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Evergreen Cemetery
Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan

Evergreen Cemetery
Evergreen Cemetery

GPS: 45.062735, -83.465904

W. Washington Ave
Alpena, MI 49707

Date published: July 21, 2009
Total records: 125

Evergreen Cemetery is managed by the City of Alpena.


Daniel Carter, one of the first residents of Alpena, deeded the land in the southwest portion of town for a formal burial ground, now called Evergreen Cemetery. One of the first burials there is reported to be Sahgonahkato, an Indian Chief, who, along with one other person, were the only persons buried there in 1861.

Cemetery Records

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

Contributor's Index:

ANDERSON, James A., Birth: 1951-10-13, [LT]
ANDERSON, Kathleen E. (McCallum), Birth: 1950-06-15, Death: 1982-02-08, w/o James, [LT]
BLIMKE, Olga E. (Fredericks), Birth: 1881-09-01, Death: 1927-08-01, w/o Rudolph, [LT]
BLIMKE, Rudolph G., Birth: 1875-04-20, Death: 1934-01-16, [LT]
BOLENZ, Carl R., Birth: 1810-03-02, Death: 1971-09-19, [LT]
BOLENZ, Ruth Ida (Werth), Birth: 1914-01-15, Death: 1982-01-31, w/o Carl, [LT]
DEGE, Ida H. Fredericks, Birth: 1898-03-29, Death: 1981-11-18, w/o William, [LT]
DEGE, William A., Birth: 1891, Death: 1951-10-19, [LT]
DEROSIA, Dennis Jay, Death: 1958-09-20, age: 4mo, [RG]
DEROSIA, Edward J., Birth: 1925-05-23, Death: 1988-10-22, Burial: 1988-10-25, Marriage: 1984-08-10, h/o Grace Geneva, [RG]
DEROSIA, Ellen, Birth: 1878-10-13, Death: 1954-04-01, age: 75yr, Burial: 1954-04-05, w/o Peter, [RG]
DEROSIA, Elsie Grosinsky, Birth: 1906-01-25, Death: 1987-11-24, w/o Harry, [RG]
DEROSIA, Grace Evelyn, Birth: 1930-07-19, Death: 1965-08-02, age: 35yr, Burial: 1965-08-04, w/o Edward, [RG]
DEROSIA, Harry, Birth: 1903-11-11, Death: 1968-02-06, age: 64yr, Burial: 1968-04-11, h/o Elsie, [RG]
DEROSIA, Heidi E., Birth: 1966-03-31, [RG]
DEROSIA, Helen, Birth: 1923-08-22, Death: 1930-08-19, Burial: 1930-08-22, d/o Harry and Elsie, [RG]
DEROSIA, Kenneth P., Birth: 1926-11-02, h/o Virginia, [RG]
DEROSIA, Leonard J., Birth: 1908-05-02, Death: 1980-01-12, Burial: 1980-01-16, h/o Meta, [RG]
DEROSIA, Louise E., Birth: 1904, Death: 1985-02-14, age: 80yr, Burial: 1985-04-02, w/o John, [RG]
DEROSIA, Meta Ruth Timm, Birth: 1911-04-09, Germany, Death: 1989-03-29, Burial: 1989-04-05, w/o Leonard, [RG]
DEROSIA, Mildred P., Birth: 1925-12-24, Death: 1981-09-02, age: 54yr, Burial: 1981-09-02, w/o Edward, [RG]
DEROSIA, Peter, Birth: 1878-08-02, Death: 1966-11-06, age: 87yr, Burial: 1966-11-09, h/o Ellen, [RG]
