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Holman Cemetery
Dixfield, Oxford County, Maine

holman cemetery
Holman Cemetery
Photo by V.F. Thomas

GPS: 44.540124, -70.383135

Common Rd
Dixfield, ME, 04224

Published: October 6, 2016
Total records: 79


Dunn Cemetery is located on the west side of Common Road: located near the old Peter Holman homestead. Must cross over private property to reach the cemetery. It's also about 300 feet south-west of Dixfield Common Baptist Church.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from the Town of Dixfield, on October 6, 2016.

Brown, Enos L.
, d. 1887, Born 1831; No Stone; On Top of Hill in Cemetery, V-Civil War
Farnham, Emily, d. 1852-Jan 27, Age 35, wife of Harris Farnham
Farnham, Harris, d. 1852-Jun 30, Age 36
Gould, Clara A. (Wife), d. 1909
Gould, Elias P. , d. 1894
Gould, Everett F., d. 1939
Gould, Laura A., d. 1863, (infant)
Gould, Lois, d. 1874, (infant) Infant Children
Gould, Mabel F., d. 1876, (infant)
Gould, Ormand O., d. 1939
Hall, Josiah, d. 1844, Born 1842, son of Tillotson & Lucinda Eddy Tillotson
Hall, Susanna, d. 1883-Sep 5, 71 yrs; wife of Josian Hall
Holman, Albert M., d. 1921, Born 1846
Holman, Amassa, d. 1892-Mar 25, Age 88, 11 mos.
Holman, Bertrand H., d. 1975-Jan 17, Age 75, died at mercy Hospital, Portland, ME
Holman, Bertrum, d. 1974, Born 1899
Holman, Capt. Jonathan, d. Civil War, V-Civil War
Holman, Capt. Nathan, d. 1847-Nov 23, Age 73 yrs.; born 1774; Veteran of War of 1812, V-War of 1812
Holman, Claire S., d. 2001-May 19, Age 96, died in Rumford; born 5/2/1905
Holman, Clarissa, d. 1809-Aug 20, 9 yrs., 1 mos., dau. Of Peter & Mercy
Holman, Clarissa, d. 1832-Dec 1, Born December 30, 1832
Holman, Dane Peter, d. 1992-Jan 1, Age 6, died in Mobile Home fire with sister Jade
Holman, Delma D. (Bud), d. 1977-Sept 8, Born 9/26/1890, age 86 died on Dixfield Common
Holman, Franklin, d. 1856-Feb 8, Born 5/3/1814
Holman, Fred Waite, d. 1966-Apr 17, Pvt., Bakers & Cooks Sch., OMC, WWI Vet; age 74; , Died in Dixfield, V-WWI
Holman, Gilbert, d. 1880-Jul 16, 3 yrs., 3 mos., son of Merrill Holman
Holman, Hannibal, d. 1833-Jun 13, Age 24 yrs.
Holman, Helen L., d. 1890-Aug 6, Age 2, born 11/6/1888, dau. Of Hiram
Holman, Helen Ricker, d. 1982-Dec 24, Age 73, died Mercy Hosp., Portland, ME. Born 1909
Holman, Hiram, d. 1904-May 27, Born Aug. 20, 1847
Holman, Infant (Twin), d. 1817-Mar , 3 mos., child of M. & M. Holman
Holman, J. Bennett, d. 1977-Aug 5, Born 10/10/1893, WWI Veteran, V-WWI
Holman, Jade Christie, d. 1992-Jan 1, Age 9, died in mobile home fire with brother Dane
Holman, James, d. 1836-Oct 18, Born Oct. 16, 1830
Holman, Jane F., d. 1921, Born 1842
Holman, John J., d. 1889-Jul 22, B.6/25/1801; Ensign; Capt.J.Barnard's Co., Lieut. Col. S. Holland's Regt., V-War of 1812
Holman, Jonathan, d. 1880-Sep 15, 1 yr., 7 mos., son of Peter & Mercy
Holman, Jonathan, d. 1883-Aug 19, Born 10/30/1797
