B1-3
PARKS, Lillian E., 1887-1981, Section-Lot C1-5
PARKS, Nancy M., 1861-1941, Section-Lot C1-5
PARKS, Velma L., 1903-1922, Section-Lot B1-3
PARKS, , 1829-1910, Section-Lot B2-12, Mother
PEACOCK, Adellah O., 1852-1932, Section-Lot B1-7
PEACOCK, Claude J., d. 9/17/1877, a. 0-9-27, Section-Lot B2-5
PEACOCK, Daniel, 1848-1875, Section-Lot B1-7, 1941 reading says d. 4/18/1879, a. 36-0-14; hard to read
PEACOCK, Enos, 1874-1944, Section-Lot C2-6
PEACOCK, Helen J., d. 12/1/1878, a. 26-0-12, Section-Lot B2-5
PEACOCK, John, d. 2/20/1885, a. 75-8-10, Section-Lot B2-10
PEACOCK, John H., d. 10/11/1869, a. 22-7-11, Section-Lot B2-10
PEACOCK, Milison, d. 12/3/1865, a. 36-1-29, Section-Lot B1-6, Wife of William
PEACOCK, Orrel, 1881-1962, Section-Lot C2-6
PEACOCK, Rufus, d. 7/28/188?, a. 11-5-20, Section-Lot B2-1, Son of E & A; hard to read
PEACOCK, Sarah E., d. 2/2/?, a. 25-1-16, Section-Lot B1-6, Missing marker from 1841; dau of Wm & S.A.
PEACOCK, Sarah I., d. 6/6/1866, a. 10-1-27, Section-Lot B2-10
PEACOCK, Thomas, 1817-1885, Section-Lot B1-7, Hard to read - dates could be wrong
PEACOCK, Thomas, 10/29/1843-7/26/1899, Section-Lot B2-5, Can’t read marker
PEACOCK, V.?, Section-Lot B2-5, Can’t read marker
PEACOCK, William, d. 9/16/1888, a. 68-6-4, Section-Lot B1-6
PEACOCK, , 1820-1888, Section-Lot B1-7, Wife of Thomas; hard to read - dates could be wrong
PENTRICH, Frank P., 10/10/1910-1/24/1964, Section-Lot C1-7, MI CPL Co G 3 Infantry Regt WWII; flag
PETERSON, Lelia I., 1903-1992, Section-Lot C1-3
PETERSON, Mary A., 6/16/1887, a. 66-10-17, Section-Lot B1-9, Wife of N.; flag
PETERSON, Milton G., 1897-1984, Section-Lot C1-3, US Navy WWI; flag
PHELPS, Adeline, d. 1/16/1862, a. 5-2-26, Section-Lot B2-16, Ch of Ed & Susan
PHELPS, Amos, 1852-1899, Section-Lot A1-5
PHELPS, Andrew H., 1843-1922, Section-Lot A2-1, Father
PHELPS, Bert, 1868-1930, Section-Lot A2-1
PHELPS, Charles E., 1844-1931, Section-Lot A1-5, Flag in 1941; father
PHELPS, Edwin L., d. 6/27/1878, a. 68-4-28, Section-Lot B2-16
PHELPS, Eliza A., d. 12/15/1866, a. 12-7-13, Section-Lot B2-16, Ch of Ed & Susan
PHELPS, Ella Weston, 1878-1962, Section-Lot A1-5
PHELPS, Emeline L., d. 3/21/1864, a. 19-0-19, Section-Lot B2-16, Ch of Ed & Susan
PHELPS, Flora, 1882-1944, Section-Lot A2-1
PHELPS, Frank A., d. 4/21/1863, a. 0-8-22, Section-Lot B2-16, Ch of Ed & Susan
PHELPS, Gertrude, 1854-1925, Section-Lot A1-5, Wife of Amos
PHELPS, Lillian M., 1872-1910, Section-Lot A1-6
PHELPS, Phila Ann, 1848-1903, Section-Lot A1-5, Mother
PHELPS, Robert S., 1869-1930, Section-Lot A1-6
PHELPS, Roscoe C., 1888-1974, Section-Lot A1-5
PHELPS, Rose B., d. 2/17/1861, a. 0-6-5, Section-Lot B2-16, Ch of Ed & Susan
PHELPS, Ruth, 1844-1923, Section-Lot A2-1, Mother
PHELPS, Sarah L., 1873-1937, Section-Lot A1-6
PHELPS, Susan, d. 12/28/1863, a. 40-4-3, Section-Lot B2-16
PHELPS, Veva F., 1889-1945, Section-Lot A1-5
PHILLIPS, R. P., Section-Lot C1-8, No dates
PHILLIPS, T. Ethel, 1907-1988, Section-Lot C2-8, OES
PHILLIPS, William B., 1897-1973, Section-Lot C2-8, Masons
PIERCE, Bethel B., 1912-, Section-Lot A1-11, m. 1/11/1933
PIERCE, Howard B., 1874-1958, Section-Lot A2-4
PIERCE, Jessie W., 1884-1960, Section-Lot A2-4
PIERCE, Mary C., 1829-1912, Section-Lot A2-4
PIERCE, Robert H., 1908-2001, Section-Lot A1-11
PIERCE, Walter M., 1871-1939, Section-Lot A2-4
PIERCE, William, 1823-1898, Section-Lot A2-4, Flag in 1941
PLACE, Cordelia M., 9/16/1832-4/11/1917, Section-Lot A2-10
PLACE, Gilbert, 4/10/1832-8/6/1909, Section-Lot A2-10
PLACE, Riley, 1895-1980, Section-Lot C2-4, Flag
PLACE, Vera V., 1901-1987, Section-Lot C2-4
POTTER, Ella L., 1864-1955, Section-Lot B1-8
POTTER, Elmer C., 1862-1952, Section-Lot B1-8