DEROSIA, Randy Edward, Death: 1956-12-01, age: 3yr, Burial: 1956-12-05, [RG]
DEROSIA, Virginia L., Birth: 1928-10-22, w/o Kenneth L, [RG]
DIEMOND, Adolph Herman, Birth: 1885-02-10, Death: 1958-04-21, [LT]
DIEMOND, Albert Paul, Birth: 1888-07-24, Death: 1947-10-29, [LT]
DIEMOND, Florence (Kindt), Birth: 1896-02-22, Death: 1993-04-07, w/o Robert, [LT]
DIEMOND, George Julius, Birth: 1892-04-28, Death: 1918-10-27, [LT]
DIEMOND, Robert Frank, Birth: 1899-03-28, Death: 1974-03-02, [LT]
DIEMOND, Ruth, Birth: 1894-09-15, Death: 1970-09-26, w/o Albert, [LT]
DREVANZ, Clara M. Wegmeyer, Birth: 1896-06-07, Death: 1996-08-07, Marriage: 1914-06-25, w/o Richard, [RG]
DREVANZ, Gustav, Death: 1953-03-01, Burial: 1953-03-03, [RG]
DREVANZ, Richard, Birth: 1885, Death: 1959-03-30, Burial: 1959-04-01, Marriage: 1914-06-25, h/o Clara M. Wegmeyer, [RG]
ELLER, Albert G., Birth: 1897-01-22, Death: 1982-08-04, [LT]
ELLER, Augusta (Werth), Birth: 1872-09-06, Death: 1965-12-11, w.o Edward, [LT]
ELLER, Edward Adolph, Birth: 1870-05-06, Death: 1925-07-11, s/o Albert & Mildred, [LT]
ELLER, Mildred, w/o Albert, [LT]
EMMICK, Alma C. (Werth), Birth: 1877-11-23, Death: 1846-02-16, [LT]
EMMICK, Ruth G., Birth: 1912-01-11, Death: 1943-03-05, d/o Alma, [LT]
FOX, Lena (Zappke/Matthes), Birth: 1894-03-09, Death: 1960-03-14, [LT]
FRETER, Louise (Bursch), Death: 1891, [LT]
GENSCHAW, Frank C., Birth: 1909-01-15, Death: 2006-07-01, [LT]
GENSCHAW, Gertrude Nina Wilhemine (Werth), Birth: 1910-01-10, Death: 2005-10-25, w/o William, [LT]
GENSCHAW, Mabel Ida (Werth), Birth: 1911-08-21, Death: 1970-09-12, w/o Frank, [LT]
GENSCHAW, Philip Carl, Birth: 1945-01-09, Death: 1971-10-16, Veteran-Vietnam Conflict, [LT]
GENSCHAW, William Rudolph, Birth: 1905-03-05, Death: 1990-01-25, [LT]
GNEWIKOW, Christopher William, Birth: 1886, Death: 1957-05-30, [LT]
GNEWKOW, Wilhelmine E. (Piper), Birth: 1892-02-07, Death: 1973-11-04, [LT]
GREFE-KNECHTEL, Emma (Nitz), Birth: 1889-04-19, Death: 1974, [LT]
GROSINSKY, Arthur H., Birth: 1904, Death: 1904, s/o August and Caroline, [RG]
GROSINSKY, Auga, Birth: 1856-10-30, Death: 1884-01-11, Burial: 1884-01-11, w/o August H., [RG]
GROSINSKY, August H., Birth: 1858-08-07, Death: 1902-06-08, Burial: 1912-06-10, h/o Auga, [RG]
GROSINSKY, August, Birth: 1862, Death: 1952-08-29, age: 89yr, Burial: 1952-08-31, h/o Caroline, [RG]
GROSINSKY, Caroline, Birth: 1856, Death: 1944-09-29, age: 79yr, Burial: 1944-10-02, w/o August, [RG]
GROSINSKY, Fredrick Paul, Burial: 1985-04-10, [RG]
GROSINSKY, Fredrick W. "Chum", Birth: 1892-10-30, Germany, Death: 1973-09-06, Burial: 1973-09-10, [RG]
