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St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery
Hopkins Township, Allegan County, Michigan

St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery

GPS: 42.631848, -85.780566

24th Street
Hopkins Township, MI 49328

Date published: February 4, 2017
Total records: 164

St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery is managed by Hopkins Township.


Cemetery is next to St. Paul's Lutheran Church along 24th street, just north of 128th Ave in Hopkins Township.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were compiled from tombstone inscriptions and sexton records. Dates of death range from 1855 to 2007.

ARNDT, Clara L., Birth: 1895, Death: 1939, age: 44y, Wife of Otto R.
ARNDT, Lori Ann, Birth: 1964, Death: 1985-08-23, age: 21y, Dau. of L.G. & V.R. Arndt
ARNDT, Otto R., Birth: 1894, Death: 1979, age: 85y, Father
BERENS, Madeline, Birth: 1920, Death: 1988, age: 68y, Wife of Melvin - nee Knobloch
BERENS, Melvin
BERNHARDT, Auguste, Birth: 1871, Death: 1963, age: 92y, Wife of Christ
BERNHARDT, Christ, Birth: 1867, Death: 1949, age: 82y
BEYER, August, Birth: 1834, Death: 1925, age: 91y
BRENNER, Arthur, Death: 1905-02-23, age: 13y 1m 23d, Son of Jacob & Cora
BRENNER, Elizabeth, Birth: 1855, Death: 1936, age: 81y, Wife of Gottlip
BRENNER, Ethel, Birth: 1916, Death: 1992, age: 76y, Wife of Leonard P.- nee Berens
BRENNER, Gottlip, Birth: 1853, Death: 1920, age: 67y
BRENNER, Leonard P., Birth: 1912-05-09, Death: 2007-03-31, Son of Paul & Elizabeth - Father
CRAM, (Mother), no marker - no dates
CRAM, (Son), no marker - no dates
CRAM, Emma, Mother - no marker - no dates
CRAM, Ludwig, Father - no marker - no dates
DELP, Brandy Rose, Birth: 1977, Death: 1985-08-23, age: 8y, Dau. of T.M. & T.D. Delp
DELP, Tamara D., Birth: 1961, Death: 1985-08-23, age: 24y, Wife of Tony M. nee Arndt - Mother
DELP, Tony M., Birth: 1957-10-29, Death: 1985-08-23, BT2 US NAVY Vietnam - Father
DELP, Tony M. II, Birth: 1981, Death: 1985-08-23, age: 4y, Son of T.M. & T.D. Delp
EISENBARTH, Fredrika Kausche, Death: 1860-12-25, age: 34y 2m 22d, Wife of U. Eisenbarth
EISENBARTH, Henry, infant ?
EISENBARTH, Ulrich, age: 51y
FRAMPTON, Flora M., Birth: 1919, Death: 1988, age: 69y
GARLOCK, Hollis (Ted), Birth: 1921, Death: 1983, age: 62y, WWII VETERAN
GARLOCK, Katherine, Birth: 1922, Death: 1985, age: 63y, Wife of Hollis "Ted" - nee Schafer
GRAMS, Emma A., Birth: 1860, Death: 1927, age: 67y, Wife of Ludwig Mother
GRAMS, Ludwig G., Birth: 1851, Death: 1936, age: 85y, Father
HILDEBRAND, Rose, Birth: 1886, Death: 1966, age: 80y, Wife of William
HILDEBRAND, William, Birth: 1893, Death: 1968, age: 75y
HIME, Leander, Birth: 1834, Death: 1865-08-15, age: 31y, Civil War Veteran CO 13 Mich. INF.