POTTER, Olive, 1830-1897, Section-Lot A2-3, Wife of Lyman
PRATT, Ethel M., 1/21/1922-, Section-Lot AA-4
PRATT, Ira J., 7/8/1919-1/28/2001, Section-Lot AA-4, Aka Bud; m. 5/15/1942
PRINE, Frederica M., d. 9/22/1921, Section-Lot B2-10, Can’t read marker - dates could be wrong
PRINGLE, Douglas Glenn, Jr., 9/30/1964-9/12/2003, Section-Lot E-2, Taylor, Colleen, Brock; love dad mom, Devin, Kelly, Rhett & Zachary
PULLEN, James R., 1853-1905, Section-Lot A2-8, Flag
PULTZ, Abram R., d. 6/16/1875, a. 1-10-25, Section-Lot B2-7
PULVER, Mary Lou, 4/19/1927-7/8/1995, Section-Lot AA-8
RANDALL, Minnie M., d. 6/5/1866, a. 11d, Section-Lot B1-5, Can’t read marker
RATHBUN, Jack H., 1931, Section-Lot A1-11
RATHBUN, Mary E., 1906-1987, Section-Lot A1-11
RATHBUN, S. Dewitt, 1899-1976, Section-Lot A1-11
RAY, Doris M., 1928-, Section-Lot B2-16
RAY, Thomas C., 1915-1984, Section-Lot B2-16, Flag
REED, Mary E., 1935-1984, Section-Lot C1-11, Flag
REED, Peter Benjamin, 5/20/2000, Section-Lot E-4, Son; infant
REED, Robert F., 1933-2001, Section-Lot C1-11, m. 5/5/1956
REED, Royal S., 1906-1986, Section-Lot C2-11
REED, Ruby B., 1909-1992, Section-Lot C2-11
REED, , 10/18/1970, Section-Lot C1-11, Infant son
REEVES, Alta B., 1896-1972, Section-Lot C2-1
REEVES, Patricia L., 1933-1996, Section-Lot C2-6
REEVES, Robert C., 1921-, Section-Lot C2-6, m. 7/3/1949
REEVES, William L., 1890-1981, Section-Lot C2-1
RICHMOND, Arlene M., 1914-2006, Section-Lot C2-7
RICHMOND, Joseph A., 1915-1983, Section-Lot C2-7, m. 12/21/1933
RIGGS, Maxine, 1918-1996, Section-Lot C2-1
RIGGS, Ralph C., 1915-1979, Section-Lot C2-1
RITCHIE, Harlan D., 1935-, Section-Lot AA-7, m. 6/15/1957
RITCHIE, Lou Ellyn, 1934-1993, Section-Lot AA-7
ROBINSON, Nettie C. SMITH, 4/24/1853-7/30/1922, Section-Lot A1-5
ROBINSON, Ransom R., 1/10/1850-3/19/1899, Section-Lot A1-5
ROBSON, George W., 1871-1962, Section-Lot A2-1
ROBSON, Loren, 9/15/1903-1/13/1904, Section-Lot A2-1, Son of G.W. & N.
ROBSON, Nettie J., 1874-1958, Section-Lot A2-1
ROBSON, Wilkie, 1874-1923, Section-Lot B1-9
ROBSON, , 1901, Section-Lot A2-1, Infant
ROBY, Aaron W., 1858-1918, Section-Lot A1-5
ROBY, Edith D., 3/4/1899-6/15/1925, Section-Lot A1-5, Wife of S.B.
ROBY, Ella C., 1863-1933, Section-Lot A1-5
ROBY, Florence J., 1877-1954, Section-Lot C1-5
ROBY, Fred C., 1880-1951, Section-Lot C1-5
ROBY, J. Dennis, 4/19/1855-1/18/1936, Section-Lot A1-5, Father
ROBY, Merle C., 1890-1891, Section-Lot A1-5
ROBY, Olive, 2/25/1858-1/21/1930, Section-Lot A1-5, Mother
ROBY, Samuel, d. 8/24/1862, a. 75-8-12, Section-Lot B1-7
ROBY, Stephen B., 8/3/1822-10/21/1900, Section-Lot A1-5
ROBY, T. J., 1864, Section-Lot B1-7, Infant son of S.B. & Edith
ROBY, , 1866, Section-Lot B1-7, Infant daughter of S.B. & Edith
ROBY, , 1867, Section-Lot B1-7, Infant son of S.B. & Edith
RODGERS, Joan, 1933-, Section-Lot C2-10, Mama Jo, mother; m. 9/4/1950
RODGERS, William R., 1927-1980, Section-Lot C2-10, Father, partner
ROSE, Bemsley, d. 11/17/1880, a. 26-5-11, Section-Lot B2-5
ROSE, Betsey, 1839-1920, Section-Lot B1-13, Mother
ROSE, Charles, 1858-1860, Section-Lot B1-13
ROSE, George A., 1861-1926, Section-Lot C1-6
ROSE, Hattie, 1842-1897, Section-Lot B2-16
ROSE, James W., 1852-1901, Section-Lot A2-8
ROSE, Jay, 1877-1970, Section-Lot A2-8
ROSE, Jennie, 1852-1941, Section-Lot A2-8, Wife of J.W.
ROSE, Lura Elizabeth HART, 5/6/1922-8/26/2002, Section-Lot B1-12
ROSE, Margaret, d. 11/8/1857, a. 3m, Section-Lot B1-13, Dau of R & M. N.
ROSE, Margaret, 1802-1901, Section-Lot B2-16
ROSE, Marilda, 1835-1861, Section-Lot B2-15, Sister
ROSE, Martha, 1830-1893, Section-Lot B1-13
ROSE, Mary E., d. 2/18/1858, a. 7-8-0, Section-Lot B1-13, Dau of R & M. N.