GROSINSKY, John F. W., Birth: 1892, Death: 1924, Burial: 1924-02-27, s/o August and Auga, [RG]
GROSINSKY, Paul E., Birth: 1894, Death: 1920-11-13, Burial: 1920-11-16, s/o August and Caroline, [RG]
GROSINSKY, Paulena, Birth: 1893-12-15, Death: 1894-04-22, Burial: 1894-04-22, d/o August and Auga, [RG]
HERINGHAUSEN, Wilbur Martin, Birth: 1913, Death: 2006-04-18, [LT]
HERINGHOUSEN, (Klowski), w/o Wilbur, [LT]
KINDT, Donald Norman, Birth: 1933-12-27, Death: 2001-02-14, s/o Norman & Ethel, [LT]
KINDT, Ethel "Minnie" Dora (Marquardt), Birth: 1913-03-21, Death: 2007-07-05, w/o Norman, [LT]
KINDT, Noran Otto, Birth: 1911-07-02, Death: 2001-02-14, [LT]
KRAMM, Arnold C., Birth: 1904-01-30, Death: 1995-02-25, [LT]
KRAMM, Augusta Caroline J. (Werth), Birth: Mar 1849, Death: 1922-03-17, w/o Charles, [LT]
KRAMM, Charles William, Birth: 1847-02-24, Death: 1936-06-06, [LT]
KRAMM, Dorotha J., Birth: 1903-08-18, Death: 1985-08-13, w/o Arnold, [LT]
KRAMM, Edward F., Birth: 1889-04-07, Death: 1963-09-01, s/o Arnold & Dorotha, [LT]
LEGNER, Laura Victoria, Birth: 1909-11-20, Cobdon, Ontario, Canada, Death: 1985-08-09, w/o Theodor Legner, [DK]
LEGNER, Theodor Edward Franz, Birth: 1897-10-17, Metz, MI, Death: 1969-10-04, Alpena, MI, h/o Laura "Lorna" Victoria Eckford Legner, s/o Albert and Johanna Wetzel Legner, [DK]
LEIB, James M., Birth: 1925-04-10, Death: 1998-10-03, [LT]
LEIB, Marie Helen (Werth), Birth: 1927-01-29, Death: 1960-12-22, w/o James, [LT]
MATTHES, Adelina Ida, w/o Gustav, [LT]
MATTHES, Alice A. (Kollien), Birth: 1919-03-17, w/o Donald, [LT]
MATTHES, Donald H., Birth: 1917-07-10, Death: 1980-07-19, [LT]
MATTHES, Gustav E., Birth: 1889-09-10, Death: 1928-05-12, [LT]
MILLS, Harold L., Birth: 1914-03-16, [LT]
MILLS, Virginia F. (Matthes), Birth: 1916-01-10, Death: 1998-07-01, w/o Harold, [LT]
NEUMANN, Ernest Lee II, Birth: 1912-01-21, Death: 1999-04-02, [LT]
NEUMANN, Frances Beatrice (Werth), Birth: 1916-02-26, Death: 1974-09-27, w/o Ernest, [LT]
NEWELL, Elmer, Birth: 1912, Death: 1915-02-05, s/o James & Martha, [LT]
NEWELL, James E., Death: 1933-02-28, [LT]
NEWELL, Martha D. (Nitz), Birth: 1884-07-24, Death: 1968-03-03, w/o James, [LT]
NEWELL, Russel, Birth: 1909, s/o James & Martha, [LT]
NITZ, Augusta M. P., Birth: 1878-06-30, Death: 1962-07-22, [LT]
NITZ, Charles A. Paul, Birth: 1844-04-07, Death: 1912-02-02, [LT]
NITZ, Gustav Theodore, Birth: 1880-02-17, Death: 1967-12-07, U.S. Navy WWI, [LT]
NITZ, Herman E. F., Birth: 1882-10-20, Death: 1913-12-14, [LT]
NITZ, Mathilde E. (Stavislowski), Birth: 1889, Death: 1967-09-07, w/o Gustav, [LT]