HOFFMASTER, Gottlib, Birth: 1809-04-03, Death: 1903-03-21, married 5/30/1888
HOFFMASTER, Philip, Birth: 1835, Death: 1909, age: 74y
HOFFMASTER, Susannah, Birth: 1810-06-03, Death: 1878-06-02, Wife of Gottlib - nee Eholtz
HOFMASTER, (Infant Son of J. & ? Hofmaster)
HOFMASTER, Elizabeth, Death: 1864-10-17, Dau. of J. & M. Hofmaster
HOFMASTER, Jacob, Death: 1865-02-06, Civil War Veteran, "My Husband"
HOFMASTER, Jacob N., Death: 1855-12-19, age: 1Y 14D
HOFMASTER, Rabaca, Death: 1864-11-14, age: 16y+, Dau. of J. & M. Hofmaster
HOFMASTER, Reuben, Birth: 1846-01-08, Death: 1865-02-19, age: 19y 1m 11d, C/W Veteran from Jackson 1 Mich. INF.
HOFMASTER, Samuel, Death: 1864-11-09, age: 5y 11m 5d, Son of J. & M. Hofmaster
KAUSCHE, Elizabeth, Birth: 1845, Death: 1864-10-20, age: 19y 20d, Wife of Henry
KEMMER, Katie, unreadable
KNOBLOCH, Anna M., Birth: 1887, Death: 1960, age: 74y, Wife of Daniel W. Mother
KNOBLOCH, Carl P., Birth: 1879, Death: 1926, age: 47y
KNOBLOCH, Charles, Birth: 1851, Death: 1934, age: 83y
KNOBLOCH, Christine, Birth: 1888, Death: 1986, age: 98y, Wife of Leon
KNOBLOCH, Cora A., Death: June 1895, age: 11y 16d
KNOBLOCH, Daniel W., Birth: 1882, Death: 1960, age: 78y, Father
KNOBLOCH, Ertrusta H.
KNOBLOCH, Esther, can not read marker
KNOBLOCH, Leon, Birth: 1889, Death: 1946, age: 57y
KNOBLOCH, Louisie M., Birth: 1858, Death: 1944, age: 86y, Wife of Charles
KNOBLOCH, Merlin W., Birth: 1930-08-16, Death: 2005-06-25, PFC US ARMY KOREA
KNOBLOCH, Minna, Birth: 1882, Death: 1931, age: 49y, Wife of Carl P.
KNORR, Helene, Birth: 1830-04-09, Death: 1885-08-05, age: 55y 3m 26d, Frau Helene Knorr
KNORR, Johann
KNUTH, Anna M., Birth: 1821-10-27, Death: 1901-01-24, Wife of M.K.
KNUTH, August, Birth: 1851-01-01, Death: 1923-02-01, Father
KNUTH, Edward, Birth: 1862, Death: 1931, age: 69y, Uncle
KNUTH, Irvin, Death: 1888-05-12, 3 Knuth children one being Irvin
KNUTH, Johny D.??, Death: 1881
KNUTH, Michael, Birth: 1817-10-29, Death: 1897-11-01
KNUTH, Wilhelmina, Birth: 1850-09-02, Death: 1914-06-13, Mother
KRAF, Mary, Birth: 1844, Death: 1917, age: 73y, Wife of Charles - Mother
KRAFT, Charles, Birth: 1843, Death: 1927, age: 84y, Father
KRAFT, Charles H., Birth: 1870-09-21, Death: 1912-08-30
KRAFT, Erma A., Birth: 1918, Death: 1997, age: 78y, Dau. of Otto R. & Clara L. Arndt
KRAFT, John V., Birth: 1867, Death: 1928, age: 61y
KRAFT, Karl, Birth: 1863, Death: 1925, age: 62y, Father
KRAFT, Margaret, Birth: 1871, Death: 1962, age: 91y, Wife of Karl - Mother-Married 1/12/1919
KRAFT, Menno, Birth: 1894, Death: 1919, age: 25y
KRAFT, Mildred, Birth: 1903, Death: 1913, age: 10y
KRAFT, Pauline, Birth: 1874, Death: 1930, age: 56y
KRUG, (Infant), Death: 1882-02-05, age: 3d, Dau. of C. & L. Krug