Holman, Luther, d. 1880-Nov 30, Born 8/16/1799
Holman, Lydia, d. 1836-Aug 13, Jonathan Holman's Daughter
Holman, Mercy, d. 1885-Dec 5, Age 79 yrs., 5 mos., wife of Peter
Holman, Merrill, d. 1885-Nov 8, 76 yrs., 11 mos.
Holman, Miriam W., d. 1878-Apr 24, Age 66 yrs., 6 mos., wife of Capt. Merrill Holman (Knight)
Holman, Miriam W., d. See Park
Holman, Nancy B., d. 1897-Mar 11, Born Jan 14, 1816
Holman, Olive, d. 1885-Feb 28, Age 80 yrs., wife of Luther H.
Holman, Ormond, d. 1852-Jan 6, Born 1839, died age 3 yrs., 9 mos., son of Meriam & Merrill
Holman, Peter, d. 1829-Oct 30, Age 60 yrs., 1 of 3 original bros. & first settlers
Holman, Peter, d. 1876-Sep 12, Age 76 yrs., 4 mos.
Holman, Phoebe, d. 1869-Jan 30, Wife of Peter Holman
Holman, Polly, d. 1836-Mar 10, Age 50 yrs., wife of Nathan Holman "Our Mother Rests"
Holman, Polly, d. 1847-Nov 23, Age 73 yrs., widow of Capt. Jonathan Holman
Holman, Sarah, d. 1919-Dec 16, Born March 7, 1860
Holman, Saralyn, d. 1927-Dec 20, Born 12/18/1927, dau. Of D.D. & Clair Holman
Holman, Sophronia, d. 1883-Aug 19, Born 10/16/1800, married Jonathan Holman 4/2/1820
Holman, Twins (2), d. 3 mos., children of M. & M. Holman
Knight, Harrison, d. 1864, Born 1822; Civil War Veteran, V-Civil War
Knight, Irena, d. 1894, Born 1823
Macomber, Cressey H., d. 1981-May 12, Born 1/23/1897, died age 84, Pleasant Hill Nursing Home, , Fairfield
Macomber, Lona H., d. Born 3/10/1896, died age 93, in Dixfield, wife of Cressey Macomber
McIntire, Adelia Holman, d. 1907, Born 1823
McIntire, Levi S., d. 1867, Born 1818, Civil War, Private/Wagoner, Co. E., , 30th Regt. Me. Vols., V-Civil War
Park, Miriam Holman, d. 1830-Sep 2, 25 yrs., born 1805, wife of Isaac Park
Phelps, Estella, d. 1859, Born 1856, dau. Of Hector & Elmira Phelps
Rogers, Ada (twin to Ai), d. 1859-Aug 13, Age 2 yrs, 2 mos., both died from overeating blueberries (from
Rogers, Ai (twin to Ada), d. 1859-Aug 13, diary of Isaac Waite), children of Sam & Betsey Rogers
Royal, Silas, d. No Stone; on TopHill, Rev. War Soldier (Pvt.), enlisted 1/1/1776, , Capt. Joshua Reed's Company, V-Rev. War
Severy, Roanna, d. 1867-Mar 28, Age 47 yrs., wife of Willard Severy (Hiscock)
Severy, Willard, d. 1870-Jul 2, Age 65 yrs., 7 mos.
Stain, Josephine, d. 1887-Feb 28, Wife of Wm. H.
Stain, Mary V., d. 1937-Sep 5, 87 yrs. Wife of Wm., sister to Horace Holman
Stain, William H., d. 1914-Oct 10, 56 yrs., 4 mos., 15 days
Wait, Blanche, d. 1890-Jun 16, Age 56 yrs., 5 mos., wife of Manville Wait
Wait, Fred M., d. 1881-Apr 29, Age 21 yrs., 4 mos., "Those who knew him best, loved him most"
Wait, Manville, d. 1874-May 3, Age 36 yrs., 1 mos., 17 d; Corp'l., V-Civil War
White, Eliza Holman, d. 1866-Jan 4, Age 55 yrs., wife of Rand White
White, Polly Holman, d. 1848-Nov 22, Age 41 yrs., wife of Rand White
White, Rand, d. 1893-Nov 1, Born 11/16/1808, died 84 yrs., 11 mos., 15 d
Wood, Emily, d. 1895-Dec 26, Age 82
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