ROSE, Olive A., 1861-1953, Section-Lot C1-6
ROSE, Robert, d. 5/26/1876, a. 47-1-9, Section-Lot B1-13
ROSE, Robert M., 1897-1916, Section-Lot A2-8
ROSE, Silas W., 1833-1911, Section-Lot B1-13, Father
ROSE, Silas W., 1802-1844, Section-Lot B2-16
ROSE, William H., 1844-1912, Section-Lot B2-16, Flag
RUFE, Allan W., 1931-, Section-Lot B2-4
RUFE, Sara A. TUTTLE, 1936-, Section-Lot B2-4
RUNYAN, Neva R., 1894-1945, Section-Lot C1-4
SALSBERRY, Mildred Carl, 1882-1953, Section-Lot C1-2
SALSBERRY, Rolland, 1880-1934, Section-Lot C1-2
SANFORD, Nick E., 9/4/1946-7/3/1971, Section-Lot C1-10, MI PFC US Marine Corps Vietnam; flag
SCHAIBLY, Ezra B., 1894-1956, Section-Lot C1-2, Father
SCHAIBLY, Lester L., 1930-1938, Section-Lot C1-2
SCHAIBLY, Pearl, 1899-1954, Section-Lot C1-2, Mother
SCHOALS, Phyllis A., 1915-1918, Section-Lot A1-1
SCHONBERG, Phyllis J., 1935-1998, Section-Lot C1-5, Wife, mother, grandma
SCOTT, Edith L., 1868-1906, Section-Lot A2-6
SCOTT, Grace, 1872-1961, Section-Lot A2-6
SCOTT, Hervey J., 1863-1934, Section-Lot A2-6
SCOTT, Wendell, 2/8/1957-9/27/2006, Section-Lot C2-5
SEELEY, Sarah ABEL, 1878-1911, Section-Lot A1-10
SELLECK, Alice Alida, 10/18/1936-, Section-Lot AA-8
SELLECK, Burnell Hall, 1/26/ -7/11/2005, Section-Lot AA-8, Flag
SELLECK, John A., 6/26/1959, Section-Lot AA-8
SERGEANT, Collins M., 3/4/1833-5/12/1915, Section-Lot B1-4, Father
SERGEANT, Della D., 7/4/1876-9/26/1889, Section-Lot B1-4, Ch of C.M. & P.
SERGEANT, Fernando J., d. 7/7/1885, a. 24-8-8, Section-Lot B1-4, Son of C.M. & P
SERGEANT, , 2/2/1840-3/7/1916, Section-Lot B1-4, Mother
SEVERANCE, Albert?, Section-Lot B1-7, Can’t read; flag
SEVERANCE, Sarah, d. 1/21/1864, a. 1 or 4y, Section-Lot B1-7, Dau of B & A
SHARP, Slina, 1838-1901, Section-Lot B1-6, Wife of R.
SHAUVER, Hattie P., 1902-1965, Section-Lot C1-1, Wife, mother
SHAUVER, Henry James, 1928-1942, Section-Lot C1-1, Son, brother
SHAUVER, Merle O., 1898-1976, Section-Lot C1-1, Father, husband
SHAW, Alice, 1874-1904, Section-Lot A1-4, Wife of R.H.
SHAY, Edd F, 1847-1913, Section-Lot B2-3
SHEPARD, Dorothy R., 10/23/1938-, Section-Lot E-1, m. 8/8/1959
SHEPARD, Martin G., 1/28/1934-, Section-Lot E-1
SHERMAN, Ella PULLEN, 1859-1912, Section-Lot A2-8
SHIFFER, ??, d. 9/22/1883, Section-Lot B2-13, Infant son of H.M.
SHIFFER, Anna, 3/31/1846-2/8/1884, Section-Lot B2-13, Daughter of H.M.
SHOWERMAN, Abraham L., 1850-1907, Section-Lot A2-3
SHOWERMAN, Anna J., 1864-1946, Section-Lot B1-2
SHOWERMAN, Carl W., 1899-1951, Section-Lot C2-3
SHOWERMAN, Clara, 1857-1859, Section-Lot B1-12, Dau of W & P
SHOWERMAN, George E., 1855-1926, Section-Lot B1-2
SHOWERMAN, Glen A., 1905-1948, Section-Lot B1-2, PFC; flag
SHOWERMAN, John, d. 1/17/1855, a. 34-10-12, Section-Lot B1-12, Missing marker from 1941
SHOWERMAN, Phebe, 1835-1907, Section-Lot B1-12, Missing marker from 1941
SHOWERMAN, Rosa M., 1864-1893, Section-Lot A2-3, Wife of A.L.
SHOWERMAN, Winona L., 1902-1989, Section-Lot C2-3
SLOCUM, Elton M., 1907-1987, Section-Lot C2-10
SLOCUM, Theresa, 1911-1974, Section-Lot C2-10
SMITH, A. J., 7/21/1829-7/27/1891, Section-Lot A1-9
SMITH, A.J.?, 7/21/1829-7/27/1891, Section-Lot A1-8, Hard to read, dates could be wrong
SMITH, Abigail, 1835-1906, Section-Lot B1-12
SMITH, Abram, 1817-1901, Section-Lot A1-2
SMITH, Albert P., 10/2/1831-4/28/1903, Section-Lot B2-8, Father; flag
SMITH, Alphonse, 1851-1943, Section-Lot B1-3, Father
SMITH, Ann M., 1835-1908, Section-Lot A1-8
SMITH, Ann M., Section-Lot A1-9
SMITH, Ann R. NICHOLS, 1832-1900, Section-Lot B2-9, She has done what she could
SMITH, Bemsley S., 1860-1929, Section-Lot Alpha 7
SMITH, BEMSLEY?, d. 8/8/1854?, Section-Lot B2-8, Son; hard to read - name and date may be wrong
SMITH, Carrie, 1868-1950, Section-Lot B1-2
SMITH, Charles Clifford, 1858-1878, Section-Lot B2-7
SMITH, Charles H., 1865-1916, Section-Lot A1-8
SMITH, Clifford, 7/19/1885-8/25/1895, Section-Lot B1-3
SMITH, Clyde, 1865-1929, Section-Lot A1-3
SMITH, Cora L., d. 12/27/1864, a. 3-3-3, Section-Lot B1-6, Dau of T & L.G.