NITZ, Otto L., Birth: 1889-04-19, Death: 1974, [LT]
NITZ, Paul Charles, Birth: 1892, Death: 1892, twin s/o Charles & Wilhelmina, [LT]
NITZ, Theodore, Birth: 1892, Death: 1892, twin s/o Charles & Wilhemina, [LT]
NITZ, Wilhelmina "Minnie" (Werth), Birth: 1853-10-31, Death: 1943-05-09, w/o Charles, [LT]
PIEPER, August, Birth: 1844-11-19, Death: 1936-07-09, [LT]
PIEPER, Blanche Edith (Lavafe/Paquette), Birth: 1909-08-28, Death: 1984-11-22, w/o Walter, [LT]
PIEPER, Dora A. (Werner), Birth: 1865-11-26, Death: 1949-12-07, w/o August, [LT]
PIEPER, Edward Karl Charles, Birth: 1896-01-21, Death: 1968, [LT]
PIEPER, Edward, Birth: 1898-07-26, Death: 1951-05-12, s/o Walter & Blanche, [LT]
PIEPER, Ethel (Edwards), Birth: 1900, Death: 1922-03-19, w/o Edward, [LT]
PIEPER, Maude (Johnson), Birth: 1899-08-16, Death: 1969-12-04, w/o Otto, [LT]
PIEPER, Otto Frank, Birth: 1890, Death: Jul 1968, [LT]
PIEPER, Walter William, Birth: 1895-09-13, Death: 1975-11-11, [LT]
SUMMERFIELD, Frank A., Birth: 1879-10-03, Death: 1968-07-05, [LT]
SUMMERFIELD, Wilhelmina A. (Fredericks), Birth: 1886-01-13, Death: 1987-03-28, w/o Frank, [LT]
TORSCH, Alvin Richard, Birth: 1915-08-21, Death: 1991-08-13, [LT]
TORSCH, Naomi Esther (Smith), Birth: 1910-01-18, Death: 1991-03-09, w/o Alvin, [LT]
WERNER, Adolph Reinhold, Birth: 1896-03-28, Death: Sep 1980, [LT]
WERNER, Alma Otilia (Pieper), Birth: 1900-09-12, Death: 1950-02-28, w/o Adolph, [LT]
WERTH, Augusta (Schneider), Birth: 1842-01-04, Death: 1926-03-17, w/o Frederick, [LT]
WERTH, Auguste (Thiem), Birth: 1823-12-02, Death: 1915-12-11, w/o Wilhelm, [LT]
WERTH, Edward Frederick, Birth: 1881-02-12, Death: 1975-04-20, [LT]
WERTH, Evald Edgar, Birth: 1924-09-13, Death: 1982-11-29, [LT]
WERTH, Evelyn (Liske), Birth: 1929-05-22, w/o Evald, [LT]
WERTH, Frederick William, Birth: 1850-10-17, Death: 1920-10-14, [LT]
WERTH, Gertrude E. (Janusch), Birth: 1923-09-04, Death: 1957-02-04, w/o William, [LT]
WERTH, Gustav Laba, Birth: 1883-04-13, Death: 1959-11-24, [LT]
WERTH, Hedwig "Hattie" Pauline (Diemond), Birth: 1889-03-06, Death: 1966-12-07, w/o Robert, [LT]
WERTH, Ida Emma (Kindt), Birth: 1889-03-02, Death: 1981-06-13, w/o Gustav, [LT]
WERTH, Ida Emma (Wegmeyer), Birth: 1892-05-28, Death: 1984-09-26, w/o Edward, [LT]
WERTH, Jean Freda, Birth: 1922-12-25, Death: 1932-10-15, [LT]
WERTH, Robert George, Birth: 1886-05-23, Death: 1971-11-08, [LT]
WERTH, Wilhelm, Birth: 1823-03-21, Death: Sep 1904, [LT]
WERTH, William Charles, Birth: 1921-05-23, [LT]
ZAPPKE, Mathilda (Freter), Birth: 1859, Death: 1901-07-09, [LT]

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