KRUG, Conrad, Birth: 1813-02-02, Death: 1905-01-09
KRUG, Emma, Birth: 1850-03-22, Death: 1904-12-11
KRUG, Louisa M., Birth: 1845-05-09, Death: 1862-10-12
KRUG, Sophia, Birth: 1850-08-24, Death: 1899-05-28
LEYRER, Ehrhard, Birth: 1907-01-20, Death: 1907-01-28, Son of Rev. C. & M. Leyrer
LICHTI, Elizabeth
MARQUARD, Friedrich, Birth: 1832, Death: 1919, age: 87y
MARTIN, Conrad, Birth: 1828-11-23, Death: 12/23/1893?
MASCHKE, Christian, Birth: 1845-12-17, Death: 1889-07-27
MONROE, (Infant), Death: 1912-04-04, Son of R. J. & Anna Monroe
MONROE, Anna H., Birth: 1886, Death: 1923, age: 37y
NICOLAI, (Father), Birth: 1834, Death: 1918, age: 84y
NICOLAI, (Mother), Birth: 1845, Death: 1922, age: 77y
NICOLAI, Augusta, Birth: 1875, Death: 1928, age: 53y, Wife of Edward
NICOLAI, Edward, Birth: 1869, Death: 1945, age: 76y
NICOLAI, Evelyn, Birth: 1904, Death: 1918, age: 14y
NICOLAI, Godfried, Birth: 1798, Death: 1881, age: 83y
NICOLAI, Laura E. Morris, Birth: 1876, Death: 1963, age: 87y
NICOLAI, Peter, Birth: 1888, Death: 1895, age: 7y
OPPERMAN, Hulda A., Birth: 1908, Death: 1983, age: 75y, Wife of John C. - Mother
OPPERMAN, John C., Birth: 1907, Death: 1956, age: 49y, Father
PUSCHEL, Elizabeth K., Birth: 1884, Death: 1924, age: 40y, Wife of Martin A.
PUSCHEL, Esther L., Birth: 1907, Death: 1983, age: 76y
PUSCHEL, Martin A., Birth: 1879, Death: 1948, age: 69y
REISSING, Adam C., Birth: 1863-10-18, Death: 1864-02-08
REISSING, Amelia, Birth: 1873-02-28, Death: 1874-02-27
REISSING, Elizabeth, Birth: 1842-08-26, Death: 1894-03-11, Wife of J.
REISSING, Fridericke, Birth: 1844-01-22, Death: 1863-11-29, Wife of J. F.
REISSING, Jacob F., Birth: 1834-03-27, Death: 1898-02-06
REISSING, John A., Birth: 1876-06-18, Death: 1877-07-15
REISSING, Mary E., Birth: 1865-06-19, Death: 1866-02-19
ROEDINGER, Ida H., Birth: 1895, Death: 1947, age: 52y, Wife of Oscar
ROEDINGER, Oscar H. P., Death: 1893
SCHAFER, Aaron, Birth: 1871, Death: 1952, age: 81y
SCHAFER, Amos, Birth: 1874, Death: 1957, age: 83y
SCHAFER, Clara H., Birth: 1884, Death: 1970, age: 86y, Wife of Aaron
SCHAFER, Edith E., Birth: 1917, Death: 1947, age: 30y
SCHAFER, Elfrieda M., Birth: 1882, Death: 1960, age: 78y
SCHAFER, Eliese, Birth: 1874, Death: 1959, age: 85y, Wife of Amos
SCHAFER, Elizabeth, Birth: 1800, Death: 1873, age: 73y, Wife of John - Mother
SCHAFER, Elizabeth, Birth: 1869, Death: 1928, age: 59y, Wife of Menno
SCHAFER, Emanuel A., Birth: 1911, Death: 1961, age: 50y
SCHAFER, Erma E., Birth: 1907, Death: 1976, age: 69y, Wife of E. A.
SCHAFER, George, Birth: 1838-08-11, Death: 1904-10-16, Father
SCHAFER, Henry E., Birth: 1877, Death: 1924, age: 47y
SCHAFER, Henry R., Birth: 1833-05-18, Death: 1916-05-09