SMITH, Cora V., 1873-1877, Section-Lot B2-8
SMITH, Darwin, d. 9/26/1886, a. 4m 3d, Section-Lot B1-2, Son of Frank & Lizzie
SMITH, Donald W., 1938-2001, Section-Lot AA-11, Aka Don
SMITH, Doyle N. J., 1913-1938, Section-Lot A1-9
SMITH, Duane, 1893-1946, Section-Lot C1-1, Flag
SMITH, Edgar, 1863-1927, Section-Lot B1-1
SMITH, Edith, 1866-1951, Section-Lot B1-1
SMITH, Edward, 1863-1935, Section-Lot B1-2
SMITH, Eliza, 1830-1887, Section-Lot B2-9
SMITH, Elizabeth, 1799-1866, Section-Lot B2-8, d. 11/3/1866, a 67-6-5; Wife of James
SMITH, Ellen A., 1848-1871, Section-Lot B1-15
SMITH, Ellen STEPHENS, 9/14/1853-3/19/1891, Section-Lot A1-9
SMITH, Emeline, 1842-1909, Section-Lot A1-7
SMITH, Emila, 1822-1893, Section-Lot A1-3, Wife of Stephen
SMITH, Emma A., 1864-1957, Section-Lot Alpha 7
SMITH, Eva A., 1874-1913, Section-Lot A1-9
SMITH, Frances E., 1849-1931, Section-Lot A1-10
SMITH, G. Burr, 1876-1929, Section-Lot Alpha 8
SMITH, G. Vernor, 1871-1886, Section-Lot B1-12, d. 1/3/1886, a. 14-9-18
SMITH, George W., 1845-1919, Section-Lot A1-10
SMITH, George W., 1843-1908, Section-Lot B2-9
SMITH, Gertrude A., 1905-1984, Section-Lot C2-11
SMITH, Hannah, 10/9/1811-8/12/1884, Section-Lot B1-12, Missing marker from 1941; dau of Anna & Walter BROWN
SMITH, Harriet E., 1868-1942, Section-Lot A1-8
SMITH, Herbie L., 1902-1982, Section-Lot C2-11, m. 8/27/1925
SMITH, Hiram, 1839-1911, Section-Lot B2-8, Father
SMITH, Irvin H., 1874-1875, Section-Lot B2-9
SMITH, James, 1836-1901, Section-Lot B2-7
SMITH, James, 1797-1866, Section-Lot B2-8, d. 2/23/1866, a. 68-2-17
SMITH, Jeannette E. CARLETON, 5/4/1896-11/1/1972, Section-Lot B2-6, Reorganized Church of LDS
SMITH, Jessie, 1872-1902, Section-Lot A1-8, Can’t read marker
SMITH, Jessie, Section-Lot A1-9
SMITH, Jonas H., 1860-1860, Section-Lot B1-12, d. 7/9/1860, a. 11d
SMITH, Julia L., 1843-1905, Section-Lot A2-10, Wife of S.S.
SMITH, Kenneth W., 1922-1929, Section-Lot A1-7, Son
SMITH, Lela L., 1900-1980, Section-Lot Alpha 8
SMITH, Lillie M., 1867-1925, Section-Lot A1-7
SMITH, Lizzie O., d. 5/26/1886, a. 17-6-2, Section-Lot B1-2, Wife of Frank
SMITH, Louie P., 1892-1918, Section-Lot A2-1, 1941 says Lonie
SMITH, Louisa, 1839-1868, Section-Lot B2-9
SMITH, Mabel E., 1882-1946, Section-Lot Alpha 8
SMITH, Macer V., 1906-1910, Section-Lot A1-2
SMITH, Margaretta, 1833-1911, Section-Lot B2-8, Mother
SMITH, Martin, 1817-1879, Section-Lot A2-9
SMITH, Martin J., 1861-1929, Section-Lot A1-7
SMITH, Mary, 1819-1899, Section-Lot A2-9, Wife of Martin
SMITH, Mary A., d. 3/31/1877, a. 43-11-16, Section-Lot B2-8, Wife of A.P.
SMITH, Mary Jane Doyle, 1832-1911, Section-Lot B2-7
SMITH, Mattie HUNT, 1870-1963, Section-Lot A1-7
SMITH, Minnie S., 1873-1923, Section-Lot A1-2
SMITH, Mollie, 1852-1919, Section-Lot A1-3
SMITH, Nathan J., 1876-1956, Section-Lot A1-9
SMITH, Olive, 1858-1906, Section-Lot A1-2
SMITH, Otis, 1894-1898, Section-Lot A2-1
SMITH, P. M., Section-Lot A2-1, No dates
SMITH, Patricia Ann, 12/28/1952-2/21/1953, Section-Lot C2-2
SMITH, Peter, 1830-1917, Section-Lot B2-9
SMITH, Phebe, 1831-1911, Section-Lot A1-2
SMITH, Rebecca, 1857-1920, Section-Lot B1-3, Mother
SMITH, Robert G., 1870-1929, Section-Lot A1-2
SMITH, Rosalyn J., 1938, Section-Lot AA-11, Nee PARKER
SMITH, Roscoe L., 1908-1979, Section-Lot Alpha 8
SMITH, Roselle, 1853-1934, Section-Lot A1-3
SMITH, Ruth H., 1896-1897, Section-Lot A1-8, Can’t read marker/missing?
