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East Saugatuck Cemetery
Fillmore Township, Allegan County, Michigan

East Saugatuck Cemetery

GPS: 42.723233, -86.114695

Blue Star Highway
Fillmore Township, MI 49423

Date published: February 4, 2017
Total records: 133

East Saugatuck Cemetery is owned and managed by Fillmore Township.


From East Sagatuck drive west 2 miles then north to the Blue Star Highway, turn right and the cemetery will be on the east side of the Hwy, just south of 142nd.

The Township of Fillmore was officially established in 1849. East Saugatuck Cemetery, however, dates back to the 1870s.

Cemetery Records

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.

Contributor's Index:

AALDERINK, Alyda, Birth: 1845, Death: 1875, mother, [JS]
AALDERINK, Tillie, Birth: 1849, Death: 1928, mother, [JS]
ADLERINK, Gerrit, Birth: 1842, Death: 1926, father, [JS]
ALOFS, Hennrietta, Death: 1943-03-10, [JS]
ALOFS, Johannes, Birth: 1861-03-16, Death: 1942-10-04, [JS]
ALOFS, Tillie, Birth: 1890, Death: 1979, [JS]
ALOFS, Warner, Death: 1909-11-07, s/o William and Bertha, [JS]
ALOFS, William, Birth: 1885, Death: 1925, father, [JS]
ALOFS, Willis, Birth: 1924, Death: 1925, age 6mos 8 days, [JS]
ASHBAUGH, William, Birth: 1917-04-21, Death: 1963-10-27, WWII, [JS]
BAKER, Andrew Rev., Birth: 1906, Death: 1970, [JS]
BAKER, Gertrude, Birth: 1908, [JS]
BAKKER, Berend, Birth: 1874, Death: 1942, father, [JS]
BAKKER, Bernice, Birth: 1915, mother, [JS]
BAKKER, Marlene R., Birth: 1946-03-25, Death: 1959-02-19, [KS]
BAKKER, Marvin R., Birth: 1932, Death: 1940, [KS]
BAKKER, Ronald J., Birth: 1950-03-21, Death: 1954-02-11, [KS]
BAKKER, Rudolph, Birth: 1911, Death: 1975, [KS]
BAKKER, Stienjie, Birth: 1879, Death: 1959, mother, [KS]
BALDER, Hendrick, Birth: 1831, Death: 1925, father, [JS]
BALDER, Jane, Birth: 1865, Death: 1895, mother, [JS]
BALDER, Jane, Birth: 1864, Death: 1919, mother, [JS]
BALDER, Janna, Birth: 1838, Death: 1906, mother, [JS]
BALDER, John, Birth: 1869, Death: 1945, father, [JS]
BALDER, Lena, Birth: 1890, Death: 1961, Mother, [JS]
BALDER, Nella, Birth: 1920, [JS]
BALDER, Willis, Birth: 1904, Death: 1930, son, [JS]
BALDER, (Baby), Birth: 1912, [JS]
BALDERS, Harm, Birth: 1837-11-02, Death: 1923-04-25, [JS]
BALDERS, Harmtje, Birth: 1849-01-15, Death: 1883-10-11, [JS]
BALDERS, (Baby), [JS]
BARTELS, Aaltje, Birth: 1853, Death: 1896, dau, [KS]
BARTELS, Arend Jan, Birth: 1879, Death: 1883, son, [KS]
BARTELS, Herman, Birth: 1812, Death: 1884, [KS]
BARTELS, Hermanus, Birth: 1881, Death: 1883, son, [KS]
BARTELS, Roelof Jan, Birth: 1840, Death: 1927, [KS]
BARTELS, Simon, Birth: 1891, Death: 1896, age 4yrs 9 months, [KS]
BARTON, John W., Birth: 1892-07-26, Death: 1978-06-10, WWII US Army, [KS]