SCHAFER, John, Birth: 1803, Death: 1885, age: 82y, Father
SCHAFER, John, Birth: 1869, Death: 1924, age: 55y
SCHAFER, Katherine, Birth: 1835-08-09, Death: 1921-02-10, Wife of Henry R.
SCHAFER, Katherine, Birth: 1884, Death: 1951, age: 67y, Wife of John
SCHAFER, Leonard F., Birth: 1914, Death: 1949, age: 35y
SCHAFER, Margaret, Birth: 1840-04-15, Death: 1928-11-25, Wife of George - Mother
SCHAFER, Martha, Death: 1881-12-24, Dau. of George & Margaret
SCHAFER, Menno, Birth: 1858, Death: 1939, age: 81y
SCHAFER, Otto A., Birth: 1913, Death: 1917, age: 4y
SCHRODER, Anna, Birth: 1876, Death: 1964, age: 88y, Wife of Jacob
SCHRODER, Jacob, Birth: 1878, Death: 1945, age: 67y
SCHUMAN, Arno A., Birth: 1885, Death: 1978, age: 93y
SCHUMAN, Emma E., Birth: 1861, Death: 1952, age: 91y
SCHUMAN, Laura, Birth: 1851, Death: 1915, age: 64y
SCHUMAN, Minnie E., Birth: 1885, Death: 1961, age: 76y, Wife of Arno
SCHWARTZ, Clara M., Birth: 1899, Death: 1991, age: 92y, Wife of Conrad
SCHWARTZ, Conrad R., Birth: 1893, Death: 1980, age: 87y, Father
SCHWEIKER, Louise A., Birth: 1868-11-24, Death: 1898-10-26
SCHWEIKERT, Franz H., Birth: 1885-05-13, Death: 1888-01-30
SCHWEIKERT, John, Birth: 1829-05-23, Death: 1909-04-12
SCHWEIKERT, Katharina, Birth: 1887-11-23, Death: 1901-10-25
SCHWEIKERT, Margaret H. A., Birth: 1843-01-31, Death: 1895-05-13, Wife of John
SEBRIGHT, Bertha, Birth: 1881, Death: 1967, age: 86y
TETZLAFF, Elizabeth C., Birth: 1948, Death: 2002, age: 54y
TIMMER, Rosalind E., Birth: 1907, Death: 1999, age: 92y, Wife of Willis T.
TIMMER, Willis T., Birth: 1905, Death: 1992, age: 87y
TIMMER, Wilma Rose, Birth: 1932, Death: 1935, age: 3y, Dau. of Willis T. & Rosalind E.
VANDERKAMP, Carolena, Birth: 1874, Death: 1940, age: 66y, Wife of Garrett J.
VANDERKAMP, Garrett J., Birth: 1868, Death: 1937, age: 69y
WALKLEY, Helena A., Birth: 1942, Death: 1996, age: 54y, Wife of Carl G. - Married 11/3/1962
WAMHOFF, Fred C., Birth: 1883, Death: 1969, age: 86y
WAMHOFF, Henry A., Birth: 1857, Death: 1937, age: 80y, Father
WAMHOFF, Lena, Birth: 1885, Death: 1967, age: 82y, Wife of Fred C. Wamhoff
WAMHOFF, Louisa M., Birth: 1857, Death: 1938, age: 81y, Wife of Henry A. Wamhoff - Mother
WAMHOFF, Marvin A., Death: 1944-07-15, PVT. Wamhoff was killed in action during W.W.II, A tree has been planted in His memory in the southwest corner of the Cemetery.
WAMHOFF, Mary C., Birth: 1891, Death: 1985, age: 94y, Dau. of Henry A. & Louisa M. Wamhoff
WAMHOFF, William, Birth: 1886-03-07, Death: 1916-11-29
WEBER, Catharine, Death: 1892-03-21, age: 42y
ZYLMA, (Infant), Death: 1920, Son of Louise V.
ZYLMA, (Infant), Death: 1927, Dau. of Louise V.
ZYLMA, Louise V., Birth: 1891, Death: 1928, age: 37y, Mother

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