SMITH, Ruth M., 1899-1919, Section-Lot A1-2
SMITH, S. Marion, 1837-1914, Section-Lot B1-12
SMITH, Sarah D., 1851-1944, Section-Lot A2-10
SMITH, Sarah E., 1849-1875, Section-Lot B2-9, Wife of George W.
SMITH, Stephen, 1819-1908, Section-Lot A1-3
SMITH, Stephen M., 1858-1934, Section-Lot A1-3
SMITH, Stephen S., 1837-1927, Section-Lot A2-10
SMITH, Theron, d. 3/6/1873, a 2-7-26, Section-Lot B2-11, Son of Shas. W. & Sarah E.; marker on ground
SMITH, Vernice, 1897-, Section-Lot C1-1
SMITH, Worden, 2/7/1890-4/28/1892, Section-Lot A1-8, Son of C.H. & H.E.
SMITH, Zenas, 1854-1923, Section-Lot A1-2
SMITH, , Section-Lot A1-2, CR marker
SMITH, , Section-Lot A1-7, Broken; flag in 1941?
SMITH, , ?/14/1853-4/19/1891, Section-Lot A1-8, Hard to read, dates could be wrong
SMITH, , Section-Lot A1-9, Can’t read marker
SMITH, , Section-Lot A1-9, Can’t read marker
SNIDER, John Neal, 1931-, Section-Lot AA-7, Masons
SNIDER, Mary Alice, 1932-1992, Section-Lot AA-7, OES; m. 8/3/1957
SOBER, Andrew, d. 7/15/1880, Section-Lot B1-10, Son of A & E
SOBER, Mannie N., d. 9/10/1858, a. 61-5-2, Section-Lot B1-10, Father
SONNEBORN, Florence Killen, 1891-1960, Section-Lot C1-3
SOUDER, Albert R., 1892-1974, Section-Lot C1-1, Father
SOUDER, Mabel L., 1901-1965, Section-Lot C1-1, Mother
SOUDER, Ray A., 1926-1947, Section-Lot C1-1, Son
SOULTS, B. Byron, 9/23/1896-7/20/1971, Section-Lot C1-5, MI 1st Lt Army Air Forces WWII; flag
SOULTS, Franklin, 1867-1958, Section-Lot C1-5
SOULTS, Mary E., 1834-1911, Section-Lot A2-3
SOULTS, Samuel, 1836-1904, Section-Lot A2-3
SOULTS, Sarah A., 1863-1935, Section-Lot C1-5
SPANGLER, George H., 1839-1899, Section-Lot A1-7
SPANGLER, Julia E., 1843-1918, Section-Lot A1-7
SPAUN, Blanche A. PHELPS, 1872-1900, Section-Lot A1-4, Wife of I.A.
STANKE, Albert G., 1900-1986, Section-Lot B1-9
STANKE, Alvin V., 1923-1986, Section-Lot B1-9, Masons
STANKE, Donald Bruce, 10/7/1951, Section-Lot B1-9, Son
STANKE, Eunice C., 1903-1978, Section-Lot B1-9
STANKE, Judy M., 1921-1992, Section-Lot B1-9, OES
STANLAKE, Aletha F., 1919-2002, Section-Lot C2-6
STANLAKE, Roland J., 1913-1996, Section-Lot C2-6, Flag
STEPHENS, Bert, 1866-1896, Section-Lot A1-4
STEPHENS, Clare, d. 6/16/1894, a. 1-1-22, Section-Lot A1-9, son of D & F
STEPHENS, Junia, 1867-1907, Section-Lot A1-4
STEVENSON, Beulah A., 1903, Section-Lot A1-2
STEVENSON, Elgin A., 1899-1964, Section-Lot A1-2
STEVENSON, Elsie M., 1929-1980, Section-Lot C2-11
STEVENSON, Gladys, 1901-1976, Section-Lot A1-2
STEVENSON, Jesse T., 1871-1955, Section-Lot A1-2
STEVENSON, Maud M., 1876-1944, Section-Lot A1-2
STEVENSON, Rex K., 5/29/1920-8/1/1944, Section-Lot A1-2, MI PFC 106 Inf 27 Inf Div WWII; flag
STEWART, Jacqueline, 1933-1992, Section-Lot AA-7
STEWART, Richard W., 1931-, Section-Lot AA-7
STODDARD, Dale, 1927-1990, Section-Lot C2-7, m. 9/13/1945
STODDARD, Norma J., 1928-, Section-Lot C2-7
STOLZ, Clare J., II, 8/15/1941-7/9/2004, Section-Lot C2-4, SN US Navy Vietnam; flag
STOWELL, Charles, 1857-1943, Section-Lot C1-6
STOWELL, Dora, 1858-1944, Section-Lot C1-6
STUMP, Buryl E., 1899-1943, Section-Lot C1-2
STUMP, John C., 1896-1968, Section-Lot C1-2
SURINCK, Sarah, 10/28/no year, Section-Lot C2-3
SWART, Russell, Jr., 1925-1993, Section-Lot C2-6, Flag
SWART, Vivien R., 1925-1970, Section-Lot C2-6, Flag
SZARKA, Ann, 6/14/1918-12/7/2005, Section-Lot C2-6
SZARKA, Bela A., 7/19/1916-8/7/2000, Section-Lot C2-6, Flag
SZYMALAK, Leon, 1910-1989, Section-Lot AA-4
TARRANT, Edward B., 2/8/1923-12/5/2000, Section-Lot AA-10, Purple heart flag; US Army WWII
TARRANT, Nola K., 1900-1980, Section-Lot C2-1, Mother; m. 8/9/1917
TARRANT, Willie M., 3/14/1896-12/20/1978, Section-Lot C2-1, PVT US Army WWI; father; flag
TATE, Bobby Leon, 1/19/1943-11/5/2004, Section-Lot AA-4, AB US Air Force; flag
TATE, Elizabeth L., 12/31/1942-, Section-Lot AA-4
TAYLOR, Bertha, 1878-1929, Section-Lot A1-1
TAYLOR, Clifton E., 1902-1974, Section-Lot A1-1
TAYLOR, Russell, 1873-1960, Section-Lot A1-1
THOMAS, Nell R. TRUMBLE, 9/18/1896-10/25/1965, Section-Lot A2-7
THOMPSON, John H., d. 9/13/1864, a. 23-0-17, Section-Lot B2-9, Broken; flag in 1941; 2nd Rgt Co B USSS
THOMPSON, Rosalene A., 1935-1986, Section-Lot AA-11
THOMPSON, Vernard D., 1928-1996, Section-Lot AA-11, m. 9/22/1951
TIMNICK, Andrew, 1918-1990, Section-Lot AA-3, m. 12/26/1943
TIMNICK, Craig, 1/24/1951, Section-Lot AA-3
TIMNICK, Margaret, 1920-2005, Section-Lot AA-3
TIMNICK, Paul A., 8/3/1953-11/24/2000, Section-Lot AA-3
TOWNER, Charles E., 1854-1928, Section-Lot C1-7
TOWNER, Frances, Section-Lot B2-8, Wife of A.M.; Can’t read - broken marker
TOWNER, Francis H., d. 4/10/1862, a. 15-1-0, Section-Lot B1-12, Son of I.B. & J.A.