BARTON, Martha A., Birth: 1898-01-02, Death: 1969-04-25, [KS]
BECKSVOORT, Gertie, Birth: 1896, Death: 1970, [KS]
BECKSVOORT, Grace, Birth: 1886, Death: 1905, [KS]
BECKSVOORT, Harm, Birth: 1853, Death: 1930, [KS]
BECKSVOORT, Henriette, Birth: 1819, Death: 1893, grandmother, [KS]
BECKSVOORT, Jan, Birth: 1811, Death: 1899, 88ys and 2 mo, grandfather, [KS]
BECKSVOORT, (Father), Birth: 1846, Death: 1913, [KS]
BETZ, Georgianna, Birth: 1915-10-19, Death: 1974-05-28, wf of Harold, [KS]
BETZ, Harold Richard, Birth: 1914-02-19, Death: 1972-02-02, h/o Georgianna, [KS]
BLDER, Julius, Birth: 1916, Death: 1974, [JS]
BOERIGTER, Albert, Birth: 1901, Death: 1981, h/o Harriet, [KS]
BOERIGTER, (Baby), Birth: 1918, Death: 1918, [KS]
BRINKS, Anna, Birth: 1892-01-12, Death: 1975-11-27, Wife of George, [KS]
BRINKS, Benjamin, Birth: 1882, Death: 1899, [KS]
BRINKS, Berend, Birth: 1825, Death: 1905, [KS]
BRINKS, Geneva, Birth: 1917-06-07, Death: 1966-01-03, Mother, [KS]
BRINKS, George R., Birth: 1891, Death: 1972, h/o Anna, [KS]
BRINKS, George, Birth: 1876, Death: 1964, father, [KS]
BRINKS, Gerrit, Death: 1907, s/o George and Grace, [KS]
BRINKS, Gerrit, Birth: 1915, Death: 1983, [KS]
BRINKS, Grace, Birth: 1881-08-18, Death: 1948-02-13, mother, [KS]
BRINKS, Hilliggina, Birth: 1826, Death: 1901, [KS]
BRINKS, Jennie, Birth: 1886, Death: 1940, mother, [KS]
BRINKS, Johanna, Birth: 1854, Death: 1925, age 70 yrs and 8 mo, [KS]
BRINKS, John, Birth: 1883-06-14, Death: 1953-06-11, father, [KS]
BRINKS, Rutgert, Birth: 1852-09-17, Death: 1930-07-13, h/o Johanna, [KS]
BRINKS, Zwaantje Hoving, Birth: 1854-07-09, Death: 19??-05-09, (note: Stone is broken), [KS]
COOK, Antoinette, Birth: 1901, Death: 1965, mother, [KS]
COOK, Arie, Birth: 1904, Father, [KS]
CROSS, Jeffery Lynn, Birth: 1955-11-05, Death: 1982-02-15, [KS]
DAVIS, Mayne, (no dates just stone), [KS]
DEBOER, Annie, Birth: 1897, Death: 1918, [KS]
DEBOER, Irene, Birth: 1904-12-24, Death: 1971-03-26, wf of Raymond, [KS]
DEBOER, Raymond, Birth: 1900-12-29, Death: 1977-05-26, h/o Irene, [KS]
DEBOER, (Baby), Birth: 1886, Death: 1886, [KS]
HULST, Alice, Birth: Death: 1895, [KS]
HULST, Benjamin, Birth: 1890, Death: 1962, father, [KS]
HULST, Diane (Twins), Birth: 1964-09-28, Death: 1964-09-28, [KS]
HULST, Donna (Twins), Birth: 1964-09-28, Death: 1964-09-28, [KS]
HULST, Gertie, Birth: 1880-01-29, Death: 1974-09-11, wf of Henry, mother, [KS]
HULST, Gertie, Birth: 1893, Death: 1967, wf of Jake, [KS]
HULST, Hattie, Birth: 1893, Death: 1963, wf of Benjamin, [KS]
HULST, Hattie, Birth: 1907, wf of John, [KS]
HULST, Hattie, Birth: 1907, wife of John, [KS]
HULST, Henry, Birth: 1880-04-11, Death: 1966-09-27, hus. of Gertie, Father, [KS]