TOWNER, Isaac B., d. 6/27/1870, a. 68-7-0, Section-Lot B1-12, Flag in 1941
TOWNER, Julia A., d. 3/1898, a. 77-5-0, Section-Lot B1-12, Wife of Isaac B.
TOWNER, Lanora, 1856-1926, Section-Lot C1-7
TOWNER, Selden J., d. 7/28/1858, a. 6-2-1, Section-Lot B1-12, Son of I.B. & J.A.
TOWNER, William D., d. 9/27/1862, a. 22-11-0, Section-Lot B1-12, Son of I.B. & J.A.
TOWNS, Frank L., 1859-1917, Section-Lot A1-1, Father
TOWNS, Rosaltha, 1864-1933, Section-Lot A1-1, Mother
TOWNS, Stewart, 1891-1891, Section-Lot A1-1, Son of F&R
TREMBLEY, H. H., Section-Lot B1-11, Co D 14 MI Inf; flag
TREMBLEY, Israel R., d. 4/10/1860, a. 56-2-27, Section-Lot B1-11
TREMBLEY, Minnie, d. 8/25/1863, a. 1-5-12, Section-Lot B1-11, Dau of S.D. & O.P.
TREMBLEY, Olive, d. 4/27/1858, a. 3m 14d, Section-Lot B1-11, Ch of Wm P & M.J.
TREMBLEY, Theda L., d. 11/18/1860, a. 1m 3d, Section-Lot B1-11, Ch of Wm P & M.J.
TREMBLEY, William P., d. 5/30/1866, a. 31-10-5, Section-Lot B1-6, Flag
TRUMBLE, Allen T., 1884-1918, Section-Lot B2-1
TRUMBLE, Betty, 5/24/1927, Section-Lot C1-3
TRUMBLE, Cleo J., 1869-1921, Section-Lot A2-7
TRUMBLE, Elijah, 1867-1945, Section-Lot A2-7
TRUMBLE, Fred O., 1901-1984, Section-Lot C1-3
TRUMBLE, May L., 1893-1902, Section-Lot A2-7
TRUMBLE, Melvin W., 1/12/1880-8/18/1880, Section-Lot B2-1
TRUMBLE, Oral I., 1903-1999, Section-Lot C1-3
TRUMBLE, Samuel, 5/31/1838-4/13/1893, Section-Lot B2-1, Father
TRUMBLE, , 1842-1919, Section-Lot B2-1, Mother
TRUMBLE, , Section-Lot B2-2, Second marker for Samuel & Melvin; see B2-1
TRUMBULL, Harriet W., 1827-1910, Section-Lot B2-7
TRUMBULL, Oscar S., d. 6/28/1878, a. 29-1-23, Section-Lot B2-7, Flag; broken marker
TRUMBULL, Richard, 8/19/1828-10/27/1900, Section-Lot B2-7, Flag; b. Avon, NY
TRUMBULL, Stewart E., 1877-1957, Section-Lot B2-7
TUCKER, Barbara Jeanne, 1930-1997, Section-Lot C2-9, Nee REAM
TUCKER, Carrie Elizabeth, 12/21/1976-6/19/1986, Section-Lot C2-4
TUCKER, Clydie, 1/16/1908-9/7/1984, Section-Lot C2-3, Mother; m. 7/3/1923
TUCKER, G. Dean, 6/7/1934-4/3/1997, Section-Lot C2-4, E.L. Police; US Army; flag
TUCKER, George J., 11/8/1903-10/11/1982, Section-Lot C2-3, Father
TUCKER, James Edward, 1925-2007, Section-Lot C2-9, US Army Korea; flag
TUCKER, Jeffrey Dean, 10/27/1960, Section-Lot C2-4
TUCKER, Kristen Kay, 1/10/1960, Section-Lot C2-4
TUCKER, Patsy A., 8/25/1938-, Section-Lot C2-4
TUPPER, Elizabeth A., 3/1/1958-5/17/2005, Section-Lot E-4
TURNER, James E., d. 4/8/1849, a. 17m, Section-Lot B2-15, Son of W & S.
TURNER, Melzar, 1850-1924, Section-Lot B2-15, Masons
TURNER, Sylvina, d. 9/11/1862, a. 37-2-2, Section-Lot B2-15, Wife of Wm H.; broken in pieces; dau of S.W & M ROSE
TUTTLE, Hubert L., 1935-1981, Section-Lot B2-4, Flag
TYLER, Alexis E., d. 5/29/1857, a. 39-3-17, Section-Lot B1-15
TYLER, Alice A., 1854-, Section-Lot A2-9
TYLER, Ann Mariah, Section-Lot A2-8, Dau of James and Catharine
TYLER, Anna M., d. 4/30/1854, a. 4-11-1, Section-Lot A2-8, Can’t read marker; dau. of J & C
TYLER, Calista, d. 5/21/1864, a. 22-8-19, Section-Lot B2-14, Wife of Stephen R.
TYLER, Catharine, 3/31/1814-12/29/1889, Section-Lot A2-8, Can’t read marker; wife of James
TYLER, Catharine E., d. 1/30/1860, a. 27-0-27, Section-Lot B2-14, Wife of Lewis
TYLER, Daniel, d. 11/6/1857, a. 26-1-15, Section-Lot B1-15
TYLER, Eleanor, d. 4/9/1875, a. 83-8-0, Section-Lot B1-15, Wife of John
TYLER, Esther M., Section-Lot B1-15, No dates; wife of Alexander
TYLER, Eunice E., 1829-1907, Section-Lot B1-14
TYLER, Frank W., 1855-1910, Section-Lot A2-9, Flag
TYLER, Georgiana, d. 12/2/1870, a. 19-8-11, Section-Lot B2-13, Wife of J.W.
TYLER, Harriett, 1858-1878, Section-Lot B2-7
TYLER, Isaac W., 1854-1859, Section-Lot B1-14
TYLER, James, 4/22/1814-2/14/1860, Section-Lot A2-8, Can’t read marker
TYLER, John, 1824-1890, Section-Lot B1-14
TYLER, John, d. 11/2/1854, a. 63-2-25, Section-Lot B1-15
TYLER, John W., d. 12/3/1870, a. 20-9-27, Section-Lot B2-13
TYLER, Latitia A., 1/9/1847-1/22/1913, Section-Lot B2-7
TYLER, Louesa, 1837-1871, Section-Lot B2-7
TYLER, Mattie M., d. 8/11/1883, a. 14-5-5, Section-Lot B2-13, Dau of JW & GA
TYLER, Peter, 1833-1900, Section-Lot B2-7
TYLER, Robert L., d. 8/15/1895, a. 66-4-0, Section-Lot B2-14, Also a Father stone
TYLER, Thomas C., 11/20/1875-5/28/1909, Section-Lot B2-7
TYLER, , Section-Lot B1-14, Infant
UNDERHILL, Harold Paul, 7/11/1901-2/25/1987, Section-Lot C1-9
UNDERHILL, Hazel Youry, 4/15/1901-2/27/1994, Section-Lot C1-9
VAIL, Trevor O’Neil, 1969-1990, Section-Lot AA-4
VanLEUVEN, Phebe, d. 5/6/1859, a. 25-4-13, Section-Lot B1-12, Missing marker from 1941; wife of Wm. M.
WAGNER, Edith J., 1934-2000, Section-Lot AA-3
WAGNER, William L., 1933-1991, Section-Lot AA-3, US Army; flag
WALKER, Blossom Fay, 1907-1988, Section-Lot AA-3
WALKER, Chester N., 1907-1995, Section-Lot AA-3
WALTZ, Carl, 1910-1988, Section-Lot A1-11
WALTZ, Diana Lynn, 1951-1998, Section-Lot AA-10, Daughter, sister, aunt; 2nd marker says Diana Andress Waltz
WALTZ, Eva, 1917-, Section-Lot A1-11
WALTZ, Robert, 1912-1994, Section-Lot A1-11, m. 10/23/1937
WALTZ, Violas, 1918-, Section-Lot A1-11, m. 6/27/1937
WATLING, David D., 1869-1945, Section-Lot C1-8
WATLING, Donald K., 1923-2004, Section-Lot C2-2
WATLING, Dorothy E. REAM, 1933-1990, Section-Lot C2-2, m. 3/1/1952
WATLING, Emma Jane, 1870-1945, Section-Lot C1-8
WATLING, Howard B., 1899-1989, Section-Lot C1-8
WATLING, John C., 1895-1978, Section-Lot C2-5, PVT US Army WWI; flag
WATLING, Mary E., 1902-1980, Section-Lot C1-8
WATLING, Neva R., 1898-1982, Section-Lot C2-5
WEBB, Kenneth, 1925-1926, Section-Lot A1-10
WEBBER, Priscilla, d. 7/19/1881, a. 80-6-23, Section-Lot B2-3, Wife of Danile
WEBER, Dale Kenneth, 3/24/1910-1/17/2006, Section-Lot AA-1, Ord, Nebraska; father of Patricia Leyden
WEBER, Verlene Vaughn, 10/29/1925-, Section-Lot AA-1, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; mother of Keith, Kerry, & Kathy Blackie
WEBSTER, Chloe E., 1826-1903, Section-Lot B2-10
WEBSTER, Flora, 1867-1934, Section-Lot B2-10
WEBSTER, J. J., d. 9/9/1865, a. 3m 5d, Section-Lot B1-8, Broken on ground; husband and son; son of S.F. & H.