HULST, Herman, Birth: 1896, Death: 1919, Co E 18 Inf, [KS]
HULST, Hermina, Birth: 1857, Death: 1929, mother, [KS]
HULST, Jacob, Birth: 1888, Death: 1944, h/o Gertie, [KS]
HULST, Jennie, Birth: 1901, wf of Thomas, [KS]
HULST, John, Birth: 1852, Death: 1928, father, husband of Hermina, [KS]
HULST, John, Birth: 1894, Death: 1937, h/o Alice, [KS]
HULST, John, Birth: 1906, Death: 1980, h/o Hattie, [KS]
HULST, Nancy, Birth: 1912, [KS]
HULST, Thomas, Birth: 1899, Death: 1983, h/o Jennie, [KS]
IDEMA, Minnie, Birth: 1872, Death: 1946, [KS]
IDEMA, Tidde, Birth: 1874, Death: 1951, [KS]
INDERBITZEN, Leo Dwain, Birth: 1915-07-09, Death: 1977-09-20, h/o Johanna, [KS]
INMAN, Alice, Birth: 1905, Death: 1966, mother, [KS]
INMAN, (Baby Boy), Birth: 1949-07-31, Death: 1949-07-31, [KS]
JAARDA, Evelyn, Birth: 1919, [KS]
JAARDA, Frank, Birth: 1871-11-04, Death: 1936-10-18, s/o Lolke and Nancy, [KS]
JAARDA, Germ, Birth: 1863-01-04, Death: 1935-03-24, s/o Lolke and Nancy, [KS]
JAARDA, Gertie, Birth: 1877-03-05, Death: 1946-09-30, d/o Lolke and Nancy, [KS]
JAARDA, Jane, wf of Germ, 50 yrs 4 days, [KS]
JAARDA, Jane, Birth: 1865, Death: 1916, [KS]
JAARDA, Jennie, Birth: 1871, Death: 1951, [KS]
JARDA, Andrew, Birth: 1916, Death: 1982, [KS]
SMIT, Cornelia, Birth: 1813, Death: 1882, [JS]
STADT, Allie, Birth: 1904, Death: 1979, [JS]
STADT, Hendrikje, Birth: 1832, Death: 1909, [JS]
STADT, Henry, Birth: 1862, Death: 1926, [JS]
STADT, John, Birth: 1904-03-06, Death: 1978-06-14, [JS]
STADT, Minnie, Birth: 1875, Death: 1940, [JS]
STROWENJANS, Harmtje, Birth: 1809-04-23, Death: 1886-02-17, [JS]
STROWENJANS, Hendrikje, Death: 1900-03-18, age 61ys 19days, [JS]
TALSMA, Jeijke, Birth: Death: 1891-06-07, [JS]
TEN BRINK, Berend, Birth: 1812, Death: 1891, [JS]
TEN BRINK, Gerrit, Birth: Death: 1898, [JS]
WALCOT, Geesje, Birth: 1820, Death: 1899, [JS]
WALCOT, Wasze, Birth: 1812, Death: 1900, [JS]
WASSINK, Alice, Birth: 1895, Death: 1920, d/o Henry and Fenna, [JS]
WASSINK, Alice, [JS]
WASSINK, Ben, Birth: 1876, Death: 1958, s/o Henry and Fenna, [JS]
WASSINK, Fannie, Death: 1913, [JS]
WASSINK, Henry, Birth: 1841, Death: 1928, [JS]
WASSINK, Susan, Birth: 1881, Death: 1964, [JS]
WOLTERS, Dena, Death: 1908, daughter, [JS]
WOLTERS, Gertie, Birth: 1871, Death: 1958, wife of Gerrit, Mother, [JS]
WOLTERS, Harvin, Birth: 1915-05-06, Death: 1978-07-31, son, [JS]
ZOERHOFF, Henry, Birth: 1890, Death: 1975, father, [JS]
ZOERHOFF, Johanna, Birth: 1892, w/o Henry, mother, [JS]
ZOERHOFF, John, Birth: 1877, Death: 1946, father, husband of Lena, [JS]
ZOERHOFF, Lena, Birth: 1878, Death: 1952, wife of John, Mother, [JS]
ZWAFERINK, Jennie, 1849, Death: 1886, mother, [JS]

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