WEBSTER, John W., 1826-1868, Section-Lot B2-10, Flag
WEBSTER, S. F., d. 7/10/1867, a. 39-7-1, Section-Lot B1-8, Broken on ground; husband and son
WELLINGTON, Florence, 1867-1948, Section-Lot C1-3
WELLS, Floyd D., 1909-1975, Section-Lot C2-6
WELLS, Lucille, 1915-1996, Section-Lot C2-6
WELLS, Marion R., 1923-, Section-Lot C2-6
WELLS, N. Marie, 1923-1980, Section-Lot C2-6
WILCOX, Edith G., 1887-1949, Section-Lot C1-4
WILCOX, W. Burt, 1889-1953, Section-Lot C1-4
WILCOX, , 1914, Section-Lot C1-4, Infant son of B & E
WILL, Hubert R., 1905-, Section-Lot AA-5
WILL, Jennie K., 1910-1991, Section-Lot AA-5
WILL, Warren Dale, 1932-, Section-Lot AA-5
WILLIAMS, James G., 6/12/1929-2/22/2003, Section-Lot E-1, CPL US Army Korea; flag
WILSON, Calvin E., 1862-1941, Section-Lot C1-2
WILSON, Dorotha M., 1910-1949, Section-Lot C2-3
WILSON, Eliza, 2/22/1844-4/15/1897, Section-Lot A2-4
WILSON, Etta M., 12/12/1922-3/19/1993, Section-Lot AA-6, US Army WWII; flag; mom
WILSON, G. Henry, 1866-1936, Section-Lot C1-3
WILSON, Gayle L., 1948-1953, Section-Lot C2-3
WILSON, Harold, 1923-1924, Section-Lot Alpha 6
WILSON, Hazel, 1895-, Section-Lot Alpha 6, m. 11/15/1911
WILSON, Ida F., 1915-1938, Section-Lot C1-3
WILSON, Inez C., 1876-1957, Section-Lot C1-3
WILSON, Ira C., 1904-1970, Section-Lot C2-3
WILSON, Kenneth D., Jr., 1953-1976, Section-Lot C2-3, Aka Baby
WILSON, Lou M., 1863-1940, Section-Lot C1-2
WILSON, Taylor, 1891-1967, Section-Lot Alpha 6
WILSON, Warren, 5/28/1838-2/11/1929, Section-Lot A2-4, Flag in 1941
WITCHELL, Elizabeth Jane, 1917-1927, Section-Lot C1-8, d. Bath School Disaster
WITCHELL, Ernestine A., 1908-2000, Section-Lot C2-11
WITCHELL, Fannie, 1856-1932, Section-Lot B1-5, Mother
WITCHELL, Frank L., 1883-1966, Section-Lot B2-4
WITCHELL, Ida May, 1862-1940, Section-Lot B2-3
WITCHELL, Kathern L., 1849-1910, Section-Lot B2-3
WITCHELL, Kenneth R., 11/29/1916-11/20/1983, Section-Lot B2-4, PVT US Army WWII; flag
WITCHELL, Lila, 1895-1988, Section-Lot C1-8
WITCHELL, Lucile June, 1917-1927, Section-Lot C1-8, d. Bath School Disaster
WITCHELL, Luella, 1916-1976, Section-Lot B2-4
WITCHELL, Roscoe M., 1892-1983, Section-Lot C1-8
WITCHELL, Roy, 1890-1959, Section-Lot C1-8
WITCHELL, Sarah, d. 6/26/1882, a. 72-10-25, Section-Lot B2-3
WITCHELL, Thomas, d. 1/19/1888, a. 70-6-16, Section-Lot B2-3, Oddfellows
WITCHELL, Thomas E., 1887-1972, Section-Lot C2-11
WITCHELL, William, 1846-1910, Section-Lot B1-5, Father
WITCHELL, William Bert, 1876-1954, Section-Lot B1-5
WITCHELL, Zella L., 1894-1960, Section-Lot C1-8
WITCHELL, Zola E., 1882-1959, Section-Lot B2-4
WITCHELL, , Section-Lot B1-5, Infant son
WOLF, Floyd P., 11/26/1926-11/16/2006, Section-Lot E-2, US Army WWII; flag
WOLF, Shirley L., 6/21/1931-7/2/2003, Section-Lot E-2
WOLFE, Dimon E., 1926-2007, Section-Lot AA-3, Flag
WOLFE, Donna J., 1930-, Section-Lot AA-3
WOODBURY, Earl E., 1907-1978, Section-Lot C1-2, Father
WOODBURY, Eva L., 1893-1976, Section-Lot C1-2, Mother
WOODMAN, Bemsley F., 1906-1977, Section-Lot B1-3
WOODMAN, Benjamin, d. 5/5/1863, a. 77-3-9, Section-Lot B1-10, Flag
WOODMAN, Bertha M., 1909-2002, Section-Lot B1-3
WOODMAN, Celenda, d. 2/2/1872, a. 88-8-10, Section-Lot B1-10, Wife of Benj.
WOODMAN, Fred C., 1875-1937, Section-Lot B2-5
WOODMAN, Maggie M., 1876-1949, Section-Lot B2-5
YEOMAN, Goldie L., 9/8/1908-2/5/1978, Section-Lot C2-4
YEOMAN, Walter J., 2/28/1906-8/27/1964, Section-Lot C2-4
YERKIE, Harriet I., 1920-, Section-Lot C1-3, Nee COLEMAN
YERKIE, Raymond C., 1921-, Section-Lot C1-3, USAF WWII
YOUNGS, Leonard L., 2/18/1939-, Section-Lot E-5
YOURY, Alma, 1878-1938, Section-Lot A1-9
YOURY, Harriet, 1876-1910, Section-Lot A1-9, Wife of W.F.
YOURY, John W., 1858-1938, Section-Lot C1-9, Father
YOURY, Sarah A., d. 9/21/1900, a. 70-0-15, Section-Lot B2-16
YOURY, Sarah L., 1869-1939, Section-Lot C1-9, Mother
YOURY, Tillie, d. 2/26/1890, a. 24-5-0, Section-Lot B2-16
YOURY, W. F., 1869-1953, Section-Lot A1-9
YOURY, Washington, d. 2/4/1890, a. 67-3-25, Section-Lot B2-16

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